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The Chaplain of Peace, the Reverent Gyalwa Jampa Rinpochhe,

In the present context, the world has been reeling under inhumane violent activities to the level of
disgracing the very human civilization itself, and abiding by the message, by volition, speech and actions,
of peace and teachings of the harbinger of the peace, Lord Gautam Buddha.

We acknowledge the fact that you have rendered an incomparable contribution in motivating the entire
human race to move in the direction of peace.

The fact that the spiritual contemplation and the very passion for peace holds paramount significance in
human life compared to material luxury and pleasure has been so crystal clear that there is no
alternative to it for achieving a true spiritual attainment.

And as a tall exemplary figure, the life of reverent Rinpoche has been the true source of inspiration to
entire humanity including the Buddhists.

Siddartha Gautam, as prince of a mighty kingdom, renounced all the royal indulgence and self-
gratifications for the eternal human well-being.

So did Gyalwa Rinpoche by pursuing the same path of renunciation as that of Lord Buddha despite the
fact that he was born as an American citizen. The words fall short to express our gratitude, devotion and
honor to his munificence, knowledge of the Buddha teachings and his commitment to human well-

By religion, he is a devout Buddhist and he has descended as the Maitreya Buddha.

Without being restricted within his own religion and irrespective of any faiths, castes, creeds, religion or
gender, he firmly believes that we must be totally committed to common good of all including
differently abled, aged, destitute and sufferers of all kinds. In this connection, it is noteworthy to
recognize his contribution of inestimable worth to more than 200 humanitarian organizations in the
world including in Nepal, Tibet and India.

We sincerely confess that our appreciation to the embodiment of renunciation and the true follower of
the Buddha for his unfathomable benefaction is always less than what our words can express.

Nevertheless we, National Buddha Federation, Nepal, Singapore-Nepal Bouddha Maitreya Society and
Maitreya Buddha Welfare

Service Centre offers an obeisance at the sacred feet of reverent Guru Gyalwa Rinpoche and best
wishes for the continued and imperturbable steps in the direction of human welfare for eternity.

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