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Kaity’s Way Board Members

Susan Guinn-Lahm, MA, CRC, LPC Chairman Susan is a native of Ajo, AZ where she works as the Lead Behavioral Health Clinician at Desert Senita Community Health Center (DSCHC). Susan provide general mental health counseling services, specializing in patient’s behavioral changes to compliment their medical treatment.

Teenagers LIVE IT! At Ironwood
On February 4, 2011, Ironwood High School hosted a dance performance coordinated and organized by seniors Richelle Trebilcock and Melia Coury. Kaity’s Way along with other vendors like Faith House, Al-Anon, Teen Lifeline, NA, Red Means Stop and Divorce Care, hosted exhibit tables that teenagers could relate to. The performance was created to bring awareness to the varying troubles of today’s youth. This program was very moving and easy to see the amount of hard work put into the show. and I heard the story of Jennifer Hinds, another high school student lost in a red light running accident. We saw that this was not an isolated event and decided to produce a performance involving schools throughout the district which covered a variety of crises instead of just red light running. We have worked on organizing this performance for about a year now with getting permission from administration and discussing it with the other dance teachers. The past few months, this performance has required a good deal of our time, but it has all been worth it. I feel very blessed to be involved in this. I know that God wanted this performance to take place, and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of it. We both are very pleased with the performance and have heard many comments about how emotional and powerful it was. This concert has obviously made a difference, and we are so encouraged by this, especially since it was at our own high school. The success of this concert has actually inspired our teachers to work towards making this an annual event. This idea is still being discussed, but we are actually applying for a grant to help the students next year. We don't have any plans for the future with this performance. Melia and I feel that we've fulfilled our purpose. Although it would be awesome to be involved next year, we feel that it is not our place to organize this concert again. We hope to see it taken too much further heights than we can even imagine. Originally, we chose the charities which directly correlated with the dances. The idea was to portray these topics in a new light, through dance, and move the audience to reach to these various organizations. The charities were there to show the audience how to actually make a difference in society. As the dances evolved, many did not directly align with the organizations in the lobby, but we were still glad to have so many charities present.

Ric Sudberry Board Member Ric is the father of five and spent five years in the US Air Force as a Medical Technician. Ric works full time at Home Depot in Phoenix, AZ. He enjoys reading, watching football (Go Steelers!) and traveling.

Norma Gomez Board Member Norma is a mother of three and grandmother of nine. Norma first began her work as an advocate about 20 years ago when she began working with the developmentally disabled population. She continues her advocate work with the Pima County Attorneys’ Office, Victim Services Division. She enjoys teaching Baile folklórico, which she has done for the last 25 years in Ajo.

Richelle provided us with the history about how the program came to be. About 2 years ago, my friend and role model, Makenzie Stocker, died in a red light running accident. She had such an impact on me that I wanted to honor Makenzie with a dance about her beautiful life and personality. This one dance evolved into an entire concert after my friend Melia Coury

Melia Coury & Richelle Trebilcock

"Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction." ~Harry Truman

Calendar of Events
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Kaity’s Way Heads South to Ajo
February 7 – 9 Kaity’s Way visited the small town of Ajo, AZ, located approximately two hours south of Phoenix with an off season population of approximately 2,500, doubling during the winter season. Kaity’s Way held an impressive 12 presentations in Ajo, six of which were to each of Ms Robles’ science classes at Ajo High School. The English teacher next door heard about the presentations and on the second day of presentations brought his students over to hear Kaity’s Story. In total, 108 of the 162 high school student body were able to hear Kaity’s Story.
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recognize if they were in a violent relationship since hearing Kaity’s Story 40% know or have known someone in an abusive relationship 97.56% believe it would be a benefit to teenagers to have Kaity’s Story presented in the school systems and/or youth organizations 96.34% believe it would be helpful if more adults were educated about TDV 94.05% would share Kaity’s Story with a friend if they felt they were in an abusive relationship The other organizations that held presentations were the PTSA, Ajo Library, GED Students/ISDA Staff, WIC, Pima County Sheriffs Deputies and LDS Youth Group. Susan Lahm, Kaity’s Way Board Chair and Lead Behavioral Health Clinician at the Desert Senita Community Health Center and Andrea Peterson, program coordinator for Desert Senita Community Health Center attended all 12 presentations.

When March 5 , 2011 @ 9:00 am What Zoe Community Resource Fair at Walgreens parking lot at 2435 E. Greenway Pkwy Phoenix.

When March 16, 2011 @ 11:00 am What Stand & Serve Day at the State Capitol Lawn.

