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Have you ever felt such despair?

The pain of dakness... A G R A P H I C N OV E L

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You have no choice but to escape.

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...better than the darkness.

Many lost...

Washed away with the waters. Many more...

...waiting to be found.

It was that moment. She rose, walking towards me, ready to give a tip, contributing to my bottom line...

when the pain first came.

I saw a dark figure in the woods. And suddenly I wasn't there...

The pain came again, in waves...

like water rushing over me.

There was a name on the tip of my tongue...

The figures surrounded me the whole universe shifting in my mind.




and then a gunshot.

Where is she? Easy. Everything's fine.

Sir, you were having a seizure for 20 minutes... you need to lie down.

Are you on anything? Medicine? Drugs? No!

What are you doing? Go home, Jazz

Go to a hospital! Get clean!

I'm fine! I am clean!

Go ahead, find another act. I'm done!

I live off tips. I was so close.

She was rich, she had that look. Why did I have to black out at that precise moment?

What did the visions -- wait...

The piano player, right? An apology? Hey! Weren't you at the Hookah Club? I owe you an apology.

Is that her?

For fainting...

I'm Madison. Hollis was telling me about your music. She said it's amazing.


It was beautiful. I've never heard anything like it.

I think you were the only person who really heard what I was playing.

It's like your voice was inside my head.  It was so beautiful it hurt. It hurts just thinking about it.

Would you like to hear another song? I have my guitar with me.

Say yes.

And please tip.

How about you come back to our hotel? We're at the Ritz-Carlton.

I'm not sure that's appropriate...


The pain...

Visions crashed into me like a giant wave.

I was suddenly surrounded.

And then... a shovel?

It all stopped, and there she was.

I loved her, oh how I loved her.

How could such incredible pain be followed by such beauty?

Who is she?

Why did the vision have to go away?

what happened? What... Blood.

My guitar.  Where is my guitar? Was it drugs?

I had to run.

It felt like even the grass was rising to attack me.

I realized I was in City Park.

But why were the streets silent?

Halfway across town.

It had to be the drugs.

Shadows don't really chase people, do they?

I was hurt, but I made it to my apartment.

I couldn't go to the hospital yet, I had to find my guitar. It was a Martin D-45.

Maybe the girls took it.  Surely they wouldn't just leave it.

No one called me by that name.

Not even the Government.

How do I have so much mail?

The door was already open.

The shadows were... human?

The hunger! Maddening, ravenous hunger!

They surrounded me. I am theirs. There was no way to escape.

Have you ever felt such despair?

The pain of darkness...

like spiders, crawling in and through you.

You have no choice but to escape. To leap into the unknown, because it simply must be better...

To run any place you can.

...better than the darkness.

I don't know how I escaped that night.

I felt the darkness flowing through my veins as I ran.

Someone, somewhere, must have been looking out for me.

Was it coincidence that, when I stopped running, there I was - in front of the Ritz-Carlton?

The girls. Did they take the guitar?

Could you call up Hollis and Madison's room? It's an emergency.

I don't have a Hollis and Madison staying together.

Maybe they're separate? What room is Madison staying in?

It's against company policy. If you could wait for my manager.

Please. I may not have a few minutes to wait.

Fine.  But if I get in trouble, you owe me dinner.

Hollis, are you there? Please, do you have my guitar?

Go away, or I'll call the police!

Then they'll kill me.  Maybe you too. Please, just give me the guitar

Please, no doctors or police. Or they will find me.

What happened?

It's like they were ghosts. Or shadows. You carry your mail around with you?

Someone drugged me, then attacked me.

I'm not crazy.

I didn't see this before.  It's...

Jonah Rechabson.  My grandfather.  It says he signed it three days ago, but that's impossible.


He's been dead since I was a little boy. And then the pain came again.

I think I just fought a dragon.

Try to relax, you were screaming in your sleep. No hospitals.  The men who were chasing me -they will look at the hospitals first. 

