Whirl Zapper Bot Specification

1. 2. Each team is allowed to have only one bot. The bot must fit into a cube of dimensions 200 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm.

3. The bot must use only on-board power supply. No external off-board power supply is allowed. 4. The max voltage difference between any two points must not exceed 12V

5. The bot must be fully autonomous with all powering and motoring mechanisms self contained. 6. Human operators are not permitted to enter any information into the bot during the event. The bot must not communicate with any wireless device also. 7. The bot cannot be constructed using ready made Lego kits or any ready made mechanism. But you can make use of ready made gear assemblies. Violating this clause will lead to the disqualification of the machine.

Game Play
1. Pre game Set up 1.1 Each team will be allowed a slot of 5 mins to calibrate their machines on the track. Just before the run.
2. Elimination Round 2.1

Group of 2 teams will be made on a random basis by picking up chit.

2.2 The track will have 2 pole positions from where each team of a group will start. These positions will be allotted on a random basis. 2.3 2.4 3. The two teams will start their machines simultaneously. The bot which will reach the finish point will win the respective round.

Correction To Path 3.1. Each team will be allowed two corrections to the path of their bot if the bot does not cross any section of the track after diverting. 3.2. The bot must be lifted and placed at the last check point bot has passed on the track. 3.3. Incase a bot runs haywire by going off the track or skips a portion of the track,

3 There will be 3 winners declared after final round. and the bot will be placed at the previous checkpoint cleared or at the start point. 5. 5. 5. 5.4.The Number of rounds may depend on Number of participants. Judges' decision shall be treated as final and binding on all. Participants should not dismantle their robots before the completion of the whole competition as the machines might need to be verified by the judges at a later stage to ensure that the participants have not violated any of the rules. 5. both will be considered winners.6.2. 4.1.4. if any. 5 General Rules 5. The groups of two teams those will compete each other will be formed at 10:30 am at the place specified. The organizers reserve the right to change any of the above rules as they deem fit. 4 More than two restarts will lead to disqualification.3. Any machine which damages the arena will be disqualified. 4. Any team that is not ready at the time specified will be removed from the competition automatically. Change in rules. This will last for 2 mins.1 Sort listed teams of previous round will be playing next round. 6 Certificate Policy: All the participants will be provided with participation certificates.8 A team may consist of a maximum of 3 members. All the winners will be provided cash prize and certificate of excellence .then the bot can take a restart.5. If more than a single bot remains in the end. Students from different educational institutes can form a team.Organizers will be not responsible for any minor scratches left by the previous machines on the arena. The machines would be checked for their safety before the run and would be discarded if found unsafe for other participants and spectators. 5.2 There may be wild card entry depending upon performance of individual bot and that will be decided by organizers.7 Incase of ties their will be a similar type run between the machines. 5. 3. will be highlighted on the website and notified to the registered participants. Final Round 4.

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