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Headquarters ‘Theatre Command Op LAFIYA DOLE THCOMD/G1/300/12 Maimalari Cantonment Maiduguri Tel: +2349035511054 Email: See Distribution {Mar 21 )LE - DESERTER OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS FOLLOWING BHT ATTACK ON NEW ‘TFBN DIKWA ON 14 AND 19 FEBRUARY 2021 MAJ GY MOHAMMED (N/11524) AND 100 OTHERS Reference: A THCOMD/G1/300/12 dated 26 Feb 21. 1. Lam directed to connect Reference A on above subject ee forward details of additional officers aud soldiers who’ from the defensive location during the BHT attack on New Mapes ikwa. You are please requested to declare sff@ Hamed officerseafil soltug®s deserters WEF 19 Feb 21. You are also please requested to catisé/HQ NAFC to freeze their accounts and apprehend/bring them under militaryyescort to this Headquarters if seen within your AOR. 2. Please acknowledge. t AO ODUBIYI Col for Theatre Comd Enclosure: 1. List of Deserter Officers and Soldiers of HQ 22 Bde (M). 1 RESTRICTED Unoutnoted ctsiesue,transmsion reproduction oftelention of frmation on fhe sheet vas the CA Sect Act 1962 RESTRICTED Distribution: External: Action: AHQDOAA Information: AHQDATOPS AHQ Dept of MS HQ 1 Div HQ2 Div HQ 3 Div HQ 6 Div HQ Sect 1 OPLD (7 Div) HQ 8 Div HQ 81 Div HQ 82 Div HQ 4 SF Comd (TAC) HQNAFC HQ Sect 2 OPLD HQ Sect 3 OPLD SASC 1 (Ngamdu) ASC 21 (New Marte) HQ 22 Bde (M) 7 MIB 7 Div Gar 7 Prov Gp 81 Div TF Bn Internal: Information: Office of the Theatre Comd | RESTRICTED ‘Unauinoted stoi, tension reproduction ortetentionofifomotion en te shee violates the Oia Seciet Act 1962 RESTRICTED Enclosure 1 List ESERTER OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS OF HQ 22 BDE Ser Army No Rank Name Bank Account |Rmks (a) (b) (©) (4) (e) fe) 1_|qn/11524) Maj__|cy Mohammed —_|UBA 1001328261 2__[(n/12920) Maj [ep Nwangwu First Bank [2021209815 3__|(ny14254y Maj [us Muhammed [Diamond Ban0013529731 4 |(N/14861) Capt__|EG Utok Eco Bank 14912019719 5_|(wyis6s6) Capt_|a {Tbrahim Jaiz Bank _|0002293105 6 _|(nyi5277) ICapt_|us: Ibrahim First Bank __|2023125733 7_|ow16574) Lt [Me Ochei JAccess Bank [0086965245 8 |(N/16543) Lt EN Essien Access Bank')|0087007838 9 |cvy16916)) ut FC [Maduako Diamond © [0029624336 to _[(N/17818) it |ko. lAdejare GTB. 0135978064 ai_[(/i7141) Lt _|s Mammada FOMB 12726149017 12_|(N/16306) uta Ishayal Access 0694257360 13 _|98na/46/2175 [sgt [Muazu Yusur UBA 1007725305, 14_|93nay37/2588__|sot [Musa Usman Ecobank [2662009240 15_|95NA/40/3725 [Cpl _|idris Garba UBA 1001214177 16_[95NA/40/3354_[Cpl__|Chigbo. John First Bank [2010130706 17 JO2NA/52/5661__[Cpl_|Aminu Mohammed ~~ [Polaris Bank [1766349964 _|MSt Dvr 18 JOSNA/56/1220[Cpl__|Godfrey> Samuel UBA 1004862294 19 |O6NA/58/4817 _|Cpl_|Christopher