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Days of Rage-Its not the Muslims Stupid

Since 9/11/01 Islam and more specifically a fear, and developing hatred toward Islam has been simmering
on the backburner of the American psyche. We are told they want to hurt or kill us and our children. Then
we are told they are a religion of peace. Then again, they want to make jihad against us, their great Satan.

Since that time we have been at war with countries that did not attack us, but probably might if given
chance. We have ousted dictatorships and freed people who are not grateful for the new layer of corruption
they live with but they won’t attack us because they are now our friends. They just want us to leave their

If all this sounds schizophrenic, it is because it is. The actual truth of it isn’t lost on our government.

Throughout this set of articles I had hinted at a religion that overlays the faiths of most people. This article
is just a rehash of a small chapter “Birth Pangs-The Armies of the North – Osama bin Laden and other fun1”.

Because I have covered this religion so extensively in my book, and the proofs need to be exhaustive, I will
offer hopefully enough of a slice to show how dangerous our world has become.

Ongoing as of today the protests in Egypt are sparking a great change. A people who have been oppressed
are through a peaceful means shedding their lives of a president for life, by definition a dictator.

For my purposes there is no better place than Egypt.

A genuine people’s revolution is occurring and a depressed world whose free peoples sympathize because
they are starting to feel the same marginalization with the tearing of the fabric of their societies.

The Egyptian government has been separate from the Islamic religion for a long time. The Muslim
Brotherhood which has been repressed for thirty years has stepped forward to lead in this struggle for
freedom. They have been ostracized, jailed, and executed since the presidency of Nasser.

We know the US Government supports them. Who are they? Their name implies they are Muslims?

In an article titled "Terror, Islam and Democracy," Ladan and Roya Boroumand correctly state that "Most
young Islamist cadres today are the direct intellectual and spiritual heirs of the Qutbist wing of the Muslim
Brotherhood." And further, "When the authoritarian regime of President Gamel Abdel Nasser suppressed the
Muslim Brothers in 1954 (it would eventually get around to hanging Qutb in 1966), many went into exile in
Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Morocco. From there, they spread their revolutionary Islamist ideas -
including the organizational and ideological tools borrowed from European totalitarianism."
The Independent's John Gray argues in an article entitled "How Marx turned Muslim" that Qutbism is not
rooted in the Islamic tradition, but rather, is very much a Western based ideology.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a sect based in the writings of Islamic Philosophy, and Western Philosophy and
not a fundamentalist view of the Koran. To reiterate they are not rooted in fundamental Islam itself.

Islam as the natural religion for the region presents itself as the outward façade. They view Islamic
philosophy as the highest Islam, and the Koran is upheld outwardly.

The Generations of Antichrist; An Argument for the Sake of Heaven
Shaykh Rabee' ibn Hadi al-Madkhali, the renowned Salafi scholar who has written several books refuting the
mistakes of Sayyid Qutb, concludes the following about Qutbism: "The Qutbists are the followers of Sayyid
Qutb… everything you see of the tribulations, the shedding of blood and the problems in the Islamic world
today arise from the methodology (of this man)."
The extremist views of the Qutbist spread with the persecution of Nasser. Historically if the leadership of
terror organizations true religious affiliations are probed what do you think you will find?

Simon al Zawaheri was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The Brotherhood with regard to their
religious and mystical leanings are Sufi or more specifically Qutbist, for those who follow Sayyid Qutb. This is
the philosophy of the Muslim Brotherhood which is essentially NeoPlatonic and does not distinguish between
matters of belief, so long as people adhere to their movement. This is why the outwardly Shia al Zawaheri
and the outwardly Sunni bin Laden can be comrades and brothers.2
The Muslim Brotherhood traces its roots to a group known as the Assassins. They were a group primarily
based in Neoplatonic thought tracing their mysticism, magic, and philosophy to Pythagoras, steeped in
Sufism, and the other early Greek philosophies.

We are all familiar with the Qutbists Osama bin Laden and Simon al Zawaheri and their work through Al
Qieda. It needs to be noted that as long as bin Laden has been forwarded as an enemy, the US has never
charged him for 9/11. His familiar face became the poster boy figure for our government’s fear of Islam
although his beliefs are Qutbist.

The Muslim Brotherhood show of reconciliation with the branches of Islam is because for them the death
struggle between sects is irrelevant. As long as you agree with their goals, you are a good Muslim.

When its base is actually turned over for examination we find tenets not of Islam, but philosophy and more
specifically, Western Postmodern Philosophy.

