Abraham_Esther Hicks Abraham is a non-physical entity who speaks through Esther Hicks.

Esther began speaking for Abraham in 1986. There are currently two books published by Esther dictated by Abraham. They are "A New Beginning" Volumes 1 and 2. There is also much information existing on cassette tapes directly from the Abraham-Hicks publication group.
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The eye opener. Just a few pages into this book I knew I was reading the real deal. This book and it's sister volume (New Beginning II) are simply loaded with information. There is no beating around the bush. This book gives very specific and practical information on how to apply "conscious creation" in our lives. This book contains the "Earth Changes" stuff which for me was fairly disturbing for a few days. Considering the rest of the material in this book I had to take that stuff seriously also. I've pulled out 5 exercises (one is in New Beginning 2 - Meditation) and many quotes.

This book is the most comprehensive of the two. This book revisits most of the material from book one and is the move valuable of the two (IMO). It explains why we are here and how to open the channel to our higher being. I have identified and pulled out nine exercises and several quotes.

I'm betting that when writing this book Wallace was in contact with the Abraham entity. This book was written in 1910 and it contains so many of the Abraham concepts of conscious creation one cannot deny the possible connection. I'm so convinced I've added it here to the Abraham page.

Wallace Wattles


Selected quotes from

"A New Beginning, Volume 1"
by Esther Hicks Abraham-Hicks Publication © 1987, Softcover

"If you were able to see us as separate beings you would see us as approximately one hundred beings."
Page 2

"Those of us who are gathered here are together because we are of the same intention, and just as you hold many intentions within your heart in any given moment, we do, as well."
Page 3

"For in understanding your reasons for wanting to be in physical form, your physical experience will be tremendously enhanced."
Page 3

"The thoughts that you think, regarding those things that you want, set into motion the creation, and
eventual fulfillment, of that which you want. And likewise, the thoughts that you think, regarding those things that you do not want, set into motion the creation, and eventual fulfillment, of that which you do NOT want." Page 7

"The thoughts that you set forth in combination with great emotion are the most powerful of your thoughts."
Page 8

"To summarize this segment of the Creative Process: Understand that all thoughts create -- and the
more emotion that is present at the time that a thought is set in motion, the faster the creation will be received -- and as frequent thought is given in any direction, without the hindrance of negative thought, there is certain creation, eventually." Page 8

"Your emotions are not from your physical world. They come forth from the inner world and are directly communicated to you from your Inner Being.""
Page 15

"As you are feeling positive emotion - such as love, peace, happiness, joy, excitement, exhilaration ...
it is your Inner Being communicating to you in that moment that you are feeling the emotion - that your thoughts are in harmony with that which you are wanting, As you are experiencing negative emotion - such as fear or doubt, anger, hatred, jealousy, stress, guilt, anxiety .. it is a communication from your Inner Being telling you that in that moment - that which you are focused upon is not in

harmony with what you are wanting." Page 16

"It is that you do not allow because you do not believe. What you believe regarding anything that you
want is extremely important - FOR YOU WILL ALLOW ONLY WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF YOUR BELIEFS. And so, in many cases your beliefs must he altered to harmonize with your intentions." Page 17

"For a belief is nothing more than a thought that you have thought before, that you continue to think."
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Selected quotes from "A New Beginning, Volume 1"
by Esther Hicks Abraham-Hicks Publication © 1987, Softcover

"When you effectively utilize the marvelous GUIDANCE SYSTEM that comes forth from your Inner
Being -- in the form of emotion -- then you will be in a position to always effectively create that which you want, while you deliberately avoid creating that which you do not want."" Page 18

"Your thoughts are powerful creators, and your words are even more powerful than your thoughts, but your actions are more powerful than your words or your thoughts."
Page 23

"If you are wanting to know about those who surround you, if you are wondering whether they are
upon the path of their intent as they have come into physical expression, pay attention to the emotion that comes forth from within them, for it is not something that is easily hidden. When you are a joyous being, it is obvious, And the joy seeking being is always drawn to the being who is experiencing joy. The Law of Attraction sees to that." Page 45

"In order for you to understand that blending, you must step back a bit and try to view yourself from
a broader perspective. You must see yourself as a being who has lived thousand of lifetimes, physical and non-physical, one who has gained knowledge through all of those life experiences." Page 50

"Each of you has specifically and excitedly chosen this particular time to be involved in what is taking
place upon this planet, for you understood, prior to coming to physical form, that this would, indeed, be a time when more beings would receive upliftment than any other time upon Planet Earth." Page 52

"Our point, here, is that you are dominant in this physical experience. And no matter what decisions
have been made prior to this physical birth, you are attracting the others, with whom you are interacting, through your physical conscious thoughts. You have only to intend, now, in your new awareness, that you will meet those with whom you have agreed to participate - and it will be." Page 53

"Most beings in your physical world are not seeking. Most have adopted beliefs that were present
around them on the day that they were born upon this earth. And most physical beings have done no real searching or thinking -- on their own. And so, as they do not search -- it is not surprising that they do not find." Page 57

"As you observe others who are creating life experiences that are not in harmony with your desires, at
times it seems that they are too close for comfort, and you have a feeling as you are not wanting to become involved in a negative situations that are happening around you." Page 60

"Everything that you experience is of your choosing, for as you give your thought and attention to a thing -- you have chosen it, for that time."
Page 61

"The revolving sphere upon which you live is in the process of readjustment. It is seeking balance.
Gradually, over a very long period of time, it has gotten out of balance. What that means to you, in a physical sense, is tat there will be a dramatic shifting as your planet realigns itself. From our broader perspective, we can tell you that this has occurred many times in the history of the existence of the earth. In fact, on more than one occasion, a much more dramatic shifting has occurred than what is to be experienced now. This is a partial shifting which will bring about much devastation in some areas on the surface of your earth while other areas will be relatively free of destruction." Page 70 Showing rows: 11 - 20 of 54
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Selected quotes from "A New Beginning, Volume 1"
by Esther Hicks Abraham-Hicks Publication © 1987, Softcover

"Much information has already been gathered by those who have been studying the activity of your

changing earth, and that information will be of value to you as you are choosing places of safety." Page 74

"We preface this information with this statement of knowledge: The majority of your thoughts which
bring forth fearful emotion have no valid basis." Page 77

so..." Page 82

"And so, the planet is always righting itself, and every 26,000 years or so, give or take a thousand or

"When you understand that you control the events of your personal experience by the power of your thought, then your focused attention to that which you want will always bring forth excited emotion -and the excited emotion is the indicator that your creation is being propelled forward." Page 86 "Continues attention to a problem attracts it into your experience. To remove it from your experience you must remove your attention from it."
Page 87

"...for as you make those statements -- through your thoughts, or as you voice them aloud, or as you
write tem with your pen upon paper -- you will set into motion the creation of those desires." Page 90

"That blending is accomplished, first, by recognizing that a broader "you" exists, and next, by wanting the blending, and finally, by allowing it. The allowing is accomplished by setting a time aside, in every day, with the intent to quiet your physical conscious thinking world, that you may experience the inner world." Page 94 "Recognize, in every day, that your perspective has changed, and make a new statement of what is
most important to you from your current perspective." Page 97

"...it is of value for you to continually counter that negative stimulation by restating your intention of perfect health. ANY CREATION THAT YOU SET INTO MOTION, WILL BE, UNLESS YOU GIVE THOUGHT TO SOMETHING THAT COUNTERS IT." Page 97 "BRIEF REVIEW OF THE CREATIVE PROCESS • Make more decisions, in every day, of what you intend, and as you do that, know that you have become an automatic sifter who will attract those beings and circumstances that will enhance that which you want, while you will ignore, or repel, those beings or circumstances that do not enhance that which you want. • Understand that all thought that you give toward that which you want furthers the creation of it, and that the feeling of positive emotion indicates the speed of your creation. • As you are moving through your day, be sensitive to the way that you feel, and recognize those negative warning bells at their early subtle stages. • Bring to your conscious mind the thought or word or action that has caused the warning bell to ring, and replace that thought with a thought of what you do want, and feel the negative emotion transformed to positive emotion, and as you are interacting with others, the same process may he

applied. where you will not be doing any miscreating to counteract that." Page 127 "For the most part. Volume 1" by Esther Hicks Abraham-Hicks Publication © 1987. and action -.and that is the key. There is much more criticism than praise.ad you may create in a direction that is not really to your wanting. you see -. and if you will do it right before you sleep." Page 130 "See yourself in perfect health. and I am not communicating for fun. is a very powerful signal to you from your Inner Being letting you know that. you are miscreating. for I understand that there are many frivilous beings." Page 142 "But if you have not intended anything about this segment and something occurs that catches you off guard. Softcover "You live in a society where much criticism abounds. Through your television and radio and newspapers there is much more searching for disharmony than there is searching for harmony. then you are swept up by the influence of others. so much as I am for knowing." Page 104 Showing rows: 21 . because you are seeking harmony. you find an easy alignment of thought. But you need not participate within that attitude. and. I am wanting to speak with those beings that are in harmony with who I am." Page 143 . the connection that you make will be a being of your "Family of Consciousness". word. in fact." Page 129 "I am wanting joyous communication. then there will be many hours where you will be unconscious. in that moment.30 of 54 <Prev 1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |6 Next> Selected quotes from "A New Beginning. beings who will uplift me. I am wanting a high level of consciousness. or even as you listen to the negativity of a friend. you must not. It is very unusual that you would attract one whose intentions were not in harmony with your own. The negative emotion that you feel as you listen to those broadcasts." Page 107 "When you really want something.

