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March 2011

A n ewsletter of th e K en tuc k y B aptis t Fel lowsh ip

KBF Spring Gathering: April 29-30

Buechel Park Baptist Church,
2403 Hikes Lane, Louisville,

Council of

KBF Churches Observe Are you coming to spring gathering?

Martha Stearns Marshall KBF would like to plan for your arrival.
Please register to attend (no cost) online at
Month of Preaching
Friday, April 29
Rev. Katherine Redmond, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky 11:30 am Pastor’s Luncheon*
Rev. Susanne Jenkins, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky 2:00 pm Leadership Conference*
Rev. Nan Riddle, Trinity Baptist, Lexington 4:00 pm Resource Fair Open
Rev. Karen Thomas Smith, Third Baptist, Owensboro 4:00 pm KBF Coordinating Council Meeting
Rev. Amber Inscore Essick, Eminence Baptist, Eminence 5:15 pm Baptist Seminary of Kentucky Annual Banquet *#
Rev. Lindsay Comstock, Broadway Baptist, Louisville 7:00 pm Worship#
Brittany Krebs, Buechel Park Baptist, Louisville 8:15 pm KBF Business Session#
Rev. Jessica Margrave Schrim, Central Baptist, Lexington 9:00 pm KBF Gathering (aka After Party) - place TBD
Rev. Carol Harston, Highland Baptist, Louisville
Brittany Krebs, Lexington Avenue Baptist, Danville Saturday, April 30
8:30 am Coffee Time, Resource Fair Open
Rev. Jessica Margrave Schrim, Lyndon Baptist, Louisville
9:00 am Breakout Workshops 1#
Rev. Tara Edwards, Living Faith Baptist, Elizabethtown
10:15 am Breakout Workshops 2#
Rev. Amber Inscore Essick, Port Royal Baptist, Port Royal
11:30 am Closing Worship w/communion, KBF Youth Choir#
1:00 pm New KBF Coordinating Council Members Lunch
Beginning in 2007, Baptist Women in Ministry has
and Orientation
invited Baptist churches to participate in Martha Stearns
Marshall Month of Preaching by having a woman preach * Separate registration and/or payment required for these events
during the month of February. # Childcare provided w/registration for ages birth to 5 years old
KBF 2nd Annual Youth Choir Festival: KBF Leadership
April 29-30; Broadway Baptist Conference: Friday,
& Buechel Park Baptist Church April 29, 2 to 5 pm
Louisville, Kentucky; in conjunction with the KBF Spring Gathering “Appreciating & Valuing Person-
with Dr. John W. Campbell, Director of Choral Activities al and Congregation Narratives”
Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY

Cost: $15 per singer ($150 max per choir)

Register online:

(Deadline - April 1, 2011)

Open to all church youth choirs, ensembles, and individuals.

No audition required.

KBF Pastor’s Luncheon: led by Steve Graham, Director,

Ministerial Excellence,
Friday, April 29 Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
11:30 am to 1 pm
Participants of this workshop
“Leadership: The Power will learn to be alive with won-
of the Sacred Heart” der to the distinctiveness of their
own particular narrative as well
Led by Chuck Bugg, Retired to discern the rich fabric of the
Pastor/Professor, Leadership congregation they serve. Those
Consultant with KBF/CBF.
who attend will come to under-
Register online or call 502-426-1931. stand and appreciate the words of
James Hopewell when he said:
“The idiom of any single church
is necessarily distinct.”

Annual BSK Banquet Those attending will:

