Maritime Climate Questionnaire.

Key: Strongly Disagree (SD) Disagree (D) Undecided (U) Agree (A) Strongly Agree (SA)

1. My superiors support and encourage me in my efforts on the ship.

2. The members of my ship are a closely-knit team that support each other.

3. I am afraid to express my opinions in front of my superiors.

4. I am allowed complete freedom in the conduct of my work.

5. My superiors encourage us to plan and devise efficient methods for working on the ship.

6. The rules form a large part of our life on the ship as our superiors use them as a form of supervision.

7. When on the job I know exactly what to do as my superiors have made the routine very clear to me.

8. I am allowed to modify the routines of a job if I feel so inclined.

The structure and fittings make it a joy for me to work on the ship. I express my opinions freely amongst my colleagues on the ship. The leaders of my ship take every opportunity to praise me if I do a good job. Rules and regulations are meant for our own good as our superiors always refer to them when supervising our work. . 14. but not others. The repercussions of poor performance are always at the back of my mind when I work on ship. 12. 19. 16. Most of the daily routine jobs on the ship are stress free as I know exactly what to do. I am allowed to modify the routines of some jobs. All my ship-mates are eager to help and assist me if I need it. 18. 10.9. My superiors allow me to take whatever decisions are necessary to successfully do my job. I set high performance standards for myself when working on board the ship. 11. 15. 13. The hallmark of a ”job well done” on my ship is when it has been planned and executed efficiently. 17.

When I perform a job it must be exactly by the book with no room for interpretation. No matter what I do on board the ship I am never encouraged or praised. I prefer working outside the accommodation as I feel the fittings within it do not permit me to work efficiently. 26. Nobody checks if a job is well done or not. but if you do it wrong everyone has something to say about it. 25. 28. 29. my superiors just expect me to accomplish my tasks with the minimum amount of fuss. I go through the motions of doing a job. 24. .20. If I make a mistake I dare not tell any of my shipmates as they will surely report it to my superiors. Working on board is sometimes quite frustrating as no one tells you how to do a job. I am not afraid to express my opinions to anyone on the ship. 22. 21. 23. There are rules for everything on board and my superiors can invent a few if they think it is necessary to keep me in my place. but most of my superiors think that I am a good worker. 27. The main topic of discussion on board during leisure hours is about work.

it is very satisfying working in such surroundings. 35. 36. My ship’s accommodation is like a five star hotel. You are expected to be available on call 24 hours a day even if you have been working all day. My superiors regard complete autonomy of function as a prerequisite to smooth and efficient ship operations. 37. The atmosphere on the ship is such that the expression of any opinion is not misinterpreted in a negative way. The support of my shipmates helps me to overcome problems that I sometimes have difficulty solving alone. that I always want to do my best. 32. . 34. Performing to my own high standards gives me great satisfaction.30. 31. My superiors have created such a supportive atmosphere on board. There is only one way to do things on board. and that is the way it always has been done. 33.

Most of our days pass smoothly as everyone knows exactly what and how to perform their tasks. 43. Pre-planning in all jobs is a culture our superiors actively cultivate on board the ship.38. 40. We are expected to perform at peak efficiency at all times. Experimentation and innovative ways of doing a job more efficiently is encouraged by my superiors. We are an over-regulated industry but our superiors interpret the rules in a way that allows for the smooth functioning of the ship. The accommodation of my ship is so designed as to encourage the efficient performance of my duties. regardless of the time of day. 39. 42. 41. .