THIS RENTAL AGREEMENT is made on this, the ______ day of _________, 2008 (TWO THOUSAND XXXX) at Chennai.

BETWEEN XXXXXXXX, aged about XX years, son of XXXXX residing at XXXXXX , hereinafter called the “LESSOR” which term shall mean and include whatever the context so admits and permits his legal heirs, legal representative, executors, administrators and assigns of ONE PART and represented by his father/mother –POA agent (in case of power of attorney), XXXXXXX, aged about XX years residing at XXXXXXXX, , Chennai — 600 0XX, as agent as per adjudicated power of attorney dated 24.XX.XXXX AND Mr.ABC S/O of Mr.XXXXX, hereinafter called the “LESSEE” which term shall mean and

include whatever the context so admits and permits his legal heirs, legal representative, executors, administrators and assigns of OTHER PART.

00 per month (Rupees Three Thousand Five hundred only) towards Rent. AND WHEREAS THE LESSEE has approached the LESSOR to demise the SCHEULE mentioned FLAT on Monthly rental basis for Residential purpose for a period of 11 months on the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned and the LESSOR has also herby agreed to demise the SCHEDULE mentioned FLAT to the LESSEE on a monthly rental on the following terms and condition. The Maintenance charge relates to charges and expenses incurred for the maintenance of .WHEREAS the LESSOR herein is the sole and absolute owner of all that piece and parcel of the residential flat. Apart from the monthly rent. commencing from ___________ and shall expire on the _______. The LESSEE has agreed to pay the Monthly Amenity charges on or before 5th day of the every succeeding month for the demised property more fully described in the SCHEDULE hereunder in the following manner. upon completion of 11 months. XXXX Chennai 6000XX and more particularly described in the SCHEDULE hereunder. The Lease is according to the English Calendar Month. directly paid to XXXXXX Owner’s Association). (ii) Rs XXXXXX (Rupees XXXXX Thousand only) as one time interest free deposit to be paid by the LESSEE at the time of taking possession of the premises and refunded by the LESSOR at the time of receiving vacant possession of the premises (Refer Point 16 for details) 4. Electricity Consumption charges (At actuals) and Water Charges if any to the authorities concerned. 2009. the LESSEE shall pay Maintenance Charges (Rs 1000 per month. The Lease shall be initially for a period of 11 months. The Lease is strictly for Residential purpose to accommodate the occupier of the LESSEE. 3. NOW THIS LEASE AGREEMENT WITNESSTH AS FOLLOWS: 1. 2. (i) Rs XXXXXX.

The LESSEE covenants to keep the demised premises in good and tenantable condition during the continuance of this Lease and also no make any permanent additions or alteration in the same. charges relating to common area and salaries paid to the servants for the maintenance of the Building. 5. The LESSEE shall handle the fittings and fixtures in the Demised premises and maintain the same properly. 11. That the LESSOR shall have full control over the supervision and management in respect of the said flat and the LESSEE shall not. 6. 8. 12. LESSEE shall be held responsible for compensation and other charges as the case may be and such charges may be adjusted from the security deposit amount when the same is refunded upon completion of the licensing agreement tenure (Vacation of flat). in case of damage caused by the LESSEE to the SAID PREMISES during the period of use. electricity. as any prudent person would do with his/her property. The LESSEE should keep the demised premises in good and tenantable condition. the lease shall stand cancelled and the LESSEE shall vacate the FLAT forthwith. The LESSEE shall not use the demised premises for any purpose other than for which it was let out nor shall sub-let or sub-lease the portion let out to him to any third party. That. in any way. 7. The LESSEE shall not commit default in the payment of rents and if the LESSEE fails to pay the monthly rent within the stipulated time for two consecutive months. 9. 10.the premises such as maintenance of common area. interfere with the LESSOR’s right of maintenance nor the LESSOR interfere with the LESSEE’s rights of quiet & peaceful undisturbed tenancy & occupation. The LESSEE agrees to pay the monthly General Maintenance charges (Same charges as mentioned in point 4) directly to The Association formed by all the Flat owners of XXXXXX Apartment complex. The LESSEE pay in proportion to the charges and expenses incurred for the maintenance of the premises such as maintenance of .

