THE DEPARTED Written by William Monahan

Based on Infernal Affairs SCRIPT AS SHOT COMPILED SEPTEMBER 2006 FADE UP ON THE SOUTH BOSTON HOUSING PROJECTS. A MAZE OF BUILDINGS AGAINST THE HARBOR. COSTELLO (V.O.) I don't want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product...of me. YELLOW RIPPLES PAST THE CAMERA AND WHEN IT CLEARS WE SEE THROUGH DIESEL SMOKE: A BUSING PROTEST IN PROGRESS. THE SCHOOL-BUS, FULL OF BLACK KIDS, IS HIT WITH BRICKS, ROCKS. N.B.: (THIS IS NOT SETTING THE LIVE ACTION IN 1974; IT IS A HISTORICAL MONTAGE, THE BACKGROUND FOR COSTELLO'S V.O.). INT. THE AUTOBODY SHOP. DAY. COSTELLO's profile passes in a dark room. COSTELLO (V.O.) Years ago, we had the Church. That was only a way of saying we had each other. The Knights of Columbus were head-breakers. They took over their piece of the city. EXT. SOUTHIE. VARIOUS The neighborhood. 1980's. We won't be here long. This isn't where Costello ends up. It's where he began. Liquor stores with shamrocked signs. MEN FISHING near Castle Island. Catholic SCHOOLKIDS playing in an asphalted schoolyard. COSTELLO (V.O.) Twenty years after an Irishman couldn't get a job, we had the presidency. That's what the niggers don't realize. If I got one thing against the black chaps it's this. No one gives it to you. You have to take it.

INT. LUNCH COUNTER. DAY COSTELLO comes in. The shop is one that sells papers, sundries, fountain drinks...and fronts a bookie operation. YOUNG COSTELLO (leaning over cluttered counter) Don't make me have to come down here again. (CONTINUED) 2. CONTINUED: PROPRIETOR Won't happen again, Mr. C. The frightened proprietor hands over money. Fifty bucks, a hundred, doesn't matter. COSTELLO is never the threatener. His demeanor is gentle, philosophical. Almost a shrink's probing bedside manner. He has great interest in the world as he moves through it. As if he originally came from a different world and his survival in this one depends on close continual observation and analysis. YOUNG COLIN looks up. CLOSE ON his eyes. He is fourteen or fifteen, but small for his age. Bookish. COSTELLO eyes the proprietor's TEENAGE behind the counter. He takes a propane strangely, pays for it (the proprietor for change. He lights a MORE cigarette DAUGHTER, working lighter, and, startled) and waits with the lighter.

YOUNG COSTELLO Carmen's developing into a fine young lady. You should be proud. You get your period yet, Carmen? The PROPRIETOR is uneasy. COSTELLO turns to YOUNG COLIN (about 14) staring at the local hero. Costello reaches up above and behind the counter and takes down some cigarettes. YOUNG COSTELLO (CONT'D) You Johnny Sullivan's kid? COLIN nods. YOUNG COSTELLO (CONT'D) You live with your grandmother? COLIN nods. YOUNG COLIN

Yeah. COSTELLO tells the Proprietor to takes three loaves of bread and some soup off the shelves and puts them in Colin's bag. COSTELLO Get him three loaves of bread. And a couple of half gallons of milk. And some soup. He goes over to the fridge and puts two half gallons of milk in the bag. Some soup. Costello turns to Colin.

(CONTINUED) 3. CONTINUED: (2) COSTELLO (CONT'D) Do you like comic books? Colin nods. He adds a couple of comic books.

When the PROPRIETOR looks at him, he takes out the money he put in his pocket and gives back half. YOUNG COSTELLO You do good in school? YOUNG COLIN nods, holding the big bag of loot. COLIN Yes. YOUNG COSTELLO That's good. I did good in school. They call that a paradox. He gives some money to Carmen. YOUNG COSTELLO (CONT'D) Buy yourself some makeup. Keep the change. Looks intently at COLIN to see if he gets it. YOUNG COSTELLO (CONT'D) You ever want to earn a little extra money, you come by L street. You know where I am on L street. COLIN nods: everybody does. YOUNG COLIN Colin does.

Various views of the church. is among them.) To you. YOUNG KIDS. is serving at a funeral Mass. The new and eternal Jerusalem. Forgive whatever sins he committed through human weakness and in your goodness grant him everlasting peace. YOUNG COSTELLO Church wants you in your place. (CONTINUED) 4. The PROPRIETOR can do shit about it. the very good boy. three years older. INT. YOUNG COLIN. in your sight may he live forever. YOUNG COSTELLO watches YOUNG COLIN go off down a slummy street. Stained-glass light. CONTINUED: PRIEST (V. PRIEST (VO) May the angels lead you into paradise. . A CHURCH. in the sight of this world he is now dead. He pushes out with the bags of groceries. O Lord we commend the soul of Alphonsus. DAY COSTELLO is talking informally (we realize that this is a continuation of the philosophical talk. your Servant. A liturgical bell tings. CLOSE on COLIN'S face. The altar is still wreathed in the smoke of incense.O. Useful young men.Thank you. May the martyrs come to welcome you and take you to the holy city. THE AUTOBODY SHOP. the good boy. MORNING. 1985-ISH YOUNG COLIN. ALL Amen. the shadowy pacing). INT.

YOUNG COLIN. you gotta see somebody. (a beat) Non serviam.. INT. THE AUTOBODY SHOP. You have to take it. she fell funny. stand. She falls on the body of a man who has just been executed. DAWN Rose-colored dawn..I mean if you go for that sort of thing. They go about their business. tried to tell me what to do. We see that only YOUNG COLIN is present.And something maybe happened to them. (to the room) Guineas from the North End and down Providence. YOUNG COSTELLO (CONT'D) I don't know what to do for you..Not continuous with the above. with a pistol. kneel. the recent altar boy. And me.. No one gives it to you. executes a MAN kneeling in the surf. FRENCH moves forward with an axe in his hand. A man makes his own way. CONTINUED: YOUNG COSTELLO Him and Lucifer. EXT. A REMOTE BEACH. talking. YOUNG COSTELLO . YOUNG COSTELLO.. YOUNG COLIN James Joyce. (CONTINUED) 5.. DAY YOUNG COSTELLO walking. visibly doesn't go for that sort of thing. stand. FRENCH Frank... COSTELLO Jeez.What sort of man wants to be kept in his place? Do this don't do that. kneel.

. which may expand. RAIN streaming down his face. who is included in all Colin's trainee scenes). YOUNG COSTELLO (CONT'D) When I was your age.You decide to be something.. His opinion on the experience is not . We are now on (MATURE) COLIN'S EYES eyes.. we become cops or criminals. A TRAINING FIELD. He has a notebook. you can be it. what I'm saying to you is this: When you are facing a loaded gun. That's what they don't tell you. COLIN is staring forward. COLIN writes. He is a perfect trainee.. very close on COSTELLO. THE SAME EYES. firing dry and then speed-changing a clip in a BERETTA 92F. MISTER FRENCH is doing books off behind a window of dirty glass. Today. YOUNG COSTELLO (CONT'D) What's the difference? ECU: COLIN'S EYES swerve up. DAY POLICE TRAINEES ON A FIRING RANGE. DAY STATE POLICE TRAINEES standing in a pissing rain.. the Church. Pull back to reveal: POLICE TRAINEES. wearing a trainee's uniform. fragment or tumble. Writing. COLIN is in the class. FIRING RANGE. a DI yelling at them OS.on the unchanging eyes.. then passes through the brain. Blood and brain matter is ejected backwards from this hole. The bullet. holding Colin's shoulder. they would say. a pen. As we go along the line we see COLIN. EXT. INSTRUCTOR The slug enters the skull by forming a small entrance hole. 6. This is how the character transits the "age leap". INT. (INCLUDING BARRIGAN.

THE BOSTON COMMON. Or pussy. CONTINUED: BARRIGAN What are you looking at? Forget it. are playing rugby against some FIREFIGHTERS.) The Massachusetts State Police has a long tradition of excellence.decipherable. including COLIN and BARRIGAN. (CONTINUED) 7. EXT. He smiles. SPEAKER (V. COLIN Fucking firemen are getting pussy for the first time in the history of fire. sir. The terraces of fine townhouses. Aqueous golden light behind. Misty golden beauty. Flags cracking. Your father was a janitor. COLIN doesn't have a great sense of humor but he knows how to pretend that he does. among them COLIN. Ad libs: "Sir. and his son's only a cop. BARRIGAN Don't tell me I'm looking at the first dickhead-American president of the United States. DAY Bagpipes and bullshit.O. COLIN (not vainglorious. FIREFIGHTERS are moving away triumphantly. STATE POLICE GRADUATION CEREMONY. yes. Line after line of paramilitary-looking graduates." EXT. The game breaks up with each group giving each other the finger. COLIN sits on a bench looking at THE GOLD DOME OF BEACON HILL. Very rough game. but innocently stretching for the idea) You're in trouble if you're "only" anything. DAY Guys we recognize from the previous shots at the State Police Academy (wearing Statie t-shirts). Your graduation today solidifies .

) Begin. comes to the gates of the yard. A CLOCK TICKS.. no more books.S. BILLY takes up a Number Two pencil. honor and integrity.your acceptance into one of the finest law enforcement agencies in our nation. no more teachers. The bagpipe band plays "Minstrel Boy. a picture of Colin fucking his school teacher. COSTELLO and MISTER FRENCH standing by the car. drugs. NOTE: The box could contain an eyeball. COSTELLO School's out. a lone person.we will never know. Other graduates are hugged by family.. alone. BILLY'S EYES on it. marking multiple choice answers swiftly . CAMERA swirls around COLIN as he moves. (CONTINUED) 8. sweep hand coming around. You are dismissed. AN EXAMINATION ROOM. CONTINUED: COLIN walks over to the car. As the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. money. Yeah. INSTRUCTOR (O. You earned it. through the breaking up crowd." COLIN'S POV: AN OLDSMOBILE. COLIN. far enough along in their traineeship that their hair has grown in. He is in a room full of trainees. BILLY takes the test. INT. DAY TITLE: FOUR YEARS LATER A test is reversed on a desk lit with fluorescents. THE MAYOR VO Congratulations. COSTELLO gives COLIN a BOX. COLIN flips open the top and then quickly closes it. I am confident each and every one of you will serve with distinction.

DRILL INSTRUCTOR This is not the regular police. (CONTINUED) 9. A TRACK. CONTINUED: BILLY Look at it this way. you're a black guy in Boston. man. TRAINING FIELD. alongside BROWN a black trainee with specs. Your . Your mom must be a wonderful woman. BROWN She tells me. BROWN Fuck yourself. This is the state police. BILLY (exasperated by this) To where. (puff puff) So after graduation (puff puff) I get a blowjob again. You don't need any help from me to be completely fucked. (Yeah) BROWN is left thinking about this. (puff puff) You finish the police course you get taken care of again baby.while all around him trainees are sweating and still trying to read the questions. EXT. you never finish anything. EXT. BILLY That's great. wearing a State Police sweatshirt is running. ways to get ahead. BROWN Ways to get ahead. though. DAY BILLY with other trainees is being braced by a DI. DAY BILLY.

DAY BILLY will illustrate the difference. EXT. He moves through a door. in glasses and ear-protectors. glad to be a cop. FIRING RANGE. What's the difference? BILLY (sotto voce to BROWN) Rage issues and lower median IQ. COLIN (calling to other cops) Douchebag! COPS enter past Colin and pigpile the man. DAY A BLACK-WINDOWED. INT. INT. Older Boston reflected in the featureless glass. beetling over a plaza. Go from the GUN to 10. and changes clips. four years a veteran of the gang unit. COLIN. DRILL INSTRUCTOR We're not superior. A CRACKHOUSE. is on the job. FIRING RANGE. He puts on his sunglasses and walks towards the door. A STREET IN BOSTON. BILLY Sir. DAY BILLY. The smartest guy in the room. clearing rooms. sir. all testosterone and aggression. we're the best. POLICE BUILDING. DRILL INSTRUCTOR You say something? BILLY Sir. COLIN looks up at the building with great intensity. on a raid. COLIN is chewing gum. The Boston of this film is almost futuristic. waiting for the target. DAY. part of a team working with massive aggression. A SAD SACK OF SHIT is throwing drugs out a window. MODERN. . EXT. I was agreeing with you about our obvious superiority to other forms of police. yes sir.

QUEENAN'S OFFICE WAITING ROOM. DIGNAM My pleasure.INT. but I like to see everybody. Sergeant. . QUEENAN Congratulations on passing the detective exam. INT. looking very satisfied and not a little saturnine (it's not as if he isn't pleased by recognition and it's not as if he won't get revenge on Dignam). QUEENAN We won't be working directly together. He sees polished brogues. (CONTINUED) 11. DAY COLIN. a mild and scholarly man who might as well be a Jesuit history-teacher. He turns to go. he barely glances--and does not actually see--the TRAINEE sitting off to one side. DAY As COLIN leaves the office. QUEENAN'S OFFICE. CONTINUED: DIGNAM Like a twelve year old's dick. sir. in civvies (a very good suit).) COLIN Thank you. you rise fast. stands at suave attention before CAPTAIN QUEENAN. (contemplating him) You're a worker. you'll be working for Captain Ellerby. (Alt: Like a turd in the pool. and walks on. DIGNAM (tonelessly) Whoop-di fuckin' do. and welcome to the Special Investigation Unit. COLIN (to Queenan) Thank you.

with contempt. yes. Zip. Dignam is staring at him aggressively. I have an idea. sir. and COLIN has not seen him. none. COLIN Thanks. joyful. QUEENAN (CONT'D) Do you know what we do here? section? My BILLY doesn't want to answer unless he can answer correctly. DIGNAM is more intelligent than he seems. BILLY has no idea why he is in this room with the brass. He has not seen COLIN. INT.QUEENAN'S SECRETARY (whispering. BILLY looks up. MOMENTS LATER BILLY stands at attention. If you had an idea about what we do we would not be good at what .. QUEENAN You can sit. CONTINUED: QUEENAN (CONT'D) So. As COLIN leaves she moderates her expression and: QUEENAN'S SECRETARY (coldly) You can go in there now. in love with COLIN) Congratulations. let's say you have no idea and leave it there. Sgt. BILLY does. The picture of a spit-and-polish trainee. SGT. hon. (CONTINUED) 12. He has his interview on his mind. No idea.. BILLY Sir. DIGNAM Whoa. QUEENAN'S OFFICE. stirring his coffee.

hard) You have family connections down in Southie. Through your father. BILLY Uncle Jackie was a carpet layer for Jordan Marsh. (tightly) I remember his funeral. SGT. DIGNAM Uncle Jackie was a small-time bookie who tended bar at the Vets in Somerville. SGT. but he does. DIGNAM (CONT'D) He got popped by Nicastro in '95. He's openly intrigued by the situation. We would be cunts. DIGNAM (cruelly) Closed casket? BILLY That's right. Are you calling us cunts? BILLY wouldn't normally take crap from this guy. CONTINUED: (2) SGT. I'm afraid we all have to deal with it. BILLY says slowly: BILLY That's right. SGT. BILLY looks evenly at QUEENAN.we do. SGT. They found his body out by the airport. Dignam is staring at him. DIGNAM (getting to business. DIGNAM You tell anybody at Deerfield - . QUEENAN (not looking up from papers) Staff Sergeant Dignam has a style of his own. Tell us about your uncle Jackie. (MORE) (CONTINUED) 13.

What a country. he smiles beautifully. in his good suit. before you got kicked out for whaling on a gym teacher with a folding chair . She smiles back. He looks at a secretary's ass. COLIN (close on Colin) is on to him.that is. This isn't "somewhere". If you could go it alone you might get somewhere yourself. He owns the had an uncle met his demise like that? BILLY says nothing. Caught at it. I might be able to do something for you. You got any suits at home or you like . He looks into offices. SGT. In four years you're a sergeant. (CONTINUED) 14. CONTINUED: Meaning to some extent "Perfect for a dick like you". COLIN I don't mind going it alone. From one room BARRIGAN (still working in uniform) gives him the thumbs up. CORRIDOR POLICE BUILDING. BARRIGAN What you got? (with admiration and envy) "Staff Sergeant". COLIN SIU. BARRIGAN is unable to continue his pose of congratulation. DAY COLIN. This is how friends come apart. BARRIGAN We're cops. COLIN I know you're a worker. moves along the hall. BARRIGAN (after a beat) Perfect. DIGNAM (CONT'D) I got a question. How fucked up are you? INT. COLIN gets a coffee. Eyes luminous. He is looking at his future.

Among many. many. You have been selected for it on the basis of intelligence and aptitude. represented here by Agent Frank Lazio-(show the deeply unreliable dandy LAZIO) and we will do know who . QUEENAN'S OFFICE. many other departures from. DIGNAM going with wet thumb through papers.. She smiles at him and lowers her eyes. CONTINUED: ELLERBY (CONT'D) This is an elite unit. watching his reactions. QUEENAN is inspecting Billy.. At the end of the table: ELLERBY This unit is new. CONTINUOUS COLIN is eyeing a woman COP across the table. DIGNAM Let's look at the rest of the family tree. INT. and you are the newest members of it.coming to work looking like you're gonna invade Poland. (MORE) (CONTINUED) 15. SGT. ah. Specs catching light. Your maggot uncle Tommy Costigan--he's another goof-got busted selling guns to federal officers. BILLY What's this got to do with me? SGT. OCS CONFERENCE ROOM. Our job is to smash--or at least marginally disrupt-(he gets the laugh he expected) --organized crime in this city by our own efforts and by enhanced cooperation with the FBI. And by organized crime in this city. DAY BILLY is still at attention. "normative behavior". DIGNAM Why are you pretending to be a cop? INT.

DELAHUNT.. There's Fitzy. You're in the best position in the department. He's like a hilarious devil.... The recruits disperse into a glittering modern office. . in his flash suit. untouchable legally. untouchable at the heart. There's Delahunt.the number one.. COSTELLO in sunglasses standing in front of the Autobody shop. He looks at the BRIEFING BOOK. (laughter. talking on the street. COLIN looks at it.. PHOTO OF JACKIE'S DEMISE: PHOTO OF JACKIE.. FITZY. and here's French. SURVEILLANCE PHOTOS come up. ELLERBY (CONT'D) Last known photograph.. so I can pass them off as my own.[you know who] A picture of COSTELLO comes up. ELLERBY (CONT'D) Costello uses three key guys. Read up.. (MORE) (CONTINUED) 16. Jackie met his demise..we mean.. getting into cars. ELLERBY (CONT'D) We've done a briefing book. In the MUG SHOT Costello is serene. a long beat) Do your jobs and you will rise fast. FRENCH. all photographed with COSTELLO. COLIN. CONTINUED: (2) ELLERBY (CONT'D) I want to have any and all ideas. MORE RECENT PHOTOS. But of course the rock star the boat psycho. COSTELLO standing with UNCLE JACKIE COSTIGAN. muscle. He opens to a picture of COSTELLO. gets a cup of coffee. Let's go to work. DEAD. ELLERBY (CONT'D) (clicking the button) That's Jackie Costigan.. Coming out of buildings.lives in Brockton with his mother who looks like she's straight out of "Going My Way".that's an old picture.

CONTINUED: SGT. Lifers down there.) You were different fuckin' people. opened up expertly and crudely. Upper middle class in the week. (CONTINUED) 17. Since you seem to know everything. and then dropping your 'r's and hanging in the Southie projects with daddy the donkey on the weekends. One kid with your mother.INT. Baggage-handler at the airport. QUEENAN'S OFFICE. I got that right? BILLY. DAY DIGNAM still working Billy. (ALT: Last I heard he was happily married to a 12 year old boy and living on a beach in Thailand. DIGNAM I ain't sure about him. You grew up. DIGNAM Your old man was a hump from Southie. DIGNAM (CONT'D) You were kind of a double kid. DIGNAM You have different accents? You did. stares with contained hatred. BILLY And one priest. right? One kid with your old man. didn't you. up the North shore. (You little fuckin' snake. Three decker men at best. I bet. either. La di (fuckin') da. however.) Family's dug into the Southie projects like ticks. Dignam leans over Billy. Family's all criminals except your old man. BILLY .

You a psychiatrist? SGT. DIGNAM If I was I'd ask you why you're a Statie making thirty grand a year. And I think if I were Sigmund fucking Freud himself I wouldn't get an answer. So tell me, what's a lace curtain motherfucker like you doing in the Staties? BILLY Well. Families are always rising or falling in America. Am I right? QUEENAN (appreciative, kindly, looking up from his papers) Who said that? BILLY Hawthorne. SGT. DIGNAM (although he knows perfectly well who Hawthorne is) makes a fart-noise with his mouth. BILLY looks at him with an "I'm going to kill you" expression which is not without wit and which Dignam seems to admire. DIGNAM What's the matter, smartass? You don't know any fuckin' Shakespeare? QUEENAN We have a question. You want to be a cop, or do you want to appear to be a cop. It's an honest question. Lot of guys want to appear to be cops. Gun. Badge. Pretend they're on TV... SGT. DIGNAM A lot of em just want to slam a nigger's head through a plate glass window. (CONTINUED) 18. CONTINUED: (2) BILLY I'm all set without your personal job application, Sergeant.

