Comparison of Stirling Engine Companies

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Infinia has the expertise, vision, and relationships to deliver highly reliable, innovative technology in your most challenging applications. Infinia’s Stirling generators and power systems can deliver the energy you need, with extreme dependability and efficiency.


Free-Piston Machines, Cryogenic Coolers, Vibration Control and Components
Stirling Biopower Stirling Biopower (formerly STM Power) makes Stirling-cycle external combustion engines that convert heat from a variety of sources into electricity for commercial, industrial, and renewable energy markets. The company's PowerUnit uses heat from sources such as liquid fuels, landfill and digester gas, petroleum flare gas, and other low-grade waste fuels. The technology was originally developed in the early 19th century and later eclipsed by development of the internal combustion engine, which now powers most motor vehicles. STM Power was established in 1979 and revived as a business venture in 1990. The company shut down in early 2007 and was revived again under new ownership in mid-2007 as Stirling Biopower.
Esolar has developed a cost-effective CSP technology. Esolar’s pre-fabricated design, patented computer software, and elegant engineering solutions provide low cost solar electricity scalable from 33 MW. Power plants deliver low cost solar energy in response to growing worldwide energy demands.



Micropower Shanghai

机组容量从 20-50kw,零件数比内燃机少 40%,成本较低。高效:总能效率达到 80%以上; 低噪:1 米处裸机噪音底于 68dBA;低排放:尾 气排放达到欧 5 标准。

Starpoint solar

Stirling Energy System

Starpoint Solar’s ground breaking thermal solar technology utilizes a large mirrored parabolic dish with a newly designed 50 KW Stirling Cycle engine to generate electricity at a competitive rate ($0.085 cents kWH) with that of fossil fuel or new natural gas fired power plants. It is completely emission free, requires no outside fuel source other than the sun itself and requires no water in the dry hot desert areas where water is typically both scarce and expensive. The Starpoint Solar Dish System, when deployed in large utility-grid solar power plants will dramatically change the solar energy industry by producing power at nearly ½ the cost of existing PV Solar Panels ($0.20 cents per kWH), Thermal Trough/Tower systems ($0.15 cents per kWH). The SES SunCatcherTM is a 25 kW solar power system that has been designed to automatically track the sun and focus solar energy onto a power conversion unit (PCU). This in turn converts the intense heat to grid-quality electricity.



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