Gherkins are referred as a small cucumber, which are edible fruits and are preferred in the pickled form. Although, many vegetables including beetroot, cabbage, and pepper are sold in the pickle form, gherkins are the leading exporter of the world Gherkins are available in different seasonings and sizes and reflect the variations in taste of European consumers. The German "Gurken", for example, are larger in size than the "cornichons" available in France and are also marketed in slices. The seasoning is "sw eet-and-sour", whereas the gherkins sold in France usually do not contain any added sugar and are sold whole. There are six different sizes of gherkins available on the market, with the smaller sizes mostly available through retail outlets and the larger used in the food industry and the catering sector. Gherkin is a cucurbitaceous vegetable crop of 90 days duration, which is harvested raw for pickling. The product has negligible domestic market and the cultivation is exclusively for exports. The preserved pickled fruits are used in the preparations like sandwiches, pizzas, etc. Major destinations for its exports are Europe, USA, Russia, Australia and few other countries. The crop was introduced to India only in 1990 as the crop can be cultivated round he year unlike t other major producing countries like Mexico, Hungary and Madagascar, where it can be cultivated only for three months in a year. Further, Gherkin Is a labourintensive crop, and, hence, the cost of cultivation is lower in labour surplus country like India compared to Europe and America. engaged in marketing of gherkin abroad prefer to procure the produce from India. The Export-Oriented Units (EOUs) engaged in Gherkin exports procure the produce from farmers, who grow the crop under contract f rming arrangements. After grading, sorting and a washing the fruits, it is preserved in appropriate media like Acetic Acid, vinegar or Brine Solution for bulk exports in large jars and bottled as pickles by the importing country or directly processed as pickles and bottled in Indi itself for exports. The media used for preservation and other ingredients in the bottled pickles depend on the customer's choice and at times are provided by the importers from abroad. The crop is popularly known as 'pickling cucum or 'small ber' cucumber' among the farmers. There are 22 EOUs under Gherkin in Karnataka, mostly located in Bangalore except two in Hassan and one at Chintamani in Kolar district. Most of the units, except two, had been exporting Gherkin in bulk until recently. It was reported by the respondent units that with the



increase in wages in the European Union member countries, the importers prefer bottled exports and, therefore, now more and more units are establishing bottling units for exports. The total capital invested by the Gherkin units in the State work out to Rs.126.64 crore with an installed capacity of 1.78 lakh tonnes per annum. Approximately, 41,600 farmers are cultivating Gherkin in the State in an area of 39,178 acres. The volume of exports during 2009-10 was 70,239 tonnes in bulk and 2,11,40,994 jars which would work out to another 6342 For this reason, industries tonnes EOU-wise export of gherkin and year-wise export of gherkin are presented in Annexures I and II, respectively. The status of gherkin industry in Karnataka is Indicated In Table 1.1.

Table 1.1 Status of Gherkin industry in Karnataka as at march 2010


Status 22

Total number of units (No) 140.64 Capital employed (Rs. crore) Installed capacity (Tonnes) Capacity being utilised (Tonnes) Number of workers engaged in the factories (No) Number of farmers (No) Total area (Acres) Annual Turnover (Rs. crore) Export Destinations 1,26,180 70,968 3,298 41,606 39,178 225.03 USA, France, Spain, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Korea, Australia, Belgium, Russia , Germany, New Zealand, North America, Ukraine, Estonia, Israel, China & Srilanka



REITZEL INDIA Global demand for Gherkin is estimated at around 20 lakh tonnes and the supply from India works out hardly to 4 per cent of the demand. The problem with the Indian Gherkin Industry is the low yield. While well managed gardens are getting a yield of 7 to 8 tonnes per acre, overall average is reported to be only 2.5 tonnes per acre as against a potential yield of 20 tonnes per acre. The focus of the gherkin industry is, therefore, on increasing the yield by past and disease management and improving the irrigation facilities. If the average yield is enhanced to 5 tonnes per acre, the production from the existing area could reach nearly 2 lakh tonnes,supplying around 15 per cent of the global demand. The Government of India (GoI) in 2001-02 started establishing Agri-Export Zones (AEZs) in various States with the objective of increasing India's share in Global Agri Trade. AEZs are meant to facilitate the development and sourcing of raw material (agri produce) in a contiguous area for exports through its processing/packaging. In Karnataka, 4 crops have been identified for promotion under the AEZs, Viz. Gherkin, Rose Onion, Flowers and Vanilla. Among these crops, contract farming is prevalent and established in respect of ExportOriented Units (EOUs) in Gherkin-processing. EOUs have two types of contract arrangements. In the first model, a team of field workers visit the villages and explain to the farmers about Gherkin for the cultivation of which various inputs and services are offered by the EOU. They also explain the responsibilities of the farmers. Once the farmer consents to grow Gherkin on behalf of the EOU, a bipartite agreement is entered into between the company and the farmers. The EOUs provide identity card and a pass book to the farmer to record the supply of inputs, application of pesticides and fertilisers, quantities of produce procured, etc."Facilitators" are entrusted to procure bulk of gherkin instead of contracting with the individual farmers. The "Facilitators" agree to supply a definite quantum of Gherkin in a season and take the responsibility of supplying inputs like seeds, pesticides and fertilisers to the farmers. They act as an intermediary between the EOU and farmers. With a view to encouraging banks in financing the EOUs in AEZs, a very flexible approach is adopted and investment credit is ma available for processors / exporters. In order de to give a fillip to the implementation of the programme, NABARD has taken initiatives like fixation of scale of finance for crops covered under AEZ, preparation of Banking Plans, 100 per cent refinance on bank loans, bringing out booklets for the use of all the agencies, organising workshops at the State and District Levels to review the progress, etc. Why Switzerland? Because the first foreign company to deal with importing gherkins for pickling from Karnat ka a


REITZEL INDIA (and also India) was Reitzel, a food products multinational with several global branches. Reitzel first bought raw produce from Global Green of the Thapar group, but now also have their own processing factory. There are over 40 Indian and foreign exporing firms in Karnataka, their main t markets being the US, Russia, France, Germany, Australia, Spain and South Korea. Export of value-added gherkins (baby cucumber) which is a complete breakfast dish in the USA, Europe and Australia, from India has provide a silver lining to the dark clouds d looming on the Indian agriculture scenario with the lifting of quantitative restrictions by the World Trade Organization. Gherkin exports, which had crossed Rs 140 crore, had already made 12 farmers in the country µlakhpatis¶ in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. India is becoming a large sourcing centre for gherkins for Amora maille of the Unilever Best Foods, Europe Groups. From a mere 1,000 tonnes three years ago, the company¶s gherkin imports increased to 5,000 tonnes las year and t controlled 50 per cent of the market of gherkins and food dressings. City -based Global Green Company, part of the $ 2 billion Thapar group, is the single largest exporter to Amora. Gherkin exports last financial year touched 10,000 tonnes accoun ting for 20 per cent of the total Indian exports. Having recently bagged an order for supply of one million jars of gherkins to a major German food retailer, Global Green disbursed Rs 3.25 crore to 5,000 small and marginal growers in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka during the first three months of this calendar year.Rising incomes and urbanization, an expanding domestic consumer base concerned about food quality and safety, and rapidly growing agricultural exports have been important drivers for the increased attention to food safety in India. But the development of effective food safety systems is hampered by a number of factors, including: restrictive government marketing regulations, weak policy and regulatory framework for food safety, inadequate enforcemen of existing standards, a t multiplicity of government agencies involved, weak market infrastructure and agricultural support services. The small farm structure further limits farmer capacity to meet increasing domestic and export food safety and SPS requirements. Addressing food safety concerns in India will require adoption of appropriate legislation, strengthening capacity to enforce rules, promoting adoption of good agricultural, manufacturing and hygiene practices, greater collective action, and some t rgeted investments. Implementing a these actions will require joint efforts by the government and the private sector.




