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A Light Being That Is Human

Written by: JIRI DOLEJS

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Our Mind
Chapter 3: The Electromagnetic Being
Chapter 4: The Relationship Between Man and Woman
Chapter 5. Abuse and self abuse
Chapter 6.Spirituality
Chapter 7. Crystal healing
Chapter 8. Drugs and Remedies
Chapter 9. Conclusion

Chapter 1. Introduction

In this book I would like to introduce the metaphysical principles of the universe, also
called the macrocosm and the microcosm. These two terms can be simplified by
referring to the macrocosm as the universe and the microcosm as our inner-self. There
is more to these than the naked eye can see

If we learn to understand our inner-selves, we will automatically gain a comprehension

of the universe. A logical understanding of our microcosm and its components is not an
easy task, although its presence is constant. Every thought, every feeling and every urge
comes from our microcosm and as we progress with it, understanding comes as well. I
realize we often read books and articles concerning the metaphysical world and in turn
come to believe we understand it. However, true understanding comes from within.
Each individual must come to their own understanding as it relates to them through
personal experiences and life lessons. Reading someone else’s interpretation of the
“inner self” is generally not sufficient, although it may help.

It has been said, that the microcosm is a true reflection of the macrocosm. Scientists
have discovered that the universe is full of colours and that all the planets in the
Universe are connected with energy in the form of bright white light, and so is the light
being – us.
Chapter 2. Our Mind

Our purpose of being on this planet is to progress with our microcosm. In other words,
to heal our inner-selves. Our mind is like a double edge sword. It can take us to the
highest heights or to the lowest lows. It all depends how we learn to use it.

The problem with understanding our microcosm is that from birth we have been taught
to think logically and structurally. Subconsciously we know everything, but the
subconscious has no logic. Consciously we use our logic and structure while
simultaneously trying to tap into our subconscious for information. Often we cannot
access the information due to our own dysfunctions such as the simple desire to rely on
our logic rather than trusting our subconscious. Small children are a good example.
They use no logic but they are very much in touch with the inner universe. As they go to
school and are encouraged to think logically, they begin to lose touch with the inner-
selves just as most adults have.

The result of not being in touch with the inner self, can result in bad life decisions,
which in time may lead to hardship, struggle and emotional stress. If our subconscious
holds all of the information we need for advancement, then one of the purposes of our
being must be to find ways of accessing that information. Accessing that information is
only the first step. We must be willing and able to accept the information. Many times
the things we desire are not necessarily what we need and what we will get. As I
mentioned earlier, our lives are about healing, not fulfilling materialistic values.

Our subconscious mind is directly connected with our inner-self and it is in the inner-
self that we hold emotional traumas. When we are faced with a certain situation our
mind triggers emotions from within. These emotional traumas shoot up in the form of a
powerful energy into our mind. At that point our conscious mind evaluates whether it is
appropriate to act upon it or not. For example, there are certain things you wouldn’t say
to your boss even though you may think them because your conscious mind reminds you
on a logical level that you may be fired.

We also need to realize that the emotional traumas which we have endured throughout
our lives have resulted in most of our thoughts and urges. It would be foolish to believe
that we have not kept any of these trauma within. It is human nature and we all have
them. The more trauma we hold within, the harder it is to be in touch with all the
information coming from the universe into our subconscious.

The objective is to realize and deal with the negative traumas that we hold within. As
our mind calms down, we improve our concentration, and the ability to make
important life decisions.

A good example of holding trauma within is seen in children with “attention deficit”.
There is just too much going on in their minds for them to be able to concentrate. Even
research shows that there is a chemical imbalance in their brain but this only trivializes
a physical outcome which is caused by certain trauma being held in a particular area of
ones inner-self. “ADD” is a purported syndrome which is labeling many. The “ADD”
sufferer can eliminate this condition completely. They no longer have to live with this
misunderstood “disorder”. Healing of “ADD” and all other disorders will be discussed
in the upcoming chapters.
One may question how it is possible for children to have that many traumas within. The
answer is simple. Each of us carries not only traumas from this lifetime, but those from
our previous lives as well. Your belief in past lives does not change the fact that the
traumas were present before birth. After all, even babies have personality.

There is one important fact that I would like to stress. Many people and even scientists
refer to us as animals. We are not animals. Some dysfunctions can make us behave as
such but animals have no higher self. Their metaphysical make up is very simple and a
lot less complex in comparison with humans. It means they have neither wisdom nor
understanding. Human beings are superior to animals. If we heal ourselves, the way we
are supposed to our animal nature of eat, sleep and reproduce will be taken over by our
higher consciousness. We will become awesome pure light beings and pursue higher
thoughts. Animals cannot do that.

Chapter 3: The Electromagnetic Being

I must stress that we are more than just a physical body. We are an electromagnetic
energy that lives inside the physical body. For example, if you put on a knight’s armor,
are you the armor or are you the person inside the armor? The correct answer is the
person inside the armor. Since we are an electromagnetic energy we need the physical
body to be able to exist in our physical world.

Nevertheless, the metaphysical being that we are is the key to successful healing on a
mental, emotional and physical level. If the metaphysical being functions well we will
feel great on all three levels.

When we are experiencing a stressful situation, we tend to store negative emotions in

our magnetic field. The emotions that we have vibrate which means they are energy.
Different emotions vibrate on different frequencies. We even store certain traumas in
particular places.

Just as the Universe is full of colours and constant changes – so are we. And since we
are an electromagnetic energy we emanate a magnetic field called the aura. Our aura
has colours that are actually vibrations and these vibrations are emotions that we hold
within. Our aura reveals how we feel and think. It is well known and scientifically
proven that we have an aura and that the colours in it change according to how we feel
and think. There have been many tests and studies on this theme. Kirlian photography
provides proof that auras are real. Aura photos may be viewed on my web site.

To better explain the complexity of the inner-self, think of the aura as essentially a
positive polarity and the physical body as a negative polarity. Another illustration of this
is the act of breathing. Every inhalation draws a positive charge into the body and every
exhalation sends a positive charge into the aura.

For our minds to comprehend anything we need structure and logic. The microcosm has
neither structure nor logic. A long time ago someone mapped the microcosm and gave it
structure and logic. This is known as “Kabala’s Tree of life” The Kabala is not easy to
understand but it holds the key to the universe. There are different ways to approach
the “Tree.” I approach the “Tree” from the point of view of light (colours); no rituals,
no symbols and no religion. If you want to understand the Kabala I recommend you
read the following books in this order: Simplified Magic by Ted Andrews, William
Grey’s Ladder of Lights and Dion Fortune’s Mystical Qabalah. They all use rituals and
symbols such as candles and magical images but each can furnish you with a basic
understanding of the “Tree of life.”

Kabala’s Tree Of Life.