DIGNAM (after a "we got a live one" glance at Queenan) What the fuck did you say to me, trainee? BILLY looks at him, and then looks forward. BILLY Sir, with all due respect, sir, what is it you want from me? DIGNAM Hey asshole, he can't help you. I know what you are, and what you aren't. I'm the best friend you ever had on the face of the earth. I'm gonna help you understand something: You're no fuckin' cop. QUEENAN He's right. (Billy looks at Queenan) We deal in deceptions here. But what we don't deal with is selfdeception. In five years, you might be anything else in the world, but you won't be a Massachusetts State trooper. BILLY You sure of that? QUEENAN I'm sure of that. DIGNAM Guaranteed. QUEENAN (looking up from his papers) You don't have much family. CLOSE ON BILLY.

(CONTINUED) 19. CONTINUED: (3) BILLY (deciding this on the

spot) I don't have any family. EXT. HUNTINGTON AVENUE. LATE DAY A TROLLEY goes past. HOSPITAL HILL, above the trolley line, is sinister, quiet. HOSPITAL at the top like a malign fortress, above rows of endlessly repeated condominiums. BILLY CROSSES from the Trolley stop, desperately, an angry young man at his life's turning point. INT. A HOSPITAL ROOM. LATER BILLY'S MOTHER lies as if floating in her bed. Tubes, lights. A bald head on a barely-dented pillow. She is a cancer patient in a coma, weighing possibly 80 lbs. Gasping for air. Her airways are cleared with a suction tube. BILLY sits watching as the tube goes in. BILLY sits looking at her. EXT. THE HOSPITAL CORRIDOR. LATER BILLY is leaning against a wall. A maternal WASP UNCLE, a notbright guy (pretensions, rather than status), speaks briefly to a DOCTOR further along the hall, then approaches BILLY, hands in the pocket of a good suit. WASP UNCLE What's this I hear from Stephanie about you becoming a policeman? BILLY You mean Stephanie who was the only one who came to my father's funeral? That Stephanie? UNCLE That Stephanie. BILLY Nothing much to it Uncle Edward. UNCLE Are you trying to prove something to the family? BILLY When you say "family", what do you mean? You?


BOSTON. AN APARTMENT ON BEACON HILL. bends to get his overcoat.. We see. don't you? BILLY Yeah. BILLY When my mother dies we don't have any connection. TWILIGHT AERIAL. (uneasy) So. well. (the UNCLE starts to leave) "Have I been good to my dying sister or am I just pretending to be?" (he's stung THE UNCLE) Too late now.. maybe it would have done you some good to have a question from time to time. A view of the Dome. You got it? EXT. FLY FROM the HOSPITAL TO: THE GOLD DOME ON BEACON HILL INT. right? UNCLE Do you need some money for the funeral? THE UNCLE moves away.not a very good one. the STATE HOUSE DOME. parquet floors.UNCLE You always question everything.. REALTOR This is it. Joke. Nice. "Am I an asshole?" "Are my kids a mess?" "Is my wife a money-grubbing whore?" Those are questions. An empty. TWILIGHT A REALTOR switches on lights. you're a policeman? (CONTINUED) . as COLIN does. flash apartment above the Parisian rooftops of Beacon Hill. You've got high ceilings. More than you'd think a cop could afford.. There's a lock on the fridge in case you have eating issues.. beyond his reflection in the glass.

. That's what we'll use you for.. or not. INT. You a married State Police Detective? COLIN (coming out of his reverie and coldly:) . The rest will happen. I'll float you down the river. COLIN I have a cosigner. He'd float them down the rivers into Germany. They'd either hit something. (It is the best view of Boston.. Or it won't. HOSPITAL HILL OVERLOOK. Churchill used river mines. REALTOR You intend to have a housemate. EXT.. BILLY So what do I do? QUEENAN During the war. DAY Continuation of the interview. cuz it's big and I wondered if a cop. COLIN Give me the fuckin' papers. never seen in a film).. REALTOR Oh. He's smoking a cigarette. REALTOR (wondering where he gets his money from) State Police Detective..No. That's cool.21. making his decision. (a beat) (MORE) . QUEENAN'S OFFICE. CONTINUED: COLIN (like something he is used to reciting) I'm a State Police detective. NIGHT BILLY sits on a bench looking out over the whole city.

DIGNAM Luck of the Irish. this isn't police work for peanuts.. QUEENAN You'll serve enough jail time to convince anyone that it's no setup. QUEENAN Do it again. BILLY looks up with a glazed insolence. You've already pretended to be a Costigan from South Boston. We're thinking that a guilty plea to assault and battery might make sense. but there is a bonus involved. There's money behind this operation. DIGNAM I need you. DIGNAM Perfect. QUEENAN We can't conceal that you've been a trainee. You won't be paid as a cop. impressed. EXT. QUEENAN writes on a slip of paper and hands it to BILLY.Sergeant. DIGNAM Given your nature. You'll be on probation. All that and you're still young enough to fuck undergraduates. You'll be convicted of a crime. For me. BILLY Every weekend. CONTINUED: QUEENAN (CONT'D) By the way. The whole nine yards.. NIGHT BILLY throws down his cigarette. In one beat he is not a scared trainee but a smart criminal. BILLY looks up from the paper. Tax free. . HOSPITAL HILL OVERLOOK. pal. He has decided.(CONTINUED) 22.

' I know a Sean Costigan. EXT. MORNING COLIN. CEMETERY. Not satisfied: worried. EXT. DAY A CELL DOOR CLOSES. THE BALCONY OF COLIN'S APARTMENT. He looks at the tags on windblown wreaths. Not a pretend one. JAIL HOLDING TANK. On Billy. INT. INT. DAY BILLY. in a bathrobe. Costello". L Street. furtive. Beside him another guy. Colin drinks coffee. DAY Priest's cassock whipping in the wind. Being processed out of jail. leans on the rail and looks at Boston. holds his clothes in a bundle. contemporaries of his mother). Frightened and resolute at once. A few mourners (shabby genteel ladies. not trying to be friendly. . One gives him pause. naked. Looking like a real criminal. gruff. OTHER PRISONER Connected but not too bright-(BILLY looks at him with an only-I-can-insult-mycousin look) No offense. BILLY is in a holding tank. THE GOLD DOME visible. A PROCESSING FACILITY. but Billy seems to have no real connection with any of them. LATER BILLY is alone at the grave. OTHER PRISONER You're Bill Costigan? BILLY Who wants to know? OTHER PRISONER Nothin. Under a picture of The Virgin it reads: "Heaven holds the Faithful Departed" and is signed: "F.FILM TITLE: THE DEPARTED 23. BILLY My cousin.

CASE DROPPED AGAINST DRUGS CADET (featuring a picture of Billy). You're not gonna hear about them except through me or Captain Queenan. SGT. With folders. pencil. ever. DIGNAM Good. 24. Their undercover work is extensive. SGT. You will not.Billy gets his clothes. ELLERBY Fuck yourself. FITZY. Sgt. Dignam. looks up as SGT. DIGNAM Sorry I'm late. ELLERBY How's your mother? SGT. You're not gonna see them.. (opens a FILE) OK. This shit hole. COLIN and others sitting listening. LAZIO. what I got for you is microprocessors. INT. today. COLIN. the Fed. unfortunately. He's here to give us his report. ELLERBY Staff Sergeant Dignam is our liaison with the undercover section. DELAHUNT. They're out there. know the identity of undercover people. DIGNAM I'm tired from fucking your wife. has more fuckin' leaks than the Iraqi navy. . She's tired from fucking my father. CONFERENCE ROOM. They're like the fuckin' Indians.MISTER FRENCH. girls. DIGNAM OK. reading a paper (Boston Herald) which may or may not have the headline. DAY On the wall is a rogues gallery of COSTELLO and all his primary guys. my people. DIGNAM comes in. comes in and sits down.. SGT.

Worth a hundred grand apiece. ah. DIGNAM Myles Kennefick. stole one hundred microprocessors from the Mass Processor Corp out Route 128. but on Thursday he gets found in a dumpster. as you may already know. Kennefick's. COLIN What was his name? The. . which incidentally happens to be in. DIGNAM (CONT'D) Somebody. They're the kind of processors they put into computers that can put a cruise missile up the ass of a camel from the other side of the planet.. LAZIO South Boston? SGT.(CONTINUED) 25. COLIN stands down. DIGNAM Who forged your transcript. SGT. has a ticket booked for Florida on Wednesday. departed. Guy worked for the company two months walked out the door with a box of processors on Tuesday. ELLERBY We are not here to solve the "Case of the Dead Scumbag". UMass Boston. embarrassed. Got the job with a forged UMass transcript. That's what they do out there on "America's Technology Highway". We are here to nail Costello. His father runs the Hibernian Liquor Mart. You know where this dirt ball started his life? Southie projects. dickhead? COLIN I know that guy. CONTINUED: SGT..

CONTINUED: (2) SGT. EXT. He goes up to a house. DAY BILLY steps off a bus at a corner. Good to see you. DIGNAM We got a guy says that Costello is moving the to China.(CONTINUED) 26. On an oxygen cylinder.that he set fuckin' job and popped (LAZIO is writing. A Southie hag answers. Feed 'em shit and keep in the dark.. A STREET OF TENEMENTS IN SOUTHIE.) You don't want to miss Costello takes a dump. INT. LAZIO Without asking for details.. BILLY Aunt Cathy? His aunt takes her cigarette out of her mouth and then embraces him fiercely. My theory on Feds is they're like mushrooms. lawyerish. But he might well love his aunt. do you have anyone in with Costello presently? SGT. BILLY takes it like the imposter he is.. Maybe fuck yourself. smoking. and of course to the FBI (Bureau). You girls have a nice day. it if ELLERBY We'd miss less if your informants were available to us.. DIGNAM Maybe. BILLY'S AUNT'S KITCHEN. BILLY'S AUNT Good to see you. BILLY'S AUNT Billy? BILLY nods. Maybe not. DAY . and knocks on the door. he hears processors up the whole Kennefick.

Sean opens the fridge. BILLY Well. Sean is a villain leaning in a doorway. Myles Kennefick. BILLY (CONT'D) My mother had them. opens a beer. Beat the fuck out of him seven or eight times as a matter of fact. I'm sorry for your troubles. Bad tie: he takes it off. SEAN And why are we graced with your presence? BILLY I brought your mother some pictures of my father. SEAN (CONT'D) I was at a funeral myself. My mother's dead. I couldn't believe it. He opens one for himself. BILLY I got kicked out about four months ago. So you know. It's true. SEAN (reflexively) I'm sorry. knew him in school. (CONTINUED) 27. They are on the table. and hands it to BILLY.BILLY is eating soup. SEAN It was in the papers. CONTINUED: BILLY'S AUNT They said you were in the Staties. (affably to Billy) You workin'? . He has been at a funeral.

oh shit.. SEAN When did I see you after that? BILLY Not for a long time. Sean looks deflated. I had that fuckin' buck knife. Down the cape after Rose's wedding. SEAN You know what we usually say at these moments. I think.. SEAN Yeah? BILLY In your line of work. and I cut all the brass numbas off the doors at the hotel. dude. if I gave you ten thousand dollars what could you give me back? SEAN My line of work.BILLY No. As a matter of fact I have never had ten thousand dollars. I was trippin'. Sean nods. THE PORCH OF THE THREE-DECKER. SEAN Fuck. and nods. BILLY That's what I'm saying. LATER Sean and BILLY are still drinking beer. I remember that. I got twenty thousand dollars when my mother died. 28. Insurance.All of them. EXT. That was a night.. BILLY Listen.. . right. I'm not in that line of work just presently because I don't have ten thousand dollars.

..(CONTINUED) 29. we're not even supposed to do this on this side of fuckin' Worcester. He has a paper bag full of money.. He don't like drinkin.. BILLY Who says? . Fast. CONTINUED: BILLY You fuckin' moron. BILLY'S CAR. He opens a beer. SEAN Fuckin' Ricans think they know everything. (Sean looks sad) .... They drive past a BPD cruiser. R is for Ricans. Sean hides his beer. If they knew shit they wouldn't be Puerto Ricans. NIGHT BILLY is waiting.. Billy puts the car in gear.. INT. double the fun. What are you talking about? I'm not a cop.. Sean comes out of a squalid looking house and gets into a car.. BILLY laughs.he says stay out of the bars. BILLY Why would you even think of stopping drinking? SEAN He don't like it. (confusing his TV jingles) Cinnamon toasty apple bun.. I'm your cousin.. SEAN (CONT'D) I can't stop drinkin. You know.P is for pigs. SEAN (CONT'D) (high as a kite) Double the money..he don't like fightin.

SEAN Not a cop. beyond wasted. A table wet with spilled beer. They solemnly toast uncle Jackie and his fate among the fucking guineas. Dead up. AN IRISH VILLAIN Fucking guineas. A HORRIBLE BAR IN SOUTHIE. WELL-DRESSED SCUMBAG AT BAR It's a natural diuretic. INT. God says. BILLY A cranberry juice. is talking to some people. MISTER FRENCH . He got out of the joint three weeks ago. MISTER FRENCH I knew his father. Popped into a pay phone hard. The pay phone comes off the hook. BILLY is ordering at the bar. (to BILLY) You got your period? BILLY glances over at the table where MISTER FRENCH sits with SEAN. and then smashes his glass into the face of the WELL DRESSED SCUMBAG. BILLY Get your hands off me. Across the crowded room. including MISTER FRENCH. 30. He stands waiting for the SCUMBAG to get up he is grabbed and shoved against the wall by MISTER FRENCH. My girlfriend drinks it when she got her period.SEAN He says. Costello says. He talks like his shit don't stink but he's good people. NIGHT Sean. VILLAIN Cunt cop. SEAN Uncle Jackie was excellent. as far as you're concerned. I liked his uncle Jackie better.

understand? BILLY Yeah. A beat. MISTER FRENCH I know you. You understand that? BILLY Yeah. BILLY Yeah.Do you know me? (CONTINUED) 31. BILLY shakes his head no. CONTINUED: BILLY No. Also I know you do another drug deal with your idiot fucking copmagnet cousin I'll forget your grandmother was very nice to me and cut your fucking nuts off. so I'm fucking ruling on it right now that you don't hit him. I know your family. That's not quite a guy you can't hit. but it's almost a guy you can't hit. A beat: they stare at each other. MISTER FRENCH . MISTER FRENCH I'm the guy who tells you there are guys you hit and there are guys you don't. MISTER FRENCH Now you know me. Excellent. Fine. MISTER FRENCH What are you drinking? BILLY Cranberry juice.

What is it. COLIN (grimaces) "Allegedly".. Don't you want to see us catch whoever used him to do a robbery and then killed him? MRS KENNEFICK Allegedly. CONTINUED: (2) The WELL-DRESSED SCUMBAG is bleeding. MISTER FRENCH takes him by the shoulder. MISTER FRENCH (CONT'D) (sotto voce to WELLDRESSED SCUMBAG) That's Jackie's nephew. A HOUSING PROJECT IN SOUTHIE. MRS KENNEFICK looks like she starts drinking whiskey at 9 in the morning. EXT. what? FRENCH demolishes him with body blows. MISTER FRENCH (CONT'D) Get him a cranberry juice. (CONTINUED) 32. MISTER FRENCH Oh. Myles was behind me in school but I knew him. incredulous. MRS KENNEFICK . FRENCH Get the fuck out of here. I will get those responsible. DAY COLIN and BARRIGAN (who Colin has moved to plain clothes) stand at the door. Kennefick. Myles and I were in school together. with a fearful MRS KENNEFICK.. your period? BILLY laughs. talking. COLIN Mrs. WELL-DRESSED SCUMBAG Oh. or trying to talk.

AN INTERSECTION. COSTELLO (CONT'D) Bye. COLIN You get that? BARRIGAN "Allegedly" or "fuck yourself?" COLIN Welcome to the neighborhood. MRS KENNEFICK I mean fuck yourself. bye. COLIN You don't mean robbery do you. A HOUSING PROJECT IN SOUTHIE. [COSTELLO blows a red light and leaves the tail (including the Surveillance Van which we will see again) behind him in a snarl of traffic. French steps on it and blows through the light. Mrs Kennefick? That's not what you think he did wrong. COSTELLO'S CAR. KENNEFICK notices COSTELLO driving by. COSTELLO Wave to your girlfriend.] COSTELLO Cut 'em here. 33. Jackie O. MRS.If he was killed he probably did something wrong. Gwen is dressed like . leaving the follow cars behind. EXT. MOMENTS LATER FRENCH pulls up to a light. As COLIN walks away from the door he notices the TAIL: a maroon sedan and a damaged white delivery van. DAY. EXT. Costello and Gwen are in the car. INT. DAY. She slams the door.

COLIN's age. MADOLYN laughs. is MADOLYN. directly beside him. THE ELEVATOR AT POLICE HEADQUARTERS. but she is visibly attracted by him. I know what you do. MADOLYN . COLIN That's good. They're all fuckin' crazy on that floor. I know who you are. beautiful. COLIN (CONT'D) When guys have to "use their "service revolvers" in the "course of duty" they get to talk to you about their "feelings" and whatnot. She's a psychiatrist on contract to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. (points up) I'm one floor up. She has a thick stack of medical-looking files.INT. and then because this is a (relatively) sensitive subject ignores COLIN. COLIN (CONT'D) No. CONTINUED: COLIN Making a house call? MADOLYN Have I seen you professionally? COLIN No. Oh. no. She does probation counselling work with "violent offenders" and also sees policemen. wearing a business suit. MADOLYN nods. MADOLYN (laughing) I have an appointment on this floor. I know how it goes. On board. DAY COLIN boards with a bunch of other cops and workers. (CONTINUED) 34. The door opens. You're a mental health professional.

MADOLYN Are you a Statie? After she steps out he prevents the door from closing. last time I checked. MADOLYN Suffolk. and for that you have to take me to dinner. I wasn't insulting you. MADOLYN hands him a card. COLIN That's right. CONTINUED: (2) COLIN Yeah. MADOLYN Maybe you could shoot someone and I'd have to see you professionally. MADOLYN When was the last time you checked? COLIN Before I went to fucking Suffolk. I'll stab someone in the heart with an icepick right now if it gets me dinner with you. (CONTINUED) 35. nights? COLIN They don't run Harvard Law at night. Fancy. I'm also getting my law degree. MADOLYN I went to U Mass. COLIN Well I thought you were. fancy policeman. COLIN Whatever it takes. COLIN (CONT'D) .Oh.

He takes out his cellphone as if he's forgotten something. PROPRIETOR What have you done to my place! Get out of here. all those years ago. The elevator takes him up. As the doors open. BILLY is finishing his breakfast. . Two ITALIANS are in the shop. BILLY You guys from Providence? The GUINEAS look at him. Blue sedan and a white delivery van. just persistent: the guy DOES owe them money. A COFFEE SHOP IN SOUTHIE.I don't need a card. (CONTINUED) 36. The two GUINEAS are amazed. breathing hard. Watching. I couldn't call. INT. He goes over. voice low) I didn't know about your tail until I saw it myself. He takes the card. holding his broken hand. MORNING The same shop in which YOUNG COSTELLO talked to YOUNG COLIN. I had the other guy with me. In the course of the beat-down Billy breaks his left hand--a "boxer's fracture". fucked up with graffiti on the side.. talking hard to the Pakistani PROPRIETOR (SINGH). She hesitates. COLIN (CONT'D) I'm only joking. I'm a detective. These are hard guys but they're not being threatening... "Madolyn". The biggest beatdown in gangster movie history--and obviously that's saying something. The younger one moves to intervene. The van is audio surveillance. CONTINUED: (3) COLIN (CONT'D) (walking... BILLY smiles and destroys them both. OK. Maniacal violence. He goes over. and the phone rings. Billy is finishing his breakfast. Nice to meet you. [Dialog on separate document]. BILLY stands over his victims. the signal bars light up. The doors close. Watching. have a nice day.

sitting in a pool of sauce. necessarily. NIGHT A romantic restaurant. MADOLYN looks at it. Even with the dinner-long bitterness over the duck l'orange. also looking great. He looks up at her. In another life he might have dated her. COLIN Bad guys. A DESSERT arrives: some towering Japanesey concoction with a fan of sugar candy spines. NIGHT BILLY. a man on the rise. MADOLYN Was your dinner OK? COLIN (holding balloon of inappropriate wine) . unlit cigarette in his mouth. is having his hand wrapped in plaster by a lady doctor. FRENCH RESTAURANT. but whatever). fork poised. CONTINUED: COLIN You also do probation work. Not COLIN wonders if she's breaking his balls. MADOLYN That's one way to look at it. MADOLYN smiles: she likes him. EMERGENCY ROOM. COLIN That have this and they don't have duck l'orange. The best Boston has (which isn't saying much. Not in this one. INT. (CONTINUED) 37. COLIN looks at it. But maybe the conversation has lapsed and the date gone south. right? MADOLYN That's right. I see "violent offenders". COLIN. INT. looking great.BILLY goes. MADOLYN in pearls.

