Entrepreneurship Project On “Monitoring the billing and collection system of Vodafone Communication”

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report “Vodafone Communication” ……...………………….…… is the bonafied work of Gautam Prakash Singh (0401219043) who carried out the project under my/our supervision.

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Dissertation for each and every student of B-TECH is an essential part of competition of the said course. Hence every student undergoes this same training. The main objective of this dissertation is to expose the student to the actual environment that prevails in to today’s organizations. In this project a student watches how the theories of book are put in to the practice and how much they are suitable and useful.

As per the dissertation is concerned I underwent in Vodafone Communication Bhubaneswar. The topic of my dissertation is “To monitor and streamline the discrepancies in the Billing & Collection system of Vodafone Communication.”

This report starts with impartial and introduction, highlighting the company scope, objectives, collection of data, undisguised fact and figures.

I Gautam Prakash Singh student of B-Tech, College of Engineering, Bhubaneswar bearing Reg.No.-0401219043, hereby declare that the Research/Project Report entitled “To monitor and streamline the discrepancies in the Billing & Collection system of Vodafone Communication” is the outcome of my own work under the guidance of Er.C.Senapati, Senior Lecturer in Management, CEB and the same has not been submitted to any University/Institute for the award of any degree or any Professional diploma.

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Senapati. .C.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I take this opportunity to place on record my grateful thanks and sincere gratitude to Er. I would also like to express my thanks to my family members who inspired me to put in my best efforts for the Research/Project Report. who gave me valuable advice and inputs for my study. Science & Humanities Department. My study could not have been completed if I had not been able to get the reference materials from the company. Last but not least.



the Group had 252 million customers. with a significant presence in Europe. based on the registered customers of mobile telecommunications ventures in which it had ownership interests at that date. Asia Pacific and the United States through the Company's subsidiary undertakings. Newbury. Its registered office is Vodafone House. England. Under the terms of these Partner Network Agreements. joint ventures. The Company had a total market capitalisation of approximately £99 billion at 31 December 2007. At 31 December 2007. calculated on a proportionate basis in accordance with the Company's percentage interest in these ventures. RG14 2FN.INTRODUCTION We will be the communications leader in an increasingly connected world Vodafone Group Plc is the world's leading mobile telecommunications company. During the last two financial years. In the United States the Group's associated undertaking operates as Verizon Wireless. The Company's ordinary shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange and the Company's American Depositary Shares ('ADSs') are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The Group's mobile subsidiaries operate under the brand name 'Vodafone'. excluding paging customers. Africa. Berkshire. . the Group and its partner networks co-operate in the development and marketing of global services under dual brand logos. associated undertakings and investments. the Middle East. the Group has also entered into arrangements with network operators in countries where the Group does not hold an equity stake. The Connection. Vodafone Group Plc is a public limited company incorporated in England under registered number 1833679.

approximately 20% of the company's capital was offered to the public in October 1988. Vodafone’s partner in Kenya announces the launch of MPESA. organised by year: 2007 Vodafone agrees to acquire Tele2 Italia SpA and Tele2 Telecommunication Services SLU from Tele2 AB Group. the company changed its name to Vodafone AirTouch Plc on 29 June 1999 and. (October) Vodafone announces completion of the acquisition of Hutch Essar from Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited. an innovative new mobile payment solution that enables customers to complete simple financial transactions by mobile phone. (February) Vodafone announces agreements with both Microsoft and Yahoo! to bring seamless Instant Messaging (IM) services to the mobile which can be accessed from both the PC and mobile handsets. Vodafone Group Plc. (February) Vodafone agrees to buy a controlling interest in Hutchison Essar Limited. reverted to its former name. Inc. Then known as Racal Telecom Limited. following approval by the shareholders in General Meeting. a leading operator in the fast growing Indian mobile market. (‘AirTouch’). (May) Safaricom. on 28 July 2000. Following its merger with AirTouch Communications. It was fully demerged from Racal Electronics Plc and became an independent company in September 1991. at which time it changed its name to Vodafone Group Plc. (February) .HISTORY Vodafone over the years Vodafone was formed in 1984 as a subsidiary of Racal Electronics Plc. Key milestones in the development of Vodafone can be found in the following sections.

