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I feel overwhelmed and express, beyond words, my heart gives thanks to the people who have helped me to complete my project. The employee of the factory and the member of the senior management of the Lotus Bawa were guiding factors without whose help it would have been impossible for me to do this project in detail. I express my sentiments of gratitude and indebtedness to honorable Mr.Jitender Kashyap, Assistant Marketing Manager, Lotus Bawa, Jalandhar, who gave me an opportunity to get training in their organization.I am also thankful to the other marketing department employees, who spread their precious for giving their vast knowledge. I am also my sincere gratitude to Dr Anupama Bains (Director) of THE CORPORATE GURUS,BANUR, for their guidance and inspiration, which served to be the sheet anchor in preparing this report. Last but not the least, great thanks to my parents for helping me round the clock, which have been a great encouragement for me. Navjot Kaur



The leather are durable and confertable and fashionable too. Tannery is a complex phenomenon in which chemical. make3 footwear to meet the demand. But now with the recognition of progressiveness and success in leather industry due importance has given to it. which is further used to manufacture leather products like shoe uppers. physical. . belts.Today leather through its many uses has become one of the most essential commodity for men. It is certainty very important part of our life. leather bags. Leather is a product made by stabilization of protein in animal skin. At present rapidly changing and competitive leather industry going towards 21st century. In addition in organization sector many companies like Bata. Today several cottages. procure and sell footwear through their own network of retail outlet. The place where all these process are carried out is called Tannery. Corona. consideration from tannery to tannery and from region to region so. and biological principle are involved. The practice of leather manufacturing varies. The leather industry comprising production of finish leather. small –scale units spread throughout the country. Leather making is an art and science incident times. For the age’s leather and its quality remain ignorant part of this industry. there is no single universally applied process. Leather is very important part of production. leather products are being manufactured. Liberty manufacture. It is a product may be stabilization of proteins in animals skins. The conversation of raw hides or skins in to proper leather involves a great many mechanical chemical operations.


Our main aim remains toward customer satisfaction by supplying right quality products every time and adhering strictly to the delivery schedule.Mission Statement “Bawa Group is dedicated to become one of the leading manufacture of shoes upper and soles” “we strive to be best in every respect of our business and our organization toward the society.” HISTORY OF THE COMPANY .

Complete shoe making. Soles. This is a buy back agreement . COLLABORATIONS WITH LOTUS OF ENGLAND. Uppers. garden gloves and industrial tool kits. His sons BAWA SIMERJIT SINGH and BAWA SUKHDEEP SINGH are being groomed to take over the family business in future. the technical collaboration with Dubarry of Ireland was implemented for the manufacture of the complete shoes for men and women. It started as small venture in tannery and has since grown and diversified into Leather Tanneries.In 1995.A.S.In July 1994. SARUP TANNERIES LIMITED also obtained rights to distribute their products in domestic Market.In 1996. SARUP TANNERIES LIMITED signed an agreement with Lotus limited of England where Lotus will carry on the business of manufacture as well as distribution of footwear and SARUP TANNERIES LIMITED will acquire the rights of footwear which are of Lotus manufacture. 3) WITH REEBOK OF U. 2) 1) WITH DUBARRY OF IRELAND. BAWA ATAMJIT SINGH is the Managing Director and is from 3rd generation in the family business. This is a buy back agreement.BAWA GR OUP was established in 1951. Upon the commencement of the agreement SARUP TANNERIES LIMITED entered the domestic market under the brand name of LOTUS BAWA. Heels. SARUP TANNERIES LIMITED signed an agreement with Reebok for manufacture of soles but later they started manufacturing the complete shoes for Reebok upon the design given to it.

Unit-II This unit is leather Tannery which is located at leather complex. Unit-I b)Bawa Skin Co. the company diversified to manufacture of shoe uppers also. Jalandhar. Unit-II a)Bawa Skin Co. Germany and others. Subsequently. produced for it under the guidelines. This unit is making shoe uppers for exports mainly to countries like England. The company has two units: a)Bawa Skin Co. Later on.K. COMPOSITION Bawa group comprises of two companies with its Head Office at Ramdaspura. This unit has a work force of 360 workers and makes 500. Jalandhar. Unit-I It is located at Nakodar Road. it started making finished leather for export to leading shoe manufacturers in U. Nakodar Road. BAWA SKIN COMPANY It was established in 1956. It started its business with export of Raw skins. Jalandhar and is producing half a million square feet of leather every month for supplying to their other units.where the Reebok buys back the entire produce. It has a work force of 130 .000 pairs of shoe upper in a year. and Europe. (b) Bawa Skin Co. as under: (a) Bawa Skin Company (b) Sarup Tanneries Limited 1.