" Does it get messy with all those feelings flying around the room? MADOLYN Why. Water glass nearly goes over. MADOLYN If you actually do I'll see you again.Oh. MADOLYN laughs.. perhaps unexpectedly) Don't you? . COLIN I don't know what you're gonna do. does that make you uncomfortable? Colin stares at her. but if it moves I'm going to arrest it (shoot it). MADOLYN I'm waiting for you to make your move. French restaurant. COLIN Who says I want to see you again? MADOLYN (concerned.. (CONTINUED) 38. I just thought. The look at the dessert. COLIN sees his shot: he's got her laughing. the lobster was excellent. CONTINUED: (2) COLIN (CONT'D) What's it like having people "find themselves?" All day long people "finding themselves. MADOLYN (CONT'D) You know what Freud said about the Irish? COLIN Yes I do.

course I do. isn't it.COLIN Yes. COLIN (CONT'D) Tough luck for you with a client list of Mick cops. COLIN Fair enough. "Opening up"? Good luck to you. CONTINUED: (3) MADOLYN Some people do get better. though. COLIN Me? I'd just arrest innocent people. COLIN Including the criminals? MADOLYN If they don't do their jobs you don't have one. I'll arrest you right now. MADOLYN Sometimes. COLIN laughs but looks nervous about the concept of "opening up". admires it. . COLIN (CONT'D) Why do you do it? (CONTINUED) 39. I want people to forget about their personal bullshit and do their jobs. COLIN takes it seriously. MADOLYN is impressed. Unsaid: Like I do. (a beat) What Freud said about the Irish is We're the only people impervious to psychoanalysis. MADOLYN You're trouble.

BILLY sits motionless. The women available are two CRONES. Watching. A BOOKMAKER on the phone. by the glances of people looking at him. He's treated with respect. CONTINUED: They say nothing. COSTELLO is brought a glass of water by the silent bartender. NIGHT A slow night. BILLY IS AT THE BAR bent over a glass of cranberry juice. entering. BILLY notices DELAHUNT and FITZY. Covering the room. COSTELLO You met my friend. His hand and wrist in a cast. [Dialog on separate document]. COSTELLO sits down beside him AT THE BAR. look at each other. BILLY Is his real name Mister French? COSTELLO No. INT. has made his bones. They stand by MISTER FRENCH. BILLY No. Stark contrast to COLIN'S EVENING. (a beat) Come with me.. COSTELLO Do you know who I am? BILLY does: but shakes his head.. I'm not askin' . BILLY. BILLY observes: MISTER FRENCH sitting down at a far table. Mister French the other night.COLIN You don't know the half of it. (As BILLY hesitates) I'm not the cops. (CONTINUED) 40. No sound whatsoever in the bar. Out of nowhere (though Billy is aware conversation has stopped he does not look around). A HORRIBLE BAR IN SOUTHIE.

and this can cause problems for me. COSTELLO I'm going to have my associate search you. CONTINUOUS. they just do not stop having the Mafia in Providence. INT. Do you want me to stop them? BILLY Is it something I can't do personally? (CONTINUED) 41. BILLY tenses. BILLY Search me? Search me for what? MISTER FRENCH and COSTELLO look at each other. CONTINUED: COSTELLO appreciates the balls of this. BACK ROOM OF THE BAR. COSTELLO Contra-fucking-band. sure as you're born. He looks at Mister French. COSTELLO. and MISTER FRENCH move towards the back room. they will do unless I stop them. MISTER FRENCH stands up. Take your MISTER FRENCH . Shoes off. What they're going to do is come back up with some guys and kill you. Which. Then back at COSTELLO Those guys you tuned up are connected down Providence. fuckin' shoes off. smiling. BILLY stands up. Exactly as he might if he were wearing a wire. BILLY. we hear COSTELLO: COSTELLO (CONT'D) You know something. As they walk to the back room of the bar. MISTER FRENCH C'm here.

BILLY Who said he had a fuckin' problem.BILLY slips out of them. MISTER FRENCH inspects the shoes. Looks into his wallet. Ad libs: "such a fuckin' pussy. Billy drops to his knees in tears of pain. I'm sorry. CONTINUED: (2) BILLY Are you saying he was nothing? COSTELLO I'm saying he worked at the airport. COSTELLO I knew your father. MISTER FRENCH searches BILLY. MISTER FRENCH He's clean. He's dead. The wallet is emptied onto a table." . (CONTINUED) 42. COSTELLO The arm. COSTELLO turns to MISTER FRENCH. COSTELLO'S cold eyes are on BILLY. COSTELLO I just said he had a fuckin' problem. BILLY Yeah. COSTELLO That was his problem. MISTER FRENCH sorts through the pieces of the cast. There's a man could have been anything. With amazing violence MISTER FRENCH smashes the cast on the corner of a table. COSTELLO How did he go? BILLY He didn't complain.

anyway. And. COSTELLO twists Billy's broken hand. if I can slander my own formative environment.. As for our problem with Providence. COSTELLO straightens his suit. I'm sorry.COSTELLO (CONT'D) (holding Billy by the collar) It makes me curious to see you in this neighborhood.. I don't know what they do in. Billy is weeping on the floor. this regressing. CONTINUED: (3) COSTELLO You stop doing coke deals with your jerk-off cousin? BILLY Yes! COSTELLO lets go of Billy's hand. He grabs Billy's broken right hand.. (CONTINUED) 43. . COSTELLO Take it easy.that department. I just can't know. Get your hand taken care of. COSTELLO (CONT'D) Are you still a cop? BILLY No. It was necessary.. and send you after me. Regressing. BILLY I am not a cop. Plus. I don't know if it's beyond some cop prick like fucking Queenan to pull you out of the Staties. COSTELLO You swear on your mother's grave that you're not a cop.let's not cry over spilled guineas. it makes me sad.

INT. THE MAIN PART OF THE BAR. MOMENTS LATER COSTELLO, the visiting king, points at a group of drinkers, including a BLOND WOMAN (1st), GWEN. COSTELLO What's this IRA motherfucker doing in my bar? The IRA MOTHERFUCKER is terrified. COSTELLO (CONT'D) (slapping him on the back) Only kidding. How's your mother? JIMMY Ah, she's on her way out. COSTELLO We all are. (straightens suit and tie) Act accordingly. Costello exits. INT. COSTELLO'S APARTMENT. NIGHT MISTER FRENCH is methodically shelling and eating peanuts. COSTELLO Do you trust him? MISTER FRENCH These days, who's reliable?

(CONTINUED) 44. CONTINUED: COSTELLO His Uncle Jackie was. MISTER FRENCH The Costigans are talented in general. COSTELLO You don't trust a guy behaves like he's got nothin' to lose. MISTER FRENCH I'm reliable.

And he is. COSTELLO Well, you're one in a million. MISTER FRENCH Ten million. COSTELLO What about your wife? MISTER FRENCH I thought she was. COSTELLO She wasn't. SILENT FLASH of MISTER FRENCH strangling his wife with a wire in a 70's bathroom. MISTER FRENCH She got reliable. GWEN looks up: GWEN Don't you people ever shut the fuck up? COSTELLO "Another county heard from." MISTER FRENCH One too many. 45.

EXT. LYNN MARSHLAND. DAWN SEAGULLS squabble over unusual food. POWER PLANT IN THE DISTANCE, the MTA-train going by. TWO BODIES lie in a tidal ditch in the salt-marsh. They are the Italians who Billy fought in the restaurant. Hands taped together behind their backs. Two in the head each. COLIN is with the LYNN POLICE and the State Police forensics people. COLIN gets down and lifts a soaking lapel. Revealed is the tag of a men's shop in Providence. COLIN The principles of detection tell me that these men came from Providence. LYNN DETECTIVE I'd appreciate it if you got out of

my crime scene. COLIN This is my crime scene, but knock yourself out. COLIN gets up. He walks back across the marsh. Opens his cell phone. COLIN (CONT'D) (walking) I saw a dead guy. I think I have post traumatic stress. You available for lunch? See you then. At a PAY PHONE he dials another number. INT. COSTELLO'S CONDOMINIUM ON THE HARBOR. MORNING One of Costello's homes. COSTELLO Who's the lead detective?...Good, he's a moron. BILLY cannot hear what COSTELLO is saying. He has an aluminum brace taped on his wrist and hand. COSTELLO (CONT'D) I want you to get the cops to look at Jimmy Pappas for the hit. Of course he had nothing to do with it and will say so. You look in (MORE) (CONTINUED) 46. CONTINUED: COSTELLO (CONT'D) his car...and find...the gun that did it. COLIN In the trunk or the glove box?... All right. EXT. LYNN MARSHLAND. CONTINUOUS COLIN deadpan, appreciative, hangs up the phone. BARRIGAN walks in the middle distance, giving the man his privacy. COLIN Wanna see some dead guys? INT. COSTELLO'S CONDOMINIUM ON THE HARBOR. MORNING

DIGNAM are listening to the live broadcast. BILLY Thank you. he was president before Lincoln. CONTINUOUS. . You give me a fuckin' tuba and I'll get you something out of it'. COSTELLO Have a seat. COSTELLO Smart mouth. A CONDOMINIUM ON THE HARBOR. COSTELLO takes the ring off the finger of the severed hand. INT. BILLY Yeah.COSTELLO sits down in the breakfast area in his bathrobe. Too bad. COSTELLO (he looks up) You know John Lennon? BILLY sits. Billy. COSTELLO (smiles) Lennon said `I'm an artist. MISTER FRENCH are nearby. BILLY I'd like to squeeze some fuckin' money out of it. BILLY watches. 47. INT. SURVEILLANCE OFFICE. COSTELLO lifts a piece of plastic on the table revealing a severed human hand. COSTELLO The point with John Lennon is a man can look at anything and make something out of it. BILLY tries to conceal his shock. He has a bowl of cornflakes. COSTELLO and MISTER FRENCH look at each other. For instance. Lights of equipment in his specs. CONTINUOUS QUEENAN and STAFF SGT. Partial exchange with MISTER FRENCH. QUEENAN is benign.

A STREET BY THE HARBOR. EXT. He dead already? EXT. DAY A GREEK GUY (JIMMY PAPPAS) in chef's whites is cuffed and stuffed by TACTICAL OFFICERS. (back to Billy) Maybe we can work something out. He has no idea what is going on. Queenan reacts mildly to the loss of the signal. (CONTINUED) 48. THE BUILDING. BARRIGAN No wonder you get ahead. Let me get dressed. He starts to leave the bathroom and then impulsively takes off his wire and chucks it out the window as far as he can. He gets up. INT. "ACROPOLIS RESTAURANT". DAY BILLY walking and talking on the phone. CONTINUED: COLIN This will get Captain Ellerby on the six o'clock news. BILLY .I look at you and I think what can I use you for? COSTELLO (CONT'D) (giving the hand to Mister French) Get rid of this. DAY BILLY runs the water in the sink. SURVEILLANCE OFFICE. COSTELLO'S BATHROOM. DIGNAM That was quick. DAY The wire falls into the water. COLIN and BARRIGAN follow. CONTINUOUS. INT. EXT. He removes his headphones.

CONTINUOUS Queenan on the phone. It is a small surveillance sub-unit but it is mine. TELEVISION IMAGE. DAY. sit across from him. (listens) Micro what? INT. QUEENAN Microprocessors. computer parts. EXT. POLICE BUILDING. SURVEILLANCE OFFICE .I won't do it if I have to wear a wire. chips. you let us know. Ever. COLIN'S OFFICE #1. whosoever they may be. new plainclothes recruits to Colin's special squad. Microprocessors. You are my A-team so I want you to conduct . And I didn't take this job in order to fuck it up. it was tireless police activity that ah effected ah the arrest of the ah alleged perpetrator. I hand picked this group. you understand me? You don't know what this is like. INT. BROWN (last seen as Billy's friend) and BARRIGAN. CONTINUED: COLIN I've been put in charge of this unit. Anybody says anything about anything like that. or to let anyone else fuck it up. ever. ELLERBY is before a thicket of microphones. No wires. REPORTER Did you have a tip from an informant? ELLERBY No. (CONTINUED) 49. We'll probably be at war with the Chinese in twentyodd years and Costello is selling them military technology. DAY COLIN is rolling a quarter across the backs of his fingers.

But I'm hoping to get things. ELLERBY gives the thumbs up.. BROWN Really? Yeah. COLIN Really.yourselves accordingly. preening. Queenan is compartmentalizing everything in SIU. BROWN Do we have direct access to Queenan's undercovers? COLIN (not happy about this) No. Not presently. personally I don't trust these fucking troopers either. Captain... Don't disappoint me. I made him feel guilty. Through glass we see ELLERBY.. But we don't communicate with anyone else in this shop. Ah. Congratulations. . BROWN and BARRIGAN leave.not presently. We think we might have a problem. BARRIGAN That's new. COLIN (CONT'D) Hi. It's the right thing to do.reorganized. Colin leaves as well. BARRIGAN (to Brown) I know why I'm here. And our primary target is obviously Frank Costello. Why are you here? (CONTINUED) 50. We think Costello's got a rat in the State Police. That's it. CONTINUED: (2) BROWN Intelligence and aptitude.

COLIN opens his cell phone. BILLY in a flash breaks his jaw with a pistol barrel and then covers the sprawled HARD GUY with the gun. BOOKIE What license. (grabs the bookie by the ear) If you are not being run by us you will be run by someone else. which means you will have let undesirable elements into Mr. MISTER FRENCH Where's your fucking license? I don't see no fucking license. but you definitely have to have one. COLIN Hello Dad. A BOOKIE SHOP. who is not wearing a cast anymore. HARD GUY (spitting teeth) I was going for my fucking cigarettes. A HARD GUY sitting reaches inside his coat. I didn't know... They fall from his fingers. CONTINUED: BILLY What the fuck.. I have a new job. BILLY. MISTER FRENCH Hey. DAY MISTER FRENCH backhands a guy into a table of betting slips. What the fuck you doin'? (CONTINUED) 51. He was. watches. .. MISTER FRENCH There's no such thing as a license. Costello's area. of course. that's Jimmy Bags..) INT. (ALT: I got a promotion.

BILLY Yeah. Fuck. They get into COSTELLO'S CAR. well. This is America. Billy in the front seat.. COSTELLO does an Edgar Kennedy. MISTER FRENCH That's the spirit.. LATER BILLY and MISTER FRENCH emerge. THE STREET OUTSIDE THE BOOKIE SHOP. Mister French in the back. Guy didn't need need his teeth anyway. CONTINUED: . MISTER FRENCH (CONT'D) He knocked Jimmy Bags teeth out. MISTER FRENCH Then make more money or go out of business.BOOKIE There's no profit if I pay him two grand a week. Maybe if he was an Eskimo. COSTELLO So? BILLY He was. What are you going to do? BOOKIE Make more money. MISTER FRENCH Very interesting. EXT. But in this country we eat a variety of items. MISTER FRENCH Don't worry about it. I'm in the hole if I pay him two grand a week. If you don't make money you're a fucking douchebag. (CONTINUED) 52.

BILLY Okay! You gonna give me shit. COSTELLO (CONT'D) Here. it wasn't no reason----he put his hand in his coat! I don't know if he's a bookie or what the fuck he's doing. You never call us. MISTER FRENCH Forty-eight hours from the time this phone first rings. I like a guy who goes around knocking guys teeth out for no reason. After three days a phone ain't clean. You got that? BILLY I got it. We'll call. you take the fucking chip out . Anyway. If you use a phone which is not clean. COSTELLO (interrupting) Well. you will have a accident. BILLY I got it. INT... We call you. He takes out a cell phone and hands it to BILLY. DAY .like so and you fucking destroy it. COSTELLO Bingo. BOSTON. From now on call the bar and ask for Mikey. You ask for Mikey because there's no Mikey. MISTER FRENCH I can't fuckin' hear you. Just Mikey. A HARBOR RESTAURANT. Wait. 53. you know what the fuck a bookie does? BILLY (to Costello) Pays you.MISTER FRENCH Reaching for his cigarettes.

COSTELLO (lifting and looking at his sketch) They don't have directional microphones. MICKS in bad boat shoes. BILLY Don't look.. COSTELLO. There's a white van across the parking lot? WE see it through the smeared glass: the WHITE VAN we always see. He has sort of a coked-out nervousness. hyper-aware of. COSTELLO looks over his half-glasses at Billy's untouched food. is drawing. This time with a different magnetic business sign.. dirty hair. COSTELLO (CONT'D) People looking at you make you selfconscious? BILLY shrugs. CONTINUED: . BILLY What. well. who the fuck wouldn't be. DAYTIME DRINKERS. They can't tell the difference between a rock star and a career criminal. do you got x-ray vision? COSTELLO (not taking his eyes off his sketch) They don't have directional microphones.A lobster-bib kind of place. Indicating: Yeah. BILLY I don't know. Billy is unused to being the subject of so many stares. BILLY registers what seems to be inside information. COSTELLO is sizing Billy up: has been thinking about him. having finished his lunch. BILLY Anyone not a criminal is a minus? (CONTINUED) 54. COSTELLO and BILLY in a back table. COSTELLO Why? They're minuses.

COSTELLO (CONT'D) You know if your father were alive and saw you. Sun's shining. He never wanted money. You can't do a thing with a man like that. he also would kill my entire fucking family if he saw me here with you. Eat something.COSTELLO What are you soft? That's not what I said..Nice smell of ozone. I want to see if I can get something out of it. in fact. he'd kill seven guys just to cut my throat. Jesus Christ. I mean never? COSTELLO He kept his own counsel. TWO PRIESTS and a NUN are sitting two tables over. Your uncle Jackie needed a lot of money. BILLY He never. gulls are up. BILLY So what are talking about here? COSTELLO Fact is you're not a guy fresh from the zoo who wants to run a spring water distributor and I don't see you up the dog track as a general manager. we got a nice day by the water. Sr. which is something you may not know about William Costigan. THE NUN gets up and leaves. And I think about this. COSTELLO notices. BILLY Look at it this way. then looks at his sketch. COSTELLO smiles at this. And he could do it.. It's like a tuba. ah.. sitting here with me. (CONTINUED) . An older priest and a younger one. let's say he would have a word with me about this.. But even though he got his money from me.

Fathers. school's out. Mr. The YOUNGER PRIEST concerned for his elder but personally not implicated. YOUNG PRIEST May I remind you. terrified) "I am as God made me". . COSTELLO stops to speak to the priests. Maybe someday you'll wake the fuck up. COSTELLO (CONT'D) Good day. He gets up and leaves the table. good morning. COSTELLO notices that THE NUN is heading back to the table. a pathetic man. cocksuckers. PRIESTS (terrified and simultaneously) Good morning [day]. Francis. COSTELLO (CONT'D) How is Sister Mary Theresa doing? We had a tasty relationship before she took her vows. Mr. God don't run the bingo in this archdiocese. COSTELLO leans over the OLDER PRIEST. leaving BILLY sitting there. The OLDER PRIEST is very nervous. looking around. Enjoy your clams. CONTINUED: (2) COSTELLO You ever think of going back to school? BILLY With all due respect. Costello. COSTELLO You recall our chat? (the OLDER PRIEST nods. COSTELLO What comes before the Fall is the Summertime. Costello. was that what you said? May I remind you.55. COSTELLO Well that's your problem. that pride comes before the fall.