hate. stress.but because our freedom is being suppressed. do not feel that you are focused where it is not meant to be. you see. for this is where you are creating." Page 154 Showing rows: 31 . fear." . In most cases. you see. And fear or worry is a signal that you are miscreating. for you will hear many different answers." Page 156 "It is most important that you understand that you are in the physical because you have intended to be. anger. Softcover "If you can release the titles you have given to these negative emotions.but upon what is not wanted. and recognize that they are all negative warning bells.40 of 54 <Prev 1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |6 Next> Selected quotes from "A New Beginning. Your flesh and bone are proof of that. but not more. you see.we encourage setting a time aside of 15 or 20 minutes in every day for the allowing of that. for your Inner Being knows the truth that is appropriate for you -. then it will be easier for you to understand what the warning bell is trying to tell you. anxiety. you are drawn together by that which you are wanting." Page 149 "It is the reason that most relationships deteriorate: When you are drawn together. indeed." then as I walk the streets. that is where your miscreating begins to occur. I solicit that from every being with whom I interact. frustration."But as you try (To deal with the unknown details) because you don't currently have enough information.and you may trust it. That is when you start worrying. and the rest of your focus. for you have intended to be focused here. keep it here. Volume 1" by Esther Hicks Abraham-Hicks Publication © 1987.indeed the awakening that you have so long been hearing about . in the here and now." Page 144 "But because there is this belief that "Because I am a certain color I am mistreated." Page 150 "As you are looking for your truth outside of yourself. jealousy. but then as you are together. you will always have that question.. such as guilt. but as you are looking for your truth from that which comes from within you. hearing is through the words of others. the feeling of guilt comes forward not because you are doing something "wrong. you see? And so. That is where fear comes in. As you are wanting to accomplish the blending .. . then you will never question it. your focus is no longer on what is wanted.

more general scale. 11 you will begin attracting those sorts of experiences without ever putting the detail into it. "I am wanting a new car." Until you get very specific about it. and if you fear something very much.. something that is general. They have created that which they do not like. in other words. then you understand the value of the specifics. And it does not feel right. drawing the specific creation to yourself that you are wanting. But as you are clearer about the details that you are wanting..then stop that. and in part it is because they are wanting to escape." Page 180 "Everyone has killed someone in one lifetime or another -. I intend harmony . so now they are wanting to get on to something else. going to put me in that simple life? A: Indeed it is" Page 202 "You are about to experience a time when you will do that which is most important to you. if you cannot bring yourself to the point of getting excited. you see? Now.and because they are unknown. and back away from it again. you are saying "I am wanting a car." Page 203 . you see.as you try to get your logical thoughts around that which is unknown . as you get caught up in the specifics of your creating. It is your time to decide what it is you are wanting in this day and to have it.. and when you understand that specifics bring forth excitement. But in that process. in a more finely tuned way.. you may not get very excited about it." Page 159 ".and the allowing includes ALL of your beliefs. If you want something very much. then you usually will not." Page 173 "Now hear this: As you are intending that which you are wanting from the broader view.. it is coming to you very fast. or that you have set forth at a time when your intentions were different. and so they are literally focusing outside of their reason for being here.and has been killed.it is the "allowing" part that is. you miscreate." Page 173 ". but go back to your broader perspective of.that is when you begin doing your most negative creating. a hindrance for you . "I intend health.There are many who do not understand that." Page 176 "Now." Very often. instead of creating all of those experiences that please someone else. it is coming to you very fast. you see. I intend happiness. Your emotion guides you. then begin inserting the details so that you are. you are bringing forth negative thought and negative emotion ." Page 197 "Q: Is this event that's coming. if you find yourself struggling because there are unknowns . then it is better not to think about it at all. And begin creating on a broader. for the most part. If you do not believe that you should. or can.

Volume 1" Abraham-Hicks Publication © 1987."What you are wanting most is freedom. now." "The four steps of the creative process: • The first step is to identify what it is that you do not want • The second step is to identify what it is that you do want • The third step is the most important step. and many of you are bound to the physical things that you have accumulated -. it is negative creating. Volume 1" by Esther Hicks Abraham-Hicks Publication © 1987.50 of 54 <Prev 1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |6 Next> Selected quotes from "A New Beginning.for they have taken your freedom away from you. There is enough." Page 206 your bank with much more than you are usually going with. there is enthusiasm and excitement. Softcover "I see others doing things with money that I would not do." Page 209 "See yourself with a balance in your checkbook that is more to your liking. See yourself balancing your checkbook and delighted with the very large balance that is there after everything else has been paid. and I am in the process of doing that." Page 213 Showing rows: 51 . I know that there is more than enough. you must find the feeling place of that. (wasting it) I know that there is an abundance of money. Softcover "Deliberate Creation" Page . and that is. I know that there is enough. And I know that I will find a way to begin attracting it to my experience. Envision yourself going to Page 211 "When you are creating toward your wanting. It is just that I have not to this point. When you are creating toward your need. attracted it." Page 204 Showing rows: 41 .54 of 54 <Prev 1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |6 Exercises from "A New Beginning. once you have identified what it is you do want.

let it flow forth from you. that which you have written on the other side. Write as long as it flows forth naturally. it is best to focus in only three or four directions. WHEN YOU ARE WRITING. YOU ARE AT THE STRONGEST POINT OF FOCUS THAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE WITH YOUR CONSCIOUS THINKING BEING. you will he able to simultaneously create in unlimited directions.. Again.."Allowing" Page "Belief Bridging" Page "Deliberate Creative Control" Page "OPENING THE PATHWAY BETWEEN YOUR PHYSICAL AND INNER WORLDS" Page Exercise Deliberate Creation THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXERCISE TO ASSIST YOU IN THE DELIBERATE CREATION OF WHATEVER YOU DESIRE: It is best..." and then write whatever it is that you are intending to receive. And then take each of those sheets of paper. to target three or four of your primary desires. but that which is important to you. Eventually. And write all of the reasons that you want this. in the early stages of understanding the Deliberate Creative Process. "These are the reasons that I intend... Select those desires or wants or intentions that are most important to you in this time and write each of them at the top of a separate sheet of paper in this way: "I intend to receive. hut as you are learning the process. individually.' if that stretches your belief a bit too far) for the following reasons. and write at the top: "I know that this is. Do not write what someone else wants you to want. (or 'that it will be. And then state and write all of the reasons that you know that you will achieve.. Do not force it. Write what flows forth from you. as follows: Below your statement of intent write.. . and complete them one at a time. Then turn your sheet of paper to the other side."and then restate your intention..

as you are noticing that what you have intended has not yet occurred. On the first side of your paper you have stated your intention. THE MORE INTENSE EMOTION THAT IS PRESENT WITHIN YOU. And so your notice that it has not yet occurred creates more of it not yet occurring.or in the direction of that which you want.THE FASTER YOU WILL RECEIVE IT. And now it is complete. Now you have only to think positively . always.other than to allow it to be. with your thoughts that bring forth fear or doubt or worry . YOUR NOTICE OF THE LACK CREATES MORE OF THE LACK. And by that we are saying that unless you create against the creation that you have set into motion. setting each creation into motion with this process. your creative work is finished upon those topics.then that creation will appear within your physical experience. In the direction of the receiving of it . AS YOU ARE STATING THAT WHICH YOU WANT .Once you have completed your statement of belief.or in the direction of that which you do not want. in the direction of what you are wanting . In the direction of the joyous expectation . what you are giving your attention to is the lack of that which you want. and know that your creative work is complete. There is nothing more for you to do toward the creation of that which you have intended . And now. And as you give your attention to anything. And then continue this process with the remaining two or three sheets of paper. CONSIDER IT DONE! Realize that you have set into motion the creation of that intention which you have stated and written. You see. On the second side of the sheet you have enhanced the allowing part of the equation for creation. And as you apply this exercise you will .not in the direction of what are not wanting. Be certain that You are thinking.not in the direction of the fear that you may not receive it.not in the direction of your noticing that it has not yet come. and below it you have enhanced the wanting or the intending part of the equation for creation. fold the paper and put it into your pocket or your handbag or someplace where it will be convenient for you to retrieve it and read it during the day.or your notice it has not yet happened . Do not allow yourself to think negatively regarding these topics . you create more of it.

you are not usually miscreating or undoing a creation previously set into motion. Not one. 15 or 20 minutes is quite enough. and then not the next. DURING THOSE ACTIVITIES THAT DO NOT REQUIRE CONSCIOUS CONCENTRATION. of sitting for 15 or 20 minutes. Do not sit in too comfortable of a chair. and so. of every day. THEREFORE. not more. for there are many other things that you must also tend to in this physical experience in which you are participating. Which means you must not consciously think. MOST MISCREATING OCCURS WHEN YOUR MIND IS DRIFTING. SUCH AS DRIVING YOUR AUTOMOBILE OR TAKING YOUR BATH OR GROOMING YOURSELF. for the intent is to quiet the physical thinking mind. Consistency of a number of days. set a time aside of 15 or 20 minutes. or wherever it is comfortable.that is a label we are not liking very much.receive that which you intend. as you are sitting. The intent of this process is to quiet the physical. Now. and then one day. It is not necessary for you to contain your thoughts only to those three or four intentions that you have listed earlier in your Exercise for Deliberate Creation. will allow the opening of your passageway. 20 days. Now. And if you go to sleep. and if you ask it to be quiet for more" than that. IT IS OF VALUE FOR YOU TO BE FOCUSED UPON SOMETHING AT ALL TIMES. it may he stimulated by thoughts or words or actions that surround you. that you may sense the inner. you see. OR WANDERING. put your feet on the floor and your hands in your lap. Do not lay down. and so we'll tell you what we mean. FOR YOUR MARVELOUS CONSCIOUS THINKING MECHANISM IS NOT CONTENT TO BE IDLE. you are not doing your work. or to focus upon. it will resist it. When you are consciously concentrating upon the task at hand. 20 days will be enough. you will go to sleep. If you do not deliberately give it something to think about. Exercise Allowing The allowing part is accomplished in this way: In every day. and then not the next. as you are sitting with the intent of "meditation" . if we .

a sort of tingling. Let that be your objective thought. that is part of you. Have you ever hyperventilated? Taking much oxygen in. Do not get involved . Your Inner Being. focus upon your breathing. You do not need to consciously know how to do it. That is the difference between the live ones and the dead ones. as you breathe out and breathe in and breathe out and breathe in . and that is what this opening of the passageway that we are speaking of is about. as you are sitting in a quiet room with no distraction of light or sound. leaves you feeling tingly. you will recognize that it is new. once you have achieved this quieting. "Do not think. but not very much thought. your Inner Being will do its part. And so. and you say. you see. If you will allow yourself to breathe very deeply. And it is not your work.. but there is an Energy that surges through you. "I am wanting to quiet my mind and I will know my mind is quiet when I have achieved numbness. You have known it since the day you were born. Know that you have done your part. every being who is in physical form has the physical body that has been created. You see. and now. you will quiet your mind. and as you are doing it ." the first thing you do is think. and where they are and what they mean. You have many points of alignment within your being. "This is what it feels like to be alive. It is not any physical distress or discomfort. with your eyes closed. You do not need to know what colors the chakras are.you may not even feel the chair beneath you ." you see? And as you are feeling this numbness. Your mechanism is trained to think. It is an alignment of Energy.you have done your work. and it is not so different from that. will begin the opening of your passageway. you will find yourself feeling a little bit tingly. Now. As you are feeling a little bit numb .it may be in the first sitting you will find yourself feeling a little bit disassociated with what is physical." you see.say. But now there is a new Energy that'll begin to blend with that Energy. for you are wanting to think. do not worry about it. for as you focus upon that which does require thought.. (Group laughter) and you are accustomed to this Energy that surges through you. different from anything you have known. And so. Now it is not really hacking a physical passageway through your being.. if it does not occur in the first or second or even the l0th sitting.