April 29, 5:15 - 6:45 pm; Buechel Park Baptist • Gain an understanding of
basic narrative practices
$15. Reservations required. • Find the richness of the
narrative of the congregation
• Discover and appreciate your
own personal narrative
• Explore narratives at work
Contact Glenda through the mission of God
Simpson at BSK • Envision future narratives
office by Apr. 19: waiting to unfold
502-863-8298 or
$15 per person ($10 if pre-regis-
glenda.simpson tered by April 15), $25 per church for groups of three or more, and
BSK students are free. Register
online or call 502-426-1931.
2010 Church Giving: KBF 2010 Church Contributions: Because of the generous contributions of numerous individuals and
churches, Kentucky Baptist Fellowship is able to make a difference for Jesus Christ. Approximately 90% of KBF receipts come
through churches. Some of the money is part of church budgets and some is designated to KBF by church members. The list
below reflects contributions KBF received from churches during 2010 calendar year. Thank you for your generosity!
General Fund (undesignated) Contributions Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Louisville $2,243.07
Anchor Baptist Church Richmond $3,660.49 Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Shepherdsville $1,080.33
Audubon Baptist Church Louisville $1,625.00 Ridgewood Baptist Church Louisville $103.00
Bagdad Baptist Church Bagdad $1,683.27 Rosedale Baptist Church Richmond $2,503.40
Broadway Baptist Church Louisville $16,938.60 Rosemont Baptist Church Lexington $2,441.66
Buechel Park Baptist Church Louisville $5,416.63 Salem Baptist Church Morgantown $4,782.00
Burlington Baptist Church Burlington $24.96 Southside Baptist Church Louisville $1,475.00
Calvary Baptist Church Lexington $17,908.91 St. Matthews Baptist Church Louisville $1,704.17
Campbellsburg Baptist Church Campbellsburg $8,698.94 Stanford Baptist Church Stanford $7,551.53
Central Baptist Church Lexington $1,400.00 Third Baptist Church Owensboro $6,967.38
Community Baptist Church Henderson $2,332.80 Trinity Baptist Church Lexington $499.98
Cornerstone Baptist Church Monticello $900.00 Westport Road Baptist Church Louisville $2,100.00
Cove Hill Baptist Church Carrollton $461.12 Woodland Baptist Church Louisville $427.00
Crescent Hill Baptist Church Louisville $3,108.88
Crestwood Baptist Church Crestwood $778.57 Missions Contributions (includes all mission designated
Deer Park Baptist Church Louisville $1,819.22 contributions such as missions offering and Extreme Build)
Eminence Baptist Church Eminence $3,175.36 Broadway Baptist Church Louisville $2,130.57
Erlanger Baptist Church Erlanger $1,200.00 Buechel Park Baptist Church Louisville $2,375.00
Faith Baptist Church Georgetown $12,779.51 Cove Hill Baptist Church Carrollton $266.00
First Baptist Church Bowling Green $100.00 Crescent Hill Baptist Church Louisville $236.37
First Baptist Church Carlisle $3,736.00 First Baptist Church Carlisle $418.00
First Baptist Church Middlesboro $6,516.18 First Baptist Church Fort Thomas $1,665.00
First Baptist Church Corbin $4,766.00 First Baptist Church Vanceburg $300.00
First Baptist Church Winchester $4,317.03 First Baptist Church Middlesboro $2,645.00
First Baptist Church Fort Thomas $3,819.79 First Baptist Church Corbin $1,261.00
First Baptist Church Brandenburg $2,100.00 First Baptist Church Madisonville $2,858.00
First Baptist Church Vanceburg $411.15 First Baptist Church Shepherdsville $2,147.73
First Baptist Church Drakesboro $314.50 Georgetown Baptist Church Georgetown $580.00
First Baptist Church Madisonville $3,067.50 Hempridge Baptist Church Waddy $310.00
First Baptist Church Lebanon Junction $124.41 Highland Baptist Church Louisville $1,610.00
First Baptist Church Morehead $3,115.00 Immanuel Baptist Church Frankfort $1,000.00
First Baptist Church Shepherdsville $6,546.40 Latonia Baptist Church Covington $1,002.00
Georgetown Baptist Church Georgetown $10,384.61 Lexington Ave Baptist Church Danville $200.00
Grace Baptist Church Lexington $675.00 Living Faith Baptist Fellowship Elizabethtown $500.00
GracePointe Community Church Mt. Washington $1,300.00 Midlane Park Baptist Church Louisville $35,195.00
Harrodsburg Baptist Church Harrodsburg $1,794.41 New Hope Baptist Church Raleigh $750.00
Hempridge Baptist Church Waddy $1,532.19 Ridgewood Baptist Church Louisville $125.00
Highland Baptist Church Louisville $14,652.31 St. Matthews Baptist Church Louisville $1,045.83
Immanuel Baptist Church Frankfort $15,867.74 Third Baptist Church Owensboro $375.00
