Task 01

A. INTRODUCTION ABOUT THE COMPANY M/s. Softpaq information systems (Pvt) Ltd is established in 2000 under the company registration number 44043. There in the computer Sales, maintanance, computer networking and software development. They import computer accessories from countries like Taiwan, Singapore under various brand names and they assemble computers and put it in to in the market. The head office situated at No: 65, Sumantissa Mawatha, Colombo–12. The managing director name is Mr. Vasudevan. This company has 36 employees and their annual turn over is RS 3,000,000. (three million rupees). There are four main departments. Namely 1. Administrative department 2. Aaccounts department 3. Sales &marketing department 4. Technical & maintenance department Also the management has appointed 4 departmental heads to take care of the matters related to the relevent departments. These heads of department are directly responsible to the managing director. Company vision and mission are as follows VISION To become the market leader in computer sales MISSION To be the leading supplier of PC’s and PC accessories in all customer segments Some of the company future plans are, To provide customers total computer software solutions at lower cost and to become a market leader in software development.

A.. Also. Even if you take monitors. computer repairs.. computer accessories sales.C.. Softpaq information systems (Pvt) Ltd having understood what is profitable and how it could benefit to the society.. This gives the customers to choose a total computer system according to their requirements. Reserving tickets etc. computer networking etc. M/s. where as an accountant might need a computer with a higher capacity of data storage. Suppose a graphic designer might need a computer with a higher capacity of R. one is L.M. 10 to 20 years back what we did in manually. computer considered as a luxerious item but now due to the rapid change in technology. under various brand names.The organizational chart MANAGING DIRECTOR ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT SALES TECHNICAL AND MAINTANANCE DEPARTMENT AND MARKETTING DEPARTMENT MARKETTING EXECUTIVES MINOR STAFFS ASSISTANT ACCOUNTANT TECHNICIANS CLERK CUM DATA ENTRY OPERATOR Nowadays computer’s play a vital role in our day to day life. The ordinary monitor needs more space but its cheap which is suitable for houses.This company sells computer accessories such as printers.U s.. Designings. there are two types. scanners.They have started to deal with computer sales.D is useful for officers where it doesnt require more space but its expensive. monitors.D and other one is the ordinary monitor.P.C. C. L. couple of decades back. now it has become computerized such as Accounting. etc. Based on the product and brand of the computer .Therefore the customers need not to spend extra money based on their primary requirements. now computers have become a needy item to our day to day activities.

you can get a 5% .Here the company gives it customers branded computers at a lower price along with a warrenty period. or philosophy but it consistent with mission. Also one unique feature is about this company is that they introduce new technology devices which can be benefitted to our future. Free installation of softwares. In order to satisfy their customers. Arranging loan shemes through a bank for their customers. Also a satisfactory after sales service.As customers always tend to go for a high quality product at a low price. rather than precise. • • • • Administrative Sales and Marketting Maintanance and Technical Accounts Sales and marketting is the most important division of the company. strategic objectives. It gives the company direction and it’s the basic premise for the success of the mission statement. Also introducing new technology devices and making aware of their customers. A vision is an attempt to articulate a desired future for a company how it would look like.accessories the requirements of the customers differs. Also its not the same as a mission. So the objectives are in order to accomplish the goal • • • • • Introducing a six month installment scheme. This company plays a major role in contributing basic needs to our lifes. advance and prosper. Also the after. .sales service has attracted its customers pretty much. Vision of this company is “To become the market leader in computer sales” A mission statement is a brief explanation of the organization’s purpose. It tends to be evocative. The goal or the target that they should achieve to sell 100 computers per month. strategic objectives. It tells who we are and what we do and it articulate the principles that will guide the business and its employees to grow. The management has given a goal for this division. Creating a positive impressions on their customers. Mission of this company is “To be the leading supplier of PC’s and PC accessories in all customer segments” There few major departments and they are namely.10% discount. 5% discount for full payments. company has introduced a discount scheme where if you purchase one product. An organizational dream – it stretches the imagination and motivates people to rethink what is possible.

