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Camel is a stupid animal as compared to human, which have been

exploited by human due to its stupidity. The cover of the book
shown how clever human is, cunningly “angling” the camel with a
bunch of grass to lure the camel to move forward, pulling the cart,
for the human benefit.

Now, human is a stupid creature when compared to the Devil’s or

Satan’s intelligence, the deceiver of men who wish to lead them far
astray from God. (Read Quraan Surah An Nisaa(4):60:
Have you not seen those who claim to have believed in
what was revealed to you, [O Muhammad], and what
was revealed before you? They wish to refer legislation
to Taghut, while they were commanded to reject it; and
Satan wishes to lead them far astray.

Man has been led far astray, such that man could not recognize
the true GOD, the GOD that will never deceive them. The deceit
of the devil had caused them to call on the name of some particular
Jinn or Satan. Truly, Jinn or Satan are creatures that have
unquenchable desire to be worshiped, therefore, they are very
diligent in deceiving human!!
Readers, do you belong to the (groups of) people that have
been deceived by Jinn or Satan, to the extent of worshiping the
false god, i.e. jinn that disguised himself as God?

Oh God, I am Deceived! 1
It is already known that Jinn and Satan had the approval from
The Almighty to tempt or deceive human. We should never forget
this teaching originated from Heaven!


The followers of the Arabic religion are obeying the precept to

worship Allah, in the form, among others performing the shalat five
times a day, that must be done in a total of 17 raka'at everyday. In
each raka’at, the followers of Mohammed must recite Al Fatiha,
containing among others: “Guide Us to The Straight Path, the
Path of those upon whom Is Thine Blessings…”
“…Path of those upon whom Is Thine Blessings…,” this
must be a straight path to the eternal Heaven. Not to hell.
Everyday, seventeen times, this request is uttered by a devoted
muslim. If this request has not been granted on a certain date, it
will be requested again the next day. If it is still not granted, they
will obediently ask it the next day. Still if it is not granted, it will be
requested again in the following day, and so on. In a year, it would
have been requested ca. 6100 times, with no avail… even until
The fact is: until today, after 15 centuries of the existence of
Islam, the request for a Straight Path still continues. That means
Allah has not/would not answer their request. That fact must
supposedly raise the question: “is Allah a cruel deity?” Or even a
deceptive one? The fact is: Muslims are in an absolute obedience
to Muhammad and Allah, such that no questions have been asked
by Muslims (Isn’t it very similar to the absolute obedience of the
deceived stupid Camel expressed in the picture?).

2 Oh God, I am Deceived!
Allah, the muslim deity, have treated his people exactly the way
intelligent human treated the stupid camel. The camel keeps on
moving forward in the hope of reaching the bunch of grass hanging
in front of its nose. The poor camel has to keep on walking forward
diligently in order to reach the grass. Unfortunately, until the end of
the road, it will never reach the grass.
The Muslims also have to keep on hoping, day after day
pleading and hoping to get into the Straight Path to heaven. They
are diligently worshipping, performing the 5 times a day shalat, in
the hope of finding the Straight Path. Until the end of their life, they
do not find it... What is the resulting end for the Muslims? Hell!
They have not find the Straight Path, therefore, they would not find
Heaven, and finally they would end up in hell; no other alternatives.

A verse spoken by the prophet Muhammad underlined the above

statement. Written in Surah Maryam (19):71 And there is none
among you who shall not pass over hell; this is an obligatory
affair, binding upon your Lord.
Muhammad spoke out this verse in Arabic, and the verse
was directed toward the followers of Muhammad. Therefore, every
follower of Muhammad had been determined to enter the hell.
Consequently, the prophet Muhammad must be the first to enter
into hell, the exact realization of the verse he himself had spoken!

If Mohammed and his people are lucky enough, they may be

released from Hell, face the Judgment and will join the Garden
(with Heavenly joys) promised by Allah, in Surah 55 (Ar Rahman)
verse 46-62. But wait, they will be confused, because there will be
no less than 4 (four) Gardens. Read that passage:
46. But for such as fear the time when they will stand
before (the Judgment Seat of) their Lord, there will be

Oh God, I am Deceived! 3
two Gardens-… 62. And besides these two, there are
two other Gardens,-

Four Gardens… (as opposed to the One Garden of

Eden/Firdaus, in accordance to every Abrahamaic Faith), that
must be another deception by Allah! With these ambiguous words
of Allah, who care to trust Allah ever more?

Honestly, we, the People of the Gospel feel sorry for our muslim-
brothers and -sisters, and at the same time furious to Allah that has
been viciously deceiving millions of people.
{This is the main reason why this booklet had been written,
out of love to fellow muslim-brothers and -sisters, taking the risk of
being reviled by the leaders of the Arabic religion provoked by the
message of this book!}



It is the duty of every Muslim to chant the Shallawat for the sake of
the prophet. This is a request by Muhammad for his future divine
peace. That is the reason why Muhammad has the title ‘PBUH’
(Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him). Muhammad had deceased
but he still needs the prayers for the divine peace, he has been
having an everlasting hope until now!
If the prophet was already in heaven – where the divine
peace reigns - he would not need the Shallawat (hence: the
‘PBUH’ title). Conclusively, until this day, Muhammad has not enter
the eternal heaven! In the contrary, ‘Isa or Jesus, is called Almasih

4 Oh God, I am Deceived!
(the provider of salvation). Jesus is already in heaven, such that
Jesus can be called ‘Ahlul Surga’ (the inhabitant of Heaven)!

Apparently, in his death bed 1 Muhammad realized that he was on

the way to hell! (The Hadith recorded many criminal actions of
Muhammad; the readers can easily ‘Google’ it with the keyword
‘the crimes of Prophet Muhammad’.) Muhammad must be the first
to face the consequence of the verse he spoke, Surah Maryam
(19):71 quoted above.

Moslems with sound mind will surely ask: “Who will be my

intercessor to reach Heaven then? Sorry, brother/sister, nobody
could be your intercessor, since your prophet had appoint
everyone of his follower to be his intercessor (what an egoistic
(It is very contradictory with Jesus, who keeps on praying for
His follower and his follower’s follower, stated in John 17:20:
Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall
believe on me through their word;)
From all these facts, honestly, Moslems have only one last
hope: The intercession of Jesus, the Al Masih (The Savior), who
keeps on praying for His followers, i.e. for those who admit that
Jesus is his/her Savior.

Muhammad came to the end of his life being poisoned by a
Jewish woman. The Jews had been vindictive against
Muhammad since in one time, he beheaded mercilessly with his
own hands 700 helpless Jews who had been tied!
The poison had tormented Muhammad at his last couple of
years of his life, giving Muhammad the picture of the torment in
hell. Having a conscience that he was on the way to hell,
Muhammad requested his followers to pray shallawat on his

Oh God, I am Deceived! 5
Beloved readers, please accept my apology if you are shocked by
these truth. Even though the messages cannot be denied, still
there are some of the readers that may be enraged and decides
that the blood of the writer is lawfully shed. (Of course according to
the law of Allah, the Jinn!)
The writer is taking that risk, out of Jesus’ love, hoping that
many of the readers can be awaken from the sorcery of the Arabic
Jinn, to the point of accepting the heavenly truth. Hadn’t Jesus
(Muhammad called him: Almasih ‘Isa) been reviled, even killed, for
the sake of His righteousness?


Surah An-Nahl [16:123], was spoken by Muhammad as an

instruction from Allah: Then We revealed to you (Muhammad):
”Follow the faith of Ibrahim, the upright one, and he was not of
the polytheists.”
Truly, Ibrahim (in the Old Testament: Abraham) was not
among the polytheists. He once destroyed dozens statues of idols
of his ancestors saved the biggest one, to be his ‘scapegoat’.
Ibrahim defended himself, pointing that the biggest idol was the
one who destroyed the smaller ones using the ax on its hand
(Ibrahim had hung the ax to the idol’s neck beforehand!) Surely his
relative went after him and asked; “You know very well that idols
are not able to destroy the statues!?" Their own words became the
admittance that idols could do nothing, leave alone blessing
people. Ibrahim’s action was written in Surah An-Anbiyaa (21):52-
etc. It was also recorded in The Chronicle of Ibrahim. After the
incident, he left his country and got involved with idols never more.

6 Oh God, I am Deceived!
The prophet Muhammad obeyed the command to “follow the
faith of Ibrahim”, but half-way only. When he was young, there
were 360 idols in Ka’bah, the center of idol worship of the tribe of
Quraisy Jahilliyah (polytheistic Quraisy). After he proclaimed
himself as a prophet, Muhammad destroyed 359 idols, saved one –
the Hajr-e-Aswad. Similar to the action of Ibrahim, isn’t it?
Now the divergence: Muhammad preserved the last idol,
even inaugurated it as the central of the Hajj pilgrimage, the
ultimate ritual of Islam, the religion founded by Muhammad! (Every
pilgrim must kiss Hajr-e-Aswad 2 , as a part of their Hajj pilgrimage!)
It is clear that the religion of Muhammad was merely a preservation
of the Jahilliyah-Arabic religion!
Please study Surah Quraisy(106) explaining how ‘The Lord
of this House’ (of Ka’bah), was adored by the polytheistic Quraisy;
readers with sound mind will understand what religion did Ka’bah
belong to, before Muhammad inaugurated it as the center for Hajj

One more time the writer take the risk of the anger of readers, but
the truth must be revealed… Hajr-e-Aswad are several pieces of
black stones (scientific terms: meteorite) framed in a silver shell
closely resembles (pardon me!) the female genitals. Kissing a
symbol of female genital, is actually what happened during the
hajj pilgrimage!
Still during the pilgrimage, on the other side of Ka’bah,
pilgrims perform ‘jumrah’, i.e. casting pebbles toward some
erect pillars. The pillars (originally only one, later on are added
with several similar ones) resemble the Jinn, believed as the
deceiver of men. The sharp-eyed anthropologist could see that
the pair of Hajr-e-Aswad and the original pillar is the remnants
of a Hindu temple, where there always exist Yoni and Lingga
(the symbol of female and male genitals, respectively). They
also stated that the Arab land was once under the government of
the Indian Kingdom, ca. 3 centuries before Muhammad was

Oh God, I am Deceived! 7
pilgrimage, the ultimate ritual of Islam (study also the picture of the
Black Stone on the back cover).

The other divergence in Muhammad’s teaching was about the

name of God; Ibrahim worshiped a god with no name, and this was
recorded in Az Zukhruf 43 (Sahih International Quraan):
26 And [mention, O Muhammad], when Abraham said
to his father and his people, "Indeed, I am disassociated
from that which you worship 27 Except for He who
created me; and indeed, He will guide me." 28 And he
made it a word remaining among his descendants that
they might return [to it].

The wording in Tauhid of Ibrahim said: “…He who created me…”,

without name. And Ibrahim made the Tauhid a heritage for his
If Ibrahim had mentioned ‘Yahweh’, while he surely made it
an heritage for his descendants, Moses and Muhammad must also
call ‘Yahweh’ as the name of the Almighty. In fact, Muhammad did
not use ‘Yahweh’!
If Ibrahim had mentioned ‘Allah’, and made it a heritage for
his descendants, Moses and Muhammad would surely call ‘Allah’
as the name of the Almighty. In fact, Moses did not use ‘Allah’!
Therefore whoever said (in Arab land): “I worship Allah” or (in
the land of Israel):”I worshiped Yahweh” have diverged themselves
from the Tauhid.