Vodafone announces its intention to develop a locationbased version of Google Maps for.Vodafone signs a series of ground-breaking agreements which will lead to the mobilising of the internet. YouTube agrees to offer Vodafone customers specially rendered YouTube pages on their mobile phones. Introduction of Vodafone Passport.com Vodafone announces an exclusive partnership to offer Vodafone customers a MySpace experience via their mobile phones. which offers a personalised. 2005 We completed the acquisition of MobiFon S. a voice roaming price plan that provides customers with greater price clarity when using mobile voice services abroad (May). Vodafone reaches 200 million customers (January) 2006 Sale of 25% stake in Switzerland's Swisscom (December) Sale of 25% stake in Belgium's Proximus. ‘Make the most of now’ global marketing campaign launched. (February). Sir John Bond succeeds Lord MacLaurin as Chairman.c. Vodafone announces it is to offer the new eBay mobile service to customers. (Czech Republic) (May). We acquired Telsim Mobil Telekomunikasyon Hizmetleri (Turkey) in May 2006. With MySpace. Japan business sold to SoftBank. Launch of mobile TV capability and Vodafone Radio DJ. interactive radio service streamed to 3G phones and PCs. 3G broadband through HSDPA launched offering faster than 3G speeds. . (Romania) and Oskar Mobile a. Launch of Vodafone Simply. With eBay. a new easy-to-use service for customers who want to use voice and text services with minimum complexity (May). (August) The number of Vodafone live! customers with 3G reached 10 million in March 2006. With Google.A.

Hong Kong and Luxembourg. the Sharp GX10. Italy and Germany. Arun Sarin succeeds Sir Christopher Gent as Chief Executive. The trial enables customers to purchase physical and digital goods using their mobile phone. 2002 We trial our global mobile payment system in the UK. We have 14 Partner Networks with new agreements in Cyprus. . Vodafone live! Our premium handset for Vodafone live!. Customers are able to seamlessly access services such as corporate e-mail. Vodafone live! with 3G launched in 13 markets (November). we won the mobile industry's most prestigious awards in two categories. The Vodafone Group Foundation is launched. Verizon Wireless and Vodafone co-operate on laptop e-mail. We launch the first commercial European GPRS roaming service. Best Consumer Wireless Application or Service and Best Television or Broadcast Commercial for its global consumer service. Vodafone live! attracts 1 million customers in its first six months. France. guided by the Group Social Investment Policy. laptops or PDAs over GPRS. intranet and personalised information on their mobile phones. internet and corporate applications access for the US and Europe. 2003 At the GSM Association Awards Ceremony in Cannes.2004 We launched our first 3G service in Europe with Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G/GPRS data card. with plans to contribute £20 million to community programmes. won the Best Wireless Handset Award for the Sharp Corporation.

We make the word's first 3G roaming call (between Spain and Japan). a faster and more efficient way to communicate using text messages via SMS or WAP. First Vodafone Partner Agreement with TDC Mobil A/S. Denmark's leading mobile operator. First global communications campaign launched in August. In November. The campaign features TV. The agreement to acquire Mannesmann AG receives European Commission clearance on 12 April 2000. online and outdoor media. calendar and other business specific applications whilst on the move. Eircell. We introduce instant messaging to our networks. The agreement is the first of its kind in the mobile industry and means Vodafone and TDC Mobil will cooperate in developing. cinema. Vodafone Remote Access is launched as part of Mobile Office. Verizon Wireless is launched in May. Vodafone and China Mobile (Hong Kong) ltd (CHMK) sign a 'strategic alliance agreement'. and Mobile Office. 2001 We acquire Ireland's leading mobile communications company. each version asking the question. 2000 On 4 February. the combination of Vodafone AirTouch's and Bell Atlantic's US cellular. we announce the launch of Vodafone live!. The Group completes the acquisition of a 25% stake in Swisscom Mobile. a new business proposition. terms are agreed with the Supervisory Board of Mannesmann by which Mannesmann would become a part of the Vodafone community. 'How are you?'. a new consumer proposition. print.In October. marketing and advertising international roaming products and services to international travellers and corporate customers. The service gives business customers an easy way to connect to their corporate LAN to access e-mail. PCS and paging assets. . The transaction almost doubles the size of the Vodafone Group.

