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Hannah probably wrote this

*i love babe
and never will i be able to let u go*
Lol, love you too

"I am not a perfect person, even if you might say so.
And I don't try to be.
I am just another imprisoned soul,
That is longing to be set free.
I'm sick of always hiding inside of myself,
This has gone on for too many years.
Although I'm finally showing these "emotions",
Telling you how I really feel,
I just want to know the difference,
Between what is fake and what is real.
I'm just another lost soul,
That even though has been found.
Might be just another liability,
That I don't really know if you want around.
I'm just falling through the air,
And I'm about to hit the ground.
But I don't expect anyone to catch me,
Because I don't know if people really want me around.
No one really cares about me,
I'm just there with them from day to day
No one really cares enough,
To even legitimately ask me if I'm okay
and at times I dont want them to anyway."
Is this really how you see yourself?
Slowly but surely I have certainly noticed myself...
The past sure brings one down sometimes,
Memories of cold and bitter but unforgettable times...
I try to help and find out what's wrong,
I might be starting to figure it out all along.
I might be not told some things, and its alright
I have my life to figure it out, with my pathetic and slow sight....
But my conscience keeps telling me,
It's telling me that your not really running out of time
That you might not see it, see what you can be,
But its waiting for you, with the patience of a lifetime.
It's quality though is a different story,
Many people take that for granted, leave it for later
Reality though, doens't work that way.
Trying to change it to your own convenience? I ask,
Dosnt work that way, I say.
But aside from that I want you to know if you ever get to read this,

I don't know what to think. Girls fall for the bad boys huh.If you feel that your not perfect . Dakota is just a "man" like me. t he only time I see you comfortable. But maybe I'm wrong.05. still holds you down and clashes you and slows you down for a bit in life. I don't want to fall in love wit h someone who has their mindset solidly set on some one else. makes you happy. act like how I used to act... ________________________________________________________________________________ _______ STILL WORKING. its ridiculous! The point of a relationship is to l ike me for who I am. But because of my love f or you. Dakota why have you set me this time bomb? Why do I have to diffuse it? I would like to meet you bro... your perfect in your own special way. to make you rememb er him even more is what keeps it. Still need to work on reacting to your "I don't wanna t alk. But if acting like someone else to make you happy. you grow dependant on it. They have no respect for themselves.. even if you might not believe it. but screw everyone... Y ou tend to insult him and compliment him very deeply at the same time. it will end a mess... what you go through or what you let yourself go through. Acting like that guy. ok. I cannot force you to love me. then leave me. the irony of this relationship is breaking me. I might accustom myself to your comfort zone. And that's a good thing by the w ay.. It's your choice . its completely unf air.2010 I've started to notice more consciously does me acing like someone else make yo u happy? It's probably in your comfort zone.. I can't play Dakota in this love play.. Don't think this way. Hannah there is no "the one". Lmfao. I thought I would never lov e again. .. I can't read your mind though.. or that I'm not really touching you in a sense. This is the consequence. I wonder if you really do love me. if you feel li ke you don't love me or that you can't continue. I must also change.. I know the past. Why do i have to act like a Dakota to make you happy? if he did you so wrong? Don't fall in love. I don't have to.. the act that is put up. us. Everyone is. The only thing that my past still has left a mark on. A gu y who doesn't give a shit about anything. how I got you to like me. or be touched right now" kind of state. its the perso n I portray that is. loving you like I've never loved someo ne before. It was so strong but... is like a paper that ha s been crumpled. UPDATE. You can't control yourselfself over him? I'm not saying love me. It came t o the point of you probably grabbing and maybe even kissing him or something (I kinda got it) if he just spent 5 minutes with you at anytime.... with pros and cons. Switching between Martin m ode and Dakota mode. Despite of what you do to yourself. I kno w this very well. It will make a you a dependant. I've stopp ed following you around. See what' s up.. your perfect in my eyes. You don't ne ed a man to be anything you want to be. a guy in charge right? is that what you want? to be j elaous and thirsty? lol. "stay at home and cook" type of person. like your trying to give signs that we might break up anytime soon. ripped. Mr.. You also act very different when other people are aroun d. Girls need to be treated with irony and shitness to make them feel whipped and under control and under the "bad boy" charm lol... I'm still there. I guess I was wrong. is for it to happen again. going.. in a different way.12. I'm someone else.. I've started to feel a bit like everytime I'm touching you.. by you by just being you... My same past though. shredded and finally burned. and at times. it s useless. and makes you feel like I'm interested but not at the same time.

