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of websites related to hacking are also increasing day by day.Then it comes to know about some hacking related Forums For example Hackforums.also online friendship(From online friendship I mean facebook and other social networking websites).Online bill payment facilty .no.From my opnion it is very good target but most of them are misguided .exe ” on Victim computer once then he will be able to get victim password and other information. extraordinary (they think hacker can do everything).Today there are Thousand of Websites which provide hacking material and hacking tools…When a common guy starts its journy to hacking it simple use google . No.Hundreds . For Indian Society Term “HACKER” means genius .Welcome to my second article .Most of keyloggers comes with remote support means attacker only have to run keylogger’s “server. of users on internet is increasing regularly . I am going to use names of some basic hacking softwares.SO first I want to tell something about some basic tools so that you can understand this matter easily 1)Keylogger::A Software used to record keys .even thousands of Websites made day by day.Everything in India is getting online fastly .It simple decrypt the saved password and upload to user FTP.Also size of hackers community is also increasing day by day. So How everything starts .For example Internet Here My main discussion starts .Internet explorer .yahoo messenger etc.So more and more People specially Engineering students want to become Hackers. 3)Botnet::A virus of viruses.Botnet have different different modules.Online recharge.So most of Indian common man(middle class ) is getting online or ready to get online As I said size of internet is increasing day by day.It also include keylogger and stealers in its modules.SO in india “Hacker” word become a status symbol speacially in university and colleges.With the increase in size of internet .Botnets are most dangerous thing For internet .very useful to find passwords . Today internet growth is at its peak. 2)Stealer: It can recover saved password from different Softwares Like Mozilla .It can used the victim machine to launch dangerous attacks like DDOS.each module have different working.This is about hacking terminology.

These Tools are basically Created By Other members of forums and most of time only executables are given (source code given in rare cases. These tools are actually represented in a interactive manner Like “FUD CRYPTER AVAILABLE FOR FREE”. 8)Vmware::We can run more than one operating system on a single machine simultaneiosuly. I Bet more than 50% of these tools are Backdoored .net.So it is very helpful. .(FUD=FULLY UNDTECTABLE). So here You have forum full of hacking tools such as crypters.A Good crypter can make a virus Fully undetectable .SO Our Beginners First Infect Himself Before getting others as victim .But in most of cases they infect himself before infecting others. 9)Debugger::They are tools designed for eror checking and correcting errors.4)Binder::IT is used to join to contains large amount of these tools and tutorials.So we are at hackforums. 7)Sandboxie::A platform to run any executable virutually mean if we can test virus on sandboxie and it still has no effect on our PC . 5)crypter::Their working is complex to understand for newbies.We can make single executable from two or more different executables file.keyloggers etc.Main aim of debugger is to control the the execution by adding things like breakpoint etc.becoz it is is belived published source code make it easy for antivirus companies to develop signature)So Here Comes a TERM “CYBERTRUST”.You have Your Dream tools infornt of You but they are created by third party .Debuggers are main Tools For reverse Engineers.If u run a virus on virtual Os then it have no effect on our real Os.bascially we can analyze a structre of program with from a its executables with the help of debugger . Now lets start Our discussion again . Forums Like Hackforums.So Just for now u can say crypter is software that is used to make a virus or malicious program undetectable . “SUPER BINDER LEAKED “ etc.Our beginners deeply interects towards these things.we aloat virtual HDD to OS running on Vmware.It can also Hide the executaion of specific executable during its execution.Newbies Just download these tools and used these tools.

In this case executable is binded with other malicious program and then made FUD (fully undetectable) by crypter.Manual method need deep knowledge . 1)Binder 2)Crypter PRICE OF GUD BINDER:: 5 to 10$(may be 20) Depend Upon quality .We need basically two tools . Also it is mostly done when a source code of program is available and other will make changes to source code and make it backdoored.How Software are Backdoored? These Softwares are backdoored by Two ways either by modifying source code or by backdooring executable. This method is used in 70% cases because this does not require any programming experience. This is actually done by those guys which want to make big thing like botnet network .It is not a very hard thing to fool your antivirus. Can I Trust My Antivirus?? So question raises how can we detect these backdoored programs.I just want to give example symentic report acc to it india is at 4th no. Now move to second case.It is very easy task for a orginal creater to change bevaiour his program.They presented it to you in a interactive manner and newbies fell in trap and infect himself.their is two m ethod of doing this manually and with help of tools.let me explain .So I explain how it is done by these tools.The Answer is it is not possible to completely detect these type of malicious programs. Some People may can argu that this is not true . in malware infection .Now How and why orginal coder backdoor his software? I just want to say one thing “The Creater have ALL the POWER”.He just have to add couple of statements and his program will be capable to infecting its user and most of time when it happen it is very hard to detect these type of programs.Most of newbies think that If ANTIVIRUS say the file is clean then it mean file is 100% clean.most of them are taking place due to our childish behavior like I mention before.

