I am currently employed as a full time Music/Theatre Technician (on a temporary contract), at NEW College, Bromsgrove Campus.

Since starting this post in November I have effectively acquired the necessary skills with completing all quality assurance measures that are required for the running of professional business, For example: Risk Assessments for the Performing Arts production of Robin Hood and the Health and Safety and COSHH regulations for Noise at Work for Music Technology. Part of my day-to-day duties includes setting up equipment for both music and performing arts lecturers this could be as simple as setting up a projector and laying out chairs to dropping lighting bars on stage and re-rigging/focusing spots and profiles, for rehearsals for Dance or Production Arts workshop classes. On a weekly basis, I am often required to make checks on existing equipment and make sure that it is fit for purpose and put away in a tidy and orderly fashion, this can mean signing equipment out with students and checking that it is in good order on its return. I have had continuous support and encouragement from my line manager and colleagues, which has aided me in building selfconfidence in a timely fashion. Obviously being a former students of the College studying for my Higher National Diploma in Music Production (which I completed 2009) I was already familiar and could competently use all of the music equipment within the department, which was an advantage for me especially when supervising students during their recording / rehearsal sessions in the recording studio, or when a teacher needs specialist equipment setting up for a teaching session/workshop. While studying on my HND I worked on live gigs at the Artrix, where I took charge of the lighting board and setting up sequences with the help of Jim Hanrhan who was the current lighting technician at the time. I found this to be very exciting and gave me real-life experience in the profession I have chosen to work. I really enjoy working on productions and working in a team to get the show up and running, adding in my own ideas into the show. I get real excitement from a show and the week running up to and surrounding a show. I enjoy the satisfaction of lighting design, turning a plain stage into a colorful vibrant set then to see it in action gives me real enjoyment. I feel that being a former student has paid dividends in obtaining the post I am currently covering at NEW College and that it has reinforced my knowledge in the subject area and opened new avenues for me to develop new skills. I work well in a team as well as from my own initiative and I feel that the post of Theatre Technician would be a step forward in my career and would welcome the chance to develop my skills further through in house training or from an independent trainer. I have a full clean

adding my skills and enthusiasm to the melting pot of ideas.driving license and would welcome the chance to obtain a mini-bus license should this be required. I would relish an opportunity to become a permanent member of the staff at NEW college. .

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