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Executive Musical Director Executive Creative Director
Executive Producer SUSAN FLEAGLE
Choreographer AMBER MORGAN
Costume Coordinator ANDREA RYGEL
Chief Scenic Artist ERIN FREEMAN
Technical Director MATT DEMASCOLO
Chief Carpenter HERB MUMMA
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Lemoyne, PA 17043
Tue 11-6 | Wed & Thu 10-1, 3-8 | Fri 11-5 | Sat 10-3
Minstrel ----------------------------- Ethan Freeman Lady H ------------------------------ Paige McIntyre
Wizard ----------------------------------- Alex Carver Harold ------------------------------------ Viet Pham
Princess #12 ----------------- Melissa Eckelbecker Lady/Beatrice -------------------------- Lea Rehborn
Lady Rowena ------------------------- Elana Carrera Kitchen Wench 1 -------------- Lauren Bahrenburg
Lady Merrill ---------------------------Olivia Humes Kitchen Wench 2 -------------------- Emily Osborne
Prince Dauntless --------------------------Will Foos Lady Maybelle ---------------------- Whitney Tyson
Queen Aggravain ------------------- Tatiana Shank 1st Lady -------------------------------- Sally Foster
Lady Lucielle ------------------------- Felicia Beaver 2nd Lady----------------------------- Kayleigh Block
Lady Larken -------------------------Chloe McIntyre 3rd Lady --------------------------- Shannon Mellon
Sir Studley ---------------------------- Zach Sweger 4th Lady --------------------------- Lana Radczenko
King Sextimus ---------------------- Brett Williams Nightingale ---------------------- Amanda Dundorf
Jester --------------------------------- Drew Hartwig Nightingale ---------------------------- Nancy Ostot
Knight -------------------------------- Chris Neenan Snow White ---------------------------- Sally Foster
Sir Harry ---------------------------------Ethan Dilts Cinderella ------------------------------- Anna Ryan
Knight --------------------------------- Selby Harter Rapunzel ---------------------------- Kristen Sedlak
Princess Winnifred --------------- Marissa Fleagle Fairy Godmother -----------------Amy Lautsbaugh
Felicia Beaver (section leader), Kaeleigh Block, Shefali
Amin, Anna Ryan, Alison Wood, Sally Foster, Amy
Lautsbaugh, Courtney Purnell, Emily Shepler, Kristen
Sedlak, Adria Bello, Lea Rehborn

Zach Sweger (section leader), Viet Pham, C.J. Snavely,
Selby Harter, Devin Marshall, Micaela Burkholder,
Jonell Adams, Chris Neenan, Nick Hinton, Hannah Ma-
son, Cliff Swartzell, Olivia Humes

Richie Poff, Josh Bechtel, Justin Mateer

Shannon Mellon (section leader), Lana Radczenko
(section leader), Chloe McIntyre, Emily Osborne, Sue
Foos, O’layshia Spurlock, Octavia Spurlock, Sam Max-
well, Kiersten Belile, Whitney Tyson, Kayla VanOrmer,
Desiree Ginn, Tessa Stine, Lauren Leese, Gabi Milas,
Emily Weston, Kelli Lehman, Paige McIntyre, Allie
Shank, Amanda Dundorf, Olivia Humes, Elana Carrera,
Melissa Eckelbecker, Lauren Bahrenburg, Alex Duque

Whitney Tyson (section leader), Drew McIntyre,
McKenna Nugent, Kylie Knipe, Gracie Brigaman, Skyler
Barlup, Natalie Wilk

Conductor---------------------- Lisa McIntyre
Accompanist ------------------Brenda Dively
Horn----------------------------- Jeremy Buss
Keyboard --------------------------- Mike Carl
Keyboard --------------------Tammy Herbein
Trombone ----------------------Robert Yinger
Guitar ---------------------- Erich Shoemaker
Trumpet---------------------- Becky Rhoades
Trumpet----------------------------- Curt Long
Percussion -----------------Rachael Schmeltz
Percussion ----------------------- Dan DeLong
Violin ----------------- Heather Woodbridge
Violin ------------------------ Judy Beaverson
Viola ---------------------- Donnamarie Dietz
Cello-------------------------------David Dietz
Bass ------------------------------- Lois Yinger
Oboe -------------------------- Rachel Kreiger
Flute--------------------------- Anna Baptiste
Flute--------------------------- Allison Rakocy
Flute---------------------------- Andrea Rygel
Clarinet ------------------------ Andrew Pettit
Clarinet -----------------------Richard Semke
Bass Clarinet --------------- Frank Schreiner
Elaina Balko, Grace Connelly, Derek
Beamenderfer, Samantha Schwartzman

―Prologue: Many Moons Ago‖ ----------------------------------------------------- Minstrel
―Opening for a Princess‖ ------- Dauntless, Larken, Lady Merrill, Lady Rowena & Company
―In a Little While‖ ------------------------------------------------------------- Harry, Larken
―In a Little While‖ (Reprise)-------------------------------------------------- Harry, Larken
―Prologue‖ (Continued) ------------------------------------------------------------- Minstrel
―Shy‖ ------------------------------------------------ Winnifred, Knights, Lords and Ladies
―The Minstrel, the Jester and I‖ ----------- Minstrel, Jester, King, Maidens & Knights
―Sensitivity‖----------------------------------------------------Queen Aggravain & Wizard
―The Swamps of Home‖ ------------------------------------ Winnifred, Dauntless, Ladies
―Normandy‖ ------------------------------------------------ Minstrel, Larken, Jester, King
―Spanish Panic‖ ------------------------------ Winnifred, Dauntless, Maidens & Knights
―Song of Love‖ ------------------------------------- Dauntless, Winnifred, Lords & Ladies

―Quiet‖ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Queen & Company
―Happily Ever After‖ -------------------------------------------------Winnifred, Princesses
―Man to Man Talk‖ ------------------------------------------------------- Dauntless & King
―Very Soft Shoes‖ ---------------------------------------------- Jester, Maidens & Knights
―Yesterday I Loved You‖ ------------------------------------------------ Harry and Larken
―Nightingale Lullaby‖ --------------------------------------------------------- Nightingales
―Finale‖ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Company

We welcome you to this night of entertainment, excite- Prince Dauntless the Drab, Princess Winnifred, Sir Harry, and
ment, and make-believe as the musical stage adaptation of his Lady in ―Waiting‖ Larken. All of the Lords, Ladies-in-
the literary fairy tale the Princess and the Pea comes to life waiting, Maidens and Knights of the Royal Court wait anx-
with the help of our talented cast and crew. iously to see if the Princess F-R-E-D will be the new heiress to
Our story begins with a group of prin- the kingdom.
cesses awaiting their test to win the This evening’s production of Once
prince’s hand in marriage. In the cursed Upon a Mattress allows students to be
kingdom, Queen Aggravain, a thunder- transported to a medieval kingdom,
ous, domineering woman, has taken where they take on the duties and lives of
over. The curse prevents the meek yet the royal court. As our students continue
flirtatious King Sextimus from being able to grow in their theatrical technique and
to talk. In order to keep her son Prince artistic discipline, the theater itself has
Dauntless ―the Drab‖ unwed, the Queen grown to accommodate their talent, due
develops a series of unjust tests. In fact, to the generosity of the East Pennsboro
no one in the kingdom is able to wed Education Foundation, Integrity Bank,
until a suitable princess is found for and many others.
Dauntless. This poses a problem for all of With an outstanding staff and a group
the couples in the kingdom. Sir Harry of dedicated students, our focus has been
returns with a new princess for Dauntless, and Lady Larken to provide an environment in which they can grow as student
finds relief in the prospect of marrying Harry. We soon meet performers. Seeing students achieve their goals is the great-
Princess Winnifred, who brings new meaning to the image of est reward for any educator. There is nothing that we, as a
a ―princess.‖ Though Dauntless falls madly in love, the staff, love more than watching each child experience success
Queen will do everything in her power to keep the marriage in life and on the stage. Will the Princess pass the test?
from happening. Enjoy the show – and thanks for coming!
The Minstrel tells the story of Queen Aggravain, her ac-
complice the Wizard, King Sextimus, his side-kick Jester, Lisa & Carina