2. U. Most of the machines are from Germany and Italy.000 pairs in a year. Italy and Germany. Because of strong tannery background and modern machinery.A. It has a capacity to make approximately 400. UNIT-I It is located at Nakodar Road.. It consists of two units which are as under: (a) Sarup tanneries Ltd.workers. which was later on registered as public limited company. It employs about 340 workers. They are exporting leather to China. Unit-I (b) Sarup Tanneries Ltd. Portugal and Germany. they were enabled to reduce the manpower in tannery by 50%. They have also developed water proof leather in their tannery. Their strength is in Cow and Buff hides. which is capable of handling large sized hides. . SARUP TANNERIES LIMITED It was established in 1979 as a private limited company. The new tannery at leather complex. Considering the layout and types of machines that they have installed. Jalandhar and has two sub-units as under: (i) Sub Unit-A It is making shoe uppers mainly for export to England. Unit-II (A) SARUP TANNERIES LTD. Jalandhar was established 4 years back with most modern and high quality machinery. which can handle up to 40 square feet hides.S. Hongkong. the tannery produced by them is best in India.

For marketing their brand in India.K. It employs a work force of 300 workers. They have planned to add about the same number every year for the next three years. heels of Leather. This year they have adopted the concept of franchises exclusive stores and have already established 25 such stores.000 pairs in a year for Reebok and Nike. PVC and TPR. 11 more are in process of being set up. they had started with network of distributors to cover all important regions of the country. it is also catering for domestic market with brand name LOTUS BAWA. Germany and Ireland. In addition to exporting to U. Shoe Uppers and complete shoes for ladies and gents. It makes soles. It has a large variety of models which are very popular. It employs 145 workers. UNIT-II It is located at Leather Complex. Group Philosophy . (B) SARUP TANNERIES LTD.000 pairs in a year of complete shoes. It has a capacity of making 200. They have 23 distributors covering almost all states of India and selling through 1200 general shoe shops.00.(ii) Sub Unit-B It is a complete sport shoes making unit.. Upper Sections and Complete Shoe Plant both for ladies and gents. Jalandhar and consists of Sole Plants. It has a capacity of making approximately 5.

Bawa Group is dedicated to become one of the leading manufacturers of leather shoe upper and complete shoes. Their main aim remains to be customer’s satisfaction. Leather testing machinery has also been imported from Satra. which is not compromised under any circumstance. To ensure this several checks have been laid down right from raw to finished products. ISO-2002 certification: Sarup Tanneries Ltd. The group has Satra membership. Welfare of the workers: . These machine are periodically calibrated to ensure accuracy and consistency in results. by supplying right quality product every time and adhering strictly to the delivery schedule. It strives to be the best in every aspect of their obligations towards the society. Quality: The group lays lot of emphasis in quality. New York. which keeps the group abreast with latest show manufacturing technology. As also been awarded ISO-2002 certification by underwriter laboratories. Liboratory: The tannery has its own laboratory to ensure that correct type of leather is made for use by the shoe units.

lecture are organized to create awareness about aids and population control. In pursuance of the national policy on population control. In addition. well. Have been winning Industry Safety Award from Punjab Industrial Safety Council. cholera and anthrax. . b) Clean. for last number of years. Bawa Skin Co. the company gives family planning incentive to those who follow the small family norms. In pursuance of the nation policy on population control.These believe in maintaining harmonious relation between the management and workers. d) Company has a family doctor for immediate medical aid in addition to first aid facility provided in working sheds. c) Preventive medicines are provided to all the worker from time to time against disease like malaria. These workers have been honored by providing them two wheeler transports from the company simultaneously. and Sarup Tanneries Ltd.lighted and well-ventilated place of worker has been provided. a) There is many workers who have been serving in the group for then 25 years. A number of measures have been adopted to ensure healthy and safe working conditions. All worker are covered under Employees State Insurance Scheme.

Service to society: In addition to generating jobs and providing livelihood to the people the management believe in providing service to society such as: a) Amarpuri Public School.The school is being run at Sri Goindwal Sahib. Pingla Ghar: A home for the homeless is being run for the cause of the suffering humanity. established . Children Park A children park name Niku Park is being run in calendar for the amusement of the children. Bawa Sarup Singh. Recognizing these services the first lady of India had given the Mahila Shromani Award in 1992. It is affiliated to the Central Board Education and caters of education from rural area. It has about 500 student. Only very nominal fee is being charged. It has more than 1000 student from all section of society. b) Bibi Bhani Modern School: this school again organized in goindwal sahib and primarily cater for education for poor class children of that area. A number of games and fountains have been provided for the children. which is backward area in Punjab. for uplifting of education of female children.

