The Book of Jedi

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The Book of Jedi
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The Book of Jedi
Table Of Contents
Front Cover Legal Chapter 1: The Force Chapter 2: The Jedi and The Force Chapter 3: The Force and Its Expression Chapter 4: The Path of the Jedi Chapter 5: The Training of a Jedi Chapter 6: The Dark Side of The Force Chapter 7: The Jedi Code Appendix A: The Masterless Padawan
Introduction: Mastering The One Basic Principle Lesson 1: Who Do You Listen to? Recognizing The Master [Omitted in unregistered edition] Lesson 2: Are You Willing to Learn and Change? Lesson 3: The Inner Preparations Lesson 4: The Steps to Mastery [Omitted in unregistered edition] Lesson 5: Barriers to Advancement [Omitted in unregistered edition] Lesson 6: Experiencing The Force [Omitted in unregistered edition] Lesson 7: Allowing The Force to Reveal Something to You Lesson 8: Expanding the Vehicle of The Force [Omitted in unregistered edition] Lesson 9: Accelerating the Inner Preparations [Omitted in unregistered edition]

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Appendix B: Recognizing The Dark Side Epilogue to The Book of Jedi

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The Force is what created and sustains all universes.The Book of Jedi Chapter 1: The Force Before the Beginning. 4 . There is nothing except The Force manifesting in Its multitude of forms. The Force is what gives life to all animated forms. The Force is All. and Forever. and all within each universe. there is THE FORCE. the totality of all existence.

All Matter & Energy exist as condensations of The Force. All life impulses flow from The Force. All Space and All Time exist only because The Force manifests to create them thus.The Book of Jedi The Force is what allows you to perceive and understand. 5 .

for only in this present moment may consciousness exist. The Jedi fulfills his purpose by allowing The Force to manifest through his BEingness as completely as he is able. 6 .The Book of Jedi Chapter 2: The Jedi and The Force The innate intelligence of The Force seeks its highest expression as consciousness. the awareness of being aware. a state that either exists and manifests in the present moment or not. the present moment. The Jedi is fundamentally concerned with this moment. the NOW .

7 . None are blocked. and no past or future actions prevent anyone from being the potential vehicle through which The Force may seek manifestation in the present moment.The Book of Jedi The Force will use all life forms willing to allow it to expand its manifested expression.

In every present moment The Force is always seeking its highest expression through a single conscious BEing of its choosing. are in training to be the highest expression of The Force in this and all universes. No one will say who or what this BEing is. Jedi. You. but as a Jedi you will come to recognize the one through whom The Force 8 .The Book of Jedi Chapter 3: The Force and Its Expression Universes are created by The Force so that The Force may experience itself in newly invented manifested forms.

Inwardly you will know with conviction who this BEing is.The Book of Jedi is operating in every present moment. Your training is in preparation for the moment when you will be the newly selected highest manifestation of The Force. 9 . This gift is conferred upon all by The Force in due time as the qualities of mastership and alignment with The Force are attained within each individual conscious BEing. but only to the extent that you have learned the ways of The Force.

But this service is not one of such you are a co-creator of reality. To the extent that your thoughts are retrograde in this regard. and that is to seek ever more magnificent expression of Itself.The Book of Jedi Chapter 4: The Path of the Jedi The Path of the Jedi is one of service to The Force. Yet there is an over-riding objective that The Force has. as a conscious BEing The Force grants you the power to choose what manifestations shall be created next within your personal sphere of influence . 10 . The Force will not flow through you. It is only by your choices and thoughts that The Force is able to manifest through you.

his will and the will of The Force are one and the same. Once a Jedi becomes The Force completely. 11 . his mission is always to bring himself into greater alignment with The Force.The Book of Jedi Until the point that a Jedi becomes The Force completely by BEing its Chosen One.

but the full meaning of what can be meant and understood by that answer is an 12 . nor will he know that there is something for him to learn.The Book of Jedi Chapter 5: The Training of a Jedi The process of alignment with The Force is as follows: 1) Before the process begins a person will not know of The Force. "What Am I?" . which is correct. "me". a person will scarcely have the awareness to ask the question.the answer seems obvious. 2) Even after becoming conscious.