easy and convenient as Web access From a desktop device – Today: Interoperability and usability problems make the Web difficult to use for mobile users – W3C MWI to address these issues through this effort of key players in the mobile production Chain • Benefits to operators – Increased services usage / data usage – Fits with mTLD (.g. identity.mobi) goals – Opportunity to open up further product and service offerings (e. Japan) Purpose of W3C MWI • Benefits to the Industry – Making Web access from a mobile device as simple. payment) .Introduction to Mobile Web Initiative Timeline – Initiated in Vodafone-hosted Meeting in London. August 2004 – “W3C Activity” officially announced 11 May 2005 by Tim Berners-Lee (W3 conference in Chiba.

02% of the Company’s shares were held in the UK. Licensed Network Operators We hold interests in 33 licensed network operators located in 27 countries and spanning five continents. Sir John Bond became Chairman of Vodafone Group Plc on 25 July 2006 having previously served as a Non-Executive Director. is the nominated senior independent director and his role includes being available for approach or representation by directors or significant shareholders who may feel inhibited from raising issues with the Chairman. 30. approximately 56.60% in North America.38% in Europe (excluding the UK) and 1. The Company's Board of Directors has a further fourteen members. Deputy Chairman. Find their biographies and more information in the About Vodafone section. . Organisation Structure In April 2006 we announced changes to our organisational structure to better focus the business according to the different market and customer requirements. John Buchanan. Shareholder Structure At 31 March 2007. Executive Committee Information on the Executive Committee and biographies of members. as well as details of our board members and executive committee.ORGANISATION AND SHAREHOLDER STRUCTURE Find out about Vodafone's organisation and shareholder structure. 12.00% in the Rest of the World.


OBJECTIVES* The objectives of Executive Training is to get a hands on experience from the corporate world and to implement those managerial skills learnt in the classroom in the company to make some value addition towards the company’s growth and profitability. Simplify. . The tasks given by the company is to learn the flow of business or how operational work is done inside the company with the help of various software’s like Clarify. Finnone. ICCM and work on it to prepare MIS report regarding       Total Collection within the month Unpaid during the month Bad debt charges to be applied Credit Verification of a newly registered customer Address Verification of a newly registered customer Segregation of the Customers: • • • • •  Platinum Gold Silver Blue Entry Billing Methodology and the billing dates Commission given to the channel partners Evaluation of the Debtor Age Bucket   * Specific to Bhubaneswar.

offers our customers an alternative to a traditional fixed telephone line. combined with low-cost fixed line telephony and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) broadband. We are doing that in two ways – wirelessly through 3G and HSDPA (High-Speed Download Packet Access). Vodafone Zuhause in Germany and Vodafone Casa in Italy. such as higher speed internet access. provide our customers with an easy-to-use mobile service. We offer a suite of products that. With developments in technology we can provide integrated mobile and PC offerings to give our customers a consistent experience whether they are at home or on the move. access existing instant messaging services on the move. We have extended our reach into the office by delivering richer business applications and integrated fixed and mobile services. but now we are moving into integrated mobile and PC communication services. and share images and video captured on their handsets. They are notified about email with our consumer push email service. but also using fixed line broadband services like DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). . Our customers benefit from a complete Vodafone experience in and out of their homes and offices.What we do More than mobile Mobile is always at the heart of what we do. starting with voice calls.

T R E A GT .

1 TARGET/TASK The task given to me in my training period is to monitor the processes involved in the billing and collection mechanism of the postpaid connections. The target was to generate the highest collection possible on the bill generated by the company to the customers as per their usage and send the bills to the concerned channel partners under whose purview the customer comes into to take care of them.32 0.TARGET ASSIGNED Target Assigned (value in crores) 1.69 First Month Second Month Third Month Fourth Month 1 1. .

