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The table below lists all data mining software whose details have
not been checked.

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Software Name Details

ACTwo Software AC2 http://www.alice AC2 is a set of C/C

librairies allowing developper and IT professional to embed data
mining functionalities into their ...

ARtool Software ARtool ARtool contains several

implementations of algorithms for mining frequent itemsets and
association rules. ARtool and its ...

ASOCAGHeidelberg ASOC AG Heidelberg The Knowledge Processing Company

The Knowledge Contributed by: ASOC AG Heidelberg The
Processing Knowledge Processing Company http://www ...

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Software Name Details

%IF{"context authenticated" then ' Please fill ...

Aimm Software AIMM Contributed by: m.derksen

#64;brandmarcSPAM Note: This info converted from
the original "The Data Mine" pages and pre dates ...

Alice Software Alice http://www.alice Alice is a powerful and easy

to use Data Mining Tool. Use decision trees to explore exploit your
data. Textual reports, ...

All Data Mining The table below lists all data mining software whose details have
Software been checked. You may also want to view the
OldListOfDataMiningSoftware. You can sort the table below ...

Auto Class C AutoClass C http://ic

group/group/autoclass/autoclass c program.html AutoClass C is a
Software Name Details

public domain version of AutoClass III ...

Bayesian Bayesian Knowledge Discoverer

Knowledge Bayesian Knowledge Discoverer (BKD) is a computer program able
Discoverer to learn Bayesian Belief Networks ...

Business 3 D IgorMalinka 22 Feb 2006 We are looking for interested parties for

CARTFrom Salford CART from Salford Systems http://www.salford

Systems Commercial Contributed by: mlipsey #64;salford systemsSPAM Note: This info converted from ...

CARTRBy Salford CART(r) by Salford Systems http://www.salford Robust

Systems decision tree technology for data mining, predictive modeling, and
Software Name Details

data pre processing. Contributed ...

CViz Software CViz CViz is a

visualization tool designed for analyzing high dimensional data (data
with many elements) in large, complex ...

Castaneda DMS Castaneda DMS A data mining suite for use
on personal computers. It provides association rules, FOIL
algorithm, clustering and decision ...

Clementine N.B. see page " SPSS Clementine " to edit this information

Codework Three Codework 3 way TANGRAM http://www.codework 3

Way Tangram way TANGRAM is a desktop OLAP for the Windows platform. Write
Software Name Details

in APL code. Contributed by: codework ...

Commercial Tools Commercial tools for data mining

For Data Mining docs/
Posting by Sandra Oudshoff on summarizing information on
a ...

Cygron Data Scope Cygron DataScope Visual data mining and
decision support tool with ODBC import capability, html export, 3D
interactive graphs, automatic relation ...

Cypress The Cypress, The Integrated Document and Knowledge Server®

Integrated Commercial Cypress® is a
Document And document and knowledge management system that captures ...
Knowledge Server

Dat Gen Dataset Generator (DatGen) One

important way to test learning from example algorithms is to
Software Name Details

evaluate their performance against well ...

Data Analysis Data analysis software for scientific analysis of experimental data
Software For gopher:// analysis
Scientific Analysis Misc software (editors note ...
Of Experimental

Data Engine DataEngine DataEngine is a software

product for data analysis using fuzzy technologies, neural networks,
and conventional statistics. It has ...

Data Engine 3 1 DataEngine 3.1 DataEngine is the software

for intelligent data analysis and data mining. By using neural
networks, fuzzy logic and statistical ...

Data Intelligence AIComponents Data Mining Add In for Excel

Add In This tool allows you to apply
Software Name Details

clustering, decision trees, neural networks, and association ...

Data Miner Data Miner Maximzier Inc DMM is a

Maximzier Inc predictive modeling software which was developed in order to
maximize profit in business application(e.g ...

Data Mining Data mining software by PMSI

Software By PMSI gb.htm Lots of tutorials and shareware in English and French.
Contributed by: pmsi #64;alternSPAM BLOCKER ...

Data Mining Suite Data Mining Suite The Data Mining
Suite™ is an integrated set of products that provide a powerful,
complete and comprehensive solution ...

Data Mining Tool Data Mining Tool Easy Miner

Easy Miner A data mining tool
Software Name Details

(Easy Miner) for the areas of : association rules, classification ...