It is clear: Muhammad denied the

instruction of his deity that he
himself had spoken!

8 Oh God, I am Deceived!
The conclusion: the Arabic Jinn had deceived Muhammad!
{Note: Jesus, the Son of Man also called the Almighty
without a name; i.e. ‘Father’ or ‘Heavenly Father’. Hence, Jesus the
Son of Man (and his followers) did not depart from Tauhid}.


When Muhammad retreated by himself in Hira cave, he

encountered Jibril (whom was considered an archangel by the
Arabs). Then the following happened… Jibril instructed
Muhammad to recite: “Iqra!”… "I cannot recite," Muhammad
replied. Then Jibril took Muhammad and squeezed him vehemently
and then let go and repeated the order “Iqra!” Again Muhammad
replied: “I cannot recite.” Once again Jibril squeezed Muhammad
and till he was suffocated. Then Jibril said: “Iqra!” Still Muhammad
said “I cannot recite.” Jibril squeezed Muhammad for a third time
and then let him go…
At this point Muhammad had lost all power to resist (and lost
his mind as well). Therefore, rather than die of suffocation,
Muhammad made a total surrender (= ‘islam’) to the creature at
the Hira cave.
By Muhammad’s surrender, Jibril had the right to put his
words into the mind of Muhammad, words to recite. Unfortunately,
at that time Muhammad had not known the one true God, GOD
who respect The Human Rights (the freedom to choose and
decide) that GOD himself had bestowed unto human! GOD who
would never force human.
Muhammad never realized that his surrender had been
established to the wrong deity, the inhabitant of Hira Cave!

Oh God, I am Deceived! 9
The spiritual force in Hira Cave had terrorized and confused
Muhammad that he needed the confirmation from Siti Khadijah and
the priest Waraqah: whether the creature he had encountered was
truly an angel from heaven. After Waraqah’s confirmation, that
experience was considered by Muhammad as the first revelation
for the development of the Islam religion. The primary Surah that
was dictated was Al’Alaq (96) which stated: 14 Does he not
realize that Allah sees?
Jibril commanded Muhammad to recite those words!
Muhammad did not realize that this primary revelation became the
basic deceit in his faith! Why is that so?
Muhammad was the son of Abdullah (Abd-allah = slave of
Allah). Therefore, Abdullah had worshipped Allah before
Muhammad was born. Look that the words that Jibril injected to
Muhammad’s to recite was glorifying ‘Allah’, the name of the deity
of the ancestors of Muhammad, the tribe of Quraisy Jahiliyah!

However, at that time Muhammad had lost his sound mind (due to
the squeezing by the jinn). Therefore, Muhammad accordingly
became ‘islam’ (=surrender). However, Muhammad did not
realize that he had surrendered to a creature that was not from
Heaven, but to Allah or the Arab Jinn, the idol of Quraisy!

Khadijah and Waraqah did not realize it either, a digression that

Muhammad experienced. They even encouraged Muhammad to
continue his fellowship with the Jinn that inhabited the Hira cave!
The biography of Muhammad can easily be found by a Google
Search using ‘biography of prophet Muhammad’ as a keyword.
His encountered with the Jinn produced the teaching of
Islam-religion, which departed from the ‘islam’ faith of Ibrahim and
the other prophets (‘who surrendered to The Almighty One, The
Creator of man’). Along the way, the followers of Muhammad’s

10 Oh God, I am Deceived!
religion became ‘islam’ (surrender) also to the Arab jinn. The
followers of Muhammad were hoping…, kept on hoping for the
Straight Path and after 1500 years Allah had not shown it. They will
be hoping forever in vain, since Allah is merely the deity of the
Quraisy Jahilliyah!



The deception of Muhammad by Jibril, could always be balanced

by the proprietor of Heaven, The-God-with-no-Name, The All
Powerful, that has the right and able to infuse some heavenly truth
into the mind of Muhammad to be spoken out. The result was:
some verses in Quraan contain heavenly truth, which reveal how
Allah had used deception to reach his goal.
Please read Surah Al ’Imran(3):54 And they deceived and
God deceived, and God is the best of the deceivers.
For some ‘righteous’ Muslims, the above verse is difficult to
accept. Therefore, some Qur’an Interpreters prefer to adjust their
interpretations in accordance to their conscience that the Almighty
is a true God that would never perform deception, a skill belongs
solely to Satan and his followers. 3

tml: displays an analysis about Surah 3:54…
The passage Surah 3:54 is given below in Arabic.

Oh God, I am Deceived! 11
It is now clear the meaning of QS.3:54, without doubt: Allah repays
the deception of the infidel. Deception for deception. It is clear that
Allah is the master of deception!

Another verse will be noted here. Surah An Nisaa 4:157 recorded:

And because they said, "We have killed the Messiah, ‘Isa the son
of Maryam, the Messenger of Allah" they did not slay him nor did
they crucify him, but a look-alike was created for them; and those
who disagree concerning it are in doubt about it; they know nothing
of it, except the following of assumptions; and without doubt, they
did not kill him.

The writer found other verses in Quraan that shown Allah is the
best of deceivers. The writer intentionally did not include the whole
verses in this booklet, to prevent further change of Quraan
translation, which usually done to conceal the deception of Allah to

Notice Allah refers to himself as "Khayrul-Makereen" which

correctly translated means "Allah is the greatest of all
deceivers." This is verified by looking up the root letters (Meem,
Kaaf, and Rah) in an Arabic Dictionary such as Al-Mawrid:

It is now clear the meaning of QS.3:54, without doubt: Allah

repays the deception of the infidel. Deception gets repaid with
deception. It is clear that Allah is the master of deception!

12 Oh God, I am Deceived!
Muhammad’s story: Allah wanted to deliver ‘Isa from being
crucified by the Jews 4 . But strangely, Allah (whom Muhammad
believe as The Almighty) had to use deception in order to help ‘Isa
from being crucified by the Jews. Again, this verse had showed
that Allah never prohibits deception, while deception is the
technique of Satan!

It is obvious now that Allah is not The All Truth. This is in harmony
with the teaching of other Arabic religion such as ‘taqiya’ (“They
are infidel, therefore it is lawful, or halal to deceive them!”)

Clear enough, deception is a way of life from hell, which expand

to other methods: war – murder – looting, everything that were
supposedly prohibited by the All Truth, are permitted (halal) for
Muslims, with given examples by Muhammad. The shadows of this
wickedness are recorded in the verses of Quraan which permitted
Muslims to war on, loot, enslaved, and murder infidels! (Find and
read the Biography of Muhammad).

One other deception by Allah toward His own people was recorded
in the command of Allah that his people should not worship the
moon. Surah Fussilat(41):37 states: And among His signs are the
night and the day and the sun and the moon; do not prostrate to
the sun nor to the moon; and prostrate to Allah Who created them,
if Him it is that you serve.
Allah forbade to worship the moon, however, every Friday
prayer (shalat), the people of Allah prostrate under (the image) of
moon! The moon’s statue perches atop of the mosque, comes in

Muhammad stated that Jesus was not crucified! Witnesses who
were present in Jesus’ crucifixion clearly recorded otherwise (in
the New Testament). How could people believe the statement of
Muhammad, who lived 6 centuries after Jesus?

Oh God, I am Deceived! 13
pair with the text ‘Bismillah’ (In the name of Allah). Could this be a
sign that the crescent and Allah have an equal honor? It is
prohibited to place the image of moon below other structure, as
well with the word Bismillah that has to be fixed in the highest
place. Conclusion: Allah = Moon god!

Look again at a subtle deception in the recitation of Shahadah,

which said: “There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the prophet
of Allah.”
Couldn’t the readers feel that the other prophets before
Muhammad are unfairly treated? The Shahadah gives the
impression as if Muhammad is the only prophet of the Most High. If
Allah is truly the proprietor of Heaven, the All Truth and All Just,
definitely He would teach Muhammad a truthful Shahadah: “There
is no god but Allah; Muhammad is one of the prophets of Allah.”
Conversely, it can be assured that the readers could not be
considered legally a Muslim if the recitation of Shahadah is
pronounced that way. Possibly even, some Moslems would desire
to cutthroat the writer with the accusation of: ‘ruining the aqidah of
Islam that is already perfect.’ Whoa!

No wonder, Allah, the deceptive god, could not (or will not) show
the Straight Path to the people who had sincerely lifted up prayers
for 6100 times in a year! For 1500 years, Allah had deafened
himself toward the pleas of Muhammad’s followers.

Truthfully, there are many other deceptions can be researched in

the entire Quraan. However Allah’s followers had been deceived
(and bewitched) by the Arab jinn, started with Muhammad, who did
not realize all the errors! Under sorcery, most muslim will rejects
every sensible explanations.

14 Oh God, I am Deceived!

The sorcery power of the Arab jinn is truly mighty. Not just the
followers of the Arab religion that are under its spell, but also
Indonesian Christians (plus Christians from several other Middle
East nations) are bewitched that they consider Allah as The Most
High. They consider it legitimate to call the Almighty with ‘Allah’!

Readers who are Christians, think about this: Do you want to give
the name ‘Judas’ to your son?
Let alone giving your son the name Judas, even when your
son is nicknamed by somebody: “You, Judas!” you would probably
scold that impolite person.
Similarly, Jesus’ believers should never call The True God
with ‘Allah’ the personal-name of the great Deceiver! You are
already given the heavenly privilege to call The Almighty with
“Heavenly Father,” why should you degrade yourselves by calling

This is the history of how the name ‘Allah’ seeped into the
Indonesian Bible:

Circa 1640, a Dutch clergy, Lijdecker, was given order by the

VOC to translate Bijbel (of Dutch language) into the Malayan
language (at that time Indonesian language was not
established yet.) Just as he begun his work at Genesis 1:1,
which in English is written as: ”In the beginning, God created
heaven and earth.” Lijdecker already stumbled in the choice of
the word to transliterate ‘GOD’, Because at that time he could
not find a suitable transliteration, he sought a Malayan
resource person to help him. Lijdecker met Abdullah bin
Abdulkadir Munsyi, a well known Malayan writer. Inquired the

Oh God, I am Deceived! 15
correct transliteration of ‘God’, Abdullah spontaneously
exclaimed: “Allah!” Therefore, Allah became a reference to the
Creator in the Malayan Bible, which then adopted by the
Indonesian. Therefore the Indonesian Bible contained many
islamic terms such as ‘mesjid’ (mosque), ‘Isa’ (Jesus), ‘Jahja’
(John), ‘assalamualaikum’ (be blessed by Allah), etc. Many of
those terms had been discarded from the oncoming translation
by the Indonesian Bible Society, but ‘Allah’ had strongly
gripped the heart of many Christian leaders until this day. Even
worse, some of the Christian organization that has nation wide
influence had issued Shepherding Letter stating that the usage
of ‘Allah’ is valid for Christians. On the other hand, the
Malaysian authority had forbid Christians in using the term
‘Allah’! How powerful is the sorcery of the Arab Jinn that had
gripped the heart of Indonesian Christian leaders.

It is important for the followers of Jesus to revert back to worship

the True God, by calling: “Our-Father” or “Heavenly Father” 5 , as
taught by Jesus, the Savior of mankind. Whoever call upon ‘Allah’,
which had been proved a master of deception, will be dragged
away from the Straight Path (the way of Jesus, John 14:6), back to
the darkness of the Arabic Jahilliyah!