The Masters of the various levels all work in harmony. step-by-step. one-by-one. 5) As the thought seeds are planted. Only then can learning begin. "What Am I?" and simultaneously realizes that the answer is not completely known. the Master is gently awakening new awarenesses within the Initiate. 3) The journey begins only when the conscious one asks sincerely.The Book of Jedi individual experience. in preparation to become a Jedi. step-by-step. 4) When the Initiate is ready the Master will appear. The major milestone comes when the Initiate experiences and 13 . The opening within the consciousness of the Initiate allows any of these Masters to offer the seed thoughts that will manifest as a changed consciousness within the Initiate as he is lifted. aligned by The Force.

7) At this moment the teachability of the Initiate expands considerably. harsher training. he is willing and able to accept stricter discipline.The Book of Jedi consciously realizes that The Force has guided his actions in some small way. This awakening is the goal of all of the past preparations that have brought the Initiate to this singular point of recognition. 6) The Initiate will quickly realize that additional training is required if he is to master the art of allowing his consciousness to open in receptivity to The Force. and to remove the barriers which prevent him from expanding and accelerating this subtle inner surrendering to a partnership with The Force. 14 . The Master will deliver his instruction according to the level of ability of his Padawan. The Initiate will seek a Master and become his Padawan Learner. and ever higher standards for himself.

and perhaps the greatest challenge of the Master is to ensure that the Padawan always knows that there is more to learn. even very few of those who have been awarded the title of Jedi Masters. have ever truly reached the pinnacle of what The Force is offering to all life .The Book of Jedi 8) The next phase of training is the most dangerous for the Padawan. he must quickly be given a new master who can reveal to the Padawan that there is still so much that must be learned.the opportunity to become the focused manifestation through which The Force operates to experience itself as its next ultimate 15 . for the most receptive will quickly master all that they can see and understand. For this reason it is imperative that the Master recognize his own limitations and if a Padawan ever exceeds his masters ability to inspire. they will forget that they do not yet know what they do not know. this arrogance can be very costly. 9) Very few Jedi.

The mystery of this selection process and the true preparations required to receive this mantle are known only to those who have experienced it.The Book of Jedi manifestation. and those who have not will only know that The Force is 'unusually strong' with them. 16 . those who have experienced it will recognize each other. Those few who have experienced this divine mantle of grace need never tell others of it.

yet within universes of duality The Force necessarily manifests as the two sides of itself.The Book of Jedi Chapter 6: The Dark Side of The Force Among the Jedi it is known that The Force exists in a state of oscillation. Thus there is Always The Force. To experience itself as the supreme qualities of goodness it must contrast itself by manifesting the supreme qualities of what it is not. The ebb and flow of The Force is the constant 17 . embracing all of its parts. The Force is the totality of all. yet there is also The Dark Side. an ebb and flow. in its manifested forms.

which the Jedi will be challenged to detect and counter. ever more subtle manipulations. for The Force will always re-emerge to counter the 18 . and The Force may even allow many of its chosen ones to fall. But The Force cannot be extinguished. the Jedi have no need to ever fear. These monstrosities will always come as more subtle. At other times the Jedi will be unaware of what is happening. more invisible. At times the Jedi will swiftly detect and shine the lights of honesty. justice. and liberty that will dispel the darkness. The Force. In the widening oscillations. ever more diabolical machinations. more undetectable attacks .The Book of Jedi playing out of the divine drama wherein The Dark Side emerges and grows and seeks to dominate and control all . manifesting as The Dark Side delights in its creation of ever more terrible which The Force will awaken its chosen few who will counter these dark stirrings.

