The Brönte Sisters were very important Yorkshire writers of the XIXth century, and they wrote some

of the most famous novels of the history of the romanticism. Charlotte Brönte. Charlotte was born in 1816. She was the oldest sister, and she wrote “The Search After Happiness”, and “History of teh year” in 1831. In may 1846, under the pseudonym of Currer Ellis and Acton Bell, a book of Bems was published, Chatlotte continued to 15 poems. In August she wrote “Jane Eyre”, and a year after this novel was published, she also wrote “Shirley (October 1849 and “Villette” (January 1853). She died in 1855.

Emily Brontë Emily was born in 1819. She was the fifth child of the six children of the familiy, and she was a writer. Emily is famous for her novel “Whuthesing heights” that she wrote under the pseudonym of Ellis Bell. This novel is a big classic of the romanticism literature. She died in 1848.

Anne Brontë. Anne was born in 1820. She was the less known sister, but she also wrote two splendid novels: “Agnes Grey” (1847) and “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall” (1849).

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