ETHAN FREEMAN (MINSTREL) – Ethan, a senior, is in his LANA RADCZENKO (LADY IN WAITING) – Lana, a junior, is
fourth musical. Ethan is in chorus, the National Honor in her third musical. Lana is in Youth Group at Camp Hill
Society, and Church Youth Group. Thank you to my family Church of Christ, French club, and National Honor Society.
and friends for your love and support. To God, who gave me the life I have now.


Amanda, a sophomore, is in her second musical. She par- Kristen, a sophomore, is in her fourth musical. She has
ticipates in voice, plays the piano, and enjoys basketball. performed in ―Beauty and the Beast‖, ―Oz,‖and ―Hello,
Dolly!‖ Kristen is in Youth Group, a Cross-
PAIGE MCINTYRE (LADY H / LADY IN WAIT- Age Teacher, and a Varsity Cheerleader.
ING) – Paige, a freshman, is in her second musical. Paige
plays basketball, and is freshman class president. She is JUSTIN MATEER (LORD) – Justin, a sophomore, is in his
also in student council and is on the Principal‘s Advisory second musical. Justin goes to church. He dedicates his
Committee. ―This has been a BLAST!‖- Paige. performance to his mom and family.
Romans 12:6.
ALLIE SHANK (LADY IN WAITING) – Allie, a freshman, is in
DREW MCINTYRE (SHEEP/DWARF/PUPPETEER) – Drew, a her first musical. Outside of East Pennsboro she has par-
second grader, is in his first musical. He plays EPYAL ticipated in ―Music Man Jr.‖, ―Oklahoma Jr.‖, and ―Honk
baseball, and is in Royal Rangers at CLA. I would like to Jr.‖ Allie also is in Marching Band. To my family for al-
dedicate my performance to my family! I‘m so excited! ways supporting me in all I aspire to do.

her fifth musical. Outside of East Pennsboro she is a cho- Samantha, a junior, is in her first musical. She participates
reographer of YFC‘s Beauty and the Beast, Jr. and is the in Tennis, Track and Field, and is the Key Club secretary. I
assistant choreographer of YFC‘s Honk, Jr. Chloe is the dedicate my performance to my friends and family be-
President of Student Council, is in National Honor Society, cause they supported me throughout.
chorus, spring musical, and key club treasurer. To all the
teachers and staff of East Pennsboro High School for all of the endless LAUREN BAHRENBURG (KITCHEN WENCH #1/LADY IN
support and life-changing opportunities. WAITING) – Lauren, a junior, is in her fourth musical. She
is also in chorus, French club, and Cross Age teaching. My
RACHEL KREIGER (MUSICAL PIT) – Rachel, a sophomore, is family and friends, who have supported me,
in her third musical. Outside of East Pennsboro she par- thank you so much.
ticipates in Pit- Christmas Wonderland at Christian Life
Assembly church 2009, and 2010, she also is in the Cum- ALEX DUGUE (LADY IN WAITING) – Alex, a freshman, is in
berland County Band Festival. Rachel also plays soccer her first musical. She is in drama club, Spanish club, and
and participates in cross-country, and band. Thank you chorus. This is for my family, they encourage me!
Mrs. McIntyre for involving me in so many musical things.
Your guidance has made me grow! ALEX CARVER (WIZARD) – Alex, a senior, is in his first
musical. Outside of East Pennsboro he participated in ―The
ANNA BAPTISTE (MUSICAL PIT) – Anna, a sophomore, is Secret Garden,‖ and ―Les Mis.‖ Alex is in Youth in Govern-
in her first musical. Anna participates in Creative Expres- ment, and Italian Club.
sions Club, horse riding, and band.
JOSH BECHTEL (LORD) – Josh, a junior, is in
KELLI LEHMAN (LADY IN WAITING) – Kelli, a junior, is in his third musical. Outside of East Pennsboro he partici-
her second musical. Kelli is in Italian club, German club, pated in Church Easter Dramas, and Theatre Arts Class.
and plays softball. I devote my time and effort to the Josh is in youth group, Italian Club, and marching band. I
completion of Once Upon A Mattress. dedicate my performance to my four best friends who get
me through everything.
grader, is in her first musical. Kylie is in Brownies, plays
soccer, and softball. I would like to dedicate this to my
mom, dad and AJ.

GABI MILAS (LADY IN WAITING) – Gabi, a sophomore, is SHEFALI AMIN (MAIDEN) – Shefali, a sophomore, is in her
in her first musical. She is in her chorus, and drama club. I third musical and play. She has participated in ―Oz‖ and
dedicate my performance to my parents for being so sup- the “BOSTON TEA PARTY”. Shefali is in Concert Band, she
portive of me and for taking the time out of their day to teaches Indian folk dances to younger children, and vol-
take me to rehearsals. unteers at the East Pennsboro Branch Library. Give it your
best shot!
sophomore, is in her second musical. Outside of East BECKY RHOADES (PIT – TRUMPET) – Becky, a junior, is in
Pennsboro she participates in the Harrisburg Symphony her second musical. Becky is in Jazz Band, Chorus, and
Youth Orchestra. She is Vice President of Spanish club, Marching Band. I would like to dedicate my performance
Historian of drama club, band, chorus, and marching band. this evening to my dear stand light and to all stand lights
To my family and friends – wouldn‘t be here in Pits everywhere!
without you.
C. J. SNAVELY (KNIGHT) – C. J., a freshman, is his third
NATALIE WILK (SHEEP/DWARF/PUPPETEER) – Natalie, a play/musical. He has also been in the 5th and 6th grade
third grader, is in her first musical. She plays EEPU travel plays. C. J. is in French Club, Outdoor Guard, and a Jr.
soccer, is in girl scouts, church choir, and Firefighter. I dedicate my show to my grandfather… he
plays piano. I‘m so excited for the show! would have loved this!!

