AMD Products and Platforms
We are a global semiconductor products company designing industry-leading: 

x86 microprocessors for the commercial and consumer markets; embedded microprocessors for commercial, commercial client, and consumer markets; and chipsets for desktop and notebook PCs, professional workstations, and servers. Graphics, video, and multimedia products and technologies for desktop and notebook PCs, professional workstations, servers, and game consoles. 

In 2009, we began to redefine our strategy to focus on how people think about and interact with computing technology. One single overarching principle-what people are doing with their technology-guides how AMD designs and markets its products. Today's consumers want technology that offers the world's most vivid digital experience. They want mobility without compromising the experience of full-featured notebooks. Today's business PC users want to maximize productivity. Today's enterprises want their servers to be high-performing and energy efficient, and to leverage the potential of virtualization and cloud computing. In 2009, AMD transformed into a semiconductor design innovation leader and delivered a top-to-bottom portfolio of platforms and products to meet the needs of today's users, including: AMD believes the next game-changing transition in the industry will be the move to accelerated processing units, or APUs, a new generation of processors that draws the best of traditional CPUs (Central Processing Units) and GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). This transition will offer solutions that deliver vivid digital experiences across a broad range of graphically rich applications. "Fusion" is the brand name for the AMD family of APUs, and AMD plans to introduce its first APU, code-named "Llano," into the marketplace 2011. Going forward, AMD is committed to continue to deliver complete solutions for all market segments that we serve.

Fair and Open Competition
AMD stands for fair trade and open markets. We believe that by encouraging open, competitive markets, consumers enjoy more choice and everyone wins. The promise of open, competitive markets is what inspires innovators to push past the boundaries of what is possible. Innovation fuels economic growth in the global economy. Products should compete on their own merits, and

the first true server platform designed from the beginning to meet the needs of cloud. silicon and software have become the steel and plastic of the worldwide digital economy. AMD expands its successful VISION technology into the commercial client market with VISION Pro Technology and introduces the first commercial laptops based on VISION Pro Technology from AMD with the Lenovo ThinkPad X100e and the ThinkPad Edge Series laptops. AMD founder Jerry Sanders has always maintained that ³customers should come first.64 TFLOPS of compute power for commercial. and overall value. 2010 AMD announces the AMD OpteronŒ 4000 Series platform. making technical advances at a prodigious rate ² always driving the industry to deliver more and more.4 million CAD ($52. featuring new Turbo CORE technology for more demanding games and productivity software. hyperscale and SMB data centers. ³technology for technology's sake´ is not the way we do business at AMD. featuring the world¶s first 8.amd. However. AMD delivers the first public demonstration of an AMD Fusion processor at Computex 2010.          http://www. AMD introduces the AMD OpteronŒ 6000 Series platform. designed to deliver workload-specific performance. Fair trade and open competition dictates that the best products win and market forces prevail.´ We believe our company history bears that out. faster and faster. AMD introduces the AMD FireStreamŒ 9350 and 9370 GPU compute accelerators. Our history is marked by a commitment to innovation that's truly useful for customers ² putting the real needs of people ahead of technical oneupmanship. AMD announces that the Ontario government will award AMD Canada with a five-year grant of $56. a program that will invest in companies working on software solutions enabled by the upcoming AMD FusionŒ family of Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) products.8M USD) to fund R&D activities in the development of the upcoming AMD Fusion family of processors and related software infrastructure. scientific and academic research markets. the AMD PhenomŒ II X6 1090T Black Edition. AMD launches the AMD Fusion Fund. Over the course of AMD's four decades in business. Technology companies have become global pacesetters.consumers everywhere should have the ability to easily choose the best products available for purchase.and 12-core x86 processor for the high-volume 2P and value 4P server market. demonstrating AMD¶s commitment to the Fusion software ecosystem. AMD rolls out a complete refresh of its desktop and notebook platforms based on VISION Technology for consumer and commercial customers with improved performance and battery life.aspx . delivering up to at every stage of a company's activities. and announces OEM support of high quality and high quantity. power efficiency. AMD introduces its fastest and most tunable desktop processor ever as well as its first six-core processor.

designed to offer seven or more hours of battery life. NextComputing. placing AMD on a clear path to industry leadership. putting into place a new business model with the creation of GLOBALFOUNDRIES.´ In 2009. AMD achieved all of its major milestones. ³Maranello.The next AMD mainstream notebook platform featuring the first AMD mobile quad-core processors. and the Six-Core AMD Opteron processor. portable workstation designs.´ said Bob Labadini. AMD¶s strong platform roadmap for 2010 includes (by codename):    ³Danube´ . powered by the world¶s fastest graphics processors1. Dragon platform technology featuring AMD Phenom II processors. launched five months ahead of schedule. Won major technology transitions such as 40nm and DirectX®³With Next-Generation AMD Opteron processors. Introduced VISION Technology from AMD. AMD transformed into a design innovation leader with a new business model tuned to deliver consistent financial performance. and Achieved outstanding execution across all major product launches in 2009 including 1st and 2nd Generation Ultrathin Notebook Platforms.´ http://www.aspx ³In 2009. including:      Transformed into a financially stronger. And in 2011.Two new DDR3-based server platforms designed for the volume server market. NextComputing¶s customers can expect increased performanceper-watt and compute-intensive capabilities in a mobile solution.and 12-core ³Magny-Cours´ processor will represent the beginning of . president and CTO. ³Nile´ . AMD 2010 Roadmap Overview As PC users increasingly use more visually demanding applications. AMD remains the only company that delivers platforms with balanced performance and superior multimedia and visual computing capabilities.The 3rd Generation AMD ultrathin notebook platform. ³San Marino´ and ³Maranello´ .´ with the 8. Launched next-generation DirectX® 11 capable ATI Radeon HD 5800 and HD 5700 series of graphics cards. ³In 2010. we plan to extend our clear graphics leadership and market momentum with new server and client platforms designed to deliver superior performance against key end-user workloads. ³Our latest FlexTop offering reinforces our mission statement to provide ever-improving functionality and flexibility in its small.amd. we plan to usher in a new era of computing with our first AMD FusionŒ products. ³Danube´ is expected to offer seven or more hours of battery life. a differentiated approach to retail merchandising designed to reinforce the value proposition of AMD platforms and simplify the consumer buying experience. design-focused company.´ said Meyer.

