Request Iden fier ______________

Lending Procedure Checklist (ar cles)
1. 2.

Instruc ons Fill-in request iden fier Check off steps

1. 2. 3.

Open OCLC Request Manager Print out Pending List Search journals link for ar cles

yes Available?


Reasons to decline: do not own journal or specific issue requested

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Click on request list Reopen Request Mark radio bu ons YES Click Update bu on Due date appears; mark N/A Press Update again Print new copy and mail with ar cle or use desktop template on ILL computer and email ar cle

1. 2. 3. 4.

Mark No radio bu on Select a reason in drop-down list Click Update bu on On printout, write: Unfilled, reason, date, ini al above le column

1. Above right column write In (instate) or Out (out-of-state), date sent, and ini al

File paperwork in Unfilled folder in ILL lending drawer by In-state or Out-of-state


File in Ar cles Sent folder (In-state or out of state)


Lending: Mailing Ar cles & Filing Paperwork

1. 2. 3.

Place paperwork and ar cle in RSU mailing envelope A ach label on package Write Request Iden fier # on envelope Note: Use correct label. Do not send items to the wrong library!

File paperwork in Lending drawer

Signature: Date:




Lending: Mailing Items & Filing Paperwork
Short Checklist for Lending
For Books and Items YES First search - update with Yes and the Due Date Prepare 2 copies of the paperwork, which is the record in the PENDING file in First search One will go with the item The other will be filed 3. The paperwork should have the Received date, The Due Date, Whether the requestor was OUT (out-of-state) or IN (instate), and be ini aled. 4. Check the item out on Workflows to a patron card called “Interlibrary loan.” Adjust the due date to match the First Search due date. 5. 6. Be sure the item goes to the correct library, by making a mailing label and pu ng it with the item immediately. Place a return mailing label in the item along with the paperwork.

7. Place item and paperwork in a bag or box. Do not seal package un l you put the IL number on the outside of the bag or box. 8. 9. Put package(s) in the outgoing mail. File papers under DATE DUE in the lending file.

Short Checklist for Lending
For Books and Items NO The paperwork (a record from the Pending list) will already be printed from FirstSearch. Check the paper record on workflows or online catalog. Then you will know if it is: reserve, reference, or checked out already. We lend all formats, and all ages of materials otherwise. Write the call number on the paper record, so you can see if item is really on the shelf. The reason for NO in this case would be “not on shelf.” First search - update with NO and the “Reason for not lending” which you select from a list on a pull-down arrow . Only one paper copy is needed for a NO record. It needs to plainly say NO at the top and the reason for not lending, as Reserve, Reference, Checked out, No on shelf. The paperwork should have (out-of-state) or IN (instate), and be ini aled. We use this for reports. The NO papers for the month are filed together in the Lending files.


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