time.. to achieve the objectives. B. so spending extra money is not appropriate. The effective and efficient way to increase company sales considering the money. He sets the marketing plans. But. “DOING THE RIGHT THINGS” Efficiency is a concept of input-output. . etc. this organization doing well in organizational performance. for the sales and marketting department setting up a target of selling 100 computers is more viable than setting up a target for reparing 100 computers for the repairing and maintenance department.Here in this organization has divided into 4 major parts. they give reasonable discounts also arrange loans for needy people. Because since the company is not a large scale.Now the company has decided to put up the new branches through out the country.There are only four technicians to handle the computer repairs and maintanance and they have given a target to achieve. allocate work .authority and resources to achieve organizational goals. etc.The manager or the organization should reduce the cost of the required resources to achieve the stated goals. It is an efficient.. As a part of satisfying the social responsibilities.Providing necessary software C.Considering the above factors. this shows the organization has achieved its goals or the objectives. he makes sure with the use of minimum resources in the form of time.. it is not effective. money. etc. Under the sales and marketting all the decision making powers are given to the marketting manager. Effectiveness is a chosing the right goals. Because the number of repairing computers can’t predict sometimes you could get more than 100 computers or you will not get any computers to repair at all.Managerial performance is the principal activity that makes the significant difference in how well organizations serve people affected by them. Organizational performance is how successfully an organization achieves its objectives and satisfies social responsibilities. In the case of organizing.Effectiveness is the ability to determine the appropriate objectives. Efficiency and Effectiveness According to Peter Drucker ( one of the respected writers on management ) says that efficiency means “DOING THINGS RIGHT” where as the effectiveness means. the manager arrange. Thus. we could say that without a doubt. In this way the company tried to reduce the number of employees and increase the efficiency of the employees by giving targets.. news papers. Now it has increased upto 36...D’s.For an example in this company.Here in this company allocating resources delicating powers to the members of organization is good example for proper managerial performance.This company was started with 10 employees. computers and other related tools to the members of the technical and maintanance division is a good example for allocating resourcesAppointing sales team leaders and giving the necessary powers in decision making is a good example for delicating powers. he could advertise their products in various forms such as advertising on the television. Different department have different objectives. also the monthly sales of the computer has gone upto an average of 100. Suppose if the marketting manager wants to increase the sales. etc. is to distribute branches to the people. sales target...

Important of Leadership • Leadership is a people centered activity and involves followers. Leadership is the ability to extra-ordinary performance from ordinary people. Leadership involves power playing between leader and the followers. group members help define the leader’s status and make the leadership process possible.Task 02 a) Effective Communication • • • • • • • • • Leadership –ability to influence others to perform a task Self-objectivity-ability to evaluate oneself realistically Analytical thinking-ability to interpret and explain patterns in information Behavioral flexibility-ability to modify personal behavior to reach a goal Oral communication. Leadership is the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of goals. Leadership is the process of directing and influencing the task related activities of group members.ability to express ideas clearly in oral presentation Written communication-ability to express ones ideas clearly in writing Personal impact-ability to create a good impression and instill confidence Resistance to stress-ability to perform under stressful conditions Tolerance for uncertainty-ability to perform well in ambiguous situations b) Definitions of Leadership • • • • Leadership is the ability to influence individuals and groups to work toward attaining organizational objectives. Leadership is the ability to use different forms of power to influence followers behavior in a number of ways. • • . By their willingness to accept directions from the leader. They too influence the activities in a number of ways. Followers are not powerless. but leader will usually have more power.

c) Motivation This can be defined as an unsatisfied need which creates disequilibrium in the mind of the person therefore this position leads to moving towards higher status which is expected . Motivate workers to work for the good of the organization not just themselves Transactional Leadership • • • Involves managers using the reward and coercive power to encourage high performance Managers who push subordinates to change but do not seem to change themselves are transactional The transactional manager does not have the vision of the transformational leader. The trait approach. Transformational managers • • • Make subordinates aware of how important their jobs are by providing feedback to the worker. Make subordinates aware of their own need for personal growth and development. Transformational Leadership Started with von pierer. Possible substitutes can be found • • • Characteristic of subordinates – their skills. Managers need to be aware that they do not always need to directly exert influence over workers. experience and motivation Characteristic of context – the extent to which work is interesting and fun Worker empowerment or self – managed work teams reduce leadership needs. Leader substitute model Leadership substitute acts in the place of the leader and makes leadership unnecessary. CEO of Siemens and allows dramatic improvement in management effectiveness.Leadership Theories Behavioral scientists have taken three basic approaches to understand leadership in organizational contexts. the behavioral approaches and the contingency approach.