Andrea spoke at the end of each presentation to provide information about local resources. Norma Gomez, Kaity’s Way Board member and advocate from the Pima County Attorneys office was able to attend the presentation to the PTSA, Pima County Sheriffs Deputies, WIC and the Library. All of the hard work, presentations and increased awareness is truly a sincere example of a community that cares deeply about their children and future. Also in Ajo, Kaity’s Way was represented at the Desert Senita Community Health Center Annual Health Fair on January 29, 2011 by volunteer Andrea Peterson and Board Chair Susan Guinn-Lahm. Kaity’s Way brochures were exhibited on their Behavioral Health display table along with other domestic violence awareness and prevention materials. Many people of all ages stopped by to visit the table, discussed domestic violence issues, and learned about advocacy services in Ajo from Andrea and Susan throughout the day.

When March 26, 2011 @ 10:00 am What Kaity's Way will have an exhibit table at a Tumbleweed event at the Sunnyslope Community Center.

When March 30, 2011 – All Day-What Eat & raise funds at Buffalo Wild Wings, 2510 W. Happy Valley Road. 15% of proceeds will go to Kaity’s Way.

Below are some results from the completed surveys. 98.81% of those that answered believe they would

Share Your Voice In Support
Dating Violence Statistic
More than one in three teens reported that their partners wanted to know where they were (36%) and who they were with (37%) all the time. Among teens who had sex by age 14, it’s much higher (58% and 59%, respectively). Liz Claiborne Inc., Tweens and Teen Dating Abuse Survey, 2008 Kaity’s Way has supplied all the necessary information and submitted the proper documentation required to , a organization that helps potential donors research viable charities, so they can be assured that they are giving to a sound organization such as Kaity’s Way. is running its KIMBIA Winter Giveaway giving away $5,000 to the non-profit organization who receives the most reviews and Kaity’s Way needs your help and support. If you are willing to write a review, please go to anizations/26-3442791/kaitysway/review.aspx and select Write Reviews, just under the red + share button. There is no age limit to who can do this and we encourage that young people as well as adults write reviews. This in turn will let the donors know that what we do helps all of society not just a select group. The assessment only takes a few moments, but will help future donors and sponsors make their decision in favor of supporting Kaity’s Way. We currently have 564 subscribers to Kaity’s Korner and we hope to see as many reviews.

Wish List
Computer Copier Conference call speaker phone Two Outdoor Storage Sheds

Kaity’s Way heads further South to Nogales
Nogales, Arizona, nestled within beautiful Santa Cruz County, hosted the sharing of Kaity’s Story to Nogales High School on February 15, 2011 to approximately 600 students in three separate presentation sessions. The presentations were coordinated by Sandra Anguiano, Patient Advocate at Mariposa Community Health Center and Ms. Abreu of Nogales High School. The Santa Cruz County Attorneys Office provided a generous honorarium to cover the expenses to bring Kaity’s Way to Nogales. Eva Valencia, Sandra Anguiano and George Silva from the community resource information to conclude each presentation. The teamwork that went into these presentations was remarkable. Bobbi Sudberry also had the pleasure of meeting Judge Mary Maley to discuss the Circle of Peace program and her work with the students of Desert Shadows Middle School. It is very apparent that the community leaders of Nogales genuinely care about the children within their community and are working towards a brighter future for all.

Kaity’s Way Contact
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 83494 Phoenix, AZ 85071 Email Address: Phone Number: (602) 740-2734 Tax ID #26-3442791 ysWay/1840801102

left to right, George Silva (Santa Cruz County Attorney), Bobbi Sudberry, Eva Valencia (Domestic Violence Advocate, SEABHS, Libre de Violencia Program), Inti Vasquez (Santa Cruz County Victim Services Director), Sandra Anguiano (Patient Advocate, Mariposa Community Health Center).

Santa Cruz County Attorney Office, provided valuable local

PSA Created by Youths Debuts
The premiere of the Governor’s Youth Commission’s (GYC) Teen Dating Violence Prevention Public Service Announcement appeared on February 17, 2011 at the State Capitol in Phoenix, AZ. The PSA was coordinated by the GYC, created in partnership with, Kaity’s Way, and produced through a generous in-kind donation of productions services by Mesa Public Schools Educational Television. The Governor's Youth Commission is located in Governor Brewer's Office for Children, Youth, and Families. The office endeavors to improve lives and fortify relationships between children, youth, and families. The Governor’s Youth Commission is represented by 35 high school students from 9 counties. Each commissioner serves a term or two or three years, starting as a sophomore or junior in high school. The youths act as advisors to the Governor on all youth issues.