“Look at the great man who served crippled mankind foe whole life and today he is himself crippled and comes on a wheelchair.the institution in 1951. while presenting the award remarked. crippled. to about 100 widows from cutside. The president of India Sh. Neelam Sanjiva Reddy. Even marriage are arranged amongst marriageable couple. The institution was awarded national award by the president of India in 1982 for doing outstanding work in employing handicapped persons. They provide dry ration and clothes etc.” . There are about 400 inmates mostly disabled. aged and homeless whom the institute is looking for. Because of the old age of Bawa Sarup Singh had receive the award while sitting in the wheel chair. Those who recover from medical treatment are provided useful employment.

Sarup Tanneries Ltd. Sarup Tanneries Ltd. (UP). (ii) leather complex Jalandhar Sarup Tanneries Ltd. Una (HP). 1956 1979 1995 1995 1980 Head Office Jalander Organizational Structure . Nalagarh (HP). (iv) Dherowal.Spread of Bawa Group of companies Sarup Tanneries Ltd (i-iii) Ramdaspura. (v)Taliwal. Jalandhar. Sarup Tanneries Ltd.(vi) Agra.

it is narrow at the top and abroad at the bottom. which establishes relationships between people. duties and physical resources enterprise in order to attain the predetermined goals. aims at delegation of authority and also it aims at maintaining of a balance Centralization and Decentralization concept.An organization may be defined as the framework. . B S Co. Organization as structure The organization structure represents jobs position the tasks assigned and the authority relationship between the various position. The organization structure in an enterprise is designed first of all because it is necessary for determining the channel of communication and for flow of authority. The shape of organization structure of BSC is like pyramid. Similarly the organization structure of Bawa Skin Company consist of interpersonal relationships of various job positions and defining their authority and responsibility.

.According to Henry Fayol “ Everything that goes to increase the important of subordinate. is decentralization everything which goes to reduce it is centralization.” Here we see the organization structure of Bawa Skin Company.

Organization Structure of Bawa Skin Company Factory Survey .

per month month b) Training of wags of unskilled workers . per month c) 5) Safety and health a) Medical facility • Doctor • Nurses • Dispensary • ESI . 4) Wages: Lowest wages of skilled workers a) (handy) Stitching 3996 Rs. 2) Age of the youngest worker: 3) Working hours: a) b) Per day Per week 8hrs.1) Factory workforce: a) b) c) Total factory workforce Women worker Men worker 738 200 538 18yrs.3554 Rs. 48hrs. per Overtime rates 3554 Rs. per month 3740 Rs.

b) Supervisors/ line workers trained in: • First aid facility • Use of fire extinguishers 6) Unionization: • Recognized union in factory.Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh Research Methodology .

Sources of data Primary Sources: Regular visit to factory were made to obtain the required data & learn about the structure of the company as well as the routine work by silent observations. Secondary Sources: Many books especially written on the marketing function were referred to more about the topic. Other then these are several other books as are• Magazines • Company profile • Journal • Memorandum of association Objective of Study .



With the customer as the focus of its activities. and to satisfy the customer. Marketing is used to identify the customer. It is an integrated process through which companies build strong customer relationships and create value for their customers and for themselves. It proposes that in order to satisfy its organizational objectives. It generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques. The adoption of marketing strategies requires businesses to shift their focus from production to the perceived needs and wants of their customers as the means of staying profitable. Marketing evolved to meet the stasis in developing new markets caused by mature markets and over capacities in the last 2-3 centuries. . to keep the customer. and business development.INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING Marketing Marketing is the process by which companies create customer interest in products or services. The term marketing concept holds that achieving organizational goals depends on knowing the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions. it can be concluded that marketing management is one of the major components of business management. business communication. an organization should anticipate the needs and wants of consumers and satisfy these more effectively than competitors.

Marketing is not about providing Products or services."[3] The term developed from the original meaning which referred literally to going to a market to buy or sell goods or services. delivering. partners. and exchanging offerings that have value for customers. and processes for creating. clients. set of institutions. . anticipating and satisfying customer requirement profitability Satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process Learnmarketing. Philip Kotler defines marketing as 'satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process' Marketing is defined by the American Marketing Association (AMA) as "the activity. It is essentially about providing changing benefits to the changing need and demands of the customer . net The common theme is meeting need and providing benefits. and society at large.Definition of marketing: Chartered Institute of management Philp Kotler The management process responsible for Identifying. communicating.

