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December 14, 2018

PCAS Newsletter 3/5/2021 -#20


Dear Families, this week as been a busy week preparing for our performance this Sabbath! The participants
in Marimba and Chimes please dress in black and white. All other students please dress in formal attire.
Please have your student here by 10:30am. We are so thankful for our students! Addyson and Ainsly led out
our worship this Friday morning and they did an amazing job! Praise be to God for our students that are
showing leadership and spreading God’s love! Hope to see you all tomorrow.

Ø March 6th Announcements

Celebration @10:30am
ü Parents remember to send your child to school with a MASK and WATER. Also please keep up
with your child’s lunch card if they are eating lunch here every day!
Ø March 15-19th
Spring Break
ü PARENTS PLEASE if your child shows symptoms of any kind, please keep them home, DO NOT
bring them on school property. We will keep you updated with any COVID-19 issues.
Ø March 30-31
Noon Dismissal ü Remember parents, Step Up, McKay, AAA, does not cover lunches anymore for this year. Please
Parent/Teacher make sure if your child wants pizza lunch on Friday, or any other day of the week, they will need to
Conference purchase a $20 lunch card that covers 5 lunches. You can pay online or bring to the office. Thank

Ø April 1 (Full Day) ü Parents please remember, there is no office pick-up after 2:45 M-Th and 1:45 on Fridays.
Parent Conferences
ü We no longer have the Food Bank, if you need food assistance, please call the church office at 941-
Ø April 2 629-1333
Good Friday No School
ü ATTENDANCE: If a student is ill, will be absent, or tardy for any unscheduled reason, parents must
Ø April 12 call the school by 8:15am to inform the teacher that their child will be absent or tardy and send a
Noon Dismissal written excuse upon their return. Messages may be left the night before or before school hours on the
answering machine.

ü Anyone arriving at campus after 8:00am must get a tardy slip from the school office before going to their
classroom. Four tardies in a 9-week period is considered excessive.

Please remember to visit our school website concerning financial obligations, including tuition, lunches, field
trips, etc. At the bottom of the page you will see a PayPal link to handle all kinds of payments. If we can be of any
further assistance to you, please feel free to contact us through our school office at (941) 625-5237. Office hours
are from 7:45am to 3:00 pm. We look forward to meeting you soon. Friendly reminder: Please do not disturb
principal or teachers during class hours.