Followers of Jesus were taught to call upon the Almighty God
with ‘Heavenly Father’, for He is the Father of all spirit (Hebrew
12:9). Father of all spirit must be taken as biological statement,
but spiritually: every spirit comes out of God, the Father.
This was not understood by the followers of Quraan who
were not given a comprehension of spirit. QS Al Isra'(17):85
They ask thee concerning the Spirit (of inspiration). Say: "The
Spirit (cometh) by command of my Lord: of knowledge it is only
a little that is communicated to you (O men!)

16 Oh God, I am Deceived!

Who would not be disgusted after the realization of being deceived

by a personage whom they had worshipped for years? They obey
Allah and plead for a Straight Path, for days- months – years, only
to be disappointed at the day of death? This is the time for the
Readers who wish Heaven-without-deception 6 to observe the
True God, through the appearance of His righteous Messenger!

The concept of Heaven that was taught by Muhammad (Quraan)
filled with confusions… and deceptions. Heaven is a place to
satisfy the lust of the flesh, even justifies the thing that used to
be forbidden for Muslims on earth:
(a) Those who enter Heaven will given married to “beautiful
virgins”: QS.52:17 Verily, for those who fear Allah there
will be Gardens in Paradise, filled with Delight. 18
Enjoying in that which their Lord has bestowed on them,
and the fact that their Lord saved them from the torment of
the blazing Fire. 19 The Lord will say: ‘Eat and drink with
happiness because of what you used to do’. 20 They will
recline with ease on thrones arranged in ranks. And We
shall marry them to Houris with wide lovely eyes." (Read
also QS.37:48, 38:52)
(b) Those who enter Heaven are free to select the food they
want: meat, khamar (liquor), honey; while QS.2:219
stated that ‘khamar’ and gambling are sins! and We
succored them with fruit and meat that they desired (QS
(c) For the ‘mukmin’ (faithful) provided Paradise, even two
paradises; QS.55:46. But for him who [is the true believer
and keeps away from all kinds of sin and evil deeds] fears
the standing before his Lord, there will be two Gardens (i.e.
in Paradise) 47. So which of your Lord’s favors will you
deny? 48. Both with spreading branches…

Oh God, I am Deceived! 17
Luckily, in spite of how strong Jibril took a grip on
Muhammad’s mind and the content of Al Quraan, The Utmost
Truth was still able to insert several of His true teachings (since He
is the Most Powerful) into Al Quraan.
By the Most Righteous, He made Al Quraan to witness about
the True Personage, was sent by The Utmost Righteous, in Surah
Maryam 19:34: That is Isa, son of Maryam 7 , a statement of
truth, concerning which they are in doubt.

(d) Aside from the two Paradise, there are another two
Paradise: QS 55:62 And beside these, two mentioned
gardens, there will be two [other] gardens, in addition, for
those who feared the standing before their Lord. 63. So
which of the favors of your Lord would you deny? A total
of 4 Paradise? Wow!
(e) The heaven of Allah seems prepared solely to please
men’s desire, disregarding the rights of women!
QS. 55:70. In them, that is, in the two gardens and their
palaces and what they comprise, are maidens [who are]
good, in nature [and with], beautiful, faces. 71. So which of
the favors of your Lord would you deny? 72. Houris
(means beautiful maidens) secluded, concealed, in
pavilions, made of studded gems, annexed to the palaces,
like boudoirs. 73. So which of your Lord’s favors will you
deny? 74. Untouched by any man before them, before these
[soon-to-be] spouses of theirs, or jinn (jinn).
So many people have been struck by the deceptions of Arab Jinn,
having convinced that ‘Isa bin Maryam is different from Jesus
the son of Mary! The truth is:
(1) The mother’s name is the same;’
(2) Isa and Jesus was born without the seed of man (the only
person with that particular characteristic)
(3) ‘Isa brought injil (gospel), as well with Jesus, while there
is only one gospel;

18 Oh God, I am Deceived!
‘Isa the son of Maryam (in the bible: Jesus the son of Mary) was
affirmed as a person who always tell the truth. This testimony
echoed the statement of Jesus 6 centuries before [John 14:6]:
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one
comes to the Father except through Me.”
Jesus is the Truth, thus is the testimony of Al Quraan and the
confession of Jesus himself. Who would want to argue with Jesus,
The Truth?

Furthermore, the Quraan testifies in Az Zukhruf 63: And when

Jesus brought clear proofs, he said, "I have come to you with
wisdom and to make clear to you some of that over which you
differ, so fear Allah and obey me…”

Notice that the Quraan admits that Jesus brought the clear proofs
or evidences about the presence of the One, the Almighty; proofs
that Muhammad was not able to display throughout his life.
Notice also the command of Jesus through Muhammad is
clear: ”…obey me” was recorded in Al Quraan. Therefore, every
reader of Quraan is required to obey Jesus!
Therefore every person who wish to gain salvation and
eternal life must study the teaching and commandment of Jesus,
which already been written by Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. 8

(4) Hadith said ‘Isa will be the judge in the after life, in
accordance with Jesus’s own statement that He will be
the judge at the end time;
HOW THEN ‘Isa’ and Jesus are considered two separate
Matthew, Mark, etc. are not the Gospel, but merely recordings of
the Gospel, that is, the Gospel of Christ recorded by Matthew,
Mark, etc.. The Gospel is The Good News or Good Tidings

Oh God, I am Deceived! 19
Further they have to obey Jesus’ command purely/without
interpretations or adding anything else).

Considering that the Quraan recorded both the deception of

Allah and the heavenly truth, logically, those who wants to be
saved from hell, from the deception of Allah must study all of
the word of Jesus (Injil) which is recorded in the New Testament.
After learning the gospel, those who want to be delivered
from deception should obey every teaching of truth that
‘Isa/Jesus had spoken.

Look at the truth that was inserted by The Almighty into Al Quraan,
about Jesus, the prominent One on Earth and Heaven… QS.3:45
Mention, when the angels said, ‘O Maryam, Allah gives
you good tidings of a Word from Him, that is, a boy,
whose name is the Al Masih, Isa, son of Maryam, He
addresses her attributing him to her in order to point out
that she will give birth to him without a father, for, the
custom is to attribute the child to its father, honoured
shall he be in this world, through prophethood, and the
Hereafter, through [his] intercession and the high
stations [al-darajāt al-‘ulā, cf. Q. 20:75], and of those
brought close, to God.

which was brought down by Jesus from heaven. It was a

proclamation of the establishment of Kingdom of Heaven
(Quraan 57:2) on earth, proclaiming also that mankind can now
be easily set free from the slavery of the Satan, the Great Rebel
from Heaven who whishes to enslave human to do evil deeds.
Jesus performed the signs of the power from Heaven such as
casting out the devil, so that man can experience the freedom
and join the Kingdom of Heaven.

20 Oh God, I am Deceived!
This statement is in line with the word of Jesus, recorded in
Matt.28:18: And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All
authority has been given to Me in heaven and on

Clear enough that Jesus is honored on Earth and in Heaven; Jesus

even holds ‘All authority’. Therefore, since nobody ever seen the
Almighty, no alternatives are available than showing the utmost
respect and obedience to Jesus, The-Son-of-Man, the sole
representative of The Most High!
Furthermore, as He is the Most Prominent on Earth and in
Hereafter, Jesus is worthy to be an example in action for His
followers and they must become witnesses to the people who have
not known the true God.

Before obeying Jesus Christ, one must be well introduced with the
works and teaching of Jesus. The review below is very important to
prevent people from being (further) deceived by Satan Three
aspects of the review are:
1. What Jesus DID NOT TEACH (taught by the followers of
Jesus after His ascension to heaven, which became Christian
religion, which was not designed by Jesus);
2. What did Jesus DO (to show the evidence of the presence of
the True God to mankind);
3. What DID Jesus TEACH (in order to achieve His purpose in
this world);

We definitely need volumes of books to explain all of these to

the readers who thirst for truth; but for the group of readers who
thirst for the eternal salvation, the resume below is sufficient.

8.1. FIRST: What Jesus did not teach….

Oh God, I am Deceived! 21
The reason Jesus came to this earth was not to establish a
religion, something that most Christian are not aware of! However,
if one honestly studies all the words of Jesus, it will reveal that
Jesus did not teach any elements of religion, such as described

Regarding the Name of Deity; just as Ibrahim was, Jesus never

called upon a certain name to the Utmost High; calling ‘Father in
Heaven’ is enough.

Regarding the Holy Book; even though He is a good writer 9 ,

Jesus had never written any book because:
(1) There is nothing holy on Earth, except the hearts of men
that desire to be sanctified by The Almighty.
(2) The Holy Spirit, whom will be given to those who believe,
has the capacity to teach directly maters of Heaven;
(3) Jesus rely on ‘the-law-written-in-the-heart’, that is the
teaching to live righteous, which is ‘written’ and sealed by the
Holy Spirit into the heart of those who believe.
But the utmost reason, a reason beyond comprehension of most
religious Christian is this: As an incarnate of the King of Heaven
(Heavenly Father), Jesus did not want to degrade His position to
become merely a secretary! is enough for a King to issue a
command, then it is the job of the Secretary of the Kingdom to put
the command into a written one, and finally the King will seal it with
the seal on His ring!

John 8:6 This they said, tempting him, that they might have to
accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote
on the ground, as though he heard them not. 7 So when they
continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them,
He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
8 And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground.

22 Oh God, I am Deceived!
From now on, the writers of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark,
Luke and John) can be considered as the Secretaries to The
Kingdom of Heaven on Earth; Glory to the King.

Regarding Bai’at (admittance to become a disciple); Jesus

never applied circumcision, nor water baptism 10 , which merely
some physical treatments. Instead, Jesus apply the ‘circumcision
of the heart’, that is a heart renewed, a spiritual treatment. This
process is performed by the Holy Spirit throughout our life.
Followers of Jesus will invite The Holy Spirit into their hearts in
order that the believers may be led by the Spirit to pursue the
lifestyle worthy for Heaven. That is one basic message of the
Gospel of Jesus.

Regarding sacrifice; an important element of worship performed

during religious ceremony; Jesus did not require offering from His
disciples. As a King, Jesus knew that everything in a Kingdom
belongs to the King. What else do the disciples posses to offer to
the King?
For the subjects of the Kingdom, the only one thing left is:
our selves, to offer to the King as living sacrifices 11 (not to
become a burned offerings, but to be guided into eternal life or

Jesus never commanded us to have water baptism and never even
held one {John 4:2}; baptism is the way of John the Baptist to
admit his disciples. The way of Jesus is the Baptism of the Holy
Spirit {Matt.3:11}.
Romans 12:1: I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies
of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy,
acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.

Oh God, I am Deceived! 23
Regarding religious symbols, which is considered very important
for every religion, such as ☯ ; none of these came from
Jesus. The latter two symbols were defined by the followers of
Jesus (after He ascended to Heaven) to set their faith apart from
the Jewish religion at that time.
The true followers of Jesus do not need any religious
symbols, they carry the seal-indentation of the King in their hearts
instead, unseen by human, but clearly ‘visible’ to the rebels: Satan
and the devils!