EXT.NIGHT FITZY and the Costello gang blow up a car as Billy watches. BASEMENT .56.NIGHT FITZY beats up a guy with a pipe. ELLERBY'S OFFICE. ELLERBY has a hangover. I believe it's been in the papers. I make progress every day. Laughing. He has a bowl of ice water on his desk. Nobody minds if you don't succeed as long as you don't fuck up. COLIN I'm not making enough progress with Costello? ELLERBY "Progress" is hard to define. There are guys in this department make excellent progress for twenty years without ever getting anything you could definitively call a result. ELLERBY And what happened to Jimmy Pappas? COLIN He had a heart attack in jail and got knifed in his bed at Boston City Hospital. Eating baby aspirin by the small fistful. they hop in their vehicles and drive off. Billy watches from the . It's like any American industry. ELLERBY stares at COLIN. MORNING OFFICE decorated with golf implements. background. INT. Who did the two guys from Providence? COLIN Jimmy Pappas. I'm making progress now. In fact. WATERFRONT . ELLERBY (CONT'D) Objectives get lost sight of: fair enough. Sunglasses. INT.

but cui bono? Who benefits. NOTE: THIS IS A MEMORY BILLY HAS AS HE IS LOOKING AT PHOTOGRAPHS ON HIS MOTHER'S APARTMENT. please.(CONTINUED) 57. His former life. FRENCH Brian. He rearranges the photographs in different ways. COLIN Cui gives a shit. BRIAN rises and starts to flee.. seated at his dining room table. I ain't gonna hurt you. ELLERBY Yeah. Billy doesn't use the bedroom. It's got a bow on it. . Billy has packed half of his mother's things into boxes--and then stopped. FRENCH draws his pistol and approaches the table.. He sits and stares at the pictures. he retreats the other way. his life as a child. BRIAN No. MORNING A stripped HOSPITAL BED stands in a fall of light. FRENCH and BILLY break in. Cut off. His family life. FRENCH ducks out of the way and the toy hits BILLY in the cheek. This is the apartment where his mother became ill. teacups wrapped in newspaper. INT. his romantic life. surprising the MAN (BRIAN). CONTINUED: ELLERBY Are you happy with this result? COLIN It's a result. papers. He throws a child's toy at them. ELLERBY (with true appreciation) I think you are a cop. my son. He reaches into a box and lays out photographs like cards. BILLY'S MOTHER'S APARTMENT. stop it. Scenes from his life. He drops his face into the bowl of ice water. He sleeps on the couch among boxes of pictures. BILLY is sitting on the couch.

DIGNAM You think you can pop someone. BILLY I'm going fuckin' nuts. Hey. The guy whose jaw you broke was Boston Police Department. You signed the paper. We're the only people in the world who know that you're a cop. His knuckles are cut. using a soda bottle as a silencer. EXT. I can't be someone else every day. QUEENAN Let's go through the routine. FRENCH (CONT'D) Wake the fuck up. if anybody's watching. There's no special card to play. He turns to leave. BILLY I'm not them. He give him a slap. CONTINUED: He fires. Smoking. DIGNAM You're nobody. A BEACH NEAR A POWERPLANT. they're bracing Billy. DAY BILLY leans against the wall of a concession stand. . FRENCH approaches him assessing his victim.(CONTINUED) 58. In appearance. What's the big deal? Dignam is drinking coffee. This is Billy's deepest fear. Maybe we'll just erase your file. BRIAN drops to the floor. passing BILLY. They leave. A cut over his eye. He is agitated. DIGNAM Most of the people in the world do it every day. A car pulls up and Queenan and Dignam get out of it.

BILLY . QUEENAN That was a joke. open to arrest for how many felonies? Maybe we'll do that. The fight. CONTINUED: DIGNAM (CONT'D) And zip. QUEENAN (CONT'D) Keep your act together.(CONTINUED) 59. REVERE BEACH condominium buildings. Easy now. He gets free of DIGNAM and punches him. QUEENAN (gently. out of it. If someone was watching how are we supposed to not arrest you? BILLY looks desperately inland. like a man calming a wild animal) Be smart. you lace curtain fucking pussy. QUEENAN grabs Billy and holds him against the wall. QUEENAN (CONT'D) Get in the car. It's just a little while longer. BILLY Maybe I'll fucking kill you. Billy. BILLY is desperate. A thousand empty terraces. you're a soldier for Costello. DIGNAM Just because you play a fucking tough guy doesn't mean you are one. They do. BILLY nods. DIGNAM is looking at blood on his hands in disbelief. five thousand empty windows.

. We're building a case. BILLY Jesus H. BILLY There's something wrong.When are you going to take Costello? What's wrong with taking 'em on any one of the million felonies you've seen him do.. It takes time. You know that. bullshit. Christ. DIGNAM Keep your ears opened. (MORE) (CONTINUED) 60. BILLY . Just a little longer. No QUEENAN I want you to listen for any chatter about a spy in the Special Investigation Unit. QUEENAN Maybe. CONTINUED: (2) BILLY (CONT'D) What. (BILLY looks at him) You hear anything like that? BILLY shakes his head. are you waiting for him to chop me up and feed me to the poor? DIGNAM Well. BILLY Are you serious? QUEENAN I'm afraid so. QUEENAN Hang tight for me. Maybe. Get him for pissing in the street. BILLY nods reluctantly. That would stick. QUEENAN You shut up. We're this close.

He picks it up. COLIN glances around and sees: a briefcase lying on a desk. COLIN Who's the lawyer? BROWN He didn't know the name. However. Billy 61. COLIN (to Brown) What have you got? BROWN Uniform clipped him on the Pike for a suspended licence. He paged his lawyer but the lawyer hasn't called back yet.Okay. He takes off his ID badge and tosses it on a desk. He just had the number on a card. BROWN ----we're entitled to get a warrant. DAY COLIN walks into the office. He's one of Costello's crew. COLIN (CONT'D) . COLIN Did he beep him? BROWN Twice. Beeper number. as he's the subject of an open investigation---COLIN At least one. QUEENAN Thank you. We can't get an address off him. INT. OBSERVATION OFFICE. COLIN All right. BROWN and other team members are watching a closed-circuit monitor. The MONITOR shows FITZY sitting in an interrogation room. COLIN is spooked.

can he? BARRIGAN He just did. (to Barrigan) Turn the camera off. COLIN goes into the interrogation room. INTERROGATION ROOM. The card they gave me. COLIN says nothing. BROWN What? COLIN Give my your phone and turn the fucking camera off. (CONTINUED) 62. COLIN That's it? Don't you have to call your mother and tell her you're not gonna be home for supper? . He sits down. takes out a yellow pad. FITZY You my attorney? COLIN What do you think? Did you make any statements or phone calls I need to be aware of? FITZY I beeped you.. Turn it off. Who's is this? I'm gonna take this. CONTINUOUS FITZY looks up at COLIN hopefully. opens his case.that's it. BARRIGAN touches two buttons and switches off the sound recorder and video feed. COLIN Mr. BROWN He can't do that. He picks up a BRIEFCASE. CONTINUED: He takes Brown's cellphone out of Brown's pocket goes into the interrogation room. INT.Give me your phone. afternoon.. Fitzgibbon.

He looks up at the CCTV camera. It is answered. A HOUSE WHERE DRUGS ARE BEING HANDLED. Call your mum. INTERROGATION ROOM.ON FITZY. (gently puts phone on the table) Call your mother. They're in there suiting up for a raid. I'm not gonna make it for supper. Other men are frozen. The DRUGS are swept up instantly. I got held up. . talk to you later. FITZY Mum. COLIN (CONT'D) Lookit. MISTER FRENCH lights a cigarette with his ZIPPO. CONTINUED: COLIN (CONT'D) The cameras are off. who is on the phone. A HOUSE WHERE DRUGS ARE BEING HANDLED. INT. FITZY closes the cellphone. and then reaches out and lights the curtains on fire as BILLY watches. Move. CONTINUOUS. CONTINUOUS MISTER FRENCH Everybody out. Fitzy hesitates. INT. And so do you. FITZY takes up the phone and punches in a number. (CONTINUED) 63. He puts it into COLIN'S hand. Yeah. COLIN takes the cellphone and puts it in his pocket. I don't know where they are going. but they do. CONTINUOUS. INT. in sheets laid over the tables. CONTINUOUS BILLY looks up at MISTER FRENCH. INTERROGATION ROOM. COLIN puts a cellphone on the table. INT. holding bags of Ex.

COLIN'S APARTMENT . at him. That'll be his house. after all. Abracafuckindabra. OBSERVATION OFFICE. MADOLYN (CONT'D) It's all right. Mr. Have a nice day. INT. INT. COLIN Run the last number called.DAY COLIN. sits at the breakfast table. Fitzgibbon. Guys tend to make a big deal out of it. Whatever the location is I'll swear I surveilled him at it.CONTINUOUS COLIN comes out and hands BROWN the CELLPHONE. COLIN I gotta go to work. It's actually quite common.FITZY Who are you? When do I get out of here? (CONTINUED) 64. COLIN simply gets up and walks away. BROWN Why'd you use my phone? COLIN Because you didn't go in there. DAY Madolyn looks . MADOLYN The light's nice here in the morning. COLIN doesn't respond. MADOLYN'S OFFICE. INT. CONTINUED: COLIN I think you need another attorney. hung-over.

.do it to keep things.. is it to do some good.. or just for the fuck of it? MADOLYN I expect sometimes.A clock ticking. MADOLYN That's an interesting observation.. BILLY People are liars. (CONTINUED) 65. CONTINUED: A beat. you had a parent who was a drunk? . Madolyn is very much a guarded shrink. BILLY So.Billy. to get somewhere personally. BILLY You lie. So. BILLY Do you lie? MADOLYN Why do you? BILLY I'm asking if you lie.on an even keel. Madolyn is looking across at . BILLY It's like confession. This sort of thing.... They want to be stars of their little films. BILLY (CONT'D) People make things up in confession.people. Isn't it. But no one's more guarded than Billy. You know that? MADOLYN I know they do. MADOLYN Honesty isn't synonymous with truth..

transpierced. MADOLYN (flustered) Did you? BILLY (simply) No.. Tables turned on the psychiatrist. They signed up to use their fuckin' weapons.. MADOLYN How do you know he was a cop? BILLY Bad haircut. BILLY (CONT'D) Do they all come in and cry. BILLY smiles at her. no dress sense and a slight air of scumbag entitlement. BILLY Let me tell you something. BILLY (abruptly) There was a cop leaving when I came in.. You see cops? MADOLYN That's part of what I do.MADOLYN looks up at him. Most of them.your cops? MADOLYN Sometimes they cry if they had trouble at home or if they've had to. CONTINUED: (2) MADOLYN Let's keep this with you. (CONTINUED) 66. BILLY You should get a better job.use their weapons. Although... But they watch enough TV so they know they . I don't normally see cadets who were kicked out of the Academy..

what do you want? BILLY You want the truth? (a beat) Valium.. That's one thing I found out about myself in prison. What was it like for you in jail? BILLY You want to hear about the showers? MADOLYN Did something happen to you? (CONTINUED) 67... MADOLYN I know it's not elective. (a beat) You sit there with a mass murderer. MADOLYN What do you expect from coming here? BILLY I have to come here. ever..have to "weep" after they use their weapons.on your part. CONTINUED: (3) BILLY No. My hand doesn't shake. your heart-rate jacked. No one's more full of shit than a cop. your hand.steady. BILLY What's that say about what you do for a living? Madolyn is taken aback. MADOLYN If you lied. . She closes her file.. you'd have an easier time getting what you wanted..but. MADOLYN I looked through your file and I see you have a record of assault. Except a cop on TV. now that you're here.

. takes out a small packet of two pills. BILLY I'm having panic attacks. you are. self reliance.. She hands it over to him. Fuckin' Doctor?) MADOLYN stares at him.MADOLYN Look. You didn't even ask about that. BILLY looks at it.. and you don't help him? You send him off to score smack on the fucking street?! (Is that what you do. BILLY If only fuckin' here. Mrs. that he has. BILLY (CONT'D) (giving into stress) Guy comes in in pain. She retrieves his folder. (CONTINUED) 68. against every instinct of . I said something true. MADOLYN Yes.privacy. Last night I thought I was having a fucking heart attack. I want some fucking pills and you close my file? I thought I was supposed to tell the truth here. then lowers her eyes. I think we better have a few more meetings before we can even talk about prescriptions. of. I haven't slept for weeks. I puked in a trash barrel on the way in here. BILLY (CONT'D) . CONTINUED: (4) MADOLYN Is this true? BILLY Yes. of.. She closes his file and puts it in the rack behind her.

BILLY reaches out and deliberately places the pills on the desk. MADOLYN Look. BILLY What's this? .Two pills.. CONTINUED: (5) BILLY leaves. Billy is walking. astonished. I'm not just. MADOLYN Fuck. BILLY (CONT'D) Why don't you just give me a bottle of scotch and a handgun to blow my fucking head off. PLAZA OUTSIDE THE OFFICE BUILDING. Papers blowing. MADOLYN Why is the hardest patient of the day always the last one? BILLY Because you're bored and tired and don't give a shit. MADOLYN You can leave! BILLY What if that was a legitimate threat? (Hot shot). Madolyn holds out a paper and a business card.. DAY Very windy. If you are in distress I will help you. Madolyn catches up to him. (CONTINUED) 69..somebody you have to see or they put you in jail. guilty. It's not supernatural. MADOLYN stares after him. EXT. Are we done here with this psychiatry bullshit? MADOLYN is taken aback.. She nods.

She starts to go back inside. All right? Have I done my job up to your goddamned standards? Because by my standards you fit the model of drug-seeking behavior. Cables and monitors and computers everywhere.MADOLYN My card. COLIN comes in with BROWN and BARRIGAN. NIGHT. (addressing room) Our target is a major transaction of microprocessors. very nattily dressed). A WEEK LATER It's an otherwise disused floor of a new luxury office building. It's crawling with State Cops as well as FBI (LAZIO is present. ELLERBY All right. and fuck you if you don't like my initial clinical reaction. You don't know what they are. Yes. those. BILLY You wanna get a cup of coffee? INT. COMMAND CENTER (UPSTAIRS). let's bring it in. (CONTINUED) 70. BILLY stands holding the prescription. Who gives a fuck? Cash will be handed . please. BILLY (re: prescription) Thank you. CONTINUED: MADOLYN I'm transferring you to another counselor. And a prescription for twenty Lorazepam. This operation is all new to Colin. Come in please. BILLY Is it enough to kill myself? MADOLYN (she fixes him with a stare) Maybe it is. I don't know what they are.

ELLERBY Sorry to get you at the last minute. . (taps picture of Costello) (MORE) (CONTINUED) 71. ON COLIN as he reflexively touches his cell phone and thinks about the best way out of this. ELLERBY (CONT'D) We've been after this son of a bitch for a long time. COLIN (to his guys) Did you guys know anything about this? No. This lead came from Queenan's undercover guy. Get to work. CONTINUED: ELLERBY (CONT'D) We've been after this cocksucker for a long time.. and tonight we're gonna get him. ELLERBY (to LAZIO) How long have we been tapped on this building? ELLERBY (CONT'D) Our unit will not take action until a man Captain Queenan has inside the operation has verified the transaction.. (he nods at COLIN) Will ID the bad guys and listen in on the phones.over in a building which we have under AV surveillance. He is taking out his cell phone when ELLERBY comes up to him. and we're getting him tonight. But things leak. Questions? Anyone? This is who we're after. Get to work. COLIN wanders off in the mill of officers. COLIN (to team) Go find out what we're doing and get on it. Staff Sergeant Sullivan's team.

my friends are still coming.) (on phone) Yes? COLIN is completely normal on the phone. 72. COLIN Thank you. COLIN I'm not going to make dinner. CONTINUOUS COSTELLO is on the phone. a yard away. Something big has come up. call the game. INT. COLIN sees QUEENAN staring at him. bye. QUEENAN The readiness is all. COLIN ends the call. We'll just have to sit down without you and your friends. right.S. COLIN (into cell) Dad? COSTELLO (O. Colin goes to the work area. COLIN (CONT'D) We'll just say lunch tomorrow. He gives him the clipboard. COLIN Oh. CONTINUOUS COLIN turns away from the activity.ELLERBY walks on to a COFFEE STATION. You know the players. COSTELLO'S APARMENT. COSTELLO Too bad. COMMAND CENTER. Captain. LATER All . QUEENAN is there. INT. Your mother worked all goddamned day.

COLIN. Some Chinamen from points unknown. They're already inside." DETAIL OF IM: "No Phones" ONSCREEN. Costello.46. Mister French. CARS PULL UP IN FRONT OF THE TARGET BUILDING.. Billy Costigan the new guy. QUEENAN comes up.Time is 10. QUEENAN All cellphone signals are under surveillance through the courtesy of our Federal friends over there. GEEK COP Piece of cake. I'll operate the cameras. Love it. opens his cellphone. and then taps an instant message into it. ELLERBY (as if on coke and he probably is) Patriot Act. swallows as he notices on video three angles of a building he seems to know very well. pushes "Send. Delahunt.COLIN joins his team (BROWN AND BARRIGAN). CONTINUED: COLIN. You ID the guys and log them. COLIN looks: sees LAZIO and two others. who are seated in a U shaped work-area. A GEEK COP leans over and shakes his hand. BROWN Who are they meeting? ELLERBY (leaning over screens) I don't know. still stunned by the fact of this operations center.. He sits down and puts a headset on. using his left hand. Fitzy. Love it.. COLIN All right. not looking. (CONTINUED) 73. That's Costello right there.. . autodials. COLIN nods.

. including BILLY (but we know . What the fuck you think this is. You get a camera in the back? (CONTINUED) 74. We see Costello look casually at his phone. Two hours. CONTINUED: TECH COP IN DOWN VEST What back? Ellerby blows his nose. COSTELLO (CONT'D) Check your weapons. INT. CAMERA GEEK COP We have a blind spot. COSTELLO'S GUYS move through pillars and disappear. THE SCREEN then reads "Erasing Sent Message". sending the message "No phones". FITZY and some others mutter.Fitzy has the chicken.REVISED 6/8-9/05 COSTELLO looks at his IM screen and turns to his guys. CONTINUOUS Watching images.. NASA? ELLERBY It never crossed my mind.DETAIL OF COLIN'S PHONE. He is on coke. TARGET BUILDING. COLIN hits "send". COLIN sends another TEXT MESSAGE: "Blind spot inside door." INT. TARGET BUILDING. ELLERBY Why do you have a blind spot? CAMERA GEEK COP We had two hour's notice. NIGHT COSTELLO and the boys go into the building... EXT. CONTINUOUS . COMMAND CENTER. Everyone turns off their phones. moving past TWO IDLING CARS. COSTELLO Turn off your cell phones.

He sees: A GROUP OF THREE MEN waiting and FIVE OTHER MEN spreading out through the pillars. an observer of Ellerby's operation) Why the fuck did they turn off their phones? PHONE TECH COP . Both Brown and Colin have their headsets on. QUEENAN Any calls? PHONE TECH COP They turned off their phones. DIGNAM (like Queenan. ELLERBY Search randomly for calls made from the area. and maybe OS) Maybe if we had some Homeland security money like some other fucking douchebags I could mention. Armed.Billy has TWO phones). COLIN looks utterly innocent. (CONTINUED) 75. CONTINUOUS CAMERA COP (to no one. BILLY looks around at the pillared distances. ELLERBY Narrow the area. COMMAND CENTER... LAZIO What you see for coverage is what you get. INT. CONTINUED: PHONE TECH COP Eight hundred seven phones are live in this area.

ELLERBY stares at him. QUEENAN looks at an IM (from Billy) on his phone. there's still one phone up. ELLERBY You know. COLIN wonders how Queenan knew this. QUEENAN (mildly) Not to my guy. NIGHT COSTELLO'S BOYS spread out. (looking at screens) Fuck it. ELLERBY looks at Queenan. who put the cameras in the fucking place? (CONTINUED) 76. DIGNAM Where? A single light on the screen. direct access to your fucking guys would have certain fuckin' advantages. CONTINUED: (2) CAMERA TECH COP Who the fuck are you. Across the open. QUEENAN Hey. lumber-strewn area. hey. . The single light winks out on the screen. impressed.. AN OPEN AREA IN THE RUINED BUILDING. INT. DIGNAM This is unbelievable. You must be the other guy. hey. DIGNAM I'm the guy who does his job.. ("$") QUEENAN The buyers are there.Wait. DETAIL: "buyers here". CHINESE GANG MEMBERS are waiting.

. FITZY carries a case containing the processors. CHINESE TRANSLATOR (roughly translating) He's fronting the Chinese government and he's just scared shitless." CHINESE GANGSTER (in Cantonese.A LOCAL CHINESE-AMERICAN MAN acting as the interpreter and fixer stands waiting near a SUITCASE on the floor.] He removes his hand from his pocket. (CONTINUED) 77.. [As (INSERT) ONSCREEN in the OPERATIONS ROOM the last lights wink off. His entire family will be killed. waiting. COSTELLO takes it all in. With the CHINESE GANGSTERS is a more official looking MAN IN A BAD SUIT ."$" to indicate "buyers here. Mr. Robert? CHINESE TRANSLATOR Tops. . CHINESE TRANSLATOR He's a little upset.terrified. not subtitled) Waiting. CONTINUED: BILLY is watching carefully. COSTELLO (to translator) How you going. The CHINESE GANGSTER looks like a Malay pirate. We almost departed! This man is from the Embassy. having just switched off his phone. BILLY sneaks a message to Queenan via Text Message. COSTELLO Government man. Costello's gunmen are perched above. automatic weapons trained on the Triad. COSTELLO Tell him light on the starch. He will have to blow his brains out if he is captured. I want to tell you that at least two of these gents have machine guns. Costello.

