xyz Sales Manager Assets EMP No-SE011

Dear xyz We would like to inform you that the Management has accepted your resignation and agreed to relieve you at the close of business hours on 20 th February 2008. You have been with our company from 02/02/2006 to 02/02/2008.At the time of separation you were Designated as Sales Manger and your Annual salary was Rs 113,424./-.

As a Sales Manager few of his responsibilities are: 


Managed a team of Relationship Executive & ensure their productivity. Responsible for acquisitions of new customers for Over Draft, Cash credit and Rual Housing loan. . Convert telesales into leads business. Closely worked with credit and operations Manager for sanctioning and disbursement of cases.. Coordination with Legal and Technical House officers for verification reports. Strategizing the work schedule to meet the sales targets set forth by this company. Held an integral role in the designing and development of the promotional strategies of the existing loan products that we had authorization to offer.

During the period of his assignment, we found his sincere, hardworking and a keen learner. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

For xyz company

Sole Proprietor (xyz)

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