I do not use rituals simply because they lead to dependency on the ritual. You may
believe that without ritual you cannot function. If you learn to meditate only when there
is a burning candle or incense, you may become dependent upon the props and think
that without them you can’t meditate or function. The problem with symbols is that
they have limits. The symbol itself becomes the limit by restricting the endless potential
of infinity. Where as light is just that…Infinite!For example, when you were a child you
may have had pictures hanging on your bedroom wall or a favorite teddy bear. As a
child, these things were probably very meaningful to you and the thought of anything
bad happening to them would be earth shattering but what do those possessions mean
to you now? You possibly attach some sentimental value onto these items but their
demise would no longer be as disturbing. In a matter of speaking, you outgrew the need
for those images. Can you imagine the state of mind you would have to be in if you were
still worshipping these images? I use colour because it is light which has no limits. As
the colourful universe continues to heal itself, so can we.
There are seven layers in our aura. We also have seven energy centers call chakras.
Most people attribute that chakras directly corresponds with the layers of the aura but
that is not completely accurate. Animals also have seven chakras, but only one, or
sometimes two, layers of to their aura. Plants have very simple auras as well. I
recommend the book The Truth About Chakras by Anodea Judith. It is a short book that
offers a simple explanation of what chakras are and their significance. The
electromagnetic being that we are is much more complex than most of us can imagine.
In order to clarify the layers of the aura you need a clear understanding of the
“sephirots” from the “Tree of Life.”

Chakra system and its colours as it applies to human being.

Many people have seen the Yin and Yang symbol but do not know how the Yin (female
-) and the Yang (male +) functions within us. They are two currents spiraling through
us. The Yang is spiraling through our body cells from the Universe downward in a
clockwise motion into the earth and Yin is spiraling through our body cells in a
counterclockwise motion from the earth upward into the universe. The Yang is actually
a radiant white light and Yin is gold sparkles. They are two opposite energies-polarities
that balance each other. Ourselves, our planet (North and South Pole) and the entire
universe are based on the laws of two equal opposite polarities that function with each
other in perfect balance and harmony. The reason the symbols are drawn as black and
white is to demonstrate the significance of two opposites such as day and night.

Yin &Yang as it applies to the Universe

Yin &Yang as it applies to Man

Thus as electromagnetic beings, it only stands to reason, that the more in balance our
inner selves become, the more in harmony with the universe we will be.

Chapter 4: The Relationship Between

Man and Woman

Because we are an electromagnetic energy we attract circumstances and people. We are

not just an energy that attracts but we also have the power of choice. Most often we
choose that which we find attractive. That attraction comes from within. Whatever
traumas we hold inside vibrate in our aura and gives us thoughts or urges to choose
whatever our vibration finds attractive. Because we vibrate, we attract, and are chosen
by other people who find our vibration attractive. The more traumas we hold inside the
more dysfunctional circumstances or people we attract and choose. In order for us to
attract and choose a loving and harmonious relationship we have to achieve a harmony
and balance within ourselves. It is easy to point a finger at somebody else when we
should have first pointed the finger at ourselves and asked, “what are the things that
make me attract and choose this destiny?” It is very important for us to choose the
right mate because it will affect us more than we can imagine.

For example, when you and a friend are out in a social situation, you may find the
gentleman standing by the bar attractive but your friend does not. She is attracted to
the guy by the pool tables. It appears to simply be a matter of taste. But the “taste” is
an attraction, which comes from the inner-self. This could explain why we often choose
one dysfunctional relationship after another.

On average our aura emanates in about one meter (3 feet) in a radius around us. The
size of the aura may vary with each individual. When two auras touch the beings will
automatically begin to exchange energy. That exchange is intensified if there is a loving
emotional attachment. The prime exchange of energy happens during an orgasm. As we
exchange the energy we also pass on to each other some of the emotional traumas that
we hold within. Some of us will accept more of them and some less. Everyone is
different but each person will definitely be affected to some extent.
The seven layers of the aura, which has the upside down egg shape, separates into three
major groups. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd layer form the first group which is closest to the
physical body. Then followed by second group of 4th and 5th auric layer. The last and
furthest from the physical body is 6th and 7th layer which forms the third group.

A man and a woman are opposite polarities that attract like magnets. During sexual
intercourse they exchange energy which climaxes into a huge exchange of energy called
orgasm. Man needs the female energy and woman needs the male energy to balance
each other. According to Taoist teachings (foot note: book “Taoist Secrets of Love,
Cultivating Male Sexual Energy” by Mantak Chia and Michael Winn) a man has a
limited amount of sexual energy and a woman has an unlimited amount of sexual
energy. Woman can achieve multiple orgasms but in most cases man cannot. It means
woman is far superior to man when it comes to sex. That would explain why in most
cases men often fall asleep after intercourse and women seem to have enough energy to
go for a jog around the block. On the other hand, women loose their sexual energy
during menstruation, resulting in moodiness, and being emotional, or they may
experience a change in their sexual desire at this time. It is not the act of ejaculating
semen or discharging menstrual blood that makes us loose energy, but it is just the
physical outcome of energy being moved out. To me this sexual imbalance is still an
unsolved mystery. Since men and women are supposed to be equal opposites, which
function in a perfect balance and harmony, then why the difference when it comes to sex
and sexual energy?
Not all men and women may agree with this concept of energy gained or lost during an
orgasm. This transpiration depends on how balanced and well functioning an
individual’s inner self is. The better balanced and well functioning we become, the more
energy we can release and receive. We, as well, will be more in touch with our inner-self
and thus be more aware of this exchange of energy. That is why this theory applies to
general public but may individually varied.

In a relationship we function like a magnet with a positive and negative side. Our right
side is negative and our left side is positive. The middle of these two is neutral. The
neutral is the most important because it is where we find a balance within ourselves.
Men and women function the same way, as two equal polarities. In their true essence
men are positive polarities and women are negative polarities. Our right side is negative
(female) and left side positive (male). Some metaphysical scholars contend the positive is
on the right and the negative on the left. If we learn to see the “Tree of Life” as a three
dimensional figure then we realize the positive is on the left and negative on the right.

The Pillars represent our neutral, positive, and negative sides

The Pillars represent the way man and woman form a third whole soul

We function the same way in relationship. The woman represents the negative side and
the man represents the positive side. Together they create a third whole soul. This
would suggest, that harmony and balance in a relationship would be found in the
middle. Men and women need each other to balance themselves out and that is why
they belong together. The problem with this concept is that most of us unknowingly
wobble from side to side and cannot keep the balance, which is in a neutral state. It is in
this neutral state where the masculine and feminine sides come to terms with each other.
For us to stay balanced, and in neutral we are required to do a mind exercise called
meditation. We cannot look for happiness in some one else. To create a loving
harmonious relationship one needs to find balance and happiness within ones self and
then find a partner who has achieved the same. Together they can create a loving,
balanced, harmonious and happy relationship.

