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Historical Society Incorporated

March—April 2011
Newsletter No. 50

Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor

St Ninians

Photo credit: Bill Ellis

AWHS were the first community
group to utilise St Ninians since
2007, when we had our first meeting
for 2011 there on Saturday 5 Febru-
ary. It was a stinking hot day, we
really could have done with a fan or
two but, clustered at the far end near
an open doorway, we had a success-
ful meeting, followed by refresh-
ments, during which time many
wandered out and had a good look at
the adjoining cemetery.

Our thanks to Auckland Council
(and the previous City Council) for
all the hard work taken in restoring the church building News about members
for community use, and to the Avondale Community
Society who have spearheaded the applications to
We sadly note the passing of AWHS member Molly
Council for a lease so that St Ninians will be available
Scott, who died 23 January 2011. Molly was so look-
for community groups to hire. There are still some de-
ing forward to this year, with St Ninians open, and up-
lays regarding the lease and formal legal permissions,
coming conferences and gatherings.
but hopefully these will be a formality only.
You have been a wonderful friend to us all, Molly.
Loss of some AWHS display boards and Thank you for being part of our Society.
heritage brochures through arson
Rosebank School 50th anniversary
The Avondale Business Association very kindly stored
the set of display boards donated to us by Blockhouse To be held 11-12 November 2011. Phone 828-6371 for
Bay Historical Society, along with remaining boxes of more details or email
the Avondale heritage walks brochures. Unfortunately,
their storage area was broken into around 6-7
February, their set of Christmas lights stolen, and then Next meeting:
the miscreants (yes, I could use a stronger term, but
let’s keep things clean) set fire to the place.
Saturday 2 April 2011, 2.30 pm
St Ninians Church
On the good news side, the ABA were able to salvage St Georges Road,
five boxes (1500 copies) of the brochures, five of the opposite Hollywood Cinema
boards, and eight stands (the latter items the ABA
cleaned and repainted. They are now in AWHS
St Judes Church and the tree George Maxwell Memorial Cemetery
interpretive sign
At our February meeting, the Society agreed to support
moves to have the Port Jackson fig tree in front of St Judes This was installed by Council at the end of last year,
Anglican Church removed from the Council’s list of by the Orchard Street gate entrance to the cemetery,
scheduled trees. The following is the text of a letter I wrote and does look quite smart. Our Society’s logo appears
for the Church Vestry: at the corner, as much of the information provided and
map comes from our archives. If you’re down that
“As we have previously stated in our submission support- way, take a look.
ing your application for approval to remove the tree some
time ago, it is the opinion of our Society that the heritage
values of the church building far out weigh any perceived St Ninians 150th anniversary sign
heritage values for the tree, which is not closely associated
with any aspects of the church building’s history since This was installed on the fence outside St Ninians just
1884. before our February meeting there. I’m tracing who the
project coordinator was from Council so that we can
“Along with this, we note that there are other specimens of pass on our thanks and appreciation.
this exotic species of tree currently on the schedule:
15 March — talk on Albert Crum and
• two on a road reserve at Hay Road, Panmure,
his New Lynn brickyard, 1905-1929
• one at 73 Jervois Road (St Stephens Church),
• and one at 72 Seaview Road, Remuera”
West Auckland Historical Society have asked me to
Ongoing costs of maintenance of the tree borne by the speak on this topic at St Michael’s Church, Corban
Vestry, along with the damage the roots can potentially Estate, Henderson, 7.30 pm, Tuesday 15 March. If
cause to the far older heritage building, are of considerable anyone’s interested, you’d be welcome to come along.
concern to our Society.