By: Amar Farid
What I am writing in this piece of paper is probably has been written over and over in numerous articles in newspapers, magazines, online journals and so on. µWhat makes this article so special?¶ you might wonder. Well, the difference between this article and those professionally written write -ups is this article comes from a University of Malaya final year student who will be graduating in B.Ec in this coming October. I have the anxieties about what my job prospects are and whether I will be getting a job within three months (at least) upon my graduation. Or will I make up the statistics of local graduates who fail to get a job even with a perfect 4.0 GPA? I hope not. Recently, I attended a program on how to make local university students more marketable and employable . I attended a few workshops like this in a few years back and the contents were quite similar. However, as I will be graduating this year and am already feeling the jitters of getting a job , the just concluded workshop I attended has really opened up my eyes about the reality in the Malaysian job market. As painful as it may sound, local graduates are second-class compared to those who graduate from overseas according to most j ob recruiters in Malaysia. I will not go into details on that statement . What I am going to share with you especially those who did not attend this workshop is the mistakes that our local gradua tes often commit that fail them in getting a job that matches their degree. Here are the Top 5:

1. Local grads cannot communicate Everyone in this world communicates, whether it is verbal or non -verbal. Verbal communication is the most used and another word for it is µtalk¶. Talking is easy especially if the topics are of our interest. But, is the talk effect ive or is it just another rambling talk with no end? From my point of view, an effective talk or communication is when the speaker is sending the right message and the message is understood clearly by the receiver. The trainer of this workshop told us there are usually two main problems with local graduates during interviews relating to communication ± (1) They do not communicate and (2) even if they communicate, it is not effective and often run off the course. For those who have problems with problem #1, please engage in public s peaking activities or be the main speaker during your presentation in classes. They really help. 2. I don¶t speak English , terima kasih This is the BIGGEST problem faced by a lot of Malaysian students, particularly university students. 11 years learning English language yet most of us fail to put up a grammatically correct sentence together in their writing, what more in communication. People b lame the system which focuses too much on the national language and less on English, the international lingua franca. I say, these people are shallow for blaming the system to cover up their weaknesses, like the old Malay adage : menari tak pandai, dikatakan lantai jungkang -jungkit. It is not too late to brush up your English and certainly there is no nee d to fork out a fortune to master the language. A simple step like daily conversation with your friends will help. Reading

One way to do it is put your hand on your chest or any body parts you like. This article was written purely for the benefit of UM students. these are global mistakes committed by fresh graduates and the best way to overcome them is to pay a really close attention to small details such as the way you dress. 2011 . I am confident and people will always like me¶ with a smile. At least get the information on the top management executives and the company¶s work philosophy and culture. Even if they do. My huge gratitude to Mr. 3. 5.e favourite food. No confidence I strongly believe confidence is nurtured and not natural . look into a mirror and say to yourself µI am happy. lacking in communication skills and poor English command are often the main reasons why local graduates are not as confident as o verseas graduates. People who are not confident are people who feel insecure of themselves. Monday. h omework here refers to company background checks. specifically Economics students. whether it will succeed or go bust. Say this before going to classes or in the morning for 40 days and God willing you will be a confident person with higher self-esteem. S. local graduates fail in their interviews because they do not do a resear ch on their potential employer background. They still do not realize their potentials and this is what most of local gradua tes and students are facing at the moment. I believe a handshake will determine the next course of our interview. Let us put it like this: If you like a person and you wish to make the person your life partner. 4. Do not do homework I am not referring to our mountains of assignments. We cannot just barge into the interview room without a prior knowledge of the company. Careless and carefree This is actually a global problem and it is becoming a major issue among local graduates. what else can we do to increase our confidence and self -esteem? A simple way that I practice a lot is to have a positive mindset.? Same thing applies on potential employers. actually) those who have the µdragons¶ in their résumé abandon the µmosquitoes¶. Now. as I have been told. mutual traits etc. The µmosquitoes¶ range from attire to bod y gestures. the way you walk and shake hands and so on.materials written in English and listening to English songs are also great ways to improve your command. Weaknesses may be the main culprit for axing our level of confidence. it is minimal. hobbies. As a matter of fact. February 21. The trainer had shared an interesting quote that reads µinterviews are not lost to dragons but to mosquitoes¶. Dragons here refer to outstandi ng achievements by interviewees while mosquitoes are small issues that interviewees frequently overlook. The opinions expressed are solely my 2 cents . Confident people train themselves by engaging in activities that boost up their level of confidence. Ranjit Singh Malhi for the wonderful and definitely insightful workshop. Often. In this case. besides overcoming weaknesses. Bhaskaran and Dr. Just make sure you choose the right songs . No ill-feelings intended. As I already mentioned. would you not search the background of the person thoroughly i. Sometimes (most of the time.

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