Data Mining Tools AGILE8 INSIGHT© PROCESS ANALYSIS TOOL KIT (from website Most of the value added in today's
organisations is not in systems, but in the minds ...

Data Mite DataMite DataMite enables rules and

knowledge to be discovered in ODBC compliant relational
databases. DataMite requires neither programming ...

Data Sage Datasage no longer exists. They were acquired by Vignette. Thanks
to GaborMelli for the information AndyPryke 28 Oct 2001

Data Scope DataScope The key

to knowledge is to display and manage your data in the most
'understandable' form. As you may have experienced ...
Software Name Details

Data Surveyor Data Surveyor Data Surveyor is a data mining tool
for expert users. It consists of a suite of powerful algorithms and
provides support for all ...

Data XTm DataX(tm) Contributed by: scott Ivan,

scott #64;zaptronSPAM Note: This info converted
from the original "The Data Mine" ...

Dataset Generator See: DatGen AndyPryke 28 Oct 2001

Db Bridge dbBridge Contributed by: Note: This

info converted from the original "The Data Mine" pages and pre
dates June 2001. Please remove this ...
Software Name Details

Db Bridge Universal dbBridge Universal Remote Data Connectivity

Remote Data Dalco Technologies dbBridge is a client
Connectivity side driver similar to other OLEDB/ODBC driver with ...

Db Probe dbProbe Contributed by: glenn

#64;nonlinearSPAM Note: This info converted from
the original "The Data Mine" pages and pre ...

Db Prophet Neural dbProphet: neural network data mining tool by Trajecta

Network Data Utilizing sophisticated neural network
Mining Tool By technologies, Trajecta offers a broad range ...

Decision Tree Decision Tree Builds decision trees and

logarithmic scorecards on any dataset (automatically handles
discrete and continuous data) ...
Software Name Details

Decisionhouse Decisionhouse Contributed by: ANP

Software Note: This info converted from the original "The Data Mine" pages
and pre dates June 2001. Please remove ...

Dimensional Insight Dimensional Insight, Inc. Dimensional Insight

Inc offers business intelligence solutions, putting you in command of
your business. Companies use ...

Explora Software Explora An freely available and

ftpable Machintosh KDD package. Note: This info converted from
the original "The Data Mine" pages ...

FTPAble Machine FTP able machine learning software

Learning Software docs/machine
From faq/part4. List of Ftpable machine learning software ...
Software Name Details

Fast Mind

Gain Smarts GainSmarts GainSmarts is an expert

system using profilling and predictive modelling algorithm. The
software is platform independent ...

Gornik System Górnik System Tool for advanced Data Mining and analysis
including classification, segmentation, survival methods etc. and
data processing tools. Runs on Windows ...

Graf FXGraphical Graf FX Graphical Data Mining Shareware

Data Mining fx.htm Contributed by: fx #64;bigpondSPAM Note:
Shareware This info converted from the original ...
Software Name Details

Graf Fx Graf fx ... The Data Mining Tool For Microsft Access fx.htm Commercial Data mining shareware written
entirely in all current versions ...

Guiding Inductive Guiding Inductive Learning with a Qualitative Model

Learning With This package
AQualitative Model allows a qualitative model to bias induction ...

IBMIntelligent Miner IBM Intelligent Miner for Data http://www

For Data Use the IBM DB2 Intelligent
Miner for Data to gain new business insights and to ...

IBMVisualization IBM Visualization Data Explorer

Data Explorer IBM Visualization Data Explorer is an interactive software program
that allows scientists, engineers ...
Software Name Details

ISoft Alice ALICE d'ISoft Alice is a powerful and easy to use
Data Mining Tool. Use decision trees to explore exploit your data.
Textual reports, SQL ...

IXLAnd IXL and IDIS software

IDISSoftware docs/ixl/intern1.txt IXL was one the first commercial discovery and
data mining programs which was followed ...

Inlen Project INLEN This project is

concerned with the development of a large scale multi type
reasoning system, called INLEN, for extracting ...

Insightful Miner InsightfulMiner, an affordable, scalable full life cycle data mining
software. More info at JudyM 07 Mar 2002
Software Name Details

Iris Software IRIS IRIS is a prototype

system supporting visual analysis of spatially referenced data. IRIS
automatically produces ...