junior, is in his third musical. He is the Na- man, is in her first play. She has also worked backstage in
tional Honor Society secretary, Spanish the fall ―Cabaret‖. Susannah is in Art Club, Drama Club,
Honor Society, and Boy Scouts. and on the Tennis team. I dedicate this performance to my
family and my best friends. I love you all so much.
RICHIE POFF (LORD) – Richie, a freshman, is in his second
musical. He is a freshman class officer, French club, and ELANA CARRERA (LADY ROWENA) – Elana, a sophomore,
Key Club. I strive for the best I can do and be. is in her third musical. Outside of East Pennsboro, Elana
was in ―Fame‖. Elana is also in Girl Scouts and Drama
MCKENNA ALDEN NUGENT (SHEEP/DWARF/PUPPETEER) – Club. Thank you, Mrs. McIntyre and Mrs. Bolton, for help-
McKenna, a second grader, is in her first musical. Outside ing me break out of my shell. You‘ve opend more doors
of East Pennsboro she participated in the 2010 dance for me than just musical theater.
recital performed by the Studio Dancers. McKenna is in
Brownies, plays basketball, soccer, and softball. Thank ANNA RYAN (CINDERELLA, MAIDEN) – Anna, a senior, is
you for a great opportunity. in her second musical. She was a dancing napkin in
―Beauty and the Beast‖. Anna is in Competitive Horseback
ALISON WOOD (MAIDEN) – Alison, a freshman, is in her Riding, Cheerleading, and National Honors Society. Thank
second musical. She was also an orphan in ―Annie‖. Alison you to all of my friends and family for all of
is in Chorus, Girl Scouts, and Key State Field Hockey Club. your support.
I would like to thank all my friends and family for their
freshman, is in her first musical. She is in Drama Club,
HANNAH MASON (KNIGHT) – Hannah, a sophomore, is in Italian Club, and Spanish Club. Thank you everybody!
her third musical. Outside East Pennsboro, she is on a
drama team, participating in ―12 Days of Christmas‖, ―A OCTAVIA SPURLOCK (LADY IN WAITING) – Octavia, a jun-
Christmas Story‖, and choreographing dance skits. Han- ior, is in her first musical. She is in Drama Club, Green
nah is in Chorus, Drama Club, and is a Cross-Age Teacher. Team and Spanish Club. Thanks for letting me be in the
I dedicate this performance to my parents and to my best play!
friend and sister Kerri. Love you guys!

Thank you
for filling
our home
with love,
music and
laughter. As
your high
school days
are ending
and your
days soon to begin, know that we are
very proud of you and excited for
your future.
Love always, Mom and Dad

man, is in her second musical. She was in Annie Jr.. Kier- CLIFF SWARTZELL (KNIGHT) – Cliff, a junior, is in his first
sten is in Drama and French Club. musical. He is on the Swim Team. I dedicate this perform-
ance to East Pennsboro.
ING) – Emily, a senior, is in her fourth musical. Emily is NICKOLYS HINTON (KNIGHT) – Nick, a junior,
President of Marching Band, Historian of Chorus, and is in his fourth musical. Outside of EP he was in Celebra-
Treasurer of Drama Club. I dedicate this performance to tion of Children. Nick is in Chorus, President of Key Club,
everyone who has helped me along my path towards and on Varsity Football. I dedicate this performance to my
music. loving family and awesome friends, you
rock guys!
a sophomore, is in her second musical. Amy has been ANDREW HARTWIG (JESTER) - Andrew, a junior, is in his
dancing for 12 years. To my aunt. She taught me that third musical. He is in Cross Country, National Honor Soci-
there‘s always someone there. ety and HLG Group. This goes out to all of
my devoted fans who have always been
VIET PHAM (HARROLD) – Viet, a junior, is in his first mu- there for me.
sical. Viet is in Drama Club and Youth Group. To my host
family- Bill, Colleen, Will and Sue. Love you JONELL NASHAWN ADAMS (LORD) – Jonell, a
all. senior, is in his first musical. Jonell is in
VoTech, Wrestling, and Skills USA. I would
SELBY HARTER (KNIGHT 3) – Selby, a junior, is in his first like to my father, Derbray, Mercedes, Jasmine, and my
musical. He is in Latin Club, Young Life, and works at Pan- big brother Darrille.
thers Jungle. To my family- Christian, Ella, Amy and John.
KATHERINE BLOCK (LADY 2, MAIDEN) – Katherine, a a sophomore, is in her second musical. Lauren is in Cho-
junior, is in her second musical. Outside of East Penns- rus. To my family for always supporting me.
boro, she was in ―Olive and Charlie‖. Katherine is in
Youth Group, Marching Band, and Chess Club President. I COURTNEY PURNELL (MAIDENS) – Courtney, a freshman,
dedicate this performance to my loving family and my is in her second musical. She was an orphan in Annie Jr.
best friend Kaycee Lee. Courtney is in field hockey and Youth Group
of her church. I would like to dedicate this
CHRIS NEENAN JR. (KNIGHT 1 AND 2) – Chris, a fresh- performance to everyone who has supported me during
man, is in his second East Pennsboro musical. Outside of this musical.
East Penn, Chris has participated in ―Beauty and the Beast
Jr.‖, ―Once Upon a Mattress‖, and ―Les Mis‖. Chris is in SKYLER BARLUP (SHEEP/DWARF/PUPPETEER) – Skyler, a
Boy Scouts, Cooking classes, and Alter Server, and takes fifth grader, is in her second musical. Out-
care of his grandparents and little brother. I dedicate this side of EP, Skyler was in a Testimonial Video for CLA.
show to my father for always supporting me! Skyler is in Gymnastics as CPAG, Youth Group and the Hip-
Hop Team at Christian CLA. I‘d like to thank my dad and
mom for always being there for me and supporting me.

ADRIA BELLO (MAIDEN) – Adria, a sopho-

more, is in her second musical. Adria is on the cross-
country team, Knowledge Master Open, and the quiz

EMILY WESTON (LADY IN WAITING) – Emily, a freshman,

is in her first musical. She is in drama and Spanish clubs,
and student council. I dedicate this performance to my mom, because
she is always there for me.

GONE) – Marissa, a junior, is in her fourth musical. Out- her fourth musical. She is in chorus, French club, and GAA
side of East Pennsboro she has participated in the plays (Girls Athletic Association). I dedicate my performance to
―Les Miserables‖, ―Secret Garden‖, and ―Guys and Dolls.‖ my family, my friends, and my amazing boyfriend! Thank
Marissa is a Hugh O‘ Brian Youth Leadership Alumni Am- you for the support!
bassador, National Honor Society member, Chorus Man-
ager, and is alto section leader. Thank you to Mrs. McIntyre, Mrs. Bol- SALLY FOSTER (SNOW WHITE/FIRST LADY/MAIDEN) –
ten, and my mom for making this show possible, love you guys xo! Sally, a senior, is in her second musical. She has been a
dancer for six years at Wevodau Dance Center, co-
GRACIE BRIGAMAN (SHEEP/DWARF/PUPPETEER) – Gracie, president of Latin club, National Honor Society, Student
a second grader, is in her first musical. She participates in Council, Environment club, and Inner Club Council. I want
soccer, basketball, and softball. I would like to dedicate to thank my family and friends for always supporting me
my performance to Cicilia Rohrer, my mom, and to all the people involved in the musical for making this a great
and my dad. experience.