will now be able to send. and it is not that way.you will be benefiting ALL-THAT-is because once the passageway is open. You will feel a twitch here and a twinge there. as it has been expressed here. for the passageway allows information and experience to pass both ways.. and you will know that it is being opened. you will feel it being opened because you will feel sensations. it does not. Your Inner Being. (To Questioner: For you are very much not wanting to be a selfish being. We are putting this in order for you. "Oh. Let your Inner Being. And it also means you will like this very much. It is that every being will receive this awakening. so that you may listen to it as you are achieving each step: Your first objective is to sit quietly and achieve the numbness. you will be. Once the numbness has been achieved. who will have all of the great experience. Most beings do not know that it is something for everyone to experience. Your Inner Being will do the rest. that knows far more than your conscious mind will ever know about this subject . And as your Inner Being is doing its work. Once you are receiving movement (head rolling around on neck) your passageway is open. this blending of . not only do you benefit by the knowing that comes forth from the inner dimension. and you will notice the difference here and there. and all it is the new Energy that is flowing through you. Let us begin again. what does that mean? Does that mean that anything that is out there may pass through it? Indeed. not only clearer emotion. but thought. but all that is within the inner dimension benefits more clearly by the experience that you are participating within. Nothing that is painful. Many continue it because they like it. the being that sends forth emotion to you already. And once your passageway is open. Our purpose. in however many days it takes to accomplish that.. and the rest will worship. is for the opening of the passageway. Now what does that mean? When the passageway is open. but you will say. then know that your passageway is being opened.with it consciously.. All you must do is quiet your physical. It means that you are opening the passageway between you and you.. They think there will be one who will be king. you see? THIS IS LITERALLY THE AWAKENING THAT HAS BEEN TALKED ABOUT. Let your Inner Being do it. There are many purposes for meditation. then there is not a need for this meditation process any more. it is very important to you that you do your part in all things) . they are working on my nose! I can feel them in my " just a little sensation. upon this recording.

And if you will respond in the moment that you are feeling the emotion. loneliness.in which you are focused. POSITIVE CREATION: As you are moving through your day. in the moment that you recognize that you are feeling the emotion. . you will very quickly be able to identify what thought. you see? All that you experience will be more. it will be. jealousy . know that you are creating toward those things that you are wanting.. Your guidance will be keener. word or action has brought it forth your negative emotion. To lead you. anger.will be enhanced beyond your conscious understanding in this time. Your feeling of peace will be beyond anything you have sensed or felt before. Your joy will be ecstasy. But if you feel negative emotion . and it begins with the conscious allowing of the opening of the passageway. As you envision that which you want. stop. anxiety. participating in the wide variety of activities which make up your physical experience . stress. Your love will be intense. and if you allow it.BE SENSITIVE TO THE WAY THAT YOU ARE FEELING. guilt. in which you have great intent to be focused. in this discussion. and ask yourself what thought or word or action brought forth that emotion. more quickly. word or action has brought it forth -for as you recall it. Your physical experience will be more delicious than it has ever been before.Inner Being and conscious physical being. in which you are wanting to be focused . for it has brought forth. the negative emotion will be intensified. As long as you are feeling positive emotion. you see? In your physical life experience there is wondrousness to behold. to that.fear. and as you accomplish this. if it is your wanting. We are appreciative of your question. As soon as you identify what thought. immediately. doubt. DELIBERATE. that which is our dominant reason for interacting with those who are physical. this physical experience . Exercise Belief Bridging HERE IS THE TECHNIQUE FOR CONTINUAL. you will be manifester in a much more dramatic and faster way than ever before.

excited emotion. Because you are sensitive to the negative emotion that you feel. and as you made your list of what you want and why you want it. Do not try to build a very long span (or bridge) for your conscious thinking mind will resist that. if. visualizing yourself as the owner of this car. you felt yourself filled with strong. It has had enough life experience that it is not so "gullible" as to make a very wide jump. you feel depressed or dissatisfied. or you feel jealous that the other driver does have it and you do not . then that positive emotion is an indication to you that. you are now aware that you are .you will then be creating in the direction of that which you are wanting. And then. thinking about various things. as you look over at that car. or you are unhappy and anxious because you do not have it yet. positive. but if you will take small spans. your car is on its way to you. driving next to you. "What is it that I want?" Make your positive statement of what it is that you want.ask yourself. And then make strong statements that will lead you from your current state of negative thought and negative emotion to your desired state of positive thought. are in harmony. you see an automobile very much like the one that you are wanting. You have been very specific about your car. and in the time that you are feeling those negative emotions. Once you have made the transition from negative thought and negative emotion to positive thought and positive emotion .then know that the negative emotion is an indication that you are creating against your desire. not focused or thinking about anything in particular. and you have done nothing to stop its motion toward you. as you are driving. you will find yourself arriving at the positive position that you are wanting and you will find yourself feeling positive emotion at the same time. regarding the creation of your new red car. And as you are moving through your day. the thoughts that you are thinking. for you have set it into motion. As you look over at it and you feel happy or excited. in that moment. and among them you have intended to acquire a new red car. But. We will call it building a bridge from where you are to where you are wanting to be. making one statement after another. Here is an example of the bridging process that we have just spoken about: You have begun this day by writing upon your separate pages those dominant intentions that you are currently holding. you are pushing your car away rather than attracting it to you.

for most negative experiences start out with a small and subtle negative thought and negative emotion. for a moment." As you begin to apply this exercise. You will find yourself responding to the negative "warning bell" emotion in the very early. But now my thoughts are again attracting the car. AND THE LAW OF ATTFACTION ENHANCES IT. subtle stages before other negative thoughts are attracted. NEGATIVE EMOTION IS OF GREAT VALUE. BUT IF THE NEGATIVE EMOTION GOES UNNOTICED. Exercise Deliberate Creative Control . AND WHAT IS WANTED IS PUSHED AWAY. you will get very good at it. at the early stages. By making this statement of intent. I am excited when I think about having and driving my new red car. I was pushing the car away. Circumstances or events or others cannot prevent me from having my red car. and then. SO THAT IT BECOMES LARGER AND LARGER . but I have stopped that now and am again attracting it by my strong desire. or negative emotion. FOR IT ALERTS YOU TO NEGATIVE CREATION. You may stop that negative creating. in your time.pushing your car away. I have set the creation in motion. There is great value in recognizing. that you are upon a negative path. are experiencing it because the "warning bell". My Guidance System has alerted me that. immediately. I know that. You will have far fewer negative experiences experienced by you once this process is understood. Now I have only to allow it to be. because I feel positive emotion. by the Law of Attraction. has been ignored. by bringing yourself from your negative thought and negative emotion to positive thought and positive emotion by building the following bridge: "I want a new red car like that one. It is a beautiful car. and it will be. Only my own thoughts might push it away. instead.THEN YOUR PHYSICAL APPARATUS IS DAMAGED. A very high percentage of those who are experiencing physical deterioration or illness. so that you may divert it and by your deliberate decision create in the direction of that which you choose. blossom into something much bigger and more painful.

OR GIVE. the time that you are in your automobile. while others are more appropriate in others. as you are buckling your safety belt. When you answer your telephone. the time that you remain in bed after you are awake is a segment. making preparation to leave for work. After you get out of bed. it is more appropriate to intend safety when getting into your automobile than when you are reading a book at home. to intend that which you most want to communicate to that person. When you get into your automobile. moving from one place to another is a segment. There are not two of you who experience the same SEGMENTS. For example: When you get into your automobile. and perceptiveness of what other drivers are intending. Some of your intentions are more appropriate in some moments. but we will give you some examples here: When you wake up in the morning. Intend brevity if it is important. or other activities is a segment. IF YOU WILL TAKE A MOMENT TO CLARIFY WHAT YOUR DOMINANT INTENTIONS ARE . keen awareness. Intend to uplift the caller. moment by moment as you move through your day. and so on. You are beings who hold many intentions. DURING THAT SEGMENT . it begins a new segment. IF YOU WILL RECOGNIZE THAT YOU HAVE BEGUN A NEW SEGMENT. It is more appropriate that you intend clarity of communication as you are speaking on the telephone than when you are swimming alone in your pool.THEN YOU WILL BE IN DELIBERATE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE. When someone walks into your office.We encourage you to be aware of the natural segments of your day. Clearly. for each of your life experiences are different. let alone thinking specifically about what you want. it begins a new segment. AND AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH SEGMENT. Intend clarity of thought and clarity of expression. But as you identify each .WHAT YOU MOST WANT TO RECEIVE. the time that you are in your house. and every intention does not apply to every moment of your life experience. once you know who is calling. When you answer the telephone. take a moment. Most of you do not take time to think about what you generally want. And it is necessary for you to identify which intentions are most important during which moments in order to be in complete and deliberate control of your life experience. intend safety.