Irvington Baptist Church Irvington $1,437.54 University Baptist Church Charlottesville $2,988.47
Journey- A Community of Grace Louisville $250.00 Woodland Baptist Church Louisville $2,792.00
Latonia Baptist Church Covington $6,614.86
Lewis Lane Baptist Church Owensboro $866.08 Morocco Partnership
Lexington Ave Baptist Church Danville $16,768.66 Buechel Park Baptist Church Louisville $720.00
Living Faith Baptist Fellowship Elizabethtown $7,700.00 Faith Baptist Church Georgetown $3,331.25
Lyndon Baptist Church Louisville $788.20 First Baptist Church Shepherdsville $879.00
Maple Grove Baptist Church Louisville $8,778.62 Highland Baptist Church Louisville $7,069.00
Masonville Baptist Church Utica $787.49 Immanuel Baptist Church Frankfort $2,209.00
Midlane Park Baptist Church Louisville $70,501.50 Latonia Baptist Church Covington $413.00
Midway Baptist Church Midway $7,975.00 Lexington Ave Baptist Church Danville $1,769.18
New Fellowship Baptist Church Elizabethtown $266.09 Living Faith Baptist Fellowship Elizabethtown $2,700.00
Payneville Baptist Church Payneville $161.64 Third Baptist Church Owensboro $3,393.00
KBF Spring Gathering Breakout Workshops Lodging Information
Sat. April 30, 9:00 am & 10:15 am. Breakouts meet for both sessions. Breckinridge Inn
2800 Breckenridge Ln.
Building Community...With our Muslim Neighbors: Karen Thomas Smith, Louisville, KY 40220
Morocco Partner. Muslim communities are growing in Kentucky, even in small 502-456-5050
cities and towns. Most Kentuckians don’t understand much about Islam and are Rate: $85.00 (plus tax)
apprehensive about relating to Muslims here. Muslims, for their part, often feel Cut-off Date for Room Block: 4/15/11
ostracized from the larger community because of their faith. How can we as
Wingate Inn by Wyndham
Baptist, committed to soul freedom and loving our neighbors, help bridge some 12301 Alliant Court
gaps? How can we better understand Islam and love our Muslim neighbors in Louisville, KY 40299
fidelity to Christ? 502-261-0644
Rate: $89.00
Building Community...With Youth Preachers: Dwight Moody, Founder Cut-off Date for Room Block: 4/28/11
& President of Academy of Preachers. “Building Community with Young
Preachers” introduces the transformational impact of one of the most dynamic Fairfield Inn
and important initiatives in American Christianity today. Meet the young preach- 1220 Kentucky Mills Dr.
ers in the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship as they describe their experience in the Louisville, KY 40299
national, ecumenical community called the Academy of Preachers.
Rate: $94.00 (includes breakfast)
Cut-off Date for Room Block: 4/8/11
Building Community...Through Conversation - A Roundtable Discussion:
Susan Reed, KBF Moderator-Elect. The many churches of the KY Baptist Holiday Inn Express
Fellowship can be a great resource! We’ll gather in small groups to discuss 1620 Alliant Ave.
with neighboring churches your ideas and questions. Topics of discussion can Louisville, KY 40299
include, but are not limited to: Missions, Outreach, Worship, Bible Studies, and 502-240-0035
working together. Come ready to share ideas and learn from one another! Rate: $99.00 (plus tax)
Cut-off Date for Room Block: 3/29/11
Building Community...By Making A Difference (Using Kentucky Council of
La Quinta Inn & Suites Louisville
Churches Capwiz for Advocacy): Sister Mary Schumck, RSN. What are the
1501 Alliant Ave.
ways to make a difference: as persons of faith? neighbors? citizens? This work- Louisville, KY 40299
shop will look at basic human preferences, God’s hopes for us, and some ways 502-267-8889
to come together to make our society better. Rate: $79.00
Cut-off Date for Room Block: 4/27/11
Building Community...With National Cooperative Baptist Fellowship:
David Hull, Chair of CBF 2012 Task Force. The Task Force started its work Microtel Inns & Suites
in August 2010 and is seeking to address three questions: 1) What is the best Louisville (East) KY
model of community that fosters missional collaboration rather than competition 1221 Kentucky Mills Dr.
for resources? 2) How can we refocus and streamline organizational structures Louisville, KY 40299
in order to provide leadership and resources for churches and other ministries
Rate: 62.96 (plus tax)
to respond more effectively to global challenges? 3) How do we help Baptist Rooms are not blocked. Please call to
churches and organizations embrace their identity as partners with this commu- check availability.