fears. losses. and it will always be victorious. as past history has borne out. It would be expected that the Dark Side would manifest in such a way that disbelief would seem impossible. though they are almost certainly superficial and temporary. angers. The Jedi's guard 19 .The Book of Jedi machinations of The Dark Side. It is known by the Jedi that The Dark Side will make offerings to its chosen Sith. hatreds. It is unknown to the Jedi what these may be. and sufferings of the past. It will offer manipulated understandings and perspectives which deceive them into believing that there are certain rewards for their actions. The Dark Side has only ever chosen those individuals who have been unable to resolve the pains. With each conflict The Force discovers itself to be even more amazing than it has ever realized Itself to be. In all known past history.

and forgiving others of what they have done. 20 .The Book of Jedi against The Dark Side is to forgive . Only in a state of having clean hands and a clean heart may the Jedi walk safely.forgiving oneself of what has been done. he is compromised until the time when he acknowledges what has been done. Once any person is found to have done any action that does not align with his nature. The first entrance of The Dark Side is always to capitalize on a character weakness.

and cannot be judged by anyone but himself. He must decide for himself what rules he will abide by. A young Jedi aspiring to the pinnacle of his purpose of BEing animated fully by The Force will 21 . Yet among those who have ever been chosen by The Force as its focused vehicle for expression there are commonalities. sacrosanct. and what role he will play within the divine drama of The Force expressing itself in manifested form.The Book of Jedi Chapter 7: The Jedi Code Each Jedi becomes a Law unto himself. A Jedi's relationship with The Force is personal.

3) A Jedi's passion is for The Force only.The Book of Jedi take careful note of these points and seek to incorporate them within his life and BEingness: 0) A Jedi constantly seeks alignment with The Force. always recognizing that there is more to learn. 1) A Jedi will set aside his emotions and act from the calm peace that The Force furnishes him. 2) A Jedi constantly strives for ever deeper levels of honesty and integrated understanding of The Force in all of its manifestations. 4) A Jedi recognizes with wonder and marvel as the divine drama of The Force playing out in the 22 . and thus he is free to manifest as an expression of the serenity and activity of The Force.

The Book of Jedi
totality of its manifested form. 5) A Jedi has been shown by The Force that there is no death, that awareness continues after being translated from {The Force which animates a body} back into {The Primordial Force from which all manifestations arises}. This code has been captured as a mantra through which alignment and incorporation of the Code into a Jedi's BEingness may be accomplished. The mantra is thus: Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony. Death, yet the Force.


The Book of Jedi Appendix A: The Masterless Padawan
It has been foreseen that there will be times when only The Book of Jedi will be available for a Padawan or to study from. At times the Jedi order will be spread thin. And for those times The Force has directed that this manuscript also include instructions for the Neophyte Padawan. Perhaps you are one such Padawan, or perhaps The Force has only just begun to stir within you. If so, then today is the day that your training begins or advances.


The Book of Jedi
Of course, as you master this segment of your training, you may also look back with fond memories to see how far you have come. What follows is the condensation of the lessons and exercises that have been used by many Jedi Masters as they have trained those that have qualified for instruction.


the advanced material.The Book of Jedi Introduction: Mastering The One Basic Principle It is known to all Jedi. What then do the more advanced students study. In other pursuits. only now they study it with a base of experience so that the nuance and finer details can be mastered as well. there is only the basic material. and why is that not shared with those just beginning? Advanced students are still studying the basic material. In honesty there is no advanced material. there will 26 . especially intellectual persuits such as mathematics for example. that all younglings wish to know the secrets.

over time more and more situations and challenges were resolved with the kinds of thought processes that grew out of the basic principle. In the case of mathematics that basic principle is "How can I use abstractions and symbols to most efficiently resolve real world situations?" Counting and accounting were developed first as a means to measure one's possessions. Thus we will always be returning to this one and only most fundamental basic: "How can I align 27 .The Book of Jedi be one basic throughout. This will all be meaningless until a Jedi can first feel and experience The Force flowing through him. The one and only basic principle that the Jedi seeks to master is "How can I align myself with The Force?" The advanced material details the arts for mastering the most subtle and fine interactions a person has with The Force.