We encourage a short time in every day .but regardless of what you call it. It is not a difficult process. and the few seconds that it takes to intend what you are wanting will not only streamline your life. that you may sense the inner world: Sit in a quiet place. and close your eyes . It has been called many different things some call it meditation .and be. In a short time you will find it is very easy for you to identify the beginning of a new segment. and it need not he the same time in every day. We are aware that it would he cumbersome to stop in every moment to identify what you most want. making yourself comfortable. it is a time of quieting the physical. The time of the day is not important. you will have deliberate control of your life experience. As you are sitting. but you will find much more joyous contentment within each day as you are receiving that which you have deliberately intended. in . that you might perceive the inner world. You have trained it to be fast. quiet your conscious thinking mind.FIFTEEN OR TWENTY MINUTES IS ENOUGH. Do whatever you can to reduce the possibility of conscious physical interruption. and it is eager to participate. providing much more time to do those things that you are wanting to do. In the beginning. intending to quiet your conscious thinking mind. for your conscious thinking mind is very quick to respond to the stimulation of thought. You must remove your conscious focus from the physical world. in time it will allow you your quiet time. hut it Is important that you set aside the time. that is not an easy task. but it Is not cumbersome to divide your day into segments and to take a few seconds in the beginning of each segment to identify what you are wanting.new segment and intend clearly what your dominant intentions are for that segment. Exercise OPENING THE PATHWAY BETWEEN YOUR PHYSICAL AND INNER WORLDS In order to sense your inner world you must first quiet the physical world. And as you are comfortably sitting.

that you may sense the inner world. or pathway. What are the advantages of being sensitive to the inner world? When you understand that you are a much broader.perhaps by concentrating upon your breathing and as you are not so aware of the physical world in which you live. It is a pathway through which you may offer your clear intent. or intending. receiving communication from it. to open the passageway from your physical dimension to the Nonphysical dimension. Communication is not intended to be only from the inner world to the physical world but from the physical world to the inner world.every day.you will sense a sort of numbing of your physical being.there are many wondrous benefits. We encourage you not to compare your experiences with those of another. that you may sense the inner world. As you have quieted your conscious thinking mind . Each of you are already receiving communication from that Inner Being in the form of emotion. has been established . and. in fact. and for each of you it will be a different experience. so that you may receive guidance that is appropriate . for there is no value in comparison. you will begin to perceive the inner world. And the setting aside of the time in which to quiet your . The process of quieting your physical world. as well. more experienced. and once your channel. wiser. but you can receive much more detailed information if you are wanting it.for some of you it may be in the first sitting . older being than your physical being remembers. In time . and that is an indication that you have succeeded at quieting your conscious thinking mind and your physical world.and that you may offer instruction in terms of what you are currently wanting. Once you have decided that you are wanting. then you will see the advantage of being in touch with that being. then you have only to allow it to be. The intent of comparison is to find one better than the other. and as you are focusing upon the one that you do not Prefer YOUR ATTENTION TO THAT WHICH YOU DO NOT WANT IS ATTRACTING THAT WHICH YOU DO NOT WANT INTO YOUR EXPERIENCE. will open that path of communication between your physical dimension and the inner dimension.

instead of your ears. Your experience." Page 45 "Actually. Volume 2" by Esther Hicks Abraham-Hicks Publication © 1991. it will take some practice to make the . for you are wanting the relaxation of being apart from that which is confusing and overwhelming and tiring." Page 39 "Do not worry. then state that. your hard work." Page 50 "To receive information from the inner world it will be necessary for you to hear with your mind. you force into a sort of logic. but for our purposes here. If your intent is to open the passageway between dimensions.physical world is your allowing of the opening. and so. our focus can easily be extended to include a clear awareness of your physical experience. that you may receive clear communication. for your Inner Beings accumulates every particle of every experience that you have ever lived. and the result of that is that the majority of you are living and working and seeing through eyes of tremendous misconceptions. or that you are now living. your growth. is not being wasted. nothing here in your physical environment can be explained ONLY through physical terms. while from your physical dimension. You are the creator of that which you will experience during this time. As with each other segment of your day. we have offered this exercise that you may allow the opening of the passageway between your physical and inner worlds. Softcover "From our Non-physical perspective. it is more difficult for you to extend your awareness to include our Non-physical experience.       Selected quotes from "A New Beginning. If your intent is to quiet the physical world. it is also important that you identify the intent as you move into this segment of meditation. then state it as you are beginning to meditate. that which you not understand. And as with most things that are new.

But it is the way that you feel that is your true message to the Universe. Your Inner Being knows which of your intentions are dominant.your Inner Being is able to accurately assess all of the details of your wanting.then you are buffeted about in all of the differences. and it is the way that you feel that is your point of magnetic attraction. as you are joyously anticipating them.. The discomfort of pain in your fingertips brings forth an impulse to act that prevents you from greater harm. Of course. to protect your fingers from sharp. objects. becoming more and more confused. but remembers the intentions that you held at the time of your emergence into this body. in your now. just like the magnificent sculptor or artist. when you grasp the concept of joyous becoming. the way you feel in any moment is as a result of your choice of thought or word. to the Universe." Page 81 "On the other hand. but you enjoy yourself in the meantime. you are gloriously involved in the hands-on creation of your life experience. and you not only shorten the time between the not-having-now and the later-having-future. then you are in a state of joyous becoming. and all of those intentions are factored into the equation for guidance. and to intricately prioritize your subjects of desire. and in the same way." Page 87 Showing rows: 1 .10 of 46 1 |2 |3 |4 |5 Next> . or hot.. and find yourself continually contrasting the less pleasant what-is with the more pleasant future.but when there is interacting with others who have strong ideas of right and wrong -. Not through your words. which supersedes another. actually enjoying your journey toward those things." Page 71 "You are continually offering a message. and so on. but through the way you feel. not through your thoughts. your attraction is more toward the less pleasant what-is than the more wanted future. or pure meaning. Your Inner Being not only considers the factors of this physical experience." Page 66 ". then.. negative emotion is offered to guide you away from that which is not of value to you.. even though many of the things that you want are not yet part of your experience.when you have lost your own sense of guidance -." Page 60 "In the same way that you have 'feeling" sensors in your fingertips." Page 65 ".adjustment. And that which is like unto itself is drawn. your Inner Being often evokes feelings or emotions within you to guide you. And then." Page 87 "But if you are looking forward to a happier tomorrow.

" Page 103 "The process of Deliberate Creation is twofold: It involves the thought that you project. very much. growth and joy. or decision. Therefore. or a new occupation . physical perspective -. thinking that the new house or new body or new job was the subject of creation. In this physical . And there is not a better way to understand this Law than by evaluating your own personal physical life experience.and you reach that goal ." Page 91 "The triad of intentions that are very well established within you are: Freedom. for you often make hasty decisions that satisfy only the most superficial of your intentions. Instead of benefiting by the influence that could enhance your experience." Page 100 "As you give thought to something that you want. is infinitely more satisfying than to stand in your now. retracing your steps as to how you got where you are. Softcover "Most physical beings are aware of influence but have only a partial understanding of influence. when all along the subject of creation is your state of being. and you. As you see the absolute association between your thought and action and what you are living. You offer the thought from your conscious. looking back.Selected quotes from "A New Beginning." Page 98 "Esther's dream exemplifies the lopsided creation that many of you are living. in that moment. defies the intentions that are really important to you. Non-physical you. drawing unto you the subject of your thought and emotion. the end result is not benefit but detriment. you come to understand how it has come to be. Volume 2" by Esther Hicks Abraham-Hicks Publication © 1991. you are literally cocreating: You.you misunderstand.and your Inner Being offers you a corresponding feeling. and so. and the corresponding feeling that comes forth." Page 109 "We are exhilarated to find so many of our physical friends wanting to understand the Law of Deliberate Creation. looking forward with deliberate intent and anticipation of what is to come. are." Page 107 "To stand in your now. the inner. while your action. most of you are in a position of protecting yourselves from influences. and you feel excitement or happiness the combination of your chosen directed thought and the corresponding positive emotion. the physical you. or a new body size and a shape." Page 109 "As you set a goal to achieve a new house.

and next. because you believe that if you do not work you will not have money. or to your state of being." Page 112 "It is far more beneficial to your overall creation to. If you will seek ways to observe your state of being. and what will be worse. the state of having that you intend . IS THE SUBJECT OF YOUR CREATION.but none of those physical things are the subject of your creation.20 of 46 <Prev 1 |2 |3 |4 |5 Next> Selected quotes from "A New Beginning. instead of acting first. feeling distaste for it.and from your state of feeling.and last.experience you use the format of houses and bodies and jobs to facilitate your state of being . They try to compensate with their action to make up for the feeling of lack. YOU ARE THE SUBJECT OF YOUR CREATION. you will attract more and more reasons to feel distaste. if. If you will deliberately identify the way you want to feel or be. as you go to your job." Page 116 "Surely you have witnessed those who. They must focus upon their desire to feel . you will have a clearer understanding of how you are doing in the creation of you. But they can not make up for it in action that tries to compensate. for that action only adds powerful emphasis to the deep lack within. And that lack that they feel is their point of attraction. YOUR STATE OF BEING. rather than to the action." Page 114 "In other words." Page 114 Showing rows: 11 . what action you will seek. first. And asking. then your negative feeling of distaste is the predominant factor . OR THE WAY YOU FEEL. you will be more effective in achieving that which you came into this body to achieve. Volume 2" by Esther Hicks Abraham-Hicks Publication © 1991. your quest for growth (your interaction with others always affords you new understanding). However. "Will this action enhance my intended state of being?" you will always know the appropriateness of that possible action. identify the state of being that you intend. you will identify your quest for freedom (and the dollars you earn are synonymous with freedom). Softcover "You can move much more swiftly and effectively toward the joyous success you seek in life by giving your attention and emphasis to the way you want to feel. before taking any action. whenever and wherever you look for it) you will be inspired to the action that will harmonize with those core intentions." Page 114 "By stopping. act out aggressively. your quest for joy (you can find that. in their feeling of insecurity. from your state of being.

