Celtic Gate Working by Michael Kelly This Working is designed to open any piece of Celtic ritual work effectively

. It has inevitable echoes of the old Golden Dawn pentagram rites and even closer echoes of the Hammer Rite of the Rune-Gild. As Peter Carroll observed when introducing a similar ritual in his Liber Kaos, magicians in this day and age tend to expect such a rite. If it is expected, if it fits into people's understanding of what constitutes a ritual, then it will be effective. It is in this spirit that I offer this simple ritual to those who Work with the lore of the Celts. I have (so far – always be prepared for the surprise that tomorrow may bring) found no trace of a rite of this sort in old Celtic sources. But the symbols and structure are perfectly authentic: the triskelion; the Gods; the pattern of the fifths plus the vertical dimension; the ordering of the ogham fews. Given that the old Celts must have used some means of opening their rites, this ritual is as genuine as we can get given current Understanding of the mythic patterns and modern magical practice. I have used it many times over the past few years and found it very effective; it gets the job done. Can't say fairer than that. There is little original here, but there is something that fills a need. It should be pointed out that this rite is by no means a 'banishing ritual', such as the Golden Dawn's pentagram rites were. In fact, this Working is the opposite. It seeks to attune the Initiate to the various world levels and directions of the Celtic cosmic pattern and set the oghams resonating within their inner and outer pathways. In other words, it creates an atmosphere which 'warms the engine' and makes subsequent Work easier. Thus, it fulfils its function as a good opener and as an alternative, expanded warm-up to the rites given in the Book of Ogham. Part 1: The Rite of the Triskelion 1. Stand facing North. Take a few moments to still your mind. 2. Imagine the cosmos as a vast tree, its branches extending high above you and the roots stretching deep, deep below. 3. Imagine yourself expanding to fill the cosmos, until the tree is contained within your own body. 4. Once the above has been achieved, return to your normal perspective, but remain very aware that you are standing at the centremost point of the cosmos, in the place of sovereignty. 5. Facing North, extend your arm at full stretch and draw a large circle clockwise in the air before you, tracing its outline continuously three times (once for each arm of the triskelion). As you trace the outline of the circle, visualise a triskelion forming within it, rotating along with your arm. The

13.There follows an invocation to the ancestral Gods to inspire your consciousness: Before me stands Eriu in Fal. Create another triskelion directly above you. itself a symbol of the interconnections between the worlds. then return to the centre facing North.Finally. I have established the ancient roads. 6. Moreover.Extend your arms horizontally out from the sides of your body in a cross shape and feel the energies flowing into. 11. project a further triskelion down the vertical axis beneath your feet. through and from you. mentally project the spinning. the sovereign point. 12. I call upon all the Gods and Goddesses on which my forebears called and swore their oaths. via all the realms of the multiverse. 10. on my right stands Nuada in Gor. I have walked upon strange paths. 9. . Repeat also to the South and West.triskelion blazes with a golden light. on my left stands the Dagda in Mur. and at my back stands Lugh in Fin. projected up the vertical axis from the centre of your working area. glowing triskelion to the outer limit of your working area.You have now created gateways between the worlds in all of the fifths of your working area. each in turn. After the third revolution. The gates of the Sidhe mounds stand open for me. 8. there to act as a portal between the worlds. centred in Self. You have also established the threefold vertical dimension of above and below. Turn clockwise to the East and repeat steps 5 and 6 in that direction. establishing another blazing. following the footsteps of my father's fathers. 7. spinning triskelion. the gateways are symbolised and empowered by the triskelion. May each bless me and go before me in all that I do here.

Concentrate upon how you can overcome all obstacles by drawing down energies and insights from the Otherworld to empower you. Focus this awareness of your present position within your solar plexus region. and upon Manannán of the Deep. upon the strong Ogma. take a deep breath and utter the vowel sound 'U' [Ooooooooo] long and sonorously on the outbreath. you may wish to add further levels of meaning to your invocation. When the sphere is established. when the energies appropriate to that row are particularly desired for a specific purpose. concentrating upon drawing the full power of all four fews attributed to a given locus (for example ailm. Concentrate upon the fact that you stand in the centre of all worlds: the branches of the Otherworld reach high above you and the roots of the Underworld stretch far below. Behold.Come. Stand up straight with your arms close by your sides. the following description will use the colours and sound values ascribed solely to the vowel fews. forming a second sphere in your genital region. keep it simple and stick with the vowel sounds. When the sensation of the sphere is strongly realised. But to begin with. 5. focusing the vibrations in its region. beithe. colours and symbolism. It can certainly be empowering to construct the entire tree structure on occasion. upon Lugh the Shining One. These are all tabulated in the Book of Ogham. resinous energy forming there. be with me in all I do here. Take a few moments to relax and establish a regular breathing pattern. It may also prove useful to use the colour attributions of one of the other rows on occasion. 7. 6. I stand in the place of sovereignty. concentrate upon the fact that your passion is the key that unlocks the gateways which give you access to other worlds. huath and muin all resonate with the Underworld locus beneath the soles of the feet). concentrating the sound at its . 2. the vowel row may be interpreted as an encapsulation and restatement of the entire span of fews. The King and the Land are One! Part 2: The Tree Working To keep the rite simple. I call upon the Dagda. Now send a stream of energy up from the central sphere at your solar plexus to establish a third sphere at your throat. However. vibrate the 'O' sound [Ohhhhhhhhh]. I stand at the centre of the worlds. 8. the Good-God. 3. Concentrate upon the hidden wisdom you can gather from the denizens of the subterranean tunnels that lead to the Underworld. Strongly visualise a sphere of golden. 1. As you do so. This second sphere is a fertile dun colour. though. Try to 'vibrate' the sound and 'centre' it in the sphere. allow a stream of energy to flow from it. In certain respects. 4. as familiarity and proficiency with the ogham is gained. vibrate the 'E' sound [Eyyyyyyyyyy]. This one is a vibrant red colour. Whilst maintaining the sphere at your solar plexus. When the sphere is established.

12. . Now move that focus of consciousness up and down the central column of your body.When this last sphere is established.Finally.When this sphere is established.Return your attention to the central sphere and focus your whole conscious awareness there. You should strive to realise that within you which is truly immortal and imperishable. vibrate the 'I' [Eeeeeeeee] sound at its position. at the very crown of your head. Do this several times. the isolate spark of pure consciousness. the whole map of worlds and ogham pathways may be mapped out in the subtle body of the practitioner. 9. vibrate the sound 'A' [Ahhhhhhhh] within it. experiencing and activating each sphere in turn as you pass through them. With time and practice. This one is piebald and you should consider that you are the sovereign lord (or lady) of your own inner realm. This one is a light. Return your attention to the second sphere at the genitals and send a further pulse down to establish a sphere in the Underworld proper. 11. located just below the soles of your feet. send a further pulse of energy up from the sphere at your throat to establish a final one in the Otherworld. 10.location. 13. whitish brilliance.