Regarding House of Worship; Jesus had never order to build

temples nor houses of worship, for the believers themselves are
the true House of Worship if they already been sanctified. 12

The name of Deity, Holy Book, Bai’at, Sacrifice, House of

Worship and religious symbols were not taught by Jesus, since
Jesus came to the earth not to bring religion, but the teaching of
(the gospel) Kingdom of Heaven! 13
However, the second generation of the followers of Jesus
had less awareness regarding the meaning and the behavior of
‘discipleship’ 14 , that they had done things which were not instructed

I Cor.6:19: What? know ye not that your body is the temple of
the Holy Spirit which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye
are not your own?
In the New Testament, there are about 115 verses that stated
about the Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of God; in Al
Quraan, about 15 verses regarding the Kingdom of Heaven.
In the 1st century, the relation between Teacher (Rabbi) &
student (disciples) was exactly the same with the relation
between Master & Slave! A disciple would not dare to do things
that were not ordered by the Master. Disciples would rather obey
the Master than taking initiatives!

24 Oh God, I am Deceived!
by the Teacher (Jesus) who was no more with them on earth. They
lightheartedly formulated elements of religion in their group, that
later on became Christian religion, Catholic religion, and further
became hundreds of denominations.
Jesus never formulated Christian religion, it was Jesus’
followers, from the second generation and afterwards that did
formulate it, because they were not aware of the plan of Satan to
scatter Jesus’ followers 15 .

8.2. SECOND: What did Jesus perform

Religions proclaim the presence of The One, The Only Creator,

as well as The Most Powerful, The Most Merciful and The Most
However, there is no religion that support that claim with
evidence that could be observed directly with man ‘eyes’!
The Almighty, The One, is an individual that is invisible and
great, could not be comprehend by human mind, no matter how
intelligent the man is. There is no way human mind could grasp
‘the presence of The Creator’. Therefore, it must be His task to
introduce Himself to human being.
In order that human could get a correct picture of the
Almighty, He draw himself near to man. The One decided to
present Himself in the form of a man, so that it would not raise any
fear or panic, for He is The Most Merciful! {This is similar to the
case of dolphins, which could not recognize human as a noble
creature, therefore, it is the men who must humble themselves and

Matt.12:30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that
gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

Oh God, I am Deceived! 25
act like dolphins, get into the water where the dolphin lives so that
it could understand human!}

Therefore it is natural for the Almighty to act and present Himself

through facts that could be observed by human. That way, the
presence of the Almighty would not be just a theory.
It is therefore Heaven sent a Messenger, a Spirit that had to
appear as a human being, visible to the human eyes. That is why
the invisible Spirit needed human body to perform the mission, i.e.
Jesus, The Son of Man.

That Messenger will display the whole power and characteristic of

The One, in front of human eyes, such that human may truly
believe the existence of The One! This messenger is Jesus-the-
Son-of-Man (Quraan: ‘Isa bin Maryam’) whose birth was beyond
human nature:
a. His embryo was formed in Mary’s womb without the seed
of man, but born of the Spirit of God {Matt.1:20-21 16 ; Surah
Al Anbiya (21):91 17 .}
b. The birth of Jesus was proclaimed by the angels of
Heaven {Luke 2} and with the appearance of The bright star
[Matt 2].

Matt.1:20 But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel
of the LORD appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou
son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that
which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. (or Holy Spirit;
writer.) 21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call
his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.
Al Anbiya(21):91: And (remember) her who guarded her chastity:
We breathed into her of Our spirit, and We made her and her son
a sign for all peoples.

26 Oh God, I am Deceived!
c. The work of Jesus the messenger from 18 Heaven was to
display the Heavenly power that could not be imitated by
other people who claim themselves sent by Heaven, such as
described below.

8.2.1. Jesus Testified the Omnipotent God

Every religion and prophet could stand as witness that God is

All powerful. But these were only witnessing in a form of
statements, or a ‘dictum’, without showing any evidence!
It was different with Jesus. Bearing the duty to witness
the presence of God through the demonstration of unmatched
God’s powers, it is very logical that Jesus must bear those powers
Therefore in the records of the New Testament, Jesus
displayed all sort of God’s power in various events as follows:
(1) Jesus overcame the Biological Law, shown by His birth without
the seed of a man;
(2) He defied Medical Laws by healing various sickness;
(3) Jesus overcame worldly Law of Economy by feeding 5000-
persons on merely 5 loaves of bread 19
(4) Jesus overcame Nature’s power and the Law of Nature (wind
and wave were calmed, by walking on water, hence defying
the law of gravity);

Moses and Muhammad could claim that they were sent by
Heaven, hence they were merely human with augmented status.
But Jesus was a Messenger from Heaven, hence God’s Spirit
with diminished honor who appeared as a man.
Matt.16:9 Do ye not yet understand, neither remember the five
loaves of the five thousand, and how many baskets ye took up?

Oh God, I am Deceived! 27
(5) Jesus vanquished the power of men by ‘freezing’ them, unable
to lay their hands on Him, while actually they had readied
themselves to catch and punish him;
(6) Jesus conquered Satan the weakling. Satan, who once rebelled
against God, was cast out of Heaven and thrown to earth by
the archangel Michael; on earth, this Satan was conquered
again by Jesus-the-Son-of-Man.
(7) Jesus conquered death by raising dead men to life;
(8) Jesus broke the grip of (physical-) death by initially gave
Himself be crucified and to die on the cross, only to resurrect
by His own power! 20 The implication: believers may believe
that there will be a day of resurrection. Moreover, Jesus offers
everlasting life to the believers. The resurrection of Jesus in
His glorious body, (a facility for eternal life) teaches the
believers that the followers of Jesus would also have the
same experience.
(9) The ascension of Jesus to Heaven, i.e. to the invisible spiritual
realm, witnessed by dozens of His disciples, demonstrated
that Jesus was free from the physical realm bondage.

Points number (5) through to (9) had never and could never be
performed by any prophet or any other men; no person can match
the demonstrated power of Jesus!

Jesus had even given the heavenly authority to His disciples,

i.e. to perform miracles just like what He had done, under the

John 10:17 Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay
down my life, that I might take it again. 18 No man taketh it
from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it
down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment
have I received of my Father.

28 Oh God, I am Deceived!
guidance of the Holy Spirit, to the extent of conquering or casting
out demons or Satan that possesses human.

With the formation of religion (Christian), the capability to

perform supernatural works were also fading, almost to extinction

From Muhammad’s point of view, the testimonies which were

recorded in the Quraan, are in harmony with the abovementioned
’Isa’/Jesus was a sign from GOD to the people (QS 19:18-
22) 21 ;
‘Isa’/Jesus was a sign for the world (QS 21:91) 22 ;
‘Isa’/Jesus was a clear sign for Our (read: The Almighty)
power (QS 23:50) 23 .

Every testimony written in Al Quraan above do not put Jesus’

position as the Almighty, but however, it does not deny the fact that

QS.19:18. She said: "I seek refuge from thee to (Allah) Most
Gracious: (come not near) if thou dost fear Allah." 19. He said:
"Nay, I am only a messenger from thy Lord, (to announce) to
thee the gift of a holy son. 20. She said: "How shall I have a
son, seeing that no man has touched me, and I am not unchaste?"
21. He said: "So (it will be): Thy Lord saith, 'that is easy for Me:
and (We wish) to appoint him as a Sign unto men and a Mercy
from Us': It is a matter (so) decreed." 22. So she conceived him,
and she retired with him to a remote place.
QS.21:91. And (remember) her who guarded her chastity: We
breathed into her of Our spirit, and We made her and her son a
sign for all peoples.
QS.23:50. And We made the son of Mary and his mother as a
Sign: We gave them both shelter on high ground, affording rest
and security and furnished with springs.

Oh God, I am Deceived! 29
Jesus is the messenger from Heaven, fully supported by the
heavenly supernatural powers that put Him as the foremost
personality in Heaven and Earth. Therefore it is clear that Jesus
bear the full authority from Heaven.

8.2.2. Jesus Displayed God’s Utmost Loving-kindness

Religions or prophets could testify: “God is the Utmost

Forgiver.” But those were only oral testimonies, without any
observable actions as the evidence to support the ‘dictum’.
The Messenger from Heaven, Jesus Christ, carried out a
duty to display the loving-kindness of God by His actions on earth.
Through those observable exhibitions, men could then believe the
existence of the loving-kindness God.
(1) Jesus presented His authority to forgive sin in the case of
a woman caught in adultery, which according to the Law of
Moses she should be stoned to death {John ch.8} etc.
(2) Jesus was crucified, yet Jesus prayed to forgive those
who crucified Him.
(3) A testimony regarding an absolute forgiveness from sin,
(all at once as evidence that Jesus-God’s-Spirit was the
Ambassador with full authority, sent by The Almighty to earth)
He exhibited this authority toward the criminal crucified next to
Him. That criminal plead that Jesus remember him “when He
come into His Kingdom” {Luke 23:39-43), which was
responded by Jesus: “…Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt
thou be with me in paradise.”

8.2.3. Jesus Displayed God’s infinite Love:

30 Oh God, I am Deceived!
Religions and prophets could testify: “God is The Most Merciful.”
But these were only oral testimony, without any observable
actions as the evidence to support the claim.
The messenger of Heaven, Jesus Christ, carried out a duty
to presenting witness in a form of action regarding the love of
Heavenly Father to men, including to those who had oppressed
(1) A testimony regarding the glorious love of the Heavenly
Father; Jesus did not need to physically defend Himself
against the attack of man, even though it was easy for Him to
do that.
(2) Jesus was crucified; however He forgave everyone who
crucified Him. This event points out that the Father, the
Omnipotent (All Powerful), love the sinful man, always ready
to forgive those who are willing to humble themselves,
admitting their sin!
(3) A testimony regarding an eternal salvation which the
Heavenly Father had promised to those who believe the
messages of Jesus. Jesus was raised from the death putting
His glorious body, which was prepared for the eternal life!
(Human physical body was designed for just one hundred
years, not for eternity!)
(4) The resurrection of Jesus and His ascension back to
Heaven, which was witnessed and recorded by His followers.

8.2.4. Jesus Stated that God is One

Religions and prophets could testify: “God is The One.” But these
were only oral testimony, without any observable actions to
support the claim.

Oh God, I am Deceived! 31
The messenger from Heaven, Jesus Christ, carried out a
duty to present the Oneness of the father with Jesus:
(a) By exhibiting all the power and ability of The Almighty,
Jesus present Himself as the most prominent in Heaven
and earth;
(b) Afterwards, He taught people who want to believe, that He is
ONE with the Father in Heaven 24 In John 10:30, Jesus
spoke: “I and My Father are one.” With this statement, Jesus
is assuring His followers to be not afraid of accusation from
Satan as if Christians are polytheist! And Jesus, with all the
heavenly authorities on His shoulder is always ready to
defend His followers from Satan’s accusation.

On the other hand, apparently the Prophet Muhammad understood

this. Please compare his words in Hadith Shahih Muslim volume 1,
no 104, page 119:

Qola Rasulullahi sollallahu ‘alaihi wassalam: “Wallahi,

layanzilanabnu Maryama Hakaman ‘adila.” {The prophet
said: Verily, Isa ibn Maryam shall descend as an equitable
judge 25 and fair ruler.}
… w it h …

It is difficult to comprehend with human mind that Jesus-The-
Spirit (not the-son-of-Man) while on earth, is ONE with the
Father in Heaven. Human mind definitely are limited, therefore
faith, which is obedience to Jesus, contributes to enable us to
accept the teaching of Jesus, who always speaks the truth. This is
not merely religious teaching.
There are cases where people aggravated by Jinn, then stated ‘Isa
will descend on earth to kill pigs and destroy the cross. They did
not realize that killing and destroying are work of executor, not
of the Judge!