The Lessons from a Master Jedi.The Book of Jedi myself more closely with The Force?" From experience. The Disciplines and Exercises. are all focused on this one goal. sensing the rippled disturbances or euphoric joys of The Force. The graced movements. the telekinetic. and many other abilities all come in time to those who align themselves with The Force. the reading of thoughts and emotions. it is known that The Jedi Code. 28 .

29 .The Book of Jedi Lesson 1: Who Do You Listen to? Recognizing The Master [Omitted in unregistered edition] It is known among the Jedi. that a Neophyte Padawan will often engage in his training without actually understanding how to be effective in his training. and he will offer stimulations which will bring about that result. The Master knows what result he seeks to bring about in his Padawan.

30 .] The Jedi are always encouraged to seek out a master who...The Book of Jedi [The remainder of this lesson has been omitted from the unregistered edition of The Book of Jedi.

He will be looking to see if you are worth teaching.The Book of Jedi Lesson 2: Are You Willing to Learn and Change? Recognize that as you approach the Master. and frankly. there is a delicate dance to see if a match between the two of you exists. If you have done your due diligence. 31 . you will have selected a Master that you believe will be able to teach you. How will he judge you? First he will listen to The Force: what does it reveal to him about you and the future? His choice will be effortless.

What does it mean to be 'teachable'? It means that you are willing to be wrong about what you believe to be true. 32 . It means you are willing to accept the disciplines. there is one thing that will have significance in this regard: You must show The Force itself that you are 'teachable'. The Force will then guide you to the master who will be able to teach you. and in some cases the tangible resources. required to learn what the Master will teach you. It means you are willing to offer up the time and energy. What are you willing to give up? Recognize that if you wish to learn a new way.The Book of Jedi there is little that you can do to influence it. Yet of all the things that you might do. you must be willing to give up the old way.

will have little success.The Book of Jedi The Padawan who must be shown in great detail why the new way will be better. "You are not yet teachable enough to justify the use of my time and energy. by simply saying. You are welcome to come back when you are willing to learn and willing to accept change. the Padawan who is unwilling to try it and see for himself even as an experiment. and the Master will do what is best for both himself and the Padawan. 33 . then The Force will show the Master what it is that you can be given." If you show The Force that you are teachable.

It is 34 . certain inner preparations must be made. yet there is no 'How'.The Book of Jedi Lesson 3: The Inner Preparations Before anything can happen outwardly. The 'How' takes care of itself once the inner preparations have been made. Many Young Jedi crave to know 'How'. swift and dramatic outward changes follow. The inner preparations that are necessary to affect any particular outer manifestation are unique to that outer manifestation. Once the inner preparations are made.

This slow. and when the results do burst forth few will understand that it was the inner preparations that allowed the results to manifest. Your master is offering you stimulations which will result in the building of the inner preparations that are necessary to bring you to the point that you must be at before the next outward manifestation can burst forth. unseen to all. the water builds invisibly on the far side. 35 .The Book of Jedi much like a floodgate. but then suddenly the pressure is too much and the gate will snap open and a tsunami of water ushers forth into the manifested reality. Do not be surprised when you see that so much of what is done in your training is seemingly insignificant or seemingly non-sensical. invisible building of inner preparations is unknown to many.

vehicles. 36 . routes. gratitude.The Book of Jedi The specific activities. skills. Desirable objectives will fill the young Jedi with wonder. The Force flows powerfully in those whom have aligned their thoughts with the objectives of The Force: The manifestation of its qualities through individual consciousness. paths. and excitement .these wonderful feelings are the result of The Force flowing powerfully within him. actions. awe. humility. This is accomplished simply by contemplating on the objective and exploring its aspects and potentialities and allowing The Force to reveal more and more of "What would be good to manifest". and tools are all insignificant in comparison to the the reason 'WHY' the objective is desirable.

] It is the goal of all Jedi Training to reach the fourth stage. In the beginning a person will not know..The Book of Jedi Lesson 4: The Steps to Mastery [Omitted in unregistered edition] There are four stages leading to the mastery of a skill or ability or application of some knowledge. 37 ... [The remainder of this lesson has been omitted from the unregistered edition of The Book of Jedi. of having ..