8th April 2007 9th-15th April 2007 TOTAL Date 16th-22nd April 2007 23rd-29th April 2007 30th -6th May 2007 7th -13th May 2007 TOTAL First Month Target assigned 15.00.186 35.58.800 26.170 24.028 31.93.120 132.895 69.060 12.920 15.900 40.250 Second Month Target assigned 20.04.130 110.450 5.711 Fourth Month Target assigned 32.000 29.870 Target achieved 14.72.715 125.Date 19th -25th March 2007 26th -1st April 2007 2nd .673 96.40.200 28.827 .20.08.210 Target achieved 15.400 18.145 Date 14th-20th May 2007 21st-27th May 2007 28th -3rdJune 2007 4th-10th June 2007 TOTAL Third Month Target assigned 21.250 16.085 26.400 69.20.800 21.373 32.49.720 Target achieved 8.400 32.804 Date 11th-17th June 2007 18th-24th June 2007 25th -1st July 2007 2nd -8th July 2007 TOTAL Target achieved 30.030

and 3GSM activity) .g. coordinate marketing and outreach activities (e. press events. marketing materials.MWI has three focus areas (Best practices. sustainable data and services that provide device descriptions in support of Web-enabled applications having an appropriate user experience on mobile devices MWI Steering Council (SC) •To steer activities within the MWI working groups. device descriptions and outreach activities) Working Groups Mobile Web Best Practice (MWBP) Working Group • To specify a set of technical best practices and develop associated materials in support of a "mobileOK" trustmark for Web sites that provide an appropriate user experience on mobile devices MWI Device Description Working Group (DDWG) • To enable the development of globally accessible.


Our customer franchise was further strengthened both through organic growth and acquisition and now exceeds 206 million proportionate customers. the availability of new technologies.4% to 6. Operationally.26p. the availability of new technologies. . we have grown new revenue streams across the Group and implemented numerous programmes to significantly reduce our cost base. Robust cash generation continues to support returns to our shareholders. with dividends per share increasing by 11.76 pence per share. Our strategy is founded on five core strategic objectives: • • • • • Revenue stimulation and cost reduction in Europe Innovate and deliver on our customers’ total communications needs Deliver strong growth in emerging markets Actively manage our portfolio to maximise returns Align capital structure and shareholder returns policy to strategy The past 12 months have been an important period for Vodafone. a growing demand for broadband services and the greater growth potential of emerging markets. We have met or exceeded our stated financial expectations for the year in all areas. a growing demand for broadband services and the greater growth potential of emerging markets. This new strategy is positioning us well as competition and regulatory pressures increase and our customers have greater choice in communications. We updated our strategy in 2006 to address changing customer needs. representing a payout of 60% of our adjusted earnings per share of 11.STRATEGY We updated our strategy in 2006 to address changing customer needs. This new strategy is positioning us well as competition and regulatory pressures increase and our customers have greater choice in communications. Our emerging markets assets have continued to show strong growth and our recent acquisition in India significantly increases our presence in high growth markets.

We also continued to perform well in Spain. However. pricing pressure is expected to remain strong in the year ahead and improving price elasticity is core to our revenue stimulation objective in Europe. We have successfully outsourced IT application development and maintenance and we are well on track to .We have made good progress executing our updated strategy throughout the year and we are now beginning to realise some positive early results. driving an increase in total voice minutes of around 30%. Revenue stimulation and cost reduction in Europe In Europe. prepaid to contract migrations and targeted promotions. We expect roaming revenues to be lower year on year in 2008 due to the combined effect of Vodafone’s own initiatives and direct regulatory intervention. we began implementing the core cost reduction programmes we developed last year. our focus is to drive additional usage and revenue from core mobile voice and messaging services and to reduce our cost base. New tariff options have been launched in the UK and Germany that stimulated usage and in Italy we ran successful voice and messaging promotions during the year that increased revenue per customer. We are also focused on leveraging our market leading position in the business segment. During the year. We will remain focused on executing our strategic objectives in the year ahead and believe your business is well positioned to be the leader in the communications industry. Delivering on our strategy Our focus on executing this strategy has generated positive results across a number of areas. which represents 25% of our service revenue in Europe. Central to stimulating revenue is driving mobile usage through larger minute bundles. innovative tariffs. Over 11 million customers now benefit from lower roaming pricing through Vodafone Passport and our European customers are now benefiting from our commitment to reduce roaming prices by 40% compared to summer 2005.

