Simplify your Microsoft® Windows 7 migration planning. Assess your hardware, software and infrastructure readiness.
Microsoft® Windows 7 is the highest quality Windows® release to date, offering many new and enhanced features. By upgrading to Windows 7, your organization will rapidly achieve increases in productivity that translate into both cost savings and revenue growth. But migrating to Windows 7 can impose challenges on any organization, especially in planning, managing and automating the deployment. This is where real experience counts. By working with our consultants you can quickly build a cohesive strategy to deploy your new Operating System, knowing that you have ensured the compatibility of all your mission critical hardware, desktop applications and data. Our five-day fixed-price Readiness Assessment will review all your current infrastructure and applications, including your existing ConfigMgr and Active Directory environments, to deliver an in-depth view of the technical and business requirements involved in your planned Windows 7 deployment. This assessment phase builds an initial justification, reviewing the processes involved in application compatibility testing, your current applications and desktop hardware and your likely training requirements. Leveraging our operating systems deployment knowledge and expert services, the assessment concludes with a report highlighting everything you’ll need to know to deploy Windows 7, the timescales and likely costs involved and our key recommendations.

“1E works to a very refreshing business model. Its unique make up of technical consultants make the company very efficient and so easy to work with; its technical excellence and skills transfer have ensured that we have the in-house skills to maintain and manage the network once 1E completes its work. 1E has proven that it is the people that make a project happen, not just systems and processes.” Paul Morley, Infrastructure Manager, British Sugar


Our Assessment includes:
• • • • • • Speed up time to migration, mitigating risk with automated discovery tools and analysis Capture technical and business requirements Develop a minimum hardware specification and gauge your installed base Review the processes involved in application compatibility testing Assess your training requirements Deliver a report to justify the project while highlighting likely costs and timescales

Get Started
A 1E-facilitated five day assessment workshop session is the best way to get started with your Windows 7 deployment. Contact your 1E representative today to schedule your first step.

Hardware Readiness - make sure your hardware is compatible
Determine if Windows 7 can run and perform on your current installed base with a thorough review of your hardware inventory; 1E will assist you in setting a minimum hardware specification, then measure and report on your current inventory against those compatibility standards.

Application Compatibility - identify and fix potential problems in advance
Application compatibility is the key to a successful Windows 7 roll-out, so we will carry out an exhaustive review of all the processes involved, demonstrating automated discovery tools and processes, enabling you to catalog your critical software and identify any potential compatibility issues.

Migration Planning - preparation is the key to success
Support in developing your migration templates, speeding up the creation of your deployment project plan. Hardware refresh plans, application preparation, imaging strategy and completed deployment plans are evaluated by our consultants based on your business and technical requirements.

Requirements Capture - ensure your users and your business get the benefit
Technical and business requirements will be captured, discussed and agreed during the assessment, ensuring that your business and your users are ready for any deployment.

Infrastructure Assessment - understand the impact in advance
Help to determine the impact of your planned Windows 7 deployment through in-depth analysis of your existing ConfigMgr and Active Directory environments and your network infrastructure, offering advice and guidance on zero-touch deployment options.

Reporting - leverage our extensive knowledge
To enable your team to get up to speed quickly, our experienced consultants will deliver a comprehensive report highlighting everything you’ll need to deploy Windows 7, the timescales and likely costs involved together with our key recommendations.

1E – Empowering Efficient IT
We believe every one of our customers should expect more from their IT. Founded in 1997, 1E pioneered advanced PC power management with the release of ground-breaking solutions like NightWatchman® and WakeUp™. That innovative approach has continued with the development of revolutionary concepts like Useful Work™, Drowsy Server® and Computer Health™ as part of a unique range of industry-leading solutions. Headquartered in London and New York and with nearly 20 million licenses deployed world-wide, over 1,600 organizations in 42 countries have trusted us to help them to work effectively, productively and sustainably. To date, our power management solutions have helped our customers save in excess of $800m in energy costs alone, cutting their CO2 emissions by 6.4 million tons. We have many imitators, but there is only one 1E.

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