{2821}{2896}The dream is always the same.

{2897}{3055}Instead of going home,|I go to the neighbors'.
{3209}{3282}I ring, but nobody answers.
{3283}{3410}The door is open, so I go inside.
{3415}{3568}I look around,|but no one seems to be there.
{3699}{3770}Then I hear the shower running.
{3771}{3908}So, I go upstairs to see what's what.
{4341}{4410}Then I see her.
{4411}{4451}This... girl!
{4452}{4538}This incredible girl!
{4539}{4638}I don't know why she's there|because she doesn't live there...
{4639}{4739}...but it's a dream, so I go with it.
{4740}{4800}"Who's there?" she says.
{4801}{4852}"Joel," I say.
{4853}{4896}"What are you doing here?"
{4897}{4949}"I don't know.
{4950}{5016}"What are you doing here?"
{5017}{5094}"I'm taking a shower," she says.
{5095}{5147}Then I give her...
{5148}{5220}..."Do you want me to go?"
{5221}{5255}"No," she says.
{5256}{5372}"I want you to wash my back."
{5373}{5490}I'm getting enthusiastic about this dream.
{5491}{5590}So, I go to her, but she's hard|to find through all the steam.
{5591}{5682}I keep losing her.
{5916}{6033}Finally, I get to the door...
{6063}{6215}...and I find myself in a room full|of kids taking their College Boa
{6216}{6268}I'm over three hours late!
{6269}{6422}I've got two minutes|to take the whole test.
{6433}{6516}I've just made a terrible mistake.
{6517}{6571}I'll never get to college.
{6572}{6663}My life is ruined.
{6703}{6844}Here's the game: Five-card draw|with a spit. Anaconda, high-low.
{6845}{6991}Pass two to the right, one to the left...
{7013}{7094}What happened?
{7095}{7130}Last night?
{7131}{7223}That's right, with Kessler.
{7224}{7268}She was babysitting down the street.
{7269}{7310}We know that!
{7311}{7398}So, I went over there.
{7399}{7480}She was giving the kid a bath|and accidentally hit the shower thing.
{7481}{7625}All of her clothes were drying upstairs.
{7629}{7746}So, she plops down on the kitchen floor...
{7747}{7815}...she looks up at me and says...
{7816}{7869}..."I think I'm in the mood."
{7870}{7944}She said that?
{7945}{8012}What did you say?
{8013}{8060}I didn't have to say anything.
{8061}{8126}What did you do?
{8127}{8180}What do you think I did?
{8181}{8354}I think you got the hell out of there,|ran home and whacked off!
{8355}{8416}I disagree.
{8417}{8504}Did you have your bike there?
{8505}{8660}I think you jumped on your bike,|pedaled home and whacked off!
{8661}{8718}That's what you think, right?
{8719}{8901}With Kessler sitting on the floor like that,|wanting me?
{8961}{9002}No guts, Goodson.
{9003}{9072}The problem was I just wasn't attracted|to her.
{9073}{9107}That should never stop you.

I don't want to make a mistake.|. perhaps? {12180}{12210}No.I guess so.|"What the fuck!" Make your move! {9385}{9467}That's easy for you to say. {11940}{12000}Joel. {13315}{13394}. {12823}{12868}He interviews for Princeton.. {10240}{10324}Be right there.you can't do it.|jeopardize my future! {9705}{9824}Joel. {13633}{13703}Please.. let me tell you something. {12211}{12277}Is this the way I left the equalizer? {12278}{12331}No. {9144}{9196}It could've worked out. should I start your car? {13572}{13602}The car will be fine.|You're probably going to Harvard. {13704}{13798}. {13997}{14034}We trust you. my rules. . {10423}{10526}So. at our house. {13395}{13475}Don't forget to water the plants|on the patio. {9243}{9384}Sometimes you have to say.. do you hear something odd? {12001}{12040}Something unpleasant? {12041}{12083}No. {9468}{9563}You're all set. I spoke to Bill Rutherford.. {12869}{12908}I'll never get into Princeton! {12909}{12956}I already arranged an interview. did you get your SAT scores? {11400}{11450}How did you do? {11451}{11554}597: Math." gives you freedom. {9564}{9704}Me. I want to show you something. {12084}{12179}A preponderance of bass.Great. you're not to use my car.{9108}{9143}She seemed too big. in your cosmetic case. {11729}{11766}Honey. {14035}{14087}Have a great time. {13476}{13530}I made a list. {9825}{9942}Every now and then. the 4th. {12957}{13020}Friday night. {12763}{12822}Joel.Use the station wagon. {12451}{12596}If you can't use it properly.. {13603}{13632}For the battery. {13021}{13074}Jesus. it's on the refrigerator door.another $50 for emergencies|and an extra $25 just in case.. honey. {13255}{13314}There's $50 for food. {12332}{12450}This is not a toy for you and your friends." {9943}{10022}"What the fuck. {11659}{11728}Joel. {9197}{9242}I thought I'd get into trouble. did you pack my Mace? {11767}{11880}Yes. I mean. {10587}{10708}You've got the place all to yourself? {10709}{10754}Yeah? {10755}{10841}"What the fuck.|which is more than enough.|You're not insured for it. {11557}{11618}If you wanted to. Dad! {13075}{13154}Tell him about your involvement|with Future Enterprisers. your folks are going out of town? {10527}{10586}Tomorrow.. say. {10984}{11078}. {13155}{13239}They like that. Joel. {12597}{12691}My house.|you're not to use it at all. {13531}{13571}Dad..|just use your best judgment.|.|you could take them again? {11619}{11658}. "What the fuck. {13799}{13848}Do we understand each other? {13849}{13909}Okay! {13911}{13996}As far as the house is concerned. {10099}{10219}Opportunity makes your future. {11265}{11394}Joel." {10933}{10983}If you can't say it. 560: Verbal. {10023}{10098}Freedom brings opportunity.Use my car.