TESSA STINE (LADY IN WAITING) – Tessa, a junior, is in NANCY K. OTSTOT (NIGHT IN GALE) – Nancy, Enola
her second musical. She is in Young Life, Key Club, and graduate class of 1958, is in her fourth musical. She is a
Student Council. I dedicate my performance to Pat School Board Director of EPASD, the queen of the Red Hat
Wheeler because she is cool. Society, Hand Bell Choir, Summer Music Coordinator, and
Endowment Committee Summerdale United Methodist
SHANNON MELLON (LADY #3/LADY IN WAITING) – Shan- Church. What a privilege and pleasure to be involved with
non, a senior, is in her third musical. Outside of East our talent and dedicated students in this production. We are so proud of
Pennsboro she has participated in the Church Christmas each of you.
Program. Shannon is in youth group, Latin club, and Mis-
sionary Girls‘ Club. I give all the glory to Jesus Christ who ZACH SWEGER (SIR STUDLEY) – Zach, a senior, is in his
is my lord and savior. fourth musical. He is in Concert Band, Concert Choir, and
Jazz Band. Thanks to my family, friends, Jesus, Liz, Nicole,
WILL FOOS (PRINCE DAUNTLESS THE DRAB) – Will, a jun- Mr. Williams, Mrs. McIntyre, Emily, Pettit, and everyone
ior, is in his fourth musical. Outside of East Pennsboro Will else in Music Theory 2!
has participated in the plays ―Joseph & the Amazing Tech-
nicolor Dreamcoat‖, ―The Robber Bridegroom‖, and BRETT MICHAEL WILLIAMS (KING SEXTIMUS THE SILENT) -
―Footloose‖. He is in Quiz Bowl, National Honor Society, Brett, a senior, is in his second musical. He is in Colum-
and is the Junior Class Historian. He would like to thank bian Squires, Youth and Government club, and United
his friends, family, cast, crew, and Facebook friends. Nations Club. To my loving family whom I hope I will not
utterly embarrass or eternally shame by my performance.
LEA REHBORN (LADY/BEATRICE/MAIDEN) – Lea, a junior, But seriously, thanks for the support.
is in her third musical. Outside of East Pennsboro she has
participated in ―The Nutcracker‖, and ―Peter and the ETHAN DILTS (SIR HARRY) – Ethan, a senior, is in his
Wolf‖. She is in National Honor Society, Key Club, and fourth musical. Ethan is in Boy Scouts, Marching Band, and
Student Council. Jazz Band. To my family – You are all awesome!

second musical. Outside of East Pennsboro she has partici- WAITING/KNIGHT) – Olivia, a freshman, is in her third
pated in ―Alice in Wonderland‖, and ―The Wizard of Oz‖. musical. She is in girl scouts, and youth and government
She is in the Drama Club, and is a cheerleader. To my club. I‘d like to thank my family for supporting me in all
family for all being supportive of my shows. that I do.

Whitney, a junior, is in her fourth musical. I love my fam- is in her second musical. Outside of East Pennsboro she
ily, and friends. has participated in Oz as a flying monkey, Honk as the
Cat, and Fizzy. Tatiana is a Drum major in the marching
band, chorus, and Italian club. I would like to thank my
friends and family who fully support me in all I do.
sophomore, is in her fourth musical. She takes voice les-
sons, and is in Drama Club. To Karen my mom, for letting
me drive to practice.


man, is in her second musical. Outside of East Pennsboro
she participated in Pollyanna, and Monster on Elm Street.
She is in chorus, and in musicals. I‘d like to dedicate my
performance to my family and the best
friends that have helped my along the way.

DESIREE GINN (LADY IN WAITING) – Desiree, a senior, is

in her third musical. I dedicate my performance to my
father and my sister.

MICAELA BURKHOLDER (KNIGHT) – Micaela, a sophomore,

is in her second musical. She also is in chorus. ―Don‘t tell
me the sky is the limit when there‘s foot-
prints on the moon‖ to mom and Adria.

DEVIN MARSHALL (KNIGHT) – Devin, a freshman, is in his

third musical. Devin is in band and chorus.

Executive Musical Director----------------------------------Lisa McIntyre
Executive Creative Director -------------------------------- Carina Bolton
Executive Producer------------------------------------------ Susan Fleagle
Student Producer------------------------------------------- Chloe McIntyre
Student Producer--------------------------------------------Trent Deverter
Musical/Pit Director -----------------------------------------Lisa McIntyre
Stage Manager ------------------------------------------ Andrew Williams
Choreographers ---------------------- Amber Morgan & Lindsey Gorkos
Assistant Musical Director/Contractor ------------------------ Curt Long
Rehearsal Pianist ------------------------------------------- Brenda Dively
Technical Director ---------------------------------------- Matt Demascolo
Costume Coordinator --------------------------------------- Andrea Rygel
Chief Carpenter---------------------------------------------- Herb Mumma
Assistant Carpenter------------------------------------------- Barry Miller
Chief Scenic Artist -------------------------------------------- Erin Freeman
Makeup --------------------------------------------------- Debbie Haulman
Hair Stylist-------------------------------------------------- Brittania & Co.
Props Manager------------------------------------------------ Sean Bolton
Business & Box Office Manager ------------------------------ Lou Plesce
Public Relations --------------------------------------------- Katie Morgan
Community Coordinator ------------------------------------- Nancy Otstot
Marketing Manager ---------------------------------------- Susan Fleagle
Photographers ------------------------------- Bob Single & Scott Rhoads
Graphic Artist ------------------------------------------------ Scott Rhoads
Showbill Design -------------------------------------------- Darcy Goshorn
Printing ----------------------------- Thomas Merlie, Xerox Corporation
President ---------------------------------------------- Kimberly Grundon
Vice President --------------------------------------------- Tami Mistretta
Treasurer --------------------------------------------------- Matthew Haas
Secretary --------------------------------------------------Christine Bright
Members ------------ Curtis Alleman, Dr. David Edmiston, Eric Groff,
Dennis Helm, Nancy Otstot, George Tyson
Superintendent -------------------------------------------- Bruce Deveney
Assistant Superintendent ----------------------------- Dr. Jay Burkhart
Business Administrator ---------------------------------- Robert Burgett
House Manager ------------------------------------------------ Lee Seibert
Dinner Theatre Manager ----------------------------------- Lisa McIntyre
Building & Grounds Manager ------------------------------- Andy Glantz
Custodial Manager ----------------------------------------- Jerry McKean
Maintenance Technician--------------------------------- Scott Halterman
Audio Services ------------------------------- Chris Hicks, Voyager Music

Welcome to East Penns-
boro’s production of Once
Upon a Mattress. Set in a
medieval kingdom, the story
tells of the search for a suit-
able bride for Prince Daunt-
less, whose mother, Queen
Aggravain, feels no one is
good enough for her boy,
and contrives to find all pos-
sible contenders unsuitable.
Princess Winifred then enters, who takes the king-
dom by storm, and completely charms the Prince.
I hope you enjoy this wonderful display of theat-
rical talent. Students: thank you for your desire to
represent East Pennsboro Area School District in a
most expressive manner. Break a leg!
Best wishes for a great show!

