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April 2010, Vol. 48, No. 4

The authors explore the architectural and protocol aspects that enable third-party IMS application development and deployment. They also study how the applications will coexist with other applications already deployed in the IMS. They describe Java libraries exploiting the functionality of the IMS both in the terminal client and within the core network. SALVATORE LORETO, TOMAS MECKLIN, MILJENKO OPSENICA, AND HEIDI-MARIA RISSANEN

PROTOCOL ADAPTATION IN THE NGN ENVIRONMENT The authors present a practical deployment of a contextual service offered by a convergent telecommunications operator, whose functionality is to provide intelligent context-based call routing and rerouting, orchestrated from the operator’s service layer. It is based on IMS control layer capabilities to properly capture the situation of the end user in a ubiquitous coverage area. ALEJANDRO CADENAS, ANTONIO SANCHEZ-ESGUEVILLAS, AND BELÉN CARRO

THE INTEGRATION OF THE IP MULTIMEDIA SUBSYSTEM AND WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS The authors have previously proposed a presence-based architecture for WSN/IMS integration. This architecture relies on two key components: a WSN/IMS gateway acting as an interworking unit between WSNs and the IMS; and an extended presence server serving as a context information management node in the core network. In this article the authors focus on the design and implementation of these two components. MAY EL BARACHI, ARIF KADIWAL, ROCH GLITHO, FERHAT KHENDEK, RACHIDA DSSOULI

The author provides an analysis of broadband Internet diffusion in 27 countries of the European Union. The author also proposes a simple model of its growth and identifies the theoretical growth limits in each country. Some aspects of the European i2010 project implementation are presented, discussed, and compared with the model. RYSZARD STRUZAK

LESSONS LEARNED AND APPLICATIONS Next-generation networks offer new opportunities and challenges to Internet service providers as well as providers of other online services. Service providers can now deploy new services over an IP network infrastructure without building their own networks. In an open network environment, the network resources of ISPs should be fairly open to third parties that plan to launch their own services. To respond to the changing network paradigm, it is essential to measure the traffic of individual services, and to estimate their cost for cost accounting between service provider and ISP. However, current traffic measurement techniques only provide total traffic volume in links, without reporting the operator whose services flow through the links. JUNGYUL CHOI, SEUNG-HOON KWAK, MI-JEONG LIM, TAEIL CHAE, BYOUNG-KWON SHIM, AND JAE-HYOUNG YOO