It is not so much the individual philosophy or the number of elements that it contains that is important.customers comes before anything else. The company's state of mind in dealing with the customer must declare that the customer is KING! This concept must permeate the entire organization .a philosophy and a way of doing business. Peter Drucker said.from the CEO to the newest hourly employee. Our thoughts must begin with the customer's needs in mind. therefore there can be many elements to a firm's marketing philosophy. 3. We are really in the business of creating customers. and that the plan contains a means for implementation. Works to increase profitability through appropriate volumes. we are speaking of an attitude . Stay close to the customer. A firm can have a top-notch sales VP.Marketing is a subject in which there can be many experts. But. keep in mind three points that can be considered the heart of any marketing philosophy: 1. not castingproducing processes.and keeping . "It is the entire business from the point of view of the customer. rather it is that there is a marketing philosophy. not with our own need to ship castings. a top-notch sales department and an elaborate marketing plan." When trying to mold your firm's marketing philosophy. But it doesn't start there. The entire company must be viewed as a customer creating and customer satisfying endeavor. Keep in mind what it is we're in business to do. it will all go for naught. Getting . that it contains a plan. When we speak of the concept of marketing. There can be no sellers without buyers. Understand and satisfy his needs and anticipate his future wants. All functions are aimed at meeting the needs of the customer. In summarizing the marketing concept. Create jobs? Earn profits? You bet. and it is marketing that must accurately define what the customer needs. Our activities must be viewed as customer-satisfying processes. It starts with the customer and our ability to understand his needs and satisfy his wants. rather than what the customer wants to buy. 2. products and . that the philosophy holds customer satisfaction as its main thrust. Marketing Sale Works to increase current volume and meet current sales quotas. if they are all focused on what manufacturing wants to make.

Is a strategic focus. today's customers and today's strategies. and price—represent the variables that are within the control of the firm (at least in the medium to long run). Is focused on short-term concerns relating to today's products. Consists of work in the field. Is concerned with long-term issues that shape the business 5-10 years down the road . The 4 Ps—product. and developing plans and methods of implementation.customer mixes. Consists of office work. research. using planning and direction for the big picture. the firm is faced with uncertainty from the environment. using its skill and methods to gain immediate results as called for by a plan.the dreaming of what could be. place (distribution). Interacts with the individual customer to focus on factors relating to current events. calling on customers. Is focused on developing strategies for the optimum mix of product and markets. Product Solution Promotion Information Price Value Placement Access . In contrast. Is a tactical function. promotion.

It becomes a problem for the marketers to keep a track on the trend and Opportunity. which affects the Marketing Capabilities of the management to build good relationship with the target customer. a company marketing department is often seen as of prime importance within the functional level of an organization. production and promotion of the product. distribution. with respect to securing appropriate funding for the development. As an example. So that they can analyse the challenges and Opportunities of the market. So all the successful companies watch the present environment and adapt themselves with the change of environment. With this in mind. The environment is changing rapidly . the marketing department would inform the R&D department to create a prototype of a product/service based on consumers' new desires. To have a grip over these there should be a proper understanding of the surrounding network and Its Influences. The production department would then start to manufacture the product. Information from an organization's marketing department would be used to guide the actions of other departments within the company. while the marketing department would focus on the promotion. So "Marketing Environment can be defined as forces outside marketing that affect marketing managements ability to build and Maintain Successful relationships with target Customer. pricing. The Marketing Environment Marketers need to build good relationship with customers and Others in the company as well as with the external partners. or a new usage for an existing product. so the consumer demand on its products will become less Organizational orientation: In this sense. of the product. .If any of the 4Ps had a problem or were not there in the marketing factor of the business. Marketing Intelligence and Marketing Research to collect the information about themselves as well as Competitors and Suppliers." As it is the time of Globalization . a marketing department could ascertain (via marketing research) that consumers desired a new type of product. a firm's finance department would be consulted. etc. So to know more about Marketing environment companies think in two ways . Additionally. the business could be in trouble and so other companies may appear in the surroundings of the company. A Company's Marketing Environment depends upon the factors and forces outside marketing .