[The remainder of this lesson has been omitted from the unregistered edition of The Book of Jedi.The Book of Jedi Lesson 5: Barriers to Advancement [Omitted in unregistered edition] The first four lessons are designed specifically to assist you in overcoming barriers that are likely to arise during your training.] 38 .

The Book of Jedi Lesson 6: Experiencing The Force [Omitted in unregistered edition] There are literally millions of exercises listed in the Jedi Archives that have been used effectively by Jedi Masters throughout history to bring a Padawan to the point of consciously feeling The Force flowing through himself. and then a few others to offer you a sense of the diversity of what the Jedi Masters have done 39 . specifically I am offering you the top 12 most effective. I will be offering you a sampling of these.

The Book of Jedi to assist their Padawan through this all important first step into conscious experience with The Force. and Euphoric). Kind. Integrated. Gentle. Certain. 0) Most obviously. 1) Appreciate Something Beautiful. Invincible. Patient. this will always be the most important and most effective at awakening these awarenesses within the Padawan. Graceful. Unshakable. Merciful. Understanding.] 40 . Masterful. Beyond all techniques. [The remainder of this lesson has been omitted from the unregistered edition of The Book of Jedi. Noble. 2) Contemplate on times past and future of when you have participated in the qualities of The Force (Honest. Dynamic. Benevolent. Compassionate. simply observe and interact with those in whom The Force is active. Just.

The Book of Jedi 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 41 .

197) 6.672) 22.248) The diversity of exercises and techniques for 42 .385) 492.812) 491. 989.The Book of Jedi 33) 459) 755) 1.377) Observe the complete life cycle of any life form.

an increased awareness of The Force is gained by attention being placed upon some aspect of the workings of The Force within the Padawan or within others. In all cases.The Book of Jedi bringing about a conscious experience of The Force really are astounding. 43 .

The Force makes contact with the aspects of consciousness which are represented in 44 . The process of awakening these insights is simple. it can be accomplished by anyone. The process results in increased neural pathways between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. they are a continuous stream of inspiration.The Book of Jedi Lesson 7: Allowing The Force to Reveal Something to You Perhaps the greatest gift The Force gives to its manifestations are subtle inner communications visions of possibility. These arise within the mind of a Jedi effortlessly.

For any vision worth pursuing. and if you had the full sanction of The Force to manifest it. however in this case. In general. But this can be accelerated and expanded with a simple technique. how would you go about it. thinking about 'How' to do something can result in blockages to the flow of The Force. once you have created the hypothetical of "it shall be done. and I shall be the one to make it happen" at that point working out 'how' such a vision might be made 45 .The Book of Jedi manifested form as the right hemisphere of the brain .these subtle impulses and visions must then be translated into an analytical format for perception and contemplation within those faculties of consciousness as represented in manifested form by the left hemisphere of the brain. consider that if manifesting that vision was completely up to you. Contemplating upon what one wants naturally induces The Force to offer visions of possibility.

the visions that come to the Jedi will manifest faster and easier and with less action than the Jedi ever anticipated. and the interaction of The Force with the Jedi will determine what must be done by the Jedi in order for the vision to manifest. the role of the Jedi is to do his part in the process. Realize however that The Force can manifest any vision directly.The Book of Jedi manifest is highly creative and will have no blockages. So the specific technique is to conceive of a 46 . The Force will come in and show you step-by-step everything that must happen for the vision to manifest along one or more particular routes. However. As the Jedi chooses visions which are in greater alignment with The Force and what it desires for its expanding manifestation. the Jedi will always be expected to contribute his part to the manifesting process as determined by the relationship between The Force and the Jedi.

either clarifying what it is that you actually desire. and to then discover one of the infinite possible routes that The Force could direct you in the realization of that vision. or leading you on a route of experience that will prepare you for other things yet to come. All of which will be for your benefit. and behold as The Force brings you other aspects that you were not previously prepared to anticipate. You may accept your experience with complete confidence that The Force is guiding you for your ultimate happiness and the fulfillment of the purpose for which you 47 .The Book of Jedi vision which fills you with joy. Map out each step and each action that would need to be executed. See the milestones that would be crossed. At some point in this process The Force will bring you a flood of insights into that particular route. it will be up to you whether or not you will execute it. Once the plan is revealed to you.