Traveling Around Kentucky with our Coordinators

John Lepper, Coordinator Joshua Speight, Associate Coordinator for Missions
March 3: Kentucky Council Aof Churches Planning Meeting, March 5: KBF Coordinating Council, Midway Baptist Church
Faith Baptist, Georgetown March 8: CBF Global Missions Staff Meeting (Virtual)
March 5: KBF Coordinating Council, Midway Baptist Church March 11-12: KBF Youth Missions Weekend, Winchester/Nada/
March 6: St. Matthews Sunday School Class Owsley County
March 7: Glenn Hinson Lecture, BSK, Georgetown March 16: Extreme Build Presentation, First Baptist Corbin
March 18-20: Deacon Retreat, Westwood Baptist Church, March 20: Worship, Ridgewood Baptist
Springfield, VA March 22: Extreme Build Presentation, First Baptist Middletown
March 29: Kentucky Council of Churches Visioning Meeting, March 23: Extreme Build Presentation, First Baptist Middlesboro
Elizabethtown March 24: Louisville Peer Learning Group, Broadway Baptist
2011 Mountain Hope McCreary County Extreme Build:
Conference: April June 10-18, 2011 … Our 6th Year!
1-2; First Baptist
Church, Winchester Join KBF in McCreary
County this June as we
Building Community Together: partner once again with
Kentucky Highland’s Invest-
Our shared past with
ment Corporation, McCreary
Together for Hope
County Community Housing
and our future Development Corporation,
together in Kentucky Kentucky Housing Corpora-
tion, HUD Louisville, and
US Rural Development to
build an affordable home for
the Privett Family.

Fees for 2011:

1-2 Days on site - $40.00
3-4 Days on site - $75.00
5+ Days on site - $100.00
2011 Extreme Build Family - Geneva,
Jerry, Kesha, and Zachary Privett

Fee includes donation towards house,

meals, t-shirt and incidentals. You are
responsible for making your own
With Carol and Tom Prevost accommodations in McCreary County.

Carol is a literacy advisor to TFH. Register online by May 1:

Tom is the TFH Manager.
Friday, April 1
5:00 pm - Welcome and Dinner Scatterlings of Africa: Discovering
6:15 pm - Worship and Workshop
9:00 pm - Fellowship on your Refugee Ministry in Morocco
own September 2-10, 2011
Saturday, April 2 Travel to sites in Morocco where the EEAM (Protestant Church in Mo-
8:45 am - Orientation, planning rocco) partners with CEI (International Aid Committee) to meet the needs
and site visits for churches serv- of migrants and refugees from Sub-Saharan Africa living in Morocco.
ing in Nada during 2011 Pastors and lay leaders with experience in social work are encouraged
For all friends of Mountain Hope to apply for this trip. Only 15-20 spots will be available, so apply early!
in Nada, Owsley County, and More information as well as online applications are available at www.
McCreary County and for all
who are interested in community Tentative site visits include Casablanca, Fez, Oujda, Rabat, and Marrake-
development in your own local ch. The focus of our trip will be to learn about the current work of CEI as
community. well as to dream together of how KBF, EEAM, Kentucky churches and
For more info and to register to other partners can increase this crucial ministry in Morocco. Make plans
attend, please visit www.kybf. now to travel this fall with Karen Thomas Smith and Josh Speight on this
org/mountain-hope-conference/ exciting trip of discovery in Morocco.
225 S Hurstbourne Pkwy. Suite 205
Louisville, KY 40222
Phone: 502-426-1931
Fax: 502-426-1612
KBF Coordinator
John Lepper -

KBF Associate Coordinator for Missions

Josh Speight -

KBF Administrative Assistant

Shannan Posey -

Online Giving Sign-up for E-Newsletter

Making donations via the Internet is not a In an effort to reduce environmental waste and save
new concept. Many Americans pay bills money in the process, KBF has developed an online
online or have mortgages automatically newsletter. Simply go to the website and sign up!
deducted from the bank account. It’s that simple!
Online giving is easy, it's
convenient, and it's safe.

March 5: KBF Winter Coordinating Council Meeting, Midway Baptist Church

March 7: Baptist Seminary of Kentucky Glenn Hinson Lecture Series

March 11-12: KBF Youth Mission Weekend

April 1-2: Mountain Hope Leadership Conference, FBC Winchester, KY

April 4 - 5: Baptist Joint Committee Shurden Lectures, Melissa Rogers,

Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY

April 29-30: KBF 2011 Spring Gathering, Buechel Park Baptist Church,
Louisville, KY

April 29-30: KBF Youth Choir Festival, Broadway Baptist & Buechel Park
Baptist, Louisville CBF General
June 10-18: Extreme Build 2011, McCreary County, KY Assembly:
June 22-25: 2011 CBF General Assembly, Tampa Bay, FL
June 22-25
September 2-10: Scatterlings of Africa: Discovering Refugee Ministry
in Morocco
Tampa, FL
October 27-28: Kentucky Council of Church General Assembly, Faith Baptist
Church, Georgetown, KY