The easiest way to understand the concept of love is to explain it from the chakra point
of view. The will self center, which is located in the belly button area, (navel) is where
sexual attraction comes from (or in most cases, lust). Our emotional center lies where
our solar plexus is. It is about 2-3cm below the spot where our ribs meet in the middle of
the chest. This is where addictions originate, to substances or to another person. Most
often we get addicted to people with chronic fatigue but only if we allow our self to feel
this way. Through the solar plexus we exchange energy with others. It is were we store
our energy and if we are not functioning in this energy center well we can experience
chronic fatigue. What is actually happening is that they draw our energy through this
center for themselves, but only if we allow it. The solar plexus is an emotional center as
well and we will feel toward them emotionally very strongly. We think we are madly in
love and being separated from this person gives us tremendous emotional pain. We are
addicted to submitting our energy to this person; hooked, like on cocaine. Many
relationships have an energy struggle due to imbalance of the inner self. It is
domination, interrogation and the poor me are often exhibited during this struggle
(Foot note: as described in the book “ The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield).
Lust and addiction are often mistaken for love. True love comes from our spiritual heart
center, which is located in the middle of our chest. This love does not hurt nor drive us
into animal-like attraction of lustful endeavors. To find out how love really feels, one has
to experience it, to truly understand.

In recent years there has been a growth in exclusively women’s groups. These groups
advocate the separation of women and men in their social activities. It is in
contradiction with the universal law of two opposites. It has taken men many centuries
to realize the pitfalls of this type of sexual division. As women became involved in
activities once dominated by men, they started making the same mistakes men had been
making for so long. There are gyms for “women only” everywhere. What really stunned
me was to see spiritual groups for women only, or for men only. It is important to have
men and women healing and growing together in a balanced manner, and learning from
each other through experience. When we start separating the two, we are throwing the
balance off.

The Yin & Yang

Chapter.5 Abuse and self-abuse

As I mentioned earlier men and women are two equal opposite polarities that function
with each other in a balanced manner. The Yin and Yang is a symbol of this. Nothing in
the whole Universe functions differently. If we function in a different manner, then we
are being deceived by our inner self respectively by the emotional traumas we hold
within. These traumas affect our whole DNA and makes us do things beyond our wildest
imagination. We often do not recognize it is the traumas and not our true inner selves
making us do all these things. We can never have control over these traumas because in
the long run they will always control us.

Such as the case of homosexual and bisexual men or women, the same polarities act as
two opposite polarities. It is against the universal law of two opposites.

Two opposite magnetic polarities attract.

Two like magnetic polarities repel.

The reason two men or two women would engage in sexual activities is that they have
sustained a lot of abuse. It is not necessarily sexual abuse. Some of them may have been
abused in this lifetime or in the previous lifetimes. To engage in sexual activity with the
same polarity is a form of self- abuse. The more traumas of abuse held in one’s heart
center (Foot note: Not to be mistaken for the physical heart.) the more desire there will
be for self-abuse. The energy of the abuse is encoded in their cells and it affects the
whole DNA. This may explain why many gay men look and act feminine and gay women
masculine. Homosexuals feel that they have no choice but to continue practicing a gay
lifestyle. If they let go of the traumas of abuse they will become heterosexual. I strongly
believe deep inside they want to heal, just the fact they chose the colours of the rainbow
as their symbol says it all. After all the spectrum colours are healing colours not
homosexual colours. Do not think that I’m bashing gay people. I’m just trying to bring
an understanding of the universal truth. Homosexuals have suffered enough abuse as it
is. They need to understand why they are gay. Whether they choose to heal or not is up
to each one of them to decide. Not every one is ready to face the inner self. We have to
respect them as fellow human beings and love them as brothers and sisters. However, if
any of them decides to pursue with healing of the inner self, then they need to be aware
that if they keep acting on their sexual gay urges instead of releasing the traumas of
abuse, they cannot expect to heal.

I once watched a TV documentary about men who were in a state penitentiary for
killing gay men. They interviewed about five men and every one of them recounted very
similar stories. As children gay men had raped them all. They all hated homosexuals
and that is why they had randomly killed them. However, they all admitted to
occasionally engaging in gay sex. This conflict concerning the sexual abuse within them
selves gives them the urge to do what they actually hate. It is a typical example of self-
abuse with the exception that most people will not take it as far as murder.

Other cases of self-abuse are not as clear and many people will not even see it as a form
of abuse. Casino gambling is an example. I worked as a casino dealer for six years and I
have seen thousands of people going through trauma when losing their money. In
actuality they think they are having fun. They do not realize they gamble only because
they want to go through the emotional roller coaster of winning and losing. It is not
about money; the money is only a vessel. Compulsive gamblers are so hooked on the
emotional roller coaster that they are willing to lose everything they have. The sad part
of it is they are committing a slow suicide by allowing themselves to feel like that and
many of them do not even care.

Substance abuse is a widely occurring problem in our society. Sadly, many abusers are
admired by our society. Competitive sports are very corrupted by performance
enhancing drugs. Drug testing is a joke. Most athletes find ways to pass the test. What
about the sports where there is no testing such as: Body Building, NHL, or the WWF?
There are many people who are willing to do anything for fame and money. Their
desires show on the surface, the real problems lie much deeper. Fame and money have a
lot to do with their insecurities. These athletes are willing to abuse themselves with
drugs and vigorous training in order to receive attention and admiration. They don’t
necessarily have to act that way but as long as they feel admired by thousands it satisfies
their insecurities. This and money feeds their insecurities. A lot of money gives you the
sense of security, then you can provide for yourself and your family’s needs and wants.
This means you do not have to struggle.

The other side of substance abuse is a drug abuse, cocaine, LSD, marijuana, alcohol,
tobacco and etc. These people are not being admired but they still will inflict abuse on
them selves. They are very well aware of the fact that they are hurting themselves but
they just have to do it. Most of them started when they had emotional trauma
happening in their lives. The drug helps them not to feel the emotional pain, so they
stick with it. Some started with drugs because they had a lot of emotional pain already.
What drugs do is they help us to separate our-selves from the emotional traumas, so we
do not feel them and this is why we feel better and want to do it again. It’s called an

Most smokers start smoking when they go through a stressful or painful situation in
their life. Sometimes kids and teenagers start smoking to be cool. It is an act of
insecurity, they are trying to fit in. Other times they start smoking to cope with their
inner pain. Smoking relatively calms people down, but they will keep smoking even
though they know they are killing themselves. It is a form of self-punishment. “I’m
feeling bad, so I will hurt myself, so even though I know smoking is killing me, I think it
will make me feel better.” The exact same thing applies to problems with obesity when it
comes down to over eating or a bad diet. Never the less even thyroid gland problems can
be healed. Hunger strikes work in a similar way. “Cannot get what I want, so, I hurt
myself, and everybody will feel bad and will give in to me because I play on their guilt.”

A lot of people go to bars and parties, on a regular social basis. They go to have a good
time and to loosen up, all it takes is a couple of drinks to forget the emotional inner pain
and it works (for a while) so why not do it again. But can you have just as much of a
good time without the drinks?