The Book of Jedi were manifested out from The Primordial Force. 48 .

Each has been awakened by The Force into consciousness.. The supreme manifestation of The Force will be.The Book of Jedi Lesson 8: Expanding the Vehicle of The Force [Omitted in unregistered edition] The Jedi collectively are the chosen vehicles of The Force in this and all universes. 49 . and each has been stirred to seek out ways to more closely align themselves with The Force..

The Book of Jedi [The remainder of this lesson has been omitted from the unregistered edition of The Book of Jedi.] 50 .

[The remainder of this lesson has been omitted from 51 . All else that a Jedi may do are simply variations and refinements on these points. you now have the basic principles with which all Jedi are constantly engaging.The Book of Jedi Lesson 9: Accelerating the Inner Preparations [Omitted in unregistered edition] With the preceding eight lessons.

The Book of Jedi the unregistered edition of The Book of Jedi.] 52 .

53 . actions. The Sith are constantly evolving in their subtlety. though they will repeat any plans. or gambits which they believe will work again.The Book of Jedi Appendix B: Recognizing The Dark Side It is vital to the mission of the Jedi that all come to recognize the manifestations of The Dark Side. any version of "The Book of Sith" that you come across will ever be complete or the most current. Recognize then that no list showing what the Sith may do will ever be complete.

Likely the Book of Sith will introduce concepts which cast doubt on the completeness of The Book of Jedi or which offer plausible models/scenarios which cannot be tested and verified.The Book of Jedi It is known that versions of "The Book of Sith" have been created specifically to infect the minds of the Jedi with false or half-truth ideas. and against whom you may contrast the points.whatever story or model or scenario which they actually believe in. If at any time you come across a version of "The Book of Sith" and you feel compelled to read it. their actions thus far have 54 . however it seems likely that the Sith are most clearly focused on the destruction of consciousness . models of the universe that justify their destructive actions. It is always unclear as to what the understanding and value system of the Sith actually is. it is suggested that you read it in the presence of another Jedi who will not read it.

and so it has been inferred that "The Destruction of Consciousness" is the primary objective of the Sith. Here are some of the many gambits that the Sith have executed in the past: 1) Gain Political Power so that the use of physical violence can be wielded against those who become conscious. 2) Leverage the masses of aware but not yet conscious individuals as a voting base within a democracy. 3) Attempt to subvert any constitutionally limited republic into a democracy into a dictatorship disguised as a democracy.The Book of Jedi always aligned with this goal. Observe for yourself and be your own judge. 55 .

or race vs race. when about to be found guilty at a trial offer a convincingly sincere apology and 56 . 5) Engineer problems where none previously existed.The Book of Jedi 4) Seek reasons to justify the use of initiatory violence and threat of initiatory violence against the innocent. 7) When identified retreat. or rich vs poor. cultivate the desired reaction to those problems. when beaten pose as a manipulated victim or one who was unaware of what he has done. and then use that reaction and emotional irrationality to sell an unconscious population on actions or policies which are to their detriment though they seem justified at the moment. 6) Always recast any dialog of good vs evil into some other form such as red vs blue. when cornered attack with deadly force.

pains. impose crushing penalties and/or death and/or fates worse than death. 9) Leverage an individual's fears. angers. & hatreds to manipulate him into committing further actions in violation of his personal ideals. 57 . and if ever one attempts to leave or do less.The Book of Jedi willingly accept any punishment save death (knowing that any punishment other than death can be escaped or endured). guilts (real or false). 8) Create situations where the innocent are manipulated into accepting false guilt for negative outcomes which where not really under their control. 10) Offer ever increasing benefits for those who violate themselves for the Sith cause.

destructive. and painful that can be created. 13) Always be aware of the largest objective and all milestones and sub-objectives. incorporate more and more of your agenda until the vote passes by the 58 . Use the minimum level of ruthlessness which is necessary to shock the comprehension of the one to be manipulated or broken. 14) In any majority vote.The Book of Jedi 11) Strive for the creation of penalties and tortures that are THE MOST ruthless. diabolical. prevent all from comprehending the ultimate evils. 12) Pose as the captive of an enemy who is actually in your service. Never use or reveal the supreme penalties unless absolutely necessary and ensure that death is delivered immediately to all who experience them. in any situation maximize action towards all objectives.