Bruce M. Deveney
Superintendent of Schools

On behalf of the staff and students of the East We also thank the community for their sup-
Pennsboro Area High School, I welcome you to port of our arts programs and their participation
our annual musical production, Once upon a Mat- in our advertising, dinner theatre, and any other
tress. We are thrilled that we can, once again, consideration that made this project possible.
offer you the finest in musical entertainment At East Pennsboro, we strive to provide excel-
showcasing the talents of our wonderful stu- lent concerts, musical productions, and other
dents. This production features great music, hi- opportunities for our community. We truly feel
larious dialogue, and a new twist on an old fairy that our students are the best in the area, and we
tale, ―The Princess and the Pea.‖ hope that after your experience with us tonight,
On behalf of the high school administration, you will agree! My best wishes to the cast and
we appreciate the time and efforts of our direc- crew for a great production.
tors, cast members, set design personnel, par-
ents, and all others who made this production an Craig Robbins
excellent learning experience for our students. Principal

 You always make me proud Justin!  We wish you all the luck in the world,  Alex is a 4 letter word that spells love  Maiden to Fairy Godmother, That
Love, Mom Courtney, Love Grammy and Grandad for her family and friends! Love, PAPA happily ever after
 Justin, you are a great big brother.  Have a fun time to my big sissy,  Alex is sweet and smart and very close  Anna, we are so proud of you! Love,
Zachary Courtney P. Hugs and Kisses, Nicole to my heart! Love, Nana Mom and Dad
 From everyone at Dress for Success,  We are very proud of you and can’t  To my most favorite Knight in the  Anna, you are the best! Have fun. Love
Good Luck Justin Mateer! wait to see you on stage, Courtney P., world – Much Love ― Mom‖ Frank and Brooke
 Mud, break a leg! Love PopPop and Lots of Love, Mom and Dad  To my little peach! I love you! –  Anna, You are awesome. Have a
Nana  Break a leg Zach! Love Shane Micaela fabulous time. I love you – Grandma
 Jboo, you ROCK! Love, Dad  So proud of you Zach! Love you! Nana  Adriana, love of my life, you ego be  Sefalla, I love you and how good you
 Way to go Justin! Sara and Rae  To the only princess in my life – out the roof! ―Micaela‖ are at English packets. I’ve had so much
 You are my bestest buddy. Love, Thanks for everything! Love, Zachy  Natalie – Good Luck Honey – I Love fun dancing with you! Love, Rapunzel
Leelah  Best wishes Zach! Love (huh…) Lisa, You, Mommy  Hey Shefal, You’re pretty creep and a
 Right, right! Good luck. Love, Eric Joe, Sarah, Seth, Maleah, Sam, and Zoe  Natalie – Hope you have a great show! fabulous dancer! I love you! – Sofa
and Kolby  Thanks Liz, for cookie dough, movie – I Love You Aunt Alicia  Dear Shef, you are the biggest creep I
 From 2000 miles away, you are nights, army men…etc.  Natalie- You Rock!! – Love You, Noah know, have fun dancing! – Chad
AWESOME Justin! Love Aunt Gale  Emily Osborne, I’ve laid eggs in you  Natalie – I know you will do great!  Rachel Kreiger is the international
 To all of the staff, you are brain! Haha – Zach Best of Luck – I love you, Uncle Shawn rock star because she possesses the
FANTASTIC! Thank you, Justin M.  Kick butt King Sextimus!!! Love, Kelly  Natalie – Count your rainbows, not skills of rocking an oboe. – Shef ( Your
 You are so gifted! I am so thankful  Have fun Brett! You RULE!! Love, Lauren your thunderstorms. Good luck and I other #1 fan )
for your friendship and love, best  Our son, the King. We are so proud! love you, Dad  McKenna, we are so proud of ewe!!
friend! Love, Mom and Dad  ―Drew Hartwig is the man of my Mom, Dad, and Nic
 Sing your heart out!! Love, your sis  Have fun Marissa, and break a leg! The dreams, Also he is hilarious.‖ – The  Kenna – Ewe make an adorable
Jenn Williams’ Magic Man sheep!! – Nic
 Hannah, have fun! – Love Mom  Ethan, looking forward to another  ―No jesting, Drew Hartwig is the best!‖  McKenna- I love ewe! – Eddie
 Hannah, you are very gifted - Love great performance – The Williams‘ Love you, Auntie Sue  Kenna – Ewe‘re adorable! Break a leg!
Mom  ―All Hail To The Third Knight!‖ Love –  ―Look at Drew Hartwig, poking is his – Aunt Aly, Uncle Jeff
 Hannah, we are proud of you – Love Mom way around Tough Town, with his Big ol‘  McKenna- Ewe are our princess!!! –
Dad and Mom  We love you Boppy! Love Ella and Mouse‖ The Caskey‘s
 Good Job! Love, Cameron and Erik Christian  ―Yesterday you were a boy, Today you  Where words fail, music speaks
 Good Luck Liv! Love, Madison and  Break a Leg! Love, Meemaw and are a man, Tomorrow let‘s get Tacos.‖ –  Cool kids listen to the Beatles.
Landon Peepaw Nate  Emily O. – You‘re the Greatest, so
 ―OLIVIA‖ ―Good Luck!‖. Tricia and  We are all proud of you – Love, Bop  ―Why can‘t jesters cook? Because the proud of you. Love Dad
Steve Bop yolk‘s on him! Haha, jest jesting you  Emily O. –You‘re awesome, Love Mom
 Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Love,  Good luck and wishing great success Drew‖-Cathy  Alex C. – I have you when hate =
Aunt Dana for the show – Love, Dad  ―Jest sending you lots of love from love, show Harry Potter how it‘s done.
 ―Break a leg Oliver!‖ Love, Paige  We are so excited for the Third Knight. Ohio.‖ – The Wilsons Make him cry in jealousy! – Mylissa
 Olivia, You are a nice girl. I like that Love, Grandpa and Grandma  ―To the joking, jumping, and juggling  Dear Emily – Cinderella is not
about you. – E.J. and Caroline  Matrixfreek8 and Kiersten – Love you jester – You were born to play this available to clean up your many
 Break a leg, Live. Love, The Shaffers both! role!‖ – Mom and dad messes. P.S. subway soon – Love your
 Tatiana, Have a great show! You are  Break a leg! Iggy!!! Mr. Williams  Have a great performance. – Love BFF Anna Banana
Broadway Bound! Luv Aunt Desi  Do Your Usual Good Job – Pap Gram and Pap  Anna/Annacotti/Nana – You‘re
 Congratulations Tatiana. Continue to  Love ya much – Gram  Break a leg! – Love Uncle Dick and Cinderella, so you have to clean up my
be the sweet person you are. Love  So proud of you Josh- Mom Aunt Lois messes now, oh and by the way I hate
Grandma and Grandpa  Great job Josh – Becky  Turkey Butt be the best Kitchen Wench lettuce and love pickles – Your very
 Tati, Hope you do awesome – Mario  Best wishes Samantha! – Love, you can be. – Love Mom, Dad, and best friend Emily O.
 Tatiana – We always knew you Grandma and Pappy Phoenix  Emily O. – Break a leg dear, be like a
were royalty now show the world you  We know how hard you worked on the  Go Go Narnan you’ll do great – Elaina tiger, rawr, pounce, and go get ummm!
are queenly. Love Mom and Dad show. Break a leg! Love, Dad and Barb Balko – Mylissa and Jess
 Tati – The Queen has arrived! Show  To our favorite ―Lady in Waiting‖ Love  Do it for Bobby!  Lana, you light up the stage with your
‘em what you‘re made of! Love, ya lots – Mom and John  Rachel- We’re so proud of you! Mom smile – Love Grandma
Jasmine  Good Luck Sis! – Nicole and Dad  Lana, Poppy is your #1 fan. Best of
 Allie, You are a rising star! Have a  Way to go SAM – From you favorite  The oboe rocks! Play on, sister! Love luck.
great show! – Love Auntie brother Jon you, Danielle  Lana, best of luck tonight – Love
 Good Luck Alexandra, May God bless  Break a leg! Love, Sam <3  There is not a granddaughter that’s Great Grandma Getz
and help you, Love Grandma and  Shoot! <3 Larissa loved more, Rachel! Love, Your  You are a star to us – Izzy and Mia
Grandpa  Hey, Kiersten… Nice shoes. grandparents  Lana, you are my shining star! – Love
 Hope your show is great and that  Kierty-ten!! ……… hello  For all you do, Rachel, this good wish Mom
you have fun! – Love Mario  Sister! I love you and you rock! Love is for you!  Aim higher than the stage. – Pappy
 Alexandra – How fitting for our Nikki and Ricardo  Enjoy your last high school production  It’s a girl, it‘s a princess, it‘s Marissa!
youngest princess to make her debut  Alex, you are the bestest Aunt! Love, Chloe! Congrats! The Kreigers Thanks for ―wowing‖ me. Break a leg! –
at EPHS Love Mom and Dad Avery and Ian  Amy, Keep reaching for the stars, they Mrs. McIntyre
 Allie Girl- Break a leg out there!  Pooka Looka you are my heart and I are yours for the taking. Jennifer  Marissa- What a musical path you
Make me proud! – Jasimine am proud of you! Love, Mom  Go Get ‘em Dancer Butt! – Bing! have traveled and look how far you
 Break a leg, Courtney P, Love the  My Little Princess, I love you and I am  Good Luck Amy- have come. I am so proud of you and all
Neubaums proud of you! Love, Daddy  Break a leg, Amy, but not really! your accomplishments over the past