Chapter. 6 Spirituality

All major religions came from and are based on meditation. Hinduism on Yoga, Judea
Christianity on the Kabala, Buddhism on Buddhist meditation (Zen etc.), Taoism on Tao
meditation (Chi Kung).

For example, when Buddhism as a religion was spreading throughout Asia, the Chinese
Taoist masters created a philosophy based on the Tao meditation to sustain theirs
identity among the general population. This philosophy is Tao as a religion.

At sometime in history, someone achieved through meditation a state of consciousness,

which most people understand as enlightenment. The enlightened person, told others
about it, in the form of philosophical metaphors. They did not know the meaning of
expressions such as cells, genes, electromagnetic energy, vibration etc. that is why they
could not talk and learn about these things the way we can today. This is the reason why
they were using the philosophical metaphors. When logic was applied to this philosophy,
everyone thought if they lived by the philosophical metaphors they would achieve the
same state of consciousness. This spiritual approach is called religion. What religion is
trying to achieve is a surrendering, to a beautiful feeling, that is called the love of God.
In surrendering, with the help of prayer and control of ones thoughts you are able to
become the love of God; thus all negative thoughts and feelings will diminish. By
accepting and acting upon our so called ill thoughts and urges we feed the ill thought or
urge instead of releasing it. Religion does work for certain percentage of people; after
all, a prayer is a form of meditation. If someone does something wrong towards you or
your family, do you have the strength in your mind to feel an unconditional love
towards the person? Religion needs to be looked at as a spiritual approach but not the
only approach.

If I write a very thick book about how a banana tastes, can you ever understand it if you
never tasted a banana before. You may think you do understand, but the true
understanding will most likely come after you taste the banana. Books such as The Bible
or The Koran are trying to explain something that is very hard to understand logically.
Such books are often misunderstood and misinterpreted; as a result many people are
misled into something else. For example Osama Bin Laden calling on a religious war
and killing innocent civilians. Spirituality is about love and harmony not war. Or
preachers telling us to feel guilty, because Jesus died for our sins. Guilt is a negative
emotion and we need to let go of it. I’m sure Jesus would want the same thing.
According to Christian philosophy Jesus underwent suffering on the cross so we do not
have to suffer, we need to realize and accept that it has been done. He has done it for us,
and eliminated any need for us to suffer. Just like any other negative feelings, feelings of
guilt does just that, suffering.

In recent years the Catholic Church has been having problems with priests sexually
abusing boys. Just imagine how dysfunctional these priests are and they tell you how to
live and think, to function well. They could be sending you the wrong message since the
words in The Bible can be interpreted in many ways. Just compare the Bible as written
in the old and new English language. Organize religion has changed the meaning in
some biblical passages. They think they know how a banana tastes.

The church has a great philosophy about charity and helping the ones in need. So they
run charity bingos and casinos. Do you know how many times I heard at the casino
where I was working, “If they can have casinos and bingos at the church then it is OK
to gamble”? It is just a bad excuse by a compulsive gambler, but the church is sending a
wrong message to people. To me it is a sign of corruption. In the first place the church is
here for spiritual purposes, not materialistic ones. To raise money to help those in need,
draws more people into the churches but I think they need to find more ethical ways. It
is not the religion that is failing but it is man who is failing the religion.

If we go back to war in Heaven, what happened there was that an Angel called Lucifer
began to emanate light to pretend he is God. God’s light is warm and loving but
Lucifer’s light is cool, not the same like God’s. Even though Lucifer’s light was cool,
some of the spirits in heaven refused to recognize God as a supreme being and started to
worship Lucifer as if he was God. So God cast them out of Heaven. Until now these
spirits keep worshiping Lucifer thinking he is God without being aware of the mistake.
The same mistake is being made by people like Osama Bin Laden and pedophiliac
priests and many others. Lucifer has many tricks up his sleeve and it is easy to fall for it
without even knowing.

To understand how a banana really tastes, you just have to taste the banana. This ability
to “taste the banana” is accessible to all humans. Everyone has all understanding within
them. If you get in touch with it within your self, then you will know how the banana
really tastes. This realization will bring you to the conclusion that it is best to go back to
the beginning where it all started . Meditation. If you follow the path of meditation you
will not be misled, unless you mislead your self.

Most people have an incorrect perception of the purpose of meditation. Meditation

splits into two major groups. The first being passive meditation, and the second being
active meditation.

In passive meditation you meditate to relax and achieve only that. Through active
meditation we approach our metaphysical self and we do something with our inner
energy that gives us an outcome of healing of the mind, physical body, and metaphysical
self. As one Taoist master stated, “Amateurs meditate to relax and professionals relax to
There are many types of active meditation that we shall discuss. These may be based on
breathing or stillness of the mind as in Zen meditation. The function of breath was
explained in an earlier chapter. It may also be based on physical movement as in Tai Chi
or Hatha Yoga. It as well can be executed by using sound as in mantra chanting. It can
be done through visualization as well, for example, as in the microcosmic orbit of the
Tao or Western Kabala.

Integral to the way we move our energy, is whether we cross our legs during the
meditation session or leave them uncrossed. Naturally, energy, which is coming from the
universe, spirals through our cells and comes out our right foot into the Earth; this is
where we release traumas. Energy, which comes from Earth, enters our selves through
our left foot and spirals through our cells and exits into the Universe. In crossing our
legs we close up the circle. This means that what we were releasing from the right foot is
coming right back through the left foot. Forms of meditation requiring crossed legs,
function through a point called the perineum. It is located between the anus and the
genitalia. The Chinese call it Hui-Yin, The gate of life and death.

The type of active meditation that I teach is through color visualization with legs
uncrossed. This is a very powerful and highly effective meditation. By using this type of
self-healing we reach through our subconscious deep in to our inner self, to start
releasing the emotional traumas we have stored within our self through out our lives.
These emotional traumas are the major cause of most illnesses. Such as cancerous
tumors, cysts, head aches, organ problems, nightmares, sleeplessness, chronic fatigue,
addictions of all kinds, and much more.

These traumas shape our personality. These negative emotions are responsible for all of
our major life choices. Our life partners, job fields, car we drive, house we live in, our
friends, and all other decisions we make in this life. The choices we make today shape
our destiny.

Let me explain the methodology of colour healing. Our inner-self and our emotions are
an energy which vibrates. Different emotions vibrate on different frequencies. Different
colours vibrate on different frequencies as well. Energy follows our mind. So, if we
visualize a certain colour going through a certain energy center we bring in a healing
vibration. The result of this being, the release of emotional traumas, and the creation of
true healing.

When I look at one’s aura I see colours. This means I see the emotions that vibrate in
the person and from that I can tell things about the person. The way he or she thinks,
about their urges, attitudes, and health issues.

Because we are made of colours (lights) it is best to meditate on what we really are,
which is lights. Some colours are more positive than others. The more positive colours
there are in our aura, the better off we will be mentally, emotionally and physically.