What is he saying?] The CHINESE TRANSLATOR translates Costello's statement about "concern. COSTELLO (CONT'D) What we generally do in this country is one guy shows up with the items. I don't understand. CHINESE GANGSTER (in Cantonese) Put away that machine gun. yap. hearing a "automatic weapon. to Chinese) I'm concerned about Chinamen who think it's wise to bring automatic weapons to a business transaction. [Yap. (CONTINUED) 78. They don't aim them. The CHINESE TRANSLATOR translates. in this country.(loudly. We (but no one else) hear a double click as MISTER FRENCH cocks a pistol behind his back. You get a life sentence for it. Kay ngup mutt. yap. The MACHINE GUN is put away. and the other guy pays . CONTINUED: (2) COSTELLO If these chinks want to nuke Taiwan any time in this century. Ngaw um ming. it don't add inches to your dick. tell Bruce Lee and the Karate Kids none of us are carrying automatic weapons because here. The CHINESE GANGSTER interjects -CHINESE GANGSTER Ngup. COSTELLO For his own good. you tell them they better shape up fast and show me one million dollars. Ngup." SEVERAL OF THE TRIAD. Ngup." stupidly raise their MACHINE GUNS.

[Fuck you. It's a million dollars. Opened. Startled TACTICAL COPS. The CHINESE GANGSTER gestures and a case of money is put on the floor. An IMAGE comes up. Opened. COSTELLO In English. Nothing. ELLERBY Don't tell me those cars were empty. To Billy's surprise both Costello's men and the Chinese head out through the back industrial windows onto a canal-side pier..]. INT. COSTELLO The expedition continues this way. nods. FITZY looks at it. CHINESE GANGSTER Nay tiey ching chaw yut bok mon. Please don't tell me those Chinamen's cars were empty. INT. I'm going to cut your dick off. COSTELLO gestures and a BOX of PROCESSORS is put on the floor. 79.him. passing a van full of.. CHINESE GANGSTER Du ne. TWO TACTICAL UNITS are hidden outside.. (to Camera Tech Cop) Do you have a camera in the back. [Next time you make me wait.] The deal is done.. ALTERNATE/ALSO (insult): Ne dei yeeche ling ngnaw dong maw gok nay chun. CONTINUOUS ELLERBY is staring at the screens. COMMAND CENTER. CONTINUOUS The CARS of the CHINESE GUYS are driven away. [Make sure it's real. thank you. No tickee. also. ELLERBY (CONT'D) Can I talk to you a minute? . COMMAND laundry.

BILLY What about us. EXT. As officers approach the cars they realize they are empty except for hired Caucasian drivers. COSTELLO See. frankly I don't approve of orientals driving to begin with. What with everything all dug up. CONTINUOUS Tied to the pier there are two boats. Fitzy carries the SUITCASES OF MONEY onto a BOSTON WHALER and it takes off. no surveillance here. BILLY watches COSTELLO go. An officer reports this to the command center. Frank? gonna do? What're we COSTELLO We depart. We didn't commit no illegalities. Always figure an exit for your business partners. BEHIND THE BUILDING.NIGHT 103A A few blocks from the target building. (CONTINUED) 80. STREET NEAR TARGET BUILDING .As the Camera Technician gets up. EXT. chug away down the canal in the lobster boat. Ellerby pounces on him. you can't trust a slant to find the Mass Pike and. a NOVI LOBSTER BOAT and a BOSTON WHALER with a guys we've never seen at the wheel (random getaway hires). BILLY is stunned. MISTER FRENCH Except sell the ching chongs a bunch of fuckin' plastic. The TRIAD members get into the NOVI. with or without Staties out front. COSTELLO turns to Billy. Admiring. admiringly. and chug away. . and then follows him. staring back. a Police Tactical unit stops the departing Triad cars with a roadblock. CONTINUED: The CHINESE GUYS. They didn't figure we had a navy.

MADOLYN I beat the movers. It sucked MADOLYN takes in the apartment..INT. COLIN Good morning. Croissants. COLIN How was the last night in the.. CONTINUED: MADOLYN unpacks food. Coffee. . am I. They kiss. can I. ah. MADOLYN French donut? COLIN (re: box of stuff) Yeah. COLIN I'm glad to hear that. old establishment? MADOLYN (putting the box on the kitchen counter) Lonely." A key in the door: He wakes as MADOLYN comes in carrying a bag of coffees and a BOX OF EFFECTS. also shy. here. COLIN Uncle Alphonsus is in heaven. in a bachelor disaster of Chinese food boxes. Something on TV: "Audition. Hey. MADOLYN smiles at him. So (CONTINUED) 81. too. MADOLYN Good Morning. COLIN'S APARTMENT. MADOLYN I'm gonna thank your Uncle Alphonsus for the square footage. DAY Colin is asleep on the couch.

It's all Madolyn's key stuff .. why make as much as a guidance counselor? (CONTINUED) 82. We might have company. COLIN looks at a diploma. over her coffee cup) I believe in public service. COLIN Not forever.. but not in the living room. COLIN You don't see any pictures of where I came from. and you don't have to. She puts the photo quietly away. .you're a hot shit.a mug.and comes up with: A PHOTOGRAPH of a young Madolyn standing in front of a North East rust belt slum. what you do. COLIN Well. MADOLYN Company? She laughs. I respect who you are. You've got degrees. breakables. we're not having this out.MADOLYN Sure yeah. Contaminated.. COLIN Why work for the state? Why not? MADOLYN You do.. a few critical books. MADOLYN What? MADOLYN isn't prepared to be at cross-purposes. He sorts through the box. Look..framed family pictures. Veritas.. I mean. COLIN stares at her... CONTINUED: (2) MADOLYN (deadpan. But she is taken aback.

MADOLYN (CONT'D) (whispering) I'm sorry! COLIN Who is it? MADOLYN I think it's a guy with a. and whispers) A cancer guy. MADOLYN. COLIN reaches in his pocket and looks at his cellphone: dead. A bad mistake in his situation. COLIN (CONT'D) You live here. Answer it. He crams the phone into a table charger beside the landline and takes the handset.COLIN Now you're just being ridiculous. and intently:) You like me living here? COLIN (hands down her shorts) Yes I do. After a moment she holds the receiver out to COLIN. not 100% confused by his seizing on the interruption. (She touches her throat. THE PHONE (landline with mobile handset) rings. CONTINUED: (3) COLIN exits the kitchen. COLIN Hello? (CONTINUED) 83. gets the phone. COLIN (CONT'D) . MADOLYN (kissing him. MADOLYN Mayor Sullivan's Office. ah.

COSTELLO You better get organized. CONTINUOUS COLIN hunches. she was gonna move in. COSTELLO Was that that shrink cunt answered the phone? COLIN Yes. It just happened once. COLIN Nothin'. COSTELLO Are you listening to me? COLIN Yes.O. (CONTINUED) 84. Wearing a headset.(to Madolyn) Something for work. THE CHELSEA YACHT CLUB. CONTINUED: . As I said. with his collar turned up. that's all. Yes. It doesn't have any power. so she moved in. nothin'. quick. She doesn't start eating again. She is seen staring at him through the following scene. and glancing in at Madolyn. closing the glass door. COSTELLO (V. CONTINUOUS COSTELLO. she watches Colin. is walking along the floats. I tipped you off and you're not in jail. MADOLYN looks after him.) What the fuck is it with your phone? EXT. COLIN Last time I checked. INTERCUT TERRACE OF COLIN'S APARTMENT/CHELSEA YACHT CLUB.

COSTELLO Are listening to me.. Let's start with this. Get me real first names. CONTINUED: (2) ..get me all the information on the people around you last night. Queenan and Dignam run the snitches. Inside. (CONTINUED) 85. Everyone that works for you. COSTELLO So earn it. COSTELLO (interrupting) Your best? What do you think we're in. COLIN Please Frank. tries to reason and mind his place. COLIN Yes. COLIN is frustrated. COLIN I been gettin' that same feeling. I'm doing the best. (a beat) I'm gettin' the feeling we got a cop in my crew. Get me.. COSTELLO He's one of yours. if you don't relax I can't relax. Have you seen anything? COLIN Look. They don't give anybody a peep... It's locked up. the fuckin' haberdashery business? COLIN takes a breath. son? Do you like Little Miss Thing sucking your cock? COLIN looks in at MADOLYN.. Yes I do. I have no access to undercover files in Queenan's department.

COSTELLO (interrupting Colin) Get you? Give you? Who the fuck do you work for? COLIN Okay. And your father called you the tumor.. I forgot. Frank. ah. COSTELLO (relenting a little) Collie. don't disappoint me on this. full names. Frank? (CONTINUED) .. not liking that: COSTELLO Oh. or some other guy will be putting their cock up Little Miss Freud's ass. QUEENAN Where are the real microprocessors. I need drivers license numbers.I'm sorry. QUEENAN How are you.could you please get me social security numbers. he wasn't around. dates of birth. DOCK/WATERFRONT . anything like that.. Bank account numbers. You'll have 'em but listen to me son. QUEENAN I know she did. Francis? COSTELLO My mother called me Francis.CONTINUOUS Costello hangs up and walks along and sees QUEENAN and DIGNAM step out. Charlie? Oh yeah. EXT. COSTELLO.. I'll get you the records and whatnot.. what did your father call you. calm down or you'll shoot in your pants. or a wrap sheet or a. everything that you don't get from a criminal record or..

COLIN What? MADOLYN You have a boss that has a laryngectomy? COLIN No.. CONTINUOUS COLIN. As Costello walks away: QUEENAN Sooner than you think. angelic GIRLS CHOIR begin to sing. COSTELLO (to Dignam) Wouldn't you rather wipe my ass for me? QUEENAN I will get you. Francis. You arrested some Chinese government guy at the border carrying some light sockets or somethin'. looking worried. . COSTELLO (CONT'D) Excuse me. comes into the apartment.. I've got a date with some angels. That was a guy who works for me. COSTELLO If you could've you would've but I guess you like to go at your own pace. INT. I heard that story.86. DIGNAM I can't wait to wipe that fuckin' smirk off your face. folding his phone away. MADOLYN is staring at him. From off-stage we hear a young. CONTINUED: COSTELLO Microprocessors. no. no.oh yeah. Frank. COLIN'S APARTMENT.

We see Queenan's empty desk in a fall of light. . All right. COLIN looks at her steadily: gold. phone. then say that. an expensive heavy watch. He kisses her. INT. We see Dignam's arm. wrist. The doorbell safely ringing. (Or your own life. The DOORBELL RINGS. I will. if she's serious.(CONTINUED) 87. I'm coming. COLIN Not exactly. Colin kisses Madolyn. I cannot allow you to jeopardize an ongoing investigation. MADOLYN (after a beat) Okay. COLIN Thank you. COLIN (re: doorbell) All right. COLIN You still wanna stay? MADOLYN I do. That you don't want to know about.) (more seriously. after a long beat) There really are things connected to my job that you can't ask about. CONTINUED: MADOLYN You're lying to me. QUEENAN'S OFFICE. she's pure MADOLYN That's the movers. (the charming Colin:) There are certain things I will not be able to talk to you about. CONTINUOUS DIGNAM is alone.

. fucking genius who didn't even graduate the academy? BILLY Disinform. IM PEI TYPE FOOTBRIDGE WITH A PEDESTRIAN CONVEYOR. You have a leak from the inside. DIGNAM Are you deaf? He's not here. BILLY They knew you had cameras in the building. Where's Queenan. Calm down. Where's Queenan? DIGNAM He's not here.S.. That's a fact. Narrow it down.) I'm gonna get on a plane unless you put Queenan on the phone. DIGNAM Queenan had a funeral to go to. DAY (INTERCUT) BILLY is talking on the phone. CONTINUED: BILLY (O. Let it slip to SIU that you're getting a sealed wiretap warrant for Costello's apartment. Call me when you get something real. This is my shift. . It's real. DIGNAM And how do we do that Mr. in a fury. Don't tell anyone in our department but tell SIU.(CONTINUED) 88. Smoke him out. INT. Flush it and see if it comes out of the pipe on my end. BILLY Why shouldn't I get on a fucking plane? Meet up? Do you actually want me dead? There's a rat in your unit. That's first. You just don't know it.

. INT. BILLY Confucius say that? MADOLYN So you do. yeah.. it is. four months. change the people you know. anything.yeah. you do. DESERTED CAFE DAY Madolyn and Billy sit at a table. Talking like friends now. emphatically non-clinical.. preoccupied. leans back against a wall. closes his eyes. He takes a pill. BILLY So how long you been with this guy? MADOLYN Oh. About four months.. MADOLYN I'm assuming you want to change things. CONTINUED: BILLY It's me." huh? MADOLYN .. BILLY You love this guy? MADOLYN It's pretty serious. The second phone rings..something radical... change the people you meet. Too many choices can see like no choice at all. you know. (CONTINUED) 89.BILLY is in a full-on panic attack. Billy is zoned out. Sometimes it's just a matter of picking a thing and doing it.. nervous. BILLY . change everything.. He stares at it: opens it. BILLY "Something radical.

give him a shot. that's because of vastly superior and downs. MADOLYN No more than I am. DAY Considering the . BILLY What would you do if he was standing right there and saw us? MADOLYN I'd lie... She realizes she may have glazed and gone a little too far on "problems". Smiles. called on her shit. newly serious.. MADOLYN OK. MADOLYN Doctors aren't supposed to have illusions. To keep things on an even keel. INT. relationship.. right? He lifts his cup to drink. Godlike.there are. BANKROBBER'S APARTMENT.everybody has doubts.A head case or anything? curious. really. This may not be exactly what Madolyn wants to hear.. CONTINUED: BILLY Then you're lucky... CHARLESTOWN. I'm just (CONTINUED) 90.I mean doubts. I'm in a serious. You know all about it. But she nods. problems -./EXT.. BILLY Yeah. BILLY (CONT'D) Good. odds.

I'm fucking . He throws it. wakes up to a vision: JESUS. BILLY You take off an armored car at the Dedham Mall and what do you do. BILLY What the fuck do you do. is that French out there? BILLY (grabbing him by the shirt) What the fuck did you just say about the FBI? BANKROBBER Forget what I said. BILLY smashes the glass and the frame over the guy's head. {Firecrackers off} BANKROBBER Oh my God. a junkie. indicating the sacred heart. Do you pay guineas in Providence? BANKROBBER Fucking now I do. CONTINUED: BACK INSIDE: BILLY shoves him down on the couch and crams the gun to his head. (CONTINUED) 91. CUT TO OUTSIDE: MISTER FRENCH has lit a cherry-bomb. BILLY FBI? What the fuck are you talking about. I pay Costello and wait for him to trade me to the FBI? Cause that's what he does. He hands out fireworks to KIDS.The BANKROBBER. BANKROBBER What.

shoots the guy through the kneecap. As the firecracker sounds increase outside (Maybe French's "Do what you have to do"). ON SOUND: Sextet from LUCIA di LAMMAMOOR. I would never say what you thought I said.. INT. The bankrobber screams. very limited. (a beat) I thought I was supposed to go into shock. It fucking hurts. NIGHT From behind COSTELLO'S HEAD. The BANKROBBER knows what this means. It fucking hurts. BILLY Tell me what the fuck you said. I'm high. BILLY Whatever's going through your very poor. brain. BLOOD sprays everywhere. I'm high. no way out of what he has to do. Just tell me what you just fucking said.I'm not going to hurt you. (CONTINUED) 92. glances at the window. OUTSIDE MISTER FRENCH is benignly watching kids light cherry bombs. BILLY gets out of the house. we .high. BANKROBBER (covered with blood) Why do you think he's not arrested? Costello's a protected FBI informant. which almost fills the frame. BILLY. I must be high. BILLY Let's go. He'll trade you out. I'm not in shock. A THEATER. Firecrackers continue to go off outside. CONTINUED: (2) BANKROBBER Forget it..

it's me. QUEENAN'S HOUSE. COSTELLO moves crinolines up the women's legs. each lit by their own streetlight. As the music soars. Aren't they trying to make it a Federal case? And it never gets made? QUEENAN (realizing he has to be very careful) Go around the back. QUEENAN What do you want? What are you doing here? BILLY Come here. As he does: BILLY steps out into the light. INT.. NIGHT A street of three-deckers. QUEENAN stares.see a blur of beautiful color. INT. A BEDROOM. QUEENAN'S HOUSE IN WEST ROXBURY.and fucks weird. PERFORMERS with MASKS sing on stage. QUEENAN approaches him. The two men stare at each other. ON STAGE. BILLY Hey.. QUEENAN The FBI? BILLY He gives information to the FBI. QUEENAN gets out of his unmarked cruiser. PAN back over COSTELLO'S face to reveal a beautiful BLACK PROSTITUTE. EXT. 93. NIGHT. CUT TO COSTELLO. Go around the back. revealing Costello's rapt face and PAN to reveal on his Left a beautiful WHITE PROSTITUTE. MOMENTS LATER . He's a protected informant. COSTELLO fucks. an opera is in progress----LUCIA DI LAMMAMOOR done with masks. BILLY (CONT'D) Costello is giving people up to the FBI.

COLIN . ELLERBY You'll investigate. QUEENAN comes along the hall. Come and have something to eat. COLIN Right. Well. Anybody. ELLERBY We are all convinced that Costello has at least one mole in the Special Investigation Unit. QUEENAN We'll talk in the kitchen. Come and have something to eat. EXT. THE SACRED HEART and JFK are on the walls. I.. staring. She left supper out. Haven't seen a guy like you since me. Everybody. BILLY shakes his head. (CONTINUED) 94. exhausted. You'll be transferred to Internal Investigations but you will continue to work right where you are in the Special Investigation Unit. BILLY follows him towards the lighted kitchen door. DRIVING RANGE. ELLERBY Congratulations.. DAY (WINDY) COLIN is watching ELLERBY hit golf balls. COLIN I don't get it.BILLY sits on a bench in a hallway. CONTINUED: BILLY No. QUEENAN My wife's asleep.

You have an immaculate record.Well. ELLERBY Outstanding. I do. She's a doctor. Married guy seems stable. it's working. ELLERBY hits a drive. COLIN Oh. Marriage is an important part of getting ahead. People look at a wedding ring and think: someone can stand the son of a bitch. Overtime. ELLERBY I'm glad to hear that. That's good. CONTINUED: ELLERBY (CONT'D) Play golf? COLIN No. ELLERBY That's a pity. Ladies see the wedding ring and know immediately that you must have some cash and that your cock works. ELLERBY We have considered all possible candidates. (CONTINUED) 95. (a beat) How's the wedding coming along? COLIN Everything's great. You don't want anyone thinking you're a homo. Some people never trust a guy with an immaculate record. Pretty much sucks as a game but you get to form relationships. On schedule. . (a beat) I have an immaculate record. that's just a dream job for a cop.

EXT. Billy is nodded at. and then we all wait here. MISTER FRENCH (CONT'D) No. no fucking around. BILLY crosses the road under what remains of the Expressway. INT. your license number. THE DEAD BAR. setting up IRAs? MISTER FRENCH You fill in the papers. CONTINUED: MISTER FRENCH Boss wants your real name. Ponk. BILLY looks around. DAY It's another of COSTELLO'S "locations". CONSTRUCTION AREA. writes down his information. DELAHUNT Put the forms in there. I ain't. MISTER FRENCH goes off into a separate room. MISTER FRENCH I'm a cash business myself. The other men are mostly finished and DELAHUNT is collecting the papers. real name. The door is unlocked by: DELAHUNT. BILLY takes a paper and. all your numbers. BILLY What's he doing.Hits a drive. and after hiding in an angle of the building and cocking the gun in his pocket bangs on the door of a dead bar. your social. (CONTINUED) 96. all your bank account numbers. DELAHUNT tosses the brown envelope on the bar. Every man from the previous night is there--but no COSTELLO. DELAHUNT closes the door behind him and bars it. sitting at the bar beside FITZY. Men are oddly enough filling out forms. BILLY I don't have a bank account. DAY HEAVY EQUIPMENT stands on the thrashed earth. These are not men used to pencil and paper. FITZY . Hoardings.

His "police" phone vibrates and he takes it out. Jesus Christ. I'm not staying. he said to stay here. CONTINUED: (2) BILLY I'm not sitting in this room without a tetanus shot. FITZY What are you. . Both of their forms are stuffed in an envelope. BILLY Why can't Ellerby's guys? SIU. BILLY gets up. He picks up the brown envelope on which CITIZENS TRUST is written. He takes the brown envelope.. no. retarded? That ain't right. (CONTINUED) 97. QUEENAN'S OFFICE. MISTER FRENCH Where you going? BILLY goes out. ONSCREEN Follow the envelope.MADOLYN MADDEN. DELAHUNT puts his coat on. He traces with his finger the doctor's name.. no. DAY QUEENAN closes his door.I don't know if this is how you spell Citizens'. DAY BILLY is holding his bottle of tranqs. DELAHUNT Billy. THE WATERFRONT. INT. EXT. BILLY No. BILLY glances at what FITZY is crawling: CITTIZINS TRUST. BILLY deletes the IM and dials Queenan directly. and writes on it CITIZENS. BILLY gives up.

