A stressed out salesman reaches breaking point after seeing his recently ex wife cavorting with his abusive boss.

The Salesman has had a rough month, divorced and grieving for his dead parents and late for work when his over bearing and abusive manager sets him an impossible task to keep his job. Whilst trying to meet his sales quote he sees his boss cavorting with his now ex wife and cracks.

Step Outline
Scene 1 Ex. Dockside at sunrise The Salesman is sitting on the dock with a drink in one hand, a wedding photo of him and his recently divorced wife in the other. He is suddenly pulled down off of the dock. Scene 2 Int. Office, night The boss is in a large executive chair facing away from the door talking on the phone. The salesman walks into the office and slams his briefcase on the boss’s desk which scares the boss who turns round in his chair. The salesman pulls out a pistol of superglue and points it at the boss. Scene 3 Int. Office, early morning The salesman is late for work, when he enters the building his boss is waiting for him. His boss is abusive, almost physically violent and rejoices at the opportunity to ridicule the salesman. Today he has a nasty surprise for the salesman and takes him to his office where he sets him an impossible task to sell 200 packs of superglue. He then forcefully ejects the salesman from the building. Scene 4 Ex. Suburban Street, morning The salesman is knocking on people’s doors trying to meet his insane quota but makes no headway. There is a montage of doors being slammed, people being abusive. Scene 5

Int. Diner, midday-ish The salesman calls his friend Joe on a payphone in the diner. Joe tells him that the Circus is in town. Scene 6 Ex. Circus, late afternoon The salesman is trying to sell his wares to the performers in their caravans after they have finished a show. They’re not buying anything. A clown throws a pie at the back of his head. As the salesman turns around to confront the clown he sees his boss and ex wife kissing before getting into a car. The salesman breaks down and sees a mental image; he’s standing the centre of the big top surrounded by the mocking faces of the customers, clowns and his boss and ex wife. The latter each throw a cream pie at him, as they hit him the Salesman is brought back to reality. Scene 7 Int. Office, night time The boss is on the phone, he talks about how he convinced the salesman’s wife to leave and hook up with him instead. The salesman is at the door to the office by now and overhears this. He enters the office quietly and then slams his briefcase on the table, pulls out the pressurised superglue pistol and sticks the boss to his chair and then glues his mouth shut. He leaves but pauses by the exit to tear off his name badge, set it alight and throws it into a paper bin before leaving. Scene 8 Ex. Dockside, early morning The salesman is looking at his wedding photo, he then sets it aside and weights it down with his wedding ring. He drinks his drink and then we see a large piece of concrete tied to his waist. He pushes the concrete off of the pier. The story comes full circle, with the big reveal as to why the salesman gets pulled out of shot in scene 1.