When you start this type of meditation, because of its expediency, you will find the rush
of emotions being released will come so fast that you will be thrown off balance
(metaphysically). You will have a hard time letting go of the trauma. This is because you
have learned to live with these emotional issues for a very long time and do not know
how to live without them. Therefore you will want to hold onto them. This is where
crystal healing is needed. This will be discussed in the next chapter.

We do not have to stay as we are, we can be so much more! Through this meditation you
will allow yourself to make better choices in life. It is hard to tell how long it will take
because everyone is different. Only you can determine how quickly you will progress.

I started my spiritual journey by using a set of positive self image tapes. After several
years of intensive usage I realized that the positive thoughts these tapes created within
me were conflicting with my old thought patterns. This led me to stop using the tapes
and meditate with colours to rid myself of the old thought patterns. In the process of
discarding the old thought patterns, I realized that the new meditation, meditation with
colours was the path to my spiritual journey. I never returned to the usage of the
positive self image tapes.

I do not recommend use of guided visualization, subliminal or positive affirmation tapes

or CD’s. Guided meditation/visualization tapes and CD’s may be fine for beginners but
once you learn to visualize you have to start doing it on your own. Just as when a baby
is learning to walk it is okay to hold its hand, but once the baby can walk by itself it no
longer needs this holding hand.

The subliminal and positive affirmation tapes and CD’s do work very well but the
problem is they make you out to be something that you are not. To be what “you” are
you need to search for it within your self. You are already an “awesome” being, who, is
in most cases just not functioning well due to past traumas. After I started to use
subliminal and positive affirmation tapes I quickly realized how much more outgoing I
had become. People started to like me because I approached them with so much more
passion, I had a smile on my face almost all the time. After I had learned and practiced
for several years, a different meditation, meditation on colours, I quit using the tapes. I
came to the conclusion that the tapes I had used made me dysfunctional, throwing me
off balance. My inner self was not peaceful and content. I was unknowingly giving my
energy away to the people I was being so liked by. No wonder they liked me, I was
giving myself a way thus I was depleting my organs and my whole self of energy. That is
not the way to function.

Many people talk about spirituality as a way of learning life’s lessons. This is true, if
viewed from the right angle. When you touch a hot stove and burn your self, the lesson
is, do not touch the hot stove. But the life lessons learned on a spiritual level is to deal
with the emotional issues which got us to make the decision to touch the hot stove in the
first place, and then to release the issue. Eventually you will realize the wrong choices
you were making in your life were caused by your emotional issues. Than you will have
gained true understanding, and truly have learned the lesson!

In my own experience I have made many poor choices in the past. Today I know they
were all due to my insecurities, fears and, the relationship issues which have occurred
with others such as grudges and hatful feelings. Thanks to meditation I have learned
many lessons and this has led me in a wonderful direction in my life. In the same way it
can help others recognize their issues and learn their own lessons.
Chapter 7. Crystal healing

I can see the aura, but some people may hear it, smell it, taste it or just simply sense or
feel it. We all have these abilities and when you start to meditate on daily basis it is just
a matter of time before one or more of these abilities awakens within you.

There are many different approaches to healing the metaphysical self. Some heal
through sound. As in the practice of “tuning forks therapy”, or “music therapy”.

With music I have experienced a very interesting observation. As my inner self was in
the process of healing through my daily meditation, I started to reach different, higher
and more peaceful levels of my inner-self. I always loved to listen to music but one day it
all changed. I turned my car radio off without realizing why. I have even stopped
listening to music at home. I have tried to put music on several times but sooner or later
I turn it off again. Soon I began to understand why. Music makes us feel a certain way.
It tunes us into a certain mood. In actuality it triggers within us particular vibrations
(emotions). If we hold onto a lot of grief and want to feel that way, we will most likely
choose to listen to music that makes us feel grief. If we hold a lot of rage and give
ourselves to it we may often listen to aggressive music. Long time ago I remember a time
in my life when I felt lonely and lost. The music I was listening to then the most was
Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”. I did choose this type of music because it triggered within me
even more pain. I was deliberately drowning in the pain of loneliness and I kept
listening, I was not well. Often we can pick happy music to make us feel happier because
we do not want to feel the emotional pain. I stopped listening to music because I have
achieved an inner peace and I found music disturbed this peace. I already felt good and
I did not want to change this, unless it meant even more peacefulness. By no means am I
trying to tell you to stop listening to music, I use this story to set example. This type of a
decision has to come to you from within. I’m just trying to show you the different
choices we can start making when we start growing through the healing of the inner

In the case of music therapy, carefully selected tunes are used in proper sequences. As
tunes and our emotions vibrate, properly applied tunes help our inner self to function

The healing technique using tuning forks works on similar basis. The forks are struck
against wood and the sound vibration of the metal forks works on our metaphysical self
to assist in balancing and healing.

As smell gives off a vibration, there is a healing technique called aroma therapy. The
practitioner uses different aromas to enhance our inner functioning. When the
appropriate aroma is inhaled or applied to our aura, it has a positive effect on the
emotional traumas we hold within ourselves.

There is as well, a “hands on healing” technique. In this, the practitioner sends out
electromagnetic currents, which are coming from the Universe through him, and his
hands, into the recipient. The method of laying on of hands does not always result in a
permanent healing. Unless the healer is highly developed spiritually, there is a risk of his
lower vibrations passing into the aura of the recipient along with the healing rays. In
this event, the recipient will have to handle these lower vibrations at some time.

In healing by prayer, the concentration of thought coupled with intense feeling creates
waves of vibration that course through the aura of the healer to the one receiving the
healing, transmitting the healing power into the recipient’s aura. Healing through a
thought or prayer may be done at any distance.

I have chosen to practice a form of crystal therapy which differs from the typical one
presently being used which is laying of crystals on a recipients body. I use one double
pointed quartz crystal and I direct the light waves which are sent out to where they are
needed, restoring a complete balance and function to ones aura. The biggest difference
between the healing technique I use, and the techniques of others is that I take traumas
(the traumas have colours too) out of the recipient and I replace these with the
appropriate light (colour). This promotes more healing in a balanced and complete
way. Most healing techniques either remove traumas or add more colour to promote
healing, but to have a balanced and complete technique one must do both. This requires
the healer to be able to tell whether traumas need to be removed, and from which area
of the aura. Or, whether to add colours, and which colours and where they need to be
added. All that is done according to the responses of the recipients aura during the
treatment. On this level of healing, applying treatment mechanically is not

I use crystals to promote the proper functioning of the aura because of their ability to
vibrate. They reflect the spectrum colours and this makes them very special. Quartz
crystals are very much living things. They grow and keep changing. They become more
clear, and develop different cracks and bubbles which keep growing and disappearing.
For a well skilled healer using a quartz crystal is like a handy man using a battery
powered screwdriver, it is a great tool. The handy man does the work himself and the
power tool is his assistant, in the same way the crystal assists the healer. During a
crystal healing session I move energy with my mind and I project needed lights through
the crystal into the recipients aura.