with over three million and over two million customers respectively. we are seeking to reduce the longer term cost of ownership of our networks through network sharing arrangements and have announced initiatives in Spain and the UK. We have also made faster than expected progress on data centre consolidation. While many of these cost initiatives are multi-year programmes that are expected to deliver significant benefits over time. for Europe and common functions. our fixed line business in Germany.deliver expected unit cost savings of approximately 25% to 30% within two to four years. the provision of these services to date has been on a resale basis. we are focused on realising some early savings in the year ahead and. Vodafone is now offering fixed broadband services (DSL) in five markets. These offerings target fixed to mobile substitution from home and office environments and are proving popular with customers. Centralisation of our network supply chain management was also completed in April 2007 and is expected to reduce costs by around £250 million within one year. With the exception of Arcor. Vodafone At Home and Vodafone Office are currently available in seven markets for consumers and twelve markets for businesses. continue to target a 10% mobile capital expenditure to revenue ratio next year. Innovate and deliver on our customers' total communications needs There are several key initiatives underway in this area and we expect these to begin to become more significant to the Group towards the end of next year. Complementary to our high speed mobile broadband (HSDPA) offerings. As part of our drive to substitute fixed line usage with mobile. we have launched several fixed location pricing plans offering customers fixed line prices when they call from within or around their home or office. with broadly stable mobile operating expenses compared to the 2006 financial year. with anticipated savings of 25% to 30% in one to two years. We will continue to develop our approach for the provision and roll out of DSL . In addition.

We have signed agreements with Yahoo! in the UK and leading providers in Germany and Italy to enter into this new business through banner and content based advertising. Romania and South Africa. We have delivered further strong growth in our existing operations in Egypt.services on a market by market basis and in some cases may complement our resale approach by building or acquiring our own infrastructure where the returns justify the investment. all via their mobile. Actively manage our portfolio to maximise returns our strategy is to invest only where we can generate superior returns for our shareholders. The acquisition of interests in Hutchison Essar accelerates Vodafone's move to a controlling position in a leading operator in India and significantly increases our presence in emerging markets. our customers will be able to experience PC to mobile instant messaging with Yahoo! and Microsoft. videos through YouTube and social networking with MySpace. services and brand to the Indian market. We look forward to bringing Vodafone's products. auctions via eBay. With market penetration of around 14% and with a population of over 1. with strong revenue growth and better than expected profitability. Deliver strong growth in emerging markets our focus is to build on our strong track record of creating value in emerging markets. Our recent acquisition in Turkey has performed ahead of our business plan at the time of the acquisition. search with Google.1 billion. We are also developing products and services to integrate the mobile and PC environments by enhancing our Vodafone live! service and forming partnerships with leading internet players. Mobile advertising is also a potentially significant future revenue stream for our business. India provides a very significant opportunity for future growth. In the coming months. We look to invest in markets that offer a strong local .

8% interest in Vodafone Egypt and gained control in India for £5. The Board remains committed to its existing policy of distributing 60% of adjusted earnings per share by way of dividend. including a £9 billion one-off return in August 2006. with a focus on specific regions. we have no current plans for further share purchases or onetime returns. we increased our emerging markets presence with an additional 4. it has decided that it will target modest increases in dividend per share in the near term until the payout ratio returns to 60%. We also moved to a higher level of gearing and.8 billion respectively. We remain committed to our investment in Verizon Wireless in the US which continues to deliver strong performances on all key metrics. Prospects for the year ahead Our focus in the year ahead will be on improving price elasticity in Europe. In line with this strategy. due in part to a market leading low churn rate. resulting in a targeted annual 60% payout of adjusted earnings per share in the form of dividends. We sold our non-controlling interests in Belgium and Switzerland at attractive valuations.3 billion and £1. More recently. we outlined a new capital structure and returns policy consistent with the operational strategy of the business. with record customer growth. delivering on our total communications strategy and beginning to realise the very significant growth opportunity in India. with cash proceeds of £1. we executed a number of transactions during the year.5 billion in May 2007. and continued success in driving the uptake of non-voice services. having returned over £19 billion to shareholders excluding dividends in the two previous financial years. However. achieving more savings from our cost reduction programmes. in recognition of the earnings dilution arising from the Hutchison Essar acquisition.position. with any transactions subject to strict financial investment criteria. . Align capital structure and shareholder returns policy to strategy In May 2006.