Why would an oppressed people seeking freedom support them? The people themselves are rallied for
protest. These figures along with alBaradei stepped into a leaderless revolt and claimed leadership. This got
bolstered by both media and foreign government’s willingness to deal with them. Because of the
persecutions starting with Nasser they have evolved to a softer stance.

According to John Reilly at a conference given of esoteric fascism “I don't want to dwell on Islamicist
ideology; I don't know that much about it. Still, we should note that recent Islamicist terrorists quote Evola
with facility.”3
Evola is considered a principal father of what is known as the “Tradition” or Perennial Philosophy. According
to John Reilly’s further assessment this philosophy gravitates toward radical Islam and its further
radicalization as a façade. My thoughts are its ability to co-opt and exert control.

Religious people as a whole look to scholars to interpret meaning. This is seen across the board within
monotheism. Many of those we look to at the core follow these philosophies also through Neo Platonism.

The Generations of Antichrist; An Argument for the Sake of Heaven-GH Eliason
After the Third Age Eschatological Elements of Postwar International Fascism , John Reilly-Presented at the Seventh
Annual Conference of the Center for Millennial Studies
Boston University, November 2 to 4, 2002
Christian their second largest inroad is in your faith. Like the Muslim Brotherhood they are not rooted in
fundamental Christianity which is based in Scripture. Their base is Christian Philosophy. Their desire also is
Armageddon or the Christian version of the Day of Rage. Their goal is the return to Paradise which they will
rule. Whichever religion is co-opted a few of the telling drivers are a shift from the tenets of faith to a
radicalized stand against the enemy. Instead of the good, focus becomes militant.

With regard to policy why would the US government be supportive then?

This philosophy of religion has been carried at different timeframes by each of the religions. Its innovations
for philosophical thought have come out of Islam, Kabbala, Hindu, and Taoism among others. Whether
right, left, or center in thought, each has an established counterpart in the others philosophy of religion.

Like the Qutbist it is not an agreement of the tenets of faith set in a Holy Book, it is the agreement with
goals and direction that define Orthodoxy.

“The Protestant Reformation was messy, and along with much good, there were plenty of ugly problems.
The same will be true of what is emerging globally now. What some see as a breakthrough and blessing,
others will see as a catastrophe and apostasy. What will happen will depend not just on "them," but on all of

So today I'm reflecting on the possibility that this hopeful dimension of the Egyptian revolution can spread,
not just through the Arab world and the Muslim world (remembering that the two aren't the same thing --
there are many Arab Christians and many non-Arab Muslims), but through the whole world. Whether we call
this a spiritual revolution or reformation, whether we call it a manifestation of tikkun olam, shalom, salaam,
ijtihad, or the kingdom of God, this moment becomes a spiritual and moral summons that we must all
consider and either join, oppose, or absent ourselves from. In that, we are no longer observers sitting on our
couches watching history unfold on TV or online: we are all potential activists, invited to take a revolution of
hope onto the streets and into all dimensions of our lives, making history for our children and

While these concepts sound noble and just, Mr. Mclaren has shown himself like the Qutbist who declares
those who do not line up inside the philosophical direction they have chosen as apostate to be dealt with
and rid of. He like they are only too willing to jackboot those that believe differently. This difference for him
and them is agreeing with Holy Writ and not Religious Philosophy.

It is no longer about Islam, Christianity, Judaism or any of the other facades this philosophy of religion takes
on for its own purposes. It is about establishing the Post Modern world so often spoken about.

In the administration of GW Bush, if advisers to the Middle East are looked at you will find scholars of this
type of religion setting policy. In the current administration as noted in the article “The Military’s enhanced
Utility of a Living God” they are now working in domestic policy also. Mr. Mclaren played a large part in this
as shown in that article.

The Egyptian Revolution and Theological Reformation-Brian Mclaren
In just our two faiths the evidence of these drivers are clear. The initial goal is the tearing down of society
and its structure. Be wary of the terms “Traditionalist”, Post-Modern thought, or the articles of
Dominionism. Their core structure is not separable from these philosophies. It is always amazing that the
simple Word of God turns into complex gyrations inside philosophy.

Those that ply them, at the top of their scholarship are in agreement with a bin Laden that the fabric of our
societies Muslim, Christian, and Western must be thrown to the ash heap of history so a new one may

If the tenets of our faith are the sayings of Jesus the Christ we must stand in them. For their purposes they
have resisted naming their brand of religion. Having plumb lined its cooperative depths I have taken the
liberty to do so. They are the Neo-Notzri, the Destroyers of Worlds.