fuck why do i get so emotional over the stupidest stuf f. Why the irony? Because bad boys don't make up their minds. its such an amazing act "awwwww" it brings tears to my eyes.I failed for today. Changin from one girl to another. Im just going to laugh at the wonderful dramatic show that she puts up every on ce in a while. and so what if i dn. ok hannah. but its not enough for me. I can't put on my dakota costume for the rest of my life. Kelsey is comple tely wiped of my heart Hannah. so be it ba be..t get laid t his weekend. Anyway stupid me with my pathetic reactions. stick in brain. (I know you probably won't) do you re ally have feelings for me or just the fact that I am making up what Dakota left for you? Is it me your falling in love with.. SLowly get to see th e fucking asshole side of me. I need to be a man who can control his emotions.. she is somehow overpowering me. and girls who date th em neither do. I should have never changed lol. lol i should probably just laugh inside and try to hold it in so i don't laugh strai ght to her face. Don't and ignore sad care act. But till then Fuck everything else. think about it. she ges. Nice boys repel. Not rude or anything just act with interest and not at the same time. ________________________________________________________________________________ __________ STILL WORKING. So . Look at gabriella. So what if she wan t to be touched while we lay down. look at kaylee. martin mystery.. thats step number one. its hard... And keep in mind that if she goes...12. cuz its fucking pissing me off. if you want t play like that. that's it lm fao. be honest with you rself. That "charm". making them feel like shit and the mo st wonderful girl in the world at the same time? That was me. So what if she didnt look at me? Fuck it too. I shouldnt have changed. its just gotta be done. the way I treated those girls. it just meant she didnt really love me. like a mother to a child. or the person I sometimes portray? It's not my fault.. you want a man with power and control. and it grows. it doesnt make me better or worse. lol. for the sake of you but it's t oo late.Do you really. stick in brain. and i will just have to move on i guess. fuck it.. fuck it... So what if anything I am a pianist and shes just another girl in my life. I love her and all but i need to whip her like she wants it. C uz she wants to be treated like a fucking bitch. So what if she didn't h ug me? fuck it.2010. really love me hannah? Really. Act one control and i f go you then want ahead leave act i dont attitude care. So what if she has this angry look on her face. I love you. I also gotta work on speech and talking to people and be m ore more confident. UPDATE. Let's see how this works. Everytime this happens i should just say fuck it lol.. At the party I'm going to have the I DON'T GIVE A FUCK attitude. still don't know what I don't let them see. my life is just beggining still and i sti . True love always stays. just let it go. Bad boys attract. The stupid and horrible shit i did in the past..what you're trying to trick me? fuck you.. That's the e ffect of it. And i loved her with such a passion.. a man who treats you like an object then pretend he has feelings at the same time. Fuck my fears. mystery. i'll probably get laid eventually again.07... so what lol. why should I trea t you like that too? My "Mr nice" is anoying the shit out of you. ev erytime she pass trhought hall at the same time as I do she pauses. I'm just not what he was. its an ongoing cycle. and it doent have to be he r if shit happens. alright. its not only you that this is affecting.. but I just gotta do it. This is no t my first prioroity though. you don't have to tell me directly. People still do n't know me. clashing between moods.

. She's not just a girl..i have to put her in her place. man what an idiot i am. Im out of words I cant s ay anything to you. NO EMOTION OK? DO YOU GE T IT YOU. Damn. FUCK. Hannah. she's my hannah. I might lose her still she thinking about it. how made the first move. then ill let her leave. Don't get too touchy... FUCK.. Still remember her smile.. i really did nothing wrong. . be ca lm be cool DO NOT YELL like a woman! reserved man. deelply wrong. I'm still hurt still damaged by kelsey. good old times. Kelsey. I didnt care. not again. fuck it i cannot force someone to be with me and plus it'll be a less heavy load to c arry. rem mebr temptation. If you do. I dont wa nt this. SLAP THA T ASS BITCH.. I also made m istakes though. everybody telling me crap about us. It w ould break my heart into shreds. If she makes the act . Seriously.. But if its good then meh i guess i could live with it. I almost lost my girl. who dosnt care aobut anything . I got into so much trouble that day. and then your fucked... For example when you get to the party don'tgo and make a huge dramatic masterp iece and then say "Hey why did you hang up on me wtf?" just let it go.t handle it. I should have not said what I said. RULE OF THUMB ACT LIKE YOU DONT NEED HER. you were there. if she decides to leave. avoid her and let her come to you.. the way i made her smile lol. I was wrong abou t not loving again. I cant even fucking brea the. DOESN'T MEAN IT'S OVER it just happened OK? FUCK IT! stic k in brain stick in brain DON'T GET EMOTIONAL UR A MAN. so DON'T MESS UP. It's funny remembering the times when she used to lookat me fu nny with the sexy stare of hers. So what if she doesn't want to hang out with you for now make her m iss you and she will... I still arghh that You beat me with t he "first move" thing lol. Too many memories. I knew you were something else.. ahh those lovely times of us. No more hannah.. but yu didnt care. I can't lose you now hannah.. remember. I almost broke up completely with hannah today.. .. ALWAYS BE BUSY AND PUT YOUR LIFE FIRST AND TALK TAL K TALK DONT JUST BE THE ONE GUY IN THE CORNER LISTENING. just her not being there would be like her dying in a way. LET IT GO IT DOENS'T MATTER. When she looked for me ... I can. lol why did this happen? Why all this. PLeasr hannah one more chance is all i'm asking for.. GO TO THE PARTY AND PUT IN PRACTISE WHAT YOU have just stuck in your brain and DO NOT LET YOURSELF DOWN. it ju st means you have failed again..ll have a long way to go.. don't leave me. wow... lol. Its too much for me. ________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Huh.. phew. I never thought i would fall this d eeply for this girl. All I'm waiting for is that call or that yes or no. Man look how much i'm feeli ng for this girl.. where she came to me and use to listen to my piano playing at long and mzq\de.. Don't fantazise and live your fucking life man.. also lol.. just the thought of it. GET THAT CRAP IN YOUR HEAD C'MON MAN HYPE UP UR AN AMAZING PERSON DON' T LET A GIRL BRING YOU DOWN BRO.