Silas FCMB 2560830018 20 JO7NAa/60/0011 [Cpl [Okolo Emeka FCMB [0714274011 21 _[o7Na/60/0724 [Cpl [Meze Hillary FCMB 12625268017 22 losnaj6i/is67_[Cpl_|[Zakka Peter UBA 1012325549 23 [09NA/63/3632_[Cpl__“|Onyebuchi__ Kennedy Polaris Bank [1741869005 24 |O9NA/64/5825 [Cpl |Okunola___Oluwasegun _|First Bank 2013880081 25_|14NA/71/13522__[Cpl__|Suoyefa__Abiola Polaris 1765899390 26 _[oana/98/79 LCpl__[Mwankat _ Shalmak First Bank |2005779583 27_loonaje2/0641_—_[LCpI_[Ekekiel Peter Access Bank |0028036144 28 |o9na/63/3132___|LCpl_[Daniel Emmanuel lAccess Bank _|0028042181 29 |oonaj64/6295 [Lol [John Monday Keystone Ban 1001678579 30_|11NA/66/8436_—[LCpl_fYakubu Amos Polaris Bank [1741523934 31_|11na/66/10564 —[LCpI_[Aminu Sai'du First Bank [2032567029 32_|11NA/66/10036__|LCpI_ [Pius Okoro UBA, 1015946381 33_|11na/66/10944 [LCpI__[Kenebra___Shedrach LUBA, 1015945212 34_|11NA/66/10932__|LCp|_ [Dominic __Eworo Fidelity Bank [5330364373 RESTRICTED “Unauthorized disclosure, transmission, 1 ‘eprocuction or retention of information on this sheet violates the official secret act 1962" RESTRICTED 35_|12NA/67/2236___[LCpl_[Ojo Oluwasegun _|Stanbic 18TC [0001523516 36_|12nay6s/7442__[Lcp!_[Nura Lawal Fidelity Bank [4020917903 37_|12NA/68/3271___|LCpl_[Yakubu__Suleiman Fidelity Bank [4020869497 38_|12Na/68/7550_—|LCpl__|Johnson __ Chorus Fidelity Bank |4020918577 39 _[12NA/68/7246_|LCpI_[Isah Shaibu Fidelity Bank |4020911224 40_|T3NA/69/0615__|LCpl_[Nasiru Hamisu Keystone Ban 1005995146 41 [13NA/69/1041_|LCpI_[Jibrin Sa'adu FCMB [3544434015 42_[13NA/69/2204 |LCpl_[John Ukpenkume __|UBA 1017135260 43 [13NA/69/0651__|LCpl_|Umar Sani FCMB [4405230021 44_|13NA/70/11496_|LCpI__ [Mustapha Suleiman’ UBA 1017830448 45_|13NA/70/4194 —[LCpI__[Isiaq ‘Adam [Stanbic IBTC [0007165745 46_|13NA/70/6350___|LCpl_ [Muhammed Ahmed Keystone __|1006102389 47_|13NA/70/6716 __|LCpl_[John Richard (en} [0137872874 48_|13NA/70/6733__|LCpl_|Kabiru Hashimu FCMB [3817998019 49 [13NA/70/7091_|LCpI_[Awuna Mondaj FCMB, 5367298012 50_|13NA/70/8414_[LCpI_|Isah John Ecobank 1743006970 Si_|13NA/70/7576__|UCpl_[Zamani Fidelis FCMB [3045780013 52_|13NA/70/6030_|LCpI__|Abubakar___Adam FEMB 2312224014 53_|14NA/71/13296__|LCpl_ [Philip Chia JAccess Bank. |0053921027 54 _|14NA/71/11821_|LCpl_|Ogundipe —_Gbenga Stanbie IBTC 90012826132 55_|14NA/71/12150 _|LCpl__|Samson | Unite Ecobank 3443001932 56_|14NA/71/13803 [LCpl_ [Francis Audu FirstBank _|2026355724 57_|14NA/71/13744 |LCpl_ [Abubakar Musa Skye Bank _|1742159073 58_|14NA/71/13917 [LCpl__ Ibrahim. _Adamu Keystone |1006376760 59_|14NA/71/13925 [LCpl [Sadiq ‘Abubakar Boe 7 |o0s3937215 60 _|14NA/72/12104 |LCpI_ |Lawal ‘Abdullahi iStanbic IBTC [0012786399 61_|14na/7i/i1647__[LCpI_[Ajala David [Stanbic IBTC 0012754992 