to deliver the core benefits of mobility to our customers and to generate superior returns for our shareholders.1 billion. We have made good progress towards fulfilling our total communications vision and this is a journey that we are all looking forward to taking at Vodafone.8 billion in respect of India and a £0. Capital expenditure on fixed assets is anticipated to be in the range of £4. with adjusted operating profit in the range of £9. notwithstanding continued positive trends in data revenue and voice usage. Against this background.5 billion outflow from items rolling over from 2007.7 billion to £5.6 billion of payments related to long standing tax issues. Free cash fl ow is expected to be £4.We expect market conditions to remain challenging for the year ahead in Europe.0 billion in India.1 billion. after taking into account £0. a net cash outflow of £0.3 billion to £34. Overall growth prospects for the EMAPA region remain strong due to increasing market penetration and they are further enhanced by the recent acquisition in India. We are well placed to continue executing our strategy in the year ahead.0 billion to £4. . including in excess of £1.5 billion.3 billion to £9.8 billion. Group revenue is expected to be in the range of £33. We have completed the first year under our new strategy and I am excited by the start we have made.


Collected 97 lakhs. Target for the month of April.Collected 70 lakhs.To make collection of 100 lakhs Achievements.Collected 63 lakhs.Collected 3. o Target for the month of March.ANALYSIS OF ACHIEVEMENTS Following are the details of the target Vs achievements as per the tasks given by the company. Target for the month of May.To make collection of 69 lakhs Achievements.To make collection of 132 lakhs Achievements.45 crores Target Vs Achievement 140 120 100 80 Values in lakhs 60 40 20 0 132126 97 Target Achievement 100 69 70 53 110 First Month Second Month Third Month Fourth Month .To make collection of 110 lakhs Achievements. Target for the month of June.Collected 126 lakhs. o o o o o o o  TARGET -To Collect 4crores  ACHIEVEMENTS.

90 13.91 392.76 158.80 176.65 19.03 9.25] Shares In Issue [m] 53.44 156.57 21.33 165.4 [-0.51 -0.40 -3.396.126.937. packet data radio and value Description: added network services.70 Company name: Historic Returns Giorni da oggi 7 Days 4 Weeks 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months 3 Years 5 Years Open 156.36 -15.50 140.10 Yield 4.50 143.82 12.575.50 36.vodafone.67 7. EPIC: VOD NMS: Market Sector: FE10 ISIN: GB00B16GWD56 Market Segment: SET1 Share Type: DE ORD USD0. The group is a leading provider of international mobile telecommunications Company services including cellular radio. wide area paging.65 42.512.08 2.57 143.87 Open Avg. 155.98 28.com/ Description: 3/7 Industry Sector: Price Price Change [%] Bid Ask Open High Low Volume 157.87 176.Market Study: Vodafone Grp.40 DPS 6.31 94.11 WWW Address: http://www.92 169.24 29.20 186.66 .24 Avg.00 161.10 PE Ratio 156.84 157.40 Beta 0.00 Market Cap.73 Total Volume [m] 73. Daily Vol [m] 18.63 138.84 156. [m] 83.50 133.40 -19.55 36.90 -2.40 % 0.74 -10.05 22.00 52-Wks-Range 197.117.39 1.00 Change from today 1.75 115.50 EPS -9.45 28.213.48 20.10 16.80 -29.408.680.00 154.