" Page 121 "When the only perspective you have of yourself is purely from your physical perspective of flesh and blood and bone. For it is our absolute knowing that the way you feel is your point of attraction.you will be in a place of powerful motion forward while you exist in a continuous state of joyful well-being. That you put your greatest effort into examining yourself with the intent of discovering wonderful things." Page 118 "There is tremendous benefit to you to interact with those who see in you what you want to see in yourself But." Page 116 "By giving 99% of your attention to bringing yourself to the feeling that you seek and giving 1% of your attention to inspired action -." Page 126 Showing rows: 21 . then you will discover the powerful understanding that we are offerings to you here. but also make the correlation between the way you were feeling during that time of action." Page 119 "Our encouragement is that you let your opinion of you be your top priority. is the reason that bad things happen.. it can be very detrimental to your self-appreciation to have those in your experience who do not see in you the things you are wanting to see.. you tend to see physical evidence looming bigger than it actually is." Page 125 "A feeling of vulnerability.and the action that will enhance their feeling of security will be inspired.if you will not only consider the action that you believe is directly related to your success or failure." Page 119 ". then your total approach to life is from the physical perspective of action. in like manner.secure first . From a centered place of liking yourself you will allow all wonderful things to come unto you. From that limited perspective. That feelings produces the physical evidence of bad things happenings. Volume 2" . and expectation of bad things happening."" Page 126 "Even the most dreaded disease will vanish when you completely remove your attention from it.30 of 46 <Prev 1 |2 |3 |4 |5 Next> Selected quotes from "A New Beginning. That you let the way you feel be the most important aspect of your work. From a place of self-appreciation you will attract all sorts f wonderful things.

the majority of the time. because you know that what they think about you is their problem. The more excited you are -. Or talking to others who are excited about it. put your primary attention upon the way you feel -. unresisted position of allowing health. Softcover "If you are wanting to affect the outcome of your physical experiences in a positive way. me has not always been me? I'm not climbing up the rungs of the ladder from worm to GOD?" And we say. you have only to identify your desire. it is your attention to your neighbors that affect you. really excited about something. or abundance. it is your attention to your laws that affect you.and look for reasons to feel good. unrestricted." Page 139 "We are not different on that point.we would say need should be removed from your experience altogether. and then relax. or whatever it is that you consider to be Well-being. which is in the place of allowing -." Page 204 "You mean. The word need is purely coming from a position of lack. And when you really feel that way.negatively or positively -. There is not an ending to growth." Page 184 "Your laws do not affect you.and you know you are in the place of allowing when you can see another not approving of you and it is okay with you. you become in the greatest place that we know of." Page 189 "There is never a better way of inviting into your experience than getting really.the faster. you're free to be who you want to be under any and all conditions." Page 210 "." Page 182 "When you feel free.. "Indeed not. or love. and you really don't worry about what anybody else thinks about it. it is because your freedom is . the faster it comes. when you feel negative emotion." Page 223 "Ordinarily. It has nothing to do with you. or security.by Esther Hicks Abraham-Hicks Publication © 1991. it is just that we are a little more practiced at holding our thoughts only upon what are wanting. And what gets you excited? Talking about it. The more excited you are the faster it comes." You began GOD and you are extending your experiences because you want to have more knowing.. Your neighbors do not affect you. with the intent of basking in the spirit of Well-being." Page 134 "To put yourself in the clear.

. Softcover ". Here I am. it is because this is an important issue to you." Page 249 "And so. Here I am. you see.by which all things come to you -... a magnificent mother." it is the way that you feel that is being acted upon..the Universe doesn't speak English.the Universe doesn't speak English.by which all things come to you -.." Page 240 Showing rows: 31 . you see.. Here I am." and live with that for a moment.then you are getting the result of the predominant feeling. "Here I am. but does not understand English. a generator of thought and new ideas in the world. healthy." Find words that will exaggerate the feeling to you. and you're feeling it... The "fairies of the Universe". And so.." Page 240 "It is attention to lack that causes negative emotion. you see. Envision yourself. as you are saying "I want" but you are feeling otherwise . Whether you say "want" or "intend" or "know" or "am" or "be.40 of 46 <Prev 1 |2 |3 |4 |5 Next> \ Selected quotes from "A New Beginning." it is the way that you feel that is being acted upon.The Laws of the Universe -. "Here I am. you see. as you acknowledge your perfection.." Page 246 "The point we are making is when you feel great negative emotion. And so.then you are getting the result of the predominant feeling. as you say. as you are saying "I want" but you are feeling otherwise .. "Here I am. a most creative artist. and try to get to that feeling place. The majority of the negative emotion that all of you feel has to do with freedom.. Somebody is telling you you can't do something or somebody is not believing you can do something." Page 229 ". The "fairies of the Universe".We are having fun with that.We are having fun with that." Page 265 . anyway.responds to blocks of thought and the corresponding feeling..being challenged. always.. anyway. Volume 2" by Esther Hicks Abraham-Hicks Publication © 1991. but does not understand English.The Laws of the Universe -. Whether you say "want" or "intend" or "know" or "am" or "be.responds to blocks of thought and the corresponding feeling.

knowing that they will remind you of experiences past. and say. or creating empires." And so. a frustrating one of being trapped in the mundaneness of the physical. you're walking around on the ground. YOU CANNOT DO IT WITH ACTION. "You are an eagle. Softcover "Meditation" Page 53-57 "Finding Your Sense of Self" Page 74-75 "Law of Creation" Page 80-81 "The Process of Pivoting" Page 83-85 "Wallet Process for the Attraction of Dollars" Page 104-105 "PROCESS: BOOK OF POSITIVE ASPECTS" Page 132-134 "Before Bed" Page 143 "Segment Intending" Page 255-256 "Morning Process" Page 276     Exercise Meditation We offer our words. sometimes. And that is the whole point of our discussion with you. are highly evolved beings who know your power." Page 266 Showing rows: 41 . That isn't what we talk about when we talk about creating. We are talking about the creating of your state of being. knowing. or prepare you for clearer . Volume 2" Abraham-Hicks Publication © 1991. but not being able to get off the ground. It would be like knowing you are an eagle who can soar and then having somebody clip your wings. then all of the physical trappings of this Universe will fall into alignment in such glorious fashion that you will amaze even yourself. in this case." Page 266 "In other words. or creating houses. remembering what it was like to fly. And when you have understood that. eagles don't fly. here.46 of 46 <Prev 1 |2 |3 |4 |5 Exercises from "A New Beginning. specifically of ABRAHAM. IT IS THROUGH FOCUSING UPON HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL."When we say. and are giving that your dominant attention. but here. or creating relationships. and so there is this feeling." you think we are talking about creating furniture. those of you who are physical counterparts of the Non-physical family of teachers. "You are creators.

And what you are wanting to achieve is very near the end of being asleep.that you may have that valuable first-hand experience.recognition of the experiences that are to come. It is not necessary that you block the same time of day every day. and being fast asleep on the other extreme. And so. That is a very good question. here. Find 15 or 20 minutes in every day to sit with the intent of quieting your conscious mind. such as the sound of a dripping faucet. if you are accepting the existence of the inner world and of your Inner Being. here we will offer to you a step-by-step process to facilitate the opening of a passageway between the conscious physical you and the inner you . . still and quiet. about the existence of your Inner Being and its willingness to communicate with you and the value thereof. however it is important that you quiet your mind for a short time each day.. Then all that is required is that you set some time aside to allow it. we could write thousands of pages. For falling asleep does not put you in the place of allowing this process. And so. No amount of words offered in explanation are as valuable as real first-hand experience. and in all of those pages of reading. or the sight of a flickering candle. If we were drawing you a graphic picture on paper. but it is great value to be consistent and not miss a day. not thinking of anything. and if you are now wanting fuller communication and more experiencing of the reservoir of knowledge and strength and clarity that is there for you. "How can I quiet my mind without falling asleep?" . Quieting of your mind means sitting for a few minutes each day and allowing your mind to rest. for this process is a progressive thing.your Inner Being . Many have questioned. we would show full conscious awareness on one end of our graph. you would not reap the benefit of one simple physical exercise. yet you are wanting to be awake. here is the process: It is important that you have a desire for the opening of this passageway in order to achieve it. for your thinking mechanisms are very responsive to stimulation of thought. Sometimes it is helpful to focus upon something within your physical awareness that requires very little conscious thought. It must be something that you want. And so. That is not an easy thing for you to do. and an important one.

or when a finger or toe wiggles. or heaviness. This numbness. or heaviness. Your first objective in your deliberate opening of your passageway between the physical you and the Non-physical you is to consciously withdraw your thoughts from the physical realm and allow yourself to sit. merging the faster. lower frequency Energy of your physical world. you will lose your place of numbness and you will interfere with the work of your Inner Being. As you sit in this absolute state of allowing. Do not give attention to these sensations. for you will lose your place of numbness. and allow the alignment of your Energies. quiet. other than sit with the intent of quieting your mind.Sometimes concentrating only upon your own breathing is effective. and you know you . still. Only when the external awarenesses of the physical world are released can you sense the subtle awarenesses of the Non-physical world. in other words. and you are. until eventually. with stilling your conscious thinking mechanism. and focus upon that place of quiet. even for a few seconds. Continue to quiet your mind. When you receive movement. as you accomplish the quieting of your mind." . and eternally connected to that which is Nonphysical. during your process of quieting your mind. is an indication that you have succeeded in quieting your conscious thinking mechanism. If you try to become actively involved in the process. in the state of allowing the alignment of your Energies. it is not beneficial for you to try to see. your Inner Being will begin to align your Energies. you will feel physical sensations such as twitching of muscles. with all parts of her body feeling as if they were one part. Each day. You will feel numbness. Those sensations are physical evidence of the aligning of your Energies. or hear. or sense. when your hand moves. your physical body will feel different to you. When you have succeeded. Esther said she could not tell her nose from her toe. or your head moves. the Non-physical world in the early days of your sitting. your blending becomes more. Your objective is simple and singular: "I am sitting with the intent of stilling my mind. Your first objective has been accomplished and now your Inner Being is in a position to do its work. higher frequency Energy of the inner world with the slower. in that moment of numbness. During this process there is nothing for you to do. However. or the itching or tickling of your skin.