Competitors: The whole thing of a company should look while in the market is the Competitive analysis . Competitors 6. It Includes 1. Economic Natural. Suppliers 3. Demographic: It is the study of human populations in terms of size . which helps the company to reach the customer in time and with their expectations . General Publics. Economic Natural: It is the factors that affect the consumers buying power and Spending patterns . There a lot of work is needed from the companies to meet the expectations of the customers.Location. So these people affect a lot on the Marketing Environment. Distributors and Marketing Service Agencies which help the company to promote . So to reach the customers these are the important players in the market. Marketing Intermediaries: marketing Intermediaries are the channel partners. Financial Public . features and editorial opinions. Technological. There should be a proper strategy from the companies to grab the market prior to the Competitor. Customers: The King of the market. Such as Banks . The Company 2. So it is always advised to take care of this environment.Marketing Environment is generally divided in two ways : 1. Political and Cultural Forces. Micro Environment: This environment mainly consists of the factors which are clearly related to the company's environment . Publics: "Any group that has an actual and potential interest in or impact on an organizations ability to achieve its objectives. Macro Environment: The Largest Societal Factors that affect the Micro Environment . Because of this there will be a lot of affect in the marketing Environment. Apart from these it includes .age . media Public . Local Publics.Investment houses and stockholders which influences the fund management of a company.Supply Shortages or delays . Labor strikes and events can cost sales in the short run and damage customer satisfaction in the long run.Action Public. 2. Macro Environment 2. Publics. " The actors or forces close to the company that affects its ability to reach the Target Customer" is the Micro Environment. which carries the news. Gender. And to find out the internal challenges of company which mainly effects the Marketing Environment . So to start with The company . 6. The Change in the customers Taste will affect a lot on the Marketing Environment Of the Company. 4. information . 1. Government Public. Marketing Intermediaries 4. Citizen . The whole business game is depended upon the Customer . Because Supply Availability ." It includes 1. Micro Environment. Because of which we can say that there will .Occupation. 5. 2. Customers 5. It Consists of Demographic. 2. race . 3. sell and distribute its goods. Suppliers: The Most Important thing that the company should take care of . and other statistics. It includes all the departments of a company to check their internal abilities and wrongs . Internal Publics.Density.

as every company should be update of the new product and Technology . in that market research is concerned specifically with markets. and Business-to-business (B2B) marketing research Or. and behaviors. Creating New product and Market Opportunities. And the Cultural Forces can be defined as the Institutions and other forces that affect society's basic values. and pressure groups that influence and limit various organizations and individuals in a given society. Otherwise the competitors can grab the market. perceptions. however. recording. preferences. by methodological approach: • • Qualitative marketing research. and analysis of data about issues relating to marketing products and services. and Quantitative marketing research . either by target market: • • Consumer marketing research. Technological : Factors That Create new technologies . alternatively. while marketing research is concerned specifically about marketing processes. If the customers spends more then only there will be a good sale. So for every reason that Marketers should take care of this . Government agencies. Marketing research is often partitioned into two sets of categorical pairs.be a profit in the business or not. expert practitioners may wish to draw a distinction. The term is commonly interchanged with market research. Political and Cultural : The political Forces can be Laws. Marketing research Marketing research is the systematic gathering.

promotion. intuition. technology. political environment. Thus. planning and implementing marketing programs. and consumers. Ongoing marketing research programs provide information on controllable and non-controllable factors and consumers.Consumer marketing research is a form of applied sociology that concentrates on understanding the preferences. Sound decisions are not based on gut feeling. the roles are changing and marketing researchers are becoming more involved in decision making. valid. marketing research may also be described as the systematic and objective identification. However. and distribution. Further complications are added by uncontrollable environmental factors such as general economic conditions. In the absence of relevant information. and dissemination of information for the purpose of assisting management in decision making related to the identification and solution of problems and opportunities in marketing. It helps remove some of the uncertainty by providing relevant information about the marketing variables. and behaviors of consumers in a marketbased economy. consumers' response to marketing programs cannot be predicted reliably or accurately. public policies and laws. and control. market segmentation. environment. and social and cultural changes. accurate. marketing researchers were responsible for providing the relevant information and marketing decisions were made by the managers. Competitive marketing environment and the ever-increasing costs attributed to poor decision making require that marketing research provide sound information. marketing performance. reliable. The goal of marketing research is to identify and assess how changing elements of the marketing mix impacts customer behavior. this information enhances the effectiveness of decisions made by marketing managers. pricing. These decisions are complicated by interactions between the controllable marketing variables of product. Marketing managers make numerous strategic and tactical decisions in the process of identifying and satisfying customer needs. whereas marketing managers are becoming more involved with research. attitudes. analysis. Another factor in this mix is the complexity of consumers. They make decisions about potential opportunities. collection. or even pure judgment. The role of marketing research in managerial decision making is explained further using the framework of the "DECIDE" model: D Define the marketing problem E Enumerate the controllable and uncontrollable decision factors C Collect relevant information . and it aims to understand the effects and comparative success of marketing campaigns. target market selection. and current information. Traditionally. Role of marketing research (MR) The task of marketing research is to provide management with relevant. competition. Marketing research helps the marketing manager link the marketing variables with the environment and the consumers.