32 Oh God, I am Deceived!
QS 95:7-8, recited by Muhammad himself: 7. So what yet
causes you to deny the Recompense? 8 Is not Allah the
most just of judges?

At the Judgment Day, the Almighty is the most just of judges, while
the Hadith’s statement before that stated at the Last Day, ‘Isa shall
descend as an equitable judge and fair ruler’.
Does that means there will be two judges? There will be no
need for Final Judgment to have two judges!
The truth is, the word of Muhammad (in Hadith and in
Quraan) is in harmony with the word of Jesus: “I and the Father are
One!” Through His oneness with the Father, Jesus will judge
mankind! He will determine who will enter Heaven or hell.

It is clear now that the words of Muhammad underlined the

teaching of the One-ness of God taught by Jesus, the prominent
personality on earth and Heaven (who will dare to challenge
The statement in Az Zukhruf 43:61 is truly precise. And
indeed, Jesus will be [a sign for] knowledge of the Hour…

It is clear then, without the presence of Jesus on the earth,

GOD would still be an imaginary Deity only, beyond
comprehension of man’s understanding! Without the advent of
Jesus, mankind would never really know the All Truth!
That is what had happened with religions… in order to
reach GOD, every religious worship appears as if trying to reach
out to heaven, by burnt offering (the smoke rise up to the sky), by
crying out toward the sky, by lifting hands up, by building towers
looming up from the house of worship, etc. All of these stimulate
compassion in the heart of Jesus’ followers for them. This is one
reason why this booklet is distributed for free!

Oh God, I am Deceived! 33
8.3. THIRD: What Jesus Taught

Az Zukhruf 43:63 And when Isa brought clear proofs, he said, "I
have come to you with wisdom and to make clear to you some of
that over which you differ, so fear Allah and obey me.”

Jesus had received the authority to act on behalf of the Almighty.

And through His actions, Jesus showed the evidence to the
existence of the Father, the One. Conclusively, men have to admit
that the teachings of Jesus are all originated from the Heavenly
Father. This is in harmony with the statement in the Quraan that
‘Isa/Jesus was ‘kalimatullah’ (the Word of God).
The New Testament has also similar statement that Jesus is
the Word (John 1:1-3).
Therefore anybody who wants to reach Heaven has no other
choice except to follow the command of Jesus!

Furthermore, we should realize that Jesus did not want to establish

a religion, but to proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.
Logically, whoever wants to enter the eternal Heaven should live
according to the gospel of Jesus. They are called Ahlul Injili {QS
5:47}, or People of the Gospel, who are not necessarily Christians
or Churchgoers (Quraan: Nasharaa).
This group of people (ahlul injili) obeys the command in Az
Zukhruf 63 (quoted above); they are reverent to the One and obey
Jesus with all their heart.

Several of the most important commands of Jesus are

presented below…

34 Oh God, I am Deceived!
8.3.1 “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”... Leave
the darkness that is the works of the devils. Discard all the hellish
way of life: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, anger, variance, emulations, wrath,
strife, seditions, heresies, envies, conflict, war, murders,
drunkenness, reveling, etc.
On the other hand, to be worthy to join the Kingdom of
Heaven one must apply the heavenly way of life, i.e. loving the
neighbors, which includes: longsuffering, kind, lacking envy,
dauntlessness, think no evil, rejoice in truth, caring others, bear all
things, acts no evil, etc.

8.3.2 Jesus taught: Address The Almighty with ‘Father in

Jesus had not taught to call upon the One with the name ‘Yahweh’
neither ‘Allah’, nor with any other deity names from any nations on
earth! ‘Father in Heaven’ is a way to address God (not the name of
God) that is free from any type of religion!
Even Jesus taught the prayer “Our Father in Heaven…” as a
Statement of Faith of the People of the Gospel (will be explained in
the following section).

8.3.3 “Love the Almighty, love your neighbour…”

The Heavenly Father is the Infinite Love, and Jesus as His
messenger has given a clear example. Even those who tortured
and crucified Jesus were also granted forgiveness. LOVE is the
Heavenly way of life that should be applied on earth, which would
legalize someone to join Heaven!
There are no religions or Prophets that truly taught and
applied love. It is only Jesus who could apply it consistently.

Oh God, I am Deceived! 35
One thing that is part of Love is forgiveness to those who
hate the believers. Love to other people is the one that driven the
writer to write and circulate this booklet.
And in Love, there is no fear! The writer’s identity and
address has to be concealed, not out of fear, but out of love to the
Infinite Love, that the evangelism of the Kingdom of Heaven would
not be discontinued too soon by the attacks of religious people who
justify the spilling of blood!

8.3.4. Command: Receive the Authority of the Kingdom of

Heaven to cast out Jinn and Satan.
Quraan had also recorded the command of Jesus in Az Zukhruf
43:62 And never let Satan averted you. Indeed, he is to you a
clear enemy.
Do not ever let satan divert you from your path of life toward
the eternal Heaven! Satan is a real enemy for believers!
Unfortunately, Quraan does not teach any clear method of handling
the attack of Satan!
But Jesus had taught it six centuries before Muhammad. It
seems that Waraqah, the Christian clergy who managed the
marriage between Khadijah and Muhammad had never discussed
that matter with Muhammad.

The command of Jesus is very clear and logical: Utilize the

heavenly power over the devil; cast out the devil and jinn and
Satan from your life! Satan is a real enemy. They must be cast out
every day such that disabling the devil from injecting devilish
thoughts into your mind. Failure to block Satan’s interference will
give Satan the chance to drive you into hellish way of life. And
whoever embraces the hellish way of life will surely go to hell!

36 Oh God, I am Deceived!
If you cast out jinn and Satan from your life, then, you will be
able to do good deeds driven by compassion instead by duty.
Without it, do not expect that you could consistently apply the
heavenly way of life!
And, do not think that your good deeds will surely bring you
to Heaven, it is the initial obedience to the command of Jesus,
which is acceptance of the gospel of the Heavenly Kingdom, that
would generate compassion within your heart and enable you to do
good deeds.

8.3.5. The command of ‘Isa’/Jesus: Obey Me!

Az Zukhruf 43:63 And when Isa brought clear proofs, he said, "I
have come to you with wisdom and to make clear to you some of
that over which you differ, so fear Allah (read: The Almighty) and
obey me.”

This verse states the command to obey Jesus. Consequently,

every Quraan reader is required to obey Jesus also, because
Jesus had brought the clear proof (of the existence of The
Almighty) and also Jesus’ position as the sole Messenger from
Heaven. Obey Jesus, since Jesus has all the Heavenly authority
that man may comprehend.
Did Jesus undermine the authority of Allah (read: The
Almighty or The Father)? Not at all! Jesus had all the authority of
The Father on His shoulder and had exhibited it before men.
Therefore, the claim of Jesus (John 10:30): “I and the Father are
one,” may have a follow-on meaning “…that’s why I can perform
every task that only The Almighty could do!”

Oh God, I am Deceived! 37
Obey Jesus, for He will be the Judge at the end times, judging
each person whether he/she is worthy to join the Heaven or,
otherwise be cast into Hell!
But, wait, the Quraan stated about the Judge differently in
QS 95:7-8: 7. So what yet causes you to deny the Recompense? 8
Is not Allah the most just of judges? Allah (read: The Almighty)
must be the real Judge.

How to resolve these two statements that seem controversial?

Muhammad had the answer, when he recite (in Hadith) that
Jesus will come again to earth as the just judge. Deductively,
Muhammad must had admitted that Jesus and The Almighty are
one, in harmony with Jesus’ statement.
Consequently: obey Jesus, for He is not a Deceiver, instead,
a Person who wants the readers and the writer to join Heaven!

8.3.6. “Spread Christian religion the Gospel of the Kingdom of

Jesus did not command to spread the Christian religion, but the
Gospel of the Kingdom instead.
… This is the Good News from Heaven: The Almighty had
eased the way into Heaven, since He understood that every human
sin happened under the influence of Satan. No man can free
himself from Satan’s influence such that men keep on sinning.
The first thing The Almighty did was giving the forgiveness of
sin, i.e. the Royal amnesty for those who admit that they were
sinners and want to be free from Satan’s bondage.
Secondly, The Almighty provide every believer with (a
fraction of) the Spirit of the Father (the Holy Spirit) to dwell in their
hearts (just like what Jesus-Rohullah had experienced); the Holy
Spirit that will enable the believers to avoid sinning. Only under the

38 Oh God, I am Deceived!
guidance of the Holy Spirit can a man live in a heavenly lifestyle,
making him worthy for Heaven.
The command of Jesus is very clear: Do not just want to be
saved alone. Believers will love others and will invite them,
regardless of religion, to accept the Gospel of the Kingdom of
Whoever receives the Kingdom, they will fear nothing, even
death, knowing that death is a necessity for the believers as a gate
to Heaven!

Will you join the eternal Heaven?



The People of the Gospel (Quraan: Ahlul Injili in QS.5:47) are not
necessarily the people of Christian religion (Nasharaa). Ahlul Injiili
is not a new sect, but the true disciples of Jesus that already
existed since the first century.
The eleven faithful Apostles of Jesus, together with the first
generation of Jesus’ disciples were the first group of Ahlul Injiili,
they were not church-going Christian, but disciples in the truest
The People of the Gospel are those who consider Jesus as
their King to the fullest extent, such that they obey every command
of Jesus; they do not add external teaching to that of Jesus. So
obedient are they to Jesus that it is easy for Jesus to lead them to

Oh God, I am Deceived! 39
Their obedience made them easily receive the renewal of their
hearts, that they become a people who:
(1) as the subject of the Heavenly Kingdom, are clearing
themselves from practices that originated from Satan, the
great rebel (sometimes these practices seeped into religions
of Abrahamaic Faith);
(2) show loving kindness and mercy similar to what Jesus had
exhibited. Even the Quraan recorded such quality in QS
57:27: Then We sent to follow in their footsteps Our
messengers, and We sent to follow, Jesus son of Mary,
and We gave him the Gospel, and We placed in the hearts
of those who followed him kindness and mercy.
(The word ‘We’ points to The Almighty, since Jesus, in the
land of Israel had never used the term ‘Allah’, which came
from Arab, while the two nations lived in envious terms!)

Therefore, as an initial step to follow Jesus to Heaven, every

reader needs to proclaim his/her willingness according to the
Statement of Faith below:



Every human had been under Satan oppression such that we could
never live the Heavenly life style, because Satan wants us to be
under his governing power and embrace the life style of Hell,
assuring that we will join Satan in Hell.
Considering that Satan has great powers over men under his
dominion, it is clear that nobody is able to break loose from Satan’s
bondage. We need the power from Heaven to help us. That is why
every person that wishes to join the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth

40 Oh God, I am Deceived!
must initially show his/her intention by speaking the text below

I want to worship The One, Who created me, Whom

was introduced by Jesus Christ (Almasih);
I put my faith on the Gospel of the Kingdom of
Heaven which was spoken by Jesus;
I want to be set free from the domination of Satan
and plead to be received in the Kingdom of Heaven
even while still living on Earth.
I plead for the amnesty, i.e. the absolute forgiveness
of my sins in the past, such that Satan could accuse
me no more;
I plead that I may be granted the Holy Spirit to dwell
in my heart, so that I may receive guidance as well
as authority from the Kingdom of Heaven;
I also plead that Jesus, my King, will assign a
guardian angel, that no Jinn nor Satan will be able to
whisper evil things into my heart.
May I be guided in my behavior that I may live in
accordance to the Heavenly life style, making me
worthy to join the eternal Heaven later; AMEN.


