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Our Core Purpose
“To create innovative and enlightening experiences that rejuvenate our guests’ love of SLOW LIFE*”
*Sustainable - Local - Organic - Wholesome Learning - Inspiring - Fun - Experiences

We strive to deliver attractive financial returns plus superior resort and spa products of which our owners will be proud. We achieve this by bringing obsessive attention to detail in design, a discipline during development, and a hands-on approach to implementation during pre-opening; right up until and beyond practical completion. We believe that, in light of our development and operating experience gained over more than a decade, and that given the quality awards we have won, and the team that we continue to build and grow through experience, that there is no better time than now to work with Six Senses as your development and operating partner. Last, but not least, we are a private company comprising highly talented and experienced individuals who are all passionate about what they do. At Six Senses, it is not just a job for us and our almost 3,700 employees, covering more than 40 nationalities; it is a vocation to deliver and to serve.

About us

July 2009

Our Core Purpose


Six Senses Hideaway. the tactile textures. the sounds. Furthermore. Retail Operation Management Ownership Stakes Six Senses Mauritius Ltd. We produce a harmony combining the attitude of the employees (whom we refer to as “hosts”). established in 1995.Six Senses BVI Organization Six Senses is a resort and spa management and development company. the smells. Six Senses Hideaway. Soneva Fushi Soneva Gili Our Brands A resort or a spa for us is not just a physical property. Six Senses Spas are operated in our resorts as well as at third-party properties. and the pleasing sights to make a stay at a Soneva. Six Senses Retail outlets are currently operated in all our resorts and spas with further expansion planned in many international markets as well as audiences. Six Senses Latitude. Six Senses Latitude. Six Senses Destination Spa. or Evason a memorable experience. it allows us to extend our reach into our guests’ homes. Six Senses Private Residences. which manages resorts under the brand names Soneva. and Evason. Six Senses Spas Six Senses Resort Brands Soneva Kiri Soneva by Six Senses Six Senses Hideaway Six Senses Latitude Six Senses Destination Spas Six Senses Private Residences Six Senses Hideaway Samui Six Senses Hideaway Hua Hin Six Senses Latitude Laamu Evason Phuket Evason Hua Hin Evason About us July 2009 Organization / Our Brands 4/37 . plus Six Senses Spas and Six Senses Destination Spas.

architecture and service. and a large wine cellar where the guest can choose their wine before dinner or enjoy an educational wine dinner. Soneva Kiri in Thailand is scheduled to open in October 2009 and Soneva In Aqua is under development. Furnishings and finishes are crafted from renewable or sustainable sources. This enables guests to experience the true notion of tailor made services. while ample personal space and the fusion of nature with guest experiences create destinations unto themselves. further expounding the Soneva theme – Intelligent Luxury.sixsenses. With the notion of luxury currently being redefined with a greater emphasis on privacy.com/corporate/document/properties. When guests return to a Soneva property. they will be assigned the same butler (whom we refer to as Mr/Miss Friday). allowing for exceptional and inspired service. Visit our properties at www.pdf About us July 2009 Our Brands 5/37 .Soneva is committed to offer luxuries of the highest standard in an environment that nurtures the indigenous feel in design. A Soneva resort has a limited number of accommodations. The Soneva brand currently comprises Soneva Fushi and Soneva Gili in the Maldives. and tailor made services. a Soneva property takes those notions to the extreme. Traditional conventions are re-evaluated so that the concept of the place should reward all the human senses – as embodied by a Six Senses Spa. Cuisine is a fusion of international influences and the reality of the location together with the freshest ingredients from the resort’s own organic gardens. choice. The simple sophistication of a Soneva is enhanced by continually embracing innovations that result in the creation of unique experiences for guests. waiter and housekeeper. Some of the resort facilities that enable this include large vegetable and fruit gardens where the chef can harvest a fresh salad in front of the guests’ eyes. hosted by the resort’s sommelier.

Six Senses Hideaway is the boutique interpretation of the Six Senses brand. in Brazil and in Turkey.com/corporate/document/properties. in Vietnam at Phu Quoc. together with an unwavering commitment to the environment. Offering elegantly designed architecture and natural furnishings. they are positioned with an image supporting the Six Senses Hideaway theme – Redefining Experiences. A Six Senses Spa is a key component of a Six Senses Hideaway.pdf About us July 2009 Our Brands 6/37 . Dining and refreshment alternatives cover international and locally-inspired cuisine and an impressive selection of vintages from around the world. Further developments are planned in Thailand. where attention to detail and focus on the reality of the destination is the driving force. Currently there are Six Senses Hideaway properties in Thailand (Samui. Visit our properties at www. and Zighy Bay on Oman’s Musandam Peninsula.sixsenses. Service levels at Six Senses Hideaway is very high. Hua Hin and Yao Noi) and in Vietnam (Ninh Van Bay near Nha Trang and Con Dao). with butlers exemplifying the personal attention offered to every guest. Accommodations at a Six Senses Hideaway are exclusively private pool villas which provide generous personal space and present an uncompromised standard of luxury.

supporting the Six Senses Latitude theme – Redefining Experiences. thereby offering additional guest appeal. makes them fashionable and desirable destinations in themselves. Visit our properties at www. Thailand. and Brazil in 2011. Emphasis is placed on personal service. They offer individual style with unique and diverse design personalities which provide spirited guest experiences that reflect the brand’s creative latitude. and the resort’s hosts welcome guests to a Six Senses Latitude as they would welcome guests into their own community.Six Senses Latitude usually offers a greater number of accommodations than Six Senses Hideaway while still maintaining attention to detail and generous proportions. Dining and entertaining alternatives at Six Senses Latitude varies from the traditional.com/corporate/document/properties. They embrace the philosophy of providing modern luxuries and facilities while taking exceptional care of the environment. The Six Senses Latitude brand currently comprises Six Senses Latitude Laamu and Six Senses Latitude Jafre. This blend of innovative concepts. together with a Six Senses Spa.pdf About us July 2009 Our Brands 7/37 .sixsenses. They are in the Maldives and in Spain. These will be followed with properties in Vietnam. Six Senses Latitude Laamu is scheduled to open in November 2009 and Six Senses Latitude Jafre is scheduled to open in 2010.

