Day seven morning eliminations.

Rolley “Well it’s day seven already and I’d like to say I’ve loved every minute of this and I wish you could all stay. Creator person says this is the last elimination before the end, so five of you will be staying. The scores today are Ani_mei 175 crush BF, Lark 165 crush BF, Holley 162 crush BF, Song 157 crush BF, Amylu 90, Jo 82 and Jess 64. Sorry Jess and Jo it’s time for you to go home.”

See you later Jo and Jess.

The five left are Ani_mei, Lark, Holley, Song and Amylu. However before I sent them to safely play ‘Don’t Wake The Lama’s’ there was some free will stalking happening.

Right before bedtime on day six the ‘power four’ of Holley, Song, lark and Ani_mei had decided it was time to put the moves on Rolley. This was done with the romance mod in. I took it out later as Song’s secondary of romance gave her an advantage. At this point everyone was at crush level but due to the mod no one minded the flirting. So who gave Rolley his first kiss?

Across at the simself house

Jo: “I have a surprise for you all.” Mystery: “A holiday to the islands to get away from all this rain?” Karima: “With hot islander guys ready to wait on us hand and foot?” “Not exactly...”

Jo13: “Shh! Ani_mei is going to make a move!” Scribal: “I don’t know, Lark and Holley look like they are ready to pounce as well.” Ashley: “I vote for Song, she’s good at these things.” Jess: “I still can’t believe they chose to have a slap feast.” Esme: “But think what fun it is for us to watch!”

Jilly: “It’s Lark! Lark kissed him first!” Cee: “Trust Lark, I wonder what will happen now?” Jilly: “Fire works...and I don’t mean the good kind.” Cee: “Can we haz popcorn?”

Day seven and everyone was safely left playing DWTL and the romance mod was pulled and free will was back on.

>Boing!< Once again it’s Lark smooching Rolley, but this time -it’s on.

*Passes the pop-corn*

Slapety, slap, slap, slap!

Lark “Well this is rather amusing.”

Ani_mei: “My turn!”

Rolley: “These women are truly mental! Even if they don’t smell like cabbage!”

Holley “You’re a low life rotting cheater!”

Holley” But you are so smexy while you do it!”

Holley “So I’ll smooch you anyway” >Boing<

Lark “This isn’t amusing any longer!” Holley “What do you expect Lark.”

Interestingly Rolley is furious at Ani_mei, Song and Lark, but not at Holley; and Holley while having a much lower score isn’t furious with him either.

So I decided to use up three commands and have him apologize to the three of them. Rolley: “And I am truly sorry if I hurt you in anyway Ani_mei, it wasn’t intentional.”

Ani_mei “Well I guess this is a bachelor challenge, so I accept your apology, but I’m not happy with you right now.”

Rolley: “You want me to what?!” Yes you do have to apologize to Lark now.

Lark “And just why should I accept your apology?”

Rolley: “Because I’m a sexy beast?”

Lark: “You sure are and I accept.”

Song’s turn now. Rolley: “You want me to apologize to Song as well?! Gah!” Get yourself over there and make it good!

Rolley: “Pretty please with a pint of four X on top?” Song: “Humph, more like I should X out your lights.”

“But I guess I’ll accept it too, seeing as all these backstabbing hussies have.”

Rolley: ”You don’t know what a relief it is.” Song: “Just don’t touch me and you might live.”

Rolley disappeared and I found him scrubbing the bench. How are you doing Rolley? “Stressed! My life was simpler before all these woman turned up.”

Holley: “You! You’re the one that started this whole mess!” Lark: ”Get off! And this is NOT my fault!”

Rolley: “This is going to do my head in.”

He went away to clean every time there was some stressful moments going on.

Lark: “Did I say you could walk away?!” You better watch your back Lark...

Song: “Unlike Holley, I mean business!”

Holley: “Go Song! Beat her up good!” *One less for me to worry about then*

Lark: “I’m going to teach her a lesson! I kissed him first and that makes him mine!”

Rolley for most of it played pool oblivious. He’s cleaned the bench, the stove and the floor and must be in his ‘happy place.’

Lark won, probably due to having one body point from the pool, while Song has none.

Holley used this situation to her advantage.

One sweet talk later...

Very much to her advantage.

She then invited Rolley to toss a football around.

Which given Rolley’s one nice point is more like whap ball.

Peach filled the buffet for a late night supper before bedtime. Amylu is the only one not affected by all this; she was off reading and later played some pool before dinner. Notice everyone is sitting down the far end away from Rolley. Rolley: “So I was kind of hoping for some kissing dates tomorrow?” Lark: “You must be joking.” Rolley, that’s what got you into trouble before.

Everyone else had gone to bed and this time Rolley pulled the sweet talk on Holley.

Day seven ends with Holley very much in the lead. But will it last? Or will the small surprise planned for day eight change things?

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