Shh. It was just a dream. We need to get you to a hospital.

“If you don't believe me, I understand. This is crazy.  I wouldn't believe myself. But there are men chasing me and... you don't have my guitar, do you?” I believe you.  And I don't have your guitar.

What changed your mind?  Why do you believe me? Your story is too far fetched to be made up. And last night you talked in your sleep... about the moon and a doghouse and shadows. It was all too real. If I'm going to help you, I want in. On the inheritance? First we go to the police station. It's light out -- the shadows can't attack in the light, right?  Then we look for the inheritance.

“No, the adventure. I want to be there for all the action. I'll help with money, transportation. But I want to be a part of this story.”

I don't want the treasure.  Just the action.  Whatever happens to you, I'm there for.  Deal?


Where do you go in a situation like this?

Is there a people-are-trying-to-kill-me window?  We stood in front of the information desk, but were simply ignored.  It was then that I noticed all the activity and wondered, were the police in on this too?  Was I going that crazy?

Jazz? I don't like this.

I'm sorry for the delay, ma'am. The FBI just came in and took over. What can I do for you?

We're fine. We just need to report this... someone can help here.

This was not the place to have another seizure.

This was not the time.

It was then that our eyes met.

Stop that man!!!

I ran.

I didn't wait for Hollis.

She wanted adventure, not trouble with the police.

This was too much.  The police were working with the Shadows?

How did they know about the treasure? How did I become so special?

Blending in was easy enough.  A casual conversatoin with a stranger allowed me to look natural. Have you read anything by Tosca Lee?

On the breeze was the scent of purity...

and a whisper of of my name.

I felt led, compelled.

She was speaking to me.

Why was I led here?  Why was I led to the cops, not away? 

And for the first time I saw her.

Thick, dark curls.  Flashing eyes.  Creamy, caramel skin.


The girl of my dreams had led me to the police.

Police! Don't Move! I was trapped.

Up against the wall.

Jaazaniah! I don't understand.  What are you waiting on?

Aren't they the enemy?

Are they the enemy or no? What's it look like?  Do they look like they're my friends?

You hurt him.

This meek, frail girl was moving with the power of a river.

It was more like a dance than a fight.

And the grace of a dove.

Saved by the girl of my dreams...

It was the day my entire world changed.

and no way to prepare for what was to come next.

What do we do now?

PURE Suspense


father whispers his ominous last request—and dies in her arms. All her life he’s looked after her, trained her in the old Gypsy ways and kept her hidden away in the swamp. But now . . . The Badness has found her. Mari’s only hope is to find Jaazaniah the Prophet, the legendary hero of her grandfather’s bedtime stories. But how can a girl who has never left the swamp survive the terrifying world of men long enough to find a savior who may not even exist?

Deep in the swamps of southern Louisiana, Mariutza’s beloved grand-

his life. Everyone is out to get him. Soldiers, government agents, mysterious hooded men. What do they want? And who is the beautiful young woman who haunts his waking dreams? Can strangers from different worlds come together in time to unmask a horrifying enemy? And if they do, will they be able to stand? PraIse fOr JOhN B. OlsON’s PrevIOus NOvel, Shade: “Shade offers up a monster made more frightening by its originality. Thanks a lot, John Olson—because of you, I will not walk alone at night for a long time to come.” —TOsca lee, author of Demon: A Memoir and Havah: The Story of Eve

In the heart of New Orleans, musician Jazz Rechabson runs for

“John B. Olson is a seasoned storyteller, and Shade is quite a story! He puts his own fast-paced spin on the Dracula story. I can only hope there’s a sequel in the works!” —erIc WIlsON, author of Jerusalem’s Undead trilogy and Fireproof JOhN B. OlsON is the award-winning author of five previous novels. He lives in California.
The following novels are also available: • Powers, 978-0-8054-4735-4 • Shade, 978-0-8054-4734-7

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