one is keylogger ‘s server and other is some other clean program.) } Same with the Case of wireshark . .. in real it contains 2 files.When wireshark is closed then it again start sending packets.None of antivirus is perfect in all areas like some is good are roortkit detection and removel . So I want to say these tools does not give 100% Surity.The example code is Let PROGRAM A = VIRUS + CLEAN PROGRAM IF(SANDBOXIE OR VMWARE IS RUNNG) { Execute only clean PROGRAM .You can also arrange all this tools if you have good contacts.But in todays world malware programmers are getting smart .PRICE OF FUD CRYPTER::10$ to 15 $ SO it almost need only 15 to 20$ to bypass your antivirus. } Else { Execute Both.A malicious Stop sending Packets when it detects that wireshark is running .sandboxie .(Execute virus in background.They Use “Antis” To bypass these tools.So user think it is clean program then I run it on its real machine and get infected .Vmware) : There are other security related tools available on internet such as Vmware. SO First Program checks whether sandboxie or vmware is running or not.block Virus part.some are good detecting botnets etc.For example.So it is not a big price .SO bypassing Your antivirus is not a big deal.Like I have one binded executable file .. USING SOME OTHER SECURITY TOOLS(SANDBOXIE..They a create new method to overcome these tools.So you not only depend on your antiviruses.If it is running on sandboxie or vmware then it block the execution of keylogger server and only clean program runs.So no antivirus can detect all virus completely. You often come to know about using these tools to test for viruses.wireshark etc.In old times these are pretty useful to check for virus.

4)Always Download Tools made By Trusted members and Reputuated Members.stealrs etc. 5)Update Virus Signature Regularly .With the Deep Knowledge Of REVERSE ENGINEERING We can analyze viruses and check whther program is clean or not.Use Open Source tools instead of Executables .If u want a real hacker then I suggest you this path of reverse Engineering .novirusthanks. Reverse Engineering is actally a Double Edge Sward.With the help OF Reverse Engineering we can have a idea about Structre of Program without knowing actual Source Code. 3)Use Crackz Carefully . 2)Don’t trust on a Single Antivirus .It as I already said it require Deep Knowledge .s .GooD guys can use it to detect viruses while bad guyz can use it to make virus Perfect . Reverse Engineering is method to analyze executables.Use multiple Antivirus Scan Engine Like www.So some other easy method for newbies is : 1)Improve your Programming Skills .Linux is more secure and stable than windows in term of security (I recmend BACKTRACK 4) .Also Try to Learn From Source codes and try to modify these source code or try to make your own tools with the help of these source codes..TRY to avioid direct cracks (direct crack in which we replace executables).So use crackz carefully . Solution: The main solution is Reverse Enginnering. SO I strongly Recmend You to learn reverse Engineering.Since They also are human and no one can not completely predict human nature but senior and reputated members most of time their intenstion is to countribute to community Dont trap into interactive Advertisement.Linux is real hacker’s Opertaing system Go for it and use it to learn real hacking . prefer Serial No. The Real method to check whether Program is backdoored or not is Reverse . But it Require Deep knowledge.This may take long time but this is real method .If u going to use Direct crack the I suggest you to take snapshot of registry and other things.IF keygen is available then then run it on sanboxie and get Serial no.Stop using shitty 3rd party script kiddy tools .It also is very helpful in exploit writing .ROLE OF REVERSE ENGINEERING Till now we discuss that it is not possible to check whether is software is backdoored or not.Almost 60% of Crackz are Binded with keyloggers .Try to avoid Crackz..

Behaviour Of program is Depend on his creater mentality .FINAL WORDS Creater have All the Power . Don’t be the First Victim Of malicious program in the way of getting others as victims . .we can not predict What is in the human mind But we can try to secure ourslf by using some security Tips.

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