desktop and notebook PC markets that employs a new approach to multithreaded compute performance for achieving advanced efficiency and throughput. highly flexible. ultrathin PC markets with an extremely small. this APU will be the first in a family of nextgeneration designs that combine the power of the CPU and GPU onto a single piece of silicon and engineered to deliver impressive visual computing experiences. scheduled for release in 2011. AMD will usher in a new era of computing with (by codename):  ³Bulldozer´ and ³Bobcat´ . ³Bobcat´ will target the low power. featuring the first ³Bulldozer´ core. ³Bulldozer´ is designed to give AMD an exceptional CPU option for linking with GPUs in highly scalable.   . and is intended for superior performance in a low-power design. core that also is designed to be easily scaled up and combined with other IP in APU configurations.The next-generation enthusiast-class desktop PC platform with the industry¶s first six-core desktop CPU.Two new x86 cores targeting different usage models.unprecedented leaps in performance-per-watt for AMD OpteronŒ processors. ³Brazos´ ± A low cost. outstanding performance with low power and long battery life. AMD 2011 Roadmap Overview In 2011. ³Bulldozer´ will be a completely new. and  ³Leo´ .  ³Llano´ . single-chip Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) configurations.´ which will contain the new ³Bobcat´ core and integrated GPU. and ³Zambezi´ ± An enthusiast desktop processor with up to eight cores. high performance architecture for the mainstream server. It is expected to be the industry¶s first APU processor ahead of the first ³Bulldozer´ and ³Bobcat´ based APUs. expected to deliver the ultimate performance for immersive gaming with support for DirectX® 11 graphics and ATI EyefinityŒ Technology. low-power ultraportable platform featuring the APU codenamed ³Ontario.Targeted at mainstream notebooks and desktops. while ³San Marino´ will offer new levels of value and power efficiency for the rapidly growing Web and Cloud Computing segment. Intel. Our values y y Customer orientation Results orientation .intel. products. Founded in 1968 to build semiconductor memory products. Intel's mission statement. Intel introduced the world's first microprocessor in 1971. and objectives Our mission This decade we will create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth. develops technologies. values. and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live. the world leader in silicon innovation.

we invite you to visit our Intel Museum. retail. as well as our networking and communications products. PC and network communications products users (including individuals. Intel's major customers Our customers include: y y Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) who make computer systems. For contact information for our worldwide offices. Grant information Intel supports education through grants for programs that advance science. through distributor. math. y Intel history You can find interesting and informative information on Intel's microprocessors and company history in our online Intel Museum. and funding for . Intel is also committed to the responsible use of natural resources. and inspire the next generation Number of employees The number of Intel employees can be found in our annual report. large and small businesses. personal computing experiences Care for our people. particularly for women and underserved populations. Visiting Intel If you're visiting Silicon Valley.y y y y Risk taking Great place to work Quality Discipline Our objectives y y y y Grow PC and Datacenter business with new users and uses Extend Intel Solutions to win in adjacent market segments Create a continuum of secure. please visit our worldwide site locator. and technology education. To find out more about the museum. and OEM channels throughout the world. reseller. including makers of a wide range of industrial and communications equipment. and telecommunications and networking communications equipment. please visit our Intel Museum Web site. the planet. This museum has some great exhibits about computers and our latest technology. and service providers) who buy PC components and board-level products. cellular handsets and handheld computing devices. and Other manufacturers. and is always being changed to new and exciting things.

Within this broad category. http://www.intc. and market share Market data information varies from analyst to analyst. costs. and brand and global reach to establish new technologies and respond to customers needs quickly. As part of our overall strategy to compete in each relevant market segment. as well as our financial resources. we use our core competencies in the design and manufacture of integrated circuits. global presence.environmental programs will be considered. To get more information please visit our U. Intel continues to give priority to programs with educational and technological components. Intel's marketing strategies. We believe that we have the scale.cfm . Community Grant Information page. capacity.S. y y y Home > About Intel > Investor Relations ¾ Corporate Information ¾ Corporate Strategy Our goal is to be the preeminent provider of semiconductor chips and platforms for the worldwide digital economy. We recommend that you contact a market research firm for this information.