The alignment of Energies is an extremely technical process and cannot be accomplished from your physical perspective. your alignment of Energies has been sufficiently completed to begin the process of communication. If it is your desire. or from your negative position of lack? Do you seek this interaction from your position of wanting to experience more freedom. The factors that most affect your success. more growth and more joy. the faster the process. before you have received so much thought stimulation. the faster the process. The better you feel. try sitting at the beginning of your day. your alignment process will be very fast. and you sit wanting and willing to allow the alignment. are these: (1) Your degree of wanting of this alignment process. And once that occurs. The amount of time that will pass from your first decision to quiet your mind to the receiving of movement will vary from person to person. Do you seek this interaction from your positive position of wanting. There is not a prescribed amount of time that is required for the opening of your passageway. from Non-physical perspective. this can be a very fast process.did not set forth the signal for the movement. (3) Your willingness to allow this alignment. Have you been able to successfully quiet your mind so that you feel detached or numb for at least one or two minutes each time you sit to quiet your mind. in this alignment of Energies process. When your body moves and you did not consciously intend the motion. Are you really wanting to interact with your Non-physical counterpart. and you are the conscious physical receiver of the impulse or intentions. (2) The impetus behind your wanting. the better you feel. or are you sending forth contradictory messages of concern or reluctance? As your wanting is pure and not sabotaged by thoughts of worry or doubt. You cannot begin . or are you wanting your Inner Being to intervene and fix the things you have messed up in your life? Again. the conscious transmission and receiving of blocks of thoughts from Non-physical to physical has been successfully accomplished. or does your mind continue to ponder throughout the quiet time? If you are having difficulty quieting your mind. understand that the intent to move was sent from your Inner Being.

or desire. Then choose a subject that is not so pleasant. is to set forth your clear intent. If you are wanting to get a sense of that which you have just read. Or think of something that you are wanting to experience.to identify the points of Energy within your physical apparatus. Contemplate not having enough money. is fully aware of each Energy point. The alignment of Energies is an ongoing thing. and adores you. Or think of that person who has wronged you. by your terms.not your conscious perspective . feel the positive Energy surge through your body as your Inner Being resonates with your current thoughts. Your Inner Being. It is absolutely the work of your inner perspective . Choose a subject that delights you. and that your Inner Being is absolutely aware of you. for this alignment. and spend some time justifying your own position while you defend yourself mentally against this enemy. Think of someone you adore. then you have taken a very big step toward an appreciation of self. Or think of something that you have recently done that you enjoyed very much. and has full awareness of the level of vibration within each. sit quietly for a few moments and offer some very clear thoughts. for there are thousands of them. Your work. from your conscious physical perspective.to accomplish this task. and then to put yourself in the physical position of allowing the alignment. and offer thought of your pleasant interaction with that one. and think of the bad state you will be in when the bills come and there is not enough money to pay. You may trust that your Inner Being is capable of this delicate task. by our terms. however. for you will never achieve absolute alignment as long as you remain focused through your physical apparatus. Only when you die. Or . And as you ponder these positive thoughts. But sufficient blending for the extreme enhancement of your physical experience can be rather easily accomplished Exercise Finding Your Sense of Self As you accept that your Inner Being exists as the culmination of all that you have lived. and let thoughts of living that experience roll across your mind. will you be absolutely blending with the Non-physical Energies. or withdraw from your physical focus and re-emerge into the Non-physical.

"What am I doing wrong?" "Why do you want the rain?" we asked. That thought evokes a feeling response within you which serves as an indicator of what you are attracting. you are in the place of allowing your connection with your Inner Being. the circumstances that come to you. you are not. Exercise Law of Creation The things that come to you. "ABRAHAM. was walking across the grass in her front yard. just when I needed him most? Why would my Inner Being turn his back on me?" And we say. She stopped. in a very positive sounding voice. beating up on yourself mentally for a while. and disconnected. noting how very dry the grass and trees were. your Inner Being never turns it's attention from you. feel the absence of your happy Inner Being. "ABRAHAM. Someone said to us. Your most important work . why would my Inner Being forsake me. See how it feels to choose subjects that your Inner Being does not agree with. and said. you think you will get rain?" Esther asked.think of your own deficiencies.that which is the very basis of your accomplishment. When you feel good. our friend. the woman through whom we are speaking. I want some rain!" We said. using positive words. Feel what it feels like to be disconnected from your positive powerful Inner Being and to stand there physical. Notice the feeling of divergence.NOT BY THE POWER OF YOUR ACTION. BUT BY THE BALANCE OF THOUGHT THAT YOU HOLD. I want the rain because it refreshes the trees. the relationships that come to you. and when you feel bad. "And from this position of lack. I want the rain because it . Now. In the heat of the summer. Esther. comes to you . "I want the rain because it makes the grass green. indeed all of the stuff that your physical experience is comprised of. I want the rain because it gives all the creatures in the bushes enough water so that they are not dependent upon the small amount in our bird bath. achievement and satisfaction from this life experience . but you are not always in the place of allowing that which your Inner Being is.is your finding your true sense of self.

or what you consider to be good. but in the opposite direction. and speak happy words. you are not looking at what you want. "There is something important that I want.you are attracting more of the lack of what you want." we replied. What is it that 1 want?" You may continue to think along those lines by asking. say to yourself. or the way that you feel. there is something you want! Otherwise you would be feeling no emotion. Exercise The Process of Pivoting The Process of pivoting will assist you in changing your negative point of attraction to a positive point of attraction. that is your predominant point of attraction. What is necessary. but it is what is in your heart. THAT WHICH IS LIKE UNTO ITSELF IS DRAWN. rather than attracting what you want. and feels good upon my skin. You can smile a broad smile. but I am not looking at it. and why you want it. before you can begin the attraction of what you want. you cannot attract prosperity! When you feel lonely. then begin to envision yourself as already being in that .because the way you feel influences what you are attracting. Here is how it works: Whenever you feel negative emotion. You must bring yourself to a state of feeling good before you can attract what you want. When do you. recognize that your Guidance System. and it makes us all feel better. usually think about health? When you are sick! When do you usually think about having more money? When there isn't enough! When do you usually think about finding a mate? When you are lonely! And under those conditions. and expect to receive what you are thinking or speaking . from your position of lack . "Why do I want this?" As you ponder what it is that you do want. Recognizing this. from within. When you feel fat. What we are most wanting you to hear from all of this is this: You cannot feel one way and think and speak another. Second. or others you know.lowers the temperature of the air. is that you change the way that you feel." "Now you are attracting rain. you cannot attract a companion! IT DEFIES LAW! AND WHAT IS THAT LAW? LAW OF ATTRACTION. you cannot attract slim! When you feel poor. is telling you two very important things: First.

you may find one hundred to one thousand opportunities to pivot in just one day.position. and call it black. or recognize. and then making a conscious decision to stop that attraction and begin a positive attraction. You will begin to discover that all of this pivoting is pointing to a few things that are extremely important to you: Freedom. attracting that which you consider to be bad. • Pivoting is the process where you recognize. find something that is obviously wrong. when you have successfully accomplished a pivot . Upliftment. word. Already being it. Some misunderstand the process of pivoting. from within. The more you apply this process. or having it. and most importantly. that you are. that you are taking the Non-physical Energy of the Universe and directing it toward what you do not .when you feel better. • Pivoting is recognizing that when you are feeling negative emotion. thus changing your emotional response. to point out to you things that are important to you. Pivoting accomplishes the following things: First. • Pivoting is the process of changing your thought. And the faster the pivot will occur. • Pivoting is the process that puts you into a continual state of attracting only what you want. by the negative emotion that you are feeling. They believe that we are saying. usually highest in priority. until you feel the positive emotion come forth within you. • Pivoting is the process through which you chew upon the data of life. so that as you notice more and more opportunities to pivot . the more proficient you will become. However. • Pivoting is the process that helps you discover what is most important to you. Joy.the things that are of greatest importance to you become more apparent to you. and call it right.which means you are continuously in a magnetic point of attracting only what you consider to be good. Next. there will not be one hundred or one thousand different things that you want. or doing it. Or. in that moment of feeling bad. with every pivot. That is not what we mean by pivoting. you are allowing your Guidance System. and move ever closer to it. Also. determining your everchanging point of desire. look at something that is white. it leads you to a continuous state of feeling positive emotion . Growth. you draw greater clarity about what you want. as you are sensitive to the way you feel. If you are very sensitive to the way that you feel. You will know. or action.

The process of pivoting . or purse. or focused upon what you do not want .is the key to lead you to the productive. including such things as. here is an effective process that will help you to tip the balance: Set aside. we are asked the question. from your budget.because you are currently feeling bad because you are currently focused upon lack of what you want. to enjoy the deliciousness of creating. or toward the lack of what you do want. or more specifically stated. or savings. . • Pivoting is the process whereby you round up any renegade Energy that you have offered in opposition to what you want. and even though many answers have been offered. "Why am I here?" So many physical beings do not understand why they exist. a clump of money. • Pivoting is the process that changes the direction of your creating. the direction of your attracting. you wanted to be here upon the earth. or reasons. NOT REGURGITATORS OF EXPERIENCES LIVED BY OTHERS! You have very specifically chosen this time and this place and this dimension for the deliberate application of Universal Laws.   Exercise Wallet Process for the Attraction of Dollars If you conclude that your balance of thought regarding the subject of dollars is more on the side of the lack of dollars. rather than the pure wanting of dollars. So often. to identify what it is you do want ." we would like to offer a further explanation: YOU ARE CREATORS! NOT GATHERERS OF THINGS OR REL4TIONSHIPS. • Pivoting is the process that brings you into balance with your core intentions. "You are here. Put it in your pocket. and get it going only in the direction of your desire.want. or pocket book. to prove yourselves worthy of happy existence after this physical life. and keep it with you wherever you go. As you move through your day. being tested. In short." to "You are an accidental product of physical mass coming together.literally watching for opportunities. in this physical body. joyful physical life experience that you intended even before your emergence into this physical body. $100 is a very good sum to begin with. at this time.

he will look back upon that time that he had only one hundred dollars. or 20. except everything in your environment is. But from his position. if you mentally spend that $100. By looking for reasons to feel good about what he has. it will excite him if he will allow himself to focus. If you find yourself noticing the things that you cannot afford. in exchange for your $100. Note the things that you could buy. will assist you in changing the balance of your thought regarding the subject of dollars. know that you are adding to the lack side of your balance regarding dollars. ABRAHAM you obviously have not been physical lately. What we are really saying to you is that under any and all conditions. we know that if this man will continue to do this. And we do not mean to be materialistic. or use. in very short order he will have 10. because $100 buys very little. do you feel good or bad? As the money moves through your fingers do your feel the positive or the negative momentum? The Wallet Process. We have been teased. He seeks fortune. And we know. to having it? By acknowledging the good fortune in what he has. or angry. putting it in his pocket and acknowledging how valuable it is. but he does not have a fortune. It is law. When you pay your bills. or experience. and so it is a good point to start. I can have that. you are adding to the lack side of your own balance." However. Pay attention to your own thoughts regarding the subject of money. one thousand times today.identify as many things as possible that you could do. and feeling the frustration of that. more dollars will begin to flow into your experience. that in a very short time.262-263) Picture the man who seeks fortune. By taking the meager one hundred dollars. "I can have that. with those dollars. (Later in the Book p. if you will look for your reason . I can have that. because others have dollars when you do not. or eat. or 30 million dollars that he will be using to foster that feeling of prosperity. and he'll have a hard time remembering why it excited him. If you find yourself envious. today. right now. and in the moment that the balance is tipped. you have spent the equivalent of one hundred thousand dollars. described above." Until that one hundred dollars will foster within him a feeling of prosperity. So how does he get from his position of not having it. if you wanted to. Now. and it is our absolute promise to you that you have changed the balance of your thought.

