We have with us a Retired Colonel Salem Mosbah Awad

praising those that have died and they would not be forgotten is now reciting al fateh first surah of quarans I am with my people and countery i denouce the power and violence that has been i denouce the force used against the youth and the use of mercenaries and volunteer my services to the people as a prev armyman I will give what ever I have for the librtation of libya enough is enough 42 year of oppression Behghazi is where I grew up where I learnt where I was reared where there is nobility does benghazi need this you say you built this brick by brick how did u build this? you actually destroyed this in your 42 yrs of authorty you broke all the means of civil authority no law no constituition you have had us live in the dark you do not want the best for this county be ashamed all you did with your great achievement were built on the back of libya your have been dreaming for the past 42 years we are glad that u are still alive you have killed us with all the ways that you have but we are still steadfast against you we are united what kind of a criminal are you? the anger that is out there is a the result of what you have done against the people wake up and be ashamed your dreams are over you are a coward it is all over you are a satan in disguise be ashamed you coward

this is our youth you are killing wake up you need to wake up every oppressor will have an end I am asking you to submit you have too much blood on your hands you actor all the acting is done we are waiting for your fall you will see the day god willing every thing u throw at us we will throw back at you an no way we will not be victorious we will die before we submit the price is blood for all those that are dead are our martyrs my advice to you why did they die they only wanted their freedom here the people are saying takbeer allah waakbar this is a lesson that the youth are learning it is their blood and it is costly and we are asking allah to give us the steng th against the oppresor as you Iam asking that the youth continue for libya and our blood is worthy of the cause I am waiting for all those in the west azawaya and other cities also we greet the east benghazi and call those that have not joined us why did you not? you are having doubts about the mercenaries about the tanks about the blood that has been spilled? this is the youth that have been giving their lives for this cause their blood is for the people stand with your sons, they are giving their blood for you for the country read the quran and be pious and go align with those that have died for us if we have all the tenants that was supposedly given to us by the regime the authority the fortune and the arms if we had this would we have taken this recourse? no but our rights and dignity was being stolen by you be ashamed for your self and your tribe the truth is clear and the lies are clearForThePeople: you go to others such as Berlusconi and leave your people what kind of a mind do you have if your father(Girdaffi) was alive he would have denounced you as a son i hope this is clear and please use your head and be knowlegable and critical o f the situation we are on the side of the truth do no think that the base in abazzaya will protect you the acting and cheating will not protect you any longer we know that freedom will be achieved you are the biggest oppressor in the world you have been exposed and shown us your true colours to the world

the cheating and lying has finished you laughed at us for 42 years we have learned lots from you but god will give us the victory


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