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Spring Book Show in Atlanta Offers opportunity for Struggling Book Retailers

Bookstores and other book retailers are threatened as the public increasingly lo
oks for lower-priced reading matter and digital material. The 2011 Spring Book S
how March 25-27 at the Cobb Galleria Centre in north Atlanta offers retailers a
chance to buy inventory at $2 a copy and less.
Knoxville, TN, February 28, 2011 -- The Spring Book Show, the largest remainder
show in the Southeast, is set for a three-day run at the Cobb Galleria Centre in
north Atlanta March 25-27.
The show comes at an opportune time. Bookstores are still suffering from the tro
ubled economy, but even more so, from the revolutionary changes affecting bookse
lling. The public has become accustomed to lower book prices as a result of e-bo
ok marketing (most titles are priced at $9.99 or less), and free or discounted m
aterial on the Internet.
One of the few burgeoning areas of the book business other than the digital doma
in is the remainders and hurts market. At a time when the public has fewer dolla
rs to spend on books, and has grown used to cut-rate prices for reading material
, remainders are a viable product for book marketers.
In the neighborhood of 50,000 titles will be offered at the Spring Book Show to
retailers, many at prices as low as $1 to $2 per hardback copy or trade paperbac
"For a long time the remainder market wasn't considered a legitimate part of the
book trade," says Larry May, who with his wife Val owns the Spring Book Show an
d the Great American Bargain Book Show, remainder book trade fairs held in Atlan
ta and Boston respectively. The two book shows are in the process of being brand
ed under the "Great American" umbrella.
May believes that the mistaken market perception has finally turned around. "May
be itâ s the economy, but retailers have finally realized just how much money they ca
n make in remainders and hurts," he said.
Bookstore owners have been quick to respond to the changing market for books. Wh
ile no overall statistics are tracked for the remainders and hurts segment of th
e book market - publishers are often reluctant to release details about what the
y are sending out to be sold on the cheap - anecdotal evidence suggests that the
slow holiday sales of the most recent Christmas have pushed larger and larger q
uantities of higher quality books into this secondary market.
May says that in recent years, international participation at his two shows has
grown dramatically.
As at the 2010 Spring Book Show, a number of international vendors will be selli
ng remainders at the 2011 show in Atlanta, including Caxton and PR Books, as wel
l as Columbia Marketing from the UK and Fairmount Books and Book Depot from Cana
da. But it's the overseas buyers that outnumber the sellers. European buyers are
already familiar with the market and have been showing up in greater numbers ea
ch successive year, says May.
"Oddly, the Spanish and Hispanic markets have been relatively weak," he added, "
The real growth is in Asia: the Korean, Japanese, Indian and Chinese markets hav
e been pretty strong in the past five years. There's demand in their countries f
or English-language books, but to buy them new and import them can be extremely
expensive. So remainders are a good option."
About the Spring Book Show: The Spring Book Show is by most measures the largest
of three bargain book shows held in the United States. It is staged annually in
the spring to permit retailers to buy inexpensive stock for marketing during th
e summer "beach read" season. The show is organized by L.B. May & Associates of
Knoxville, Tenn. Further information at
Noel Griese
Anvil Publishers, Inc.
3852 Allsborough Drive
Tucker, GA 30084