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DBQ Battle at Lexington and Concord Battle of Lexington and Concord included different type of situations on how the

battle started if you look at a Loyalist's perspective compared to a Patriotic prospective. The most important event that occurred in this battle was the "shot heard round the world." which is demonstrated different in both of the documents. In the document of General Gage's Account of the late Battle of Boston stated that the first men to fire were the Americans while in the Document about the King's troops under the command of General Gage which was written but a patriot claimed that the British were the first to shoot with their blood thirst to kill some colonists. Despite the biased opinions shown in the two documents one can determine that the "shot heard round the world" was first fired through the British. To enforce that one can understand why the British were the first to shoot is by the military, political, and social stand point of each other the documents. The military standpoint of the British was the first factor to convincing why they were the first to shoot in the Battle of Lexington and Concord. The document of Battle of Boston promotes this idea of the first shot by the British indicating how the military was cowering and becoming scared of distant gun fires being shot by colonists to warn near by colonists of a possible sneak attack. This document also supports the British shooting by indicating that General Gage and the troops were ready for a battle and were predicting to fight 500 men but when they met their forces they only seen about 200 men. These men were ready for a fight and were scared to die, they entered a survival mode and once the colonists broke off and ran away stated in both the Battle of Boston document and the Narrative document the British were eager to follow these colonists even though their true mission was to reach the military stores. The British military mission changed from tracking down a store to hunting down these colonists showing their desires to kill these colonists which can be indicated in the two Documents of Battle of Boston, A Narrative, and the Poem of General Gage's confession that these soldiers killed several of the country people, they "thirst for BLOOD and rushed on... firing on this small party," which the small party were colonists, and last the poem states that "Some few Americans have bled, 'tis true, but 'twas the soldiers kill'd them, and not you." The poem states that Gage didn't harm any soldiers but his troops definitely did. The military standpoint changed from the British orders from searching military shops to killing colonists who were not even engaging into a battle but instead doing the opposite and dispersing and running away from the soldiers. The military standpoint is not the only standpoint that can persuade one that the British were the first to fire in the battle at Lexington and Concord, their political views and standpoints also affected their choice of the first shot into the battle. In General Gage's Account it states the by the Majesty's orders they were to search for military stores which was their first intention from the march of Boston to Concord. As the soldiers were marching to the Concord they heard scattered warning shot made by the colonials which first indicated that the colonists were scared that soldiers since the Indian-French war were living in their homes due to an English policy that forced homes to take care of British soldiers and the colonists feared that these soldiers were about to pop out and surprise strike them. The second effect this created was that the British soldiers were angry and scared that the Colonists may be making an army to face the Majesty. These

Instead of compromising with the Patriotic colonists. the British continued to pass Acts to gain more strict control over the Americans and continued to bring more British troops to handle the riots. The social standpoint was the main evidence that the Britain already had strong tensions between the Patriotic social group making it not difficult for the British soldiers to fire the first shot." which shows that many of that Patriots were too scared or had a social respect or fear towards this group that paralyzed them from making the first strike against them Illustrated in General Gage's Account. Indicated in A Narrative. The fire in the picture also indicates the British start of war creating a fire on the colonist’s side. There were already political disagreements between the British and Patriotic colonists and the British were influenced even more to fire the first shot. The political and military standpoints of the Battle of Lexington and Concord are great evidence that the "shot head round the world" was made by the British but the greatest standpoint is the social point of view seen in the British and the Colonists. the document states that "unless attacked were determined to be peaceable spectators. one can still conclude that the British were the first to shoot the "shot heard round the world" in the battle of Lexington and Concord. Through the evidence of the military standpoint. If the battle of Lexington and Concord the Revolutionary War may have never . The significance of this question is it sparked the American Revolution leading Patriots to believe they have a chance at victory due to the victory over the battle of Lexington and Concord. its caused fear in the British to take initiative and start bring down this independent Patriot military and group. as the soldiers marched at night from 10 pm to 3 pm they heard gun fires everywhere they went in the pitch dark and were becoming too focused on a war against the patriots that they ignored their true mission of searching the military shops. In the picture of Battle of Lexington one can see the hatred towards the social group of Patriots from the British soldiers who were much more powerful than the colonists and were ready to fire while the patriots had their guns still pointing at the sky. The British already had social hatred towards these colonists through their lack of loyalty to their motherland and their rebellious attitudes towards the British laws.soldiers came from Boston which was already under major rebellion groups and had new political views that opposed the political views of the British. That evidence makes it very likely that the Britain troops heading towards Concord already built hatred towards the Patriots. The document of General Gage's Account mentions the British Army leaving the town of Boston which is the heart of the Patriot colonists causing many enraged Britain soldiers and loyalists toward these patriots. The political purpose to Concord was a task by Majesty to bring order to these New England colonists by searching and stopping these military stores but the political view point changed by the Britain when they heard an army against the Majesty was being formed. The British were persuaded to fire this first shot due to their political purpose of maintaining order and following the King's orders which can be indicated by the Poem of General Gage's confession on where "Who could a monarch's favourite wish deny?" and the political standpoint to stop the Patriots from building this army that was created to go against the British Majesty and his government which can be demonstrated in the document General Gage's Account.. Although the British lost the fight at Lexington they were still the first to start the fight in Concord. and the political standpoint one can see that most of the evidence leads to the British starting the battle. the political standpoint. Also. Ignoring the biased opinions found through these documents.

political control. The battle of Lexington and Concord brought up the moral of the Patriot soldiers and influenced many colonists to join their cause while weakening that British's morality.occurred. . and influence on the colonies.

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