BACKGROUND AND INCEPTION OF THE COMPANY Reitzel India Private Limited a multinational company known for its specialization in pickled vegetables is now embarking on a global pathway to enter Russia and USA. The

companies will exports gherkin pickles. The factory, which is HACCP, BRC & IFS, certified and is situated in KIADB industrial area in Kunigal in Tumkur and is spread over 11acres. The Switzerland-based Reitzel was started in 1909 and set up independent operations in France, Turkey and India (2005). The company's Hugo Reitzel brand is fo the hotel and catering r sector. It also specializes in dressing based on mustards and vinegars. It also has a range of ketchup and mayonnaise, salad dressings and fresh sauces (hot & cold). All products are widely distributed across retail outlets globall and it undertakes orders y for private labels. Karnataka was opted for its manufacturing plant going by the potential of gherkins that are popular globally. Since 1992 -93, gherkins were dispatched in semi-processed conditions to its unit in Switzerland. In order to capitalize on the local condition, the MNC decided to set-base in Karnataka where gherkins could be packaged for export directly from here. The capacity of the unit is 30,000 tones, but they now prod around 15,000 tones. By 2013 uce they will go full steam. More than 5,000 farmers are associated with Reitzel under the contract farming initiative. Gherkins are cultivated in Tumkur, Hassan, Bidar, Rannebennur, Davangere and some parts of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. In order to maintain quality and guarantee the safety of its supplies the company has introduced a rigorous follow-up and verification policy for its raw material - from selection of seeds to production areas to packaging in the factories they ensure good agricultural pracices is t maintained. An investment of 20-25 crore was pumped in for the Kunigal facility, which is a cent percent, export oriented unit having four lines. In India, Reitzel is ranked third after Global Greens and Inter Garden. However, it holds a leadership status in Switzerland and France. There is a huge competition in the gherkins sector but quality is the lone drivingFactor. The shelf life of the gherkins in jar is three years, while for can is two years and in bulk is 18 months.While export is their only focus, the company is also keen on tapping domestic consumption and by 2013.Besides gherkins; the company also offers pickled chillies, cherry tomatoes and onions. The 5


y y y y 1990 Holding acquired in the Turkish company of Zey-Tur-San 1995-Takeover of the Conserveries Besier¶s in Castelsarrasin (France). R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. which became Reitzel International 2009 Reitzel (Suisse) SA Centenary NATURE OF BUSINESS CARRIED Reitzel India private limited has started manufacturing the Gherkin pickles. which inc ludes eyecatching polythene packs. plastic pouches. 2000-Acquisition of the Guy brand company in Bourse (France).Bernard Poupon takes over the administration of the Reitzel Company (Switzerland) and creates the Poupon Reitzel industries holding company one year later. GOVT. 2005-Made acquisition with Misrachi International. such as Whole gherkin. Created quality service office in Bangalore (India). 2002-The group takes the name of the REITZEL. And then export the manufactured product to other nation. Company is providing the seed to farmer for cultivation and company will purchase the crops from them by paying the cost and then manufacturing processing is carried out in the plant. in the year 1909. Basically the nature of business of this company is Agriculture. BANGALORE 6 .REITZEL INDIA trends are for value-added products. It manufactures various types¶ products in gherkin. 1999-Launch of Hugo Reitzel brand on the Swiss market. Spears. and glass jars. It is the activity oriented towards joining the farmer to the global market. y y y y y 2001-Creatied Reitzel Romania. Packaging is also a major attraction. Stackers. DEVELOPMENT OF REITZEL IN FEW DATES y y 1909-Reitzel founded his specialized grocery company in Aigle in Western Switzerland 1986. 2003-The Reitzel India is created. The company adopts rainwater harvesting and plans are on to introduce drip irrigation to boost the production. and also semi products in barrels.

y y Briand in Bourse that concentrates on the production of jars for retail. It also produces mustard. It is a private limited company. vinegars. BANGALORE 7 . and small pickle.39. The Aigle factory produces gherkins. India. France. or consolidated or divided into such classes and be held up on such terms as may be prescribed in their company documents (AoA. MoA and regulation of the company) GOVT. Pear Darmon and N K Pandey (popularly called as ³King of Gherkins´). RIPL is also registered under companies act of 1956 and listed in SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India). fresh sauces (hot and cold) as well as mayonnaise and ketchup.e. It has production plant in Switzerland. Reitzel India. not forgetting capers and olives.38. Bernard Poupon. Besiers in Castelsarrasian that caters to the food service and industry customers Turkey Zey-Tur-San an associate company of Reitzel group pr oduces whole and sliced pickled cucumber under the Berrak brand.REITZEL INDIA AREA OF OPERATION Reitzel is globally operating company. Turkey and India. OWNERSHIP PATTERN: Reitzel India Pvt Ltd is a renowned authorized manufacturer in India for Hugo Reitzel.. forfeited. converted. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. The shares forming the capital and the time may be sub divided. Reitzel India Pvt Ltd¶s authorized its capital is Rs 23. specialize in production of semi-finished products. onions.110 which is equally divided into 23383911 equity shares of Rs 10 each. Switzerland. Reitzel has two production sites both of which specialize in pickled products. which was founded in April 2003and has come into operation in second half of 2004. and its cent per cent shares are held by its three members i. salad dressing. France.

No business firms whether it is a small or big is free from competition every business firms faces competition. Neo Foods Pvt Ltd.REITZEL INDIA The patterns of company share holders as follows Name of the member Bernard Poupon Pear darmon N K Pandey Total Holding in % 40 30 30 100 COMPITITORS INFORMATION Competition has become very much important in the present dynamic world. France Area in Sq Ft 456000 2178000 217800 522720 General Usage Head Office Production plant Branch office Production plant GOVT. INFRASTRUCTURE FACILITIES GLOBALLY: Approximate Owned Properties as on March 31ST . and by adopting latest technology than us. Switzerland Reitzel (Suisse) SA. BANGALORE 8 . 2010 REITZEL SA. The competitors are being getting orders from our customers because they are serving the customers at lower prices. Cedex. Aigle Reitzel France. Intergarden Pvt LTD . The main competitors to the company are GGCL(Global green company ltd). Due to the emergence of new competitors the market share in this line is being decreasing. So the Profit margin has been decreased for the company but the company is taking various steps to acquire latest technology to overcome the competition. KEN Agro Pvt Ltd . As it is producing according to the customer requirements the product requirement of one company will be different from others. STERLIN Agro Pvt Ltd. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. Paris Reitzel Bésiers.

R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. Bengaluru. Within the short span of its operations in India. Processing of fresh-pack fermented or acidified vegetable (whole or cut) in jars vegetable in drums.adding link between the domestic market and the food market of the world. Turkey Reitzel India.REITZEL INDIA Reitzel Briand. BANGALORE 9 . Hazard Analysis Central Control Point (HACCP) Codex Alimentarious certificate obtained from SGS for the following activities. India Reitzel India. However. Processing of fresh-pack fermented or acidified vegetable (whole or cut) in jars and cans and fresh -pack and fermented vegetable in drums. Issued Date 4th Jan 2008 Expiry date 24th March 2011 and cans and fresh -pack and fermented AWARDS: 1) As Reitzel India Pvt Ltd is a budding organization in India. RIPL is been awarded by the ³Export Excellent Award´ in Tumkur by Agricultural Development and Rural Transformation Centre 2) Reitzel India Pvt Ltd is ranked third after Global Greens and Inter Garden. British Retail Consortism (BRC) Global standard -Food with µA¶ grade certificate is obtained from SGS for the following activities. Bursa. India Reitzel Misrachi. France Zey-Tur-San. Kunigal. Bourré. GOVT. VISION MISSION AND QUALITY POLICY THE VISION STATEMENT: y We shall serve as a value . it holds a leadership status in Switzerland and France. France 206000 87120 21000 435600 44000 Production plant Branch office Branch office Production plant Branch office ACHIEVEMENT: 1. 2. Certificate is valid from 11th March 2008 until March 2012.

we improve our quality. 100% satisfaction. 0%shortages. process. high quality products that meet customer. 3) Continually. 1) Supplying safe. quality or productivity. 2) Offering reliable service and respecting all our commitments. The customer quality charter summarizes Reitzel specific and personalized commitments to every customer (on its order) and bears witness to this motivation. BANGALORE 10 . QUALITY POLICY THE QUALITY POLICY OF REITZEL INDIA PVT LTD AT REITZEL INDIA we satisfy our customer by. OBJECTIVES 1. GOVT. statutory and legal requirements. These objectives are achieving by motiv ating the entire staff and developing a corporate culture focused on customer satisfaction. 2. y We would like to be the largest and the most profitable Indian exporter in the Indian exporter in our business by 2013.REITZEL INDIA y We shall build a company that is best in class in our business be it people.related and customer related business process. The objectives of Reitzel is simple and ambitious. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT.