analysis of secondary data. The next step is to select the best alternative based on chosen criteria or measures of success. analytical models. analysis of secondary data. and. Then a detailed plan to implement the alternative selected is developed and put into effect. Step 1: Problem Definition The first step in any marketing research project is to define the problem. and report generation and presentation. interviews with industry experts. relevant information on the alternatives and possible outcomes is collected. along with the objectives and constraints. [2] 'Step 3: Research Design Formulation' A research design is a framework or blueprint for conducting the marketing research project. These include problem definition. the researcher should take into account the purpose of the study. Then. This process is guided by discussions with management and industry experts. Problem definition involves discussion with the decision makers. developing an approach to problem.[2] Step 2: Development of an Approach to the Problem Development of an approach to the problem includes formulating an objective or theoretical framework. and its purpose is to design a study that will test the hypotheses of interest. research questions. what information is needed. case studies and simulations. some qualitative research. the possible decision factors that make up the alternative courses of action (controllable factors) and uncertainties (uncontrollable factors) are enumerated. Last.I Identify the best alternative D Develop and implement a marketing plan E Evaluate the decision and the decision process The DECIDE model conceptualizes managerial decision making as a series of six steps. the research can be designed and conducted properly. It details the procedures necessary for obtaining the required information. research design formulation. Marketing research process Marketing research process is a set of six steps which defines the tasks to be accomplished in conducting a marketing research study. field work. The decision process begins by precisely defining the problem or opportunity. determine . and how it will be used in decision making. In defining the problem. the relevant background information. the outcome of the decision and the decision process itself are evaluated. and identifying characteristics or factors that can influence the research design. perhaps. data preparation and analysis. such as focus groups.[ Next. hypotheses. qualitative research and pragmatic considerations. Once the problem has been precisely defined.

Plan of data analysis Step 4: Field Work or Data Collection Data collection involves a field force or staff that operates either in the field. or computer-assisted personal interviewing). if there are several measurements of each element. Univariate techniques are used for analyzing data when there is a single measurement of each element or unit in the sample. and evaluation of the field force helps minimize data-collection errors. training. as in the case of personal interviewing (in-home. and presents the results and the . Definition of the information needed 5. Step 6: Report Preparation and Presentation The entire project should be documented in a written report which addresses the specific research questions identified. and provide the information needed for decision making. multivariate techniques are used for analyzing data when there are two or more measurements on each element and the variables are analyzed simultaneously. Sampling process and sample size 8. and experimentation) 4. Number or letter codes are assigned to represent each response to each question in the questionnaire. if necessary. and verification of data. and designing appropriate scales to measure them are also a part of the research design. and. mall intercept. the research design. or. Verification ensures that the data from the original questionnaires have been accurately transcribed. Conducting exploratory research. or through mail (traditional mail and mail panel surveys with prerecruited households). formulating the research design involves the following steps: 1. Methods of collecting quantitative data (survey. Proper selection. Qualitative research 3. and data analysis procedures adopted. supervision. coding. Questionnaire design 7. guided by the plan of data analysis. or edited. More formally. data collection. transcription.possible answers to the research questions. Measurement and scaling procedures 6. Secondary data analysis 2. or disks or input directly into the computer. by conducting a survey or an experiment) must be addressed. Each questionnaire or observation form is inspected. each RCH variable is analyzed in isolation. gives meaning to the data that have been collected. from an office by telephone (telephone or computer-assisted telephone interviewing). Step 5: Data Preparation and Analysis Data preparation includes the editing. corrected. precisely defining the variables. The data from the questionnaires are transcribed or keypunched on to magnetic tape. On the other hand. It is also necessary to design a questionnaire and a sampling plan to select respondents for the study. while data analysis. The issue of how the data should be obtained from the respondents (for example. observation. describes the approach.

The findings should be presented in a comprehensible format so that they can be readily used in the decision making process. as in the case of radically new products. For these reasons. and graphs to enhance clarity and impact. figures. In addition. interviews with experts are more useful in conducting marketing research for industrial firms and for products of a technical nature. where it is relatively easy to identify and approach the experts. an oral presentation should be made to management using tables. .major findings. This method is also helpful in situations where little information is available from other sources.




OBJECTIVE OF STUDY During the training period in the LOTUS BAWA Ltd. I have studied the organizational structure and the present system of marketing structure of LOTUS BAWA The purpose behind this studies the practical knowledge about the method of advertisement. 2. I have tried to spot the weakness in the advertisement techniques. . 2. A detail study with below mentioned objective has been undertaken: 1. its structure and functioning of LOTUS BAWA To know theoretical profile and conceptual framework of To know the advertising policy of LOTUS BAWA. To analyze existing system and various observation and suggestion provided to the LOTUS BAWA Standards. 3. To know about the history of the organization. To know the medias of advertisement adopted by LOTUS BAWA. 5.


e. Interviews were sought with the management officials and the staff of the company’ s marketing and sales department. COLLECTION OF DATA Primary Source Secondary Source Personal Primary Source Questionnaire Company Books  Personal Interviews: regular visits to the company were made to obtain the structure of the organization and routine working of the industry. www.com also gave useful information to complete the project.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This project is based on information collected from both primary and secondary data. . The data has been used to cover various aspects of advertisement and sales promotion activities being undertaken by the organization under the study.  Questionnaires: questionnaires contain the list of question relating to the influence of advertising and sales promotion techniques on the customer of LOTUS BAWA Website of the company i.lotus-bawa.