just bring the goddamn thing|over tonight.I heard your parents were away. {17431}{17526}My cousin went into dermatology. {17235}{17272}780: Verbal. {19908}{19987}Thanks. over $60. {19753}{19832}You know how it is. you guys. honey. {17955}{17999}Just make money. You too. {17739}{17786}Listen. {17697}{17738}Thank you. {18339}{18420}Profit motive. {19709}{19752}We don't have anywhere to go.Yeah. {18547}{18626}Is there any company|that doesn't have a product in production? {18627}{18666}We're falling far behind. {19505}{19608}I thought maybe I could borrow a room? {19609}{19660}Barry is here and we're working. {19661}{19708}We won't bother you. you're very kind. {20071}{20112}Ready? {20113}{20174}The "Memo-Minder"! . {18421}{18488}Competition. Take my room. Joel. {17193}{17234}He must have aced his Boards. {18045}{18136}What about you. {15447}{15539}"Just take those old records off the shelf {15540}{15635}"I sit and listen to them by myself {15636}{15722}"Today's music ain't got the same soul {15723}{15818}"I like that old time rock and roll! {15819}{15906}"Don't try to take me to a disco {15907}{16002}"You'll never even get me out on the floor {16003}{16088}"In ten minutes I'll be late for the door {16089}{16184}"I like that old time rock and roll! {16185}{16284}"Still like that old time rock and roll! {16285}{16372}"That kind of music just soothes the soul {16373}{16466}"I reminisce about the days of old {16467}{16599}"With that old time rock and roll!" {17088}{17117}Guess what? {17118}{17192}Dalby got into Harvard. {18703}{18740}You wanted to be|the production executive. What's up? {19409}{19504}. {18489}{18546}Free enterprise.{14088}{14114}Be good. {18829}{18854}Yeah? Who? {18855}{18902}Everyone! Just help me|with the production! {18903}{18962}I can't! I'm too busy|with marketing and sales! {18963}{19007}How can you be busy|with marketing and sales? {19008}{19068}I haven't given you the product yet! {19069}{19128}Barry. {19833}{19907}Sure.|first year? {17403}{17430}$40. {17273}{17312}765: Math! {17313}{17336}Shit! {17337}{17402}Do you know what a Harvard MBA makes. {17787}{17846}Doesn't anyone want|to accomplish anything? {17847}{17916}Or do we just want to make money? {17917}{17954}Make money. {14115}{14220}We will.000! {17527}{17586}Just for squeezing zits? {17587}{17696}Why don't you try it.|. Joel? {18137}{18242}Serve my fellow mankind. {19129}{19326}I only did this because I thought|it'd look good on my record. {18667}{18702}You haven't exactly been helping. {18741}{18828}Bullshit! Every sales manager I know|helps with production. {19365}{19408}Hi.|First year. Barry?|You have the experience. {18000}{18044}Make a lot of money. Glenn.000.

{21159}{21245}It's ridiculous! {21273}{21359}I'm out of here. what do you do? {20639}{20782}Write the message down there.|it's fairly important. {20607}{20638}So." {26137}{26312}Succinct. Will you take his place? {25637}{25672}"Call Misty..|hit the switch.Barry?|. {23464}{23524}Shit! {23747}{23794}Sublime breasts. {24967}{25074}Now. What do you d o? {20305}{20438}You write the message down here. Joel." {25673}{25758}Come on. grunt twice! {21787}{21859}Thank you! {22689}{22754}I can't believe Glenn bringing|Statwiler over like that. {20199}{20304}A call comes in for your mom." {25351}{25414}It sounds great. Joel! {26477}{26546}In the privacy of your own home! {26547}{26622}What else can you ask for? {26623}{26693}I'll make my own calls. {21491}{21625}Lock the door when you leave. {23283}{23350}You're sure on this? {23351}{23430}I'm positive. Miles. What did you think it was? {23227}{23282}I thought it was something else. {20783}{20958}$1.|hit position two. {24779}{24826}Okay..What? {23015}{23096}Boffing and fucking are the same thing.{20175}{20198}Here's how it works. {25231}{25350}"Fully equipped dungeons. You've got to|take advantage of this! {25759}{25798}They come to your house! {25799}{25918}"Countess Angelique seeks|young submissive with large ankles!" {25919}{25950}This is it! {25951}{26058}"For a good time in the privacy|of your own home. a call for your dad comes in|and it's really important! {20543}{20606}You're gonna get your ass kicked in|if he misses it.|down to business. try this on for size. Glenn. {24033}{24129}Do you want to race? {24225}{24290}Hit it. {22973}{23014}. {23097}{23167}They are? {23171}{23226}Yes.|he fucked her.95|and make a fortune! {21043}{21078}I can't concentrate with this. {25075}{25136}"The Leather Castle. {23795}{23826}They're what kind of breasts? {23827}{23913}Sublime breasts! {23961}{24032}A couple of boys in daddy's car. sell it for $9. {21079}{21158}This is really annoying. to the point. {24827}{24966}You've done the old man's car bit. {25415}{25448}Here's one! {25449}{25550}"My daddy used to spank my bare bottom.. {22755}{22778}Why? {22779}{22850}Because he boffed Hendricks last week! {22851}{22874}He did? {22875}{22972}Yes! And after the game on Saturday. Good.. {25551}{25636}"Now he's gone. you've got the light. {25137}{25230}"Chicago's finest dominants|and submissives.. {20439}{20542}Now. {26694}{26740}Then.|That's a good start. thank you. call Jackie: {26059}{26133}"555-4875. {26419}{26476}A good time. {21635}{21750}If you read me. What do you say? {26313}{26418}If you want to call. call for yourself.|Beginners welcome.86 in parts.. .

{32890}{32968}My time.|you don't buy Sony if you want RCA. {32762}{32861}A long ride. {32862}{32889}And your time. damn it! {27899}{27974}There's no number.|345 Remson. {27639}{27688}Now.|. we make an arrangement|and everyone is satisfied. my effort. God! {30274}{30411}Hello.call! {26773}{26845}Forget it! {26879}{26922}Forget it! {26923}{26966}All right! {26967}{27034}I'm calling. I'm really sorry. I'm going to give you a number. {27133}{27218}You'd better not mention me. right? {32638}{32727}This way. {31234}{31285}Are you coming? {31286}{31369}No! I'm playing cards! {31370}{31461}You're not coming? {31468}{31566}Get over here. this is Joel Goodson. {32240}{32305}I mean.It's what you want. {30558}{30647}I'll go call him.. {27689}{27774}Number? There's no number? {27775}{27890}Give me the number. {33333}{33489}It's what every white boy|off the lake wants. I'm sorry about|the misunderstanding. {27365}{27521}I'd like a good time in my home tonight. {27277}{27364}Hi. {27219}{27276}It's her answering machine. she is here. Know what I m ean? {32386}{32499}When you buy a TV. hey! {32562}{32637}It's your hard-earned money. {32094}{32145}Again. Joel. give me the number|so I can call her back. {33068}{33093}Fair enough. when you put|your good money down. {32728}{32761}You had carfare.. {30472}{30557}Joel stepped out for a moment. Dalby! {31838}{31947}Look. {32996}{33054}$75.. {33171}{33232}You ask for Lana. {27035}{27090}You're calling? {27091}{27132}Someday you'll thank me for this.|and she is waiting for you! {31150}{31233}She's not waiting for me. {33094}{33170}Joel. {32146}{32239}As long as we come to an arrangement. be a courageous person. Catch you later. {34161}{34238}All right. But.you gotta get what you wanted|in the first place. {32969}{32995}Thank you. Jackie.|I'm in no mood for complaini ng...|we know you're in there! . Goodson. {33233}{33332}.|Bye! {27575}{27638}That was really cute.{26741}{26772}. Glencoe. I can call a cab.|Open the door! {32012}{32093}That way.|my infinite patience and understanding. you see. I'm Jackie. {31948}{32011}Joel. I don't ever come out this far. {30778}{30850}Holy shit! {30898}{30961}Dalby. I'm not Joel.|she's waiting for you. {32500}{32561}I know we could get along|real well. {32306}{32385}. Jackie..Thank you. How are you? {30412}{30471}Nice to meet you. Joel! {31008}{31043}Just get over here! {31044}{31075}Is she there? {31076}{31149}Yes. get your ass over here! {30962}{31007}I'm playing cards. {28182}{28252}Shithead! {29840}{29907}Oh. {27975}{28022}You're an asshole! {28023}{28133}Gotta go.