The PSA can be viewed by going to one of the following links: or h?v=_jjoVi8Ew00

Eat Wings & Raise Funds for Kaity’s Way
If you are in the Phoenix area, all day th March 30 , 2011 you can Eat Wings & Raise Funds for Kaity’s Way at Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) located at 2510 Happy Valley Road, Phoenix, Az. BWW will donate 15% of all pre-taxed food sales (less alcohol and promotional discounts) from any guest that presents the following fundraising ticket. If you work nearby order takeout for lunch (623) 207 6900 or take dinner home to the family. Kaity’s Way will be represented this evening for dinner by Bobbi Sudberry and some of the wonderful Volunteers of Kaity’s Way.

The link to print this ticket is located at: oc/49563656/BWW033011

Kaity’s Way Community and Volunteer Support
Kaity’s Way would like to extend its thanks to: Holbrook School District for providing a generous honorarium to offset some of the costs to present at Holbrook High School in January. Mario, Debbie, Donna, Maria, Rob, Heidi and Sasia for your work with Celebrities Step Against Teen Dating Violence II. Lee Irwin from Ajo Library, Morgana Wallace from ISDA, Fran Driver, Board Chair for Ajo PTSA, Dr. Joen Painter and Ms. Robles from Ajo High School, Lt. Clement of the Pima County Sheriffs Dept., Aubrey Harper, leader of LDS Youth Group, Cecelia Haynes, CNW who all hosted presentations in Ajo. All that attended and brought something to the Meet and Greet Potluck in Ajo; Anna Plant, Arlene Dreste, Norma Gomez, Tina West, Andrea Peterson, Patty Wagner, Yvonne Crewse and Mel Ortega. Tohono Communications, a Native American business, attended and videotaped the presentation of Kaity's story at the Ajo Library on February 9, 2011. The owner/producer, Mel Ortega, is willing to work with this organization to enable more people to learn about Kaity through video and possibly the website and other web channels. Tohono Communications will work on a script and seek funding with cooperation and input from all involved in this effort to create safe relationships for our youth. Jen Rauhouse, Peer Solutions and KellyAnn Bonnell, Faythe Project for taking the time to meet with Bobbi Sudberry and share information and insight from their years of experience. Kara and Alex for their help on February 26, 2011 with the exhibit table at the AARP Health Fair. They both won a raffle prize at the Health Fair. What a couple of winners!

How can you Help!
Kaity’s Way still needs volunteers for certain upcoming events. March 26, 2011 -- Exhibit Table at an event hosted by Tumbleweed at the Sunnyslope Community Center 7th Street & Dunlap. More information to come. Celebrities Step Against Teen Dating Violence II -Fundraising event scheduled for July 23, 2011. We are in the planning stages and could use all the help we can get. Our next meeting is March 5, 2011 at 1:00 pm. If you are unable take part in the one of Kaity’s Way’s events, we can use your help and support in other ways. Administrative Support Logging survey answers into a spreadsheet. Envelope stuffing for bulk mailing. Data entry of names, contact and address information for schools and youth groups. Organize business cards and filing. Bring Awareness Are you a member of a PTA, PTO, PTSO of any group or organization that involves the welfare of children? If so, consider suggesting Kaity's Way speak at one of the meetings to bring awareness to Teen Dating Violence as well as the need for Education in our schools. If you are a Facebook, user, Friend Kaity’s Way and whenever you see a Kaity's Way posting, make it a habit to hit the SHARE option and encourage your Facebook friends to do the same. By doing so you are bringing awareness to more people than Kaity’s Way can do alone. Talk about us to anyone and everyone. If you would like brochures to have on hand, please let us know and we will get some to you. Fundraising Have a Home Party to raise funds for Kaity's Way. Many businesses, such as, Tupperware, Beauticontrol, Pampered Chef, CandleLite, and Cookie Lee have programs to fundraise for nonprofit organizations. This is a fun way to get together with your friends and support a great cause. Sell Yankee Candles for 4 weeks during the spring Help with working and spreading the word about the Ajo and Phoenix Yard Sales to be held the first part of April. Coordinate Dining to Donate with a restaurant in your area Conduct a used cell phone or ink cartridge drive at your place of employment or with your family, friends and neighbors.

Kaity’s Korner Staff
Miranda L. Birden Creator & Editor Bobbi Sudberry Contributor & Editor

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