In the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, every subject must have

guidelines to life in accordance to the King. Jesus had given the
guideline in the form of statements that later was called the Lord’s
The statement was recorded in Matt 6:9-13, which, in this
book is modified to ease the understanding):

Oh God, I am Deceived! 41
O, Heavenly Father, we hallow Your name,
We invite the Kingdom of Heaven to operate within our
We let the will of the Father be done on earth as it is in
Our Heavenly Father used to provide us our daily bread;
Our Heavenly Father do forgive our trespasses as we
forgave those who trespassed against us
Our Heavenly Father never led us into temptation, but
deliver us from the evil one.
For the Kingdom of Heaven and the Power and the Glory
are Yours, Father, from now and forever; AMEN.

This (daily) statement of faith will be implemented for the rest of our
lives. The above statement is not the ‘syahadah’ of a religion,
because the ‘syahadah’ of the Christian religion is different. 26


The People of the Gospel are trained by The One, to embrace the
Heavenly way of life while on earth, hence showing their
seriousness in preparing themselves for the eternal life in Heaven.

The Christian religion’s ‘syahadah’ among others, sounds: “I
believe in one God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and
earth, and of all things visible and invisible; And in one Lord
Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God… etc.” The
‘syahadah’ of the Christian religion was not formulated by Jesus,
nor by the Apostles of Jesus, but was formulated through the
convention of Christian leaders in the Fourth Century in Nicene.

42 Oh God, I am Deceived!
Therefore, the people of the gospel will live as ordinary
citizens, but still under the strict guidance of the Holy Spirit whom
was given from Heaven. The guidance of the Holy Spirit is the
driving force that enables the People of the Gospel to show
behavior that reflects the Heavenly way of life. They do not live the
hellish character, such as adulterous, murderer, bruiser, robber or
thief, corruptor and so on.
The People of the Gospel will radiate peace-loving attitude,
becoming a blessings in the society. In short, the people of the
gospel are trained by the Holy Spirit to get along in proper terms
(a) Father in Heaven: their daily behavior glorifies the Father;
they do not waste their times with religious ceremonies that
often mixed with evil attitude that would grieve the Father, the
King of Heaven.
(b) The angels of Heaven, who guard these people, taking care
that they should try to give command to the angels. Angels
will accept orders only from the King of Heaven. If needed
(e.g. in emergency situations), men could plead to the Father
so that the Father may order the angels of Heaven to guard.
(c) Satan and his party; The People of the Gospel will daily cast
them out (let alone Satan, even mosquitoes we used to
exterminate them every day to safeguard us from any
disease). They realize that the devil will influence people to do
evil deeds (such that Satan’s subordinate). Therefore, every
morning (and in every critical times) the People of the Gospel
will cast out the dark angels so that they would not be
(d) Fellow human being must be treated with mercy, even those
who cause losses! Be merciful to those who would perish
because of lacking a relationship with the Most Truth.

Oh God, I am Deceived! 43
Therefore, the People of the Gospel will exert their efforts to
lead others to receive salvation!



This chapter would present a collection of prayer samples of the

People of the Gospel, starting from the beginning of their
repentance until the day they pass away! These samples are not
to be memorized then becoming mantra or chants, for the One
desires an intimate relationship with His people, using their own
language and conversations! Mantra and chants are from the devil,
which will destroy human spirit!

1. Accepting The One as my King…

(… and Almasih ‘Isa’/Jesus as the Judge and the only Savior.)
The people of the gospel, whose life journey do not oriented to any
place in the world but Heaven, would concentrate in worship and
self-submission to the owner of Heaven, that created man and a
King who should be obeyed fully.
Confession to the King has to be in a form of oath, which
should be spoken in a form of prayer to Him:
I worship the King of Heaven, the One, the Almighty,
Without name, Who created me. I worship you, O GOD, Who
sent a part of Your Spirit to the earth, appeared in the form of
a man, Jesus the son of Mary.
I want to join the Kingdom of Heaven, and break loose
from the devil’s dominion that bound me in my past.
Therefore, I plead for forgiveness to the One, The Most
Merciful, for all my sins in the past while pleading for Isa or

44 Oh God, I am Deceived!
Jesus, the Judge-in-the-End-of-Day, to set me free from
eternal judgment.
I implore to be freed from the devil’s shackles, in a form
of covenants and/or alliance with the devil in the past, which
had formed with or without my knowing. I reject and revoke all
the merits obtained from the devil in my life; instead, I would
only accept blessings from the King of Heaven.
By relying on the power of Heaven contained in the
name of Jesus, I revoke all the alliance with the devil in the
past. I would never acknowledge the merits of the devil that I
possibly had received. I cast out all the angels of Satan that
once controlled my life and I request the Father to assign the
angels of Heaven to safeguard me always.
I only acknowledge the covenant with the One, and I
submit myself to Him only; I invite the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of
God, to reign in my heart, to control every aspect of my life. I
will enter into the heavenly glory while showing other people
the way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven as well; AMEN.

{This prayer should be prayed once, as a request for admission

into the Kingdom; it could be repeated every time one is not feeling
steady or a decline in their faith}.

The Result Of Accepting ‘Isa’/Jesus As your Savior

Satan and his angels, who had been driven out from the lives of
the People of the Gospel will surely detach out their power that was
attached before, giving such as health, prosperity, and even social
standing. The King of Heaven, at the right time would replace those
devilish supports with His power, so that they may withstand all the

Oh God, I am Deceived! 45
attacks of devil in the future, hence showing out the spiritual
courage of the People of the Gospel.

Besides, Jesus had provided the way to overcome the attacks of

devil, relying on the power in Jesus’ name. Mark 16:17 recorded:
And these signs will follow those who believe: In
My name they will cast out demons…
The truth of this word has been proven by the disciples of
Jesus in the 1st century until the 21st century nowadays. They (and
the People of the Gospel in the present day) cast out devils that
possess human by relying on the power of the name Jesus (in
short: “In the name of Jesus…”)

Quraan also stated that Isa/Jesus is the sign of the power of

GOD in the world. It is written in Surah Al Anbya 21:91 (part of it):
…And We made her (Maryama) and her son a sign
(the power of GOD) for all the worlds, that is, [for]
Great is the power of the Almighty; it covers the entire
realms, therefore the sign of His power (in the form of a seal) bring
His power throughout the universe. The power of The Almighty had
been displayed by Jesus in every aspect of human life, as already
listed before.
Concerning Satan and his angels, once the seal of Jesus
(the name of Jesus) is shown, Syaitan and jinn in the whole
universe would averse, even fearful to further aggravate the People
of the Gospel!
In His life on earth, as a Messenger from Heaven, Jesus
repeatedly performed the sign of the power of GOD, by casting out
demons and all the demons fearfully obeyed Him. These were
recorded many times in the gospel according to Matthew, Mark,
and so on.

46 Oh God, I am Deceived!
This sign of the power of GOD is displayed in the name of
Jesus, since all the devil know Who is in control whenever the
name of Jesus is spoken by a worthy believer. In various situation,
the believers become ‘the extension of the hands of’ the King of
That is why, “Ahlul Injili’ or the People of the Gospel are
granted the right to perform ‘the sign of the power of GOD’ (similar
to the badge of the armed forces) to cast out the devil. Satan
recognizes very well this ‘badge’, similar to the criminal who clearly
recognizes the badge of the Police Detective who wants to confine
It is common for ‘Ahlul Injili’ in the 21st century to cast out
devils that possess human, just like the way Jesus did in the past!
They only need to state “In the name of Jesus Christ, be gone

Therefore, the book of prayers of The People of the Gospel also

gives direction how The People of the Gospel deal with Satan, the
rebel from Heaven.

2. Renouncing the Involvement With the Devil In The Past

This is the most important chapter in the life of the people of faith,
just like what is written in Hadith Shahih Bukhari Chapter 63, Book
of the Beginning of Creation 3112. It is related that Abu Hurayra
said that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
said, "Shaytan pokes every child of Adam in his sides with his
fingers when he is born, except for 'Isa ibn Maryam. He went to
poke, but poked the placenta."
The New Testament recorded something similar (in Romans
3:23) …for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…
Therefore, the prayer as follows is very important to be
spoken in a sincere faith:

Oh God, I am Deceived! 47
I call out to the King of Heaven, the One, pleading to be
freed from the shackles of devil, which were applied when I
had involvement with the Devil since the time I was in my
mother’s womb and also when I made alliance with the devil
in the past. I plead for forgiveness by the King of Heaven for
my carelessness in the past; pleading to be cleansed from
sins and all filthiness.
I now revoke every alliance with the devil and the devil’s
servants in the past, so that my alliance stands only with the
King of Heaven and purely with Him.
In the name of Jesus, the ruler of Heaven and earth, I
cast out every angel of darkness whom have been controlling
and influencing my behavior in the past, I want to live freely
from any influence of Satan and all his dark angels.
Every defiling spirit that had seeped into my soul in the
past l now vanquish by the power of Jesus, such that only
good spirits from God will stay, resulting in holy living which
glorifies the King of Heaven. AMEN.

(This prayer should be offered once for every alliance with the
Devil in the past, one prayer for one known alliance. This can be
repeated once or twice when there is still feeling of unstableness in

3. Canceling Out Merits gained from the Devil in the Past

This prayer should be spoken for every merit gained from the devil
or his servant in the past. If there should be any new alliance,
whether intentionally or not, speak out this prayer for the recent

48 Oh God, I am Deceived!
I call out to the King of Heaven, the One, pleading to be
freed from the shackles of devil, which were applied when I
had involvement with the Devil and when I receive any merits
from the devil, from shamanism, astrology or fortune telling or
any support from magical power of the devil in the past.
I plead for forgiveness by the King of Heaven for my
carelessness in the past; pleading to be cleansed from all
shame and uncleanness.
I declare to cancel out every alliance with the devil and
the devil’s servants in the past, in the name of Jesus my
savior. I cancel out every merit from the devil, such that it is
no longer valid. I would only accept purely blessings from the
King of Heaven only.
In the name of Jesus, the ruler of Heaven and earth, I
cast out every angel of darkness whom have been giving
merits in the past. Every sorcery of the devil should be
vanquished. I want to live freely from any influence of satan
and all their dark angels.
Every defiling spirit that ever been inserted by the devil in
my life shall be destroyed by the power of Jesus, such that
only good spirits from God could fill me, with the result of holy
living and glorifying the King of Heaven. AMEN.

4. Prayer for the Forgiveness of Sin

This prayer should be spoken every time you fall into sinning.
Never delay to ask for forgiveness so that the relationship with the
King of Heaven stays intact.

I worship the King of Heaven, The One, Who created

me. I admit that I have just committed a sin, O my King. I
plead for your forgiveness for my sin (specify the sin), I plead

Oh God, I am Deceived! 49
to be cleansed again by the love of Jesus, the messenger of
the King of Heaven.
In the name of Jesus, I remove all the filthy spirits that
arouse sinfulness, all must be vanquished, that I may live holy
life in the future.
I invite the Holy Spirit from Heaven to control me, that I
can stay away from sins; AMEN.