you may find yourself trying to stretch something you actually feel negative about into a . rather than look for your reason not to feel good. and by law. Do not work at it. Because you are feeling better more of the time. When you work at it. Write across the front of your book. you will find yourself in a more positive balance. begin a new subject. or even those close around you in your work or home. Many of the things that you have been wanting . You will soon discover that no matter what the emotional state of your world. in bold letters: "Book of Positive Aspects". immediately. It is a process to assist you in giving your attention to that which is positive. The primary objective of your Book of Positive Aspects is to quickly bring you to a position of feeling good. And as you are focusing upon that which is positive.will easily flow into your experience. This "Book of Positive Aspects" is not offered as a process whereby you take a negative and turn it into a positive. As one area of your life draws you to your Book of Positive Aspects.it will leave your experience.to feel good. your economy. and from that centered place of positive attraction. constant place of positive attraction: Purchase a new notebook. by virtue of some comparison of something outside of you. Upon each page. Write what flows easily from you. the recording of your entries will bleed over into other aspects of your experience. but there are many other benefits: A daily entering of positive aspects on old and new subjects will help you to maintain your positive balance. The balance of thought and feeling in your experience will shift from predominantly negative to predominantly positive. then you will be in that centered place of positive attraction. you will move beyond and move beyond and move beyond. you cannot focus upon that which is negative. your own life will begin to show the result of that. therefore to a position of positive attraction. more of the things that you consider to be good will begin to flow smoothly into your experience. indeed by the Law of Attraction. Exercise PROCESS: BOOK OF POSITIVE ASPECTS This exercise will assist you in finding a more deliberate. for it is always there.but have been blocking by offering thoughts that attract resistance in the form of negative emotion . And when you withdraw your attention from that which is negative .

If you find yourself feeling negative emotion regarding any subject. with many more critics than those who praise . Again. Notice how good you feel during and following this process. each day reading what has been written before and adding to that. other experiences not yet identified in your book. YOU ATTRACT MORE OF THAT WHICH YOU CONSIDER TO BE BAD. It is the key to your deliberate positioning of yourself in a place of positive attraction. If you find yourself feeling negative emotion regarding a specific person in your experience.you have found a process to control the way you feel. AS YOU FEEL BAD. begin a page of positive aspects regarding that person. also. too much work to do. When the thoughts regarding a particular subject have stopped flowing. Continue for a full week. While your world is predominantly focused upon the negative. but. write across the front of your book: "My book of Positive Aspects". not enough respect from another . While almost everyone you know makes decisions to act from their concern of what will happen if they don't act . exhilarated vision of what is wanted. Not only will the specific situations. balanced place of Wellbeing. for it is the key to your centered. not enough time. begin a page in your book to help yourself to identify the positive aspects of that particular situation. read what you have written before. You may now begin to see this book as the treasure it really is. because AS YOU FEEL BETTER YOU ATTRACT MORE OF THAT WHICH YOU CONSIDER TO BE GOOD. uncomfortable vision of . even giving it positive words . right away. 15 minutes at the beginning of each day is enough time for this process. and add as the thoughts come to you. such as not enough money. put your book aside and purchase another. turn to a fresh new page and begin a new subject. The motivation to act is inspired from two primary sources: From a clear. or from a clear. At the end of the first week.positive. improve immediately.you further your negative attention.. that your overall feeling is improved..you are being inspired to positive. and in giving it attention. upon which you have written. You will notice. On the second day. joyful activity.

is this: ACTION IS RESPONSIBLE FOR BUT ATINYFRACTIONOFYOURCREATIVEEFFORT. When you are focused upon the negative consequence of what will happen if you do not act. excited positive objective. The way you feel is primarily responsible for what you are getting and what you are creating and. indeed. YOU DO NOT CIRCUMVENT THE NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCE BUT ADD POWER UNTO IT. they persevere. frightened thoughts are absolutely alien to your Inner Being. They are not joyfully inspired to action because of their clear picture of their desire. The key point. what you are living. In other words. and if they do not have money. they will be without things they want.what is not wanted. and so you act to circumvent the negative consequence. IT IS LAW. enthusiastically to their work because of their clear vision of the value of this work. Exercise Before Bed When you fear or guard against sickness. your Inner Being does not participate with you. they struggle. it is coming from the way they feel as they act. but because they believe that if they do not act. You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey. So many find themselves in a state of futility because they just cannot act enough to make the difference. because your Inner Being understands that attention to a subject Is an invitation to it. we see that the majority of action is inspired from the negative perspective of what is not wanted. they will not have money. Most work because they believe that if they do not work. but things do not improve. there will be negative consequences. not because of their blissful. they do not go happily. Most are moved to act. . And the reason things do not improve is because the very basis of their creative attraction Is not coming from their action. and those guarded. As we view your physical world. or that which you do not want. here. They try. or monsters. And you can not have a happy journey when your motivation has been inspired from your attention to a negative consequence. Your Inner Being literally basks in a place of Well-being.

you are in perfect alignment with your broader perspective. " For as you feel good. powerful Energy." You have an old habit of saying "yes. and you can quickly release those ropes. can come unto you. the balance of thought within you will be predominantly positive. Exercise Segment Intending (Answering someone's question) You have an old habit of always saying "yes. acknowledge that you have just reemerged hack into the physical. and your connection to it. you will recognize more quickly what you are doing. Set forth your intention to allow the complete refreshment of your physical apparatus. and greater intent. eventually. and your connection with your magnificent Inner Being will be strong and clear. positive. it is my dominant intent to look for that which makes me feel good." even to your own detriment. knowing that your Inner Being will lovingly and intricately align the Energies of your physical body. and immediately set forth the clear intent: "Today. looking again for a reason to feel good. Your Inner Being will literally flood you with pure. As you feel good. and lie in your bed for a few minutes before slumbering. you begin to pull upon that positive rope. And set forth the intention to awaken refreshed. Have you ever walked through a busy shopping . As you set forth the intent to look for reasons to feel good. Here is the way you get rid of it: by Segment Intending. you are in the place of positive attraction. only that which you consider to he good. acknowledge the existence of your Inner Being. and bask in the spirit of your own Well-being. and one idea and then another will come to you. until. or as you automatically pull on some old negative ropes. and happy. And you also have a habit of seeking approval from others. When you awaken in the morning.As you put yourself into your bed each night. As you feel good. As old habits of thought creep in. by doing more deliberate intending of what you want. And so you have pretty well got both of those hindrances very well adapted into your experience.

and then you will not be swept up by the influence of someone else's intentions.center. You are understanding? Well. But it is our promise to you that as you awaken in the morning.if you will stop and say. Nobody that is out of harmony. you begin attracting those who are in harmony. right now.. set a timer for 15 . and you're undecided where you're going? You're just sort of waltzing through. or an airport or any place where there is a crowd of people. And the way that you utilize it affects your experience. for what happens is.which simply means a block of time when your intentions are different . And so. anytime you realize you are going into a new segment . You find yourself really enjoying the challenge of your agility. This powerful Energy that comes forth from Non-physical is there for all of you. you have accomplished your pivoting as you have been here tonight. And if you will begin your day with this process: Take three pieces of paper. because never are you at a place of greater creation than when you are in intense emotion. But take the same situation. Do not judge the way any of you feel. It is momentum. "What am I wanting to feel in this segment? What am I wanting to have? What am I wanting to do?" It will come forth to you. Do you notice how many people get in your way and how they bump into you? You are buffeted about. When what you want and what you expect are all going in the same direction. if you will stop. If you're not deliberate. You are getting the point? Good. it is as if you have the whole place to yourself. that is what Segment Intending will do for you. and you are ready to seek your refreshment. but where you are moving with purpose. very quickly. we say. We have been talking too long. you will awaken with greater clarity than you have had in a very long time. you are so powerful that nobody can dissuade you. It is Law. And you have been at a very high emotional pitch. do you not notice that they get out of your way? As you are in the flow of things. they'll over power you every time. You are tired. and they are. Exercise Morning Process You are in a much better place than you know. And that is not a bad thing.

whatever. for seven or eight minutes: What I Will Do Today. how you are wanting to feel. these things. whatever. on the third sheet. Softcover To Read the Book Online: Click Here or Click Here To Download the AUDIO Book: Click Here or Click Here .minutes. I want to feel free. I'm wanting to have these shoes.. days. write at the top of the first sheet: To Be. You receive thought from your Non-physical friends. You receive thought from your physical friends. "I want to feel joyful.. AND THAT IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. Once you have utilized this process for twenty or thirty. or so. I want to feel prosperous. I want to feel inspired. You receive thought from the Universe." One minute only. But the way that you respond to it by the way you feel tells you whether it is valuable or not     Abraham/Wallace Wattles The Science of Getting Rich Selected Excerpts Original Publish Date: © 1910." It doesn't matter. You receive thought from those who surround you. Then go to the second sheet and for seven or eight minutes write: To Have. this car . THIS IS THE PROCESS WHERE YOU GET IN HARMONY WITH YOU.. Tangible or not tangible. you will discover that what is in your doing will harmonize with your state of being. only one minute. this body. I am wanting to have this house. write what are you wanting to have. I want to feel . And then. "I am wanting to have this relationship.. And write for one minute.

the Formless seems to move according to the lines of motion it has established. You must want real life. he has applied manual labor to the world of forms. or Original Substance. but he who acquires this power becomes a MASTER MIND. but all are shapes assumed by One Thing. He has never thought of trying to cause the creation of new forms by impressing his thoughts upon Formless Substance. and even then we should not have exhausted the supply of universal raw material. and spiritual." "To look upon the appearances of poverty will produce corresponding forms in your own mind. New Forms are constantly being made. He can conquer fate. Ten thousand times as much as has been made might still be made.There Is A Science of Getting Rich Chapter 3 . with the formless Stuff. along established lines of growth. or to think riches when in the midst of appearances of poverty. seeking to change or modify those already existing.The Right To Be Rich Chapter 2 ." "And so far man has confined his efforts wholly to the work of his hands." . physical. Life is the performance of function. it is the hardest work in the world.Is Opportunity Monopolized? "Everything you see on earth is made from one original substance. however that your purpose should harmonize with the purpose that is in All. This is especially true when truth is contrary to appearances. without waiting for the slow processes of the organic and inorganic world. through." "And if there were no existing channels through which the creative energy could work. The universe is made out of it. then the house would be formed directly from primal substance. the thought of an oak tree does not cause the instant formation of a fullgrown tree. but it does start in motion the forces which will produce the tree." "In creating." Chapter 4 . and the individual really lives only when he performs every function. of which he is capable.The First Principle in The Science of Getting Rich Chapter 5 . mental. There is no limit to the supply of Formless Stuff. out of which all things proceed. not mere pleasure of sensual gratification.Increasing Life "It is essential. requires power. The spaces in. but it was not all used in making the universe. To think health when surrounded by the appearances of disease.Chapter 1 . he can have what he wants. unless you hold to the truth that there is no poverty. without excess in any. there is only abundance. and between the forms of the visible universe are permeated and filled with the Original Substance. and older ones are dissolving. with the raw material of all things." "There is no labor from which most people shrink as they do from that of sustained and consecutive thought.