you goddamn punk. Joel? {44664}{44755}I just don't have that much here|in the house. {38182}{38240}. do as they say! {35062}{35104}Get off the babysitter! {35105}{35216}Don't throw your life away like this... I don't believe I am. Ralph? {43687}{43782}This is a beautiful place.. {45264}{45346}Give it a try. and come out with your hands up! {34975}{35061}Please. {43847}{43947}Do you know what it's worth? {43948}{43979}A lot. shit! {34691}{34919}Get off the babysitter! Put on your|pants.. {34581}{34664}Do exactly as we say. {35217}{35352}Listen. Joel. {46252}{46322}I'm back! {46597}{46686}I'm here for you.$50? {44894}{45026}What are we going to do about this? {45095}{45135}I have a bond at the bank I could cash. Lana. you'll never|have a future! Not if I can help it! {35353}{35420}You got that? No future! {35421}{35462}Who is that? {35463}{35535}My father! {36857}{36924}Hello? Lana? {36925}{36982}Yes? {36983}{37038}Hi.I have $50. yeah! Real estate? {44028}{44078}It's fabulous! {44079}{44225}Look. {44492}{44590}Can I send it to you? {44604}{44663}Can you send it to me. {44423}{44451}You're kidding? {44452}{44491}No.. {37677}{37766}What's your name? {37847}{37896}Ralph. {44240}{44303}It's Joel. {47127}{47186}How could she? It's so stupid! {47187}{47222}Tell your mother it broke! {47223}{47310}That egg is worth a lot more than $300! {47311}{47366}What are you going to do? {47367}{47423}I'm gonna get it back. {44756}{44822}How much do you have? {44823}{44893}.. can I have the address? {38109}{38171}345.. Joel. probably.{34239}{34294}What's that? {34295}{34410}I think someone's out there.|and I'd like to meet you tonight.Remson. {37897}{38017}Ralph. {43980}{44027}Oh.|. Where are you? {37495}{37586}Where do you live? {37627}{37676}Glencoe. actually. {44304}{44400}I need $300.|is what I'm gonna do.|Is it all yours? {43783}{43846}It's my folks'. When? . {40784}{40899}Are you ready for me. {38241}{38303}Ralph? {38335}{38433}I'll see you tonight. {45136}{45222}I'm not good at waiting for people. the house is surrounded. {45223}{45263}I'll be quick. my name really isn't Ralph. {37383}{37479}Fine. {34503}{34580}Joel.. {37321}{37382}I'm a nice guy. Ralph. {34665}{34690}Oh. {47424}{47443}Are you going to help? {47444}{47514}Sure...|and no one gets hurt.

where do you want to go? . {51504}{51554}. {52421}{52518}This is my friend. all right? It's freezing.. {50095}{50155}Joel! {50212}{50267}Is this your car? {50268}{50330}Maybe.. {48507}{48650}Great idea. {50969}{51077}Look.Just start driving! {51555}{51626}Start driving. {50339}{50390}Could we talk a minute? {50391}{50437}Okay.Get off the car!|. Where else could|we get a hot chocolate for $4? {48651}{48712}She's here! {48713}{48766}Where? {48767}{48863}The blue dress.. now! {51627}{51702}Why don't you start the car. Miles. {47880}{48007}I'm surprised you listened to me. Joel. Mid-term tomorrow! {47640}{47675}Hey. she must be terrified.. {48895}{48981}She's fantastic! {49172}{49282}She's looking right at us! {49428}{49526}She knows we're here. open the door. buster! {51482}{51503}Fuck! Will you just. {51147}{51182}I want my egg back! {51183}{51228}You got it. Joel? {51703}{51738}Fuck! Get out of here! {51739}{51794}Start the goddamn car. In the car. {48072}{48156}Are you coming? {48315}{48403}How can you even tell if she'll be here? {48404}{48506}I called Jackie and she said to try here. I want my egg back! {51083}{51112}Get out of the car! {51113}{51146}Joel.Open the door! {51317}{51346}When do I get it back? {51347}{51377}Start driving! {51378}{51442}Open the door!|Are you going to open the door? {51443}{51481}Hey. better get moving. Miles? {52575}{52642}Love it. those legs. Miles. {50820}{50887}Will you do me a favor? {50888}{50935}You want me to do you a favor? {50936}{50968}I just need a lift.. {50438}{50474}Let's talk! {50475}{50626}Okay... Joel! {51795}{51882}Lana. {48864}{48894}That's her. {52519}{52574}Do you like excitement.. {53024}{53090}Okay. {52334}{52420}He gets a little crazy sometimes. or I'll kill you! {52247}{52286}Who was that guy? {52287}{52333}My manager..Now!|. {49711}{49765}That's it? {49766}{49852}That's it.what about "exploring|the dark side" and all that? {47736}{47790}Or was that just bullshit? {47791}{47879}That was just bullshit. all right? Just start driving! {51229}{51262}When? {51263}{51316}. Joel? {49875}{49995}I can't believe we came|all the way here for that! {49996}{50047}At least she knows we're on to her. {50048}{50094}Yeah. "Mr.. {51883}{51930}Where are you going? Lana! {51931}{52041}Get out. {47676}{47735}. What-The-Fuck".{47515}{47546}Right now! {47547}{47639}I can't do it right now!|I have a trig.

