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Music of the Spheres The Neverending Story of Music

There is a double sense of joy: we give and receive emotion.

Our life unfolds today in a stressful environment. The world is looking
Mellosofia aims to promote classical music to the general
for an "antidote”. A part of this " antidote" can be found in music. As
public. This chamber ensemble, plays music given by the flute and
we are looking for the forest and the meadow to heal our souls, in the
piano generating deep emotion. Repertoire selection is done by
same way we should look for music. Our Earth was born from the
approuching the works corresponding to the team spirit and
Universe’s Song. That is why everything that exists in nature,
temperament.This year, the two musicians aim to bring to the public in
expresses itself through a song that can be perceived by the souls who
Romania the Dutch contemporary music. Rembrandt, Van Gogh tulips,
live in contact with him. All these songs form a symphony that is
shoes, windmills these are the magic words/images by which
vital for humanity. Music of the spheres,
Romanians recognize The Netherlands. But this country has far
so dear to Pitagoras, is a reality:
more cultural treasure
celestial bodies that slip in their orbits
worth discovering.
have sound vibrations, creating a
Contemporary classical
cosmic music. There is a music of
music is one of these
human nature which resonates with the
treasures and it must be
music of the spheres being it’s echo.
made known. The project is
The music blends toghether in a
much larger and they will be giving recitals not
perfect harmony. If the music of the
only in Romania but as well in other European countries such as
Universe comes to us then as a normal
France (Paris,Toulouse), Italy (Milano, Torino) and England (Lancaster).
reaction we should turn to the universe
through music. We can do it using the arguments of the scientific
researches today. They show that the complex classical music has
proved to be very useful for relaxation and enhance memory.
Sense of harmony Mozart Effect
Medicine tells us that the
main cause of depression is lack of
It is said that Albert
serotonin, the hormone of
Einstein was a mediocre student
wellness. Recent studies show that
until he started playing the violin.
music of Bach, Mozart,
„Up to that time, he encountered
Beethoven help produce
many difficulties in expressing
serotonin. Depression causes
what he knew”, says Hazel
heart disease, but the rhythm of
Cheilek, conductor of the school
music stabilizes and regulates
of science and technology "
blood pressure. Research
Thomas Jefferson” where more
conducted at the Center and
than one third of the students
Neuro-Linguistic, Neurobiology of
were playing an instrument. Even
Learning and Memory techniques
Einstein said that the moments of
in California have found that
maximum inspiration were while playing the
preschoolers who took music
violin. He freed his mind so he can create. At the beginning of the
lessons have scored 80% higher on
eighteenth-century King George I of England said that he was able to
intelligence test (IQ test) than
take the right decisions while listening to music. Handel composed the
those who haven’t studied music. The same center carried out a
suite "Water Music" to be played while the king floated on board of
study on students at University of California and Irvine, found that
the Royal vessel on the Thames. Even Plato in ancient Greece believed
so-called "Mozart Effect" has helped students obtain a score of 9
that the study of music creates a sense of order and harmony
points higher on IQ test (IQ test) than those who sat in silence or
necessary for intelligent thinking.
listened to other relaxing music.
In duo with classical guitar, she performed several recitals, Healing through music
including:"Elegance du Baroque" at the National University of Music
Bucharest, Autumn 2009 season recital "Equinox" - Theatre "Equinox" Music means deep feelings
Ploiesti, great concert " Baroque Music at The Police Agents School" and passions of our
Vasile Lascar" Campina, "Carols in the Church” (Parish Youth Heroes memory and imagination,
Ploiesti) "Music or the path of healing" - Prahova County Museum of the leap over logic and
Art "Ion Ionescu-Quintus", Humanitarian Concert "Life For Alexandra" reason meaning spiritual
– „Theatre Thomas Caragiu" Ploiesti, "Classical music at the Café communion. The healing effects of music,
Pasoptista” - Ghika Palace Bucharest. meant to ensure the health of body and soul,
are well known from ancient times. In ancient
In duo with piano, she performed many recitals, including: "Musique Egypt there were chants as treatments for infertility
Francaise" - Paul Constantinescu Memorial House, "La Belle Epoque" and rheumatic pain. In the Old Testament says that sadness of King
Prahova County Museum of Art "Ion Ionescu-Quintus", "Erasmus Saul was driven away by David's harp song (the later king). David
Students in Concert" National University of Music Bucharest. has made himself one of the first collection of songs called David's
She atended the masterclass of Mr. Prof. Dr. Petre Lefterescu, called Psalter. In ancient Greece the aulos sound (gr.Αυλος), ancestor of the
Stylistic Interpretation of Baroque Music. flute, relieved pain of sciatica and gout Great composers have been
aware of the connection between health and music:Handel, said, "...
She attended master classes held by important flutist such as through my compositions, I am not willing to entertain the audience,
Emmanuel Pahud Geneva, Sir James Galway in Milan. but to make them feel better ..." In search of universal harmony ,
humanity has always wanted to tune
She appeared in live television broadcasts.
with the music of the stars. If earth
tones reflect the divine laws then they
have the power to relieve suffering and
to support health and healing.
Luiza Filipescu is a graduate of National University of
Music Bucharest, Department of Music Performance (Flute), class of
Farinelli, in 1731, cured King Philip V of Spain
Mr. Lector univ. dr . Catalin Opritoiu.
of depression, by singing to him his favorite
area. Recent studies have confirmed the theory The winner of the national and international competitions and
that the basis for festivals for Flute, including: Sigismund Toduta-Deva National
healing through Competition (second prize),
sound and music is National Olympics musician -
resonance. Human flute-Tulcea (first prize),
body can be seen as a Ciprian Porumbescu-Suceava
musical instrument National Contest (prize)
that is extremely International Competition for
complex, unique and musical instruments UFAM
finely tuned. Every atom, molecule, cell, (Union Française des Artistes Musiciens) Paris (Award “Deuxième
tissue and organ of the body sends constantly life corresponding Accessit à l'Unanimité”), Competition Jean Francais - France Vanves
frequencies to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life. Even UFAM Contest - Courbevoie, France Musique de Chambre (duo Flute-
the human voice is an indicator of health. The mystic river of the Guitar), Festival "Falaut" edition in 2007 in Milan, Festival “J'aime L'art
sacred sounds, surrounds us and lifts us spiritually, offering to human "- an event supported and developed by restaurant Crepe JeT'aime" –
consciousness the belief that life is sacred. Through music we can Ploiesti.
choose peace and health, harmony and consciousness, we can turn
She gave chamber music recitals in Romania and abroad (France).
vision into reality.
Ioana Cojuharov is a student of National University of
Music Bucharest fourth year, the Department of Music Performance
(Piano), Class of Mr. Conf.
Univ. Dr. Vlad Dimulescu.

The winner in national piano

competitions and festivals,
Bucharest, Piatra Neamt and
Ploiesti (11 awards).

The winner of several

international piano
competitions and festivals such as France-Mryse Cheilan, Italy,
Moncalieri, Agropoli, Bulgaria, Burgas, Romania-The International Pro-
Piano Romania (14 prizes).

She gave numerous recitals in the country and abroad.


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