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OLA – Caribbean

Cuba - Project nº 8
Biogas Capture and Renewable Energy Production
at the New Dump in Guanabacoa
Source: DPSC



The dump currently in exploitation at Guanabacoa, in The executing unit of this project will be the Provincial
eastern Havana, is depleting and in poorest sanitary Hygiene Financed Unit, with the participation of the
conditions. Therefore, we are engaged in the Ministry of the Basic Industry (MINBAS).
construction of a new dump, in order to replace the Since these projects are implemented through financial
older one. investments closely involved in environmental activities
The new household solid refuse dump will have a sanitary and technology transfer, project development work will
filling system and comprises an approximately 18 ha area be undertaken with direct participation of the Ministry
adjacent to the former Santa Clara (Roberto Flores) for Economic Collaboration and Foreign Investment
quarry that is located on a rock bed. The field is part of a (MINVEC), the Ministry of Science, Technology and
dissected plain with dark carbonated soils that will be Environment (CITMA), and those institutions directly
necessarily disturbed. Such an area allows a 16-year involved in the projects.
useful exploitation time, the refuse to be dumped is 316.6
metric tonnes/day – the estimate having been done for MINVEC is participating as the Public Authority in charge
traditional sanitary filling techniques. The application of of Co-ordinating International Co-operation and its
the new compacting and recycling techniques may Implementation (APCCI), while CITMA is acting as the
prolong dump use over time. steering organ for those activities concerning Science,
Dump implementation will build on modern techniques Technology and Environment.
that can be adapted to our actual conditions and
possibilities. The dump must rank in the Controlled ƒ PRIORITY
Dump category.
As part of all this, the construction of a treatment plant This project is highly prioritised. This is evidenced by the
for the gas (Biogas) emanating from dumps has been need to collect biogas from the New Dump at
planned. Guanabacoa, thus preventing highly polluting gases from
Biogas or dump gas forms in a natural way during the passing to the atmosphere and contributing to the
decomposition process of the organic refuse contained in greenhouse effect worldwide. The Provincial Direction of
garbage. Its methane content, a highly energetic Community Services is the organ in charge of its control,
hydrocarbon, makes biogas be appraised as thermal or treatment and coincides in the priority this type of
electric energy. project must be accorded.
Urban solid refuse dumps bear important social, visual Likewise, since the Cuban Government fosters any
and environmental impacts, such as the generation of initiative aiming at better use of renewable resources, the
biogas arising from organic matter decomposition in programme is supported by the utmost national
anaerobic conditions. Treatment intended to neutralise authorities.
its harmful effect not only provides a solution to Finally, from the environmental viewpoint, these
environment protection but may allow to produce fuel as investments fall under CITMA´s priorities, as they
well. generate important GHG emission diminution and fossil
The new dump to the East will contain approximately 300 fuel use savings.
daily tonnes from Eastern Havana, Regla, Guanabacoa,
San Miguel Municipalities. That makes us anticipate that ƒ CHARACTERISTICS OF INVESTMENT
the dump energetic recovery will be economically viable.
Experiences and studies evidence that methane The proposed investment aims at extracting and
proportion will be over 50%, the other biogas transporting biogas to a treatment plant. This is usually
components being Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen done through a network of pits or trenches – depending
and other components to a lesser extent. on dump morphology – that cover the overall dump

OPET OLA - Caribbean

surface and capture the gas in order to convey it later to Executing Entity Provincial Hygiene Financed Unit
a main collector through a piping network equipped with
regulating valves. From the collector, the gas passes to its Parameters of Investment
final treatment so as to be used as an electricity and heat
Total Investment US$ 914,527.0
energy source. It is anticipated that 9,000 MWh/year will
be exported to the Cuban Electricity Enterprise, with a Work Schedule
$60/MWh electricity tariff. - Months -18 % 100
There is an additional cost-effectiveness component from Useful Working Life years 12
CEC commercialisation. Incomes
As an additional economic benefit, this project will Electricity Generation GWh/year 9,4
generate foreign currency savings at the national level by
Electricity Tariff US$/MWh 60
reducing imports of fossil fuel currently used for
Incomes from Electricity Sales US$/year 564, 000
electricity generation.
O&M Cost
Estimated Annual Cost US$/year 272, 000
ƒ FINANCING SOURCES AND POTENTIAL Profit1/year without CEC US$/year 540, 000
GHG Parameters
Funding needed to complete both the initial investments
Estimated Equivalent CO2 CO2
from the initial donation by “Bread to the World” and 7,600
Reduction tonnes/year
the later acquisition of conversion kits and operation
Estimated Equivalent CO2
items came from the Group IT´s profits and other credits CO2
Reduction on the basis of 176, 000
granted by MITRANS (revised). tonnes/year
CH4 non-emissions
US$/ CO2
Most items and technological equipment have been CEC Reference Value 5.0
acquired through MITRANS´s General Importing
Enterprise of Transport (EIGT). During the development CEC Financial Contribution pa. US$/year 918, 000
of TRANS ECO, many international and national firms Profit1/year with CEC US$/year 1, 458, 000
and enterprises have shown their interest in negotiating.
In the national setting, the transport enterprise of the Total Itemised Investment
Ministry of the Siderurgical and Mechanical Industry Materials Units Amount US$
(SIME) is interested in taking on part of the vehicle- Geotextile Layer m2
130, 000 390,000
conversion and resale services
Hydraulic Pipe Line PVC ø 100 m 845 2,450
Sanitary Pipe Line PVC ø 200 m 940 3,666
SIME is the organ responsible for acquiring and
developing equipment for Cuban enterprises; many pieces Sanitary Pipe Line PVC ø 150 m 3,495 11,359
of equipment developed by SIME are integrated with Sanitary Pipe Line PVC ø 100 m 480 1,440
components produced abroad, so its potential relation Hofo ø 150 m 403 1,612
with TRANS ECO is interesting. Hofo ø 100 m 2,705 1,500
Submersible Pumps U 6 1,500
ƒ ECONOMIC PARAMETERS & FUNDING Regulating and Metering Plant U 1 1, 500’0.00
Pumping Plant U 1 30, 000.00
Surplus Gas Incinerating Torch U 1 6, 000.00
This project is undertaken due to the need of controlling
Power Generating Set U 3 300,000.00
those gases that are harmful to people’s life, their
financing being dependent on entities that wish to Transformers U 3 150, 000.00
cooperate with this type of investment in order to TOTAL 914,527.00
improve the environment. Cost-Efficiency Indicators
This project type traditionally tends to be funded by i) Refunding Time without CEC years 1.69
international financing from international organisations Refunding Time with CEC years 59
and governmental credits, ii) international financing from IRR without CEC % 1
donations whose goal would be to improve the
IRR with CEC % 100
population’s living conditions and environment
Executive Contact : Odalys García Fonseca
National currency funding can be provided by the Provincial Administration Council: Provincial Direction of
Provincial Direction of Community Services. Community Services
The table below summarises the main economic Address : Calle 30 No 2110 entre 21 y 23. Playa Ciudad
parameters of the project: Habana
Tel : (537) 202 34 82 y/o 202 64 28
E-mail :

OPET OLA - Caribbean