He gets into his Oldsmobile. . CINEMA. He sits down in front of COLIN. Costello gets up. A thin audience of raincoat artists. NIGHT Costello emerges. You're not crackin' up are you? COLIN I don't crack up. shows him the He watches the movie. Carrying the envelope. They are compromised. CONTINUED: COSTELLO (CONT'D) anything you like? See COLIN unnerved. Wobbly porno music. we got problems. Colin goes for his gun. Frank sits. COLIN Jesus Christ. moaning. INT. dildo. (CONTINUED) 98. COSTELLO'S APARTMENT. be dirty. COSTELLO Oh yeah.QUEENAN They can't. COSTELLO You're not indulging in self abuse are you? COLIN Frank. NIGHT REVISED ON SET 5/31/05 Dark theater. Costello is wearing the dildo. EXT. BILLY starts his car and follows. who wants to get caught. He moves slowly down the aisle and sees: COLIN sitting alone. The door opens and COSTELLO enters. in an overcoat. Frank. COSTELLO I hope you're not turning into one of those sob sisters. recognizing COSTELLO now. I almost shot you. movie in progress. closer to Colin.

COLIN How the fuck did you know that? COSTELLO Where'd they put you? COLIN I have to find myself. you've got to lay low. truly enjoying this. COLIN I have to find the guy you have in the department. COLIN Frank. We see in Colin's face hurt and hatred for Costello. (CONTINUED) 99.. CONTINUED: (2) COSTELLO chuckles.COSTELLO Pick a place where any cop could see you. COSTELLO You're telling me.. sonny boy. I put my money on nobody finding nothing. COLIN Why am I not fuckin' surprised. COSTELLO You're gettin' reassigned. COLIN Why did you show up then? COSTELLO I own the place. idol doesn't like him. for me. COSTELLO With everybody looking up their own ass and you looking for yourself... Look. COSTELLO His .

(gives him the envelope) But Colin. The door opens again at the back of the theater and we see: BILLY in a dark back seat. shoves the brown envelope to COLIN. COSTELLO Okay. sweat on his lip. after hesitating as Colin sweats. COSTELLO (CONT'D) Who knows what's easy? Collie. take care of business. right? COSTELLO (looking at the screen) Maybe it's because it's always been so easy for me to get cunt that I never understood jerking off in a theatre. I will find this rat if you let me do it my way. you know that. CONTINUED: (3) COLIN (CONT'D) It involves lying. COLIN Why would you need to remind me of that? I didn't know that would I be any good at what I do? Trust me. most likely it won't be me who pays for it. Costello gets up to go. I hope I won't have to remind you.Laying low is not what I do. COLIN nods. Frank." He . and goes. If you let me do my job. Lookit. I know how to do this. that if you don't find that cheese eating rat bastard in your department so we can give him a halo. what good am I to you if you don't listen to me? Queenan's compartmentalizing. He's fuckin' smart. COLIN Yeah. (MORE) (CONTINUED) 100. COSTELLO. BILLY receives a text message: "Get visual ID suspect. and I'm pretty fucking good at that. big fuckin' daddy Frank.

slumps in his seat as Costello marches up the aisle and out of the theater. The only thing on his agenda is to not have his face seen. then goes after EXT. NIGHT It's open. looks left and right.. BILLY is speeding up. CONTINUOUS COLIN. BILLY spins into a door-opening and silences the ringer.. BILLY'S POV: COLIN is halfway down the street. Instead of turning around. A STREET OF CHINESE SHOPS. INT. He turns the corner. COLIN accelerates. He has barely recovered from this when: The dark shape of COLIN is moving rapidly towards and through the emergency exit beside the screen. BILLY'S cellphone rings. Billy follows. putting the envelope into his coat. CINEMA BACK STAIRCASE AND ALLEY. who is walking along. He turns down another street. COLIN will be caught up to within seconds. BILLY follows. . BILLY is nearly up to COLIN on this quieter street (And COLIN is aware of the tail) when. His phone has fucked up. COLIN vanishes around a corner. ANOTHER STREET painted with neon light (quiet). and gives on to what Boston keeps trying to call the Theater District and what keeps being The Combat Zone. desperate to see Colin's face. TEXT MESSAGE DETAIL Make arrest. as they do. BILLY starts into a half-run. moving through pedestrians. CONTINUED: BILLY follows. (CONTINUED) 101.

We see COLIN. walks. CCTV ROOM. staggering. MADOLYN How obsessive are you? BILLY . COLIN backs away in horror. NIGHT COLIN is looking at CCTV tapes. Colin. listening to (faltering) footsteps: a MAN. He waits. no sign of a follower. BILLY Your name's on the pill label. As the body falls we see: it isn't Billy. heading off through. MADOLYN'S CELLAR APARTMENT. But he does notice: CCTV cameras at the intersection. A long beat and she opens the door. 102. NIGHT (RAINING) Through grated windows we can see Madolyn finishing up her packing. No more use as ID than the Shroud of Turin. past repeated ideograms in neon (the ideograms say--flash--"Departed"). He hears a hubbub from the corner where a small crowd of Chinese speakers is gathering and pushes through the crowd to see: blood running on the pavement. face invisible in shadow. EXT. I thought you weren't supposed to be in the book. EXT.COLIN takes a right at the end of the street. into an alley. Crossing the street in beats. hurries along. AROUND THE NEXT CORNER. sweating. MOMENTS LATER BILLY has lost Colin. MOMENTS LATER COLIN is waiting. holding his envelope. and hurries off down the street. then faster. ANOTHER STREET. in a doorway of his own. BILLY KNOCKS on the door. The chain on. BILLY backs away. Then we see a blurred image of BILLY. EXT. No sign of Billy. He has a knife open in his hand. It's a CHINESE MAN. COLIN pulls him into the doorway and rips upwards with a knife. He spins and gets out of there. EXT. turns the corner. gets out of there. in case of obsessive patients. MOMENTS LATER COLIN. sweating. CHINATOWN. unrecognizable on cheap video. fast. which leads only into Madolyn's basement apartment. CHINATOWN. INT.

our conversations. BILLY Thanks. is looking vulnerable and honest. MADOLYN'S CELLAR APARTMENT...regretting that we didn't continue. tilted in a box of . I can leave. CONTINUED: MADOLYN No.. BILLY You moving in or out? MADOLYN I still have three weeks on the lease.but I don't see people. sleeping here.. very much.. it's.. MADOLYN Are you okay? Why are you here? BILLY I really liked our conversations.. There are still tea things on the counter. I've been. CONTINUOUS BILLY looks around and sees: boxes. transition. BILLY is looking at THE PICTURE to which Colin objected.. (CONTINUED) 103... Madolyn has been making tea here..Medium.. reading in bed. The furniture already gone.. A young girl in front of a rust belt slum..I don't see people in my home. soaked. it's.I enjoyed're not a patient.. Billy gets soaked. it's not inappropriate..... A basic life is still possible here.I enjoyed having coffee with's nice to see you.. An air-mattress on the floor. Billy. a drowned rat. If this is inappropriate.. MADOLYN I'm glad you want to see me. INT. MADOLYN takes a moment to react..

BILLY Yeah. You choose. MADOLYN Do you want some.. the incontrovertible evidence that she's probably really.. Madolyn leaves him looking vaguely around the apartment. MADOLYN (CONT'D) That's me.. In the kitchen. MADOLYN (the kettle whistles OS) Would you like a cup of tea? BILLY nods.effects... he spills his tea. unobserved by Madolyn. Sugar? BILLY No.... the lamp. She hands him the cup of tea.. She perseveres. in fact.I told you when we had coffee. not that into Colin.There's a choice. the book. MADOLYN I've always needed my own place. BILLY Yeah. I'm not "hedging my best". it appears that Madolyn has forgotten how to make a cup of have to make a. He hangs the picture on a nail. (CONTINUED) 104. Billy is looking at the handful of books still in the apartment. Yeah I would. Thank you. comes out holding two cups.. slightly.. Strung out. BILLY Decision. CONTINUED: (2) BILLY Hedging your bets? MADOLYN No. I know. . Madolyn looks over at the bed...

Stick by what you. NIGHT Wet empty streets. He continues..tick. NIGHT In the tiny kitchen BILLY is kissing MADOLYN and unbuttoning her shirt.tick.. The envelope is visible folded into the breast pocket.. BILLY I like that.otherwise it's. Her hands start to move to push him away. NIGHT A Costello have to. Tick. CHARLES STREET.. INT.. BILLY Move in with your boyfriend? MADOLYN Yes.. He takes his coat and goes. COLIN tenses as someone comes into the office and switches off the tape. NIGHT Colin is still studying the blurry image of Billy. CHARLES STREET BRASSERIE. BILLY (CONT'D) You don't have cats.. One bartender is sweeping up and the other is counting the . That's good. I think so. 105. He glances at his coat. About midnight. The "gaslights" are on.. EXT......MADOLYN .. INT. CCTV ROOM. CCTV ROOM. MADOLYN No. INT... Is it real? BILLY Yeah..and stick by what. I have to say that your vulnerability is really freaking me out right now. choose. MADOLYN'S BASEMENT APARTMENT. NIGHT Still studying the blurry image of Billy.. The restaurant is closed for the night.decision.

COSTELLO You got a girlfriend? No... The ex-wife. BILLY What does that matter? COSTELLO Depends. He pours Billy some brandy. Staties or Boston Police department.. CONTINUED: COSTELLO On the other hand. As a knocking is heard Costello looks up. I suppose. case like this. that leaves me out. (CONTINUED) 106. COSTELLO watches Billy approach. BILLY Stupid. Cop. I'm sure you know by now there's an informer in my crew. "what's the .. BILLY What about the FBI.Well. classical music. A BARTENDER lets Billy in... On sound.. an old friend or stupid.I killed everybody who works for me. But COSTELLO. Then starts to draw a sketch. They're all murderers right? I think "could I do murder?" And all I can answer myself is..that's what brings you down in this business. drinking brandy. COSTELLO It ain't. back then. it was only five. I'm not sure. maybe. BILLY I look around at your guys. COSTELLO Past days. BILLY Better safe than sorry..takings.or six.and French.. We hear him sit down. Trust me. No. is sorry. In a darker alcove of the bar COSTELLO sits alone at a broad table.

COSTELLO looks up... I put a fucking bullet in your head as if you were anybody else.. COSTELLO I haven't needed "the money" since I took Archie's milk money in the third grade. you're the new guy. One of these guys is going to pop you. As for running drugs.difference".and the girlfriend. Your numbers. cheese eating fucking rat. And impressed. William? BILLY You're seventy fucking years old. You accuse me once. and they're going to catch you.. CONTINUED: (2) COSTELLO (CONT'D) Point I'm making. Like BILLY Yeah.see. BILLY Later he . and continues with the see. (MORE) (CONTINUED) 107.but I still like it.. COSTELLO smiles. And you don't need the money.. COSTELLO Give em up to the Almighty..questions. that.. You don't need the pain in the ass.... COSTELLO (to Billy) You got something you want to say to me. Why don't you stay in the bar when I get the numbers. This is new: but he's impassive. I quit.questions come up.gnawing. I put up with it.. Tell the truth. what the fuck. Bill. I don't need pussy any more.. Everybody's numbers. that's my point. will light up the paper. If you make me fear for my life..I got this rat. You accuse me twice.

It's almost a feudal fuckin' enterprise. .. (CONTINUED) 108. what would you do? COSTELLO sketching.Is there something you want to ask me. FRENCH comes in from the kitchen..but you Bill. sure.. BILLY I probably could be you. you agree there is a rat? BILLY You said there is one.sort of thing. CONTINUED: (3) COSTELLO Heavy lies the crown. I base most of what I do on the idea that you're pretty fucking good at what you do. all that aside. BILLY How many of these guys been with you long enough to be disgruntled? Who needs more money than you pay them? You don't pay much. (COSTELLO nods. Frank? COSTELLO Start with. accepting this) The question is. You want to be me? BILLY stares over a precipice: he knows this as well. COSTELLO Sure. who thinks that they would do what you do better than you? COSTELLO Only one that can do what I do is me. But I don't want to be you. I know that much.. you know.

MISTER FRENCH is sitting on a stool. No other departments. like that. COLIN'S OFFICE COSTELLO is on the phone. smoking. COSTELLO hangs up and turns to MISTER FRENCH. CONTINUED: COLIN'S VOICE You can relax on this one. COSTELLO'S KITCHEN. Frank. And I promise you I would have heard about it. French will give you all the details. COSTELLO leaves. Frank.. COSTELLO (CONT'D) There's a boat coming in. DAY/INTERCUT: INT. no codes. not a thing. COSTELLO You're sure. COSTELLO Nothing about drugs. See you tomorrow. . OPERA playing on sound. (CONTINUED) 109. ON SOUND the door closes and locks.. BARTENDER We're out of here. Mister Costello. COSTELLO You heard nothing? COLIN No.MISTER FRENCH Francis. Jimmy. nothing about Gloucester? COLIN No. up in Gloucester. INT. Nothing about new guys. COSTELLO (eyes on Billy) Thank you. You'll have to set the alarm.

He walks away. you let me know. COLIN goes into Queenan's office. don't like them. COLIN'S moving through the bullpen. No way. INT. I run rat fucks like you. DIGNAM Blow me. DAY Everybody is busy in the office.COSTELLO Okay. And I wouldn't even have a job if you did yours. COSTELLO (CONT'D) (emotionally) It ain't Bill. COLIN Morning. I COLIN The day you wouldn't take a promotion. there's no promotion in it for ya. MOMENTS LATER QUEENAN puts the cig into a cup of water. Thank God for Billy. Not literally. DIGNAM Fuck yourself. QUEENAN'S OFFICE. he says. DIGNAM faces COLIN down. Costello hangs up and turns to Mr. 110. COLIN I need to know the identity of your undercovers. POLICE HEADQUARTERS. He comes up to Queenan's door just as Dignam comes out. INT. It's COLIN's first day of Internal Investigations. COPS stare at him with resentment. I will. Collie. and throws it into . French. COLIN (CONT'D) A problem? DIGNAM Yeah.

COLIN They are not happy with me. CONTINUED: . (CONTINUED) 111. QUEENAN What do you expect? Everybody knows you're assigned here to find Costello's rat. COLIN Morning. He lost him in the street. COLIN Fair enough. my guy nearly found out who Costello's rat is. Captain. QUEENAN Look who's here. We know that. Well one of them has to be dirty. You still won't get an answer. high as you like. They want to find the leak as much as you do.the trash. right? QUEENAN Two days ago. COLIN sits uneasily. Especially Staff Sergeant Dignam. COLIN Fair enough. my undercover guy in Costello's organization---COLIN Who is that? QUEENAN Lots of luck.) You can go over my head. two days ago. What they do not want is to be accused of being the rat. The Queen of the prom. QUEENAN As I said. (Not a chance.

. QUEENAN (CONT'D) (turns away) You're going to be looking at my people. 112. He types in SS numbers. COLIN is being stared at by pissed-off cops. (gestures out window) Who is here. remembering what Queenan has just told him: QUEENAN (V. The result is always: "Person not found". hits return. He opens the gray envelope. It comes up: "Person not found". Follow Costello and you'll find his rat..O. COLIN (swallows) (Too bad.. COLIN calms down. COLIN Did he get a look at him? QUEENAN COLIN Nothing that could help us? QUEENAN Nah.. He takes out the forms that he was given by Costello. He types in Costigan. then another.) Follow Costello and you'll find his informer. Going through their bank statements. COLIN'S OFFICE #2.Really? . . Don't expect them to get you a coffee or invite you to their houses. In SIU. In the fishbowl of his glass office. COLIN realizes: Just follow Queenan and you'll find his rat. COLIN keeps working. opens up POLICE PERSONNEL DATABASE and starts searching. DAY COLIN is sitting in his office alone.No. Let me get you a coffee. medical records. then another. One.) Any advice? Generally? QUEENAN Costello can't do (much) business without coordinating with his source. phone bills. William M. INT.

There's nothing going on. impossible. VOICE ON PHONE (V. starting right now. locks his door. He looks at them desperately.. images he saw on the CCTV screen (which he has printed out). Just thinking. his back to MADOLYN. If I did it full time. who's in her own cut-and-run crisis school. LATER MUGSHOTS of all of Costello's guys.) Internal Investigations. Another city doesn't seem unattractive to Madolyn. INT.. He picks up the phone.I'm thinking that. Another city.COLIN closes the curtains on his fishbowl office (not fast enough to avoid seeing Dignam give him the finger). I need constant surveillance on Captain Queenan. (CONTINUED) 113.. . MADOLYN Okay. I'm thinking that. MADOLYN Another city? It'd be a clean slate. COLIN'S OFFICE #2. all right.. COLIN This is Sullivan. SAME NIGHT COLIN is lying in one squares up with the blurred. MADOLYN What's going on? COLIN Nothing.O.but maybe she can't believe that Colin is thinking about it. If I wasn't a trooper. She blows a breath. COLIN If I wasn't with the Mass State Police. (thinking about it. I'd be through in a year.INT. blows a breath) And what about money? COLIN I got some money. COLIN AND MADOLYN'S NEW BEDROOM. Nothing.

If we're not going to make it. it's got to be you that gets out. he's a cop. THE CHARLES STREET BRASSERIE. FITZY Lot of fucking cops. EXT. A WOMAN walks by definitely ignoring both men.CONTINUED: COLIN is in hell. he's a cop. DELAHUNT (CONT'D) See that guy over there. FITZY Oh yeah. FITZY (CONT'D) What kind of dog is that? No response. . THEIR POV: A MAN across the street is looking into the window of an antique shop. He's a cop. MADOLYN Not a bad idea. COLIN I want you to know you don't gotta stay. Long pause. I'm not capable (a beat) I'm fuckin' Irish. DELAHUNT Of course I know how to spot a cop. He's not paying attention to us. so I'll deal with something being wrong for the rest of my life. another city. dragging a lapdog. how's that? DELAHUNT If he's not paying attention to us. He looks at her intensely. DAY FITZY and DELAHUNT are smoking on the sidewalk outside the restaurant.

MISTER FRENCH. DELAHUNT She's probably the fucking Police Commissioner. He comes over to the bar and looks at BILLY. MISTER FRENCH goes towards the back of the restaurant. He notices the NEW GUYS. (to Bartender) Jimmy. At the BAR. FRENCH tells the NEW GUYS to move to the back. the crew for tonight. Off the boat Dublin toughs. COSTELLO I changed my mind. grabs the BAR KNIFE from behind the bar. CONTINUED: FITZY (CONT'D) She's a cop. DELAHUNT You're a cop. CONTINUOUS Too early to be opened for business. EXT. BILLY Huh? . THE CHARLES STREET BRASSERIE. COSTELLO HAS BLOOD ON HIS SLEEVES. BILLY closes his paper. MOMENTS LATER BILLY steps out. Some don't.(CONTINUED) 114. INT. get the mop. COSTELLO heads to the back of the restaurant. ignoring DELAHUNT and FITZY. CHARLES STREET BRASSERIE. COSTELLO You can get out of here. This is BILLY I thought I was on for that. COSTELLO and FRENCH come in from the kitchen. holding the big knife. COSTELLO and NEW GUYS. Some guys answer the questions right. six hard customers. BILLY is drinking coffee. Take the night off. come in through the fire door. BILLY looks up at him. MISTER FRENCH Go out the back.

. surveillance team working for Colin). (These three detectives are new guys.I. Two other DETECTIVES sit in a sedan nearby. You're a cop.. BILLY walks down the street and heads into an alley.reacting to Queenan. DAY A DETECTIVE (DETECTIVE 1) is leading the team to trail after Queenan. DETECTIVE 2 Why the fuck are we following Captain Queenan? To find out about the good Catholic life? Around . (A whole new crew. It might be disinformation. Billy continues) No. Today. I need to see you today. DELAHUNT See you later. POLICE STATION/COLIN'S OFFICE. he opens his phone. BILLY Right. (a beat. never seen before. DETECTIVE 1 Can I ask a question. go ahead. the I. Most good looking women are cops.) I don't want to tell you what or where. the corner. I'm going home. EXT. On foot. BILLY (CONT'D) He's moving something with all new guys. A plug in his ear.(CONTINUED) 115. CONTINUED: DELAHUNT You're ignoring us. BILLY Later. Sergeant? COLIN Yes. It probably is. Just keep following him. We're guessing who cops are. He's playing with his new boys.

