The Advantages of Airlift Bioreactor: 1.

Simple design with no moving parts or agitator for less maintenance, less risk of defects. 2. Easier sterilization (no agitator shaft parts) 3. Low Energy requirement vs stirred tank Obviously doesn’t need the energy for the moving parts (agitator shaft). 4. Greater heat-removal vs stirred tank At the Airlift bioreactor it doesn’t need the heat plate to control the temperature, because the Draught-Tube which is inside the bioreactor can be designed to serve as internal heat exchanger. It is difference to the Stirred tank bioreactor that needs the heat coat or plate surrounding the tank to make warm bioreactor. It is clear enough that the Airlift bioreactor has greater heat-removal compare to Stirred tank. The Disadvantages of Airlift Bioreactor: 1. Greater air throughput and higher pressures needed The agitation on the Airlift bioreactor is controlled by the supply air. To adjust the supply air then the higher pressure needed. And if the higher pressure of air needed then more energy consumption needed. And more cost must pay. 2. Inefficient break the foam when foaming occurs Because there is no blades/shaft as a foam breaker compare with the stirred tank that has it at the surface. 3. NO bubbles breaker There are no blades that used as a breaker the bubbles which produced from the air supply (sparger Advantage of airlift fermenter In low shear, there is low mixing which means the bioreactor can be used for growing plant and animal cell Since there is no agitation, sterility is easily maintained In large vessel, the height of liquid can be high as 60m the pressure at the bottom of the vessel will increase the oxygen solubility , and the value of Kla will increase. Extremely large vessel can be constructed. In one single cell protein plant, the reactor had a total volume of 2300m3 (a column of 7m diameter and 60m height with a reactor working volume of 1560m3.In this reactor the microorganism were grown on methanol for SCP, the biochemical reaction in resulting in an extremely large heat release.
Ghasem D. Najafpour 0 Reviews Elsevier,B.V. 2007 - Science - 421 pages Extensive application of bioprocesses

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