Regional Innovation: Higher Education Roles - 7 Dec 2010

Wayne H. Watkins
Associate Vice President for Research University of Akron Past President University Economic Development Association

Case Study – University of Akron
• Assessed opportunities,
resources, & challenges in region

• Created appropriate structure to
facilitate university innovation support

• Wide range of university
provided innovation services

• Focused on strategic assets:

UARF Innovation Services (to date)
Share resources
Libraries Buildings & labs Equipment People Patents

115 projects

37 active licenses

24 start-ups based on UA technology

Industry Sponsored Research

Traditional Licensing

Strategic Reallocation of Regional Assets Regional & Global Initiatives
Ohio Research Foundation as multiinstitutional innovation service provider International training initiatives Local & regional economic development

University Technology Start-ups

13 start-ups not based on UA technology

Community Startups Host Industry Retirees as Senior Fellows & Entrepreneurship Support
Mentoring & networking Strategy & initiatives Executive support Corporate partners Incubator services Incubator facilities

Student Development

Internships Industrial assistantships Entrepreneurship Student venture fund IP Management Course

Industry-Centric Initiatives

Joint research Testing services Executive & innovation services Open innovation

Akron Innovation Campus University Innovation ARCHAngel Investor Ventures Network Akron Academy Lorain Innovation Fund ARCHAngel Venture Fund

Capital Development

UARF For-Profits

Recent Examples of Higher Education Roles – Limited only by Imagination!
1. Provide and/or consolidate regional IT and HR services – U Akron, Lorain Community College, Cities
2. University affiliated corporate education provider – Univ Akron 3. Merge corporate research division with university research team – Univ Akron 4. Corporate business unit spin-out to university/industry joint venture to improve returns – Univ Akron 5. Manufacturing of Military Vehicles at the Navistar Defense Plant - Mississippi State University 6. Technology Innovation Infusion into Industry – Penn State University 7. Pennsylvania Mountains Healthcare Alliance (PMHA) Broadband Network – Penn State University 8. Technical Assistance Partnership for Environmentally Sustainable Business & Energy Conservation - PSU 9. Student operated university services - Port of Subs Franchise - University Nevada Reno

10. A Cross-Border Application of the Community Business Matching Model – UNR
11. Peace Corps Fellows Program in Community Development - Western Illinois University 12. Organization of Latino Entrepreneurs (Ole) New York State Small Business Development Center 13. College of Design outreach initiative in Sioux City to rehab blighted buildings- Iowa State University 14. Entrepreneurship services network provider – “MyEntreNet” University No Iowa

15. Business plan services and specific studies
a) b) c) d) e) f)

Evaluation of the State Agencies - Kansas Department of Commerce – Univ Kansas North Carolina Equine Industry Study - East Carolina University Retail-Sales Forecasting – U So Maine Municipal Technical Advisory Services Review – Univ Tennessee Reelfoot Lake Study - Regional Importance of Specific Assets - Univ Tennessee Cluster studies - The Greater Lansing Bio-Manufacturing Study - MSU

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