Java Drill Down Java Drill Down Demo You need a Java
Demo enhanced browser to see this demo. It shows a demo of data access
via "drill down". Note: This info ...

KDNuggets Gregory Piatetsky Shapiro's KD Nuggets Software List:

Software List AndyPryke 28 Oct

KXEN KXEN provides next generation business analytics software to drive

better corporate decisions. KXEN's unmatched speed, ease of use
and scalability enable leading companies ...
Software Name Details

Knowledge Access Knowledge Access Suite The

Suite Knowledge Access Suite™ has delivered the first and only set of
products ever to provide business users with ...

Knowledge Miner KnowledgeMiner It discovers

relationships in data and forecast using the self organizing GMDH
approach. Contributed by: Gregory Ivakhnenko ...

Knowledge Sync KnowledgeSync Alert Messaging by Vineyardsoft

Alert Messaging By KnowledgeSync 2000 identifies
Vineyardsoft potential business problems (e.g., a pending order for ...

Kovach Computing Kovach Computing Services Contains

Services information about their shareware statistical software as well as links
to other sites with statistical ...
Software Name Details

Kxen Components KXEN components Kxen components can be

described as: Vapnik based algorithm Robust models open
architecture Speed of modeling Ease of use ...

Level Five Quest LEVEL5 Quest We at Level Five Research have
developed an interesting twist in data mining which fills what we
perceive to be a gap between heavy ...

MLCLibrary Utilities MLC Library / Utilities MLC is a

machine learning library developed in C . MLC is public domain and
can be used free of charge ...

Maestro Software Maestro Maestro a metadata driven SAS based

statistical analysis tool particulary suited to semiconductor and flat
panel display industries. However ...
Software Name Details

Magnum Opus Magnum Opus Established software for fast

effective discovery of real associations. Designed by data miners for
data miners. Incorporates ...

Managed Reporting Managed Reporting Environment (MRE)

Environment MRE SolutionsIQ’s
Managed Reporting Environment (MRE) is a centralized reporting ...

Method And System Method and system for Electronic Exchange of Tax Information
For Electronic Commercial Century Process Associates
Exchange Of Tax Patent Pending on a Method and system for ...
Software Name Details

Mine Set MineSet MineSet 2.5 released in May 1998. It

is a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of easy to use analytical
and visual data mining tools ...

Mine Set SGI MineSet (SGI) the second

release of SGI's product for exploratory data analysis. Combining
powerful integrated, interactive ...

Model Quest ModelQuest Enterprise Highly automated

Enterprise predictive data mining software that includes Expert Mining
Strategies, new proprietary modeling techniques ...

Model Quest ModelQuest Enterprise AbTech Corporation

Enterprise Ab Tech Contributed by: updated by Christine Gresser, sales
Corporation #64;abtechSPAM Note: This info ...

Model Quest Market ModelQuest MarketMiner AbTech Corporation

Miner Ab Tech
Software Name Details

Corporation Contributed by: Contributed by Christine

Gresser, sales #64;abtechSPAM Note: This ...

Monarch Software You need information but how do you get at it? As a professional
working in today's competitive world, you'll be very aware of the
importance of concise and relevant ...

Most Popular Data Most Popular Data Mining Software Surveys conducted by Nuggets
Mining Software and Analytics have asked people involved in data mining what
software they use. While it's not necessarily ...

NULL All text removed

Neural Net And Neural net and genetic based DM software

Genetic Based
Software Name Details

DMSoftware gb.htm Lots of

classification/prediction/time series tutorials working demos.
Contributed ...

Nuggets TM Nuggets(TM) http://www.Data Nuggets uses proprietary

search algorithms called SiftAgents(TM) to develop English "if then"
rules. These algorithms use genetic ...


analyzes ODBC data sources using the C4.5 algorithm, and outputs
graphical decision trees in Scalable Vector ...

Old List Of Data For up to date listings, see AllDataMiningSoftware. The table below
Mining Software lists all data mining software whose details have not been checked.
You can sort the table below ...

Oracle Con Text Oracle ConText Option technical

Option Technical
Software Name Details Oracle
ConText Option is an option to Oracle, providing powerful search ...

Oracle Context Oracle Context Option

Option This
chapter provides an overview of the Oracle ConText Option.
Contributed by ...

Orchestrate Orchestrate Torrent’s Orchestrate simplifies

Software and accelerates the development, deployment, and management of
enterprise scale ...