17) Gain trust. 16) Identify those Jedi that can be turned to The Dark Side. if there is a vote margin. 18) Create justification for the construction of an invincible army or an unstoppable weapon. select from among them the most powerful as the candidates for apprenticeship. 15) Use sympathy and desperation to manipulate the naive and innocent into your support and political elevation. it means there are more agenda advancing aspects which can be added to the bill at the 'expense' of the margin (which is worth nothing provided the bill passes).The Book of Jedi narrowest margin possible. and know all. 19) Create justification for the use of that invincible 59 .

23) Maximize the competence of the aware but unconscious populations that serve you. 20) Use truth as a crushing mental/emotional shock to destabilize those to be manipulated. especially conscious life and specifically the Jedi and any organizations that oppose the this by keeping them in a continuous state of fear or desperation from unknown enemies 60 .The Book of Jedi army or unstoppable weapon against the them into hopelessness and isolation or surrender. 22) Deliver a swift and crushing blow to ones enemies that staggers the mind/emotions of all who witness it or manage to survive it . while preventing them from actually emerging as conscious . 21) Use displays of violent power to crush the innocent into submission.

24) Always use truth. alter the context. 25) Recast dialogs from honesty (as a dynamic process) to truth (a manipulatable static). 28) Use false flag terrorism to justify the creation of 61 .The Book of Jedi or financial pressures . and when it can't support Sith objectives directly. 27) Use displays of incomprehensible powers or ruthlessness to engineer an atmosphere of hatred and focus superseded and regulated by fear.and simultaneously demanding continuous action and engagement of their minds on the tasks or distractions which you furnish them. 26) Inject irrationalities into the minds of those aware but unconscious to be controlled through good sounding non sequiturs.

travel. water. shelter. and/or preventing more advanced weaponry from being owned by anyone other than the government) thereby preventing any rebellion from being effective or even contemplated. 33) Never allow the actual source of Sith power to 62 . 32) Re-contextualize any opposition to the Sith empire as radical/extreme/terroristic. 31) Engineer the dependency of the unconscious masses on the government. etc). 30) Regulate and control the necessities of life (food. air. 29) Advocate a policy that only the government should possess the ability to fight wars effectively (such as gun or bullet confiscation.The Book of Jedi draconian policies and/or a martial law police state. power.

37) Positioning a large non-functional antenna in 63 . so that those wishing to perform any action must first ask permission and pay for the privilege to engage in that activity.The Book of Jedi be called into question -> the use of violence or threat of violence against the innocent. and/or provide for the licensing of any or all activities. executing or turning to The Dark Side those who become conscious. 35) Make certain communications illegal. 34) Pass laws to make everything illegal. 36) Require that all people routinely report in for a psychological evaluation. specifically metaphoric communication designed to rouse the unconscious into consciousness. enforce the laws selectively. Ensure that such a political condition is still considered 'freedom' by the unconscious masses.

38) Requiring that all people accept a regimen of chemical neurological manipulants.The Book of Jedi the center of every major city. ultimately to the point where the unconscious masses will accept government sanctioned public executions without trial or even formal declaration of criminality. 39) Training the unconscious populations to spy on each other and turn in to the authorities any who become 'suspicious'. and insisting that any time a person thinks a negative thought that they report in and acknowledge it and get an evaluation and that not reporting in will be detected and have more severe consequences. 64 . declaring that it picks up the thoughts of all people. 40) Undermine all protections of the innocent.