5. Prayer in The Morning (Arising from Sleep)

O God, the Most High, My Creator and King;

I give thanks for the new day; for Your blessings unto
me. I thank you, my King for the restful night that I had
enjoyed, I give thanks for the health that you have maintained.
I am giving thanks for every blessing that God has prepared
for me all day.
Please assign the angels of Heaven to guard me and my
whole family and in the name of Jesus, my Savior, I cast out
every angel of darkness who are about to disturb our lives for
this day, including any angels of Devil of foreign belief and
every territorial spirit, all have to be cast out from the
environment of my life.
I plead that God may grant wisdom and guidance all day
so that I may be fruitful in my works and may even glorify my
King. I also plead the Holy Spirit to give awareness of any
temptation of the devil, that I may cast those devil out, who
are trying to destruct my character.
Thank you, My King, for your care all through the day; I
want this day to be a glorifying day for my King and savior,

50 Oh God, I am Deceived!
6. Prayer as a Preparation before Reading the Bible and
(any) book

Reading Bible or any books may grind our faith, because there
may be devilish messages that are inserted or injected by the devil
into our mind while reading! Similar prayer should be offer before
accepting any form of input such as movie theater, TV programs,
music and so on.

O God, My King, I want to read this Bible (book) as to

enrich my work and my life. I plead for the guidance of God’s
Spirit while reading and/or contemplating.
In the name of Jesus, my Savior, I cast out every devil
that tried to disturb my reading. Instead, I invite the Holy Spirit
to insert Heavenly truth into my heart.
Any false ideas and understandings from my past should
be removed, that I may enter deeper into the truth of Jesus.
In the name of Jesus, my savior, I pray; AMEN.

7. Prayer Before Meal

Everything that enters our body could bring poisons or destruction

into the body or bring the devil’s power that could destruct the
spirit, and then body. Therefore, it should be cleansed before

O God, my King, I thank you for the meal that I may

consumed. I plead for Your blessings unto this food.
In the Name of Jesus, I ask that Jesus’ power be poured
into this food that may further work in my body, to cleanse
every filthy spirit and any element that could harm my health,

Oh God, I am Deceived! 51
spiritually or physically. The power of God Almighty, will bless
me, thank you, God; AMEN.

8. Prayer to Get Set for Work

Every worker expects a satisfactory result in their work and want

that the work can be done free of any accident or damage.
Therefore, we should offer a prayer even before working.

I plead to the One, whom I knew through Jesus; I ask for

your help during work. Please guide me with God’s wisdom
and may the angels of Heaven protect me during the course
of work so that everything can be done safely and the result of
this work may be beneficial for my life as well as a testimony
of God’s blessings in my life. In the name of Jesus my savior I
pray, AMEN.

9. Prayer to start a Small Activity

Before travel, drinking or even eating snacks or when entering

someone’s house who we are not familiar with, walking in a
situation that seems dangerous (at any degree), while driving,
starting conversation in the office or with a stranger (you may say
the prayer by heart).

Relying on the power of The One, in the name of Jesus;

I am going to do this activity. AMEN.

10. Prayer Before Heading to Bed

52 Oh God, I am Deceived!
Worldly people used to cleanse their physical body before heading
to bed at night; the People of the Gospel, whom orienting
themselves to Heaven (citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven) willould
cleanse their spiritual body…

O God, King of Heaven, my Savior;

I thank you for all the activities that has been done all
day; thank you for your guidance; as well for the angels who
had guard me and my family. I plead that the angels may
keep protecting us all through the night.
Oh My King, I ask for your forgiveness for the
transgressions that I had done*) through all the day, please
cleanse my spirit again with Your Mercy.
In the name of Jesus, all the angels of darkness that are
trying to disturb our rest be cast out; may God grant us a
restful night that we may wake up tomorrow morning, enjoying
the new day provided by God, filled with praises to King
Jesus, my savior, AMEN.

*) It is best to spend several minutes to contemplate our

trespasses one by one all through the day, if needed, ask for
forgiveness so that our Spirit may be truly cleansed while heading
to rest.

11. Prayer To Secure the Environment

The people of the gospel or travelers to Heaven definitely want

their course of life to proceed securely. Luckily, Heaven has
provided guards (the angels of Heaven) to secure our environment.

Oh God, I am Deceived! 53
Hebrew 1:13-14 reads: But to which of the angels has He
ever said: “ Sit at My right hand, Till I make Your enemies Your
footstool”? 14 Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to
minister for those who will inherit salvation?

The Quraan in Surah Fussilat (41):30-31 recorded about the

protection of angels from Heaven to those who are truly fear The
One, the King of all angels: Truly those who say, ‘Our Lord is God!’
and then remain upright, [adhering] to the affirmation of [God’s]
Oneness and to whatever else has been enjoined on them, the
angels descend upon them, at the point of death, [saying to them],
‘Do not fear, death and what will come after it, nor grieve, for any
family or children that you have left behind, for we will look after
them after you, and rejoice in the good tidings of the paradise
which you were promised. 31 We are your friends in the life of this
world, that is, we will look after you in it, and in the Hereafter, in
other words, we will be alongside you thereat until you enter
Paradise; and therein you will have whatever your souls desire,
and therein you will have whatever you request.

On the other hand, Heaven desires that the children of the

Kingdom grow into maturity, including learning to rule over their
environment from the spiritual realm. Therefore, the children of the
Kingdom should diligently invite the angels from Heaven to secure
the environment, including their working environment. Securing the
territory becomes a habit for travelers to Heaven, and it is for their
own benefit; here is the prayer:

O King of Heaven,
I desire to work without disruption; therefore, I invite the
angels of Heaven to keep the peace in the environment or the

54 Oh God, I am Deceived!
workplace. Every plan of the devil who is trying to disrupt my
work should be removed.
In the name of Jesus, I cast out all the angels of
darkness who want to disrupt the situation and try to pester
my work. Be gone, there should be none that could disturb the
peace in the working environment. AMEN.

This prayer should be spoken at least once a day and could be

repeated when there is a ‘hunch’ that ordered us to secure the
environment from time to time.

12. Prayer In A Time of Danger

Depending on the situation, there are short prayers due to the
emergency situation, there are longer prayers, depending on the
available time to pray…

In a grave emergency situation: “I am secured by the power of


Short prayer: ”In the name of Jesus, I plead for the protection of
the angels from Heaven. Under their protection, I get through the
danger safely, Amen.”

Long prayer: O Lord Jesus, my King, You know exactly the

dangerous situation I am facing now. Behold the danger…(explains
a little bit to God).. that threatens me. Unto You, O Lord, I request
protection. In the name of Jesus, I invite the angels from Heaven to
safeguard me; may the power of Jesus enclosed me and in the
name of Jesus be cast out all Satanic angels that are threatening
me. Please O King, grant me Your comfort, may the peace of God
filled my heart during this time of danger; AMEN.

Oh God, I am Deceived! 55
13. Prayer In Sickness
This may be spoken several times a day during the time of illness.

O God The One, my King Jesus,

You already know the ailment I am suffering with. I want
my King to handle this. I plead for guidance if this sickness
caused by my own wrongdoings*), I plead for forgiveness for
my sins in the past.
I invite the healing power of Jesus to work in my body,
removing all filthy spirit and any devilish power that is
probably the source of my health problem. Any ill-power that
causes this ailment must be vanquished by the power of
I implore for your guidance, Lord, whether I should go for
medical care. It must under Your guidance, O God so that I
would not be handled by unclean hands, which could possibly
worsen my condition.
In the name of Jesus, my Savior I pray; AMEN.

*) Please take time to contemplate the wrongdoings that you may

have done whether toward others, to God and even to yourself!
Promise that any wrongdoings toward others will be taken care at
due time; wrongdoings to ourselves and God should be dealt
before God!

14. Prayer While We Are Under Someone’s Care

One basic principle must be maintained by the People of the
Gospel, travelers to Heaven: Never let your body to be cared for by
people who lacks the standard holiness of God, especially for an

56 Oh God, I am Deceived!
unholy purpose (such as massage, facial, nail or hair care. Every
activity where we entrusted our body to be ‘touched’ by other
people from different faith from us may cause spiritual harm.
However, if our ailing body really need the care from others
(doctors, nurses, etc.) we should safeguard ourselves from the
works of the devil through the hands of medical persons that may
worsen the problem…

Lord Jesus, my King,

I am going to be treated by some nurses and doctors… I
plead for the power of Heaven to cover me and any evil deeds
of the devil should be removed. My Body is the Temple of
God’s Spirit, be gone all filthy spirits that desire to destruct my
I plead that You may cleanse all the health-care
personnel, O God; I plead for Your blessings to them, as well
as wisdom, that they may treat my body correctly, according
to God’s plan. AMEN.

Note: I Corinthians 6:19-20:

Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy
Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are
not your own? 20 For you were bought at a price; therefore
glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.

15. Prayer for A Sick Friend (Check the points 12 & 13),
The People of the Gospel care for others who are facing struggles
of life. Therefore, when a friend or family member are having health
problem, you need to pray for their health and welfare, whether in
their presence or not. The power of prayer is not constrained by
space or distance…

Oh God, I am Deceived! 57
Our God, The Merciful,
You already knew the health problem experienced by
this friend/relatives of mine; You know exactly the cause of
his/her ailment. If the sickness is caused by his/her own
wrongdoing, I pray for forgiveness on behalf of him/her.
I plead, O God that the power of Jesus may cover
him/her and the angels of Heaven may guard Him fully. In the
name of Jesus Christ, all attacks of the devil toward him/her
shall be vanquished by the heavenly power.
I also pray for the healing power of Jesus Christ will heal
him/her. I invite the Holy Spirit to work in his/her heart,
reminding him/her if there are sins or wrongdoings that need
to be dealt with before You, God or with others.
May the peace of Heaven fill his/her heart; AMEN.

This prayer should not just spoken once, but has to be repeated
every day. If it is possible until the patient is fully healed (or when
his/her life ended).

16. Prayer For Friends Who Are Struggling or Having


O God, the Merciful,

You know the struggles that are experienced by this
friend/relative of mine (name). You know exactly the cause of
their struggles. If the cause of the struggle was his/her own
sins or wrongdoings, I now plead for forgiveness on behalf of
I plead O God that the power of Heaven may cover them
and may the angels of Heaven guard them closely. In the

58 Oh God, I am Deceived!
name of Jesus Christ, any attacks of the devil toward him/her
shall be vanquished by the power from Heaven.
I plead that the power of Jesus Christ will support
him/her so that he/she may overcome the struggles while
maintaining his/her faith from deteriorating. With Jesus, they
may overcome their problems.
On his/her behalf, I also invite the Holy Spirit to work in
his/her heart, reminding them if there are sins or wrongdoings
that need to be dealt with in front of God and man.
May the peace from Heaven fills him/her; AMEN.

This prayer for struggling friends should not just pray once, but has
to be repeated every day. If it is possible until the struggles have

17. Prayer for Others Who Needs Salvation

This form of prayer could possibly be needed to be spoken for the

longest period of time. This should be lifted up every day, until the
particular person gains salvation from Jesus.