Writer’s treatment The story follows 24 hours of the life of a door to door salesman. He has recently been divorced and at the same time has had to deal with the death of his parents. To top it all off his boss is abusive toward him. The story starts at the end where the salesman is sitting on a dock in the early morning watching the sun come up, he looks at his wedding photo showing him and his recently divorced wife smiling and looking happy in perfect contrast to how he’s feeling there on the dockside. He looks up from the photo, tears glistening on his face, lit in a pale orange from the dawning sun, a wry smile creeps briefly over his face as he is pulled downward by some inexorable force. The Salesman sneaks into a dark office, the only source of light is from the manager’s office, he pauses at the doorway and then rushes in, slamming his briefcase down on the desk, spooking the large balding manager. The Salesman pulls out a superglue pistol and levels it at the Boss He arrives late for work today, after his obligatory verbal abuse from his boss he is invited into the manager’s office. The boss gives the salesman an almost impossible task to sell two hundred packs of Ultra Bondex superglue, a mostly useless product as the only thing it’s really that good at is sticking flesh to flesh. Most people know of its properties and as such don’t buy it. It has no medical use as it is quite toxic. The Boss knows that this is next to impossible but he doesn’t care, the Boss hates the Salesman with a furious passion and would probably assault him was it not for the fact that he’s already got two previous assault charges and a third would land him in prison for a long time, besides, he’s having his way with his ex wife and is just waiting for the chance to rub it in his face because she left the Salesman for him. The Salesman sets out, his heart isn’t in his work today, he just knows that he’ll fail this challenge and is working out how he can avoid ending up on the streets. Things have just been piling on top of him since his parents died, then his wife filed for divorce out of the blue, he thought they were happy together. So maybe he’d been suffering with depression when he was told that his parents had both been brutally murdered in their sleep, who wouldn’t be? He breaks out of his reverie as his feet take him automatically to a perfect white door on the front of a perfect little house in a perfect suburban cul-de-sac with manicured lawns and the sounds of children laughing. He knocks, not expecting much. The door opens and two seconds into his sales pitch flinches away from the air that rushes from the door as it slams shut. The Salesman knows this day it just going to get better… The salesman goes to his favourite diner for a brief repast; he’s earned that at least after spending the whole morning having doors slammed in his face. Feeling desperate he calls his best and only friend Joe from the payphone in the diner. Joe has been a long time friend, albeit a rude and offensive friend he is always there to deliver good advice and a softer kick in the balls than everyone else. After nearly breaking down on the phone, Joe directs the Salesman to the Circus which is in town which Joe says he’d had good sales from in the past. Thankful the Salesman heads there. Knocking on the third caravan door after the previous two had been slammed in his face the Salesman is bracing for this door to crash back shut even before an off duty clown opens it. Amazed that it hasn’t instantly closed the salesman starts to make his pitch; the clown holds up a hand and then points to a sign which reads ‘No Leaflets,

No Salesmen, No Letter bombs’. The Salesman apologises for troubling the clown and walks away, after several paces a cream pie slams into the back of his head knocking off his glasses and covering his suit in cream and sponge. Incredibly angry, his right eye twitches as he turns to face his assailant, half way through his turn he stops dead as a different sight is framed in front of him. Standing in front of a sports car is his ex wife who is making an obscene display out of kissing his boss who is leaning nonchalantly against the car, before long they get into the car and drive off. The Salesman stands motionless. Something has cracked. Inside his mind the salesman sees himself in the centre of a big top surrounded by the customers and clowns that had all slammed doors in his face. Their faces flash by, all of them laughing and pointing, looking down the Salesman sees that he is wearing a clown get up in the colours and branding of the superglue he’s been charged with selling. His wife and boss appear, again kissing, they stop and see him and join in with the laughing before pausing and hurling cream pies at him. As the pies collide with his face he’s brought back to reality, although now he’s changed. His mind which had suffered too many hard hits and was already starting to crack has finally had enough, reality has become a somewhat fluid notion to the Salesman as he stalks back to the office in the growing darkness of the evening. The Boss is sitting back in his big leather executive chair with his feet up on the desk talking on the phone to one of his pals, or as he sees them, people to brag to and boast of his achievements. These are normally people he’s already broken down. Tonight he’s bragging about how he’s seeing the Salesman’s wife and how he’s going to fire him after sending him out on an impossible mission. The Salesman sneaks up to the door of his office in time to hear the Boss explain how he forced the Salesman’s wife to leave. This adds even more fuel to the fire in the salesman’s mind. Abandoning all sneaking the Salesman slams his trust briefcase on the Boss’s desk, scaring him half to desk. The Boss turns to see what happened as the Salesman slides the catches on his briefcase and pulls out the 7XL superglue pistol and levels it at the Boss who visibly shakes in fear. Instead of shooting him in the face the Salesman glues the edges of the Boss’s rotund mass to his chair and then passes the stream of glue over the Boss’s mouth. He then goes to leave but pauses at the door where he rips off his name badge, considering it for a moment. He pulls out a lighter and sets the badge alight before tossing it into a bin full of paper before walking calmly out. The story comes full circle with the Salesman sitting on the dockside, looking at the sunrise. He pulls out the superglue pistol and glues his feet to a lump of concrete before pulling out the wedding picture. After looking at it he puts it to one side, weighing it down with his wedding band. His gaze returns to the sunrise as he swings his legs out over the water and just as a wry grin forms on his face the weight drags him off the dock and into the murky depths.