Crystal healing aids the physical and metaphysical DNA by using polarization, colour
therapy, and aura balancing. Aura balancing is balancing the layers of the aura and the
chakras-energy centers, restoring vital links and functioning between the physical and
metaphysical bodies.

Colour healing (Chromo therapy) draws into the aura the divine creative principle
which is contained in light waves, to heal, soothe, sustain, restore and create anew.
Colour is a force by which accurately measured wave lengths can be used to produce
specific effects in the human aura which positively affect the body. It is an art that has
been used by ancients for the diagnosis and cure of disease. Drugs and herbs can, at
best, heal only the first few layers of the aura. Colour reaches and heals all layers.

Polarization is balancing the positive and negative currents that flow through the cells
of our body.

When any of the techniques which I described above is being used it is highly unethical
for the practitioner to attempt to remove any traumas that the recipient has not dealt
with and is not willing to let go of. It would be against the Universal principal and if the
recipient does not accept within his or hers self the change that occurs the trauma will
most likely circulate in the DNA and return back to the same spot where it was forced
out. This does not apply to so called “cold spots”, “spells” and “curses” which I will
explain in this chapter.

For this reason the recipient must do meditation on a daily basis to deal with the
traumas. The healer is only assisting with the promotion of function and balance. A well
balanced and functioning meditator will make much greater progress. It will as well,
insure true spiritual growth. When traumas are coming out we often have thoughts and
urges that are not beneficial to our healing. If acted upon, we stop or slow our spiritual
growth for months or years. So let the healer help you with a treatment on a consistent
basis. In time you will realize how beneficial and essential it is to do so if you really want
to heal.

There are cases when our physical and metaphysical bodies are being opened. As in
surgery, or when we go through a horrendous trauma like rape where our aura is being
opened or punctured. At this time we are vulnerable of letting so called “demons” in to
our aura. It does not mean just because the aura is opened we always get it but there is a
chance for it. Some times we are already born with a “demon”. This is just a bad
package we brought along from our previous life. Do not look at “Demonic frequencies”
as the creatures, that organized religion has popularized. They are nothing but a non-
spectrum colour vibration with a certain amount of intelligence that creates a cold spot
in our aura. In the aura I see it as black or brown colour which means light is absent.
This demonic vibration creates very serious dysfunction in ones health, behavior and,
way of thinking. Different “cold spots” will make us behave in different ways.

Below is a list that suggests presence of cold spots.

People, who have been:

-Seriously abused


People who have been raped, most likely have a “cold spot”. During the act of
physical rape, the aura is punctured. This allows the transference of the rapists
“cold spot” into the victims aura. We can be sure the rapist will have a “cold spot”,
as it was this, that led them to the vicious act in the first place. Later it may lead the
one who has been raped into a life of promiscuity, frigidity or unusual sexual
behavior. Victims may also have a hard time achieving orgasms.

- Molested

-Have experienced impotency

-Have unusual sexual desires

Pleasure and pain, whips and chains, dominatrix, golden shower, orgies-swingers,
sadists and masochists, or those with a strong urge to rape someone.

People who have:

- suicidal tendencies

-Extreme depression

-Extended drug abuse


-Repeated miscarriages

-Extreme dislike for ruling politicians

Assassins of presidents etc.

-Extreme stubbornness-vanity and pride.

-Intellectual inertia ( nothingness )

-Have had multiple minor injuries that total into major proportions

-Speech problems

-Serious-terminal illness in childhood

-Extreme hostility, mood swings, and crying bouts.

-People who love to argue

-People who are fascinated with drastic changes




-Gothic people-vampires

-Other anti-establishment groups.

All of these could be an indication that they may have a ”cold spot”, but it does not
necessarily mean so. There is just a chance for it, they may be very well just acting upon
some traumas that they are holding within. As you can see people with ”cold spots” do
not always come across as bad people. In actuality they suffer from a serious
dysfunction in their electromagnetic system. Once you get a, “cold spot” it will in time
invite others, that is why people often have more than one. I have also noticed people
with “cold spots” like to keep company with others suffering from the same condition.
The sound of the “cold spot” vibration that attracts them to each other.

It is extremely hard to get rid of a “cold spot” without a healer’s help. There are
different approaches but the main goal is to return each “cold spot” back to where it
came from, they have their place in the Universe (foot note: book, William Grey’s “The
Tree Of Evil”). “Cold spots” that are not properly removed and returned back to their
place in the Universe may linger looking for opportunities to re-enter an unsuspecting
individual. No amount of meditation or therapy, will result in healing unless the “cold
spot” is removed. Once this is done, the person must accept themselves, on all levels, as
the new ”cold spot” free individual they have become. This can be facilitated by
practicing the meditation I teach. I have examined auras of people who have previously
had a “cold spot” removed years prior. Most of them kept re-manifesting a vibration in
their auras, as if the “cold spot” was still there. As an amputee may still feel his limb.
They were doing a different type of meditation than I teach or no meditation at all. Not
every meditation style will help do that. Thus they were not able to make the change in
their behavior, thinking pattern or physical illness. I even notice once one accepted them
self for the new person he/she became and then went back to old life style or old ways of
thinking and behaving the person would start re-manifesting “cold spots” in their aura.
It is very easy to slip back into ones familiar ways of living and thinking. It is not an
easy transformation, but the colour meditation is the way to achieve it.

ATTENTION READER – note; brief and very important update – I wrote this E-book
in the winter of 2002. Now, which is summer of 2004, I have to let you know there have
been a lot of major changes going on in the Universe. This affects us tremendously. For
instance all demons change colour from black or brown into gray. It means there are
not any more demons and they no longer need to be removed. However, spells and
curses must be removed. One may think that all the evil which burdened our planet for
so many centuries is gone, and yes it is, but the humans who had demons will not change
their thoughts and actions unless they accept the change. This is why it is important for
them to do the meditation to achieve the acceptances deep within.
There are other changes as well, for instance in the layers of the aura or the colours we
need to meditate on. For the ones who have studied the Kabala I can say that the change
has been happening in the Macrocosmic Daath which is of course affecting the
Microcosmic Daath also.
As of now all the changes in the Universe are not complete. Before anything happens on
the physical level it must first happen on the metaphysical level. This is why in time
there will be significant changes on our planet.

Other dysfunctions in the electromagnetic self are caused by spells and curses. People
who have know or know others who practice any of the following - Witchcraft,
Satanism, Fundamentalist religion, Wicca, Demonism may be victim to spells and
curses. To be attune to Reiki, to become a metaphysical Reiki healer/practitioner is a
form of spell. It is definitely not a good spell because you become a part of a
metaphysical cult. For a detailed explanation read my book “The Truth About Reiki”. It
is not true that attunement to Reiki cannot be reversed. A well skilled metaphysical
practitioner who knows how to remove spells can be in a great help.
Curses on the other hand are not as strong as spells and they work because the cursed
person believes they have been afflicted. Spells work even if one is not aware they have
been cast. That is not the case with curses. However, just as in the case of “cold spots”
you cannot heal if you have a Spell or a Curse cast upon you. It needs to be removed in
order to promote healing without any obstruction.