Sarge The detectives in the car get alert and start their car as QUEENAN comes out of the building. . DAY DETECTIVE 1 trails Captain Queenan through the crowds of people heading towards work. INT. and don't get made. DETECTIVE 1 (CONT'D) We got him. TREMONT STREET/FINANCIAL DISTRICT. CONTINUED: COLIN (angrily) I have to follow every lead. and Queenan boards. however fucking painful it might be to your delicate fucking sensibilities. EXT. CONTINUOUS QUEENAN is on his cell. DETECTIVE 1 Copy that. however unlikely. A TRAIN comes in. DETECTIVE 1 Who says I have delicate sensibilities? COLIN I have reason to believe that Queenan is Costello's informer. MORNING QUEENAN begins to light a cigarette and then gives it up. Follow him.(CONTINUED) 116. INT. we got the target. DETECTIVE 2 Sarge. PARK ST. MOMENTS LATER Looking through smeared glass into the next car as the train begins to move DETECTIVE 1 sees QUEENAN answer a cell call. INT. DETECTIVE 1 boards the next car. DETECTIVE 1'S SUBWAY CAR. QUEENAN'S SUBWAY CAR. SUBWAY STATION.

BILLY (CONT'D) Any reason you'd have a tail? QUEENAN No. After I leave I'll text message you the address where we'll meet. You wait there for ten minutes. As the train stops BILLY vaults off of it. I'll make sure you don't have a tail. Billy. On the platform he walks along. CONTINUED: BILLY Look down the car. texting. Through the glass we see DETECTIVE 1 watching Queenan. QUEENAN South Station. mild in his specs. .. QUEENAN looks up mildly as the car rocks..Of course not. BILLY (CONT'D) Got me? QUEENAN'S POV: BILLY is slumped in a seat at the far end. BILLY Okay. EXT. LATE MORNING QUEENAN... SOUTH STATION SUBWAY EXIT. QUEENAN I don't have a tail. not looking towards QUEENAN. Wait ten minutes. BILLY (on the verge of hyperventilating) I'm watching a guy. Get off at South Station.QUEENAN Where are you now? (CONTINUED) 117. chewing gum with his dentures.

but still functioning as a corporate building. INT.. DETECTIVE 1 comes along after him. A STREET SOUTH OF FT. dials the correct one. COLIN (to COSTELLO) I think I've got him.. Address is 344 Wash. CHARLES STREET BRASSERIE. covered with scaffolding. POINT CHANNEL. No tenants. 118. EXT. INT. I think Queenan is meeting with him right now. It's empty. MOMENTS LATER FITZY and DELAHUNT'S phones ring simultaneously. playing with a COIN. INT. and in. after fumbling between cell phones. and looks at the TEXT MESSAGE on his phone. MOMENTS LATER A building under rehab. QUEENAN goes along to the entrance. THE LOBBY. EXT. and the building directory. CONTINUOUS COLIN. COMMERCIAL BUILDING.comes out of the station. DETECTIVE 1 dials his cellphone. DETECTIVE 1 He went to the top floor. COLIN'S OFFICE #2/BRASSERIE. listening. EXT. We see the Internal Investigations car up the street. MOMENTS LATER DETECTIVE 1 looks at the elevator-indicator. COLIN'S OFFICE #2. . DETECTIVE 1 He went into a building on the waterfront. MOMENTS LATER DETECTIVE 1 emerges from the building and joins other detectives in the car. CONTINUOUS COLIN. DETECTIVE 1 I don't know what we're doing here.

You're out of there ASAP. I just saw the man. I hear you. He's getting spooky. He's gonna fuckin' kill me. QUEENAN What do you mean? BILLY He's crazy. all right. BILLY nods. So. Get the boys.DELAHUNT Get the van. he's gonna find out who I am. I'm not gonna jeopardize your safety any longer.. At least I think we can. We can bust him for what we have... I know it. CONTINUOUS BILLY is waiting on the roof as QUEENAN finally arrives. Look. BILLY What? QUEENAN . I can't get any more information for you... I can't do it overnight but I'll do it. Captain. He had blood all over him. what's going on? BILLY I told you. I'm telling you. he's got dope coming in. I'm sorry for you trouble. 119. COMMERCIAL BUILDING ROOFTOP.I hope. He's not including his regular guys. I don't know where. Yeah? BILLY What about the FBI? QUEENAN They're compromised.. QUEENAN All right. I'll get you out. I can't trust it. and nods. QUEENAN I assume these premises do not have an anti-smoking ordinance. EXT.

They're fucked, just like this lighter. (CONTINUED) 120. CONTINUED: BILLY'S phone rings. INT. FITZY'S VAN. CONTINUOUS DELAHUNT is calling Billy from a van crowded with Costello's usual bad guys as it scorches through traffic. DELAHUNT Billy, where the fuck are you? We been trying to reach you. We found the rat. Top man says we're gonna take care of him. The address is 314 Washington Street. You got it? All right. See you there. EXT. COMMERCIAL BUILDING ROOFTOP. CONTINUOUS BILLY listens in horror, staring at the oblivious QUEENAN. QUEENAN What? BILLY You were fucking followed. QUEENAN By who? BILLY Costello's people. QUEENAN Impossible. BILLY No. One of the cops he's got inside tipped him. QUEENAN realizes that his enemy might be... INT. COLIN'S OFFICE #2. CONTINUOUS COLIN raises his eyes. Diabolical. EXT. COMMERCIAL BUILDING. MOMENTS LATER FITZY'S VAN stops outside the building. COSTELLO'S MEN get

out of the van, and head into the lobby. INT. INTERNAL INVESTIGATIONS CAR. CONTINUOUS The DETECTIVES are watching. (CONTINUED) 121. CONTINUED: DETECTIVE 1 What the fuck is going on? DETECTIVE 2 Holy fucking shit. Looks like Queenan's meeting with all of them. INT. COLIN'S OFFICE #2. CONTINUOUS COLIN listens. COLIN Yes. INT. STAIRCASE. DAY Billy and Queenan are running downstairs when they hear footsteps coming up from below. They immediately go back up to the elevator lobby. Pushing through plastic sheeting. INT. LOBBY ON THE TOP FLOOR. CONTINUOUS Billy is slamming elevator buttons. The indicator shows both elevators coming up. BILLY They'll be on the elevators, too. QUEENAN Take the back fire escape. BILLY What'll you do? QUEENAN I'll be fine. If you get made I can't protect you. Go down the fire escape. Now. That's an order. I'll be fine. BILLY goes. Queenan waits. Watching the elevator indicator. QUEENAN, in his specs, very mild, takes out his gun and breaks the cylinder, checking that it is loaded, and putting a shell into the empty sixth chamber.

EXT. FIRE ESCAPE. MOMENTS LATER BILLY climbs out onto the fire escape at the back of the building and starts dropping down, fast. 122.

INT. THE TOP FLOOR LOBBY. DAY The elevator door opens, revealing DELAHUNT and BOYS. QUEENAN looks right as the door to the staircase opens revealing FITZY and boys. QUEENAN Can I help you gentlemen? FITZY I guess we've had enough of this shit. Where's your boy? QUEENAN doesn't answer, and never will. He draws his gun and is tackled. EXT. BACK ALLEY, COMMERCIAL BUILDING. DAY BILLY drops off the fire escape and runs down the alley. EXT. COMMERCIAL BUILDING. MOMENTS LATER BILLY towards the front doors just as-QUEENAN'S BODY bounces off the scaffolding, smashes into the pavement and explodes. BLOOD splashes all over BILLY. INT. INTERNAL INVESTIGATIONS CAR. CONTINUOUS DETECTIVE 1 screams into his headset. Fuck! DETECTIVE 1 Something came off the roof.

COLIN What came off the roof? What do you mean something came off the roof? Go again with that information. EXT. THE COMMERCIAL BUILDING. CONTINUOUS FITZY, DELAHUNT and boys come out. The crew has seen the UNMARKED COP CAR. FITZY grabs BILLY. FITZY You're fuckin' late. Where the

THE INTERNAL INVESTIGATIONS CAR. CONTINUOUS DETECTIVE 1 No pursuit. DETECTIVE 1 Stay in the fucking car. (into mic to Colin) Do I pursue. DETECTIVE 1 gets out of the car and runs towards the fleeing men. I came to ./EXT. CONTINUED: BILLY What the fuck happened? meet you. What came off the building? DETECTIVE 1 I'm not sure. DETECTIVE 1 (CONT'D) Fuck that. not killed). This is a surveillance unit. FITZY shoots the detective (he is wounded in the hand. Stay where you are. No pursuit. (CONTINUED) 123. INT. INT. INT. They start piling into a van. INTERNAL INVESTIGATIONS CAR/ THE STREET. COLIN No. CONTINUOUS COLIN is sitting very calmly.fuck were you? Get in the fuckin' van. gun drawn. I need some fucking information here. DETECTIVE 1 fires and DELAHUNT is hit in the stomach. FITZY turns on DETECTIVE 1 with a pistol drawn. CONTINUOUS DETECTIVE 2 is yelling both at his partner and into the mic. The VAN takes off. COLIN'S OFFICE #2. Stay in the fucking car.

CONTINUOUS ON RADIO. FITZY And where the fuck were you? BILLY Boss told me to go home. BILLY I was in a fucking grocery store with no signal. COLIN has never felt more guilty in his life. paranoid. on a dirty couch.O. COLIN'S OFFICE #2. He switches off the light and sits in the dark as the afternoon gathers. Dirty. I repeat. What the fuck do you want. frightened. 124. We're being fired upon. DELAHUNT has been shot.DETECTIVE 4 Thirty-two X to CP. At any rate you weren't fuckin' home. Request immediate assistance. Was I there or was I not there? Huh? FITZY walks away.) We have an officer down. is dying. etc. DELAHUNT (OS) Billy. FITZY sits down and looks at Billy. INT. and the BOYS are drinking. BILLY. When I got a signal I got the call. NIGHT FITZY. An officer has been shot. Billy (Billy goes over to him) BILLY (re: his wounds) Jesus Christ. INT. smoking. . Thirty-two X to CP. THE DEAD BAR. FITZY Maybe he did and maybe he didn't. DETECTIVE 4 (V. guilty. "Officer down".

He asked me. BILLY lights him a cigarette.. And when I called you. I made a mistake. I told him I would but I don't know if I would. DELAHUNT (CONT'D) Hey Billy.(CONTINUED) 125. DELAHUNT You know what I thought today? BILLY What's that? DELAHUNT Who didn't show up today is the rat. BILLY realizes that DELAHUNT is dying.two days ago the Boss says to me. BILLY When you're dead it makes no difference where they put you.. Now I know I can't. Just don't put me in a dumpster. I don't want no one to put me in a dumpster.. BILLY is terrified. CONTINUED: DELAHUNT Two days. . and you've never done me wrong. so? DELAHUNT You never been late in your life.. I've done a lot of bad things but I've never been a murderer. it's been ten years already. But you showed up at the right one. would I take him out. if one of the other guys is a rat. BILLY Yeah. I gave you the wrong address. DELAHUNT grips his arm.

We were excessive with the cop. DIGNAM grabs COLIN by the neck and runs him into a wall. ELLERBY Do you know why Queenan went to that building? COLIN No. BILLY He's dead. BILLY. COLIN gets a palm under Dignam's chin and comes close to . But DELAHUNT after an odd smile of complicity. I'm going home.DELAHUNT (CONT'D) Tell me why I didn't say anything. Dignam is in a black silent rage. (CONTINUED) 126. COLIN I told Internal Investigations to follow him. DIGNAM Why? COLIN That's internal Investigations business. FITZY (drinking) That cop was tough. the only one who knows that DELAHUNT is dead. finally dies. CONTINUED: (2) He waits for DELAHUNT to continue. stares down at him. DIGNAM A better question is why your fuckers were following him. CONFERENCE ROOM. NIGHT All hands present. INT. Tell me why. BILLY leaves by the front door. BILLY walks past the table.

COLIN goes down hard. don't you come down to the garage.breaking his neck.that Queenan may have been killed by his own undercover. DIGNAM No one calls me a liar. (MORE) (CONTINUED) 127.. COLIN (CONT'D) I have to investigate everybody and anybody. I need those files unlocked. in a locked file. DIGNAM hits COLIN in the face.. DIGNAM That's a fucking lie. DIGNAM I don't have the password.. Blood from his mouth.. and other informants. COLIN That's a lie. into the crook of a file cabinet and the wall. Especially when I'm lying. COLIN Captain Queenan and Staff Sergeant Dignam here have information on this undercover. COLIN straightens his good clothes. You take a leave of absence. (to BROWN) Work with the tech guys to unlock the files. The men at length are separated. DIGNAM Leave of what? ELLERBY Why . CONTINUED: COLIN (CONT'D) from a very good source.. I now have information. COLIN is trying this on. ELLERBY Everybody shut up.. Nor does anyone have to like it. I don't have to justify anything. Dignam.

I know. EXT. COLIN What? (CONTINUED) 128. Two weeks with pay. MADOLYN walks away. you want those codes. She strokes his head.. He is still rinsing blood out of his mouth. MADOLYN (CONT'D) I can't be a friend to you.). BILLY I tried to call you a few times. DIGNAM I'll hand in my papers first. NIGHT When she comes out: BILLY is waiting. I can't. BILLY It's okay. CONTINUED: (2) ELLERBY Hey. I know. MADOLYN'S OFFICE BUILDING. . NIGHT COLIN needs a shower and is gun-shy as people move past the glass windows. INTERCUT COLIN'S OFFICE #2/COSTELLO'S CONDOMINIUM. okay.. ELLERBY No. He leans close to her. world needs plenty of bartenders. I can't. DIGNAM Good. I'm sorry. COLIN I need those codes. MADOLYN (I know.Queenan's dead. That makes me your boss.

COLIN I will. COSTELLO Don't get your balls in an uproar. Frank.COSTELLO is listening to LUCIA di LAMMAMOOR. COSTELLO . They took his papers in. COSTELLO Now. when I hear Lucia. I can't stop thinking about the cocaine curtsy you did on that nigger broad's face. He resigned. He's not talking. COLIN (agitated) You're crazy. And Dignam's not in the office. Let's give him a whiff. (the phone rings. COLIN He's fucking gone. he'll crawl right in it. I don't know where he is. With me it tends to be the other guy. reading a book. You killed the guy who has all the information. GWEN sits nearby in attractive lingerie. Collie. COSTELLO One of us was going to have to die. He's so hot for me. he's gone. That Irish piss-ant won't be a problem. CONTINUED: COLIN (into phone) Your shouldn't have killed Queenan. we give him a whiff of my ass. COSTELLO I don't give a fuck about Dignam. Costello answers:) What? (CONTINUED) 129.

BILLY'S MOTHER'S APARTMENT KITCHEN. GWEN You watch it. smashed wristwatch. Blood gets on his fingers. . NIGHT BILLY is looking at a chipped SANTA MUG from his childhood and is eating something--sheer maintenance. His phone rings. The caller is also doing the same. COSTELLO turns to the GWEN. She rises and as she crosses: GWEN (CONT'D) Let me straighten you out. I'll take care of it. INT. He sees: ELLERBY looking at him through the glass. COLIN'S OFFICE #2. He looks at the ID and is stunned. On a table he sees PLASTIC BAGS which contains Queenan's bloodstained effects-. and picks up the CELLPHONE. GWEN Are you sure it's me or all that talk about whiffin' and crawlin' up asses? (CONTINUED) 130. and CELLPHONE. He glances around. CONTINUED: (2) COSTELLO Hey. watch your fucking mouth.broken glasses. Queenan's number! He picks up the call but remains silent. INT. and seen through the glass. He moves into the office. But Ellerby hasn't seen the phone. COSTELLO (CONT'D) Sweetheart. you're giving me a hardon. COLIN looks out into the bullpen. he seizes the phone and with trembling fingers punches up the last incoming number. People working. He starts to dial the phone. and drinking wine from the bottle. CONTINUOUS COLIN hears that the other side has hung up the phone.Don't worry.

Finally. The best thing would be for your to come in. We're all very upset. Thank God you're all right. money. BILLY listens to Colin go on. Who are you? COLIN So it is you. Dignam has. He paces. DAY . COLIN dumps out the box of Queenan's belongings. assembling clothes. INT. His other phone rings.INTERCUT BILLY'S MOTHER'S APARTMENT/COLIN'S OFFICE #2. COLIN Staff Sgt. We need you to come in. CONTINUED: BILLY Who are you? COLIN You're talking to Sergeant Sullivan. CONTINUOUS BILLY is agitated. I'm taking over Queenan's unit. In the diary he sees an entry showing undercover suspects Costello is FBI informant. His other phone rings. (CONTINUED) 131. THE CHARLES STREET BRASSERIE. and looks at the phone. He begins to pack. He's very upset. INTERCUT. BILLY Let me talk to Dignam to confirm it.. Then shuts off the phone. We were very worried. BILLY You called this number on a dead guy's phone.. like a man committing suicide--it's that intense-he dials the number. COLIN Yeah. taken a leave of absence. Frightened. Then shuts off the phone. Exhausted. BILLY listens to Colin go on.

The TV shows DELAHUNT'S BODY being loaded into an ambulance. COSTELLO The cops are saying he's a cop so I won't look for the cop. not where some guy from John Hancock .. What the fuck is a marsh? And who walks their dog in a fuckin' marsh? In three feet of water? I don't believe it.. NEWS ANCHOR State Police have confirmed that the body of the man found dead in the Fenway marshes yesterday afternoon is that of Timothy Delahunt.COSTELLO is sitting with his key guys. A TV station plays above the zinc bar. How the fuck did they find him so fast? I spent all fuckin' night out there.. put it in the fuckin' marshes. A crime scene. you are urged to call the Boston Police. (to FITZY) Are you soft? The next time I tell you to dump a body in the marshes. But he is strangely undisturbed. dragged the poor bastard. including FRENCH and FITZY. If you have any information about this murder. This was the scene today.. I must have been there seven hours. CONTINUED: FITZY I can't believe it. BILLY is drinking. an undercover policeman for the City of Boston. MISTER FRENCH Don't believe what? FITZY I'm embarrassed. COSTELLO's eyes have widened slightly.. In three feet of mud. I still don't believe he's a fuckin' cop. (CONTINUED) 132. hitting it heavily... Fuck.

Two very subtle. COSTELLO Jesus Christ. INT. CONTINUED: COSTELLO (CONT'D) What? Don't go. COSTELLO Get rid of the fuckin' tail! CLOSE on COLIN as what he has to do crystallizes. They get up to leave. COSTELLO (CONT'D) Proceed. I will. COSTELLO Get rid of them. Not be subtle I've been COLIN You've got a tail. Behind them. Frank. EXT. That's what trying to tell you. two SIU CARS are trailing. . CONTINUOUS COLIN closes his door and punches in a number. (CONTINUED) 133. They won't from now on.goes every Thursday to get a blowjob! He makes a move for the door. SOUTHEAST EXPRESSWAY. following him. IN COSTELLO'S CAR. COLIN'S OFFICE #2/COSTELLO'S CAR. COLIN All right. He answers it. COLIN There's no need to go yourself. NIGHT Two cars carrying Costello and his men are speeding down the highway. cars. his cell phone rings.

A cold look in his eye. FRENCH Francis.. We don't need to surveil him. No. BARRIGAN. they're all rats. COLIN stands in the door like a gunfighter. IN THE CAR Costello remarks to French -COSTELLO Tails. Others. Fuckin' rats.. we're becoming a nation of rats. ELLERBY What informant? COLIN Queenan's guy. CONTINUED: ELLERBY What the fuck are you talking about? COLIN I have it from an undercover: Costello knows he's being followed. (CONTINUED) 134. Stop. Colin leaves his office and goes down the hall. ELLERBY You give him to me.. SURVEILLANCE OFFICE. ELLERBY. . MOMENTS LATER BROWN is there. Pull these guys off. Let our UC take him in. INT.Yeah. Tell your team to stop following Costello. Everyone looks at him. COLIN Stop. cunts. Everyone is impressed. He called me when he found out Queenan was dead. This rat shit is wearing me thin.. I'm running him. Women are rats.

and get Special Ops. Suit up. NIGHT . COSTELLO smiles. The cars exit the highway. SOUTHEAST EXPRESSWAY. But I can give you Costello's destination. reads the message. COMMAND VAN. COLIN It's the heavy equipment warehouse Costello owns on Sheffield. Get them on standby. INT. Call off the tail. CONTINUED: BILLY. in vest. NIGHT (MOVING) COLIN. ELLERBY You know where he's going? COLIN Yes. And what he's about to do. NIGHT COSTELLO is checking the rearview mirror. riding in the back seat. The cars pass through a maze of industrial streets. BROWN (to crew on the road) All units fall back. (his big moment of decision) Go. EXT. He sees: The TWO SIU CARS exit the highway onto Atlantic Avenue. observed by Brown. PARKING GARAGE. He must have a container or a truck in there. Everyone moves at once. We're gonna take this prick tonight. (CONTINUED) 135. We meet him where he's going.COLIN No. is trying desperately to see where they are. EXT. He sees a STREET SIGN and taps out a text message on his phone.