IEEE Communications Magazine • April 2010

AND LUCA FOSCHINI 122 REPUTATION ESTIMATION AND QUERY IN PEER-TO-PEER NETWORKS Many peer-to-peer systems assume that peers are cooperative to share and relay data. Then the algorithm and architecture optimization schemes are proposed. Electronic submissions are preferred. tel: +1-732-981-0060. YOUNG POSTMASTER: Send address changes to IEEE Communications Magazine. PO Box 1051. ON L2A 6C7 106 POWER LINE COMMUNICATION NETWORKS FOR LARGE-SCALE CONTROL AND AUTOMATION SYSTEMS Power line communications uses the existing power line infrastructure for communication purposes.-H. Second. with up to 10 carefully selected references. HUNG. it discusses current underground mine communication techniques and identifies their potential problems. LUTZ LAMPE.manuscript central. SALIL KANHERE. Lajos Hanzo Class of 2011 Robert Fish. New York. Inc. ERTAN ZENCIR.-H. JIANHONG XIAO. The proposed sensing technique avoids vessel penetration and substantially minimizes vessel restriction due to the soft cuff elasticity. Michele Zorzi Class of 2012 Stefano Bregni.0 The authors present an embedded CMOS digital dual tuner for DOCSIS 3. Responsibility for the contents rests upon authors of signed articles and not the IEEE or its members. SUBMISSIONS: The magazine welcomes tutorial or survey articles that span the breadth of communications. 114 IMS-COMPLIANT MANAGEMENT OF VERTICAL HANDOFFS FOR MOBILE MULTIMEDIA SESSION CONTINUITY The authors propose an original solution for session continuity based on the primary design guideline of cleanly and effectively separating the signaling plane (for session reconfiguration via SIP) from the media delivery plane (data transmission and related handoff management operations). GIUSEPPE CUSMAI. The dual tuner down-converts a total of ten 6 MHz Annex B channels or eight 8 MHz Annex A channels. All rights reserved. Instructions can be found at: http:// www. PAOLO BELLAVISTA. Telcordia Tech. Copyright © 2010 by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. But in the open environment of the Internet. in this article the authors are concerned with PLC as an enabler for sensing. The contribution of this article is threefold. Past-President E. Non-member print subscription: $400. reprint. Printed in USA.. a cache-based prediction engine is proposed to ease both design challenges. V. Copyright law for private use of patrons: those post-1977 articles that carry a code on the bottom of the first page provided the per copy fee indicated in the code is paid through the Copyright Clearance Center. AND HALID HRASNICA SUBSCRIPTIONS. TZU-DER CHUANG. To detect malicious peers or reward well behaved ones. 3 Park Avenue. Periodicals postage paid at New York. HANLI ZOU. Past President Mark Karol. AND DARRIN J. Submissions will normally be approximately 4500 words. USA. Unless otherwise specified. Third. MASSIMO BRANDOLINI. 98 INTEGRATED ELECTRONIC SYSTEM DESIGN FOR AN IMPLANTABLE WIRELESS BATTERYLESS BLOOD PRESSURE SENSING MICROSYSTEM A wireless. For other copying. IEEE Communications Magazine. 66 SAFETY ASSURANCE AND RESCUE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS IN HIGH-STRESS ENVIRONMENTS: A MINING CASE STUDY Effective communication is critical to the success of response and rescue operations. Joseph Evans Nelson Fonseca. LEONARD DAUPHINEE. NY and at additional mailing offices. President Doug Zuckerman. SHAO-YI CHIEN. 222 Rosewood Drive. 40030962.S. YU-HAN CHEN. a reputation system is often used. PEI-KUEI TSUNG.0 and set-top box applications. MA 01923. org/ PRASANT MISRA. Vig. LI-FU DING. AND SANJAY JHA TOPICS IN INTEGRATED CIRCUITS FOR COMMUNICATIONS SERIES EDITORS: CHARLES CHIEN. $16 per year digital subscription.cheung@ieee. ZHIWEI XU. The authors give an overview of P2P reputation systems and investigate two fundamental issues in the design: reputation estimation and query. Executive Director Nim Cheung. For further information contact Steve Gorshe. IEEE. USA. Director. DIETHELM OSTRY. Nim K. Canadian Post International Publications Mail (Canadian Distribution) Sales Agreement No. Green. the IEEE neither endorses nor sanctions any positions or actions espoused in IEEE Communications Magazine. NJ 088544157.C. YOUNG SHIN. it outlines those common characteristics that impair communication in highstress environments and then evaluates their importance. tel: +(732) 699-5252. Room RRC-1B321. While the majority of recent contributions have discussed PLC for high-data-rate applications like Internet access or multimedia communication serving a relatively small number of users. Letaief. Piscataway. DONGSOO KOH. GST Registration No. President-Elect David G. at IEEE Headquarters. DAVE S. unreliable operation of communication systems in high-stress environments is a significant obstacle to achieving this. and automation in large systems comprising tens or even hundreds of components spread over relatively wide areas. NJ 08855-1331. Sarah K. http://www. HANS EBERHART. CHANG. GARY CHAN 4 IEEE Communications Magazine • April 2010 . AND LIANG-GEE CHEN 88 AN EMBEDDED 65 NM CMOS BASEBAND IQ 48 MHZ–1 GHZ DUAL TUNER FOR DOCSIS 3. WEN H.. Danvers. accompanied by up to six figures and/or tables. 445 Hoes Lane. Cheung. LOKE TAN. 17th Floor. e-mail: n. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION: $27 per year print subscription. specifically in the underground mine environment. Publishing Services.2010 Communications Society Elected Officers Byeong Gi Lee. FRANCESCO GATTA.comsoc. Division III IEEE COMMUNICATIONS MAGAZINE (ISSN 01636804) is published monthly by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. New York. Piscataway. for a maximum data rate of 320 Mb/s in Annex B and 400 Mb/s in Annex A mode. TAI-HONG CHIH. ANTONIO CORRADI. TAKAYUKI HAYASHI. President Moshe Kam. Chan Iwao Sasase. Treasurer John R. James Prendergast. Victor Frost Stefano Galli. KO. LIN HE. VP–Technical Activities Khaled B. Single copy price is $25. PETER CANGIANE. FRANK SINGOR. Secretary Peter Staecker. control. WEI-YIN CHEN. NY 10016.change@ ieee. with few mathematical formulas. batteryless. it explores the design of wireless sensor network based communication and location sensing systems that could potentially address current challenges. COPYRIGHT AND REPRINT PERMISSIONS: Abstracting is permitted with credit to the source. VP–Member Relations Leonard Cimini. First.comsoc. AND STEPHEN MOLLOY 74 GUEST EDITORIAL 76 VIDEO ENCODER DESIGN FOR HIGH-DEFINITION 3D VIDEO COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS The authors present an overview of 3D video coding standards developments and design challenges of an MVC encoder. BRYAN J. 1031 Helena Street. They classify the state-of-the-art approaches into several categories and study representative examples in each category. address changes — IEEE Service Center. and should be sumitted through Manuscript Central (http://commag-ieee. PAI-HENG HSIAO. NY 10016-5997. less invasive blood pressure sensing microsystem based on an instrumented circular cuff has been developed for advanced biological research.-J. One Telcordia Drive.html. Address correspondence to: Advertising there may be uncooperative malicious peers. MATTIA INTROINI. Fort Eire. VP–Publications Members-at-Large Class of 2010 Fred Bauer. 3 Park Avenue. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: Frontier. tel: +1-212-705-8900. CHANG. For the trade-off between system memory bandwidth and on-chip memory size. JAMES Y. AND PIETER VORENKAMP EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE: Address to: Editorin-Chief. 17th Floor. PENG CONG. VP–Conferences Sergio Benedetto. orders. Our optimized handoff management techniques exploit terminal-based decentralized predictions to minimize service-level handoff delays. However. Ray. 445 Hoes Lane. Libraries are permitted to photocopy beyond the limits of write to Director. e-mail: address. 125634188. Headquarters address: IEEE. GERD BUMILLER. All submissions will be peer reviewed. or republication permission. Piscataway. RAY GOMEZ. NJ 08855-1331. Wilson 2010 IEEE Officers Pedro A. ADVERTISING: Advertising is accepted at the discretion of the publisher. TAO WU. XING JIN AND S. Associate Editor-in-Chief (steve_gorshe@pmcsierra. BRUCE CURRIVAN.

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