{59936}{60018}Reed & Barton. {55748}{55865}I'm really not enjoying this.pain in my chest. {58997}{59076}I quit Guido. {53983}{54014}Or a pimp? {54015}{54064}Now. {57572}{57671}. {53172}{53206}Tell me this: {53207}{53306}Am I going in the right direction? {53307}{53356}Oh. {54982}{55085}What are you talking. Let me write this down. Guido! {53639}{53678}Big man with a gun! {53679}{53710}What are you going to do? {53711}{53809}Shoot us all? Stupid! {53859}{53910}This guy Guido.he's a "manager"?|. {58168}{58251}I'm learning. {57771}{57883}Saturday... {56552}{56703}I think I'm going to throw up on you. United.|The Killer Pimp! {54895}{54954}Miles? {54955}{54981}I think I can take him...|I haven't given it a lot of thought. shit! Here he comes! {53357}{53402}Here who comes? {53403}{53492}That manager guy? {53539}{53575}Hey. {57430}{57477}Hi. {57672}{57770}Wait a minute.. {53911}{53982}. I know. Joel! {57143}{57179}Porsche. {57180}{57290}. {59879}{59935}Nice service. {58456}{58547}See you then.. . {57478}{57510}How are you? {57511}{57571}Just checking in to say hello.. {59311}{59395}Nobody owns me. Mom. {58703}{58742}How about Aunt Tudi? {58743}{58894}Her hip is much better.. Flight 162 at 3:30..|or is this something new? {54135}{54174}I don't believe this! {54175}{54215}I have a trig. {58940}{58996}You were telling me about Guido. dear. {58551}{58614}Your folks? {58615}{58658}So. {59660}{59691}. Joel. {57293}{57363}Fuck you.{53091}{53171}I don't know.. Guido! {53576}{53638}Big man.|She sends her love. How's everything else?|Do you have enough money? {58003}{58120}It never seems to go as far|as you think it will. that's quick.. {58252}{58341}How is Aunt Tudi? {58397}{58455}I will.. bye. {59525}{59602}You were in the hospital? {59603}{59659}I had this.. {59692}{59791}I thought it was a heart condition..there is no substitute. {54065}{54134}Have you always been this quick. {58121}{58167}Yes.|see how you're doing. I owe him for clothes|and hospital bills. Mid-term tomorrow..and I'm being chased by Guido. {56279}{56399}I think I'm going to throw up. {59792}{59826}What was it? {59827}{59878}The doctor said nerves.. {54216}{54384}.That's right.and give you our flight information. how are they? {58659}{58702}Oh.. Joel... they're just great. {59436}{59524}The problem is. It's Mother.... {59091}{59161}How come? {59232}{59310}He thought he owned me. {57884}{58002}That's right.

{60036}{60151}Thank you for breakfast. {60462}{60515}I'm sorry. {63156}{63221}I have to figure out how|to get my stuff back. {60152}{60257}I'm going to school now... {65666}{65803}I won't accept any that aren't typed. {64242}{64331}May I see your pass. Go learn something. {63726}{63821}. {61049}{61143}I'll be right back... . {62792}{62857}What about my mother's egg? {62858}{63040}You're the one who's going to college. what's going on? {66552}{66595}I'm waiting for Glenn. {66264}{66331}Damn it! {66522}{66551}Hey. {62342}{62452}Don't tell me I owe you another $300. look.|and find anything missing. {63521}{63619}Don't steal anything! {63629}{63725}If I come back here. {63041}{63083}How much time do you need? {63084}{63155}I need long enough|to make a few phone calls.|you figure it out.l'm going straight to the police. did you? {65129}{65176}No. you didn't. {60326}{60446}I'll have to ask you to leave. {66596}{66628}Glenn? Where is he? {66629}{66671}Inside... I have to go to school.. {62582}{62735}I don't remember saying|you owe me anything. {66090}{66145}Term papers are due on Friday. {61382}{61468}She won't leave.. {60740}{60829}I'm really sorry. {63310}{63381}All right! {63382}{63437}But will you do me a favor? {63438}{63520}Anything. cookie.|I want my house back. {62220}{62314}I had a great time.. please! {64332}{64421}I'm sure you've all read|chapters six through eight. {63222}{63309}Guido has probably locked me|out of the apartment by now.I just want my egg back. {61802}{61936}Did you have a good time last night? {61940}{62017}You mean when we got back here? {62018}{62135}I think you know what I mean. {64422}{64483}. Glenn knows. {60884}{60966}No.|I'm not joking! {63822}{63963}Joel. {65177}{65205}What about Barry? {65206}{65243}He knows. Miles.so here's a little pop quiz to confirm it. {61229}{61261}She's still here? {61262}{61348}She won't leave. {65244}{65293}Don't tell anyone! {65294}{65383}I won't! I won't! {65562}{65665}Lab reports should be on my desk|by tomorrow afternoon.. {66672}{66703}In the house? {66704}{66796}He wanted to meet her! {66797}{66823}What are you doing? {66824}{66849}I was inside. It was good. {66146}{66263}They count for 50%|of this semester's grades.|please? {65096}{65128}You didn't tell anyone. {62453}{62563}Did I say you owe me anything? {62564}{62581}No. {61546}{61607}Lana. {61704}{61801}I have a lot of work to do. {61166}{61228}You guys go ahead without me.. {64484}{64640}Will you put your books on the floor.. go to school. {60516}{60583}You won't let me stay? {60584}{60697}No. too. {61608}{61703}. I'm sorry.