. exhibitions. Distribution Manager and Sales Manager provide sufficient information related to the various advertising medias.  Books: Book provided by the company’s library as well as college library helps a lot in gathering the information. shows.Secondary sources  Company registers: Marketing Manager. trade fairs organized by the company from the registers maintain by the company.

. Limited time and limited funds made the detailed study a bit difficult. 3. As the collection of data in a big concern is always time consuming and I had to complete all this to in a very short period of time as my study was for only few weeks time. 4. Though every care was taken to maintain object. Research Doing : The data has been analyzed in the form of bar graphs and pie graphs. 2. yet the prejudice in response cannot be ruled out.LIMITATIONS OF STUDY 1. Period of Study : 20th June 2007 to 03rd August 2007.


1 1-2 3-4 Above 5 10% 40% 50% INTERPRETATION In order to calculate through information which we got through telephone interview.DATA ANALYSIS AND ITS INTERPRETATION Ques 1 How many courses are you providing to you providing to your students? Table 5. Can you tell me when your session start? Table 5. 2.2 August Janvery September After 6 month . And all of then well aware about the products of LOTUS BAWA. Ques. got a questionnaire form filled from 30 valued customers.

What is the `student strength of your Institute Table 5.30% 23% 47% Advertisement Dealer Frie nds INTERPRETATION The analysis shows that majority of the customers got information about the products of LOTUS BAWA from their Dealer 23 % of customers got information through advertisement and 47 % and 30 % of customers get information through friends respectively. Ques 3.3 Student strength Below to 100 Below to 200 Below to 500 Below to1ooo Above to 1000 3 Percentage (%) .

30 % of customers ranked as fair 20 % of customers are not satisfied with the delivery parameter and ranked as poor. Is there any dress code for student or not? Yes  No  INTERPRETATION The analysis of this parameter shows that almost half the customer were satisfied regarding the delivery aspects and other half were not satisfied with the delivery facilities provided by LOTUS BAWA 7 % of the customers ranked as excellent 7 % customers are very much satisfied towards quality and ranked as good. Ques 4.13% 3% 27% Excellent Very good Good Fair 10% Poor 47% INTERPRETATION The analysis of the quality policy shows that majority of their customers rated the quality of their products to be good and only a nominal of them were unsatisfied with their quality performance 27 % of the customers ranked it as excellent 10 % customers are very much satisfied towards quality and ranked it as very good. 47 % of customers ranked it as good 13 % of customers ranked it as fair and only 3 % of customers are not satisfied with the quality policy and ranked it poor. .

Ques 5 Are providing dress and shoes to your student? Yes  No Only clothes 




Advertisem ent



INTERPRETATION This analysis of price policy shows that most of the customer responded the pricing policy of the concern to be fair and 13 % of the customer ranked as excellent 7 % customer are very much satisfied towards price and ranked are very good. 13 % of customer ranked as good 47 % of customer ranked as fair 20 % of customer are not satisfied with the price policy and ranked as poor.
Ques 6. .Which design of formal shoes would you prefer to your student ?


Any type of leather shoes Table 5.6

3% 23%

13% 14% Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor


INTERPRETATION The analysis of this parameter shows that the majority of the customer fovoured the response criteria of the concern to be good only a few ones were unsatisfied, 13 % of the customers ranked as excellent 14 % customers are very much satisfied towards response and ranked as very good 47 % of customers ranked as good. 23 % of customers ranked as fair 3 % of customers are not satisfied with the response parameter and ranked as poor.

If any colleges or institutes is providing formal shoes to your student then.

Ques 7.Which brand shoes you are providing to your student ? Bata Other  Mouchi  

Table 5.7 Quality Delivery Price Response 40 % 13 % 17 % 30 %

30% 40%
Quality Delivery Price Response

17% 13%

INTERPRETATION Majority of the customers prefer the products of LOTUS BAWA because of good quality of the products but pricing policy needs some modification. 40 % of the customer prefer LOTUS BAWA products because of high quality 13 % prefer due to price 17% due to easy adaptability and 30 % due to previous usages.
Ques 8. Ques 8. Through which channel are you purchasing ?


Friendly  Other 

Convenient 

For how long you have been using the products of LOTUS BAWA? Table 5.8 Less than 6 months 6 months to 1 year 1 year to 2 years 2 years to 3 years Above 3 years 23 % 20 % 17 % 17 % 23 % 23% 23% Less than 6 months 6 months to 1 year 1 year to 2 years 2 years to 3 years 20% Above 3 years 17% 17% INTERPRETATION 23 % of customer are using the products of LOTUS BAWA for less than 6 months. . Ques 9 What is your expected price of formal shoe. 17 % from 2 to 3 years and 23 % of them are using the products for above 3 years due to trust in quality. 20 % for 6 months to 1 year 17 % are using the products of LOTUS BAWA for 1 year to 2 years.