07 100.047.01 6.297.84 6.00 3.00% -15.00 -40.00 7.basic eps .559.66% m -17.97% 31 Mar 2005 (GBP) 26.06 11.661.diluted dividends per share 33.86% -30.00 -9.44% m -17.04% 31 Mar 2007 (GBP) 31.00 -9.393.00 -10.72% 31 Mar 2006 (GBP) 29.00 -14.410.383.76 100.03 100.015.00% -50.03% 13.13 2.00 11.350.07 100.84 -9.853.00 -5.678.665.00% m -7.00 -15.03 4.04% -26.916.00 -21.00 -24.61% - m Performance of Achievement 96% 76% First Month Second Month Third Month 70% 87% Fourth Month .00 -5.00% 27.67% -84.13 -15.31% 24.01 -40.426.00 -5.00 -2.FUNDAMENTALS Profit and Loss Account 31 Mar 2004 (GBP) turnover pre tax profit attributable profit retained profit eps .00 6.

Customer Share within Orissa 10% 14% 9% 34% 33% Bhubaneswar Cuttack Balasore Berhampur Sambalpur .

Market Share within Channel Partners 10% 16% 2% 4% 21% VT-Infotech Laxmi Royal Sachin Aman Classic Premier WW Fortune WW Sahid Nagar 15% 10% 11% 11% .

0011 m -5.39 % % 25.28 35.531.0025 .36 -17.15 % Financial Ratios (Leverage Ratios) Debt Ratio Debt-to-Equity Ratio Debt-to-Equity Ratio (excl.51 0. Intangibles) Gross Gearing Gross Gearing (excl.68 0.38 100.01 -17.44 0.35 2.12 0.41 0.34 3.67 106.79 65.09 0.09 -5.7537 Alpha (36-Mnth) 0.59 -17.32 38.24 35.00 15.68 7.76 Beta (36-Mnth) 0.50 4. Intgbl) Assets/Equity Cash/Equity (Liquidity Ratios) Net Working Capital to Total Assets Current Ratio Quick Ratio (Acid Test) Liquidity Ratio -2.8426 Alpha coefficients Alpha (60-Mnth) 0.33 0.66 0. intangibles) Dividend Yield Market-to-Book Ratio Price-to-Pre-Tax Profit PS Price-to-Retained Profit PS Price-to-Cash Flow PS Price-to-Sales PS Price-to-Net Tangible Asset Value PS Price-to-Cash PS 11.71 1.26 % 55.63 11.26 -8.08 2.61 79.52 1.12 % % % % % % % Operating Ratios (Profitability Ratios) Return On Capital Employed (ROCE) Return On Assets (ROA) Net Profit Margin Assets Turnover Return On Equity (ROE) Return On Investment (ROI) Dividend Payout Ratio Plowback Ratio Growth from Plowback Ratio Net Income Of Revenues (Asset Utilisation Multiples) Shareholders Equity Turnover Fixed Assets Turnover Current Assets Turnover Net Working Capital Turnover Inventory Turnover (Other Operating Ratios) Total Assets-to-Sales Debtors-to-Sales Debt Collection Period Beta coefficients Beta (60-Mnth) 0.68 Days % % % % % % % % % Cash & Equiv/Current Assets (Solvency Ratios) Enterprise Value CFO/Sales CFO/Attributable Profit CFO/Assets CFO/Debt Total Debt/Equity Market Value Total Debt/Sales Total Debt/Pre-Tax Profit 99.34 17.46 0.80 15.39 58.30 2.75 8.78 0. Intangibles) Gearing Under 1 Year Gearing Under 1 Year (excl.28 31.59 0.03 0.57 11.31 1.DEEPER ANALYSIS Investment Ratios (Market value analysis) at previous day's close PQ Ratio PE Ratio Tobin's Q Ratio Tobin's Q Ratio (excl.24 0.00 -17.63 -4. Intgbl) Debt-to-Equity Market Value Net Gearing Net Gearing (excl.51 1.