19. electricity. 13. after expiry of the agreement and conditions for a further period of 11 / 22 months upon execution of a fresh lease agreement.common area. 15. On the Expiry of the Lease Period of 11 months. this Lease Agreement can be renewed on the 5% increase of rent per annum. which would be refunded by the LESSOR after deducting the arrears in rent and damages if any. That no interest shall be payable on the deposit amount. 17. 18. at the time of LESSEE vacating and handing over the vacant and peaceful possession of the demise premises to LESSOR. 16. That the LESSEE shall not create any untoward disturbance or nuisance and shall not allow any anti-social person in the SAID PREMISES.One covered car park. charges relating to common area and salaries paid to the servants for the maintenance of the Building. 14. for the period of two months. SCHEDULE ALL THAT PIECE AND PARCEL OF FLAT BEING NO XXXXXXXXX CHENNAI 6000XX. Either The LESSOR or the LESSEE may terminate the Lease agreement by giving written notice 2 (Two) months in advance. The LESSOR shall pay all taxes and Levies due to Municipal Corporation. However the LESSEE is free to terminate the licensing agreement with a shorter notice period in which case the monthly rental for the premises & fixtures only. IN WITNESS WHEREOF this agreement upon above-mentioned terms and conditions both the LESSOR and LESSEE hereby are subscribing their respective hands and seals to the day. That the said lease shall stand automatically terminated in case the LESSEE fails to comply with any of the stipulated terms and conditions of this agreement. shall be paid as compensation to the LESSOR. That the LESSEE shall not keep or store any illegal inflammable article or explosives that endanger life and property. month and year first above written. SIGNED SEALED AND DELIVERED IN PRESENCE OF WITNESSES: .

The parties to this Agreement. conditions and covenants set out herein. the obligation for the payment of rent. but not limited to. through ________________ and/or shall continue on a month-to-month basis thereafter until either party terminates the tenancy by giving written notice to the other of their intention to terminate said tenancy. Landlord hereby rents to Tenant and Tenant hereby hires from Landlord the premises commonly known as _______________________________________________ ________________________________________. completeness. are _______________ hereinafter referred to as "Landlord" and _______________________________ and _______________________________. ____________________________ SIGNATURE OF THE LESSOR OR POA Agent 2. jointly referred to as "Tenant"). including. PARTIES . and Landlord is relying on the truth. Tenant has completed a rental application. PREMISES . __________________________________ SIGNATURE OF THE AUTHORISED SIGNATORY OF THE LESSEE Fixtures List a) Fans ______ b) Geysers ______ c) Tube Lights _______ d) Exhaust Fan ________ e) Other _________________________________________________________ RENTAL AGREEMENT AND RENTAL APPLICATION 1. 3. 2. set forth as Exhibit A. and accuracy of such information as an inducement to enter into this Agreement. The tenancy under this Agreement shall commence on ______________. The premises described herein shall be occupied only by the above named persons. This Agreement is between Landlord and each named Tenant. subject to the terms. all of which are a material part of the consideration of this Agreement. The named Tenant(s) are jointly and severally responsible for full performance of all obligations under this Agreement. which notice must be given at least 45 days prior to the date of termination. hereinafter (if more than one (1) Tenant. The forty-five (45) day notice referred to in this paragraph does . TERM .1.