1000 ml and 1514 ml. about two inches long. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. 720 ml. GOVT. These pickled gherkins are not only superior in taste but also consumed with food.WHOLE GHERKIN These Pickled Gherkins ± Whole and Sliced are specifically prepared as per customer¶s recipe and supplied in glass jars of 370 ml. 720 ml.RED HOT CHILLY These Pickled Red Hot Chillies (Peri-Peri) are specifically prepared as per customer¶s recipe and supplied in glass jars of 370 ml. Made using red chillies this is spicy and tickles the taste buds. 1000 ml and 1514 ml.  JAR PRODUCTS 1. not palatable with Indian diets but important enough to have journalists from Switzerland come to Karnataka¶s gherkin -growing fields and take a look at them. These picked gherkins are also demanded again and again due to their taste and enhanced shelf life. It tastes best when consumed with several food items. 2. BANGALORE 11 . These red-hot chillies retain their freshness and taste for longer durations and are also cost effective. slim vegetable.REITZEL INDIA PRODUCT/SERVICE PROFILE It is a small.

720 ml. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. CHERRY TOMATO These Pickles are specifically prepared as per customer¶s recipe and supplied in glass jars of 370 ml. These pickled tomatoes are not only not good in taste but also fresh and aromatic. BANGALORE 12 . 150-300. and Merkuts. Reitzel Braind. Other ingredients in the media are water. Bulk products are produce in both 260L and 240L barrels. Each barrel filled with 150 kg gherkin in initial stage and after stabilization. These picked tomatoes are packed in airtight jars to maintain their freshness and shelf life. 1000 ml and 1514 ml. Bulk products are semi-products where these will be further reprocess in importing nation.  CAN PRODUCTS Reitzel India trade in canned Gherkins that are packed in cans with great safety and precaution in order to protect them from moisture as well as heat. 40-60 and 20-40(Number of gherkin per kg). 3-6(cm). These vegetables retain their freshness for longer durations and are also easily affordable. DRUM /BARREL PRODUCTS (SEMI PRODUCTS) Reitzel India is a leading supplier of bulk (drums) for both USA and Russian market. Both acetic acid and vinegar media are using for preserving Gherkin in the barrels.0% and is varied depends on the customer requirements. salt.5% and salt is 9. These canned Gherkins are completely fresh and hygienic. The company for its can production adopts GOVT.REITZEL INDIA 3. 80-120. 60-80. Unilever. Reitzel Swiss. Potassium meta -bisulfate is use as a preservative agent in the media. Grade of gherkin uses in the bulk are 6-9(cm). Customers for Reitzel India are Amora maile. 120-150. calcium chloride. it is finalizing to 170 kg. Ac idity of the media is 7.




 While export is their only focus. pickled chilies. the company is also keen on tapping domestic consumption and by 2013 . The company adopts rain water harvesting and Plans are onto introduce drip irrigation to boost the The Company¶s overall short-term financial objectives include:  Successfully take up the new contracts received during fiscal 2009. cherry tomatoes and onions are also offered by the company. in order to improve return on investment GOVT. BANGALORE 16 .  The trends are for value-added products. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT.REITZEL INDIA FUTURE GROWTH AND PROPECTUS:  Plans 2011 are on to start organically grown gherkins by  Current revenues of the Indian operations are Rs 65 crore and expect to touch Rs.  Besides gherkins. and glass jars. 90 crore in the FY 2011. plastic pouches.  Manage ongoing engagements to maximize revenue and margins.  production.  Maintain appropriate investment base turnover rates and operating margins. Packaging is also a major attraction which includes eye -catching polythene packs. By 2012 they hope to be an Rs 120 crore company in the country.  Effectively manage working capital and capital investment. with particular emphasis on the new business.

structure and system can be considered as the ³HARDWARE´ of success while style. GOVT. Product or Market) System (Processes) Skills (Competencies) Style (Culture. Leadership) Staff (Empowerment) Shared value (Mission. and was taken up as a basic tool by the global management consultancy company Mc Kinsey. It appeared also in ³Search of Excellence´ by Peters and Waterman. it says that it is neither just a matter of devising a new strategy and following it though. Goals) Here strategy. They have been investigating how Japanese industries had been so successful. The seven S model was born at the meeting of these four authors in 1978. staff. . R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT.REITZEL INDIA MCKENSY¶S 7-S MODEL The 7-s Framework of Mc Kinsey is a management model that describes 7 factors to organize a company in a holistic and effective way. The 7-s framework was first mentioned in the ³Art of Japanese Management´ by Richard Pascal and Anthony Athos in 1981. The 7-s diagram illustrates the multiplicity interconnectedness of elements that define an organizational ability to change. to be sure of successful implementation of a strategy. At around the same time Tom Peters and Robert Waterman were exploring the success of Japanese companies. Together these factors determine the way in which a company operates. BANGALORE 17 . skills and shared values can be seen as the ³SOFTWARE´ of success of an organization. y y y y y y y Structure (Virtual organizations) Strategy (Corporate. Business. Since then it is known as their 7-S model. nor it is a matter of setting up new systems and letting them generate improvements. Managers should take into account all 7 of these factors.

BANGALORE 18 . R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT.REITZEL INDIA Structure Structure Strategy Strategy systems Systems Shared values Shared Values Skills Skills Staff Staff style Style GOVT.

Executive Accounts AEHR Accounts Asst In-charge Technical In-charge Product Dev In-charge Agri operations In-charge Operations In-charge Comm/ Logistic In-charge Stores and Purchase In-charge QC & QA Technical Supervisors Product. Manufacturing. HR.STRUCTURE: ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE OF REITZEL INDIA PVT LTD Board of Directors(Strategy) CEO (Strategy execution. Finance. Management Systems) Secretary HOD Finance In-charge Personnel AHR HOD Project Development. Marketing. Dev. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. Policy.ProductDevelopment . Systems) A E A¶s Production Supervisors Com Asst. A M¶s Asst Quality Supervisors MechsElectri Boiler Ops A E E¶s Agri Accts & Data Production Officer. Purchase. Logistics Sr. Quality AEHR Executive Assistant HOD Agriculture. B/S. Technical. BANGALORE 19 . Chemist Stores supervisor GOVT. In-Charge management Systems (BRC.REITZEL INDIA 1. P/L.

BANGALORE 20 .REITZEL INDIA FUNCTIONAL DEPARTMENTS AND THEIR FUCTIONS:  HUMAN RESOURE DEPARTMENT: INTRODUCTION Edward Flippo states human resource management is the planning. HRM is the process of binding people and organizations together so that the objectives are achieved. directing. Organizations are not mere bricks. development. integration. developing their resources. GOVT. individual and the society. The function of the Human resource department starts from employing people. maintaining and compensating for their services in tune with the job and organizational requirement with a view to contribute to the goals of the organization. machines or invent ories. utilizing. motor. societal objectives are accomplished. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. It is the people who staff and manage organizations. compensation. organizational. and controlling of the procurement. organizing. maintenance and separation of human resource to the end that individual. They are a legal person. Human resource department is the most important department for the co mpany in performing various activities.

B/S. P/L. BANGALORE 21 . Management Systems) HR MANAGER ASSISTANT HR MANAGER ASSISTANT EXECUTIVE HR ASSISTANT EXECUTIVE HR To carry out the functions effectively human resource management has divided into:      Administration Industrial Relation HRD Legal Security GOVT. Finance.REITZEL INDIA ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEPT OF REITZEL INDIA PVT LTD Board of Directors(Strategy) CEO (Strategy execution. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. Marketing. HR. Policy.