wellness-inspired dining experiences complete the journey.The first wellness retreat conceived by Six Senses.pdf About us July 2009 Our Brands 8/37 . focusing on Asian inspired therapies and treatments. The preventive wellness area is a fundamental component of the spa. The 7th Sense features interrelated spa concepts. Ground-breaking fitness programmes include kinesis training. Six Senses Destination Spas offer world-class. Guests enjoy delicious and nutritious organic fishetarian spa cuisine. Multi-day. postural enhancement. Supporting the concept of life enrichment. Visit our properties at www. and physiotherapy.com/corporate/document/properties. Positioned as the premier destination spas of the twenty-first century. with many dishes using fresh produce from the resort’s own organic vegetable gardens. brought together fifteen years as a global leader – to create the premier destination spa of the 21st century. integrated health programmes – Life Passages – focus on preventative wellness.sixsenses. Rates include all meals and two treatments per day. Innovative. using consultations in iridology or live-blood analysis to provide invaluable insight into the health of each guest. helping to enrich lifestyles through complete immersion into healthy and mindful living. innovative experiences that combine the location’s natural beauty with cutting-edge holistic and contemporary treatments. they support the Six Senses Destination Spa theme – Enriching Life. Creative raw-food cuisine is also offered. accommodations at Six Senses Destination Spas provide generous personal space and present an uncompromised standard of natural ecologically responsible luxury with elegantly designed architecture and natural furnishings.

Luxury living as nature intended. The highly credible Six Senses name creates the unity and value proposition that coordinates the individual brands: Soneva by Six Senses. South America and Fiji. The strength of association with a Six Senses brand. adds significant value to private residence sales. which enjoys close to 200. which include complimentary butler whilst in residence and full daily housekeeping. they tread lightly on the earth by applying construction techniques that are adapted to preserve the integrity of the environment and local communities that surround them. with innovative design expressed in luxurious accommodations and recognized as a leader in environmental sensitivity within the tourism and leisure sectors. We call it living the Six Senses Private Residences lifestyle. the unique approach enhances the natural experience. Branded villas also benefit from having all-inclusive access to the resort’s many facilities and services.com. plus Vietnam. including enviable return-guest and guest-satisfaction statistics. Sales and marketing collateral specifications are established by Six Senses to represent specific brands whilst presenting a unified Six Senses proposition and choices to prospective owners. with additional projects planned for other breathtaking corners of the world. Six Senses’ strong resort performance reflects positively on residential capital gain. Furthermore. whilst the opportunity to directly market to resort guests on-site is a unique strength. villas bearing Six Senses’ brand integrity offer a premium value in a resale market.sixsenses. Six Senses Latitude and Six Senses Destination Spas. Far from lessoning the luxury. also has its own landing page at www. As an industry leader in the premium brand lifestyle niche. Six Senses worldwide marketing distribution builds on loyalty earned over more than a dozen years. and membership of Soneva Club and Six Senses Spirit. A Six Senses Spa. Consistency of product and exceptional guest experiences makes this an ideal lifestyle brand relationship that adds value to residential developments. Six Senses Hideaway. A dedicated Private Residences Web site is linked directly from www. together with dining alternatives are key elements supporting residences. resulting in an ongoing return on investment during those periods when the villa is unoccupied by its owner(s).000 unique visitors each month.Extraordinary private residencies associated with the Six Senses brands are currently being developed in several locations in Thailand. Built with materials from sustainable sources.sixsensesprivateresidences.com About us July 2009 Our Brands 9/37 . Residential owners have the opportunity to include their residence in the Six Senses resort inventory. Substantial databases are maintained for communication to past guests.

and increase room rates.Six Senses Spas mission is to deliver spa experiences that are both unique and memorable. Moreover. Moreover. diversifying one’s Hotel or Resort towards the globally growing spa demand. The apex sphere symbolizes a sense of elation discovered only by balancing the first five – the unique experience of all senses heightened beyond expectations. through many forms of holistic healing and sense of wellbeing. can prove to be very profitable. Six Senses Spas’ uniqueness lies in the quest for perfectly . but can increase room occupancies. The pyramid of six spheres used to identify Six Senses Spas. Six Senses Spas diversity in creativity and design reflects the ability to adapt seamlessly to host cultures in surroundings conceived to rejuvenate and revitalize. Six Senses Spa therapists take guests on exhilarating sensory journeys. About us July 2009 Our Brands 10/37 . increase double occupancies. represents the philosophy that is fundamental to the human experience: the foundation spheres represent the three primary senses of sight. The second level balances upon this foundation by satisfying the more acute senses of taste and smell. A Six Senses Spa opens new niche markets that a hotel may not normally be able to attract. This is possible because we have on board our own dedicated corporate sales manager and vast support from Six Senses Group Sales to help market your packages. and through options of body and beauty care.Balancing Senses. in harmony with the environment. our dedicated research ensures we are at the leading edge of both natural products and holistic treatments. Spa products are made only from natural ingredients. From an Investment prospective. Six Senses can contribute not only with the revenue lines from the Spa. delivering them with serene and reassuring professionalism. sound and touch.

such as the Sensory Journey. We want to encourage the guests to spend more time at the spa and not to feel in a rush to complete their treatment and leave. acting as the conscience of the company. Our products come from Australia. and the United Kingdom. Our environmental philosophy extends throughout the organisation and includes consideration for our employees whom we refer to as hosts. the style of the architecture. We pride ourselves on the use of products that are essentially natural for all our treatments. Each location has an individual character and our designers try to work with the local culture and character so that the spa incorporates elements of the local style and feel. This enhances the opportunity for secondary spend and provides the ability to increase the average spend per guest. This is reflected in the choice of building and finishing materials. and the choice of treatments and products used in the spa. Our concept design also tries to encompass more thought to customer flow and to appeal to as many of the senses as we can. The air is conditioned naturally through water evaporation and wind towers. which is offered at every spa. Dubai. Six Senses Spas have a dedicated person who is focussed on researching holistic treatments and products. we recently designed and constructed the Earth Spa by Six Senses made entirely of mud. Six Senses Spas offer a unique approach to concept design and management. thus restoring an ancient Thai traditional craft. individual signature treatments are designed for each spa that reflects something local. We try to find hosts in the local About us July 2009 Our Brands 11/37 .For an operator considering the addition of a spa to their facilities. Thailand. This ensures that all our work follows the best environmental practices from design to treatments. Our spas are not replicated at every location. Greater emphasis is given to the size and privacy of the treatment rooms and to areas of relaxation around the spa. Six Senses Spas have their own signature treatments. Six Senses also have a dedicated environmentalist on the team. Indonesia. India. and in addition. As such. We continually strive to locate interesting products that can be added to develop our range of treatments. size of the treatment rooms.