Partek Software Partek Software for data mining and

knowledge discovery based on statistical methods, data
visualization, neural networks, fuzzy logic and genetic ...

Piping Systems Piping Systems Fluid Flow Software

Fluid Flow Software
Software Name Details

Piping Systems Fluid Flow has been developed to provide the

engineer with a total working environment ...

Pmsi New URL pmsi new URL Thanks for updating for your
page ! Contributed by: Note: This info converted from the original
"The Data Mine" pages and pre ...

Power Shell PowerShell is a Windows command line shell designed for system
administrators and power developers. The Windows PowerShell
includes two applications: an interactive ...

Prediction Works PredictionWorks A free on

line data mining service for smaller files. The service automatically
tests several algorithms including ...

Pv Wave PV WAVE PV WAVE is a Rapid Application

Development Environment for the visualization and analysis of data.
Software Name Details

Note: This info converted from the ...

QTMSQuantitative QTMS : Quantitative Target Marketing System

Target Marketing An expert system of multivariate
System modeling that highlights a new technique called " All Possible ...

QYield Software Q YIELD Software for data mining

semiconductor fab production data to determine possible production

Real Time Stock real time stock market predictions from textual news
Market Predictions Beat Wuthrich beat #64;csSPAM
From Textual News for more info see www.cs.ust ...

Recent Data Mining Software Data Mining Software The information about
Contributions the packages on this page has been taken from README files, and
Software Name Details

other information provided on the web ...

Ro CRobust RoC (Robust Bayesian Classifier)

Bayesian Classifier RoC is a Bayesian supervised classifier able to handle incomplete
databases with no assumption ...

Rosetta Toolkit Rosetta A Rough Set Toolkit for Analysis of Data Contributed by: Note: This info
converted from the original "The Data ...

SASInstitute SAS Institute Launches Enterprise Miner software

Launches Enterprise mining/ Commercial The
Miner Software respected French Analysts, Yphise have evaluated the Enterprise ...

Sav ZServer Sav Z Server Sav Z (Web Data)

Server is a Web based object relational database server
Software Name Details

implemented in JavaTM. Server generates ...

Sector Computing Sector Computing's OLAP On The Web

htm Commercial Contributed by: Note: This info converted from ...

See Five Software C5.0 / See5 Contributed by: quinlan

#64;rulequestSPAM Note: This info converted from
the original "The Data Mine" pages and ...

Set Enumeration SE Learn Learn.html An SE tree

Learn based induction and classification tool. Set Enumeration (SE) trees
provide the basis for an induction ...

Silicon Graphics Silicon Graphics MineSet Data Mining

Mine Set Data Commercial
Software Name Details

Commercial Software for data mining. Contributed by: Note: This ...

Sipina Pro Sipina W v2.0 and Sipina Pro http://eric.univ SIPINA W is a software for Knowledge
Discovery in Databases. This version v2.0 contains ...

Snob Software Snob Snob (Wallace

and Boulton, 1968) was probably the first (Bayesian) program to do
clustering (or unsupervised learning ...

Software Form Name Type Size Values Tooltip message Name text 64 The name
of the program or package Brief Summary text 64 Short summary ...

Source Forge HonweiMo 02 Nov 2003

Software Name Details

Sphinx Vision By sphinxVision by ASOC SOM neural network

ASOC Contributed by: hans peter.neeb #64;ffm2SPAM Note: This info converted from the ...

Stat Soft KyleMiller 26 Jan 2009 StatSoft, Inc. was founded in 1984 and is
now one of the largest global providers of analytic software
worldwide. StatSoft is also the largest ...

Stat Soft Inc StatSoft, Inc. StatSoft, Inc., founded in 1984,
is now one of the largest developers of enterprise and single user
software for data analysis ...

Stat Soft StatSoft STATISTICA Data Mining

STATISTICAData Contributed by
Software Name Details Contributed by: Note: This info

converted ...

Super Query SuperQuery SuperQuery: A Database

analysis software that has a knowledge discovery engine. You can
download Free Trial version. You can also ...

Svm Light SVMlight is an implementation of Vapnik's Support Vector Machine

Vapnik, 1995 for the problem of pattern recognition, for the problem
of regression, and for the ...