The company adopts performance appraisal system for merit rating. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. GOVT. It not only reveals the performance of the candidate but also skills the candidate the areas or skills in which the candidate is weaker for which training is undertaken. position and responsibilities of an employee with in his/her organization.REITZEL INDIA RECRUITMENT Reitzel India uses various sources for recruitment they are  External sources: The external sources include y y y y Campus recruitment Advertisement Employee reference Consultancies  Internal sources: The Internal sources include y y y Promotion Transfers Demotions SELECTION PROCESS The selection processes adopted by the company are : 1) APTITUDE TEST 2) PRELIMINARY INTERVIEW 3) ACADEMIC RECORD EVALUATION 4) INTERVIEW BY THE DEPARTMENT HEADS 5) HR INTERVIEW 6) MEDICAL EXAMINATION 7) OFFER LETTER PROMOTION AND TRANSFER: Promotion means an improvement in the pay. BANGALORE 22 . prestige. Under performance appraisal system every staff are appraised once in 3 months a separate format is prepared of perform ance appraisal under key result area and achievements columns are given the candidate is asked to fill the performance appraisalformat and then the achievements are evaluated with the department heads if the performance was good then the candidate is awarded with hike in payment.

Aids in understanding and carrying out organizational policies. Maintaining of Attendants records for all workers and staffs. Statutory and Non -statutory welfare benefits extended to the employee of the company GOVT. To make employee to adjust with changes. Following are objectives of HRD programme:       Impart job skills. The act also provided that all steps should be taken by the employer to ensure Health. Maintaining salary wage records. It has to maintain individual records. and capabilities in employees. BANGALORE 23 . and Welfare of the workmen. job knowledge. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. For example skill matrixes of each and every contractor are maintained under a separate file.] Aids in developing leadership skills. motivation. Safety.REITZEL INDIA MAINTENANCE OF PERSONNEL RECORDS The establishment section has to prepare records of employee from admission to retirement or death. Improve the morale of the work force. Provides information for future needs in all areas of organization. HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT HRD is a process by which an employee in the organization are helped in a continuous way to acquire and sharpen their capabilities required to perform various functions associated with their present or expected future roles. loyalty ADMINISTRATION: It involves the following o Public relations o Welfare WELFARE: In 1948 after independence the Government of India enacted the Factories act which has been Extensively drawn from ³THE BRITISH FACTORIES ACT´ it is to ensure that workmen in any manufacturing are not put to unduly hours and stretches of work and that they are provided necessary leave and rest.

If there are any differences in management and workers. BANGALORE 24 .30PM 7. This section maintains cordial relationship between management and employees . In Reitzel India Industrial relation section plays vital role.30 AM ± 4.30 AM ± 3. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT.  Co-ordination with various bodies like Officers association.  Implementation of standing Orders and CONDUCT DISCIPLINE AND APPEAL (CDA) Rules to the workmen and officers respectively to follow the Industrial disputes act rules and regulations. Employees co-operative societies.  Implementation of domestic enquiry and procedure.30AM CASUAL LEAVE SICK LEAVE EARNED LEAVE PRIVILEGE LEAVE 10 DAYS 10 DAYS 25 DAYS NOT < 3 DAYS AND NOT > 4 DAYS  AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT: GOVT.30 PM ± 11.  Implementation of various labour legislations.REITZEL INDIA INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS: It is concerned with the relationship between management and workers and the role of regulatory mechanism in resolving any industrial dispute.30PM 11.30 PM ± 7. TIME OFFICE: WORKING HOURS: GENERAL SHIFT MORNING SHIFT AFTERNOON SHIFT NIGHT SHIFT LEAVE ENTRIES: 8.  Collective Bargaining. Sports club.  Procedure for disciplinary action & imposing major punishment  Implementation of grievance procedure.30PM 3. it solves the problem.

REITZEL INDIA DEPARTMENT HIRERARCHY General manager Office manager Manager of H & T Office clerk Fertilizer section clerk Clerks Agricultural department is one of the main sources of suppliers of raw material for the production of gherkin pickles. Agri department has to pla the crops according to the n season and as well as company requirement. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. BANGALORE 25 . chemicals. The basic functions that are practiced in the agri department are. GOVT. Main activity of the agri is to select the best former and providing them to seed for cultivation of gherkins. To Issue of inputs to the formers. y y To Purchase of seeds. fertilizers.

infrastructure. The decision committee decides according to the information contained in the development request format whether the product should be developed or not. The product development procedure deals with y y Development / modification / adaptation of products and packing materials Creation / modification / adaptation of labels and caps PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROCESS 1.REITZEL INDIA y Seeds should issue to the farmers 21 days in advance & fertilizer Fifteen days before sowing. etc. a customer request. Note to be made in the sowing report about the quantity of seeds. The decision will be communicated to marketing team or demander. In case sowing does not take place by the stipulated time. 4. The request should accompany a detailed specification of the product requested. 2. In case it is not possible to send the specification along with the request. The committee decides whether to accept or reject the request based on the sample type (for example if the sample contains a complex flavor which is difficult to decipher). The samples submitted will be tasted and analyzed and the first feedback will be given about the challenges and the time required developing the samples and also the decision will be given. 3.  PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT: This department direct towards product improvement. in-house capabilities. y y Stock Ledger should be updated on day -to-day basis Reconciliation of stocks at main stores shall be done every week and difference if found should be followed up immediately.) must address his request. BANGALORE 26 . and crop availability. a survey. diversification. 5. and improve substitutes and maintaining the quality of the product. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. to raise the sowing report in cae s farmer is using the seeds of the previous season. at least three sets of samples to be submitted for the product development activity. The marketing team or demander (based on an idea. GOVT. seeds and fertilizer must be taken back without fail y Farmer should be issued minimum of 1000 seeds.

Manager (Lab) Sr.REITZEL INDIA 6. is informed to the demander.) Officers GOVT. the marketing team or demander may be requested to submit similar samples to Reitzel ± Swiss to get their product development team feedback. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. the date at which it will be ready for dispatch from the factory. tasting and dispatch takes about 15 days from the date of accept nce and 25 days for the sugar a recipes. 8. Manager (Mfg) Lab Chemist Asst. the normal sour recipe development. The time gap involved for locating and sourcing the flavors would vary. If the sample is being developed. Based on past experience. Wherever possible. Whenever there is ambiguity in the flavor identification. 9. Manager (Mfg) Officer (Jr. sample development will not be started till the flavors are procured. name and code number of flavor etc) so as to help speed up the development process. If flavors¶ are involved.  PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT: PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT HIERARCHY GM (Manufacturing) Asst. depending on the type of flavor required. BANGALORE 27 . 7. marketing team or demander should seek the help of the customer to get the flavour details (name and address of source.

Production management deals with decision making to production process. BANGALORE 28 . The inspector will see the quantity. ed Whenever in house capacity is not sufficient to meet the requirement targets.REITZEL INDIA Production is process by which the inputs are converted into outputs. Generally the goods are transferred from shape size and one form to another form. so that the . GOVT. the quality. c) Output: The outputs are pickle products.output is of satisfactory quality. Also when the raw materials or semi finished goods are converted into finished goods it has to be checked whether is according to the customer specification or produced at good quality. it shall plan for off loading to outside sources. Both inputs and outputs could be goods or services having utility. Production schedule has the following schedules: a) Inputs: Raw materials b) Processing: The inputs are processed by a series of operation. The responsibility of planning department shall be to plan and organize requirement for production shops to achieve its targeted quantities releas by PO as per marketing requirement. While purchasing any materials from outside the materials has to be cross checked or inspected before it is entered in to production.  QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPARTMENT: Quality control department plays a very important role in maintaining the quality of the company products. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. produced at minimum cost and meets the demand schedule. When the goods are purchased buy the company first it is entered into the Inward Inspection department for the quality assurance and it is cross checked by corresponding purchase order.

organization cannot achieve its objectives. Officer Account Asst. The company also borrows funds from the banks for the conduct of the business by showing the future orders obtained from the customers and avails overdraft facilities from the bank. The systems and styles adopted in the maintenance of accounts and accounting systems will not be the same in all the organizations it varies from one organization to another organization in some respects.REITZEL INDIA  FINANCE DEPARTMENT: FINANCE DEPARTMENT HIERARCHY Deputy GM (Finance & Accounts) Officer Cashier Jr. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. The company usually allows 60 days credit or 30 days to the customers. raising. Collection of funds: Collection of funds refers to receiving of the amount due from the customers of the company to whom credit sales is made. The funds collected are properly planned and applied for the day-to-day activities and for the survival of the company. BANGALORE 29 . After GOVT. controlling and administering of funds used in the business. Asst. Wit out proper financial h management. Finance is the process of acquiring and utilizing funds by a business. Finance can be defined as the activity concerned with planning. The basic function that are practiced in the finance department are: 1. Accountant Clerks Clerks Finance is the lifeblood of an organization.