Expectancy. Maslow explained the hierarchy of needs theory on the following rational • • • A need of an individual can be disentitled through a hierarchy A need satisfied will longer will be a need A need will be replaced by a higher level of need with in a hierarchy Equity theory This is theory of motivation maintains that people are motivated by maintaining fairness in the rewards that they receive from their work in an organization. Expectancy Theory The theory explains how individuals make decisions regarding various behavioral alternatives. They will use two variables in order to make this judgment. • • • • Directive behaviors – Set goals. Achievement oriented behaviors – setting very challenging goals believing in worker’s abilities. Hierarchy of needs Maslow is considered as the father of motivational theory this theory is considered as the universal theory of motivation. and Valance . It holds.Motivation with path goal Path goal identifies for behaviors leaders can use.The motivational force for a behavior action or task is a function of three distinct perceptions. individuals select the option with the greatest motivation forces (MF) . assign tasks show how to do things Supportive behaviors – look out for the worker’s best interest Participative behaviors – give subordinates a say in matters that affect them.When deciding among behavioral options. . Employees of an organization judge the equity or inequity of their situation by comparing themselves to other in the same origination. Therefore is this theory can be applied for every individual of any given time. instrumentality.

Every manager should have all these three skills. This skill of management is highly needed by the top managers. Managers should have three conceptual skills. techniques and knowledge of a specialized field.d) Management skills Managers require man skills to master the challenging nature of managerial work to meet the challenging objectives of present organizations. in the construction industry the project managers are civil engineers or a quantity surveyors since they have the technical skills on the construction field to do the managerial works. 1. This management skill is mostly needed by first level managers.g. First level managers are the closely related category of managers to the output of the organization which is why they must have the technical skills related to the organizations output to conduct managerial activities effectively. Katz who classified them as. • Technical skills • Human skills • Conceptual skills Technical skills This is the ability to use the procedures. Conceptual skills This is the ability to think conceptually and solve complex problems with longer term consequences for the enterprise. but there relative importance varies by the level of managerial responsibility. This skill is needed by all levels of management at the same level since management is all about coordinating with the members (managers at the lower level or the employees) of the organization and achieving the objective through them. There are mainly two factors. The most important skills and competencies are those which allow the managers to assist others in becoming more affective and productive in their work. Human skills This is the ability to work well with others and the ability to understand and motivate them individually or as a group. people tried to understand the human individual behavior. Inherited characteristics . This includes seeing the organization as a whole. E. Task 03 a. Individual Behavior In the past. understand how its parts depend on one another and anticipate how a change in any part will affect the whole. according to Robert L.

Religions are very careful. Hindu – innocent.very tuff people • • b. customs. Sex . Family – some families are traditional. worship style & special days. It depends on family environment. May be exceptions. values. who can share common goals and perceive themselves as being a group.Ex: Muslims – very traditional. Some people having too much under father’s care. Inherited characteristics • • • • • Complexes . living place. habits) Ex: Malika Watthe . wedding style.Man is expected to be tough while woman is expected to be gentle. Team Work Team is a collection of two or more interactive individual with a stable pattern of relationships among them. In simple terms. Learned characteristics 1. Even though children of some very intelligent parents have turned out to be less intelligent children. We can realize children’s intelligence during their childhood period. education. coordination and commonly understood procedures and mores.2.complexes includes color & appearance. the group process leads to a spirit of cooperation. functions. Puddist – non violent. Learned characteristics • • Education – education level defines going way. Environment – native place. If this is present within a group of people. Educated people are going in particular way forever. Religion – religions also defines our habits. Intelligence – Intelligence comes from parents. Even those things influence with individual behavior. They represent different areas of . norms. Height – generally speaking short people are cunning & tall people are fools. riduals. some having too much under mother’s care. Important of teams • Generate more alternatives and provide more complete information -Because teams have a greater amount and diversity of information. and environment dominates our level (tuff. pooja & activities. then their performance will be enhanced by their mutual support (both practical and moral). 2. Culture – every religion has particular culture.

you can re-purpose materials for other projects Methodology maximizes employee commitment Maximizes chances of successful outcome Outcomes achieved quickly Works at all levels in the organization Most popular common reasons for joining teams are. Thus managers must be concerned with the values of ethics. • • • • • • • • Security Status Power Affiliation To share some economic benefits Gather a wide range of knowledge. It provides the glue that holds our relationships. Takes advantage of work force diversity and Increases performance-Team members have the necessary technical and interpersonal skills to achieved the desired goals while working well together who is technically competent has the skills to work well as the team member • The Supervisors Guide to Team is designed to remove the organizational barriers that prevent employees working together and at the same time improve productivity. These questions deal with right and wrong where the magnitude of the decision is often great. Ethics is a study of who is – and should be – benefited or harmed by an action. . production marketing and human resources will generate alternatives that reflect their diverse perspective they can identify more alternatives them an individuals • • Increase acceptance of a solution and legitimacy. experience.expertise for instance a team made up of individuals from engineering. abilities and personality Improve commitment To make decision effectively The decisions made by managers in organizations have a broad reach both inside and outside of the organization. • • • • • • • Effective resource to achieve goal congruence Designed to be delivered by a non technical trainer Highly effective employee consultative process. It deals with both conflict and opportunity in human relationships. accounting.Because people don’t accept the solution team members are Increases flexibility -Team members are continually making adjustments and tend to be flexible in who does what this flexibility requires team members to posses negotiating skills Allows a manager to do more strategic management. Ethical questions are among the most difficult ones any person faces.