We provide a part of our revenues to support local charity organisations in the community and try to support local industry initiatives. Six Senses Spas have a corporate trainer and depending on the size of each operation. and spa. banqueting and spa revenues. even if that requires a long term approach to training. Our environmental philosophy extends throughout the organisation and includes consideration for our employees whom we refer to as hosts. Six Senses Spas training and product knowledge.pdf About us July 2009 Our Brands 12/37 . We try to find hosts in the local community. The hosts have three areas of training – integration with the resort/hotel. and specialist training in specific treatments. F&B. and a succession plan. Finally our Sales and Marketing Resources enable us to combine our holistic skills that are spread throughout the Six Senses Group and produce retreats where guests may book a week-long programme that includes rooms. even if that requires a long term approach to training. activity. All hosts have a training plan that requires a commitment to training. These retreats give excellent press and marketing publicity for the resort/hotel plus high spending guests that contribute to rooms. We provide a part of ourrevenues to support local charity organisations in the community and try to support local industry initiatives. food.community.com/corporate/document/properties. individually placed trainers.sixsenses. Visit our properties at www.

Jordan. Visit our properties at www. and at the Ma’In Hot Springs. Currently there are Evason resorts in Hua Hin and Phuket. such as cultural education and excursions to local attractions. supporting the Evason theme . thereby offering additional guest appeal. All Kids Clubs are managed by the resort’s own professional Montessori teacher. They offer individual contemporary style and unique design personalities which provide spirited guest experiences. Development is currently being planned for several other locations.sixsenses. and the resort’s hosts welcome guests to the resorts as they would welcome guests into their own community.Redefining Experiences.Evason properties introduce the Evason Value Proposition.pdf About us July 2009 Our Brands 13/37 . above the Dead Sea near Amman. Emphasis is placed on personal service. This blend of innovative concepts. Thailand. They embrace the philosophy of providing modern luxuries and facilities.com/corporate/document/properties. Evason dining and entertaining alternatives vary from the traditional. while taking exceptional care of the environment. Vietnam. with a greater number of accommodations than a Six Senses Hideaway or Latitude. Embracing the family market. each Evason incorporates a Just Kids club where emphasis is placed on experiences. Nha Trang. while still maintaining attention to detail and generous proportions. makes them fashionable oasis and desirable destinations in themselves. together with a Six Senses Spa.

which will include a clear description of the overall concept and operational layout of the project. and provide advice as follows: • • • Concept Designs. Ideally involved with a project from its inception. including but not limited to current space allocations. Area Requirement and Layouts for a) Guest accommodation b) Guest service and other public areas c) Service areas d) Staff facilities About us July 2009 Development Services 14/37 . the Six Senses team guides the development and assures that the brand spirit and brand values influence all facets of the project through to delivery of the finished product. development and project management services for high-end resorts and spas operating under a Six Senses brand. and other specialists and suppliers as required. We brief the Owner and its professional consultants on the operational requirements for the property. basic facilities and service requirements. consultants.Development services Six Senses offers consultancy. Advise on the overall design and concept of the property We review and provide assistance in the design and planning of the project facilities in cooperation with the designers. and list of specialists and minimum operating requirements.

quantity. ventilation. About us July 2009 Development Services 15/37 . glassware. wall and ceiling treatments All fittings. accounting. laundry. Identifying best sources of supply for all capital equipment and consumable. utensils. Telephone & PABX. M&E etc. telecommunication and public address systems. Review and comment on the quality. analyzing bids and selection. Computer software and hardware. Paging. in all areas Staff uniform designs Graphics & Design Art works Technical Services We prepare a detailed project operation’s FF&E (Furniture. and other tenant services and items required in the property. Audio & Visual. and on the preliminary and final lists of furnishings and fittings. and purchasing policies. Operating equipment. television. Keying. • • • • Pre-Opening Services • • Preparation of the Pre-opening budget and financial forecast for the first year of the project operations. Review and comment from a hotel operator’s perspective on the final system plans and specifications submitted by the appointed mechanical consultant for the heating. radio. Fire Alarm. general lighting. power supply and distribution. sanitary wares etc. and advising in tendering. Fixture & Equipment) list for the consideration of the Developer/Designers/ Consultant. Point of Sales. specifications and installation of furnishings and fittings. alarm.e) Sports and recreation facilities f) Back of the house and other support facilities g) Retail Shop h) Six Senses Spa • • • • • • • • Kitchen Design Laundry Landscaping Finishing of floor. plumbing. air conditioning. and will also advise on: • • All special systems. MATV & Satellite dish. cutlery. such as all chinaware. Working capital calculations. drainage. such as CCTV. linen. Heavy operating Equipment such as kitchen. etc..

there is a flat monthly fee. such as Spa Design are predicated on that belief. cost control. staffing tables. and extremely personal service. Planning and assistance with pre-opening public relations activities. To endeavor to work out concepts which are less labor intensive but still effective. During the construction phase they will make site visits as required for the purposes of inspecting overall construction and fitting out of the property. We believe that in most corners of the world. personnel policies and staff regulations. licenses and concession contracts. administration. responsible tourism. identification of potential markets for the property. personnel administration plans. the notion of Luxury is currently being redefined . Our Resorts and services. Preparation of pre-opening operational documents and guidelines material that will ensure the quality and standard of the property. Site Visits and Inspections At various design and construction phases of the Project. Tests of the operations of the project. Preparation of brochures and other promotional materials. Preparation of a Marketing and Sales Action Plan which would include amongst other features: pricing.• • • • • • • • Preparation of manning guides and recruitment schedules. Post-Opening Full property management consists of identifying key objectives for the property and implementation through the unit’s General Manager. proposed advertising campaigns. Advice on the negotiation of leases. Every month beyond this period. This includes accounting. Pre-Opening Technical Services Fees For a period of up to 18 months from the effective date of the management agreement. maintenance. the fee will be at a reduced rate. and customer groups. and up to the official opening of the project. Preparation of operating policies based on the operating concept for all operating departments. and concept implementation. back to nature. About us July 2009 Development Services 16/37 .becoming strongly associated with privacy. sales and marketing. salary and benefit schemes. and graphic design. Six Senses’ Representatives will attend meetings with the various agencies working on the Project.