62_|14NA/72/15843_[LCpl__|Suleiman _Jamilu Diamond Ban0060268782 63_|14NA/72/14875 _|icpl__[Okoro Ama Diamond __|0060337794 64 |14NA/72/15421__|LCpl__ [Sunday Sule |Stanbic IBTC_|0014224608 65_[14NA/72/15013 [Tr __|Aimato Abdusalam IStanbic IBTC [0014219709 66 |14NAa/72/15836 [Cfo |Abubakar Musa iStanbic IBTC |0014303277 67_[15NA/73/2451_|Tpr__|Sulieman _Kabiru UBA 1019175303, 68_|isnay73/2218 Ter |Onuh Kingsley IStanbic IBTC _|0015717082 69 _|15NA/74/2787__|Tpr__[Buba Usman [Stanbic IBTC [0016805940 70_|T6NA/75/S855__|Tpr__|James John FCMB [3903571012 71 |16NA/75/5912__|Pte__|Hussaini___Adamu [Sterling Bank [0058901181 72 _|16NA/75/1355___[Tpr__[Shamsudeen Ismail Zenith Bank _|1005508629 73 [16NA/75/1711 [Tor |Saidu Sani [Zenith Bank 1005541996 “Unauthorized disclosure, transmission, reproduction or retention of information on this sheet violates the offical secret act 1962" D RESTRICTED 74_|16NA/75/1892 [Tpr___|Abdullahi Musa. Zenith Bank _|1005543488 75_|1SNA/74/2777 [Tp Abubakar Yahaya ‘Sterling Bank |0050816847 | 76_|16NA/75/5434 Pte Edosa Aigboje JUBA. 1019745544 | 77_|16NA/75/1776 Tpr ‘Ibrahim Umar FCMB 13903562012 | 78_|16NA/75/1303 {Tpr Chukwujekwi Okenwa Zenith Bank_|1005542656 _| 79 _|16NA/75/1287 Pte [Abdullahi Usman Zenith Bank _]1005543990 80_|17NA/76/0009 Pte |Ukali Emmanuel Fidelity Bank 15332820974 81_|17NA/76/0012 Pte Joseph Benard Stanbic IBTC |0022445718 82_|17NA/76/0015 Pte Ewubare Gold FCMB 14669790017 83_|17NA/76/0017 Pte /Abimiku Sunday, CMB, 4670064017 84 _|17NA/76/0043 Pte Tbrarim Mansur CMB. 14669872010 85_|17NA/76/0051 Pte Joseph Ayuba Diamond Bank\0092459219 86_|17NA/76/0053 Pte |Ayanyemi_/ "Tayo Stanbic IBTC [0023055411 87_|17NA/76/0057 Pte Remember Jeremiah FCMB 4669687016 88_|17NA/76/0062 Pte Jimoh, Adeshina, Keystone Ban 1006883462. 89_|17NA/76/0085 Pte, |Ukwokori Precious: FCMB [4812968010 90_|17NA/76/0091 Pte Ayawei Ayibateme Fidelity Bank |5332831198 91 _|17NA/76/0105 Pte Kalu Sunday GTB 10249780263 92_|17NA/76/0106 Pte |Abdulkadir Ahmed Stanbic IBTC_|0022607019 93 |17NA/76/0158 Pte |Osakwe Festus. N. Fidelity Bank [5332826000 94 |17NA/76/0165 Pte |Gbadamashi__Omokafe FCMB 4812972015, 95_|18NA/77/1056 \Tpr Levi Pwagureno First Bank 2033288884 96_|18NA/77/2000 {Tpr Paul Pilate Saddam _|GTB 10417699405 97 _|93NA/35/1482 SSgt__ [Bello Musa. |UBA. 1005381028 98 _|02NA/52/3758 Cpl Moses. Ayo JUBA 1007856320 99 _|15NA/73/0819 Pte. |Ademu Alih Diamond/Acce|_0068633203 100 |14NA/72/14401__|Pte |Ogobi Fredrick JUBA, 1018936062 101 |17NA/76/0759 Pte Benedict Uduebor Fidelity 5332808213 “Unauthorized disclosure, transmission, reproduction or retention of information on this sheet violates the official secret act 1962" RESTRICTED 3

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