The Book of Jedi 41) Desensitize the unconscious masses to all forms of horror brought against their fellows . 42) Strictly regulate and control sexuality and pleasure and happiness. 44) Instigate & finance both sides of a war. extract interest and penalties. 45) Encourage all to become indebted to the institutions and establishments controlled by the Sith. 43) Engineer atmospheres where the unconscious masses desperately crave status and public recognition and yet feel that getting it depends entirely upon the government. make the victor pay the debts of the loser. pour profits back into mechanisms of control and penalty 65 . give it to those who model what is desired for that people to be like.make such images into entertainment.

46) Change the meanings of all words that lead towards consciousness. Kill those that remember 66 . prosperity. liberty. 47) Engineer a reduced life-span and degraded memory for the unconscious masses through food and chemical and air manipulations. liberty.the existing condition is always referred to with the most superlatively positive words possible. and warring the situation may be . or international relations. and peace are always used in the context as the existing condition. no matter how unfree. restricted. impoverished. prosperity.The Book of Jedi enforcement and hard assets. 48) Ensure that conditions for the unconscious masses are changed slowly enough that few if any are able to remember the earlier conditions wherein existed greater freedom. words such as freedom.

limit what ideas they are exposed to. 51) In all ways known. includes regulation and domination of all mass media conduits . delusional. 49) Engineer violent emotional reactions among the unconscious masses to the suggestion that any Sith standard actions are being executed in their area.The Book of Jedi and protest or otherwise indicate publicly that things are getting includes refusal of peer reviewed journals to authorize research revealing 67 . Among countless others. and/or that the masses should be protected from them. radical. 50) Use agent provocateurs to make it seem that associations engaged in non-violent protest are actually violent. crazy. terroristic. dangerous. this includes censorship as well as information overload . regulate the thoughts and awareness of the unconscious masses.

preventing them from engaging in transactions.The Book of Jedi any of the various Sith standard actions being executed in the past or present. both of which secretly support the position desired by the Sith. and if they leave the controlled area for the implant to release a lethal chemical toxin or a series of debilitating electroshocks and audio instructions to return to the controlled area.and then creating networks where it is fiercely believed that the future quality of life 68 . 53) Engineer a dialog of two voices. 52) Demand that all people accept a computer active implant to be allowed to conduct business the implant allows total surveillance of all people noting their locations and business dealings. also allowing criminals to be located swiftly. but which never agree and are in desperate and violent debate against each other on points of little consequence .

ensure that the masses of unconscious individual do not link fame and glory to honest efforts and in particular honest business. images of fame and glory gained through conquest and political manipulation . 56) Vilify as deception or greed or vice any exchange which is engaged in voluntarily and without the backing of an implied threat of violence 69 .and at all times the public perception is made to be that the strength of the two voices are very nearly equally balanced.The Book of Jedi depends upon one of the two voices dominating the other . 54) Ensure that all consciousness inspiring metaphorical constructions are interpreted strictly as fiction or delusion or attempts at poetic expression of repressed confusion. 55) Embed within the culture to be enslaved.

and then vilify all organizations that use such structures so that those individuals who are stirred by The Force into consciousness will be emotionally repelled by first impressions of any organization capable of helping them rise to new heights.and then use such organizations in support of overtly destructive or obviously covertly hostile objectives . 57) Create structures that appear identical in nature to that of the Jedi training system (a progression of levels wherein Jedi in training are able to associate most closely with a group of peers having a similar level of training) . 70 .The Book of Jedi or blackmail.

The Book of Jedi Epilogue to The Book of Jedi The adventure of a lifetime begins for each as The Force stirs within him. Jedi Archivist and Researcher 71 . Where will he go? Whom will he meet? What wonders await him? May The Force Be With You Dogen Elohim Altieri. . The registered version of this document has a link on this page which will take you to the location where you may request additional information. 72 Powered by TCPDF (www. you may request it once you are registered. you may do so by using the link below: Additional materials and audio training will be provided to you.The Book of Jedi If you would like additional information about any of the Jedi Aligned Organizations. If you would like to register.

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