In this way. we are able to create the most appropriate product for each of our projects. other luxury resorts in the world by focusing on: Conceptual Skills We place great importance on highly creative concept development that is sensitive to a specific location and incorporates local cultural and design elements. We avoid standard. off-the-shelf designs. and different from. The Core. We do not imitate what others have done. This is then implemented by closely working with the general manager of each property in adapting our policies and systems according to the local environment. the Six Senses management team.Our Management Style We like to stay ahead of. We are continuously redefining our hospitality and leisure concepts to stay at the forefront of new market trends. working in the Organic garden of Soneva Fushi by Six Senses. Maldives About us July 2009 Our Management Style 17/37 .

The Experience We recognize that the hospitality industry is becoming more and more competitive. we allow our general managers significant freedom and autonomy whilst still monitoring each operation and giving clear guidelines on financial targets. we prefer to source talented and experienced property general managers who are entrepreneurial and who bring initiative to their resort operation. we avoid the cumbersome and bureaucratic structure often associated with big corporations. cross training and rotation. as well as essential controls and systems. operating philosophy. heard. Within this framework. ideas such as employee development and training. we aim to instil consistency and harmony between what is seen. with its various brands. and we also recognize that we have to keep differentiating ourselves. Dynamism As a young and dynamic company. Once on board. for instance. In order for this to work.People We recognize that our hosts form a key ingredient to our ongoing success. we instil strong financial discipline among all of our teams to reinforce their sense of responsibility and loyalty. About us July 2009 Our Management Style 18/37 . performance-related pay. works on the understanding that guests are looking for an experience and not just a typical product. our general managers take full responsibility for their resort. employee recognition. We aim to create an overall experience that can be absorbed by all the human senses and with each concept. empowerment and quality-circles. We are proud that our staff turnover rates are among the lowest in the resort hotel sector worldwide. and Best Practices. In addition to this. Six Senses. Instead. We therefore place a great deal of emphasis on and commit resources to choosing the right people. play a large part in the way we run our teams. smelled and experienced. touched.

Management Services Six Senses Resorts & Spas provides full property management which consists of identifying key objectives for the property and implementation through the unit general manager. and procedures that ensures that the quality of the product and service of the property will always be improving and evolving. the day-to-day affairs of the property and related operations to agreed budgets and standards. and for all staff positions. standards. including: a profit and loss account. policies. and accounting to the standards of the “Uniform System of Accounts”. salaries and wages. Provide monthly financial reports. Deliver a draft results of the operation of the property during Fiscal Years to the Independent Accountant for audit. benefit etc. About us July 2009 Management Services 19/37 . a balance sheet. a statement of changes in the financial position etc. direct and control on behalf of owner. This includes the following sections: Accounting • • • Direction of financial controls. banking. Ensuring that the property’s staffing is adequate. motivate staff and improve staff discipline. Cost Control Setting out and implementation of cost controls and purchasing controls appropriate for the operation of the property. training and related activities of the staff. including a statement showing Gross Revenue and Gross Operating Profit of the property in accordance with the Uniform System of Accounts. detailed by department. Day to Day Operations Supervise. Administration On-going recruitment. Quality Assurance Twice a year our specialized team from our Hub in Bangkok will conduct a deep and detailed study and audit the property in terms of Group and international Best Practices. job specifications and descriptions followed at all times.

and PR activities. through the group’s extensive sales network and offices worldwide. Sales. Maintenance Planning and direction of all plant operations. repair and maintenance routines. Fee Structure Our management fees are calculated as a percentage of revenues and gross operating profits. and Gross Operating Profit.Finance Control & supervision of the budgeting process. Management Staff Placing of qualified management staff for the property and coordinating their efforts to implement the management company’s policies. This is done through regular operational audits of the property. a budget for the purchase and replacement of FF&E (Furniture. • • • • • projections for the forthcoming Fiscal Year of the Gross Revenues of the property. Insurance Maintaining and up-dating of all insurance and licenses. a budget for Necessary Capital Expenditure and Recommended Capital Expenditure. Fixture & Equipment) and the Repairs & Renewals Reserve. About us July 2009 Management Services 20/37 . remuneration and fringe benefits etc. on behalf of the owner. wages. Marketing Sales & PR Planning and implementation of all Marketing. Supervision and coordination of the property’s sales force and coordination with the group’s marketing activities. cash flow and working capital requirements. Operating Expenses. Property Reviewing the physical plant of the property and making recommendations on improvements or changes which will generate more income or improve operating efficiency. a human resources budget to include expenditure by department for all salaries. including: • annual budget prior to the commencement of each fiscal Year. and management and control of the energy and utility needs of the property.

check rates and the latest packages. Internet: Six Senses established a Web site in 1996. including Apollo. Condé Nast Traveler. and Amadeus. Reviews and articles in quality publications continuously lead to awards made to Six Senses properties by many noteworthy authorities such as Harpers & Queen. Our concepts lend themselves to high spends on extras per hotel guest. Whilst incentive trips and conferences have not been a big source of business for Soneva. giving a far higher yield per room. and maintain excellent relationships with our target media. Tatler Travel Guide. download information. and Australia. Europe. Retailers and wholesalers: Six Senses’ sales offices have close and healthy relationships with travel agents and tour operators that feature and specialise in the niche markets for which Six Senses brands appeal most.sixsenses. Six Senses has contracts with well-established Public Relations companies in the United Kingdom. World Travel Awards. please refer to our Awards at www. distribute press releases that originate from head office. they are more significant for Evason resorts. at the forefront of this new technological medium. United States of America. review restaurant and spa menus.sixsenses. and make on-line reservations utilizing secure payment portals. Promotion When selling an experience. Middle East. this being a strong management focus at each property. and continues to develop Web content that provides comprehensive product information. Six Senses Executives make frequent presentations to media in support of the Public Relations efforts. Sabre. Asia. Each property is carefully evaluated to determine which access affiliation is most appropriate. Visitors to www. Incentive Houses and Conference Organisers: Six Senses works closely with incentive and conference organisers around the world. given the property’s target markets and location. and many others.com/About-Six-Senses/Awards-and-Critiques. VIP Traveller. Galivanters’ Guide. images. we are able to achieve above average rates and stronger occupancies. we believe that Public Relations is a more effective means of promotion than revenue advertising.php All Public Relations Offices arrange press visits to Six Senses properties. About us July 2009 Sales & Marketing 21/37 . For details of all our awards.Sales & Marketing Positioning By differentiating and creating unique experiences.com can review every resort in detail. Distribution Six Senses properties can be accessed through all major systems.