{71832}{71896}The door is locked. {67565}{67629}You did it with her. {71897}{71944}You're starting to give me a stomachache.{66850}{66934}I can see that. {70200}{70284}Get in the car! {70796}{70859}Excuse me. remember? {67116}{67178}Glenn? {67224}{67279}Tell me you didn't do anything with her. didn't you. {67379}{67418}I met her. {66954}{67001}You're home now. {69058}{69113}Already? I just got here! {69114}{69165}I think he wants us to go. Joel! {67856}{67928}Ask me about Vicki! {67929}{67957}Who is Vicki? {67958}{68035}Owe you one! {68086}{68189}Are you Joel? Nice place you have here. {68190}{68219}Where's Lana? {68220}{68248}In the den. {69166}{69264}Do you want us to go? {69293}{69365}Thank you. {67352}{67378}Nothing. {67280}{67319}Who. Lana? {67320}{67351}Yeah. {67419}{67459}She's nice. {71312}{71393}People get hurt all the time. Lana. {71394}{71460}Are you a smart kid? {71461}{71508}You look like a smart kid. we're not ripping you off or anything. {69994}{70041}Do you know what|you did to me last night? {70042}{70121}I don't care! {70138}{70199}I don't want to see you|or do anything with you anymore. {71542}{71649}Where are the girls? Inside? {71650}{71796}I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to leave. {67002}{67115}Yeah. {70860}{70912}What can I do for you? {70913}{70990}Who are you? {71093}{71191}Are you the kid I chased last night? {71192}{71263}Is there something I can help you with? {71264}{71311}You shouldn't drive like that. Glenn? {67630}{67752}I did not do it with her. {68249}{68323}I like your friend! {68324}{68375}Get out! I'm not kidding! {68376}{68464}What's your problem? {68465}{68525}Just leave! Please! {68526}{68679}Look. I live here. go home!|We don't need you anymore! {72114}{72161}Shut your mouth! {72162}{72268}Listen. {71509}{71541}I'm okay. maybe we don't work|for you anymore! {72269}{72301}Then who do you work for? {72302}{72365}Who? If you don't work for me? . Vicki. I swear. {69946}{69993}I don't want any problems. {67460}{67521}You're sure you didn't do anything? {67522}{67564}Yeah. {68698}{68729}What is this for? {68730}{68843}Fifty goes to the house! You're the house! {68844}{68925}I am not the house! {68926}{69017}Just leave! I mean it! {69018}{69057}He's mad. {71945}{72013}Good! I hope it hurts! {72014}{72049}Are you going to open the door? {72050}{72113}Guido.

Not really. {76044}{76145}You see.. never. {76805}{76845}Are you stoned? {76846}{76948}No. now. {75161}{75307}We make a product. {76949}{77017}I think you're really wasted! {77018}{77076}This is not wasted. {73885}{73955}. {73642}{73677}It's very decent of you.Did you try her again?|. {74194}{74273}I don't know. {74274}{74341}Clean. {75497}{75555}No. {78278}{78319}I mean. {73530}{73616}Thank you.. I can get the egg. after your friend came over. Barry. polite..|. {75900}{75989}Do you ever get high. {73826}{73884}As soon as we get in touch with Tandy. quick. {75618}{75680}Actually.Don't worry. {75308}{75373}Do you make a lot of money? {75374}{75458}No. like I hope you are..|He has such nice friends.on free enterprise. I was thinking.get to compete with other|student companies. {74098}{74131}Then you'll leave? {74132}{74193}Then we'll leave. {77077}{77197}This is definitely not wasted. {72458}{72505}She's only kidding. Joel. {75556}{75617}. All the time. {78220}{78277}Because. right? {72860}{72959}Right. {72506}{72578}I hope so. ever fuck|with another man's livelih ood! {73114}{73255}If you're smart.Don't let me do anything stupid. you look like a smart kid. {72788}{72859}You're having fun now. {72684}{72787}I'm going to tell you something|I'm sure you'll understand.. {74844}{74913}What are you studying? {74914}{74971}It's a workshop.. Vicki and I were thinking|about getting high. then you'll find another place|to stay.{72366}{72457}Maybe we work for Joel. {73678}{73745}Just as long as we understand each other.. Joel? {75990}{76043}Yeah. {78000}{78043}I'll be out next year.. {72960}{73113}In a sluggish economy... {75749}{75869}It's really quite competitive.|and then we try to market it. {74342}{74462}I think there's a future here. {78044}{78108}I'll bet your folks are nice. {73746}{73825}One night.She's still out.. Joel? The time of your life.I know. it's fucked! {75681}{75748}I'm just kidding.I couldn't believe it! {78365}{78447}A kid our age walks in with a $100! . {74972}{75073}.... but we. {73258}{73416}. Lana.|we'll have a place.. {77652}{77748}Want to take a walk? {77856}{77959}How do you like living at home? {77960}{77999}It's okay. {76146}{76277}Maybe going out|and getting some ice cream? {76278}{76367}You want to come? {76444}{76588}I could go for some ice cream right now.you aren't going to make me|come back here.I'm a little wasted!|... {72586}{72683}Joel. {77492}{77651}. {78320}{78364}.. {78109}{78167}They're gone till Sunday? {78168}{78219}Yeah. {73956}{74005}And my mother's egg? {74006}{74097}If I can get my stuff back. I do not believe so. {77244}{77306}Barry? {77358}{77483}.

{78609}{78688}He said he cashed a bond.. {81116}{81236}What else do you want to know? {81264}{81355}Do you have any brothers and sisters? {81356}{81407}I have a brother. {79464}{79540}Future enterpriser. {82276}{82448}.000 car.while you're leaning on your|daddy's $40. Nurse Bolan.. {80976}{81115}Because my step-father|kept coming on to me..|I'll explain everything. Be a little enterpriser. Ask me anything. no. {78689}{78811}You people have a lot of bonds. everyone watch your feet! {85813}{85892}Are you okay? {85920}{86023}Do you want an aspirin? {86060}{86165}Does your dad own a gun? {86208}{86321}Who's the U-boat commander? {86600}{86715}You're right. {82196}{82275}But I'd appreciate it if you'd|stop trying to judge me. I really want to talk to you. {86960}{87043}It'll wreck my whole grade point average! {87044}{87238}If you'd just stop and listen to me.. {86884}{86959}. {80078}{80260}Nothing I can do about it. {81504}{81535}No. {78489}{78551}Where did he get that kind of change? {78552}{78608}I don't know. {81877}{81935}How come you're not in school? {81936}{82030}I'm not my brother.lf you write "unexcused.{78448}{78488}Glenn.. {84269}{84341}Thank you. {81536}{81591}I don't think you want to talk and it's okay.if we ever got our friends together.... {81592}{81719}No. {79541}{79654}Be whatever you want to be. .|we'd make a fortune! {79020}{79095}Yeah."|I fail two mid-terms. I was thinking. {78909}{79019}. {81724}{81779}What does he do? {81780}{81864}He's in school. {82449}{82545}I'll see you around. {79384}{79463}Make some money. {78825}{78908}So. You're right.. {86769}{86843}But I will tell you exactly what happened. {79096}{79144}Do you want to do that? {79145}{79168}Do what? {79169}{79283}Get our friends together|in the next few days. {82134}{82195}I'm really trying to be friends with you. I'm not pushing you on the idea.. {86844}{86883}"Unexcused.|It keeps working and working. {82652}{82757}Was it something I said? {82853}{82948}You locked the door!|The keys are inside the car! {82949}{83057}Please! Stop! Stop! Stop! {83404}{83512}Please stop! Please stop! {84232}{84268}Thank you.. {80012}{80077}It's just that my mind keeps working|all the time. {85332}{85466}All right. I don't think so. {86716}{86768}I did not have a doctor's appointment.. You are absolutely|right to respond this way." You see.. {79732}{79839}What if I said I'd be your girlfriend|for the next few nights? {79840}{79912}No charge? {79928}{80011}Hey. {81408}{81463}What else? {81464}{81503}If you don't want to talk. {79284}{79382}No. {80705}{80795}How come you left home? {80796}{80848}Why? {80849}{80947}I was just wondering. {80486}{80523}You warm enough? {80524}{80594}I'm okay..