The purpose of the metaphysical practitioner can be explained as a way of balancing

and restoring proper function to the invisible inner Universe. Aura treatments were
very well known throughout history in Eastern and Western cultures, the ideas I’m
presenting are not new. In a free society, the information age provides as with
opportunities to tap in to knowledge and information never made possible before.
Multi-cultural country like Canada brings the Western and Eastern cultures together
and also allows freedom of expression. In the past, whatever area you were born in
dictated what you learned, but today we can benefit from the wisdom of many different
cultures and take the very best of each one.

Chapter 8. Drugs and Remedies

The objective of really healing is to get rid of our unwanted traumas. Many medical
doctors prove unsuccessful in their treatments due to a lack of understanding with
regards to what true healing really means. Most prescription medications are used to
suppress our symptoms, not heal the problem. This making it necessary to continue with
the drug because if you stop you will notice that your health has no improvement.
Drugs cause an abnormal rate of vibration in the aura. When they are introduced into
the body they alter all subtle vibrations and produce changes in both the structure and
function of organs and tissues. The drug works because its coarse vibrations irritate the
afflicted area which immediately tries to push the drug out. If it succeeds in doing this,
the normal vibratory rate may be restored, but this depends upon the metaphysical
makeup of the individual.

In other words drugs work similar as to healing with vaccines. A small dose of vaccine is
introduced into the body to provoke our immune system to start our defensive
mechanism. In actuality you are poisoning your self in order to heal.

Many surgeries performed today can be prevented if the individual is able to deal with
the emotional issues that caused the body part to malfunction in the first place. Once
the physical self gets to a stage of severe dysfunction it may be too late to heal it with
colour therapy. It means letting go of the traumas which are responsible for the body
part not to be functioning well. At this stage surgery is necessary. But, cutting out a bad
body part for example, does not heal the dysfunction in our metaphysical self. That is
why certain problems persist even after surgery. Today’s physicians are masters in
fixing the physical body and they have excellent help when it comes to lab tests, x-rays
and scans. Many of the treatments are very helpful, especially if the problem is on the
physical level. If you break your leg the best treatment is to get a cast.

Treatment with substances such as drugs or herbs may work if the health issue is on the
physical level only. That is where drugs or herbal remedies may help, because they
function on a similar basis. The root of the health problem, most often lies somewhere
on the metaphysical level. This is where homeopathic remedies can be used effectively.
Homeopathic remedies are by far superior to drugs and herbs. A well skilled
homeopathic practitioner can make the results of their usage astonishing.

Homeopathic remedies, are energy remedies made of any substance. There are remedies
made of Cuban tarantula, cats milk and even minerals. Many other more traditional
items such as plants and trees are also incorporated. The substance is made into a liquid
form and diluted into water. After a certain number of dilutions the substance can no
longer be traced in the water. The vibration of the substance that is encoded in the
memory of the water molecules cause the desired reaction. The more dilutions, the
stronger the remedy. Most medical doctors in North America have a problem accepting
homeopathy, and try to discredit it. They say taking homeopathic remedies is mind over
matter because after so many dilutions we are not taking in any of the substance. Drugs
work in the opposite way, the more drug is added the stronger its effect. Most medical
doctors do not want to accept the fact that we are not the physical body and that their
approach, which focuses solely on the physical body, may not be the best. They spend
many years at medical school and make a good living with the help of drug companies.
Because drugs are made in labs they can be patented and the profits are tremendous.
On the other hand natural remedies can not be patented thus the profits are a lot
smaller. The thought of drugs not being the best option may make many medical
doctors feel insecure or scared. Since birth we have learned to go see a doctor who can
make us well again. We trust this habit and every time we get ill we go see the medical
doctor. Is their approach always the best way to heal our selves?

Have you herd the name Andre Saine? Most likely not. Andre Saine is a Homeopathic
practitioner based in Montreal Canada. Among Homeopathic practitioners he is known
as a Homeopathic guru of Canada. As far as I have been informed he has a great success
rate, in healing cancer. Andre has helped patients with severely advanced stages of
different types of cancer. This sounds hard to believe. One wonders why he is not the
most famous healer in North America. Is it because he uses Homeopathy? Or is this
some kina of a conspiracy?

When choosing a family doctor I strongly recommend selecting one with open views on
natural ways to heal. Until recently acupuncture has not been accepted as a legitimate
method to promote healing. Even today most of the medical world do not understand
how acupuncture heals. They admit acupuncture works but have no logical explanation.
There are different types of acupuncture. The more popular types are Chinese and
French acupuncture. During French acupuncture treatment small metal pins are
inserted into acupuncture points on our ears. The pins need to be frequently
magnetized. It sends an impulse into our brain to start repairing the targeted area.
Chinese acupuncture moves our inner energy trough so called “Meridians” which are
located through out our whole metaphysical self. It is very similar to the Taoist
Microcosmic Orbit meditation also called Chi Kung. The circulation of the energy
through the meridians helps to break down the energy blockages created by emotional
traumas, which results in healing. That is why there is a need to target acupuncture
points all over the body and not just the acupuncture points on the afflicted area.

Is your family doctor liberal enough to recommend you seek acupuncture or

homeopathic treatment? Or any other non medical treatment methods. Will your health
suffer because there is no profit to be made for your physician if you go the holistic
route? After all is not the most important to heal you no mater which way?

Homeopathy has been used by the British Royal family for many years who known of
its effectiveness in healing. Most of the British Royals live long healthy lives. So, treat
your self like a Royal and give Homeopathy a chance.

I do not recommend taking any herbal or homeopathic remedies without consulting

herbalist or homeopathic practitioner. Just because something is all natural, does not
mean it will not hurt you and it will if chosen incorrectly. Recently, I received a SPAM.
(internet’s unsolicited advertising) It offered all natural sex enhancing stimulants for
men. The supplement contained a very powerful herb called Yohimbe. If this herb is
taken incorrectly, there could be extremely negative side effects.

The same illness in different people, may not necessarily call for the same homeopathic
remedy. There are hundreds of homeopathic remedies, many for the same health issue.
It is up to the homeopathic practitioner to choose the one that is best for a particular

Homeopathic remedies are energy remedies. They pinpoint certain problems in our
metaphysical self. Using Homeopathy in conjunction with meditation speeds and
compliments the healing process. There is no need for waiting, possibly months or years,
for the practice of meditation alone to fully take effect and release our issues.
Meditation heals the whole self, homeopathy pinpoints a small part of it.