they are responsible for the preparation of a marketing plan for their region. North America. market intelligence. newly contracted clients. Russia. key client contacts. India. Hong Kong. Six Senses Sales and Marketing executives make frequent joint calls to support representative offices with major operators and also assist with training presentations. Nordic Region. Six Senses maintains dedicated Sales and Marketing offices in the United Kingdom. About us July 2009 Sales & Marketing 22/37 . Australia and New Zealand.Sales & Marketing Offices Our Sales & Marketing offices cover the main markets for our properties plus potential and emerging markets. In conjunction with the unit General Manager. All Sales and Marketing offices are responsible for training tour operators and travel agents in the Six Senses products. Our commitment is to remain innovative and at the forefront of creativity in the hospitality industry. France. and strong contracted Sales and Marketing representation in Germany. and United Arab Emirates. Japan. and progress on activities detailed in the property’s annual marketing plan. Monthly sales and marketing reports are sent to each property covering public/media relations. Spain and Portugal. office performance. Thailand.

construction. It is the only resort in South-east Asia to be certified by Green Globe. Furthermore. and energy efficiency. and purchasing policies have on the environment. to help better the environment and the communities in which we operate. Six Senses Carbon Absorbent Standard Six Senses Resorts must qualify as being ‘Carbon Absorbent’ for both existing and new properties. we are continually developing new initiatives and procedures to minimise our ecological impact. For example. operations and energy standards. To attain certification. The carbon absorbent process is referred to as decarbonising in the Six Senses Glossary. Six Senses is an acknowledged industry leader in environmental responsibility. The Soneva statement “Intelligent Luxury” does in fact refer to the responsible attitude of the whole group . Six Senses’ guidelines must be followed in terms of design. Evason Phuket has achieved the prestigious Green Globe Certified status under the worldwide Green Globe Certification Program that recognises the property’s commitment to operating at the world’s highest environmental standard. materials. all timber used at Six Senses comes only from renewable sources. To achieve this target. Six Senses will need to be involved in all machinery/equipment and material selection to ensure environmentally friendly practices.Social Responsibility & Environment Six Senses core values include a commitment to contribute resources. Through careful consideration of the effects that operating systems. both financial and human. operating within the same sector and region. About us July 2009 Social Resposibility & Environment 23/37 . Evason Phuket firstly had to successfully benchmark against a number of key environmental performance areas including water usage. and to remain in harmony with the environment and cultural surroundings.the balance where neither guest comfort nor the environment in which we operate is compromised. Evason Phuket had to achieve a level above the Green Globe benchmark figure that is measured against the performance of operations of similar size. waste management.

• • Natural resources in regards to water. steam. with construction details and materials • To incorporate local design. etc. materials. eco and environment aspect of the construction and operation Design. with metering and recording • Local grid and supply chain • Medium Voltage underground power distribution • Local power production and supply chain (common and sustainable system) • Emergency power supply and distribution • Fuel and storage with supply • Transformer and MDB with EMDB switch gear stations • All equipment /machinery must follow energy efficiency rating – as defined by SSR • • • Water and efficiencies. air conditioning through adsorption chiller and fresh water through condensation) • Water/hydro power • Energy storage system • About us July 2009 Social Resposibility & Environment 24/37 . culture and systems. Site reconnaissance. using indigenous and locally available materials and supply Energy and efficiencies. cultural and environmental impact during construction and operation • The socio.Key areas to focus on include: • Site location & surrounding • Erosion and control • Site drainage and slope control • Natural habitat and vegetation for flora and fauna. applications and renewable sources • Wind energy • Solar photo Voltaic DC energy • Solar co-generation (with energy. design specifics. with metering and recording • Rain water catch and collection • Natural harvesting of existing water sources • Treatment with filtration and bacteria control • All equipment /machinery must follow energy efficiency rating – as defined by SSR Usage of sustainable technologies. investigation and inspection in regards to social. heat.

) The Six Senses Resorts SLOW LIFE program to be applied in all parts of the operation. health & safety’ aspects (based at NFPA standards) Communication system • To be according to the Six Senses Resorts & Spas standards and guidelines Waste handling.sixsenses. From Laundry operations d. with guidelines to fulfill the Six Senses Resorts & Spas ‘fire. From Villas and Buildings b. From Laundry operations d. LEED. The SLOW LIFE program is a fully sustainable operation approach established to ensure that the resort and spa achieve a minimum carbon footprint in all activities. AUDOBON. From kitchen and Canteen operations e. From Host village c. Other • Solid waste: a.com/environment About us July 2009 Social Resposibility & Environment 25/37 . From Villas and Buildings b. From Garden and Landscape f. Other • • • Carbon emission footprint with necessary carbon off-set ( the least carbon footprint is targeted in all cases) • Design • Construction • Operation – (food and supplies) • Travel • Logistics Certification processes (e. Health & Safety • All local and country specific rules & regulations.• Fire. with collection. • • For more information about our Social Responsibility & Environment. From kitchen and Canteen operations e. etc. GREEN GLOBE GG® 21. From Host village c.g. please visit www. separation and recycling processes • Liquid waste: a.