actually. maybe $35. my parents are away. you took her out to dinner twice. {88948}{88980}What did he get? {88981}{89052}Suspension.. {88416}{88463}Let me put it this way. baby {95109}{95192}"I have lots of fun {95193}{95267}"I'm a man" {95295}{95417}I introduced her to my friends. Joel? {89380}{89450}I'm okay. {93707}{93826}Just this shameless pursuit of immediate|material gratification. {88016}{88103}It wasn't the girl. {94284}{94342}I believed them all. {95855}{95908}What did that cost you? {95909}{95936}About $30. it was my father's car. . {89736}{89799}. {95529}{95644}We made Barry our treasurer. {89098}{89151}Shit! They trashed his whole record! {89152}{89286}What's he going to do about the car? {89296}{89379}Are you okay. Here... {95791}{95854}So. {88260}{88358}Just give me a break. {87968}{88015}Excuse me.. {93827}{93918}What a capitalist! {93943}{94040}She told me I could make more money|in one night than I'd make all year. {88104}{88151}I put my father's car into Lake Michigan. {95937}{95966}With tip? {95967}{96010}Okay. no fear.Jesus. {93575}{93678}None of my specialties.|then you'll understand. can I borrow your bike?|. {95653}{95716}Lana did production. no doubts.Glenn. you're writing again! {87560}{87631}This is not "unexcused"! {87632}{87763}If you will just listen to me. {94535}{94624}"Now when I was a young boy {94625}{94704}"At the age of five {94705}{94784}"My mother said I was going to be {94785}{94864}"The greatest man alive {94865}{94950}"But now I'm a man {94951}{95028}"Way past twenty-one {95029}{95108}"I want you to believe me.and I had to get it fixed. use mine. {89053}{89097}They kicked him out|of Future Enterprisers. {88152}{88259}. {95717}{95790}I concentrated on sales. she introduced me to her friends.{87277}{87407}The truth is. Nurse Bolan . {88692}{88913}I don't think I can leave until I get|just a little compassion fro m you. five days.|She came to my house. {94343}{94480}So. {87408}{87515}A call girl. {93445}{93504}It was great the way her mind worked: {93505}{93574}No guilt. {87764}{87811}Why? Why won't you listen to me? {87812}{87929}I had a doctor's appointment. {94041}{94102}Enough to pay for my father's car. {89710}{89735}He needs a bike. {94103}{94232}She told me she'd be my girlfriend. {88464}{88659}I have spent the last four years|of my life busting my butt in thi s shithole! {88660}{88691}I'm sorry. {94233}{94283}She told me a lot of things. Glenn! {89800}{89898}Sure.|and I met this girl. {89665}{89709}I need a bike. {87516}{87559}Look. too.

{103722}{103875}Let's take a look at what we have. {101985}{102071}I get it anyway.walk like a man. {97689}{97746}I'll think about it.. {99880}{100021}.. Joel! Really excellent. thank you. okay?|.. {97643}{97688}.. {97406}{97468}He was glad to get that knowledge.. please? {103521}{103620}I understand that you would like|to attend Princeton. {99729}{99794}Some of the girls are wearing|my mother's clothing. I'm in a meeting.{96011}{96054}Any movies? {96055}{96088}Three movies. {101010}{101056}Is Howie Rifkin here? {101057}{101146}You're on. honey. {96089}{96142}$20. {102345}{102455}Whatever you want to do. {104214}{104264}We need the room.. Stan.. afterwards? {97339}{97405}He said the lady had knowledge. {97819}{97884}Wisconsin? {97885}{97959}Big school. {96143}{96168}Parking? {96169}{96212}I park on the street. {98383}{98458}All I'm saying is. {102866}{102912}Bill Rutherford. you're in for roughly $60. {101713}{101801}All right. {97469}{97510}Do you know why? {97511}{97546}Why? {97547}{97642}Because college girls can smell ignorance. {97747}{97782}Where are you going to school next year? {97783}{97818}Wisconsin. {103621}{103671}Yes. It's fine.Just talk to them. . {101802}{101873}The thing is. {103672}{103721}Well. I'll be right there. sir.. {103034}{103128}No... fine. {99171}{99268}Joel! This is a great party! {99269}{99382}Are you having a good time? {99513}{99654}Excellent idea. {98459}{98553}.. {102913}{102984}I believe we had an interview scheduled. {101641}{101712}Joel! Somebody is at the front door|for you.I don't have to pay for it. {96359}{96510}All right. {96213}{96271}Gas? {96273}{96343}Maybe $6.. {103317}{103437}Is it okay if I have the room? {103445}{103520}Also. {101874}{101984}.. {96799}{96894}That's all I'm saying. sir... {99795}{99826}What's wrong with that? {99827}{99879}I don't want to spend the rest|of my life in analysis. {96895}{96970}"I can make love to you. {96590}{96656}What happened? {96657}{96762}She slept with Jacobsen. Princeton Admissions..All right. Can I help you? {102797}{102841}Are you Joel? {102842}{102865}Yes. {102985}{103033}If this is inconvenient for you.like dog shit. woman {96971}{97048}"In five minutes' time {97049}{97143}"Ain't that a man?" {97243}{97338}Do you know what he said. very much. could you catch the phone|if anyone calls. {102153}{102311}I'm going to get going|or I'll miss the party.|shall we? {104122}{104177}Does this couch open? {104178}{104213}Lana. {102737}{102796}Excuse me...

