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Address: C/O Vivek Sharma C-407, Imperial Tower, Naraina Vihar New Delhi-110028 Phone: 07503710700 Email:

CAREER OBJECTIVE: To work in a challenging atmosphere which can provide me ample opportunity for career growth in the field of marketing research and which can bring the best out of me.
Educational Qualification




Bachelor of technology (Electronics & instrumentation) Intermediate High School

Uttar Pradesh technical University U.P. Board U.P. Board


69.8% 68.7%

Work Experience:
Relcom technology pvt ltd New Delhi Designation: Drive Test Engineer Duration : Jan10 to Jan11 Project covered:Drive test for Airtel site in Ludhiana, BTS installation(Ericsson 2964) Outsourcing Company : Relcom Group Najafgarh New Delhi.

Job profile
  Expertise in drive Test using TEMS Investigation 3.2, which involved conducting various measurements aimed at gathering specific data representing a complete network. Analyzed the Drive test log files using TEMS Winzip 0.2.The activities included foot printing of all the sites in order to control the site overshoot, interference elimination, monitoring of RX level,RX Quality,SQI,Handover problem, locating handover failures, call drops, call blocks.


2. New Delhi.MCOM 5.       Possess knowledge of RF theories & principles as well as carrying out Acceptance Test of sites. Map Info 7. Drive Test Tools . The engine has a receiver which catches these transmitted signals and takes desire actions SEMINAR REPORT • 3G (3rd generation service) Summer Training from Relcom group pvt. Possess knowledge of installation of Ericsson BTS 2964.0. Analysis of Network Performance statistics (KPIs) on day to day basis and resolving the problems by taking necessary actions on it. 2 . Drive test  Drive Test to identify areas with Poor Coverage & Highest Call Drops. Project brief : What we have to do is we have to attach a transmitter with signal pole which will start transmitting signals only when the red light is on. 1. Knowledge of BTS hardware installation (Ericsson BTS. Area of interest   Automatic control system Telecommunication PROJECT UNDERTAKEN Final Year Project: INTELLIGENT TRAIN ENGINE Duration: 4 Months. Possess knowledge of Nokia flexi BTS. If there is green light no transmission.2. Duration (2 month)   Knowledge about GSM/CDMA. Telecom Software Post Processing Tools . Completing the target of given number of sites on or before time Day to day reporting to company Coordinating with the field technicians and Engineers to network degrading faults generated at BTS sites and Installation teams.  For Checking the Handovers  Short Call or Long Call Drive Test Training Attended 20 days on job training on BTS and drive test. Nokia BTS).

O. Programming Languages: C LANGUAGE. Positive attitude.   Knowledge of microwave antennas. Participated in event ‘Quizicca’organised by GNIX society. Done a course in ‘C’ Language.K SHARMA Languages known: Hindi. Practical knowledge of Drive test. VISTA. Internet. Operating Systems: Windows XP. Passion for Knowledge Hardworking. MS Excel.B. Theoretical knowledge of RF planning and RF survey.: 01 July 1989 Father’s name:A.  KEY STRENGTH     Adaptability.Cooking. Field of automation  PLC(Programmable logic controller) specially Allen Bredley Micrologix.Knowledge of SCADA. Expert in:    MS Office. Date: 08-01-2011. Extra curricular    Active Member of ‘GNIX’ society. English Hobbies: Playing cricket. PERSONAL DETAILS D. Place: New Delhi Ankit Kumar 3 . GSM antennas.