75% due June 2016 VG $1.625% due July 2018 VG €500m 4.625 900 5.846 FRN 790 6.125% due April 2015 VG $750m 5% due September 2015 VG $750m 5.855m 5.625% due September 2014 VG $900m 5.625 738 4.9bn 4.725 7.000 750 5.5% due June 2011 VG €1.75% due May 2009* VG $2.000 1.25bn FRN due June 2014 VG £350m 4.250 1.750 738 4.625% due November 2012 VG AUD 265m 6.625 250 6.25% due July 2008 VAI €46.199m 6.75% March 2016 VG €500m 4.25% due May 2009 VFBV €3bn 4.625% due Feb 2017 VG €750m 5% due June 2018 VG $500m 4.255 FRN 1.25bn FRN due July 2008 VG £400m 6.750 1.000 222 FRN 2.625% due January 2008 VAI $250.75% due February 2010* VG €300m FRN due Feb 2010 VG $350m FRN due June 2011 VG $750m 5.750 1.3bn FRN due Jan 2012 VG $500m 5.806 4.375% due June 2022 Amount Coupon % $m 500 3.846 FRN 692 4.750 2.950 1.500 443 4.108 3.300 5.125 750 5.250 69 5.65% due May 2008** VG €1.3bn 5.350 500 FRN 1.75% due January 2013 VG €850m FRN due September 2013 VG $1bn 5% due December 2013 VG €1.Vodafone Group Plc Bond Maturity Schedule (at 3 January 2008) Description VG $500m 3.920 FRN 500 5.625 1.750 443 FRN 350 FRN 750 5.650 1.268 4.000 500 4.108 4.95% due January 2008 VG €750m 4.375% due January 2015 VG €500m 5.75bn 7.625 0 6.375 .108 5.5% due July 2008** VG €300m 4% due Jan 2009 VG €150m FRN due Feb 2009 VG €1.000 5.35% due Feb 2012 VG $500m FRN due Feb 2012 VG €750m 3.500 1.375 738 5.

90% due November 2032 VG $495m 6.150 $34.25% due November 2032 VG $1.678 £642 £162 .) Amount Coupon % $m 494 5.Description VG £250m 5.481 $32.543 £17.956 $1.250 1.7bn 6.875% due February 2030 VG £450m 5. (previously Air Touch Communications Inc.268 $319 £16.875 889 5.900 495 6.625% due December 2025 VG $750m 7.15% due Feb 2037 Total bonds outstanding at 3 January 2008 VG = Vodafone Group Plc VFBV = Vodafone Finance BV (previously Mannesmann Finance BV) VAI = Vodafone Americas Inc.700 6.625 750 7.


Secondly if we get stipend during our executive training with the company it would be more motivational to thrive for achievement of more than 97% of the total target within Bhubaneswar region. .LIMITATIONS The constraints in achieving the target are mostly minimal like it depends on how you deal with the shortfall in collection with a collaborative approach along with your channel partners by motivating and pushing them hard to achieve target to be more than 92% so that they can get a addition 1 % commission on their total turnover.


Guideline and road map for corporate interaction. These are. . The potential of growth attached to it in terms of profitability within this sector.LEARNING I have learned a lot of things during the four months of SIP.  Work Ethics and work Culture within Vodafone Communications.   An insight into the telecom sector operating within Bhubaneswar.


APPRECIATIONS I have been appreciated for my work from our CSD Head (Mr. INCENTIVES I have not received any incentives from the company during this four month of SIP. . Human & Research (Partha Sarathi Dash) in the office and by our faculty guide in the college.Bijan Bihari Mishra).STIPEND I have not received any stipend from the company during this four month of SIP.


mobile domain names provide a new opportunity for all participants in the industry – Greater name space.CONCLUSION • W3C helps addressing mobile-specific challenges related to mobile Internet. thus increasing attractiveness and usefulness to customers and fostering the mobile content industry as a whole. forthcoming . – This is a major step forward with several key players in the Internet industry having joined the effort • The new. • Vodafone will continue the engagements in these initiatives. . opportunity to achieve mobile-friendly content.


org) – Liberty Alliance (http://www.org) – Mobile Top Level Domain (http://www.etsi.org) –3GPP (http://www.oasis-open.osgi.org) –World Wide Web Consortium (http://www.org) .gsm.mtldinfo.dvb.3gpp.w3.omtp.BIBLIOGRAPHY • Vodafone is active contributor in technical standardization organization to achieve interoperability –ETSI (http://www.org) – DVB-H (http://www.openmobilealliance.org) –Open Mobile Alliance (http://www.com) – Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi Alliance) (http://www.projectliberty.org) – Open Mobile Terminal Platform (http://www.org) --OASIS (http://www.org) • Vodafone is engaged in several industry initiatives – GSM Association (http://www.

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