Synthetic Synthetic Classification Data Sets program SCDS has been

Classification Data renamed DatGen

TMiner Personal TMiner Personal Edition Free Java Data Mining
Edition software downloadable from (Research section).
Software Name Details

TMiner collects some algorithms ...

Test Add Software Add new software package to The Data Mine: "}% Click on
To Listing "Software" on top bar to come back once you've done this.'}%
%IF{"context authenticated" then ' ...

Tetralogie Software Tetralogie Techniques and Technologies for

Information Retrieval and Resource Discovery, Contributed by:
Taoufik Dkaki , Bernard Dousset, Said ...

Text Analyst TextAnalyst TextAnalyst performs

semantic analysis of texts in an arbitrary application domain. It is
based on proprietary neural net technology ...

The Data Mining The Data Mining Suite Contributed by:
Suite The Data Mining Suite Contributed by:
Software Name Details

Contributed by: datamine ...

The Knowledge The Knowledge Access Suite

Access Suite Contributed by: Note: This info converted from the original "The Data
Mine" pages and pre dates June 2001 ...

The Knowledge The Knowledge Access Suite and The Data Mining Suite
Access Suite And (Information Discovery, Inc.) The
The Data Mining Knowledge Access Suite™ has delivered the first ...

Thinkbase Data Thinkbase's Data Mining Product Note:

Mining Product This info converted from the original "The Data Mine" pages and pre
dates June 2001. Please remove ...

Thinking Machine Thinking Machine's Data Mining Product

Data Mining Product It includes Neural
Software Name Details

Networks, Classification and Regression Trees (CART), ...

Ti MBLTilburg TiMBL Tilburg Memory Based Learner

Memory Based Contributed by: Jakub Zavrel Note: This info converted from the
Learner original "The Data Mine" pages ...

Tooldiag Software Tooldiag A
software toolbox for the analysis of multidimensional data. C source
and documentation included ...

Visua Links VisuaLinks VisuaLinks is state of the

art Java technology supporting link analyses and data visualization.
VisuaLinks uses an intuitive ...

Visual Text VisualText VisualText is a comprehensive GUI

development environment for creating text analyzers. Resulting
Software Name Details

analyzers can run as C executables ...

Web Atom TWiki's Software web

Web Changes

Web Create New


Web Index
Software Name Details

Web Left Bar

Web Mining web mining Date: Location: Final Date For Submissions: Contributed
by: Note: This info converted from the original "The Data Mine"
pages and pre dates ...

Web Notify

Web Preferences Software Web Preferences The following settings are web
preferences of the Software web. These preferences overwrite the
Software Name Details

site level preferences in . and ...

Web Right Bar " warn "off"}% Web List of Software Most Popular Software Add
Software to List Data Mining /$name ...

Web Rss " else "TWiki's Software web"}% /Software The Documentation Web
of TWiki. TWiki is an Enterprise Collaboration Platform.

Web Search

Web Search
Software Name Details

Web Statistics Statistics for Software Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File
uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save
and ...

Web Topic List

Weka Software N.B. see page " Weka " to edit this information A link to a collection
of tutorials and videos on WEKA Videos: 6 Tutorials ...

Win Viz WinViz RnD/infosheet/is/winviz.html WinViz

is a Visual Data Analysis tool designed to complement
Software Name Details

spreadsheets, databases, executive information ...

Winrosa Software WINROSA WINROSA is a software tool

which generates automatically Fuzzy If Then Rules from your data.
The generated data set can be run by most ...

Wiz Rule For WizRule for Windows Discovers rules and
Windows identified exceptions to those rules. A demo version of the software
is available online. Note ...

Wiz Why WizWhy WizWhy reveals all if then rules

(with no limit as to the number of clauses) and mathematical formula
rules, and predicts the value of ...

Wonder Owl Wonder Owl Commercial Wonder Owl is the leading data mining
and personalization package for managers and business people.
Software Name Details

Simple and intuitive to use, yet powerful ...

Xmdv Tool XmdvTool http://wwwcip.informatik.uni The XmdvTool allows users
to visually explore multivariate data in a variety of methods ...

Xpert Rule XpertRule Data Mining using high performance

parallel SQL technology Knowledge Induction can be achieved by a
Windows PC client being able to ...

Yphise Software Yphise Software Evaluation Reports

Evaluation Reports Commercial Yphise provides software evaluation of interest to IT
managers. Yphise software evaluation Report ...