feed your mind." Chapter 7 . you relate yourself to it by a feeling of deep and profound gratitude. look always at the limitless riches in Formless Substance. drink." and so on. in order that you may love men and do kind things. Many people who order their lives rightly in all other ways are kept in poverty by their lack of gratitude." "Riches secured on the competitive plane are never satisfactory and permanent. by cornering the visible supply. in order that you may surround yourself with beautiful things." . who become very rich. I want feet to run my errands. and develop your intellect. to play divine harmonies." "God wants those who can play music to have pianos and every other instrument." Chapter 6 . they are yours to-day. Remember. from which all things proceed. and be merry when it is time to do these things. gratitude. not to compete for what is already created.How Riches Come to You "God. tongues to tell mighty truths and to sing marvelous songs. is trying to live and do and enjoy things through humanity. and to have the means to cultivate their talents to the fullest extent. He wants those who can discern truth to have every opportunity to travel and observe. the One Substance. you must rise entirely out of the competitive thought. they cut the wires which connect them with Him by failing to make acknowledgment. and third." "I am aware that there are men who get a vast amount of money by proceeding in direct opposition to the statements in the paragraph above. do so sometimes purely by their extraordinary ability on the plane of competition."You want to get rich in order that you may eat. eyes to see my beauties. Having received one gift from God." "You must get rid of the thought of competition. First. you believe that there is one Intelligent Substance. Men of the plutocratic type. and be able to play a good part in helping the world to find truth." "Never look at the visible supply. You are to create.Gratitude "The whole process of mental adjustment and atonement can be summed up in one word. to paint glorious pictures. He wants those who can appreciate dress to be beautifully clothed. can prevent you from getting what is yours. and may add a word of explanation here. see distant lands.Nobody. and KNOW that they are coming to you as fast as you can receive and use them. and another's tomorrow. He is saying "I want hands to build wonderful structures. and sometimes they unconsciously relate themselves to Substance in its great purposes and movements for the general racial upbuilding through industrial evolution. second. if you are to become rich in a scientific and certain way. you believe that this Substance gives you everything you desire. He wants those who can appreciate beauty to be able to surround themselves with beautiful things. and those who can appreciate good food to be luxuriously fed.

" "Also. and to want it badly enough so that it will stay in your thoughts. you must keep your face toward it all the time. and the stronger your desire." "It is not enough that you should have a general desire for wealth "to do good with". Make use of them in imagination just as you will use them when they are your tangible possessions. enter at once into full enjoyment of the things you want. The grateful mind continually expects good things."But the value of gratitude does not consist solely in getting you more blessings in the future. and expectation becomes faith." "Behind your clear vision must be the purpose to realize it. the stronger your desire will be." "The more clear and definite you make your picture then. mentally. You would send a coherent sentence. and to give thanks continuously." "Live in the new house. Everybody has those desires also." "See the things you want as if they were actually around you all the time." "It is the things you do not really care about which require effort to fix your attention upon them. and then take the Mental Attitude of Ownership toward everything in that . You must no more lose sight of it than the steersman loses sight of the compass. see things. until it takes form around you physically." "It is necessary. bringing out all its delightful details. to bring it out in tangible expression.all you need is to know what you want. and let him construct the message for himself. one which meant something.Thinking in the Certain Way "You must form a clear and definite mental picture of what you want. nor would you take words at random from the dictionary. the easier it will be to hold your mind fixed upon the picture of what you want. you cannot transmit an idea unless you have it yourself. see yourself as owning and using them." "That clear mental picture you must have continually in mind. In the mental realm.. then.. everybody has that desire. faith is born of gratitude. live more." Chapter 8 . Dwell upon your mental picture until it is clear and distinct. as the sailor has in mind the port toward which he is sailing the ship. to cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you. and the more you dwell upon it. If you were going to send a wireless message to a friend. etc. you would not send the letters of the alphabet in their order." ". It is not enough that you should have a wish to travel. Without gratitude you cannot long keep from dissatisfied thought regarding things as they are.

Take possession of it. in mind. it behooves you to guard your thoughts. and confidently plan for greater journeys.Further Use of the Will Chapter 11 . every hour in which your soul is possessed by unbelief." .Acting in the Certain Way "Thinking in a Certain Way will bring riches to you.How to Use the Will "Use your mind to form a mental image of what you want. addressing the Supreme in reverent prayer." Chapter 9 . and as your beliefs will be shaped to a very great extent by the things you observe and think about." "If you act in the present with your mind on the future. your present action will be with a divided mind. Imagine an environment. The more steady and continuous your faith and purpose. and to hold that vision with faith and purpose. and live all the time in that imaginary environment and financial condition. and use your will to keep your mind working in the Right Way." Chapter 10 . the more rapidly you will get rich. paying no attention to personal action." "Since belief is all important. every hour you spend in worry. That is the rock upon which many otherwise scientific metaphysical thinkers meet shipwreck--the failure to connect thought with personal action.picture. It is by not understanding this that most people who try to make use of "mental science" in getting rich make their failure. receive what you ask for. it is important that you should command your attention. and you will not neutralize or offset them by negative impressions. has real faith. Hold to this mental ownership. Live in the new house. Put your whole mind into present action." "The man who can sincerely thank God for the things which as yet he owns only in imagination." "The whole matter turns on receiving. When you have formed it. sets a current away from you in the whole domain of intelligent Substance. in the full faith that it is actually yours. ride in the automobile. go on the journey. and will not be effective. it is well to make an oral statement." "Doubt or unbelief is as certain to start a movement away from you as faith and purpose are to start one toward you. Think and speak of all the things you have asked for in terms of actual present ownership. Every hour and moment you spend in giving heed to doubts and fears. because you will make only POSITIVE impressions upon Substance. do not waiver for an instant in the faith that it is real. but you must not rely upon thought alone. and from that moment you must. in mind. once you have clearly formed your vision. wear the fine clothes. and a financial condition exactly as you want them.

The Impression of Increase "Every living thing is under this necessity for continuous advancement.The Advancing Man "The man who is certain to advance is the one who is too big for his place. who knows that he can become what he wants to be and who is determined to BE what he wants to be. The desire to rule for selfish gratification has been the curse of the world. but act upon your present environment with all your heart. it develops the organs of a higher plane. your getting rich depends upon your applying this principle to your own affairs. and you can come into close unity with this mind by faith and the purpose to advance in life. and to contemplate them until they are firmly fixed upon memory." "In saying that you must hold your vision while you are doing each act." . I do not mean to say that it is necessary at all times to see the vision distinctly to its smallest details. if you have deep gratitude."Hold with faith and purpose the vision of yourself in the better environment." "And because it is the deepest instinct of their natures. There is a mind which knows all there is to know. will bring your mind into such close relationship with the Supreme that you will make no mistake when you do act." Chapter 14 . It should be the work of your leisure hours to use your imagination on the details of your vision. The law is exactly the same for you. and a new species is originated. and with all your mind.Efficient Action "In the animal world. There never would have been new species had there not been organisms which more than filled their places.Getting into the Right Business "A day or two spent in contemplating the vision of what you want. all men and women are attracted to him who can give them more of the means of life. and in earnest thanksgiving that you are getting it. dissolution and death set in at once." "Nothing is so pleasant to the unformed or partially developed mind as the exercise of power or dominion over others. the main motive in the business and industrial world is the same. and with all your strength. and who has a clear concept of what he wants to be. and lay waste the lives and hearts of millions in the same mad scramble for power over others. however trivial or commonplace." Chapter 12 . evolution is caused by excess of life. where increase of life ceases. men Marshal their armies of dollars. When an organism has more life than can be expressed in the functions of its own plane." Chapter 13 ." Chapter 15 ." "Today.

penetrates. the fixity of their purpose. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought. This is the process by which the impression is given to the Formless. He must give to every man a use value in excess of the cash value he receives. Man can remain upon the creative plane only by uniting himself with the Formless Intelligence through a deep and continuous feeling of gratitude. and whose faith does not waver. so that man's thoughts are received by the Formless. He must keep in mind the Purpose to get rich through the realization of his mental image. In order to receive his own when it shall come to him. The man who wishes to get rich must spend his leisure hours in contemplating his Vision. and fills the interspaces of the universe. while being deeply grateful to the Supreme that all his desires are granted to him. Man may come into full harmony with the Formless Substance by entertaining a lively and sincere gratitude for the blessings it bestows upon him. so that each transaction makes for more life. man must pass from the competitive to the creative mind. Gratitude unifies the mind of man with the intelligence of Substance. Man can form things in his thought.Chapter 16 . and by impressing his thought upon formless substance can cause the thing he thinks about to be created. taking care to do each act in a successful manner. the steadiness of their faith. In order to do this. And he must do. permeates. and the depth of their gratitude. All that is included in his mental image will surely be brought to the man who follows the instructions given above. Too much stress cannot be laid on the importance of frequent contemplation of the mental image. and which. and he must so hold the Advancing Thought that the impression of increase will be communicated to all with whom he comes in contact. The men and women who practice the foregoing instructions will certainly get rich. and in earnest thanksgiving that the reality is being given to him.Summary of the Science of Getting Rich (in it's entirety) "THERE is a thinking stuff from which all things are made. . man must be active. every day. and of the industrial and social order. What he wants will come to him through the ways of established trade and commerce. otherwise he cannot be in harmony with the Formless Intelligence. to do. all that can be done that day. and the creative forces set in motion.Some Cautions. or to become. Man must form a clear and definite mental image of the things he wishes to have. and this activity can only consist in more than filling his present place. and he must hold this mental image in his thoughts. in its original state. The creative energy works through the established channels of natural growth. coupled with unwavering faith and devout gratitude. which is always creative and never competitive in spirit. and the riches they receive will be in exact proportion to the definiteness of their vision. and Concluding Observations Chapter 17 .


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