he had redefined the water villa. wedded to personal luxury. In 2009. to the ultimate level. Always ahead of the field with new concepts and innovations. Sonu recently revised the group’s core purpose: To Create innovative and enlightening experiences that rejuvenate our guests love of SLOW LIFE™ (Sustainable-Local-Organic-Wholesome Learning-Inspiring-Fun-Experiences). and Six SensesLatitude.Meet the Core Sonu Shivdasani . where he About us July 2009 Meet the Core 26/37 . and has strong community programmes in every location in which Six Senses operates. he contributed greatly to making them a qualifier. In 1995. Sonu had begun the second-tier five-star-plus brand. Sonu’s next major project was Soneva Gili. in the Maldives. Whereas spas were once the differentiator. He is an alumnus of Eton College and a graduate of Oxford University. He also launched the Six Senses Spas brand. with multi-day life-style adjustment programmes. also in the Maldives. In 2000. Six Senses Destination Spas are taking the spa experience to new heights. Sonu’s other goals for the next decade include the recognition of Six Senses properties in the top 10 best places to work. and creating the Six Senses Foundation to manage the group’s philanthropic endeavors. or net absorption of CO2. Evalution by Six Senses will take eco-initiatives.Founder and CEO In less than two decades Sonu Shivdasani has created a whole new take on high-end hospitality by establishing the Six Senses group. establishing that country’s first real beach resort. creating a high end market in what was formerly a mass market destination. while Soneva In Aqua is the soon to be launched brand of specially-built boats that are actually floating suites. Sonu is creating more niche brands for the future of Six Senses. together with his wife Eva. with some periods of his education being in Nigeria and Switzerland. He was at the forefront of luxury tourism in Vietnam. with all the creature comforts expected from the brand. Still with the environment taking equal billing with his almost legendary service standards and guest comfort. Sonu’s concept was Intelligent Luxury and was the forerunner and inspiration for a host of imitators who saw the potential in going green. they opened their first property – Soneva Fushi. worldwide – already well on the way. Six Senses has 26 resorts that are either open or under development. with resort-like facilities for hosts living on-site at many of his properties. of which one focus is the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint resulting from the transportation of produce that can be produced locally. and that country’s first all-over-water resort. vitality and vision. In the meantime. and 41 Six Senses Spas that are in the group’s own properties or hosted by third-party managed properties. which evolved to become Six Senses Hideaway – the brand that introduced pool villas to Thailand. Soneva Fushi was awarded the Best of the Best by the readers of Conde Nast Traveller UK. A man of immense energy. Recently launched. In one fell swoop. A descendant of Indian parents. He has also declared that the Six Senses group will be decarbonising by 2020. Decarbonising is the Six Senses terminology for carbon absorption. The group has recently provided one developing community with a wind turbine to reduce dependence on traditional power sources. Sonu was born and studied largely in England.

In July 2009. Bernhard Bohnenberger . L’EVA. wellness and Six Senses Living in general. Eva started a successful clothing company in Paris. About us July 2009 Meet the Core 27/37 . architecture. art. wine. Eva was initially responsible for the overall design concepts for the interiors at Soneva Fushi and now advises on all design concepts and detail for almost every Six Senses project. he still finds time to enjoy reading. His varied background. He was appointed Managing Director of the company at the beginning of 1996.received an MA in English Literature. BB has been involved in a multitude of resort and spa projects exposing him to the market in almost every country in Asia as well as a growing number of non-Asian destinations around the world. Marco Polo Group in Hong Kong. While at Six Senses. he was appointed Honorary Advisor to the President of the Senate of Thailand. all being hotels noted for their high standards of service and facilities. Hotel Baur au Lac in Zurich and The Peninsula Hong Kong. Eva Shivdasani . A German citizen. innovative and unconventional ideas.Creative Director In this challenging role. he graduated from Lausanne Hotel School . Her attention to detail is legendary. In the mid 70’s. Her real flair is in her impeccable taste. and an overall daring approach that ensures a different ‘feel’ for each project.Managing Director Bernhard Bohnenberger – BB for short – joined Six Senses in 1991 as Development Director.one of the world’s leading hotel schools. provides him with the ideal talents to lead Six Senses Resorts & Spas in their innovative approach to creating exceptional guest experiences. Prior to joining Six Senses. both in conventional luxury hotels and at the core of creativity for a new resort trend. Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Munich. Whilst the evolution of Six Senses keeps Sonu quite busy. During the 70’s and the 80’s Eva was a top fashion model appearing on the cover of more than 100 high-end magazines world-wide. BB’s hotel operations experience includes Hilton Geneva and Hong Kong. travelling. He is also a gifted linguist being fluent in five languages with a working knowledge of several more.

spas.G. marketing and sales of global luxury brands. and Senior Brand Manager at Moet & Chandon for LVMH. Vincent brings extensive experience from an impressive career in positioning. For the Chanel Group (Holland & Holland Ltd). Joining Six Senses from his former role of Global Brand Director for Stolichnaya within the Pernod Ricard Group – the second largest wine & spirit group worldwide). plus Post Graduate Studies in International Marketing Strategy & Logistics from the same business school. Vincent.. Com. His previous roles also included UK Country Manager for Champagnes at Allied Domecq PLC. About us July 2009 Meet the Core 28/37 . international taxation. Vincent received a Bachelor’s Degree from ISC Business School in Paris. will play a significant role in developing the Six Senses unique brand equity.Managing Director Business Development. Vincent held several roles over an eight-year period. He has wide international experience in corporate finance. with his professional background being from outside the hospitality industry.Chief Commercial Officer Vincent will oversee international marketing & sales strategies of the Six Senses resorts. He then moved over as Finance Director and is now Managing Director Business Development. He holds a B. degree from the University of Bombay (1979) and is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a Member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries of India. commercial and legal matters. South Asia and Indian Ocean Narsi joined the Six Senses Goup in 1993 as Financial Controller. private residences and retail galleries. He has played an active role in the development of the business from inception. Narasimhan . South Asia and Indian Ocean. and in building luxury brands in various high-end retail sectors. financial control. culminating with that of International Marketing Communications Manager. Vincent Gillet .

