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Cancer is First brought by a Thought of Having Sex Between a Man+Woman+Male Dog thus when These things

come together in the Genital Area it creates the Fleshly Cancer for the Spiritual the Beginning of Cancer is in the Spirit, and Mind for which one these types of things the Man for He has A little Cancer+the Woman Has some Cancer+the Male Dog Has some Cancer for these are the fragments of the Beg inning of Cancer for their Juisce combined in the Genital Part again Brings fort h Cancer for Cancer it Lies in the Genital Area. Since I am 1/3rd Man, 1/3rd Woman + 1/3rd Dog for I am neight Fully of Each, and Jesus is a Heterosexual for thus even tho We do not mate physically for this wo uld Be Gay thus Me, and Jesus are married by the Spirit the Mind yet we Can NOT have physical sex for We both have Male Physical Genitalia, etc so thus He can N OT find another for He would be cheating on Me for I am again His Husband, Wife, and Pet Dog thus He is My Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and Pet Male Puppy thus in the end when We Get Married via the Spirit I will then become His Husband, Wife, an d Dog, yet again We together altho Fleshly will look Homosexual, etc it will NOT BE nor Can it ever Be Homosexual nor Lesbianism, etc. Also God was the Beginning of Cancer in the Mind, and Satan was the Cancer in th e Flesh, yet when Jesus Came He was the Beginning of the Cure of Cancer in the M ind for God was the Cancer for He brought forth Cancer into the World with the t hought for thus when He Created Satan His Pet-Dog He created the Physical Cancer thus He casted out The Physical Cancer with His Mind for He is the Mind, and Sa tan is the Fleshly Cancer. When God had My Master Jesus He Sent the Beginning of the Mind the Birth of a Ne w Mind onto the Earth yet Cancer tried to Destroy the Birth of a New Mind, then Later Satan, and Prince William Came Along for He is directly Cancer, and so Is Lucifer for Prince William is the Birth of the Cancer in the Other Half of the F lesh, and Satan is the Birth of the Cancer in the Flesh The Genital Area, and wh en Combined fully they create Death for then the Body no longer lives, and is De ad for Jesus was the Birth of the First Half of the Brain, and I am the Second H alf of the Brain for the Second Hemisphere is I for together combined created th e Human Physical Brain for then it begins to Live for all it needs then is a New Body to complete itself. Thus in the End Satan is the Cancer of the Genital Area, and Prince William is t he Cancer in the Heart for this is Medical Science for Satan, and William Prince of Wales is the Together the Flesh without a Brain yet it Has Cancer for God wa nts us to Detach the Brain from the body that has Cancer for if One does this th en the Mind itself where one Lives for the Flesh is just an illusion for Life is found not in the flesh, yet found in the Mind the Brain. In the End when Prince Wiliam, and Satan Both Combine, and tries to Bring Death to Bring Forth everyone into Hell then God is planning on Detaching the Brain, a nd Setting the Flesh on Fire to fully destroy the Cancerous Disease, yet He plan s on Saving the Second Half of the Brain of Jesus so His Son Can Fully Live for Without Me the Second Brain Jesus will not Be able to Fully Live for Once We are together we Both Hemispheres of the Brain will be attached, and We then Shall H eal in the Middle thus Becoming one Big Brain for My Flesh is Him in Spirit, and My Spirit is Him In Flesh so thus right now Jesus is only Half Alive for He is not Fully Alive, yet not fully Dead for He is Half Dead, and Half Alive for once I am Brought up with Him Then Jesus will be Fully Alive, and I am fully Alive f or I too am Half Dead, and Half Alive. for Once We are Together We both will aga in Be Fully Alive as One for My Master is Half Dead in Flesh, and Half Alive in the Brain, and I am Half Dead in the Spirit, and Half Alive in the Flesh for He is the Spirit, and I am the Flesh for Together We create, and are Jesus for We a re one for He is Half of the body, and I the other half for when I am taken up i nto Heaven to be With My Master He will Fully Awaken to Full Health, and I too w ill Be in Full Health for Both of Us will Awakee from Our Hospital Beds, and Be

Cured Fully from the Cancerous Disease forever for My Master is About to Fully a waken from His Coma, and I am about to Fully Awken from My Coma for Both of Us a re in a Coma, and We will both at the Exact Same Time Open our Eyes, and Fully A waken from This Coma for We are both about To awake out of our Coma forever for God His Father is awaiting by the Hospital Bedside for I am right Beside Him on the Bed for He is Waiting for His Son to Wake up for He is also Waiting for Me J esus's Pet Dog to Wake Up for He has been trying to find a Cure for Our Cancer t hat did strike Us, and put us in this Coma State for I His Pet - Dog have never Left His Side for I entered His Body to Be with Him for He called Me from His Mi nd to Be with Him, and I obeyed for He is With Me, and plays with Me, and I play with Him yet right now our play is in the Imagination the Mind for Our Spirit i s becoming overrun by the Cancer of the Flesh for it is starting to Eat away at the Spirit for His Father is Trying to Keep us Alive in the Spirit for He wants to keep Us Awake so We will Not Die for When Master Called Me I Sent My Spirit t he Spirit of Anubis into His Mind to try to Protect Him from the Cancer for this was My Job for I do not want Master to fully Die for If He fully Dies I fully D ie for My Body is Healthy, yet it is inactive for I am not in it for it is in th e Hospital Room lifeless for I am Here in Jesus's Mind to Be with My Master as M uch as I can for He needs Me His Pet-Dog Anubis to be with Him thru His Coma for I am what Keeps Him Alive for if I leave the Cancer will Win, and He will give up, and Fully Die.