Furthermore. 5. Tenant and Landlord expressly agree that if Tenant allows any roommate and/or guest. paid after the first day of the month). and that it is impracticable or extremely difficult to fix the actual damages. If Tenant's check is returned by the.00 if Tenant's bank returns a rent check for any reason. The rent payable each month will be the amount of $_______________. Each named Tenant is jointly and severally responsible for full payment of the above stated rent. including but not limited to insufficient funds. The premises shall be used exclusively for residential purposes only by the above named person(s). "habitual" late payment of rent shall be defined as the payment of rent after the first day of the month when the rent is due. Tenant agrees to be responsible for and reimburse Landlord for all bank charges and costs resulting from the return of Tenant(s) check. OCCUPANCY : The Premises shall be occupied exclusively by the person(s) named herein as Tenant(s). RENT . i. Tenant agrees to pay rent monthly. The Landlord's acceptance of any such payment shall not be construed as creating tenancy rights in the person or entity who made the payment. no later than the first (1st) day of each and every month. If the bank returns Tenant's rent checks more than once.. Landlord may assess a late payment charge of $50 if rent is late (i. Tenant agrees to pay a service charge of $25. LATE CHARGE. 6. said payment shall be deemed to have been made on behalf of the named Tenant herein. during the twelve month period of January through December. In the event that a rental payment is submitted for the rental unit by a person and/or entity not named herein as a Tenant. in advance. regardless of the date of payment. It is expressly agreed by all parties to this Agreement that Tenant is prohibited and restricted from using the premises for any business purpose. There is no courtesy/grace period and rent is late if received after the first day of the month. and will be subject to the above service and late charges. Landlord and Tenant agree that the late charge is presumed to be the damages sustained because of Tenant's late payment of rent. Landlord may serve 30 days' written notice that all future rents are to be paid in cash or by certified check or money order. bank for any reason. the Landlord's acceptance of any such payment shall not be construed as a waiver of any rights available to the Landlord.e. Tenant can be evicted as allowed by law for habitually paying the rent late. Said rent shall be payable to ______________________ and shall be mailed or delivered to: _____________________________________________ _________________________________________________. not named . however. if Tenant pays rent after the first day of the month on more than three occasions during those twelve months. for any three (3) months during a twelve (12) month period of Tenant's tenancy. For the purposes of this tenancy. 4.e.not restrict the Landlord from serving the Tenant with any three (3) day notice that the Landlord is entitled by law to serve on the Tenant. said damages shall not prevent Landlord from recovering possession of the premises as may be allowed by law based on Tenant's habitual late payment of rent. said rental payment will be deemed late as defined above. In addition to the service charge. It is expressly agreed by all parties to this Agreement that Tenant is prohibited and restricted from taking on roommates in the premises. and by no other person(s).

that Tenant shall be in material breach of this Agreement thereby entitling Landlord to recover possession of the premises based on Tenant's breach of covenant. Tenant agrees to replenish any security applied by the Landlord during the tenancy to compensate the Landlord for items including but not limited to rent defaults or repairs of damage to the premises caused by the Tenant or Tenant Guests. Tenant authorizes the Landlord to commingle the security deposit funds with any of the Landlord's other funds. The security deposit is collected for the purpose of securing the performance of all Tenant's obligations under this Agreement. compensating the Landlord to cover damages to the premises caused by the Tenant or any visitor or guest of the Tenant. each person is fully responsible for the performance of all obligations under this Agreement. which when combined with all other advanced deposits herein.. including but not limited to. If more than one person's name appears under "TENANT” in this Agreement. Nothing contained herein shall prevent the Landlord from serving Tenant with a Three Day Notice to Perform Covenant or quit or any other applicable notice(s). unpaid utility charges that have become or may become liens on the premises. unless such person fully completes and signs a rental application and executes an Agreement. excluding normal wear and tear. It is expressly understood and agreed that the limits on the number of persons occupying the premises shall not prevent the minor children of Tenant from also residing in and occupying the premises along with said Tenant. to reside in and/or occupy the premises. failure to return keys and garage door remote control(s) if applicable. including but not limited to the obligation to pay rent. does not exceed two months rent. All deposits collected are for the purpose of securing the performance of Tenant(s) obligations under this Agreement..herein as a Tenant. SECURITY DEPOSIT . No person other than the above named Tenant(s) shall be permitted to reside in the premises more than THREE (3) days in any given month. 7. This tenancy is not subject to transfer to any person(s) other than those named herein. No trust relationship is created between the Landlord and Tenant as a result of the Tenant's payment and the Landlord's acceptance of the security deposit. cleaning. The security deposit cannot be used towards payment of the last month's rent. Tenant agrees to pay a security deposit in the amount of $_________. acceptance of which is subject to the sole discretion of Landlord. and painting of the premises upon termination or expiration of the tenancy. any judgment for rent or possession. . breach of this Agreement including nonpayment of rent. The security deposit.

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