year. Many blessings and love. –  Hobo. ‘Nuff said. Bestest hobo buddies.  Chloe, Paige & Drew- Have fun on  Chlo- Dawg, 2 years with a lead role!
Corina Love, Brookie stage together! Love Freeman Family You rock gurl. Almost PSU time! Xoxo-
 Marissa..for a genuine princess is  Albert Einstein will give orange juice to  Rachel K.- Thanks for sharing your Dani
exceedingly rare. I love you. – Mam the game playing ghosts. –Devin oboe talent! Love Freeman Family  Good luck Roomie! You’re the prettiest
 Marissa- An orphan at 7 (Annie) to a  Have a great time! I know you‘ll do  Lisa, Carina & Susan- What a blast! pregnant princess I know! Love you girl!
peasant last summer (Les Miserables) awesome! Love, Ashley Thanks so much! Freeman Family –Sally
to a princess tonight. I choose the  We are all very proud of you and  Erin- The set painting looks great! We  To my partner in crime…you‘ll be
roller coasters! Always, Mom xoxo happy for you! –The Shaffer Family are proud. Love, Mom, Dad, and Ethan amazing up there. Good luck –Katelyn
 Drew M. – From backstage to the  Em, you’re the brightest star on the  Erin- You are our favorite artist! Love  Hello my name is Krista, shine bright
spotlight. Welcome! Love you – The stage! Love, Becky Nana and Poppy shine far…be a star! Love you Chloe
Fleagles  Em, best of luck from Grandma Jo in  You are so talented Erin! Love  Good luck and… I LOVE YOU! xoxo
 Paige M. – It is so much fun getting Hawaii Grandma Alyssa
to know you. Welcome to the high  Em, you’re our star. –Uncle Brian and  Erin- The set details are beautiful!  My dearest Chloe…you didn‘t want to
school! Love you! – The Fleagles Pappy Ross Love Aunt Lisa be 5…but I don‘t want you to be 18
 Ethan Dilts – Your kind, thoughtful  Emily, love to watch you strut! Love  Awesome painting Erin! I’m impressed. and going to college! Your last high
acts of goodness do not go unnoticed. Dad Love, Skoo school musical…sniff. I love you, Aunt
You will be missed. – The Fleagles  Em, kick up your heels and have fun  Congrats Ethan! Love, Aunt Kim and Pammie
Best wishes always. tonight! I love you! Mom Uncle Wayne  You are terrific! Love, Nana and
 Congratulations Marissa – May this  Emily, have fun. Love you! Grandma  Rock the show Ethan! Love, Lauren, Grandpa
be the beginning of many more Cook Jackie and Jeremy  Chloe, you are amazing! Keep on
musicals for you. – Michelle Aldinger  We love ya, em! Aunt Lisa and Dave  Thanks to everyone involved with the rockin’! We love you! The Yazdi‘s
 To the princess from Pine Ridge,  Oh yeah, Sally, yeah, dance yeah. I musical! Freeman Family  Chloe, best wishes for a great senior
we’re proud of you, Marissa. – Pine love you G.B. Love Taylar  Mrs. McIntyre- Thanks for all of the show! xo- Pete, Tina, Jack, and Ivy
Ridge Neighbors  Sally, good luck! Don‘t forget your pink singing opportunities! Ethan F.  Paigey! I love you! You rock that
 Felicia- I have absolutely loved boa! Love, Sarah  Mrs. Bolton- Thank you for the voice ―stunning‖ girl! You‘re the best sis! Love
working with you this year. You are a  Good luck Sal! –Love your favorite lessons and encouragement! Ethan F. you to death, Chloe!
wonderful young lady, and I will sister  Amanda- Smile, sing and play sweet  Sally Ann! You’re so beautiful and I
really miss you when you graduate.  Sally, we’re so proud of you. Have fun. music! Love, Gram and Pap B. can‘t wait to room with you! Rock that
Love- Fleagle Love, Mom and Dad  Amanda, Dodge the arrow! Uncle Kevin stage Snow White! xoxo-Chloe
 I love our two East Penn  Best wishes for great good luck Sally, I  Amanda, Sing like a bird! Aunt Dawn  Mommy, you love me to pieces and I
princesses—Chloe and Marissa – love to watch your talent shine through.  Good luck Amanda! Love, Gram and love you to chunks! xoxo- Chloe
Mom Fleagle –Angela Pap B.  Drewbie, I am so proud of you! Love
 Chloe- we sadly release you to the  Sally, wishing you the best because  Manda Miche, Great to hear your your big sis, Chloe
world—know that while you are you are the best! Love, Cousin Megan beautiful voice! Love, Mom and Dad  Chloe- Have fun in your last HS
being amazing at Penn State, you are  Good luck Sally! Shake what your  Good luck my sissy cake blondy! You musical- Love, Kim
always loved back home. – Fleagle momma gave ya up there on stage! Love are AMAZING! Amy  Drewbie, you looked gorgeous up
 Marissa- Congrats! We always know you! Xoxo  Congratulations on your performance. there!
you could do it! Break a leg! We love  SALLY-ANN-MARIE FOSTAAA! Show You worked hard! Brad  Paige, you’re such a bombshell!
you! – Lisa, Tim and Elias them how amazing you are! Almost PSU  Dear Queen Aggravain, yes I swam the Fantastic job! –Ryan
 Marissa- So I guess I have to say bound baby! Love Dan moat! Love, Winnifred  Drew- the cutest sheep ever! Love
―I‘m in love with a girl named Fred!  Get it girl and work your stuff and  Dear Dauntless, I don’t want to live you! Mom and Dad
Love, Gary shine on stage Sally! Love you, K-Dawg with your mother! Love, Winnifred  Chloe- IT CAN’T BE! Love you so much!
 Marissa- why say good luck when I  Jonell, I’m still your little brother.  Dear Minstrel, thanks for clearing up Mom
know you can do it? Love, Gary Love, Jerbray the real story! Love, Winnifred  Paige- A ―stunning‖ performance!
 Marissa- Have an amazing show.  Jonell, I love you and I’m your number  Dear Larken, if I had a girl I‘d name Mom and Dad
Love, your College Boy one fan. Love, Amber Moyer her Fred too! Love, Winnifred  Carina and Susan- Another awesome
 I am so blessed to work with the  Jonell, Break a leg. DJ Davis  Dear Sir Harry, you are my friend! show! Love you! Lis
most amazing staff ever. Thank you  Jonell, I love you dad always. Love, Love, Winnifred  Matt- Welcome aboard man! You rock!
all for allowing me to be a part of this. your father  Dear Sir Studley, thanks for letting Lisa
–Susan  Jonell, Go show them you’re good at Dauntless and I play Angry Birds! Love,  Herb- Thanks so much! Lisa
 Marissa- I love it when you make dance. Love, your father Winnifred  Andy- the best office buddy EVER! Lisa
the choreographers laugh! Love you,  Ethan- You are amazing. We are so  Dear Mom, you are not a plain  Thanks Debbie Haulman! Hugs! Lisa
Mom proud! Love, Mom, Dad , and Erin ordinary woman! You are amazing! Love, and Carina
 Have fun Princess Marissa and  You are so talented Ethan! We love Winnifred  Kudos to my awesome costumers!
break a leg! –Paige you. Nana and Poppy  Dear Lady Lucille, too bad Vera didn‘t  Paige- Good luck and have fun. Love,
 Marissa, Break a leg, but watch out  Ethan- I always enjoy hearing you sing. exist in medieval times! Love, Winnifred Grandma H.
for all those tumbles from the Love, Grandma  Dear Lady Roweena, you are  Paigie Poo- Love you more than words
mattress! –Donna  So much fun to see you on stage Ethan. awesome! Love, Winnifred can say! Love Percila and Papino
 Emily, I am so proud of you! Love, Love, Aunt Lisa  Dear Once Upon a Mattress Cast, you  Paige, you go girl! Rock that stage!
Mom  Skoo- Enjoy the spotlight. You are the are all amazing! Thanks for letting me Love Alison xoxo
 Good luck. We’re proud of you. Love, best! Love Erin into the castle! Love, Winnifred  To the cast! I love and will miss you
Uncle Tony, Aunt Elaine, Nikki, and  ―The Minstrel, the Jester and I‖-  Pookie, I’m still your number one fan! all. Lets blow them away! Love, Chloe
Anthony Congrats Ethan, Drew and Brett Love, Ry  To the crew! Thanks for all you do, we
 Good luck with your pretty voice, I  Marissa- You are the perfect Princess wouldn’t have a show without you! –
know you’ll do well. Love Gram Winnifred! Love, Freeman Family Chloe