Issuing of cheques: Another important functions of the finance and accounts department in the company is issuing cheques to the creditors who have supplied materials to the company. 2. Funds flow statements are prepared based on the estimation of he present t 30 GOVT. which reveals the actual inflow and outflow of cash in the business and the actual balance remaining. Processing of the documents and bills: When the raw materials are purchased as per the instructions of the purchase department the inspection and quality control department verifies them and it is accepted by the stores department. Preparation of Funds flow statement: Funds flow statement is a statement. Preparation of Cash flow statement: Preparation of cash flow statement reveals the actual cash position. and the actual funds needed in the future. 6. Cash flow statement is a statement. Once the GRN is received the person in the accounts department make entries in the file and gives a batch name to each and every invoice. After the receipt of the goods the person in the stores department prepares GRN (Goods Receipt note that clearly states the quantity of goods ordered quantity of goods accepted the quantity of goods rejected or send back. which reveals the actual funds that may flow in the future. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. bills/invoice are filed separately in the files. The company gets 30 days or 60 days as trade credit from the suppliers once the due date is arrived the invoice from the files are removed and paid is applied to the bill and the payment is made to the creditors by issuing the cheques. 5. The 3. Then this GRN along with the invoice and copy of excise is sent to the accounts department.REITZEL INDIA the goods are manufactured and sold the amount received from the customers as sequel is posted into the bank so that the balance of the overdraft account reduces and the company earns profits. BANGALORE . It reveals all expenses and incomes of the companies¶ activities. So the differences in the balance between Bank account and the Bank statement has to be verified and checked by the accounting person for making payments. Checking the Bank a/c balance and Bank statement: The Bank account balance which is maintained by the company and the account maintained in the bank may not be always be same. 4. Entries are also in the tally.

For this purpose the materials are classified under certain categories/groups for example:Small size components. To ensure good housekeeping. and supply of these things for meeting the needs of the people working in the company effectively. equipments and other items and account for them. GOVT. To provide adequate and proper storage and preservation to the various items Maintaining minimum stock levels. This statement is mainly useful when the company is taking loan from the bank. To highlight the stock accumulation. First In First Out method (FIFO) system is adopted for the issue of materials for which the life time/durability of the materials is less. material preservation. safe custody of the material and also readily availability of the materials without delay or affecting the production. BANGALORE 31 . receipt and issues can be done adequately. semi finished goods. so that material handling. large size components and medium size components etc. sticking. To report to purchase department regarding the shortage/requirement of any materials for purchase. components.REITZEL INDIA customer orders obtained for production and the future flow of funds. Whenever the workers or employees ask any component/materials the person working in the stores department should able to locate the components quickly with no time. It is indirect tou with the user ch department in its day-to-day activities. The most important purpose for maintaining stores is for effective handling of materials.  STORES DEPARTMENT: Stores play a vital role in the operation of a company. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. For nondurable commodities LIFO system or any other method is adopted To receive the raw materials. The main functions of Stores department are. discrepancies and abnormal consumption. tools. raw materials. again the materials are stored according to the nature of use. Storage of each and every component. stationeries etc.

Mechanical and Electrical are the main areas maintained. price. To receive order. if required. To ensure a longer life span of plant and machinery. y To follow up with suppliers for timely supply and replacement/settlement of claims and other dues from suppliers. possession and market feedback. To effectively plan and control the inventory level  MAITAINANCE DEPARTMENT: Effective maintenance management forms an important approach to reduce the total manufacturing cost and improves the productivity of production process. schedules. process the order received and prepare comparative statements with a view to obtain competitive prices y y y To conduct negotiation with customer. Maintenance department at RIPL is mainly a maintenance division and its main works to maintain the machinery and important spare parts in an e mergency basis. Procurement of raw materials. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. Avoid break down during the production process. 32 GOVT. To issue purchase orders in time after obtaining competent authority¶s sanction and follow ±up for supplies and periodical review of pending purchase orders. failure of this management can lead to high penalty cost.REITZEL INDIA  COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT: Commercial function in this company is decentralized and each unit is responsible for procurement of its requirements based on the approval annual operations plans subject to quarterly based on order. BANGALORE . y y Amendment of order. OBJECTIVES: y y y To maintain plant and machinery. Functions of commercial department are: y y Creation of updated supplier and customer registers system.

BANGALORE 33 . In all th above situations. or facility in an action or doing something.REITZEL INDIA y To minimize operational costs through optimal maintenance. skill e analysis of the employees is of prime importance before training. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. and furnish oil Lubricants and cotton waste Tools and other equipment Welding electrodes Machinery parts etc Pipes and fittings. paints. GOVT. Need for imparting skills to the employees may occur if the employees are newly recruited or if the skills of already working employees are to be updated. Training at Reitzel India Pvt Ltd is been given by the external and professional trainers for the technical and non-technical jobs. This is because most of the operations in Reitzel India Pvt Ltd are technically challenging & needs to be resolved within a specified period of time. Both on the job & off the job training are given to the employees. y y y y y y Diesel. and electrical consumption 2. SKILLS Skill refers to expertness. Job instruction and role-playing training is given on the job for staff members. The maintenance department in its day-to-day operations consumes the following material. But most of the times Reitzel India Pvt Ltd follows off the job training to impart skills. The employee is provided by training on the need base analysis. practical ability. Seminars and lecturing method of training is given to the shop floor employees. Training the people: Training is concerned with imparting & developing specific skills for a particular purpose.

2. SSLC. BANGALORE 34 . SUPERVISOR TECHNICIANS SHOP FLOOR GRADUATE (BSc). No. Such decisions are au thoritative & follows top down style. 5. 3. EXPIRIENCE. For Ex: If management finds opportunity in market through acquisition. ITI. PUC.MSc(AGRI). management takes decision related to acquisition. MANAGER GRADUATE OR POST GRADUATION. 4. The employees in take some decisions related in day-to-day operations Participative manner GOVT. 3. DIPLOMA.REITZEL INDIA MINIMUM QUALIFICATION REQUIRED TO JOIN REITZEL Sl. The Board of Directors takes major management decisions. STYLES: Style of operation in Reitzel India Pvt Ltd is mainly top down in nature. 1. GRADE CEO QUALIFICATIONS MBA. which is made implemented by the first line employee force. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. It flows further through Departmental Heads to the senior supervisors.

Policy. DC. Purchase. y On getting clearance.REITZEL INDIA BUYING DECISION STRUCTURE: Board of Directors (Strategy) CEO (Strategy execution. Finance. Management Systems) HOD Agriculture. Marketing. HR. GOVT. y Arranging for proper unloading of materials and offer the same to QC for income material inspection. SYSTEM: STORES AND INVENTORY CONTROL y Document verification of received material from the supplier like Invoice. B/S. Logistics In-charge Stores and Purchase Stores Purchase supervisor supervisor 4. BANGALORE 35 . and COA in line with our purchase order. Raising of GRN. Manufacturing. P/L. Arranging proper storage of material with identification and traceability details. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT.