{104741}{104840}Fine. {105065}{105096}Can you get him in tonight? {105097}{105132}Not now..|"What the fuck.. {106177}{106280}".|from Skokie. is it? {106866}{106940}You know.. {109532}{109609}God knows.|He's talking to some of the girls. {109374}{109464}Look at it this way.. {109085}{109213}This thing has gotten way out of control..." {107122}{107204}Make your move. {105582}{105664}Business. Music.Student Council: Two years. your grade point|average is 3.. right now. let's see what else there is.. they needed the service! {109610}{109792}And.{104265}{104378}I need a few minutes. {108562}{108689}What do you want me to tell them? {108694}{108753}Has that guy from Princeton left yet? {108754}{108828}No. {106281}{106389}". Joel. {109214}{109272}I'm going to kill Miles..14. yes. Correct me|if my information is inaccura te. Now..He has to be back by 12:00. you have a girlfriend to boot." {106485}{106584}Well.. Verbal: 560.|You're making a lot of money.there's one thing I've learned|in all my years. well. {107205}{107296}I beg your pardon? {107297}{107352}So..|..Honorable Mention:|Cook County Science Fair. Music..|Recording Secretary. okay? {105133}{105310}.but it isn't quite lvy League. {106941}{107028}. do I? {110260}{110305}What do you think? . {104661}{104740}Well. Spanish Club. {110174}{110248}Well. Yes. how are we doing? {107353}{107408}Looks like University of Illinois! {107409}{107469}"All right. Ruben. all right! {107470}{107540}"Dance. Sex. you've taken your SAT's already.. {105738}{105843}I'll be out in a second... {105425}{105532}And you wish to major in? {105533}{105581}Business. you are one hot-shit|future enterpriser.. {110048}{110071}Do I? {110072}{110117}Phone call for Joel.Future Enterprisers.|Is that correct? {104993}{105064}Joel. this is very respectable. later guys. Sex. {105344}{105416}Excuse me. {109961}{110047}And.. all right! {107673}{107788}"Dance. {110118}{110173}Here. {106390}{106484}".. he's still here. {109465}{109531}You're providing your friends|with an invaluable service.which places you in the 84th percentile. {105893}{105968}Fine. Bill.. Oooh...Varsity Track Team: One year. {109806}{109945}Don't worry so much. Yearbook Staff. {108829}{108868}Talking? {108869}{108979}They're very good talkers. {104841}{104889}You class rank: 52.All right. {109273}{109364}Oh.. I'll get it.. {106585}{106669}You've done some very solid work here... {105969}{106121}"Junior Varsity Tennis Team. okay? {104458}{104521}Now.. {106670}{106814}. . I'll be upstairs. Joel. {108985}{109084}I don't think I'm going to say. {107029}{107121}Sometimes you have to say. {104890}{104992}. {106122}{106176}".. this is my cousin. Romance! {107825}{107950}"Everybody clap your hands now!" {108434}{108561}Some of your friends are looking for you. come on.|"What the fuck" anymore. {104522}{104660}Math: 597. Romance! {107541}{107666}"Everybody say. but I was planning on taking|those again.

How is Mom?|Is everything all right? {111304}{111329}Let's go. {112812}{112867}The girls were exhausted." {112142}{112207}Seems to me if there were any logic|to our language..|We trust you. Dad. Lana! {121230}{121271}I'm not here right now. it was time to close shop. {110772}{110823}Joel! {110824}{110847}Dad? {110848}{110891}Who answered the phone? {110892}{110931}Just a friend. {114080}{114149}"Well. Dad. {112964}{113049}She wanted to make love on a real train. {111096}{111163}Let's make love on a real train. {121182}{121229}They stole the goddamn house. {110932}{110959}Do I know her? {110960}{111003}Have you ever made love on a real train? {111004}{111047}I don't think so. . {111048}{111095}He's got a girl.. can you hear me? {111882}{111939}There's nothing wrong|with having friends over. {112022}{112095}We're coming in on United. Joel. {112208}{112311}. {111164}{111191}Joel.. I remember {114150}{114249}"I remember . let's be alone together. are you there? {111192}{111303}I'm still here.. {112312}{112415}The evening worked out well."trust" would be a four-letter word. {112496}{112621}He said he'd do his best for me. {111538}{111599}Sounds like a party. {112728}{112811}Finally. {111940}{112021}Just use your best judgment. {113784}{113858}Be patient. {111330}{111403}Did I hear others there? {111404}{111509}Just a few friends. {110356}{110440}Yes? No? Maybe? {110444}{110502}Yes. You tell me. {112096}{112141}"Trust. {113050}{113135}Who was I to say no? {113136}{113280}"I can feel it coming in the air tonight {113384}{113561}"And I've been waiting for this moment|for all my life {113620}{113675}"Can you feel it coming" {113676}{113783}I thought no one was going to be here. {110532}{110587}No.|She wanted to go out for a bite. you don't fool me {114816}{114873}"The hurt doesn't show {114874}{114937}"But the pain still grows {114938}{115058}"It's no stranger to you or me {115076}{115220}"I can feel it coming in the air tonight {115322}{115504}"Well. {111600}{111639}A party? {111640}{111687}Come on.|Flight 162 at 3:30. I've been waiting|for this moment for all my life {115566}{115695}"I can feel it in the air tonight" {121158}{121181}Hi. {112868}{112963}Lana was hungry.don't worry {114250}{114327}"How could I ever forget? {114328}{114401}"It's the first time {114402}{114512}"The last time we ever met {114562}{114631}"But I know the reason {114632}{114735}"Why you keep the silence up {114736}{114815}"No.|We had a good cash flow. Dad. {111688}{111817}I don't remember giving|permission for a party.{110306}{110355}I don't know. {111818}{111881}Honey. {110634}{110696}Maybe. {112416}{112495}Rutherford made a few new friends.

{124096}{124192}Don't you know that? {124364}{124411}What time is it? {124412}{124467}It's 4:15. {123654}{123757}No! Do we understand each other? {123758}{123869}Yes. Joel. you're lucky in one respect. do you like music? {124799}{124872}This is beautiful equipment. are you kidding? {122122}{122173}Then you listen to me. {122984}{123075}Can I have my furniture back? Please? {123076}{123159}You listen to me..it would be your legs! Your arms!|Your head! {123580}{123619}Do we understand each other? {123620}{123653}Yes. {123340}{123387}If I had any self-respect. I'll buy it! . Joel. we do.it wouldn't just be the furniture.... kid? {121852}{121883}Where's Lana? {121884}{121923}Maybe she's on the choo-choo. {125655}{125682}Yes.. {121323}{121403}. {124500}{124583}Something must have happened. {123226}{123313}. {122266}{122326}Shit! {122522}{122567}"A-hole?" {122568}{122643}I want my furniture back. right now! {122644}{122675}Now. we understand each other. and they took fuckin g everything! {121568}{121623}I don't know if you know|anything about this.|it'd cost you double that.. you've really got to help me! {121792}{121851}Time of your life. buster! {122174}{122207}You a-hole! {122208}{122265}If I don't get my stuff back... {124468}{124499}I'll find a cab.... {123388}{123443}. the works? {124983}{125010}It's a bargain. {124873}{124939}What do you say.but you have to call me right away! {121668}{121719}I'm at the house: KL5-2121. {125683}{125710}What? {125711}{125742}Yes. {121624}{121667}.. something for your mom? {125613}{125654}Should fit her okay.. {123952}{124015}What's that? {124016}{124095}I like you. {123870}{123951}Well. {121924}{121993}I hear she's got this thing|about choo-choos. $300.. {121720}{121791}Look... speakers. huh..you call me names and insult me! {123314}{123339}I'm sorry. {125011}{125114}If you go downtown anywhere... {123444}{123579}. {122044}{122121}I took your stuff.. {121404}{121450}They took everything! {121451}{121479}This is unbelievable! {121480}{121567}My parents will be home in two hours.amps. you listen to me. no! You listen to me! {122758}{122818}Shit! {122940}{122983}This is getting boring. {125115}{125237}All right! The kid likes music! {125501}{125562}How about some women's outfits? {125563}{125612}You know.{121272}{121322}But if you'll leave your name and number... {122676}{122757}No. you little fuck! {123160}{123225}You not only took my two best girls..|Lana... {124584}{124644}Taxi! {124747}{124798}Joel. {121994}{122043}I want to know who took my stuff.. Joel. {124940}{124982}.I'll call you back as soon as possible.