creed basis. • Classification structure Organic structure • Classification structure • Classification structure gives from bottom to top level of designation. They have their own culture. Within the organization has a larger impact on cultural diversity. religion. • Organic structure Organic structure means any level persons at any time we can meet. Now the world is changing very rapidly people consider more on economic perspective rather than considering the cultural values. Also when taking any decisions or actions. Also to sell low quality products which may cause unnecessary problem? The organization should always consider who is benefited? And who is harmed? Before taking any actions or decisions. For an example. Arranging loan facilities and installment schemes are good examples for understanding values of ethics. When recruiting employees. d. We cannot meet directly. pizza hut restaurent has put up a halal food restaurents to cater the Muslim community. every organization should focus on the human talent. Mostly organizations have this structure. we must meet persons step by step from bottom level. Also this action has direct or indirect effect in the society.c. there should not be any discrimination on gender. rural comities . Ex – Temples’ administration structure. This is an evidence for the important or cultural diversity of managers. Organizational structure Generally organizational structures divided in to two categories. Srilanka is a country where there are several religious groups. caste. Organizational culture Suppose the company has a monopoly market over a certain brand which might be important to customers. in order to achieve successfully in the competitive world. To meet the top level person. Nowadays. This shows the important of the cultural diversity. It’s the time now where people talk more on globalization cultural diversity.Here the company has recruited a group of people from both genders representing four main religious. It is not ethical for the organization to increase the price.

material costs. (b) Price .Task 04 a) Marketing mix in the Construction industry Our starting point for learning about marketing is to begin with the basics and that starts with defining marketing. we could search the Internet to see how marketing is defined. Or. A typical example of a produced service is the construction industry. There probably is no one best way to define marketing. The business may increase or decrease the price of product if other stores have the same product. Since marketing has been an important part of business for a long time we could consult one of the many hundreds of books written on the subject to locate a definition. however. It is determined by a number of factors including market share. Whether we search print or electronic form we will find that marketing is defined in many different ways. create and maintain satisfying relationships with customers that result in value for both the customer and the marketer. The four key (4ps) components of any marketing plan. whatever definition is used should have an orientation that focuses on the key to marketing success – customers. For the purpose of this tutorial marketing is defined as follows: Marketing consists of the strategies and tactics used to identify. . product identity and the customer's perceived value of the product. competition.An object or a service that is mass produced or manufactured on a large scale with a specific volume of units. as is more the custom today.The price is the amount a customer pays for the product. • • • • Product & Service Price Place Promotion (a) Product & service .

Advertising covers any communication that is paid for. from television and cinema commercials. 4) Promotion – after finishing entire works of the flat. basic needs. All people should able to come to that place. Then only business will develop. when we build that flat. So. By this advertisement people can get more information about that flat. Promotion has four distinct elements –advertising. have to control our building cost. place and promotion in the construction firm We are going to build ten stories flat for the residence purpose. word of mouth and point of sale. radio and Internet adverts through print media and billboards. One of the most notable means of promotion today is the Promotional Product. safety. as in useful items distributed to targeted audiences with no obligation attached.Promotion represents all of the communications that a marketer may use in the marketplace.). neatly area. Importance of the marketing to the construction industry • • • • • • • To discover best opportunities To learn how to close more sales To produce an effective brochure To overcome the "cheap price" mentality To increase the profits To turn objections and stalls into sales To develop a marketing plan that works b) Explain product. when sale to people price must be acceptable with people.(c) Place . 3) Place – building area must be having all facilities (near the town site. etc…. Services also must be better. to sale that flat part by part we have to advertise something to expose of that flat detail for the people.place is to take the product to the customer. (d) Promotion . . For that how to do marketing? 1) Product & services – we should build durability flat & good facility flat. transport facility. good surrounding. public relations. 2) Price – after finishing entire works. price.

Conclusion I gained a lot of experience by this assignment. understanding of the relevance of marketing to construction field. describe different categories of managers and organizations and the need for the management. The experience I gained by this assignment are develop skills to understand individual. . This assignment seemed to be very useful to my field and these will lead a high position to my future carrier.

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