 Carina, thanks for the endless  I guess just break your other leg!  We are proud of you and love you  Kristen – We love you Little
opportunites! Love you like a sister! Love you. Alyssa Latz Skyler. Love Pap and Gram. Twinkie, Sugar Plum, Chicken Legs,
Xoxo-Chloe  Good luck and have fun! Your lab  Sky B-WOW! U Rock girl. Lots of love- Cheesehead!
 Fleagle, you’re the best! What‘s left buddy Nick Mommy and Turner.  Kristen - Good Luck and Have Fun
to say?! Love you mucho! Xoxo-Chloe  Kylie, Good luck in your first play!  Skyler-You are amazing and my BISYODITWEU! Xo
 Anna Banana, our butts fit in your Love, Mom Dad and AJ heart and soul, I love you, Daddy.  I Love You Kristen ! Love, Grammy.
chair! I‘m sure you‘ll do great! Love  You are such a cute sheep Kylie.  We love you Sky, You Rock, Aunt  K, your dancing makes me
you! –Sara Love Aunt Karen Kathy, Uncle Scott, Jared and Brogan. “spontaneously hum‖ a lot! Love, B
 Anna, you are the best. We love you.  You want me to crop out your WHAT?  Have a good time, Kayla!  Kristen - Good Luck Fishin’ Buddy!
Mom and Dad  Great job Kylie! Love Aunt Nikki  Hey Lady, Kayla…In Waiting… Love, Dad.
 You are AWESOME! –Molly  Kylie, you did a fantastic job! Love Don‘t wait too long.  Devin – May all your dreams come
 We love you, you’re great! –Adam, Grandma  Kayla-Custom Seal Baby Leather true, Goofyman! Love, Mom and Dad
Joy, Alma  Kylie, I wish you the best luck. Love Boots. Oh Yeah.
 Devin – Break a leg ―Stinky D!‖
 Do you charge extra for toilets? – Poppop  Kayla:Beautiful on the inside first!
Love, Lillian
Laura  Good luck Allison, I’m proud of you!  You’re the best. I love you, Kayla.
 Good luck, Devin, even though you
 Alison- We love you! Love Mom and –Love, Pap Mom.
Dad  We are so proud of you, Allison! – won’t need it. I‘ll be watching you FD!
 Micaela, I’ll let you be my knight
 Have fun and enjoy your high school Love Mom Dad and Cole  Good luck Devin! I know you will do
anyday! Love, Adria
Ali-Baba! Love Uncle Don, Aunt Chris,  ―Sissy‖ I love you, your brother Cole great! – Emily
 Kristen, Shefali, and Micaela –
Lyndsey and Derek  Allison, Good luck in the show! –  Good luck, Devin! Go out there and
practice wouldn‘t have been the same
 Alison, good luck. We love you a lot! Taylor without you! Love, Adria outshine the others! – Kira
Nana and Pap  Have a wonderful show Allison!  Adria! You’ll always be my  You’re a shining star, keep shining
 Alison- I’m so glad you‘re in my Congrats! –Rachael American Idol. LOVE, Dad brightly – Love, Dad
program! Break a leg! Mrs. McIntyre  Have a good show Allison! Tom and  Adria – Sing hard, dance hard, have  Let your inner beauty shine, I’m
 Ali- We’re so very proud of you – Kit fun! Love, Mom proud of you – Love, Deeka
Love ya Grandma and Pop  Nickolys-Good Luck!!We are proud of  Destined for greatness – look
 Adria – Ignite the light and let it
 To my Fab 4 Alie, because you’re you! Love Mom, Dad, Kat. within and believe <3 Jaz &Lana
shine. Love, Mom
amazing just the way you are! Love,  I Love You Nick! Love, Kat.  You can do whatever you set your
Paigey!  Yo dude- don’t fall through the  T – You are my heart – I Love You,
mind to! Love, Amber Rae
 We love you Whit, Love Mom and stage! Mom
 Reach high for the stars and I know
Eric  A frying pan! Who knew?!  Tessa – Show ‗em how hot you are!
you’ll do great! Je t‘aime, Kaitlyn
 Don’t give up, we are proud of you.  Nickolys- Good luck We Love You- Chris
 Show them what you‘re made of! –
 Whit, I’m still your #1 fan! Love Nana and Grandpa.  Knock ‘em dead, Tessie Tinkles! Katie
Mom  Nickolys- Don’t step on the pea! Love Aunt Brooke  Purple Monkey Dishwasher—G
 I love you Whit, your little sis. Proud Grandma and Grandpa.  Tessa – I‘m proud – You go girl!  Congrats to all! Fun to see you in
of you. Love Sum  Dear Susu and Willie, break a leg!- Jamie. another light! – Mrs. Waldman
 Break a leg Katherine. Love Mom- Jess  Tessa – Break a leg! We‘re proud of  Gracie – Lou, I love you more than
Mom and Pop-Pop  I know you’re gonna be wonderful you! Nana & Papaw cheese! Love, Mommy
 To Mr. Williams, the colleague that I and I Love You with all my heart-Jess  Melissa! Break a leg love- Noonie  Congratulations Gracie! Love, Dad
least wanted to crush to death with a  Sue I believe in you!-Sue  I’m proud of you, Melissa! Aunt  Congratulations Gibby! Love, Mom-
Genie. Cheers, G  Break a leg-Kimiko, Orion, Lovey Rissy Mom & Pop-Pop
 Kaeleigh, I’m your biggest fan. Love  Thanks for being such a great sister  Melissa – bad luck – Grampie Ray  You Rock Gracie! Love, Aunt Meg,
G-mom break a leg-Will  TO ME FROM ME – LOVE Melissa! Uncle Seth, Leah, and Drew
 Kaeleigh we are so proud of you!  Teh Foooos is Loooose!!!  Life is a long song SO GO Sing It  Gracie: You are a shining star. Love,