{129411}{129466}I thought you were coming|home tomorrow. Joel. {129657}{129696}Give me a hand with the luggage. I'll pay for it. Joel will pay for it. {130419}{130448}What's wrong? {130449}{130496}My egg is ruined. thank you! {128547}{128658}I'd put all the Chinese things together. {131063}{131130}Sure.He's only got $40. {129467}{129524}Sweetheart. {128659}{128800}I don't think you should mix centuries. Joel. {126765}{126818}You're good for it. {126657}{126710}We go $340? {126711}{126764}I'll spot you the $300. {129581}{129656}I'm sure I said the 5th.|thank you.What do you think. I'm not kidding. Thank you. Vic?|. you said the 6th. God knows. {126521}{126578}. {125987}{126030}That's it. you have everything. Joel? {126379}{126430}$40. I wrote it down. {126847}{126876}I think he is too. {126877}{126900}Here! {126901}{126963}Catch! {127225}{127258}To Joel! {127259}{127354}Here's wishin' you good luck|on your future as a businessman! {127355}{127508}Because. {126147}{126206}What about this? {126207}{126250}What's that? {126251}{126322}Some glass. {130725}{130770}I don't think so. {129525}{129580}No. I said the 5th. {130921}{130976}This is so damned irresponsible of you! {130977}{131062}We'll get another one.|you're going to need it! {128403}{128446}Don't. {126031}{126113}Wait a minute. {126323}{126378}What have you got left. {130355}{130418}There's a small crack. artsy-fartsy thing. Mom? {129911}{130033}Can I talk to you for a minute? {130075}{130124}What happened to my egg? {130125}{130176}What do you mean? {130177}{130264}There's a crack in it! {130265}{130304}You're kidding! {130305}{130354}No. {130595}{130666}You don't know. {129111}{129212}Mom! Dad! You're home! {129223}{129262}Where were you? {129263}{129294}I was here. {125791}{125838}Can we get through this. please? {125839}{125899}$125. . {129697}{129786}She said the 6th. {130497}{130562}What happened? {130563}{130594}I don't know.{125743}{125790}I didn't give you a price yet. right? {126819}{126846}Certainly. you'll break it! {128447}{128546}That's good. inside the egg. {129825}{129850}Joel? {129851}{129910}Yes. {126431}{126520}I don't think I can go $40|on the artsy-fartsy thing. {130667}{130724}Mom.|and the Greek on a sepa rate shelf. maybe it was there before. {130771}{130890}How could you let this happen? {130891}{130920}I'm sorry. {126579}{126656}I only have $40. {129295}{129354}We called from the airport! {129355}{129410}I must have been out back watering.

{134171}{134210}You were so right.I don't think so.. {131515}{131649}Why don't you put in some yard work? {133013}{133140}Do you have something to tell me? {133153}{133197}No. {136779}{136850}I'd really like that. {133399}{133543}Apparently.. do you? {135635}{135708}My name is Russell Bitterman. Why? {136667}{136778}It might be nice if we spent|the evening together. {135207}{135301}. {136507}{136572}I know. {137499}{137562}My name is Joel Goodson. {135139}{135206}.where we might be ten years from now.. {134469}{134590}." {133821}{133906}His exact words! {133907}{133946}That's unbelievable! {133947}{133998}You're as good as in! {133999}{134042}I knew you could do it! {134043}{134110}Haven't I been telling you... {133198}{133252}.000 in one night. {137023}{137076}$20. {134211}{134321}You've made me very proud. {137268}{137306}How about I write you a check? {137307}{137418}Do you think I'd accept a check from you?|What am I..Can you send it to me? {137220}{137267}'Cause I don't have that much here. {137635}{137738}I grossed over $8." {133691}{133724}What? {133725}{133820}"Princeton can use a guy like Joel. Lana? {137077}{137130}What are we going to do about this? {137131}{137219}. {136427}{136506}Guess we won't see each other for awhile.. {136285}{136426}We made a profit of $500 last semester. {136155}{136284}My name is Evonne Williams. {135823}{135964}We made a profit of $850 last semester. {135535}{135634}You don't believe me. {131481}{131514}She'll be all right. kid? . stupid? {137419}{137498}I have a bond at the bank.Vicki and Guido? {135470}{135525}No. {134591}{134639}You know what I think? {134640}{134698}I think we're both going to make it big! {134699}{134821}I'm very optimistic! I mean it! {134861}{134966}Can I ask you something? {135019}{135127}Was our night together.just to set up.95. {136053}{136154}I don't want you to get hurt. huh. {137563}{137634}I deal in human fulfillment.|I'm from Wheaton High School. {133253}{133398}I just got off the telephone|with Bill Rutherford. you two had quite a meeting. {136851}{136938}How much have you got on you? {136939}{136977}How much have I got on me? {136978}{137022}I've got $20.|sometimes you have to say: {134111}{134170}"What the heck!" Take some chances....{131131}{131242}Where will you get the money|to pay for something like that? {131243}{131360}I'm very disappointed in you. {137739}{137864}The time of your life.. {134399}{134468}I was just thinking.|We sell decorative planters for $7. {133585}{133690}"Princeton can use a guy like Joel. {135709}{135822}Our product is a paper-towel|holder that sells for $8.Can I send it to you?|...... {136579}{136620}Are you going straight home now? {136621}{136666}I don't know.

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