Rizwan Alam A.P.

Psychology FBQ#2 Amygdala are some nerves running from these knots of neural tissue, one on either site of the brain’s center, carry messages that control heart rate, sweating, stress hormones, attention, and other engine that rev up in threatening situation. Hurricane Katrina caused fear not only to the people living in Southern Louisiana but the whole nation as a whole. The fear that was caused do to unfortunate circumstances created by the hurricane, Amygdala and its ability to inform the body of events allowed a person to realize and observe what was happening and how to look at it. Two-Factor Theory is proposed by Stanley Schachter‘s, in which he explains to experience emotion one must be physically aroused and cognitively label the arousal. A person living in Southern Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina might feel multiple emotions, such as fear, stress, and sorrow. These unfortunate circumstances prove Schachter’s theory because, people involved in these unfortunate situations had to dealt with their bothered environment and that was the reason for them to feel negative emotions. Abraham Maslow, in 1970, made a pyramid describing our needs. He kept the domino theory in mind while thinking of how he should set up the pyramid. We must feel satisfied with our physiological needs before we can think of getting a roof. Having the feeling of being secured motivates us to seek love. Once we have accomplished the need for belongingness then we seek for a better future which motivates us to set goals and achieve something honorable in life. Once we have accomplished a settled life with love and respect, we might then look to reach our full potential. Most people involved in the hurricane Katrina went from higherlevel needs to seeking lower-level satisfaction. Most people around that time cared about nothing but physiological needs, such as water, air, and food. After the storm left its horrific effects and people surviving started to be satisfied with physiological needs, they got motivated to climb the ladder once more and go from lower-levels of needs to higher-levels of needs as described by Maslow. Catharsis is a way to let our emotions be released. Psychologically catharsis is concentrated mostly on the sub-field of emotions called anger. A person living in Louisiana during the time of Katrina might not get its chance to relieve its anger against nature. This sub-field of anger might have more chance of reflect on people examining the incidents occurring in Louisiana during Katrina, which might motivate one to perform such way. Feel-good-do good phenomenon is when people are motivated to be helpful and create an exciting and happy mode for others just because they have the certain feeling. Obviously a normal person would not feel good of the circumstances that were presented by the nature during Katrina, but this incident was having an effect on everyone around the nation. Many celebrities and their sponsors looked at this as to improving their image by helping helpless people involved in Katrina. NBA, for example was motivated by this and brought its slogan of, “NBA cares”, many superstars such as Kobe Bryant helped people literally build homes. Kobe and Nike together has built more then seven well developed clinics for the people affected by Katrina.

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