I shout unto The Almighty in Jesus name,

I have a burden, my King for a friend named …………,
that needs salvation of Jesus. May God have Mercy unto this
person. On behalf of him/her I plead for forgiveness of the
sins that he/she committed in the past and may he/she be
cleansed from all kinds of filthy spirits that enticed him/her to
sin, so that he/she may be able to live in holiness.
I plead that this brother/sister may be set free from any
form of curse that fall unto him/her originated from his/her
ancestors’ sins or due to their own transgressions. In the

Oh God, I am Deceived! 59
name of Jesus, any bondage and influence of the devil unto
this person must be destroyed, that he may be set free to
seek salvation from Heaven…
I plead as well that he/she may be guarded by the
angels of Heaven for the rest of his/her life; any angel of
darkness from any sources should be vanquished from
his/her life.
I also plead that the Holy Spirit may speak in his/her
heart, even give a spiritual experience with Jesus that he/she
may know Jesus, to the extent of accepting Jesus as his/her
personal Savior.
Thank you Lord, for your works of salvation that he/she
may receive in the future; AMEN.

18. Prayer to Deliver a Baby to God’s Protection

The People of the Gospel believe that every human have been
influenced by the devil some times in their life. Hadith Shahih
Bukhari, Chapter 63, Book of the Beginning Creation #3112 had
that record (quoted before).

The People of the Gospel put their faith that the Almighty is all
powerful, that through Jesus’ work against Satan may re-sanctified
a baby that has been ‘poked’ by the devil.
Meanwhile, the parents of the newborn have their right to
reclaim the baby for God, that it may be sanctified and protected.
Parents have the right to surrender the baby to God; not to the
other side, noting that for the years to come the parents must take
the responsibility to raise the child.
Both parents or either one of them (as long as they are in
agreement) need to pray as follows:

60 Oh God, I am Deceived!
O God, The Almighty, You have granted us this baby to
be our “inheritance”; therefore we are thankful for the blessing
of having an offspring.
Therefore, to the Almighty we entrusted this baby that
You may sanctify him/her O God, and may Your protection be
upon him/her from any attacks of the devils or jins.
With the power of Jesus I break the claims of Satan or
foreign gods over this baby. They have the right no more over
this baby, because we are now delivering this baby into God’s
We also lift up our plea, O God, that this baby should
be set free from any curses that were caused by his/her
ancestors, but let this baby receives heavenly grace and
mercy for the rest of his/her life. We also have faith that The
Almighty will provide the need of this child, that we may raise
him/her in righteously according to Our Savior’s will.
We pray that this child may be under the protection of
the Heavenly angels for the rest of his/her life, that he/she will
always be Yours, be saved by the Savior, Jesus Christ.
The religious procession for this baby that would be held
afterwards, let it happen only as the fulfilling religious
regulation, without deteriorating the power of our prayer;

(1) That prayer is sufficient to sanctify the baby in the presence
of The Almighty and in the presence of Satan. Religious
ceremony is not necessarily spiritually, except for institutional
requirements (maybe as a prerequisite for obtaining
documents which would be needed later on such as for

Oh God, I am Deceived! 61
(2) In a situation where the baby was born orphan or found by
someone, this prayer may be lifted up by a trusted elderly
man (Elder) for the benefit of the baby who has not yet
committed any sin.

19. Prayer (Pledge) on A Wedding

Man and woman, came from the same belief (according to the
People of the Gospel’s formulation), they are the couple worth
living together in marriage. Young People of the Gospel should
seriously prepare themselves for their marriage not merely out of
strong urge of love, but also in the intention to fulfill God’s will. This
point of view should be maintained to sustain a lasting marriage.
Obviously those young people in particular must have been trained
to understand GOD’S will before they enter the holy matrimony.
The People of the Gospel marriage oath must be cited from
the pureness of their heart, the purity which has been carried out
since the beginning, or obtained from premarital counseling by a
trusted Deacon (someone who is free from any involvement with
the devil). One of the bride or groom’s parents may serve as an
Elder, when the couple have decided and deemed that he/she is
worthy to carry the task as an Elder.
With the citation of the Pledge of Marriage, the couple is
officially husband and wife in the point of view of God and the devil;
from that point on, the devil has no right to accuse of adultery.
The proceeding part of the Wedding, if it is considered
necessary, may be held by the religious institution approved by the
bride and groom in order to fulfill the mandatory law of the
government and religion.
The pledge below should be declared together by the couple
in one accord, by repeating each sentence that would be read by
the trusted Elder:

62 Oh God, I am Deceived!
We both come before You, our God, Who created us;
Merciful and Kind, I now accept the person beside me to
uphold this Wedding Pledge as my partner in life.
Before The merciful GOD and in front of the devil that
always tread on heels and lurk my life, I announce that I am
not bound promise with anyone else. Only with this person on
my side, I am willing to live in marriage, ordained by the One
we worship.
I am willing that the Heavenly affection lead our married
life and with the power of Jesus I cast out any involvement of
the devil or foreign gods in our married life.
By God, I will be faithful to God who had united us in the
Holy matrimony which God had established since the first
couple created by God. In my faith to GOD, I will be faithful to
my spouse, in good times and in bad, in peace and during
struggles, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health,
till death do us part!
The religious procession would be carried out only to
follow the law of the government and for the fulfillment of
documentation requirement for the family in the future. There
is no right for the devil to be involved in the wedding
ceremony; the devil has no right to accuse of having any
contribution in officiating of our marriage.
By God the Merciful, in the name of Jesus, I declare this
pledge; AMEN.

THE PLEDGE SHALL BE ENDED by a prayer by the Elder, saying:

By God Almighty, in the name of Jesus Christ His
Messenger, and with all the Heaven’s authority which now I hold, I
pronounce the couple before me as husband and wife.

Oh God, I am Deceived! 63
I declare that the devil has no right to be involved in their life
together, be gone Satan from their life. By the power of God, in the
name of Jesus Christ I declare; AMEN.

(1) In the situation where there is no Elder from the people of
the gospel present in the ceremony, this wedding pledge may
be stated without Elder, but in the presence of one of the
parents of the bride or groom who is willing to take
responsibility before GOD.
(2) Traditional ceremony are not required for the people of the
gospel since the One through Jesus Christ had invited all
those who belief to be the citizen of the Heavenly Kingdom
(whom their citizenship is in Heaven would definitely left their
worldly citizenship).

20. Prayer At The Death Bed

During the moments of dying most people will be haunted by fear,

due to the sins they had done, i.e. sins that have not been
cleansed by Jesus.
Therefore, the People of the Gospel as servants of God must
minister to the dying ones, by praying together in their death bed.
The following prayer should be delivered in strong faith of the
intercessor and be spoken with joy:

I call upon The Almighty, Who had created this person in

front of me in his/her final moments. O God, You know
precisely all of his/her behavior and even all his/her sins that
may still be concealed.

64 Oh God, I am Deceived!
Unto You, our God, on behalf of this brother/sister, I am
now pleading for forgiveness of every sin that he/she had
committed, because he/she could not pray by her/himself.
May the mercy of Jesus cleanse him/her from all iniquities
such that he/she becomes worthy to enter Heaven. I plead
unto Jesus Christ, the end of time Judge, to set her/him free
from the eternal condemnation of hell.
I plead that the Heavenly angels may guard him/her,
preventing the devil’s effort to accuse him/her at the last
moment and drag him/her to hell. By relying on the Heavenly
power in the name of Jesus, I cast out all devils that are
prying on this person. Off you go, Satan, I am guarding this
person since I want him/her to enter the eternal Heaven.
I also plead to God that You may open up his/her
hearing, that I may have the opportunity to speak and lead
him/her in prayer. Thank you, O God The Merciful, in the
name of Your Messenger Jesus Christ, I pray, AMEN.

Speak close by to the person’s ear that is dying. Request him/her
to follow the Prayer asking for Forgiveness and lead him/her the
Prayer At the Death Bed (20), submitting his/her spirit to the

These prayer templates must not be memorized; they should
not treated as mantras or chants, because The Almighty desires an
intimate relationship with His people, using their own words and

Oh God, I am Deceived! 65
66 Oh God, I am Deceived!

This Booklet has given a complete simple guidance to those who

are willingly to go to Heaven diligently. There is no more need for
guidance from other man and there is no need to form a large
group, since the People of the Gospel (Ahlul Injili) live in a small
group, household by household.
Just by applying the guidance in this booklet, every believer
can be lead by The Almighty to become oriented to Heaven.
Therefore human leader of the Ahlul Injili does not exist on
earth. No Organization neither Center is needed by Ahlul Injili
because The Almighty Himself is directly supervising His people
individually. The Center of the Association of Ahlul Injili is the
throne of the King of Heaven!
(If the reader feels that he/she still feel weak in their faith and
need further guidance, you may send questions through email to
this email address: or phone #. . . . . . . . . .

Those who have implemented the content of this book, i.e. saying
every relevant prayer (that means has become Ahlul Injili and have
had life changes) may start ‘bearing fruits’ by reproducing this
booklet and distribute it in their own community. This action is
completely legal because there is no coercion toward others and
no enforcement to others to abandon their religion, hence creating
no disturbance to the public order.
Two or three people are sufficient to form a strong Prayer-
group and a their simple way of life enables Ahlul Injili to withstand

Oh God, I am Deceived! 67
any form of persecution. (The devil definitely tries hard to destroy
Ahlul Injili, since the day of Ibrahim until the crucifixion of Jesus,
further through to the persecution at the end times; but Satan had
not been successful to destroy these people completely.) The fact
is that groups/flocks of Ahlul Injili has sustained along the ages in
many countries until present times.
Be assured, your journey as Ahlul Injili will end up in the
eternal Heaven that all the splendor and richness of the world
would not be worthy any more for you. Let those things be for the
people with blurred spiritual eyes.

Be Glorified The Almighty, The King of Heaven,

without-name; That once sent part of His Spirit to
the earth, taking the form of as Jesus-the-Son-of-

68 Oh God, I am Deceived!
Oh God, I am Deceived! 69

Major crimes (such as adultery, or turning away from Allah) in islam

will be punished by the Syariah Law with death punishment.

For less extreme crimes (such as turning away from Jihad or war
duty) the punishment will be the amputation of hand and foot on
alternate side (in the picture: the right-hand and the left-foot were

Look at the happy smile of the young man carrying his prize; what
an irony of the deceived mankind: coldheartedly torture fellow
human being in such an inhumane way. Fortunately that exists only
in countries with (almost) 100 % muslim, including Afghanistan.

70 Oh God, I am Deceived!
The Blackstone is no more than some meteorite which fell down
from ‘heaven’, which is the center of the Haj Pilgrimage.

In the Ka’bah in Mekah (Arab), they delude themselves by Kissing

the Black stone while chanting “O Allah, I come to fulfill your
The delusion makes them unaware that the white silver shell
surrounding the Blackstone resembles female genital!
In the other ‘side’, the Haj-candidates must perform the
‘jumrah’, i.e. throwing some pebbles to the Jin, resembled by
towering stones. (Another delusion: how could the visible pebbles
hurt the invisible creature, the Jin?)

Some Historian stated that ca. 3 centuries before Muhammad an

Indian Maharaj (Czar), Vikramaditya, ruled the whole Arab

Oh God, I am Deceived! 71
peninsula. It is then save to conclude that the Ka’bah is no more
than an ex Hindu temple, where it is very usual to find ‘Yoni’ and
‘Lingga’, a couple of statues resembling the female and male
genitals. (In Ka’bah, the male genital is resembled by the tower
which is the target of pebble throwing).

72 Oh God, I am Deceived!