2000 Do you wish to buy the product of LOTUS BAWA in future? Table 5. 23 % of the customer are not sure whether they will purchase products of LOTUS BAWA in future or not. .9 Yes No Cant’ say 44 % 33 % 23 % 23% Yes No Cant’ say 44% 33% INTERPRETATION Majority of the customer prefer to buy the product of LOTUS BAWA in future 44 % of the customer would like to buy the product of LOTUS BAWA in future 33 % of the customer would no like to buy the products of LOTUS BAWA in future due to certain reasons.1000  1000-1500 1500.


9.FINDINGS The observation of this study made on advertisement and sales promotion policy are as follows: 1. The company has increased its advertisement cost to increase its sales and to make aware the people about the LOTUS BAWA product. Sales policy and discount structure as sales promotion techniques is formulated by taking into account competitor’s sales policy. 8. Special attention is given to attend the complaints from the customers of authorized dealers by providing them with reliable after sales service. 7. 5. the LOTUS BAWA keep a regular watch on activities of competitors so that their sales are not affected at all. 2. 4. While managing advertisement campaigns. The placement of goods by company is also speedy. Proper marketing setup like sales executive and filed staff has smooth relations with authorized dealers and generate new business. Strictly quality control consists consumer service also promotion sales. With the following of cutting of its expenses the company may have effected its sales and profits . is trying to involve or adopt new schemes to promote sales. 6. 3. LOTUS BAWA.

It is progressing by leaps and bounds. 5. if a little bit of care is taken. its hard working people.SUGGESTIONS LOTUS BAWA is very good. 4. Timely supply is necessary for retaining customer because where comparisons takes place then at that time consumers will differentiate even a single point also. They must aware about the quality of the product. 1. big and successful company. As a customer will get agitated and will not do the mistake of ordering again. 6. The transportation of goods not be delayed. 3. 2. Certain suggestion and recommendations which might be useful in order to promote the sales. After sales service should not be delayed. 7. . clear objective and continue product improvement. The suggestion of the people which they gave us during survey should be think. Proper eye should be kept on the authorized dealers and also on their preference for selling the product. From survey it has become clear that there are some problems which can be handled easily. Company should adopt the policy lowering the price of their product. Some schemes for ads should be introduced so that they can prefer LOTUS BAWA product. strict quality control. Its turnover increase year by year which results in strengths. its turnover increase year by year which results in strengths. analyses and implemented properly. Timely reply should be given to the enquires and customers complaints. There should be regular follow up of permanent customer.

It will prove to be a very effective. So it is suggested to promote salesman ship in those areas with the help of more and people will become aware. Company should conduct meetings in the backward areas where the most of the people are unaware. From the survey it has analyzed that the areas which needs a lot of awareness regarding the LOTUS BAWA’s products.8. . Most of the people have listened about the LOTUS BAWA name. 9.


. At last the observation and suggestion are given so that company is being able to overcome its deficiencies. It is scaling new heights of expectance. Categorization of product is given so to know the details of the product range.CONCLUSION LOTUS BAWA is big and popular company. All the activities of the advertising policy of LOTUS BAWA. which shows the company’s secret of success. The company is started in 1951 and from there it is trying to reach the heights of excellence. I come to know about the achievement form company profile where all the departments of the company is mentioned and environment of the concern is also depicted from there. In advertisement policy of LOTUS BAWA all the media’s of advertisement is mentioned which are company is adopting to aware the people and to increase the sales.


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2.Which design of formal shoes would you prefer to your student ? Oxford  Any type of leather shoes  If any colleges or institutes is providing formal shoes to your student then. Is there any dress code for the students or not Yes No Ques 5 Are providing dress and shoes to your student? Yes  No Only clothes  Ques 6. Can you tell us when your session start? After 6 month  Annualy  Ques 3 What is the student strength of your Institute? Below to 100  Below to 1000 below to 200  above to 1000 below to 500 Ques 4. Ques 7.QUESTIONNAIRE Ques 1.Which brand shoes you are providing to your student ? Bata Other  Mouchi   . How many courses are you providing to you providing to your students? 2  4  more then 5  Ques.

2000 If they are not providing formal shoes to their student then we get their email id for sending quotation. Through which channel are you purchasing ? Discount  Friendly  Other  Convenient  Ques 9 What is your expected price of formal shoe.Ques 8. . after sending the quotation collect there feedback. 1000  1000-1500 1500.

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