Minutes GOVERNING BOARD OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COUNTY PLANNERS Conference Call on October 7, 2010 Call of Order: Dennis

Sandquist called the meeting of the Governing Board of the National Association of County Planners to order at approximately 12:07 EST. Roll Call: The roll call verified the following members in attendance: Board Members Present: Dennis Sandquist, Robert Hill, Charlie Compton, James Davenport, Judy Francis, Tim Brown, Keith Cubic, Mark Harper and Joe Scorcio Board Members Absent: Royce Manico, Frank Miles, Mike Kayes Minutes: Robert Hill moved to approve the minutes of August 12, 2010. Joe seconded the motion which passed unanimously. Finance Report: Mike asked if they wanted to send out dues renewals. The balance of the NACP checkbook will be down $700 - $1,000 if renewals are sent out. If we waited until July the budget would be down $700. Last year the renewals were sent out in July and it is usually sent out at a consistent time. Mike felt we should be on a regular or bi-annual schedule and be consistent. Keith felt a renewal should be sent out in April. Motion by Keith to accept the financial report as presented. Joe seconded the motion which passed unanimously. Elections: In 2009 five people were elected. Keith asked the Committee if they would like to elect five people or change the bylaws to make the committee chairs to be the same as the APA Committee. The elections could be in April and there is time to change the bylaws at the annual meeting and this would allow for three positions to be filled. Joe felt it would be valuable to have only one election. Dennis asked Keith that when he speaks to Susan Turner to mention that there is a provision in place in the event that one of the three elected to APA does not want to serve on NACP. Joe and Judy exited the meeting at 12:23 p.m. Charlie will craft an NACP Bylaw revision for the January meeting which will allow NACP to mirror the APA Board unless someone decides not to run and then another election would take place. Report from NACO Board Representative: Charlie reported that he is approved to attend three of the four division meetings. NACO Research Options: James has been discussing ideas with Keith. James has not had a chance to put his ideas on paper. He plans on presenting his ideas at the next meeting.

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Website/Social Media Update: Judy was not present. Charlie explained that he has learned much regarding Facebook and has a family member that will be teaching him and he feels he has a good resource to help get this done properly. At the last meeting everyone was committed to sending one item per month to Erick. Dennis noted that he emailed something to him but did not receive a response. Other Business: Keith will be attending a Meeting of the Digital Coast members. He asked that the word is passed along to coastal county colleagues. Next Board Meeting: January 13, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. EST. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 2:41 EST.

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