Reitzel provides top priority to introduce technologies. profitability and improve quality of work life. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. STRATEGY: Business strategy is the choice of directions and the action the company adapts to achieve its objectives.  Improvements in the existing products. y Up keeping and cleaning of warehouse and storage areas periodically and during audits. Thus for o maintaining good quality for its product and to keep the name which REITZEL made for itself. Credibility and quality. Enhance organizational learning. Ensure that total quality people to meet the organization goals and objectives. materials will issue on FIFO basis. process rs/materials. skills and competence Promote a Culture of Achievement and Excellence. continuous improvement in knowledge.  Increase in production capacity to compete  Introduction of the cost effective substitutes without compromising on quality GOVT. The main strategies in moving this organization to being more successful are. y y Based on requisition from user department. The strategies are important to company so as to achieve its objectivesand goals in a competitive situation. Maintain a motivated workforce through empowerment of individ ual and team building. the same will be stored separately for further action. Inventory management and control over minimum stock levels as per production planning.REITZEL INDIA y Rejections if any from QC inspection. BANGALORE 36 . with emphasis on integrity. 5. human resource to play a pivotal role directly and significantly to productivity enhancement. In other words it is the determination of basic long -term objectives or courses of action and allocation of resources to achieve the organization goals. it uses the best of the raw materials used and the best technology available to foundries. as a strategic business partner.

upgrading with the latest technology and minimizing the mistakes and improve on it.  Size of order and customer. STAFF:  JOB DESCRIPTION AND RESPONSIBILITY Chief Executive Officer y y y Achievement of the overall business plans of the Company Developing an appropriate strategy for the Company. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. PRICING STRATEGY: The price of the products is depended on the customer requirement. The main constraints in executing these strategies are. However two things will determine the cost of the product. The marketing department negotiates the price. As the products are manufactured on the basis of customer different forms of alloys are used for a particular the of product.REITZEL INDIA The key short-term goals to achieve these strategies are maintaining standards.  Cost of manufacture. getting skilled labor. competition. 6. customers themselves because customers don¶t give enough of time to maintain the standards. their customers will be committed to them. The accounts department will send the costing details of the raw material and the different works department will send the total expenses made on particular type of product. in consultation with the Board Structure and run the organization in such a way as to best serve the purposes of the business and enable the company to realize the stated vision y Ensuring proper control by implementing appropriate systems within the Company GOVT. The reason why customers are to be committed to the company is only if the companies customers are committed. The company is cent percent confident that these strategies are the right ones. BANGALORE 37 .

y During absence. to progressively enhance customer satisfaction y During absence. y Making available suitable resources and inputs to facilitate the achievement of targets laid down for the operations team y Coordinating with the marketing team to update them about production plans. I/C Manufacturing will substitute the responsibilities of HOD-Operations. BANGALORE 38 . the product pricing to be adopted. manufacturing. and statutory compliances Specific quality-related responsibilities /authorities are: y In co-ordination with the functional managers o the operations team. analysis and improvement of customer satisfaction by interacting with customers and their representatives. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. reviewing and coordinating the activities of the operations team (agri operations. monitoring. HOD ± Operations: y Directing. regulations and given objectives y Reporting to the Board about the performance of the Company and its present and future prospects and plans Specific quality-related responsibilities/authorities are: y y y Defining and establishing the quality policy and objectives Providing appropriate resources and facilities Evaluating the effectiveness of the system by reviewing the quality performance of various functional groups and findings of internal audits y Reviewing the measurement.REITZEL INDIA y Exercising adequate supervision to ensure that the C ompany complies with the various laws. GOVT. statutory requirements. costing information and logistics details y Liaison with relevant government agencies for subsidy release. planning. HOD ± Operations will substitute the responsibilities of CEO. logistics and purchasing) in such a manner so as to enable the company to meet it¶s business goals y Drawing up the standard cost sheet for each product and advising the marketing team about . set up appropriate f systems and procedures that will facilitate meeting of customer specifications y Review and constantly improve such systems on a continuous basis.

REITZEL INDIA HOD± Product Development. Budgeting and MIS requirements o the company f Liaison with Banks for arranging Term Loans / Working Capital Cash flow management Finalisation of Company¶s annual accounts Complying with statutory requirements relating to the finance & accounting function Foreign currency management Tracking and follow up on receivables Complying with RBI requirements 39 GOVT. quality and other needs are met. Projects & Technical Product Development y In consultation with the marketing team and in line with business needs. quality food Projects y In consultation with the Reitzel Group projects team. with a view to producing safe. Technical y Supervise. and minimize down -time y y Establishing new product specifications. Accounts and Administration y Designing and implementing systems. estimates and drawings to meet expansion needs y Supervise projects execution to ensure that food safety. BANGALORE . R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. support and review the activities of the technical team with a view to achieve prescribed maintenance standards. formulate appropriate plans. HOD ± Finance. policies and procedures for the smooth functioning of the Finance & Accounts Division y y y y y y y y Be responsible for the Costing. and sourcing of appropriate process equipment. including packing materials and labels Co-ordinate with Reitzel Group resources to ensure state of the art implementation of projects. develop / match products as per customer requirements y y Generate / verify and recommend release of product specification sheets Develop production protocols for new products.

y Achievement of various quality. HACCP. y Expected to bring about efficiencies in cost and productivity by making process and other improvements. In-charge ± Operations y Setting up the Production Department of the company by establishing appropriate procedures. I/C Product development & Projects will substitute the responsibilities of HOD± Product Development. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. environment and food safety certifications such as ISO. processes and systems for the same. and keeping track of expenditure to ensure that budgets are not exceeded y Fully support and co-ordinate with the Operations and Commercial functions to ensure smooth functioning of these departments y Take care of the Administrative requirements of the Company. y Responsible for the establishment of the process parameters. Production Officer will substitute the responsibilities of I/C Manufacturing. including liaison with various agencies and departments y During absence. In-charge ± Agri Operations y Designing systems. production planning and execution to meet customer requirements. y For new projects. BANGALORE 40 . keeping in mind the logistic and agro-climatic parameters GOVT. Kosher and others. implementing continuous improvements programmes. and establishing a ³Reitzel Way´ of working y y y Designing and implementing effective training modules for factory personnel During absence. assist with the proper installations of the various processing lines. plan so as to endure compliance with customer. commissioning of all machinery. legal & safety requirements. Plan and execute the manufacturing. Projects & Technical. policies and procedures for the smooth functioning of the Agri Operations Division y Evolving an appropriate annual agri production programme based on the company¶s marketing requirements. BRC.REITZEL INDIA y Management of Factory and Agri related accounts. including monitoring of key performance and productivity parameters.

y Ensure that gherkins that meet all customers. and monitor and tigh control the procurement process. legal & statutory requirements only are delivered for manufacturing. Managing and overall supervision of agri operation activities like area planning and assignment. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. GOVT. y Co-ordinate with Production Manager for routine / breakdown maintenance and preventive maintenance. KSPCB. Factory inspectorate To propose and implement safety precautions for all the equipments in order to prevent any causalities. tly y During absence. Liaison works with Govt agencies viz. KEB. and bring about improvements in farmers services.. Manager-Technical and maintenance y y y y y Responsible for overall plant maintenance Responsible for in time completion of new projects Planning and implementation of preventive maintenance of plant and machinery Planning and estimation of eng budget Development and Procurement of Different change parts required as per the customer requirement y y y y y Dealing with vendors and contractors Training of plant personnel Preparing documents for audits. continuously seek wa and means to improve yield. taking pro -active action to prevent and control pests and diseases. BANGALORE 41 . y Co-ordinate with Production Manager for routine / breakdown maintenance and preventive maintenance.REITZEL INDIA y y y Planning and Budgeting for resources based on the agri production programme Rolling out a sowing programme based on the above planning. y Managing the procurement process to ensure purchase of required quantity and quality of gherkins/other agricultural produce. minimize ys transportation cost. y Preparation of utility statements and keep track on the consumption pattern in order to evaluate the performance of the plant. pesticide usage. maintaining seed stocks. Help decide priority of pending work. HOD ± Operations will substitute the responsibilities of In -charge ± Agri Operations. Help decide priority of pending work.