Chapter 9. Conclusion

I have spent not hundreds, but thousands of hours meditating. In this E-book, I’m
sharing my knowledge of the inner Universe, as I know it, with you. A lot of this has
been attained by the study of metaphysical books, and the guidance of my teacher Jill
Rybicki. Years of practicing crystal healing and my own personal metaphysical
experiences have helped me develop true understanding. As I have stressed, meditation
was integral to access the wisdom I now attain and can share with others.

Understanding will come to all of us through meditation. As example I would like to

relate a well known story about the Buddha.

After Buddha reached enlightenment he started to travel around the country. One day,
he was walking along the bank of a river when he saw a yogi. The yogi said to the
Buddha, “It took me 25 years of inner work, but now I can walk on water”. Buddha
smiles and replies, “For that you did not have to spend 25 years of your life, you may
very well have taken the ferry that is down the stream”.

At the time I read this story I was taken by the disrespect Buddha seemed to have with
this response. To walk on water is a very big accomplishment. Some years later, thanks
to meditation, which brought my inner growth, I suddenly understood why Buddha said
that. Our purpose on this planet is not to walk on water or do other feats. Our purpose
is to reach enlightenment and beyond.

Truly, there is even more to achieve than enlightenment. We can grow with our inner
selves to even higher more advanced stages than this. It is possible to walk on water and
this would be quit an achievement, but it should not be the main goal of meditation.
When you choose to start healing your self and progress past enlightenment, there will
be many levels of self awareness to be explored. You may reach the conclusion which
even the “Quantum Theory” suggests, that the world of “Assiah”, which is the material
world, is actually a world of illusion, and the metaphysical world, world of “Atziluth” is
really the world of pure reality. But this is a topic which I may explore in another E-

It must also be understood that death of the physical body does not result in an end to
the traumas which afflict us. It is necessary for each individual to confront their issues
in this lifetime or risk carrying them into the next.

In the healing process of metaphysical self, proper nutrition and adequate exercise, can
only be of benefit. I have extensive knowledge of these topics and would be happy to
share how they can be applied to your life to promote physical as well as metaphysical

The volume of information contained within this E-book, may be intimidating or

overwhelming for many of you. I suggest you read, and reread the passages contained
carefully to fully grasp and internalize the message I’m sending.

If only one person takes this information and is motivated to fined the courage to
change their life, I will have achieved my purpose.

The act of reading this E-book has raised your consciousness through simply accessed to
new information. With the help of God and the Universe you utilize this information
and obtain optimum healing.

Poem by: William Wordsworth

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:

The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,

Hath had elsewhere its setting,

And cometh from afar:

Not in entire forgetfulness,

And not in utter nakedness,

But trailing clouds of glory do we come

From God, who is our home:

Heaven lies about us in our infancy!

Shades of the prison-house begin to close

Upon the growing Boy

But He beholds the light, and whence it flows,

He sees it in his joy;

The Youth, who daily farther from the east

Must travel, still is Nature’s Priest,

And by the vision splendid

Is on his way attended:

At length the Man perceives it die away,

And fade into the light of common day.

Glossary of Terms

Chakra – a whirling vortex of concentrated etheric energy; perceived clairvoyantly as a

colourful wheel or flower, with a hub in the center; invisibly attached along the spine,
from the base to the top of the head, held in place by the crossing of the invisible-Ida
and Pengala (India)-Yin and Yang (China); chakras indraw the “spirit” from the air,
distribute it to the physical gland in the body.

Conscious mind – a place in the physical body to manipulate information, located in the
brain; a central station where environmental stimuli of hearing, seeing, tasting,
smelling, feeling, and experiencing is brought to be sorted, sifted, reasoned with,
logically thought about, classified, and categorized; these concepts and ideas are either
acted upon immediately or stored.

Enlightenment – 1. a realization of a higher attainment than one is in. 2. knowledge of

certain universal truths and the ability to live them. 3. realization that one is on the
path one came from. 4. a state of finding peace for one’s self.

Macrocosm – the Universe; is a gigantic living being and everything in this orderly
system is alive.

Metaphor – psychic information that comes in a word or phrase to express a feeling or

concept that shows a comparison, but does not mean the words per se; occurs in a
Clairaudient message, in a dream, in automatic writing.
Metaphysics – (meta, “higher and beyond”) beyond earth physics or invisible physics;
1. a philosophical doctrine that all things are part of one main source ( intelligence and
energy). 2. a branch of philosophy that treats first principles; 3. an inquiry into
knowledge; 4.a systematic study, refinement, and development of cosmic consciousness.

Microcosm – a human being or any other organic mass that is a miniature replica of the
great Macrocosm, the Universe.

Polarity – the positive or negative state in which a system or an entity reacts to a

magnetic or electrical field; 2. everything has a positive and a negative aspect which is
necessary for balance.

Sephiroth – (Kabbalah) the ten holy emanations of the Deity that made Creation
possible; symbolized on the Tree Of Life.

Subconscious mind – 1. an invisible, ethereal energy field belonging to the physical body
but vibrating faster than the physical body; has no counter part in the physical body;
but its function is never separate from the brain area; 2. structure is like a computer
more complex than humans will ever make; this compute mind records and holds in
memory that which is given from the conscious mind, the data processor; 3.
subconscious mind is director of the sympathetic nervous system but subservient to the
conscious mind, having no decision-making mechanism.

Universe – all that is known to exist, the total of all; consists of gigantic galaxies; an
ever –changing, ever evolving energy field processing trillions of levels of intelligence.


James Redfield – The Celestine Prophecy

James Redfield – The Secret Of Shambhala

Anodea Judith – The Truth About Chakras

Ted Andrews – Simplified Magic

William G. Gray – Latter Of Lights

Dion Fortune – The Mystical Qabalah

William G. Gray – The Tree Of Evil

Alister Crowley – Magick

Rabbi Berg – Miracles, Mysteries and Prayer

Rabbi Shoni Labowitz – Miraculous Living

Eric Steven Yudelove – The Tao & The Tree Of Life

Mantak & Maneewan Chia – Awaken Healing Light Of The Tao

Mantak Chia & Michael Winn – TAOIST SECRETS OF LOVE

Cultivating male sexual Energy

Published by Health research – The Aura and What It Means to You

Ceanne DeRohan – EARTH SPELL

The loss of Consciousness on Earth

Ted Andrews – How To Heal With Colour

Victor N. Davich – THE BEST guide to MEDITATION

Fynn – Mister God, This is Anna

Godfre Ray King – Unveiled Mysteries

Jose Arguelles – The Mayan Factor

Barbara Marciniak – Bringers Of The Dawn

Alain Horvilleur, M.D. – The Family Guide to Homeopathy

Dr. Andrew Lockie & Dr. Nicola Geddes – Homeopathy

Dale Buegel, M.D. Blair Lewis, P.A.-C.

Dennis Chernin, M.D., M.P.H. – Homeopathic Remedies

W. Boericke, M.D. – Homoeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory

Robin Murphy, ND – Lotus Materia Medica

Mrs. M. Grieve – A Modern Herbal

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