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Beaded Edge
Inspired designs for crocheted edgings and trims
M i d o r i N i s h i da / C R K D e s i g n
Edging with Beads Using a Crochet Hook Edging with Beads Using a Beading Needle
4 design-1 Window Box 3 2 design-15 Triangular Hat
6 design-2 Orchard 3 4 design-16 Stars Twinkling over Snow
8 design-3 Refreshing Breeze 3 6 design-17 Juicy Grapes
1 0 design-4 Dewdrops in the Meadow 3 8 design-18 Tiny Hot Peppers
1 2 design-5 Fluttering Butterflies
Remake Idea Collection
1 4 design-6 Church Bells
1 6 design-7 Dainty Berries 4 0 SCARF Beaded Edging for a Scarf
1 8 design-8 Soap Bubbles 4 2 WEDDING Beaded Edging for Wedding
2 0 design-9 Enchanting Wild Roses 4 4 NOËL Beaded Edging for Christmas
2 2 design-10 A Floral Hedge 4 6 FOLKLORE Beaded Edging for Folkloric Items
2 4 design-11 A Garden of Pansies 4 8 FOLKLORE Babushka
2 6 design-12 Lace Flowers 4 9 SUMMER A Linen Parasol
2 8 design-13 A Sun-dazzled Footpath 5 0 SUMMER Beaded Edging for Summer
3 0 design-14 Sparkling Fringe 5 2 CRAFT ZAKKA Beaded Edging for Home Décor and Gifts

54 Beautiful Turkish Edgings

58 Materials & Tools
60 Recipe Note
87 ABCs of Edging with Beads

Materials & Tools
Here you will find the beads, yarn, and tools used in
the edging techniques with beads introduced in this book.
Find the best combination for the material to be edged
and how you would like the piece to end up.

Round beads Bugle beads Treasure & Royal color beads

(TOHO seed beads, 12/0 to 7/0) Spindly bugle beads resemble bamboo. (TOHO cylinder seed beads)
Round beads are the most popular in 3mm-long bugle beads are commonly Treasure beads are seed beads
use. Threaded beads are useful when used, and 6mm-long and 9mm-long produced by TOHO. They are thin
using beads of one color, or many bugle beads also exist. Use the best cylinder seed beads and often used for
beads of one color for one motif. Join length for the design to be made. The embroidery involving beads and bead
them with yarn and they can be easily result will be different depending on looming. The royal color beads are
moved about. A variety of processed the length of the bead, even when the also seed beads produced by TOHO.
beads such as clear beads, matte beads motif is the same. They include round, bugle and 3-cut
and aurora beads are available and you beads that have unique colors which
can enjoy working with a wide range are rich and mellow.
of different textures.

Special beads Wood beads Spangles (Sequins)

A variety of processed beads in many The smallest wood beads of 3mm (1⁄8") Flat and round types of sequins with
different colors and shapes are are excellently matched with wool. smooth faces are often utilized in the
available. Magatama beads and Czech Washable glossy types and natural pieces presented in this book. Dry-
beads will lend a hint of originality to matte types are also available. Enjoy cleanable types are also available and
any work. Jujube glass beads are mixing and matching colors. can be used for wearable items such as
useful in completing certain lengths, skirts and shirts.
similar to bugle beads.

Lace yarn Embroidery thread Hemp yarn Wool embroidery

Lace yarn Embroidery thread Wool embroidery thread

The finest yarn used for the pieces The Cotton Pearl series produced by 100-percent-wool embroidery thread is
shown in this book is DMC Special DMC possesses a soft, silky texture twisted a bit loosely compared with
Dentelles (meaning “lace” in Turkish, reminiscent of pearls. A number of general embroidery thread. It
1 spool is about 97 m [318' 27⁄8"] long). colors are available and finding a maintains a fluffy texture, and it is
Since various thicknesses of yarns are suitable one isn't difficult. This is a generally recommended to crochet it in
available with DMC Cebelia, use the superior choice for beginners, as it is a loose manner, unlike with lace yarn.
appropriate type for each item. Lace thicker than lace yarn and much easier A wide palette of colors is available.
yarn is excellent for seed beads. to crochet. Colorful combinations with wood
beads are often favored. One skein is
about 20 m (65' 73⁄8") long.

Hemp yarn Thread and needles for beading Crochet hooks

An open crochet piece will be made Nylon thread for beading is fine and In this book, a crochet hook No. 10
with leather sewing hemp thread. stretchy, allowing the crafter to tighten (0.75mm) is used for lace yarn such as
Orizuru-brand hemp yarn for buttons the beads firmly. It is good for use Dentelles, and No. 4 (1.25mm) - No. 8
possesses a fine gloss. You can with beading needles. The beading (0.9mm) is used for wool embroidery
cultivate a natural or wild look, needle shown to the left in the picture thread and slightly thicker hemp yarn.
depending upon your chosen beads. is extremely effective for threading If your crochet work turns out a bit
beads with a thick thread. Keep one loose, try a thinner hook.
for use with crochet hooks.
Dewdrops in the Meadow
Designed by Midori Nishida, Created by MEU
D esi g n - 4 , page 67

Beaded edging for a skirt

This piece was fashioned

together with an eclectic
assortment of beads, from
silver bugle beads, light-
blue round beads, pearl
jujube-shaped beads to
blue magatama beads. This
captivating skirt edging
sparkles gloriously as it
catches the light with every

Exquisite edges with beads Midori Nishida is a profes-
sional craft artist whose work
spans a variety of fields. Deeply
Add a personal touch with beautiful beaded trims. The Beaded Edge moved and inspired by the
“Turkish Embroideries and Oya
offers 18 designs that range from delicate and classic to modern and bold,
Exhibition,” she endeavored to
all created with simple thread, a crochet hook, a beading needle, and create her own line of crafts and
inexpensive beads. Each trim is illustrated with clear stitch diagrams that introduced Boncuk oya to Japan,
adapting it into a more acces-
demonstrate the patterns, and the detailed step-by-step instructions will
sible form for crafters. She has
teach you to combine basic crochet techniques with beadwork for gorgeous continued to study and perfect
edges and embellishments. the art of beaded edgings with
CRK Design and has built a mas-
sive base of loyal fans both in and
Use your beaded edges to customize handbags, hats, clothing, parasols, outside of Japan.
home décor items, and anything else you want. If you have a passion
for personalizing and embellishing, you will find a treasure trove of new CRK Design is a design firm
made up of six graphic design-
techniques in The Beaded Edge. ers. Their first craft magazine
design project opened the door to
their career in craft making and
design. Today, they do everything
from designing and production to
book designing. In collaboration
with Midori Nishida, the group
has generated an endless stream
of creative ideas and designs for
decorative edgings.
8¼ x 10¼, 88 pages
Available November 2011