COLIN (into mic) There's an exit on the other side. COLIN checks the load on his pistol.. CONTINUOUS. including FNG's. AN UPPER FLOOR OF THE PARKING GARAGE. BILLY . BILLY turns from FITZY'S CAR as everyone gets it. It is built on a pier. Men stand around with MP5s under their coats. CONTINUED: COSTELLO Were you in the fuckin' car? BILLY What if they took one off and put another one on. trying to save Costello. BILLY. INT. A TACTICAL VAN disgorges TACTICAL OFFICERS who spread out through the dark. BILLY looks into the container. opens the doors. Frank? COSTELLO Load. (CONTINUED) 136. COSTELLO Load it. The drugs having been loaded fast by the crew. the lower parts used. the container is hosed out. and steps back. BILLY How do you know you don't have a tail? COSTELLO looks at him.It is an unfinished structure. the upper parts accessible but still under construction. COMMAND VAN. It's cocaine or heroin in kilo bricks. INT.. We'll take him when he comes out. Cover it. CONTINUOUS COSTELLO unlocks a CONTAINER with a construction company logo on it. the harbor lights beyond it. The COMMAND VAN and POLICE CARS pull up with lights off.

FNG DENNIS Watch your ass. You guys go ahead. and Policemen are everywhere. All that's stored in this garage is heavy equipment for the big dig. limping. MISTER FRENCH (the driver) is shot in the arm. grow up. PARKING GARAGE. COSTELLO. LIGHTS come on. at a near distance. . COSTELLO Cocksucker. COSTELLO Jesus Colin. To his surprise the phone rings quite nearby. He runs into the parking garage. gets out of the action. Plenty of places to hide. and the car crashes into a wall. COSTELLO'S CAR. COSTELLO hides between two pieces of heavy equipment and dials his telephone. CONTINUED: COSTELLO moves out into the open. And keeps ringing. COSTELLO realizes that something has gone wrong. COSTELLO comes out of the shadows. is moving through the dark. shot through the stomach. he steps back into shadows as both cars leave. INT. A gunfight opens up. COLIN You're an FBI informant. and sees. THE CAR reverses back into the garage. He has a gun in his hand. We hear gunfire in the distance. (CONTINUED) 137. FNG's exchange fire with brutally efficient tactical cops and are shot down expertly. NIGHT FOUR CARS with no headlights bracket the vehicles as soon as they come out of the garage. his shadow long on the concrete. or commits suicide).Frank told me to check out the back. INT. Course I'm talking to the FBI. French drives away (alternately is shot. COLIN. POLICE open fire at Costello's car. fast. NIGHT COSTELLO. guns in their hands. COLIN is not visible among them. Instead of getting into COSTELLO'S CAR on the other side of the container. Costello moves out to face him.

You're like. ANGLE ON COLIN. Frank. COSTELLO Nobody knows nothin'.. COLIN instantly raises the pistol to shoot him. CONTINUED: (2) COSTELLO topples backward into the bucket of the bucket loader. Ricochet. You know I'd never give you up. (CONTINUED) 138. all that murderin' and fuckin' and no sons? What are you. COLIN shakes his head and cocks the gun. COLIN fires into the dead body again and again. a post death tremor sets off one last shot from COSTELLO'S you? Is that what it is about.COLIN Do they know who I am? COSTELLO says nothing for a moment. COLIN Frank. . COLIN Did you give me up? COLIN'S PISTOL wavers. He backs away. Then from the bucket loader. do they know about me? COSTELLO I know you.. He's sitting on his coat so that the shot goes off sideways as COLIN shoots him. COLIN A son. Colin. COSTELLO I never gave up anybody who wasn't goin' down anyway.. shooting blanks? COSTELLO tries to raise his gun which is inside his sleeve..

NIGHT Colin is debriefed concerning the shooting of Costello. BROWN is leading the whole team to a standing ovation. we were classmates together. [Dialog separate document]. thank you. staring at him evenly. COLIN (CONT'D) Thank you.. POLICE HQ/CONFERENCE ROOM . he drinks. almost in tears. COLIN I'm gonna go talk to him. COLIN looks past the heads of the crowd and sees: Dignam.COLIN (CONT'D) I got Costello! I got Costello here! INT. BROWN He's waited a long time for you. COLIN is embarrassed by the attention. On Queenan's phone. He takes a glass of wine.. BROWN jerks a thumb towards Colin's office #2. BULLPEN AREA. Then guiltily. tired from a debriefing. QUEENAN'S SECRETARY brings him some wine. Applause from everyone in the office--the full crew. . (COLIN looks up and sees BILLY) How'd you get him without the files? COLIN Caller ID. INT. CONTINUED: BROWN Yeah. COLIN (to crowd) It's not any reason for. You know that guy? (CONTINUED) 139. QUEENAN'S SECRETARY No. DAY COLIN enters. ah.

How long have you been undercover? Long time. That's kinda like a gold star around here. INT. COLIN Good to see you Trooper. COLIN You want to be a cop again? BILLY No. My only contact has been with a police . COLIN takes it. (CONTINUED) 140. He looks very tired. I want my identity back. COLIN I can't begin to tell you what a debt we owe you. I want you to know I'll be recommending you for the Medal of Merit. We spoke on the phone. COLIN'S OFFICE #2. dirty. Yeah. NIGHT In Colin's office BILLY sits with his ankle on his knee. being a cop's not an identity. BILLY "Trooper". yeah. COLIN Colin Sullivan. BILLY Long fuckin' time. Oh. right? COLIN It's the highest honor we got. Wearing a VISITOR badge. BILL Medal of Merit.COLIN goes off. BILLY I just want my identity back. CONTINUED: BILLY (CONT'D) You'll have to excuse me.

astonishment. Billy's confidential file opens up. COLIN'S OFFICE #2. CONTINUOUS . (instead of asking the obvious) Was that. INT.shrink. I just want to get my money and go home. helpful for you? BILLY What are you gonna do about the rat in this building? COLIN I'm gonna find him. Colin takes the paper and hides his COLIN All right. I'm gonna go in the other room. They gave it to me in case something happened to them and I had to explain myself to someone like you. He writes it.. COLIN Fair enough. William Costigan. Bill. INT.. Every fact about the man. This computer's gone blooey on me. 141. You've given a lot. ah.. enters the password. BILLY The password's my name. Just give me a minute. COLIN (throat clicks) A police shrink. Jr. You got anything? Did Frank. Don't you worry about that.. Photos. COMPUTER ROOM. I can get you your file. NIGHT COLIN accesses the personal database. BILLY I'm all done being a cop. I just need your password. say anything. Billy nods. He goes.

a BROWN ENVELOPE. I'm not here to.. BILLY I know. "Do You Really Want to Delete?" COLIN clicks "Yes" and Billy's picture. sticking out of a box. POLICE BUILDING. INT.. She's a little spooked.. and opens the personnel file.. rounds the corner and sees him standing and waiting for her. carrying give to you. INT. For me.. life.DAY BILLY waits outside Madolyn's office.something I need you to keep. MADOLYN What is it? (CONTINUED) 142. He sees the BROWN ENVELOPE lying on the desk. breakfast.and knows everything. CONTINUOUS COLIN is reviewing it Billy's file. holding a printout of Billy's personnel file.I'm not here for that.and then moving on. HALLWAY OUTSIDE MADOLYN'S OFFICE . disappear. He looks around the empty room. CONTINUED: BILLY (stopping her from speaking) I need you to be my friend here and . On it is written "CITIZENS.... COLIN clicks DELETE. file. NIGHT BILLY exits the police building and moves across the plaza. and understands everything. EXT.. LATER COLIN enters. Outside the glass wall we see BILLY. COMPUTER ROOM.. MADOLYN. INT. I've got something to. He sits down at his own computer--which does in fact work. opens her mouth to speak.." BILLY picks up the envelope. As he puts the bottle down he sees.Billy takes a drink from the bottle COLIN has put on the desk. COLIN'S OFFICE #2. staring at COLIN's back..

then straightens up.. MADOLYN sits at her desk. She sits on ... been so confused. watches him go. Open this if I'm dead or if I call you and tell you to open it. please.. BILLY I'm sorry to show up here like this. Please do exactly what it says. She's not going to ask questions. and then turns to go. He turns and looks at her. Madolyn is a friend.. CONTINUED: . looking at a fall of light.. all right? She moves her head slightly. I just want to say. There was no one else. BILLY (CONT'D) Only you. devastated. MADOLYN All right. (CONTINUED) 143. really think about it.we.. He backs away... She doesn't speak: can't. and if you still want to tell me. There was no one else I could give it to. She accepts the envelope. That's for you to hold. He gives her a manila envelope.. MADOLYN'S OFFICE. MADOLYN I. it's. I'm sorry. takes a marker and writes "COSTIGAN" on the envelope and puts it in her desk drawer. MOMENTS LATER. Exactly what it says. INT. The envelope lies on her blotter.not ask any questions. (he turns) I've. tell me in two weeks. BILLY Whatever you have to say.

COLIN You're joking. INT. Life is much easier. MADOLYN Death is hard. Colin belatedly thinks of what a human being might do in these circumstances and kisses her. COLIN Really? MADOLYN Yeah. MADOLYN It's not a joke. It looks to him at first like a CCTV picture blown up. (CONTINUED) . COLIN stares as if at something in a horror film. MORNING A SONOGRAM picture of a fetus. MADOLYN What? COLIN I was dreaming I was dead.. COLIN'S APARTMENT. COLIN I was dreaming. COLIN Really? MADOLYN Yeah. Referring to the envelope COLIN What's this? MADOLYN Open it He does...We DISSOLVE to a SONOGRAM.. it's a human being.

Including Queenan's informers. It tends to be the other guy. realizing that something is wrong. MA.. listening to the shower going.. If the brass squeezes Dignam.. his hair wet. Costigan. barefoot. He looks at Madolyn. And a note: PLAY ME NOW. She counter.she has to hide it. She puts on the headset and listens. puts the kettle on... with a return address of Wm. zip TK]. she freezes kitchen and there on the the string and looking at: AN OVERSIZED ENVELOPE addressed to COLIN: [COLIN SULLIVAN..144. COSTELLO One of us was going to have to die.and listens. Apt TK. I can't unlock the files until after the brass squeezes Dignam. etc. Inside the envelope is a jewel case: EXILE ON MAIN STREET.she has to open it.I THINK FROM THE PORN THEATRE DIALOGUE.] COLIN (CONT'D) Your guys shouldn't have done that. Theoretically..LATER COLIN is in the shower. COLIN What? MADOLYN pulls the headphone jack out of the stereo and roughly the following booms out of the speakers. She undoes Suddenly. MADOLYN moves into the checks the mail. It's tied with sorts through the mail. Boston. etc. Billy has written to her fiance. Boston. . [NOTE: THIS RECORDING WAS DONE IN POST -. 20 Pickering Street. COLIN stares at her and we ought to think murder is a possibility. She starts to put the envelope down.] MADOLYN stares at the envelope. 13 Conant St. dressed in jeans and tshirt. COLIN comes out of the bathroom. MADOLYN puts the CD into the machine. and then realizes.. lying a string. COLIN I'm now in charge of everything here. CONTINUED: INT COLIN'S APARTMENT .

(CONTINUED) 145. CONTINUED: (2) COSTELLO So Dignam's the only one with the keys to the kingdom. COLIN He's fucking resigning. He put his papers in. He's not talking. COSTELLO Give me his location. Tonight. COLIN and MADOLYN stare at each other. MADOLYN I thought I was the liar. COLIN I can explain. She goes into the bedroom. COLIN'S PHONE RINGS. He answers it. EXT. COMMERCIAL BUILDING ROOFTOP. DAY BILLY is walking, on the phone, happy, and twisting the knife. BILLY Costello recorded everything. He put all the tapes in a little box and kept them with his lawyer. That was his insurance. His lawyer came to me. Costello trusted me the most. Imagine that you rat fuck. Sound quality good enough? I was a little worried. INT. MADOLYN AND COLIN'S APARMENT. CONTINUOUS COLIN closes a door to speak privately. COLIN What do you want? BILLY I want my identity, you two-faced rat prick. COLIN Where are you?

(CONTINUED) 146. CONTINUED: BILLY Three o'clock. Where Queenan died. You keep your cell on. COLIN goes to the bedroom door and tries it. Locked. He knocks. No answer. COLIN Did we not talk about this? is my job. This

It's over. He starts to punch the door, and then does not. EXT. COMMERCIAL BUILDING. DAY COLIN comes along and walks into the lobby. He is not looking for a tail... EXT. COMMERCIAL BUILDING ROOFTOP. DAY COLIN looks out through the door, no gun drawn, but very much a cop clearing his corners. He steps out and--BILLY takes him from behind the door, his only blind side, and grabs the back of his collar and crams a pistol into the bottom of his skull. BILLY Get your hands up. Hands. Hands.

COLIN Put the fuckin' gun down. BILLY turns Colin around and puts the pistol to Colin's forehead, hard enough to break the skin. He takes out Colin's belt gun and puts it in his pocket. (Billy screams "hands!" at Colin every time he makes a move). COLIN (CONT'D) I came here to talk some fucking sense to you. You get a hold of yourself and put down the fuckin' firearm and act professional and I can get you your money. BILLY (turning him around) What did you say?

COLIN I can get you your...

(CONTINUED) 147. CONTINUED: BILLY cracks him across the jaw with the gun. COLIN goes down. COLIN is drooling blood, his bell rung, one eye open. Billy throws away Colin's ankle gun. COLIN (CONT'D) (spitting teeth) Fuck, shit... BILLY (going for Colin's cuffs) You didn't come here to talk, you fuckin' maggot, you came here to get arrested. COLIN Arrested? Arrested for what. (as BILLY cuffs him) So you got tapes of what? Costello was my informant. I was his rat? Fuck you. Prove it. I say he was my informant. BILLY Get up and shut your fuckin' mouth. COLIN What is this, a citizen's arrest? Blow me, prick. Only one of us is a cop, here, Bill. Nobody knows who you are. Nobody knows who you are. BILLY Would you shut the fuck up. COLIN I'm a sergeant in the Mass. State Police. Who the fuck are you? Nobody. I ERASED YOU. BILLY puts the gun to Colin's head. BILLY You erased me? COLIN

(CONTINUED) 148. BILLY What would happen is the bullet would go right through your fuckin' head. BILLY Shut up. (COLIN doesn't move. shut up.] Get up. . BROWN Put down the weapon and step away from Sergeant Sullivan. He seems to realize he's fucked. Shoot a cop. you think you're gonna get the parade? The bagpipes and bullshit? Fuck you. (safeties the gun) I'm arresting you. CONTINUED: (2) COLIN Watch what happens. BILLY What. off. A crunch of gravel. BILLY (CONT'D) [You are what you do. drooling blood. (hits him) I don't give a fuck if these charges don't stick. Brown is aiming his weapon. COLIN is hammered to his knees. BILLY drags COLIN to his feet and using Colin as a shield aims the pistol at: BROWN.Go ahead. See what happens.) I said get the fuck up. Einstein. thinking (impossibly) about his next move. blood in his hair. BILLY grabs the back of Colin's collar and puts the gun to Colin's head. (whaling him in the beats) But I'm still fucking arresting you. BILLY and COLIN both hear it. shut the fuck up. Head down. COLIN That's the stupidest thing you could do.

You specifically. You know who I am. I'm taking him downstairs now. (BROWN wavers) You fuckin' know who I am. I told you to meet me downstairs. bloody-mouthed) Shoot the fuckin' prick.. BROWN Put the weapon on the deck and step away from Sergeant Sullivan. (CONTINUED) 149.BILLY I called you. BROWN Maybe you do. Tapes. I got evidence. appearances . CONTINUED: (3) Billy realizes he's in a truly shitty situation: are everything. BILLY He was Costello's rat. COLIN (a mess. BILLY I told you I've got the evidence cold linking this prick to Costello. COLIN Help me. BILLY (desperqte) Where's Dignam? I told you to bring Dignam! COLIN Shoot the motherfucker! BROWN Put the weapon on the ground and we'll discuss it. Other documents. I'm not gonna shoot. but right now I need you to drop the weapon..

It's you and me now. We have to take care of each other. DAY BILLY moves COLIN into the elevator and as the doors close looks back at BROWN. BARRIGAN raises BILLY'S GUN and shoots BROWN in the head. holding the gun on and COLIN is hit by flying blood and matter. follows into the elevator lobby. COLIN (CONT'D) Just fucking kill me. BARRIGAN Did you think you were the only one he had? Costello was going to sell us to the FBI. The doors try to close. covered with blood. half in and half out of the elevator. This is gonna be fun. Down. covered with blood. weapon ready. He looks into the bloody elevator and down at the dead man. The other elevator doors open and BROWN emerges. crumpled. COLIN stares at him. BILLY is shot through the head. blood masking his face. BARRIGAN picks up BILLY'S gun. looks up. BLOOD sprays the walls. still in a Mexican stand-off.. (CONTINUED) 150. nose broken. INT.COLIN. The doors open and for a frozen moment BILLY.. BILLY falls.. BARRIGAN uncuffs him. COLIN I can't wait for you to try to explain this to a Suffolk County grand jury. down. ELEVATOR LOBBY/ELEVATOR. on his face. You understand? . A LOUD BANG.. COLIN slumps. COLIN feels his wrists.. BARRIGAN lowers his pistol. down.BROWN. CONTINUED: The indicator ticks. COLIN. stares out of the car. Colin sobs. BROWN (holstering his gun) Shit. BILLY I am killing you.

COLIN All right.. but he's still wearing his bloody clothes. He's maybe had his lip stitched. COLIN presses the gun against BARRIGAN's forehead and fires. COLIN. I attempted to subdue Trooper Barrigan and in the ensuing struggle was struck several times with the Walther pistol. I then checked for vital signs of Troopers Brown and Costigan and discovered that they had expired. I was able to wrestle the weapon away. POLICE HQ/CONFERENCE ROOM . I was able to get off a single shot. CONTINUED: COLIN has been cleaned up a little by paramedics. COLIN looks up. is drinking coffee from a paper cup. striking Barrigan in the head. INT. Trooper Barrigan. perfectly believable. EXT. (drinks water) At that time Barrigan retrieved Trooper Costigan's undercover weapon and shot Trooper Brown as he was approaching our location. BARRIGAN casually hands COLIN BILLY'S GUN. at which time Barrigan drew his own weapon and took aim at me.NOT MUCH LATER (CONTINUED) 151. hands free. eyes clear. intercepted us in the lobby and shot Trooper William Costigan once in the head. COLIN At that time.. being checked out by a doctor. THE COMMERCIAL BUILDING. plenty of cars.bagpipes coming up. transition to the FUNERAL. who I now understand to have been Francis Costello's informer in SIU. Three corpses being loaded onto ambulances. DAY POLICE TAPE. Give me that. COLIN (CONT'D) I'd like to go on record that I am As we .

the way they do it. MADOLYN walks out through the cemetery gates. CEMETERY. MADOLYN is at the gravesite. but MDC. COLIN What about the baby? She moves away from him without answering.. THE STAIRWAY OF COLIN'S APARTMENT. stepping fast out of the shadows. He gets to his door. and nearly crumples. UNIFORMED POLICEMEN (not only State. Behind it. A salute is fired with rifles. DIGNAM. He looks up and sees a gun. He looks at her. dry-eyed though in. INT. He climbs the steps slowly. apparently forever. COLIN and MADOLYN are walking through the graves. COLIN looks down and sees that Dignam has plastic hospital boots on his feet. But later. DAY BILLY'S GRAVESITE. (CONTINUED) 152. ON SOUND BAGPIPES (Something like"Cross of Fire") as we DISSOLVE TO: EXT. for "brother officers"). Avenging a guy he didn't even like. (Don't be afraid to get a bit French here). COLIN hesitates. DIGNAM fires. Flash groceries fall all over the floor. He nods to a neighbor. EVENING COLIN has a bag of expensive groceries and wine. But he gets the door open.. . distinctly apart from COLIN.recommending Trooper William Costigan for the Medal of Merit. She looks away from him. saluting. Living the Beacon Hill dream. The same cemetery as his mother is buried in. because it's the right thing to do. and COLIN briefly seems aware of this). an old lady coming down with her dog (who incidentally will never accept him as a neighbor. COLIN (accepting it. but only in a COLIN way) OK. CONTINUED: COLIN squares off: his job in the world is to get ahead. and starts to cry. sort of.

DIGNAM'S FEET step over COLIN's body. crushing one of a half dozen croissants. and DIGNAM goes down the expensive staircase. The rat hears something and runs so it's not in the shot when it FREEZES. The strangest thing happens: a rat emerges and begins to eat the dead man's croissants. leaving the door to the apartment open.