Alasdair began his career in Jordan as the food and beverage manager for Their Majesties. He returned to Six Senses in 2002 as general manager of Evason Phuket & Six Senses Spa in Thailand. and General Manager of the first myhotel. He first joined Six Senses from London based myhotels where he was involved with developing the company. Alasdair Junor initially joined Six Senses as general manager of Soneva Fushi in the Maldives. After graduating from the Robert Gordons University in Aberdeen Scotland. Chris’ professional history has seen him as General Manager of Mount Juliet House in Ireland and London’s historic Café Royal. Under his stewardship the resort was awarded the Best of the Best Leisure Property in the World. He returned to the UK for a period. Six Senses Hideaway.Alasdair Junor . Prior to that. Middle East and Africa. plus having a seat on the Board.Chief Operating Officer Alasdair has taken up the role of Chief Operating Officer for Six Senses Resorts & Spas. plus Six Senses Spas and Six Senses Destination Spas. Chris spent several years developing his career at hotels in South Africa and the United Kingdom. The duties of this Inner Core role include overseeing all operational aspects of resorts managed under the brand names Soneva by Six Senses. holding the position of Operations Director. He relocates from his previous role as Managing Director for Six Senses in Europe.Chief Concept Officer Prior to his appointment a Chief Concept Officer. in Thailand. After earning his Diploma in Hotel Management. About us July 2009 Meet the Core 29/37 . Wales and Scotland. based in Dubai. the late King Hussien. where he headed a hospitality development project that covered France. Chris’ most recent role with the group was as Area General Manager for Six Senses Hideaway at Hua Hin and Evason Hua Hin. He has worked predominately with opening hotels in the capacity as general manager in Kenya. by Condé Nast Traveller UK. Christopher Oakes . Chris was Regional General Manager for Forte Hotels where he was based at Bath Spa Hotel. These followed roles as Managing Director of Adare Manor in Limerick and operator of restaurants in the United Kingdom and Portugal. Majorca and several locations within Asia. Six Senses Latitude and Evason. and Queen Noor. in 2000.

working with various international hospitality companies including The Ritz-Carlton. Six Senses Hideaway. the UK and the USA.C.Managing Director for the Maldives John joined Six Senses Resorts & Spas as the Area Director for the Maldives. Anand Rao . in the Caribbean. director of food & beverage. recruitment and selection. followed by a variety of corporate human resources positions. John has completed his Bachelor of Applied Science in Hospitality from New Hampshire College as well as his Masters of Science in Hospitality at I. and the Maldives’ first over-water resort.Chief Talent Officer Anand has been appointed as Chief Talent Officer for Six Senses Resorts & Spas. and director of human resources. He is responsible for overseeing the group’s human resources and training strategy to support the expanding portfolio of resorts managed under the brand names Soneva. food & beverage analyst. Colorado . Socrates in Boulder. Wales. Anand holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree from Delhi University in English. He is fluent in French and several Indian languages and.A. Six Senses Latitude and Evason. John brings to Six Senses more than seventeen years of hospitality experience having had broad ranging responsibilities with deluxe 5-star international hotel and resort companies. plus Six Senses Spas and Six Senses Destination Spas.John Philipson . Six Senses is currently developing Evason Latitude at Laamu. Lausanne Hotel School in Switzerland. is able to converse in a number of other languages. He joined the hospitality business in 1990 with Hyatt International in Grand Cayman Island. Anand began his career as a trainee and worked his way up through the ranks and held positions as restaurant manager. Kuwait. Soneva Gili. he was with The Ritz-Carlton since February 1995 where he held the positions of Corporate Director. EuroDisney. Originally from India. as well as an Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management from the world-renowned. Six Senses currently operate iconic Soneva Fushi – voted Best of the Best in Condé Nast Traveller’s Awards. About us July 2009 Meet the Core 30/37 . David’s Hotel and Spa in Cardiff. Sudan. as a result of his travels and work experience. in Manchester and The St.both in the United States. John’s most recent assignment was as general manager of Rocco Forte Hotels’ The Lowry. France. Prior to joining Six Senses. A British national.M. which is scheduled to open in 2008. and Vice President. director of training. Kenya. Anand graduated from the Lausanne Hotel School (Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne). Hilton International and Sarova Hotels spans over 30 years in many countries including Switzerland. His experience in the hospitality industry. organizational development.

Juergen’s other responsibilities as group director of property maintenance. he assumes the social and environmental conscience role and associated tasks. Green Globe® 21 benchmarking and certification. and for coordinating all group SERF activities. a role which she performed for six years and which firmly established the facility as a market leader. Seidel . Ana Maria later joined Shun Tak Holding Limited in Hong Kong as owner’s representative for three international 5-star properties and the largest conference centre in Macau. His responsibilities also include his role as project leader of zero carbon emissions for the group and the Green Globe® 21 spa benchmarking and certification process. Engineer & Innovation.Juergen E. resorts and spas. include overseeing all properties’ engineering departments and supporting projects. Following that tenure. plus new project development.where she was responsible for planning the development of Chiva-Som Health Resort’s first overseas venture. energy and environment.Managing Director Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket Ana Maria joined Six Senses in 2006 to create the premier destination spa of the 21st century: Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket.Group Director of Property Maintenance. Ana Maria Tavares . construction and openings. Ana Maria relocated to her country of birth . About us July 2009 Meet the Core 31/37 . Under her direction Chiva-Som was awarded the world’s premier destination Health Resort. as voted by the readers of Condé Nast Traveler Magazine. Six Senses Resorts & Spas Juergen Seidel has taken over the additional responsibility of Conscience of Six Senses. making him responsible for all SERF (Social and Environmental Responsibility Fund) activities at Six Senses’ Hub. Ana Maria was the founding General Manager and Deputy Managing Director of renowned Chiva-Som International Health Resort. engineer and innovation.Portugal . In addition to his current responsibilities. She heads the operation and development of the project and the future development of the brand.