and food safety standards y Designing and implementing appropriate Quality Management systems as required by the business ± including meeting HACCP. establishing and implementing such systems. BRC and other compliance requireme nts y Liaise with the various statutory bodies to ensure that all compliances relating to quality are kept up-to-date and relevant for the business y Besides the above. Participate in induction/training of newly recruited technicians. Attend to pending grievances. y y Planning and procurement of spares and consumables and its inventory control. processes and procedures as may be necessary for achieving customer specifications. y Selection. improving Production systems.Encourage staff / operators to think creatively regarding cutting costs.REITZEL INDIA y Maintain and submit records as per statues and company¶s requirements. BANGALORE . Conduct. y To improve the facility to achieve better quality of the product and safe working environment. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. merit ratings of technicians watch labour discipline. he will also be responsible for drawing up the plans and budgets necessary for the Quality activities. y In consultation with the marketing team and in line with business needs. develop / match products as per customer requirements y Generate / verify and recommend release of product specification sheets 42 GOVT. for effective and successful implementation of the same. meet all legal & statutory requirements. Installation. inspection for adherence to designed specifications. y Ensure that all products that are dispatched from factory to customers. y To propose and implement automation of the process activities in order to reduce the process time and man power. In-charge ± Quality Control & Quality Assurance y y Setting up a laboratory facility appropriate to the requirements of the business Designing. and for management of the personnel engaged in the above activities. commissioning of new equipments. In-charge ± Product Development & Projects . Provide management all the information for assessing the product cost.

environment and food safety certifications such as ISO. implementing and maintaining BRC Certification Establishing. y Achievement of various qualities. implementing continuous improvements programmes. Executive . Kosher and others. Build up a techno-scientific database for use of the Reitzel Group. implementing and maintaining the ³Respect Inside´ process for product DNA. HACCP. Collect scientific documentation relevant to the business. and establishing a ³Reitzel Way´ of working.Accounts y y y Keeping the company accounts up -dated on a day-to-day basis. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. quality food Identify and work on value-adding improvements that will benefit the customer. y Ensure that quality management systems are maintained and continually im proved. with a view to producing safe. legal & statutory requiremen ts only are released. y Ensure that Product specifications that comply with customer. BANGALORE 43 . quality and legality y Involve himself as a team member in any other projects that may be assigned to him from time to time.REITZEL INDIA y y y Develop production protocols for new products. Extend scientific support to development projects. quality control and product development functions to optimize product safety. develop contacts with science organisations and carry out scientific benchmarking. using Tally Handling bank and cash transactions Supporting purchase related activities. BRC. y Continually improving systems and processes to make the operations more efficient and cost effective y Support the processing. prior to taking up commercial production. y Ensure that representative product samples are offered to the customer for final approval of the product. In-charge Management Systems y y Establishing. including raising purchase orders and monitoring payments y Liaise with banks GOVT.

processes and procedures for the human resources department. supervision and control of agri input stocks (seeds. y y y y y Maintaining of statutory records. media analysis. y y Pay roll processing Ensure that suppliers and service providers are maintained updated. farmer payments. fertilizers. BANGALORE 44 . Personnel Officer y Developing and implementing systems. Quality Supervisor/Junior Quality Supervisor y Raw Material Inspection. Product Development Assistant y y y y Develop new products as per specifications Match sample products. updating the Farmers Accounting software y Setting up basic systems. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. crates ). y y y Any other QC related activity as instructed from time to time. procedures and documentation to cover all relevant accounting areas being handled by you. He is authorised to stop the line in case of any non -conforming product or process are being performed. Training Supervision of the housekeeping and gardening team Ensure that training is carried out and hygiene and sanitation are maintained as required by quality management system.REITZEL INDIA y Handling of Agri Operation accounts . Liaison with Government bodies as required . and standardize recipes Establish production parameters for new products Work with the agri department to develop quality protocols for new crops GOVT. processes.including greens purchase. Verify that on line and finished product specifications are in with in specified limits. pesticides. raising bills for greens sold. on -line QC checking and finished product analysis (physical and chemical parameters).

BANGALORE 45 . including operating the softening plant Ensure that all boiler safety and functional parameters are kept under strict control. processing lines and other equipment y Ensure that all equipments critical to quality are maintained and kept in good working order as stipulated in the quality management system. transport contractors bills.REITZEL INDIA Technical Supervisor y Carrying out preventive and break-down maintenance of all machinery. and other secretarial work Assisting the Senior Management Agri Accountant y y y Keeping farmers accounts updated and current Carrying out farmers payments as per company policy Keeping all agri-related stocks under control. fertilizers. and other sundry issued items). including facilitating KEB changeovers Operating Chilling Plant and Cooling Tower Carrying out water treatment. carrying out periodic reconciliation of stocks of all agri inputs. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. Boiler Operator y y y y y Operation and maintenance of boiler Monitoring DG set operations. Executive Assistant y y y y y y Preparation of periodic reports as per instructions Updating of production data Tracking of dispatches as compared to orders Liaison with the marketing team (Reitzel Misrachi) Handling correspondence. staff claims etc. y Liaise with banks regarding farmer related activities (loans. y y Preparing agri-related MIS as per requirement Scrutiny and passing of all agri bills (including purchases. repayments etc) GOVT. pesticides. and ensuring periodical physical inventory of agriinputs (including plastic crates.

in order to achieve targeted quantity and quality of crop. 46 GOVT. y Manage the procurement activity within your geographical area of control to ensure that good quality crop is purchased. y Conduct communication meetings and carry out training to improve the overall quality of the produce. y Carry out extension activities aimed at developing new areas of crop production in the vicnity i of the factory. y Effective implementation of the agricultural package of practices to sustain and improve crop yields. y Ensure that all Agri operations are carried out as per GAP Agri Extension Assistant (AEA) y To plan for sowings in order to meet the production targets every week as assigned by the Agri Extension Executive y y y To strictly implement the package of practices and to improve the yield and quality levels To keep close contact with farmers and support them with technical know-how To organize meetings with farmers and labourers on a regular basis to enforce the quality measures as laid down by Reitzel India.REITZEL INDIA Agri Data Entry Operator y y y Keep the farmers data updated in the Farmers accounting package To assist with upkeep of the computer network Ensure that data entry is done accurately. y y Deal effectively with the contract farmers so that all issues are dealt with in a timely manner Implement the relevant policies and proces ses of the company in such a manner so as to achieve the targets of the Agri Department. BANGALORE . y Monitor the transportation of greens and management of other logistic functions falling within your geographical area of control. and control or eliminate ³red´ farmers. y Ensure that all Agri operations are carried out as per GAP. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. Agri Extension Executive (AEE) y Selection of right villages and farmers based on sowing plan and logistic needs. and contribute towards achieving the overall goals of the company.

maintenance of database of suppliers. exports and taking care of statutory requirements y Providing necessary inputs for the budgeting and Annual Operating Plan preparation exercise 47 GOVT. Co-ordination between factories. after correcting the same taking into consideration the stock position and ground realities y Managing and overall supervision of all stores and procurement activities relating to sourcing. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. imports. BANGALORE . Executive ± Stores / Purchase y Designing and implementing systems. follow-up with suppliers. CHA. acid and brine Providing feed-back to agri on the quality of greens Planning for raw materials and consumables Maintaining international standards of housekeeping and hygiene Training labour on quality systems like ISO. and the stores are maintained in a manner which matches the best practices possible y Evolving an appropriate annual raw material / input procurement programme based on the company¶s production & marketing requirements. pricing. liners. quality and other parameters y Managing and executing the materials and inputs procurement programme. HACCP and GMPs Commercial Officer / Assistant y y y y y y Import and Export Documentation Maintenance of Customs / EOU records Ensuring Statutory Compliances Purchase order preparation. Ensure that documentation pertaining to shipment is complete as per procedure and requirement. Preservation and stabilization of gherkins in vinegar. y Ensuring that the stocks are kept under tight control. keeping in mind the logistic. policies and procedures for the smooth functioning of the Stores and Purchase activity.REITZEL INDIA Production Officer / Supervisor y y y y y y Processing of greens as per customers specification and handling manpower efficiently.