Mom and Dad  Will I love you break a leg-Sue Melissa – Nikoda Mimi and Pockey
 Break a leg Kae- Love Nana  Congratulations Prince Dauntless!  Melissa! Good luck Angry Chuhaha  Go Gracie! We Love You, Nanny and
 Have fun Kaeleigh, we know you’ll Love Mom and Dad Pappy
from – Gearheads IO
do great. Mom and Dad  Tenors Anonymous. 12 steps to  Break a leg, Grace! Love, Aunt
 Felicia, I know you’ll do great! Love recovery. We can help.  Congrats – let your star shine,
Melissa! Love, Mom, Sean, and Riley Lesley and Uncle David
you friend, Jeanne  Best Wishes, Will! Mrs. Miller.  Gracie: You are number one!! Love,
 Good luck sissy, I love you! –Love  Lauren, good luck…and keep your  Mel, have fun and sing like nobody‘s
listening! Billy
Tori skirt on! Love, Katie, Grace and Sarah.  *insert witty one liner here* -
 Felicia, if you get nervous, look for  And these are heads, stuck on pikes.  Melissa.. Wann’a go for tacos with
my favorite Mexican? <3 Sam Lauren <3
my face in the crowd, I Love you. –  Lauren, we wish you luck and know  Way to go, Lady Rowena! Love, Mom
Love Stephen you will be fantabulous! Love, the  You’re entirely bonkers, but I‘ll tell
you a secret Melissa, all the best  AWESOME JOB, ELAINA! YOU WILL
 Felicia, you are always my shining Messimers.
people are  xo Jack ALWAYS BE MY “STAR,‖ LOVE, DAD.
star, Love Mom  Lauren, We love you! Have fun!!
 Congrats Melissa! Good Luck, Break  Elanananana nasaurus, ―I loveth
 Dear cast, thanks for making my Love Ammy and Nana.
a leg, whatever…. xo Jordan yew. <3‖
senior year musical a blast! Love  Lauren, you’ve worked so hard, now
 Woof, Slurg, Scratch, pfffffttttt, Love  Laurensaurus: Hold on to your skirt.
Felicia enjoy! I know you‘ll be great. Love,
you Mel  Duber and Diesel I‘ll bring safety pins: <3
 Break a leg! Or rather…don‘t. – Mom.
 Mel - You will always be my most  AJC you are #1! Your family
Amy Dundorf  Lauren, Looking forward to another
talented, charismatic, absolutely  Good luck Alex! Love, Anderson
 Give it your all! Love Mom fabulous performance. Love, Brain,
favorite DIL !! xoxox Joyce  Adin says, "Way to go Alex!"
 Do your best! Have fun! Love Dad Titi, Junior and Madi-Moo.
 Good job Alex! Asher
 Your family loves you Alex!
 Integrity Bank for their continued support of our auditorium
 Bob Single for his wonderful cast & crew photography
 Scott Rhoads for your help with the posters, pics, and graphics!
 Lou Plesce - couldn’t do it without you! Thanks so much!
 Production Express for their continued vision and support!
 Lindsey Gorkos – AMAZING moves, AMAZING girl!
 Erin Freeman – Beautiful work as always! Hugs!
 Chris Paul and Chartwells Foods
 Debbie Snyder and her amazing cafeteria staff
 Andy Glantz and the EPASD maintenance staff for all of their
help and support.
 EPHS faculty and staff
 Kim Wood, Tammy Fickes, Amy Scheaffer, Lori Long, Paula Gaff-
ney, Shannon Wonders, Patti Wheeler, Beth Bodenheimer, Traci
Lautsbaugh, Kara Sweger, & Christina Crum for their help with
ticket sales!
 EPASD Administration for their continued support of the arts!
 Harrisburg Christian Performing Arts Center – thanks so much!
 Martha Bond – we appreciate you so much!
 Sauve Brothers for the great shirts!
 Al’s Pizza – for supplying our cast party with great pizza!
 Pamela’s Flowers
 EP Choral Boosters
 EP Education Foundation – for the beautiful vases – and sup-
 Mr. Goshorn – you are amazing!
 Phil Reisinger for the construction of our ROYAL thrones!
 Nancy Otstot – for your support, snacks, and community out-
 Mr. Seibert, Mrs. Andrejack, and the NHS student volunteers!
 Mrs. Dosch—for the speedy lamination!
 Deb Haulman – thanks for making our kids look great!
 Dinner Theater parent volunteers – many thanks!
 Costume Moms – you are amazing! Special thanks to Melanie
Hinton, Jill Freeman, Tina Rehborn, Rachel Campbell, Linda
Williams, Mrs. McLain!
 Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School and Northern York High
School for their kind costume assistance!
 Andrea Rygel, thanks so much for your costuming expertise!
 Set Construction – Herb Mumma, Barry Miller, Matt DeMascalo,
Christy Kerstetter, Bill Purnell, Tom Walton, Ron Williams, Mr.
McLain, Mr. Radczenko, Mr. Carrera, the Freemans, Mike Wood,
Dana Shepler, the Wonders, Barry Harbold, and any other drill
toting volunteers! Special thanks to Mike Wood!
 Brittania and Company - our kids’ hair looks great!
 Mrs. Fleagle’s Careers 2 class for all of your help!
 Mr. Firestone for the props!
 Crew kids – thanks so much for all of your hard work!
 Olivia Neavling, Travis Willier, Hollis Burrell, Taylor Santor,
and Ari Saytar for production assistance!


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