Egypt and Luxembourg. Prior to this. Govind has also worked in real estate projects and for international hotel companies such as Le Meridien and Starwood. practiced Sarbanes Oxley corporate governance and is a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors America. across Asia. which is currently under development on Koh Kood to the south-east of the Gulf of Thailand. Prior to joining Six Senses. and is a language addict—he is fully proficient in Thai. He will oversee the general management of Soneva Kiri . Govind Chari . He has also attended CPA programmes. Govind brings to Six Senses over 18 years of varied experience as Chief Financial Officer and Senior Executive with world-renowned.Group Finance Director. Govind is a chartered accountant having graduated in Commerce from the Delhi University. Lebanon. accounting and reporting functions. Govind was Chief Financial Officer for a European resort development and hotel management company based in Bangkok. Six Senses Resorts & Spas Govind will oversee the group’s operations finance.Area General Manager for Soneva Kiri Antony has been appointed as Area General Manager of Soneva Kiri by Six Senses. and completed the examination of Final Groups of Cost and Work Accountancy and Company Secretaries from the respective Institutes of India. and has even picked up Spanish along the way. and in the U. various Indian languages.the first Soneva branded resort to be launched in Thailand. heavy engineering and manufacturing sector including Bauer Gmbh and Hyundai Engg. About us July 2009 Meet the Core 32/37 . multi-national companies in the construction.Antony Paton . Antony was the regional general manager for Ramada Hotels in the UK and was also General Manager of the clubs and restaurants division of the Peninsula Group in Hong Kong and Taiwan after being the General Manager of The Royal Household in Aqaba.S. Married with two children. Jordan. a little Tagalog. English. He was responsible for the group’s hotels in Tunisia. as well as his base in Jordan. and Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Le Royal Group of Hotels. Jordan. Morocco. Antony joins us from his previous role of General Manager of Le Royal Amman. Govind has travelled widely around the globe. foundation.

SYDA Foundation. Mauritius. the United Kingdom and the USA. About us July 2009 Meet the Core 33/37 . Resorts and Palaces. where he most recently held the position of development director for the group. as regional operations director for India. His career with Six Senses has spanned over 5 years. the Maldives.Group Development Director. Mexico and Spain.Managing Director. He is a member of the core executive team reporting directly to the Six Senses Resorts & Spas Managing Director. Prior to that. which boasts over 40 spas in operation or under development across India. initially as a corporate operations executive where he was responsible for establishing best practices for the group. the Middle East. Six Senses Resorts & Spas Omar is responsible for pursuing new resort developments and ensuring standards are met within Six Senses branded resorts. Samir worked for a non-profit organization . Samir Patel . Samir came to Six Senses from his previous role with Taj Hotels.Omar Romero . Europe. Samir created Taj’s luxury spa division. Kenya. Prior to joining Six Senses. he oversees the projects within the Americas and the Iberian Peninsula. Omar worked in operations at several hotels in Switzerland. where he held the role of vice president of spa operations and development. Prior to this he received diplomas in Food Science and Hotel Management from the Hotel Management School Les Roches. In particular. Africa and the Americas. A British National. Omar joined Six Senses Resorts & Spas in 2003 after graduating from Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne where he obtained a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Hospitality. He is a dual Spanish and Mexican National who started his hospitality career working in his family business at 14 years of age. During his 5 year tenure. Sri Lanka and Bhutan. Six Senses Spa His appointment supports the planned global expansion of Six Senses Spas throughout Asia. He brings with him a wealth of experience spanning two decades living in India. He has specific responsibility for overseeing financial and operational performance and reports directly to the chief operating officer of Six Senses. He then moved to the development department. Samir is originally from India and holds a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in production engineering from Sardar Patel University.

Having worked as an investment and private banker for top firms such as Goldman Sachs. Lynn founded BarBoudoir Business Advisors. He then moved over as Financial Analyst. degree from the University of Mumbai (1998) and is a qualified Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (2002). About us July 2009 Meet the Core 34/37 . budgeting. financial evaluation and control. a leading Chartered Accountant firm in India which is also member of RSM international. a London-based boutique management consultancy focused on strategy.Kashyap Vora . Kashyap Vora is located at Six Senses’ Bangkok Hub. she leads the strategy execution. Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. He has wide experience in corporate finance. Kashyap served as Audit Manager with Suresh Surana & Associates. Before joining Six Senses. Russia and the USA. Com. commercial and legal agreements. broker network relationship management. corporate finance and business development for lifestyle and luxury goods companies.Group Director of Corporate Finance and Tax Kashyap joined the Six Senses Group in 2002 as Senior Finance Executive. Prior to Six Senses. He holds a B. Lynn also handles buyer sales enquiries in Europe. Asia and the US. Six Senses Private Residences Lynn oversees the expansion of Six Senses Private Residences as a luxury real-estate brand. Lynn has considerable contacts in the UK. Working with the Six Senses development team and external development partners. Lynn Villadolid . Lynn holds an MBA from Harvard University (2001) and a 1989 Philippine National Award for Leadership.Senior Director. A British national. international taxation and commercial matters.

After seven years. Jurgen Meyer .Anthony Williams . About us July 2009 Meet the Core 35/37 . he relocated to Hong Kong in 1992 to take up a top executive role with the iconic Peak Tramway Company. leisure/entertainment and hospitality.Senior Project Director A successful senior international executive. He joined Six Senses in 2008 after years as a senior associate with Pertlink Ltd. based in Dubai. This was followed by a twelve year tenure as the group information technology officer with the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.Chief Information Officer Jurgen Meyer is an experienced IT director with more than twenty years experience at senior level leadership within the hospitality industry. He has a record of improving efficiencies and subsequently revenues without sacrificing quality. Having earned business administration and hospitality management diplomas in Germany and Switzerland. Anthony Williams joined Six Senses in 2008. with a strong engineering background. moving to become a regional manager.. he had a stint at Ocean Park as Operations Director before joining the Shun Tak Group at the Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre as general manger. where he was responsible for the design and implementation of innovative guest technology through all areas of a property to drive business and enhance profitability. Jurgen’s early career was spent mainly in France. Having held engineering-related roles with several companies in his native United Kingdom. In 1982 he joined the then Inter-Continental Hotels Corporation as an installation specialist. then as the associate director of Hospitality Management. bringing with him a wealth of operational experience in tourism.

while at the same time improving the lives of our hosts and our communities. It expresses a commitment to our guests to provide complete and unique experiences. knowledge and simple message on how to rediscover a holistic lifestyle. It is about being at the forefront of environmental sustainability and offering the support. Six Senses Core Purpose is To create innovative and enlightening experiences that rejuvenate our guests’ love of SLOW LIFE* *Sustainable – Local – Organic – Wholesome Learning – Inspiring – Fun – Experiences About us July 2009 SLOW LIFE 36/37 .SLOW LIFE SM SLOW LIFE is pivotal to Six Senses philosophy.

142 Sukhumvit Road. Thailand Tel: + 66 2 631 9777 Fax: + 66 2 631 9799 www.19 /F Two Pacific Place Building. Bangkok 10110 .com .sixsenses. Klongtoey.

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