This is why at Reitzel they have« ³A taste for balance´ Employees in RIPL are associated as teams & perform the tasks. GOVT.REITZEL INDIA y y Developing and monitoring vendors for various services and materials Ensure that adequate quantity and quality of raw materials are availab to execute the le manufacturing plan. 7. SHARED VALUES Satisfying customers. BANGALORE 48 . Reitzel see these three essential criteria to be equal in importance. such are the values of Reitzel. motivating staff and ensuring a good profit. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT.

WEAKNESS  It is seasonal industry as it is agro based.  Good supply chain management. GOVT. STRENGTHS  Good quality of product  Using modern technology for production  Availability of human resource at low cost (skilled & semi-skilled)  Increasing demand for the product globally.REITZEL INDIA SWOT ANALYSIS S strength INTERNAL W Weakness O Opportunities EXTERNAL T Threats A Scan of the internal and the external environment is an important part of the strategic planning process. in off seasons procurement of raw materials is difficult. BANGALORE 49 . Competitive analysis and internal corporate analysis. SWOT analysis also means Environmental analysis. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. and those external to the firm can be classified as Opportunities (O) or Threats (T). Environmental factors internal to the firm usually can be classified as Strength(S) or Weakness (W). The SWOT analysis provides information that is helpful in matching the firm¶s resources and the capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operates. As such.Such analysis of the strategic environment is referred to as a SWOT analysis. it is instrumental in strategy formulation and selection.

 Catering the local area and taking the first mover advantages. BANGALORE 50 . because competitors are offering at low prices. marketing of products in few selected countries. with low / nil custom duties and other taxes. THREATS  Several competitors  Stringent trade policy  Shortage of man power in on seasons  Company is under pressure to cut cost to bring down the prices of the products.REITZEL INDIA  Under utilization of resources.  Limited area operation ie. OPPORTUNITIES  Establishing the production plants in Andra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu due to the availability of raw materials and low cost labour.  Opportunity of tapping the untapped foreign market. GOVT. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT.

such as Whole gherkin. I find Cleanliness. management and share holders are satisfied. In this factory all the workers. 3. 6. GOVT. and also semi products in barrels. Spears. because of this it has achieved common objectives. 7. this shows the cordial relationship between management and workers. 5. Overall the departments are performing well in the organization. During my study in RIPL. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. Since its inception is not a single strike or lockout has taken place. In RIPL all employees are wearing the uniform so it¶s creating uniformity in all employees. 2. Purchasing department of the company is working with high efficiency. Stackers. It manufactures various types¶ products in gherkin. 4. BANGALORE 51 . FINDINGS: 1. discipline and time sense in the employee.REITZEL INDIA FINDINGS AND SUGGESTIONS REITZEL INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED has started manufacturing the Gherkin pickles. By analyzing the data of the employee it is clear that maximum employees are satisfied with the safety measures provided by the company. in the year 1909.

REITZEL INDIA SUGGESTIONS: 1. For good working of workers it is better to conduct more recreation programs to the employees. Appoint professional experts in different fields of specialization. It is better to give the transportation facility to the employees. 8. It is better to give more health information to the employees by conducting the health seminars. it is better to give good canteen facilities. and workshops. BANGALORE 52 . R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. 3. GOVT. Economic order of quantity of all such items. 9. 5. 6. 7. training should be given to the employees and regular inspection should be made. The employees are wants maintenance of good environment so. which are consumed continuously. it is better to maintain good garden outside the company. Efforts must be made to reduce operating cycle through proper production planning. 2. 4. must be calculated and practiced. The employees are not satisfied with the canteen facility so.

. And appoint highly qualified and experienced staff to boost of efficiency inside the f ctory.F contribution. bonus and incentives schemes. BANGALORE 53 . Factory yet to take correct steps to build more houses for workers. subside raised uniforms are being provided regularly. The Gerkin plant is glittering with green colour. To survive in this competitive world. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. as well as the quality of the product and service.REITZEL INDIA CONCLUSION: The Reitzel India Private Ltd. Dry field are rare and the irrigated areas are more. The management is giving better service to customers. GOVT. pertaining to distraction. financial condition. P. it is better to concentrate on the profit. conditions of the employees by utilizing the human resource effectively. I had gone through the records provided by the officials of Reitzel India Private Ltd. Gerkins payment is up to the date those were supplied Gerkins to factory and incentives also announced for the directors of the factory. The employees and farmers are performing very well with their work. Inside the factory a both cane crushing and production process found satisfactorily. Now Gerkin Pickles production process going well in factory. is very good plant than other factories. The good understanding between management and workers. welfare measurem ents were found satisfactorily. monthly salary. As per workers welfare measurement. concerns.. Now farmers¶ life is filled with happy life« in all respect good atmosphere available from factory surroundings. The farmers are releasing high recovery gerkins to factory and alsothey are getting good benefit from factory.

To conclude this project has given me practical exposure in the studyof organization. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. The response and support got from the management and staff was appreciable. I would like to mention the name of MR. It was a dream come true to me who always wanted to work in the industries which is my area of interest and it was a great experience working where I learnt many things about the functioning of an organization in accordance with the prese market trends. they were taken to different departments and it was great interaction with the various departmental heads and I came to know the real situation. Personnel officer (HRD) detailed us very clearly about the guidelines to be followed with respect to maintaining the discipline of the organization.REITZEL INDIA LATEST ANNUAL REPORT OF THE REITZEL INDIA PVT LTD It is confidential of the company LEARNING EXPERIENCES GAINED DURING IN PLANT TRAINING My overall experience in the company was very pleasant. I learned about management from the practical prospective and I learned about organizati n as to how it works o in management aspects and the policies and procedures. duties.RAVI KULAL. This has added value in my academic learning. it was totally a new experience entering into the organization. During the first week. which normally would come across while on work in the office or factory environment. In plant training in the company helped me to know the practicalities. After the initial session. The atmosphere and working condition were encouraging in the company. Totally it was a highly useful training for me in the company. The main purpose of the nt organization study is to make the students acquainted with the practical knowledge about the overall functioning of the organization. On the first day of the training . GOVT. It givens opportunity to study the human behavior and also makes one ready to face different situations. M sir and who guided me in this project and who helped me in the courseof my in plant training. BANGALORE 54 .

BANGALORE 55 . I realized that. Deputy Manager. SPECIFIC LEARNING: While studying SWOT analysis of the competitors and the company. Each department has separate Manager. To some up experience in Reitzel India Pvt Ltd was fabulous and wonderful learning experience for me in the corporate environment where guidance from the managers was par excellence. structure. They cooperated well when we had to disturb them with so many queries in our mind tobe cleared from the concerned during the visits to the respective departments. skill set. staff and shared values. weaknesses. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT. The 7S framework gave a sort of birds eye view into strategy. It was really a fruitful and great experience while working in the organization. Purchase Officer. I also realized the importance of shared values as it determines the very culture of organization. Assistant Officer and Supervisor. style. GOVT.REITZEL INDIA responsibilities and functions of the departments. the SWOT as a tool really benefits managers to take day to day decisions and give strategic dimension to it keeping in mind of strengths. system. opportunities and threats of each of these companies. Employee from every corner of the department helped me in getting the required information for the successful completion of this project. www. R C COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT.REITZEL INDIA BIBLIOGRAPHY Sl.M.No Sources of books Authors Publishers 1 Research and methodology Ashwathappa Himalaya Publishing House Tata Mc Graw-Hill Publishing company limited Tata Mc Graw-Hill Publishing company limited Himalaya Publishing House Tata Mc Graw-Hill Publishing company limited 2 Marketing Management Philip Kotler 3 Financial Management I.reitzel.Pandy 4 HumanResourse Management Analysis of Financial Statements Reddy and Appanaiah Agarwal 5 Internet Source:  Company website:  Company research reports-2008&2009  Company Broacher GOVT. BANGALORE 56 .

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